xubuntu378I was wondering if anybody could point me towards a solution to get my wireless card working. Pretty new to Linux and need some help. Running Xubuntu on an HP ze530002:58
SonikkuAmericaxubuntu378: Hey, welcome to Xubuntu! Do you know what your wireless card is?03:03
xubuntu378Hey Sonik. Thank you for responding. I do have it but give me a second please. Need to find where i wrote it down03:04
* SonikkuAmerica is a Unity user but runs Xubuntu 12.04 LTS in a hypervisor03:04
xubuntu378it is an Agere 802.11b Mini-pci wireless card03:08
SonikkuAmericaxubuntu378: Is it the Agre ORiNOCO?03:09
xubuntu378No it isn't though i do have an old orinoco gold card that i used to use for stumbling but this one is onboard03:10
SonikkuAmericaxubuntu378: Head for Applications > Accesories > Terminal Emulator and type in [ iwconfig ] after the window shows up, then hit ENTER.03:13
xubuntu378Got it. Should i paste the results?03:14
SonikkuAmericaSure. http://paste.ubuntu.com03:15
xubuntu378wlan0     IEEE 802.11b  ESSID:"RedBetsy"             Mode:Managed  Frequency:2.437 GHz  Access Point: 00:26:5A:FB:AF:52              Retry short limit:8              Link Quality=57/70  Signal level=-40 dBm  Noise level=-97 dBm           Rx invalid nwid:0  Rx invalid crypt:3564  Rx invalid frag:0           Tx excessive retries:0  Invalid misc:151   Missed beacon:0  wifi0     IEEE 802.11b  ESSID:"RedBetsy"             Mode:Managed03:15
SonikkuAmericaxubuntu378: I'm surprised that all fit on one line. It's better to use a pastebin.03:16
xubuntu378Sorry, didn't realize it was a link to click on.03:16
SonikkuAmericaOh well. Let me see...03:17
xubuntu378The part that concerns me is the last one where it says lo   No wireless extension and Eth0 no wireless extension03:18
xubuntu378Again, thank you03:18
SonikkuAmericaOK, try [ modprobe ath_pci rfkill=0 ]03:18
SonikkuAmericaYou're welcome03:18
SonikkuAmericaYou may need to sudo that.03:19
xubuntu378FATAL: Module ath_pci not found.03:20
xubuntu378oh ok one second03:20
xubuntu378same error but this time it at least asked for password haha03:21
SonikkuAmericaWell, if it can't find the module the first time, becoming "root" won't make a difference.03:21
SonikkuAmericaThat's all sudo does.03:22
SonikkuAmericaOK, run [ lspci ]03:22
xubuntu378yeah i know but it gave me false hope03:22
xubuntu378Got one network controller from intersil and one from national semiconductor corporation03:24
xubuntu378I do have a button on this laptop that turned the wireless on and off in windows but it isn't working now. Not sure if it would automatically be on in xubuntu03:25
SonikkuAmericaYeah... I know MiniPCI cards have a radio switch... try using it.03:26
SonikkuAmericaOh, it didn't work.03:26
SonikkuAmericaAre you trying to connect to a WPA2 network, by any chance?03:26
xubuntu378no it didn't and i checked bios to see if i could set it on but no dice03:27
xubuntu378any difference in connecting or does 11b not work for wpa2?03:28
xubuntu378it should work i'm pretty sure03:28
SonikkuAmericaThe driver for Agere MiniPCI cards for Ubuntu doesn't support WPA2, unfortunately.03:29
SonikkuAmericaIt only supports WEP and WPA(1) (it's ancient)03:29
SonikkuAmericaYou might Google for ndiswrapper and see if you can find a driver with that.03:30
xubuntu378So it's a driver issue? Ok. Should i look into using a usb wireless or will it not make a difference? If i can ask, you're saying xubuntu is the issue or the driver?03:31
SonikkuAmericaA USB wireless (provided you can find a driver) should work. ndiswrapper probes to see if the Windows driver will work in Linux.03:32
xubuntu378OK sounds like i'm going to have some fun hunting it down but at least i got great answers. Thank you so much for your time and knowledge. Have a great night.03:33
SonikkuAmericaYep! You're welcome, and welcome to Xubuntu!03:33
xubuntu378Thanks. Looking forward to making this old beast of a computer a new friend.03:34
SonikkuAmericaThe hard part is breaking the ice. :)03:35
n-iCeHello, how can I make transparent the botton bar?03:40
SonikkuAmericaIt's in Panel Preferences.03:41
n-iCesolid color?03:42
n-iCered is enabled and I don't see any liek transparency03:42
SonikkuAmericaThere's a slider marked "Alpha." Try adjusting that.03:42
n-iCesolved it03:43
n-iCealpha was disabled03:43
n-iCeneeded to activate in the windows manager03:43
SonikkuAmericaTake note also that some features need the xfwm4 compositor enabled as well.03:43
NateJonesHi everyone.. I would like to stop internet traffic if I get disconnected from the VPN... I'm getting an error explained on the pastebin: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5709554/  what can I do to solve it?05:02
packetfrogHello xubuntu people!06:11
cfhowlettpacketfrog, greetings06:11
puffAnyone home?06:36
puffI'm having problems with gnome network-manager.  Ubuntu 12.4 LTS running xubuntu-desktop.  I did "sudo apt-get unistall network-manager", and just used ifup/ifdown, but now I'm in a place with an AP with a hidden ESSID, so I need to use network-manager.  I tethered to my phone and did "sudo apt-get install network-manager" (which also installed network-manager-gnome).06:37
