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smartboyhw:O now the channel has so many people!08:23
smartboyhwypwong, how did you do that?:P08:24
ypwongsmartboyhw, heh, i didn't do anything :)08:24
smartboyhwypwong, LOL08:25
cfhowlettI'm shocked.  I figured with 1.whatever billion people, this place would be swamped ...08:28
ypwong#ubuntu-cn is quite swamped08:48
ypwongcfhowlett, did you go to the last blug meeting?08:48
cfhowlettypwong, yes, my first.09:33
cfhowlettypwong, interesting group.09:34
cfhowlettypwong, and there was a canonical guy there who presented openstack.  Does Canonical have Beijing offices?09:34
ypwongcfhowlett, didn't know you were there, i was sitting on the far left, just in front of the kitchen10:19
ypwongthere is an office in ZhongGuanCun10:19
cfhowlettypwong, oh.  sorry I missed you.10:20
cfhowlettypwong, you were the Chinese guy?10:20
ypwongcfhowlett, yup10:20
cfhowlettypwong, next time, introductions all around.  I seem to recall I was the only black guy in the room.10:21
ypwongcfhowlett, yeah, that night was getting late...10:21
ypwongstarted late, and the talk was a bit long..10:22
cfhowlettypwong, yeah.  I'm glad I was able to find the new location.10:23
ypwongvery hard to find10:23
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