zequencelen-1304: firefox recently got a "builtin" reader. don't know how that works. 01:47
micahgit ships with pdf.js01:48
smartboyhwzequence, len-1304 Arandr got synced.08:20
smartboyhwzequence, next target: SRU that.08:23
zequencesmartboyhw: nice work08:24
DarkEraI'm glad to report that arandr is working fine on 13.04 after the update and have set up both the laptop screen and external monitor.09:59
smartboyhwDarkEra, hurray!10:23
smartboyhwzequence, what do you think of Bug 1169122 ?10:27
ubottubug 1169122 in Ubuntu Studio "Opening Software Sources shows notification of the volume. Ubuntu Studio 13.04 64 bit" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116912210:27
smartboyhwI can't confirm this bug.10:27
zequencesmartboyhw: The volume pops up more than it has to. I think it should only show if you use a non gui control to adjust the volume. This specific case is not really the whole picture10:31
zequenceNot really a Ubuntu Studio bug. I think the behaviour of the volume pop up could be improved, but I don't know where this should be done10:32
zequenceMaybe XFCE?10:32
smartboyhwzequence, OK.10:36
smartboyhwzequence, ask in #xubuntu-devel?10:37
zequencesmartboyhw: sure10:37
zequenceI'm thinking it's grabbing messages from somehwere, maybe dbus. But, it's processing more messages thatn it would need to10:37
smartboyhwzequence, OK10:50
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smartboyhwHmm zequence according to DistroWatch our weekly hit is less then Dream Studio:(13:42
madeinkobaiaHi all : )15:53
smartboyhwHello madeinkobaia 15:55
DarkErahi madeinkobaia 15:57
madeinkobaiasmartboyhw : Hi, are how you ? Enjoyed your week end ? 15:57
smartboyhwmadeinkobaia, yep:)15:58
madeinkobaiaDarkEra  : Hi, nice to meet :)15:58
DarkEralikewise :)15:58
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smartboyhwzequence… Why does Swedens have last names ending with "maa" ?16:29
smartboyhw** 主题: Ubuntu Studio Development Channel | https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntustudio | Ubuntu Studio 12.04.02 LTS is released: ISO- http://goo.gl/FEAxP Notes-http://goo.gl/29QaS | Ubuntu Studio 12.10 is released http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntustudio/releases/12.10/release/ | Ubuntu Studio 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) Beta 2 released http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntustudio/releases/13.04/beta-2/16:29
smartboyhwPhew sorry:P16:30
smartboyhwDarkEra: Fuduntu went EOL!?16:33
DarkErasmartboyhw, yep, after the 2013.4 release. They are in maintainance mode now, requested packages will be denied from now on16:58
DarkEraafter the meeting is said goodbye and stepped down as teammember and mod16:59
DarkEraall i need to do now is getting my old hostmask back17:02
zequencesmartboyhw: It's a Finnish ending. I'm Finnish you know. Maa means land, or earth17:04
zequenceailo is just a poetic word. Doesn't mean anything. My lastname was originally Kononov, but my grandfathers family changed it, as a Russian name in Finland was not so popular in those days17:05
DarkErazequence, how big is the team at the moment?17:07
DarkErajust wondering if you still need people to join in and contribute17:07
zequenceDarkEra: Not very big. We have three people involved in developing the actual distro, one art lead, and a couple of guys doing other things, like PR17:08
zequenceDarkEra: There's plenty of room. You're welcome to join us17:08
zequenceDarkEra: One of main goals as project lead this coming year is to get more people involved17:08
DarkEracool! :)17:08
zequenceAnd we don't need skilled Ubuntu developers. We just need people who are interested and think it's fun17:09
DarkErahold on, the kids hang around me. I'll get back to you as soon as i can zequence because i'm interested for sure17:10
zequenceDarkEra: The first thing to do is simply to set up your machine, so you can do testing. Usually means you have to have one dedicated installation of the development release. I think you mentioned you already installed it. Then we just go from there17:11
zequenceDarkEra: We don't really require anyone to do anything, but in order to do anything, one needs to have a basic setup, which hopefully can be a bit long term, so even if you'd only chip in now and then, it wouldn't be too much of an effort each time17:18
DarkEraok back17:19
DarkErazequence, i have a partion that i use for Ubuntu Studio 12.04 and another that has the 13.04 on it. So yes, i have set that up for that purpose already17:20
zequenceDarkEra: The next question is, what do you think you'd like to help out with? There's always testing, which is not at all organized at the moment. One thing that we would like is someone who could go through an entire workflow - the applications for that workflow, and make sure we are providing everything17:24
zequenceSay the audio workflow. Make sure all the applications have all the features that a user might request. And also, see if thare are apps/tools/plugins that we aren't shipping, but which we should17:25
DarkEraNow that is a very good question... lol17:26
zequenceThe audio workflow is probably the most rich, but also the one that gets most focus from users. So, the other workflows would need some love too17:27
DarkErawell, i'm already testing the 13.04, the rest will be something i have to grow in to in time17:28
zequenceDarkEra: I guess a good start is just to familiarize yourself with the OS and the applications17:28
zequenceAnd report any weirdness17:29
DarkErayep, i agree on that. I know the os more or less since i've been a Ubuntu user for many years and tried studio too a couple of times. I got in touch with Ubuntu in the beginning of 2007 and still have that dvd of Ubuntu Studio 07.04 somewhere.17:31
DarkErai'll try to do my best and get back into it17:31
DarkErai well be back later again, gonna have something to eat17:33
zequenceDarkEra: All right. We're here most of the time, so drop by anytime17:33
DarkErasure thing zequence17:33
DarkErai love to be a part of it and by the way.... now you guys have another one who lives in Belgium among you. :D17:34
zequenceI'm cycling close to 100 English miles tomorrow. Might not be very active with Ubuntu Studio :P20:47
DarkEraQuick! someone grab the duct tape^^22:12
zequenceDarkEra: Did something break?22:16
DarkErazequence, no... lol. Have fun tomorrow ;)22:43
zequenceI just hope I won't get lost, so I know where to point the person I call for help22:44
DarkErawho started the ubuntustudio on twitter by the way? Find it through the wiki but it seems nothing has been done with it.22:47
DarkEradarn typo's22:47
zequenceDarkEra: We just got it, but I don't have the admin for it yet23:06
zequencegoing to sleep. bb tomorrow23:06
DarkEraok, laters23:08
* smartboyhw embraces DarkEra into the Ubuntu Studio team:)23:32
smartboyhwzequence: Really good meaning there:~)23:32
DarkErathanks smartboyhw :)23:36

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