puffThe network manager icon now shows up on my menubar, but I can't get it to show any wireless networks.  If I do right-click/edit connections, the networks are all there, but I can't seem to get network-manager to show them to me in such a fashion that I can say "connect to that network".l06:37
cfhowlettpuff, why uninstall NM? Anyway, I'd suggest you apt-get purge- network manager then reinstall it.  reboot and see it that fixes.06:39
well_laid_lawnWifi | puff see if these links help06:39
cfhowlett*apt-get purge06:39
puffcfhowlett: Ugh, then I lose the passwords for  a doen networks...06:40
puffwell_laid_lawn:  Which links?06:40
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs06:40
well_laid_lawn^^ those06:40
puffcfhowlett: Why uninstall etc, is because NM was constantly causing problems, disconnecting/reconnecting.06:41
puffcfhowlett: for a brief time I was just using ifup/ifdown and had /network/interfaces set up to invoke wpa_supplicant.  WIFI was rock-solid.06:41
cfhowlettpuff, understood.  Hey more people in #ubuntu.  Might want to ask over there.06:43
puffcfhowlett: Yah...06:49
puffBut usually not much help over there there :-).06:50
puffcfhowlett: Did that paste on #ubuntu show up in its entirety, or was it truncated?06:50
cfhowlettpuff, paste?  did not see06:53
puffAnybody know where networm-manager keeps network names, passwords, etc?07:11
puffSunStar: Thanks.07:38
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xubuntu572Hello, I am new to linux, and have an old laptop that I would like to install xubuntu09:21
xubuntu572does anyone have any advice for choice of installation09:22
xubuntu572since it only has 1.73ghz, 504mb ...  I think that the alternative installation cd for xubuntu09:22
xubuntu572but i can not find the alternative installation cd for xubuntu??09:23
koegsxubuntu572: there is no alternate cd for 12.10, only for 12.0409:24
xubuntu572okay, but where can I find it?09:25
Myrttiwell you could try to install with the minimal image09:26
Myrttiafaik that still uses alternate, someone correct me if I'm wrong09:26
xubuntu572or should I try the usual?09:26
cfhowlettxubuntu572, not enough room for xubuntu ...09:28
xubuntu572I found the alternative (4.12). so I test with it.. Thanks :)09:29
cfhowlettxubuntu572, I think damn small linux or perhaps puppy linux might be better suited09:29
xubuntu572since I'm a beginner on linux so I want have a package manager that has is gui09:30
cfhowlettxubuntu572, ok, .... but 500 megs?  pretty restrictive ...09:31
xubuntu572do you know if damn small linux or puppy have  package manager  with gui09:32
xubuntu572yes it is a old old one09:32
cfhowlettxubuntu572, so, no idea09:32
xubuntu572many thanks anyway, now i have the  alt. cd so I test with it :)09:34
cfhowlettxubuntu572, best of luck09:35
xubuntu572to work ...  thanks09:35
insanehitsi am googling for a while and had like 5 reboots and i am still unable to change /etc/hostname to a different one10:04
cfhowlettinsanehits, greetings10:04
insanehitshow can i do this without GUI? something rewrites it to 'ubuntu'10:04
insanehitsi was trying the networkmanager config aswell10:05
insanehitswhat am i doing wrong?10:05
cfhowlettinsanehits, bring this to #ubuntu   much more active channel10:05
insanehitsi put hostname=foobar under [keyfile] in /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf10:05
insanehitswell in ubuntu i just edit the /etc/hosts /etc/hostname and it's done10:06
Myrttiinsanehits: the latter is how it should work in xubuntu too10:12
insanehitsMyrtti: but something reset to ubuntu both /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts10:19
insanehitsanyways i will try from the gui maybe that helps10:19
xubuntu688Hello everybody!12:22
xubuntu688I have just changed my video card and I am having some issues. Please, is there any good soul that wishes do do some good action in order to go straight to heaven?12:23
xubuntu688My name is Rogério, by the way. Sorry I am not using my real name.12:24
cfhowlettxubuntu688, TMI.  user name is fine12:34
ncdmrdon't think there's any (written) rule that you should use your own name, on the contrary even ;)12:34
RogerioHere I am again.12:53
RogerioIt's really odd. If I log in as guest user, everything runs just fine. But when I log with my normal user, the screen freezes...12:53
knomeRogerio, probably something wrong with your config12:55
RogerioSurely. I have just changed my video card.12:56
RogerioRight now I am using the live CD.12:57
RogerioIf there was a way to "reset" the video configurations to the default I think that this would do the magic...12:58
GridCubeRogerio, if running a guest session works, then you could obliterate the contents of ~/.config ?12:58
GridCubeRogerio, if your guest session works then the video settings work12:58
