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__marcoHi, I don't understast how to use lp-propose-merge in my usual workflow. What I did: create a local branch, created a bug report on launchpad, fixed the bug, created a remote branch on launchpad and finally linked the branch at the bug report. Now normally I will propose the merge via the web interface. Which branch are going to be proposed with `bzr lp-propose-merge ` the local one? then some of the previous steps are unhelpful?15:44
jelmer__marco: it will propose a merge of the remote branch (which it will find from the local branch)15:45
jelmersimplest thing to do is to just try15:45
jelmeryou can always remove the merge proposal later15:45
__marcojelmer: thanks. then all what I did is conceptually correct. right?15:46
jelmer__marco: sounds like it, yes15:46
__marcojelmer: thanks very much15:47
__marcojelmer: thanks, worked as aspected. It had create a new keyring. Where it is located?16:04
jelmer__marco: It depends on which keyring package it ends up using as its backend (gnome keyring, KDE keyring, etc)16:06
__marcofluxbox on a debian stable16:06
__marcoI'll search16:06
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SebbohI have followed some recipe to check out some source via bzr.  I issued the command bzr branch http://bzr.debian.org/pkg-samba/openchange/unstable .  That worked fine.  Now, I'd like to how/when code from upstream has been merged into here.  Mostly how...  In git, I can issue git config --list to get some configuration items, which include the URL of upstream (and/or peer) repos.  Is there something like that in bazaar?22:14
LeoNerdwell,  bzr info  will show the URLs22:16
SebbohHm, it only shows "parent branch: http+urllib://anonscm.debian.org/bzr/pkg-samba/openchange/unstable/" (which is the same place I originally checked out (or branched?) even though the hostname is different.)22:17
jelmerSebboh: Note that the OpenChange Debian package has migrated to git22:18
jelmerhey LeoNerd22:19
SebbohOh, that's news to me.  And good news, at that, for me.  (I know more about git than bzr.)22:19
Sebbohoh, it's in experimental, I'm only on unstable.  Cool.22:20
Sebbohcheers and thanks, jelmer.22:34

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