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cfhowlettKnock knock: @ https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/Meetings  "The Ubuntu Studio development team regularly meets on the first Sunday of every month at 17:00 UTC" ... no updates after August 2012.06:05
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FisherMackHey folks09:41
cfhowlettFisherMack, greetings09:42
FisherMackCan anyone suggest a good sound card for recording mostly speech but occasionally music as well?09:42
FisherMackhowdy, cfhowlett09:42
zequencecfhowlett: we don't do a lot of meetings these days. All though, we meet online pretty much every day09:43
cfhowlettFisherMack, i'm guessing this is for a desktop box?09:43
FisherMackI need something that will play well with ubuntu09:43
cfhowlettFisherMack, http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Sound-HOWTO/x96.html09:43
cfhowlettFisherMack, done and done09:43
FisherMackLook at ya go.. lol Thanks cfhowlett09:44
cfhowlettFisherMack, errr or not.  OLD list09:44
zequenceFisherMack: What is more important than your device is propably what microphone you use, depending on your needs09:44
FisherMackWell I will be using a mixer and amp. I connect my mics to my mixer and my mixer to my amp and my amp to the sound card.09:45
cfhowlettFisherMack, mixer?  or interface?09:45
FisherMackBehringer Xenyx 50209:46
zequenceFisherMack: Why not connect the mixer direcly to the sound device? And what kind of amp are you talking about? Stereo AMP?09:47
FisherMackWeeellllll that's just it... Money is lacking and I don't have the best of equipment. The amp I am using is a Fender Bullet 15009:48
zequenceFisherMack: For recording, it is more important with a good audio device, but I suspect you can get pretty decent results using just a builtin, if you have an ok mic and mic amp09:48
zequenceI haven't tried that myself for about 12 years or so09:49
zequencebuiltin cards have progressed since then :P09:49
FisherMackYeah, I am using my builtin card for the input.. My sound only seems to work for OUTPUT and none of my INPUTS work so I have to use the builtin09:50
zequenceFisherMack: You have multiple devices?09:52
FisherMackI have the builtin, an ASUS Xonar DG and an NVIDIA video card with HDMI support09:52
zequenceoh, right09:53
zequencehdmi will only work for output of course09:53
FisherMackright but I don't use it for that anyhow... I use it to my 2nd monitor09:54
FisherMackBut the HDMI shows up in my audacity09:57
FisherMackbut the inputs on my sound card do not...09:59
FisherMackI can only figure it is something with my card doesnt like09:59
FisherMackwhich is why I was asking for suggestions for good sound cards for ubuntu10:03
zequenceFisherMack: I still think it's strange it doesn't work10:04
zequenceFisherMack: Do inputs work with pulseaudio?10:04
zequenceFisherMack: Also, are you able to start jack at all?10:05
FisherMackNo and No10:11
FisherMackInputs don't work whatsoever10:11
FisherMackOn the sound card that is. The builtin inputs work10:12
zequenceFisherMack: Then it's a alsa bug. Have you reported a bug?10:19
zequenceFisherMack: Do you have a launchpad account?10:26
FisherMackI didn't think it was a bug. I just figured it my was card10:26
zequenceFisherMack: Get yourself an account. Just so you have one, and can log in. This will enable you to report bugs, and comment on them https://launchpad.net/10:28
zequenceFisherMack: Then, in a terminal, do: ubuntu-bug alsa-base10:28
FisherMackOK done10:32
zequenceI figure alsa-base is the correct package, but the actual drivers are probably a part of the kernel10:33
FisherMackOk the bug data is being processed10:35
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SonikkuAmericaDoes Ubuntu Studio follow the LTS plan for Ubuntu or Xubuntu, or does it have its own release plan?19:59
FisherMackI beleive it does20:25
FisherMackFollow Ubuntu that is20:25
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