GridCubeRogerio, if you want to try that aproach however just delete the /ext/X11/xorg.conf file and it will reset to default12:59
RogerioThis is the odd of the odd. When I boot from HD and I choose the guest user, everything runs fine. But when I use my normal user, the screen freezes. I guess it is because I used to run with two monitors...13:00
GridCubeunless you have a autorun xrandr script?13:00
RogerioYes, that's the case.13:01
RogerioIs there a way to have the necessary permissions in order to chage thins in the system disc with the default user in Live CD?13:05
RogerioGridCube, thanks for the help.13:08
GridCubeRogerio, i dont know where the xfce autorun are stored13:08
GridCubeoh, apparently its ~/.config/autostart13:09
GridCubeRogerio, i would guess that navigating to that folder and deleting the xrandr script should do the trick13:10
RogerioGridCube, thank you very much. I'll leave now, reboot and start via emergency mode as root.13:11
GridCubeRogerio, no need for that13:13
GridCubejust use guest and use sudo13:13
baizonwhen my battery gets critical my session gets logged out. Is it possible to disable it?13:31
cfhowlettbaizon, see your power settings ... or plug in13:31
baizonnope, no conf possibility to set it13:36
GridCubebaizon, yes, there is13:45
baizonGridCube: any ideas where / how ?13:46
GridCubebaizon, http://imagebin.org/254117  go to power settings, go to "with battery" the firs option its "when charge its critical"13:53
baizonok i didnt had that option13:53
baizonbecause no battery present :>13:54
GridCubesilly baizon13:54
baizonindeed :D13:54
Peyamsup dawg?14:15
SonikkuAmericaall good, u?14:15
ubottuU is the 21st letter of the modern latin alphabet. Neither 'U' nor 'Ur' are words in the English language. Neither are 'R', 'Y', 'l8', 'ryt',  'Ne1' nor 'Bcuz'. Mangled English is hard for non-native English speakers. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.14:15
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors.14:16
Myrttithat's nice, did you actually have a support question?14:17
Myrttiinstead of playing with the bot?14:17
SonikkuAmerica(I was kind of hoping. "Yo" is my usual greeting.)14:18
PeyamMe too14:18
PeyamI use "sup daawg?"14:19
SonikkuAmerica... that you had a support question.14:19
Peyamno! I want to say hello to you guys14:19
GridCube:) thats very nice guys, but please could you keep random chatting to #xubuntu-offtopic14:20
gordienkoffhi all15:22
gordienkoffвсем привет15:22
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.15:25
baizonGridCube: hes already gone :)15:27
GridCubei have part/join hidden15:27
ron-slcHello all.  I'm attempting to run Xubuntu 12.10  over vnc4server; and when connection via VNC Many menu-icons are grey/empty icons.  Both in the pager, and in the xfce-menu.  Is there a known solution?15:59
ron-slcUsing Settings -> Appearance -> Icons ; and changing icon themes has zero effect.  Also, one google search suggested Tango icon theme, also no effect.16:00
ron-slcThe window decorations also look quite minimal.  as well as the pager bar.    When I log into the actual system console .  all is well.16:03
anti_hi guys16:13
anti_im looking for some help16:14
lderanhi anti_16:14
GridCube!ask | anti_16:14
ubottuanti_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:14
AienaCan you please tell me which version of xgce does xubuntu 12.0.4 use ?16:15
GridCube12.04? xfce 4.816:15
anti_ive just installed a clean copy off xubuntu but every time i try and boot i get stuck on booting screen16:15
GridCubeanti_, is this a new computer? and by new i mean recently manufactured?16:16
AienaGridCube thanks !! I wanted the LTS version for an old desktop thats why16:16
anti_no this is an old pc made back in 200416:16
Aienaanti_ did you use the 32 bit version16:16
anti_i did16:17
GridCubeanti_, do you still have the installation media?16:17
anti_i used 12.10 32bit and the 12.04 32bit and same problem16:17
GridCubecan you boot into the livecd?16:18
anti_you mean the dvd ?16:18
anti_sorry yeah i do16:18
anti_and can boot it16:18
GridCubeanti_, try this then https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair16:18
anti_okay thx i will give this a shot16:20
AienaGridCube do you have the link for creating a liveusb ?16:22
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent16:22
GridCubei basically just use unetbootin and choose an iso and its done16:23
anti_it failed on fallback graphics devices last time16:24
Aienaubottu do I have to extract all the xubuntu files in the iso into the pen drive16:24
ubottuAiena: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:24
Aienavery fubby16:24
TheSheepit's the truth16:25
AienaYes seems like it16:25
Aienabut first time I'm seeing a bot on IRC  this active16:25
Aienaits odd16:25
Aienaan unusual experience16:25
TheSheepubottu is a bot, but the links it gave contain all the info you need16:25
ubottuTheSheep: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:25
TheSheepwell, it reacts to triggers16:26
AienaTheSheep yeah !! Followed ubott_u again responded16:26
Aienato its name16:26
Aienawhich is the trigger16:26
lderanhandy for support if url changes, you only know the trigger16:26
AienaIt was hard to beleive intially16:26
lderanneed to ^ gah16:26
AienaTheSheep for a liveusb boot do I have to extract the iso into the pen drive ?16:27
TheSheepno, read the link16:28
lderanAiena, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick this page shows you how per operating system16:28
anti_hi guys i did that and now got failed to open uri "file:///mnt/boot-sav/wubi2/home16:31
bazhanganti_, where did you mention before this was a wubi install16:32
GridCubeAiena, you dont need to uncompress the iso16:33
Aienayes seems so16:33
Aienathere is a linux media creator for windows16:33
GridCubeoh... anti_16:33
Aienawhich does ot for you16:33
GridCubeyou are using wubi anti_16:33
anti_sorry it was but i also tried it though live usb16:33
GridCubewhy are you using wubi16:33
bazhang!wubi | anti_ here's the guide16:33
ubottuanti_ here's the guide: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug. For Ubuntu Oneiric/11.10 http://releases.ubuntu.com/oneiric/wubi.exe16:33
GridCubewubi should die already16:34
anti_ive tried it so meny diffent ways16:34
Aienaanti it wont work16:34
bazhanganti_, in future, you need to mention that16:34
anti_okay so how can i fix this16:35
GridCubeanti_, i would recommend a clean install, real, no wubi, if you already have backed up information16:35
bazhanganti_, the wubi? check the guide. a real dual boot?16:36
GridCubeprobably use the nomodeset on your boot stage too16:36
anti_okay so can i wipe my os form the live usb i made16:37
GridCubeif you are confortable with that, sure16:37
anti_sorry if i making this hard for you guys my using my phone and its not great for reading guides16:38
GridCube:) no problem16:38
anti_okay ive deleted all os and gunna made a new partition=16:43
bazhangwubi never used a partition16:43
GridCube:) you should just let the installer do it automagically for you16:43
anti_okay thx16:44
anti_i had 4 os on this system so i think it was for the best it had a clean set up16:45
yurijHello. A quick question here: Is it possible to upgrade from 12.10 to 13.xx beta release without reinstalling from iso?16:46
GridCubesure, but why not wait to release16:47
yurijSweet. How do I do it? Just select to use quantal-proposed or what?16:47
bazhangyou will be prompted once it's released16:48
GridCubeon your source settings theres update options16:48
yurijI want to contribute to this awesome ubuntu distro :)16:48
yurijheard beta testing and bug reports are welcome16:48
GridCubeyes very much16:48
bazhang#ubuntu+1 for that16:48
GridCubetrue, #ubuntu+1 for support tho, :D and #xubuntu-devel16:49
yurijUm... So this is not the right place to ask such questions?16:51
anti_okay now installed and wirking i guess as a get to the login screen16:58
AienaGridCube will xbuntu on a livecd run without a net connection ?16:59
AienaOk cool17:00
AienaBecasue the antiquity on which I am planning to experiment with xubuntu does not have an internet connection17:00
anti_maybe not as now im stuck at login screen17:01
AienaGridCube can I downlaod an application like krita on windows and then store it and install it on xubuntu17:02
Aienaor do I have to use the sudo command which I have read of but never used17:02
Aienathis is the first time I am trying linux17:02
anti_second time ive used ubuntu before but never xubuntu17:03
lderanyup you can download programs on computer, they will be more then likely be .deb files17:03
GridCube!apt-offline | Aiena17:03
GridCube!offline | Aiena17:04
ubottuAiena: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://ubottu.com/ljl/apt/ - See also !APTonCD17:04
GridCubeAiena, sudo its a command that changes the user executing a program, in the case of ubuntu its used to force the system to work as root, root its the superuser of the *nixverse17:05
AienaGridCube yes offline17:05
GridCubeit can do everything, from formatting to deleting all files, to moving stuffs and what not17:05
Aienathe host machine on which I am planning to install xubuntu does not have an internet connection on it17:06
GridCubedont ever use sudo if you are not sure of what you are doing17:06
Aienasuppose I want to download krita on my main windows machine17:06
GridCubeAiena, apt-offline its your best option then17:06
GridCubeanti_, you cant boot still?17:10
AienaGridCube can you run me througgh the procedure of installing krita for instance on xubuntu assuming that I will be downloading the apt on a windows machine with an internet connection but running it on an older machine without one17:10
anti_nope got to login screen froze then rebooted17:11
anti_now stuck at boot screen17:12
anti_just done boot repair and still nothing17:13
anti_it works great without installing it and just runnin it off live usb17:14
anti_i want to install it17:14
Aienaanti_ did you try completely fprmatting your hard disk17:15
Aienamaybe that might help17:15
Aienanot sure17:15
GridCubeAiena, get the live session running, on a cd/usb/anything, open synaptic, if its not there install it from the ubuntu software center, then update and find the packages you want to intall, for exampple krita, then go to >File >generate package download script. that will generate a downloader script17:15
AienaGridCube ok after generating the download script17:16
GridCubeAiena, run that script from a terminal ./nameofthescript17:16
GridCubeand it will download all the packages to the place where the script its at17:16
anti_i deleted a partition and formatted hard drive then installed xubuntu17:16
AienaGridCube can i run it from the windows terminal ?17:16
Aienathe internet connected machine is a windows os one17:17
anti_all partitions17:17
GridCubeif you have wget on windows, sure17:17
GridCubebut you can do that on the live session17:17
GridCubeon the windows machine connected to the interwebs17:17
Aienahmm can you elaborate17:17
Aienayou are very resourceful17:18
GridCubei already told you17:18
Aienaone sec I will try booting from my live usb17:18
Aienaon my windows machine17:18
Aienahope all things work well because this is a laptop17:18
anti_GridCube what should i do now ?17:18
GridCubeanti_, try to edit your grub start using "e" and add the nomodeset option17:19
GridCubei wonder17:19
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter17:19
GridCubeanti_, ^17:19
anti_okay how do i do this ive pushed e at start and got a box up to set params17:22
GridCubepress a space and add nomodeset17:22
GridCubei think thats that17:23
GridCubeif you can get to the livecd you should be able to get to the installed17:23
anti_i can load the live usb17:23
GridCubewell, anti_ where it says stuff like "quiet splash" add a "nomodeset", no "17:24
anti_every time i push space it moves one space is that correct17:24
anti_after this is done do i pust f10 to boot17:26
GridCubeit should tell you there somewhere what to do17:27
GridCubein the screen17:27
GridCubectrl-x i think it said, but im not sure17:28
anti_do i copy it the the way you done it or without the quotes17:28
GridCubeno quotes17:29
GridCubejust add nomodeset after splash17:29
anti_okay i hvae xbuntu 12.04 and 4 dots under it17:30
GridCubethats the splash :317:31
anti_but no sign off it working17:31
GridCubepress alt-f1 and you should see leters and numbers17:31
anti_nope frozen17:32
GridCubewell, this is an advance isnt it?17:32
GridCubeyou could try next with acpi=off17:33
GridCubemaybe both?17:33
anti_same place17:33
GridCubei would let ti go trhough tho, wait a while to see if it boots with nomodeset17:33
GridCubeanti_, yes, acpi=off should go to the same place17:34
anti_with nonodeset17:34
GridCubeone after the other with spaces separating them17:35
GridCubethe order is irrelevant17:35
AienaGridCube I sucvcessfully booted xubuntu from my pe3ndrive as a live cd on my windows pc with an internet connection cool17:36
anti_quiet splash nonodeset acpi=off17:36
GridCubeanti_, sure try that17:36
GridCubeAiena, get the live session running, on a cd/usb/anything, open synaptic, if its not there install it from the ubuntu software center, then update and find the packages you want to intall, for exampple krita, then go to >File >generate package download script. that will generate a downloader script17:36
GridCubeAiena, run that script from a terminal ./nameofthescript17:37
Aienasynaptic is intalled fortunately17:37
AienaGridCube, I am running it from the machine using an internet connection17:38
Aienaand I have a persistent usb stick17:38
GridCubeyes, i read you already :)17:38
Aienaso I can install linux directly right17:38
anti_okay i will leave it alittle bit see if it boots17:38
GridCubesure, i guess, i've never done that tho17:38
Aienaonto the persistent bit of stick17:38
GridCubeanti_, good luck17:38
GridCubeAiena, sure, i would guess so, yes17:39
GridCubei dont see why not17:39
Aienaok so i marked krita for installation on synaptics17:39
GridCubenow go to file, save download script17:39
Aienaif I click apply will it install krita onto the live usb ?17:40
GridCubeit will ask you for a place to save the script, i suggest creating a folder named offline-krita17:40
GridCubeand saving the script there17:40
GridCubeAiena, yes,17:40
GridCubebut you dont want that now17:40
Aienahmm if it installs to the persistant portion of the usb stick17:40
GridCubeyou are in a live session yet17:41
Aienathen the persistent portion will load onto the other machine too right17:41
Aienahow do i know where is synaptics installing the files ?17:41
GridCubethe files are going to be there17:41
GridCubeyou are creating a script, wherever you place the script is whereever the installer files will go17:41
Aienaok lets rewind a bit17:42
anti_okay no boot after 5 mins17:42
GridCubeyou are not "installing" if you are downloading the files17:42
Aienain synaptcs17:42
Aiena*synapitcics I have chosen krita17:42
GridCubeyou are just downloading the .deb files to install it later on an offline machine17:42
GridCubeanti_, :( too bad17:42
AienaGridCube, File-> generate package download script17:43
anti_ummm is there anythink else i can do to get it to work17:43
GridCubesorry bro i dont know how else to help you, you might have to wait for someone smarter or ask on #grub17:43
Aienaos that the next step17:43
anti_okai but thx anyway17:43
Aiena*is that the next...17:44
anti_does grub have irc17:44
GridCubeAiena, yes, save the script to a folder, the persistent folder ofcourse, so when you unplug the usb it stills there17:44
GridCubeanti_, yes, #grub17:44
GridCubeanti_, you paste them the boot-repair link too http://paste.ubuntu.com/571089317:45
GridCubegood luck17:45
GridCubeAiena, once you have the script saved to the destiny folder open a terminal17:46
AienaGridCube, the odd thing is that it failed to load the 1 gb partition17:46
Aienathough it is listed17:46
Aienashould I reboot17:47
GridCubethere should be the windows partition in the desktop17:47
AienaWhat is the issue17:47
GridCubesave the files there17:47
Aienayes the windows partition is there17:47
GridCubeAiena, i dont know17:47
Aienaand d: drive is there17:47
Aienamaybe the non windows partition is safer17:47
GridCubeAiena, keep in mind that you are downloading the equivalent to windows "setup.exe" files17:47
GridCubeso i doesnt matter where they are, you are going to use them to install later17:48
AienaOK thanks :)17:48
anti_how can i get to there irc17:49
AienaGridCube, it geberated the script17:50
Aienaand I have saved it in the d: drive17:50
GridCubeanti_, /join #grub17:50
GridCubeAiena, good, it would be better if you move it to a folder to have control of what its there and should be there17:51
anti_is tht what i have to type in the chat box17:51
GridCubelike i said make a folder named "krita"17:51
GridCubeanti_, yes17:51
Aienaanti_, yes17:51
Aienaor "/j #grub"17:52
Aienawithout the quotes17:52
AienaGridCube, I am in a folder called " xubuntu apps"  with just the script in it17:52
Aienaso i create a floder called krita inside it17:53
Aienaand should i move the script insde there17:53
GridCubeperfect. now right click on an empty space in that folder and choose "open terminal here"17:53
GridCubeif you want the files to download tehre, yes17:53
GridCubethe files will download to what ever dir the script its at17:53
AienaGridCube, the script has to be moved into the krita folder right17:53
GridCubeif you want the files to download tehre, yes17:54
Aienaok chosen open terminal here17:54
GridCubethe files will download to what ever dir the script its at17:54
Aienaok thanks17:54
AienaI want it there17:54
AienaI have opened the terminal17:54
GridCubeAiena, so now you type ./nameofthescript17:54
Aienaok any script extension17:55
GridCubeif you gave it one17:55
Aienaok I did not17:55
GridCubeyou could have named it .sh,  but thats just a convention17:55
Aienaits says ./krita permission denied17:55
GridCubedo sudo ./krita17:55
Aienakrita is the name of the script17:55
GridCubeyes, i figured that :)17:56
Aienaso ehrn i ran17:56
Aienais it not in admin17:56
Aienawhy is it saying permission denied17:56
Aienabash: ./krita: Permission denied17:56
Aienaerror is appearing17:57
GridCubewith sudo?17:57
Aienano sudi17:57
GridCubesudo ./krita17:57
Aienaok will try17:57
GridCube:) its working?17:58
Aienasudo: ./krita.sh: command not found17:58
Aienavery weird17:58
Aienathe script is called krita.sh17:58
Aienai renamed it17:58
SonikkuAmericaAiena: You are cd'd to the directory it's in right?17:59
AienaI opened the terminal in that directory17:59
Aienawith the scroipt17:59
GridCubehe opened the terminal on that dir from thunar17:59
Aienadoes it matter if it is running live17:59
Aienainstead of installed17:59
GridCubeit should not17:59
GridCubeAiena, do a ls17:59
GridCubeand see if the krita.sh its there18:00
Aienalisted krita.sh18:00
well_laid_lawntry using sh krita.sh18:00
GridCubeok do chmod +x krita.sh18:00
Aienai typed " chmod +x krita.sh"  it executed the command successfully but quietly18:01
Aienaopening another terminal line18:01
Aienai typed "chmod +x krita.sh"  it executed the command successfully but quietly18:02
Aiena"chmod +x krita.sh"18:02
well_laid_lawnhow many times did you chmod it?18:02
Aienaone time only18:03
Aienaso now the shell reads like this18:03
Aienaxubuntu@xubuntu:/media/Data/xubuntu apps/Krita$ chmod +x krita.sh18:03
Aienaxubuntu@xubuntu:/media/Data/xubuntu apps/Krita$18:03
GridCubenow run ./krita.sh18:03
Aienawhat does chmod do ?18:04
Aienaxubuntu@xubuntu:/media/Data/xubuntu apps/Krita$ ./krita.sh18:04
GridCubechange the mode of the file, in this case you give it x that its eXecutable18:04
Aienabash: ./krita.sh: Permission denied18:04
GridCubewhy its failing...18:05
GridCubetry this move the script to a livecd folder, to the desktop for example18:05
GridCubeand run it from there18:05
Aienaok after chmodding the file on desktop it is running18:06
GridCubegreat :D18:07
Aienaand downloading a truckload of stuff18:07
GridCubeyes, krita should pull like 1/3 of kde18:07
Aienahence creating a messy desktop18:07
Aienabut no issues18:07
GridCubeAiena, thats irrelevant XD the directory its just ~/Desktop so you will be fine18:08
anti_theres no awnser in #grub18:08
AienaGridCube, do you think stuff kept on the desktop will be persistent >?18:08
GridCube:D when it ends copy the files to other media Aiena18:08
GridCubeits a live session, this will go away on a reboot, save the files to a persistent dir, maybe the script didnt work, but a copy paste should18:09
AienaGridCube, once I have safely copied all the files into a location on my hardisk18:09
GridCubeanti_, sorry :(18:09
Aienacan i trial krita from my live distro ?18:09
anti_its okay18:09
GridCubesure, why not18:09
GridCubeAiena, after saving the files you can try using them to install krita itself18:09
GridCubeand not redownloading the files :P18:10
AienaI will but one step at a time18:10
AienaI am totally new to linux as a whole18:10
GridCube:) you are doing well18:10
Aienaso don;t want to go too forward and forget stuff18:10
AienaI am used to the commandf line in windows but linux has a different system18:10
Aienawhat do I do if my destop is overflooded with files18:11
Aienain this case its overrun the desktop space18:11
Aienashould have put the krita.sh in a folder in the desktop18:11
AienaGridCube, found a solution18:14
Aienano wirries :P18:14
AienaGridCube, is there anyway of knowing how much space a program in linux will take prior to downloading it ?18:14
GridCubeapt-cache showpkg progam18:15
Aienahmm how does that work and where to use it ?18:16
GridCubeAiena, terminal, type it18:17
Aienaone sec let it finish downloading krita18:17
Aienaits pretty cool :)18:17
GridCubebut thats not it, it would just show you the package and its dependecies,18:17
GridCubeAiena, that wont mix with the download tho18:17
Aienaok opened another terminal window18:18
GridCubewell i found a way18:18
GridCubetype sudo apt-get install krita18:18
Aienayup it showed the dependencies18:18
GridCubeand it will tell you, and ask you if you want to install, say no18:18
Aienanow its downloading a big deb fiel which is the main krita installer I think18:19
Aienaok it failed because the other terminal was busy downloading krita18:20
AienaGridCube, Ok18:21
Aienadownloaded fully18:22
Aienanow will  uae your command in terminal18:22
Aienaubuntu@xubuntu:~/Desktop$ sudo apt-get install krita18:22
AienaE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)18:22
AienaE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?18:22
AienaGridCube, now that I have all the krita files18:23
Aienain a directory18:23
Aienaon my main hard disk18:23
Aienawhat do I do18:23
GridCubeAiena, oh, no, it failed because you had synaptic open, not because it was downloading files P:18:23
GridCubeAiena, well now you can do this,18:23
AienaGridCube, should I close synaptics ?18:24
Aienawhat is the next step ?18:24
Aienato test krita on the livecd18:24
GridCubeon synaptic go to >File >"load downloaded packages" or however it says in english18:25
Aienanow I selected the directory in which all the krita  debs are stored18:25
Aienaselect open18:26
Aienaok now its asking to apply the following changes18:26
Aiena"synaptics" is asking18:27
GridCubeyou should apply18:27
Aienaok applying18:27
Aienahmm weird18:27
Aienaits is again dowloading the package files18:27
GridCubeit is?18:27
GridCubeor its just installing?18:27
GridCubemaybe its "fake downloading" form the source dir to the /tmp/ install dir?18:28
GridCubei dunno18:28
Aienabut it does not look like it18:28
Aienabecause download speeds are network rate18:28
Aienawhen it is only 81 mb18:29
GridCubei dont know, at least you have the files and in the worst case you can install them manually18:29
Aienawell see18:29
GridCube:) good lucks18:29
GridCubei have to go now18:29
Aienaok thank you18:29
ron-slcDoes anybody know why icons are missing in Menu, and Thunar when using VNC in XFCE/Xubuntu ?18:30
GridCubemaybe you dont have permissions to read the icons directory?18:30
AienaGridCube, its is actually downloading :P18:31
koegsron-slc: i suggest using x11vnc, no problems at all using x11vnc as the server18:31
ron-slcWell when logging in to terminal icons are all there and fine.  But when connecting to system with VNC 90% look blank.18:31
ron-slcKoegs: Hmm i'll give that a shot18:31
anti__hi guys i still have that problem and seems that its not a grub problem so im asking if anyone has any new idea on how to fix this18:34
ron-slckoegs: well!  Much improved!   Is vnc4server now out of maintenance and broken or something?18:35
GNUtoo-m4a785t-manti__, hi, you forgott to pastebin what I asked you to pastebin18:36
koegsron-slc: i dont know, never used it18:36
GNUtoo-m4a785t-mlike *Stopping system v initialisation compatibility18:37
GNUtoo-m4a785t-mand such18:37
anti__what was imeant to pastebin18:37
GNUtoo-m4a785t-mall the black screen content18:37
GNUtoo-m4a785t-mspecially the end of it18:37
anti__brb just doing tea then i will give all details18:38
anti__okay guys i press esc while booting xubuntu and got a black screen with text movin down the screen nowit stopped after saned disabled ; edit ect/default/saned18:49
anti__but before that line i got stopping sysem v initialisation compatibility18:51
anti__is there anyone willing to help with this problem18:52
GNUtoo-m4a785t-mI don't know well xubuntu but you could give more lines maybe18:54
GNUtoo-m4a785t-mor maybe someone could suggest how to enable verbose mode in upstart?18:55
anti__ill take a picture and uploadit for youguys18:57
xubuntu142hey guys im reinstalling xunbutu right now is it normal for the "restoreing oldpackeages" bit to take ages?19:32
SonikkuAmericaDoes Ubuntu Studio follow the LTS plan for Xubuntu, or does it have its own LTS plan?20:03
SonikkuAmericaAlso, is there a plan to reinstate the messaging menu in Xubuntu?20:03
SonikkuAmericaxubuntu142: Depends.20:04
=== max is now known as Guest79173
David-ASonikkuAmerica: a f a i k, Ubuntu Studio is a Ubuntu derivative, not specifically an Xubuntu derivative.20:19
SonikkuAmericaSince 11.04 it uses XFCE and GTK+ apps much like Xubuntu does, however20:20
David-ASonikkuAmerica: http://ubuntustudio.org/tour/ says there is a LTS every 2nd year, so I guess it's the same as for Ubuntu20:22
SonikkuAmericaProbably a good guess then.20:22
SonikkuAmericaSo does that mean 15.04 is the next Xubuntu LTS?20:39
antisober552hi guys i can n0w log in but about5 mins after being logged in my pc freezes is there any fix for this20:48
PeyamAm I the only one who says "khubuntu"21:06
antisober552hi guys21:08
SonikkuAmericaPeyam: Probably... I say "eck-soo-boon-too"21:18
SonikkuAmericabecause "khubuntu" sounds like Kubuntu21:18
PeyamI used to say khubuntu21:20
Peyamkh like in julio 'mexixan jjjj"21:20
David-AI belive x in the beginning of a word is pronounced different in different cultures and language traditions.21:22
PeyamDavid-A: yes21:22
PeyamI pronounce x lije in 'skellefteå' or like in 'skärholmen'21:23
David-AI would say there is no wrong way (until I saw Peyam's "Me[sch]ico" analogy) :)21:23
Anarchichey ppl...i'm trying to setup a microserver running xubuntu. it appears that the OS fails to boot when there is no monitor connected21:26
Anarchici think i've found a solution21:27
ShirakawasunaI say xubuntu as 'x-ubuntu'21:29
Shirakawasunais it supposed to be zoobuntu?21:29
Peyamyes it is zobonto21:30
Shirakawasunaoh noes21:30
Shirakawasunagotta fix what I say then21:30
xubuntu779Per vedere questa pagina assicurati di avere Adobe Flash Player alla versione 11.3 o superiore installato. come risolvo???21:34
Shirakawasunaxubuntu779: adobe flash > 11.2 is not supported for all linux browsers. You have to use google chrome (sadly).21:36
xubuntu779thank you, but the first attempt went off all (Massimo)21:39
aienaFor flash in xubuntu which version do we install ?21:42
aienathe ubuntu 10.4 version ?21:42
Peyamflash player?21:44
aienapeyam yup flash player21:45
David-Aaiena: the package "flashplugin-installer" in software center and synaptic should install the latest available flash player.21:48
anti_hi guys i have a problem21:53
anti_E: Could not open lock file /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (13: Permission denied) E: Unable to lock directory /var/lib/apt/lists/ E: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13: Permission denied) E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?21:54
anti_can someone help me fix this21:54
bekksanti_: Did you run your command using sudo?21:54
anti_yes i get the same21:55
anti_its when i try to install an tool21:55
bekksSowhioch command do you run exactly?21:56
bekks*So which21:56
anti_sudo apt-get -f -y install && apt-get -y install m4 automake autoconf make gcc libtool21:57
bekksthere is sudo missing before the second apt-get21:57
anti_oh damn thanks21:57
anti_well that fied my problem lol21:59
anti_ive managed to get xubuntu to work on my pc21:59
anti_could you help me with this problem22:00
anti_./start.sh: line 9: php: command not found22:01
bekksYou have to install the php cli :)22:01
bekksWithout installing the php cli you cant run the php cli.22:02
anti_i need to install php cli22:02
anti_so whats the package name22:02
anti_cause i can do it this way cant i sudo apt-get install phpcli22:03
bekksphp5-cli is the package name.22:03
JainAmberI'm using Xubuntu 12.04.2. I have removed the panel/dock located at the bottom of the screen. Now I'll like to move the panel (at the top of the screen) to the bottom... How can I do so?23:50
JainAmberI want the top panel to appear at the bottom of the screen.23:50
Cheri703right click on the panel, go to "panel" or "panel preferences" from there you can change options23:52
Cheri703you may need to unlock it to turn on grab handles so you can drag it to the bottom23:52
Guest2396hi there23:56
Guest2396setting - two finger scrolling (for my touch pad) waqs enabled by me23:57
Guest2396but how can i disable - scrolling with one finger&?23:57
JainAmberThanks a lot, Cheri703!23:59

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