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marcoceppiWhat causes "ERROR Cannot find machine: i-xxxxxxx" during a destroy-environment?14:08
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evilnickveitchmarcoceppi, don't know, but when you find out let me know - seems like one worth adding to the docs!14:22
marcoceppievilnickveitch: I'll let you know if I find a reason or solution14:52
evilnickveitchmarcoceppi, thanks14:55
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stoggiHello, is it possible to create your own provider for Juju?22:16
mgzstoggi: yes, but you probably want to ask yourself why you'd doing that first22:22
sarnoldperhaps he works for gandi or hetzner or another company with a giant pile of machines and an already-existing cloudy api? :)22:23
stoggimgz: Well, there are a handful of provider configurations, but if I want to use Juju with the latest and greatest IaaS (x). Can I write a "driver" to connect to x's API?22:24
stoggisarnold: bingo, not that I work for those companies, but I am interested in how the community can support new providers.22:26
arosalesutlemming, looks like your firefox charm went to "fix released" who hoo, nice work.22:27
arosalesmarcoceppi, thanks for the review22:27
mgzstoggi: you can indeed write a provider there, but the cloud needs to be non-insane22:27
sarnoldstoggi: I had idly considered trying to write one myself, just as an exercise to learn juju, but figured it'd be one heck of an exercise and decided to try some charms first.. hehe :)22:27
mgza bunch of these little clouds lack some rather basic things that juju really needs, like the ability to pass in a ssh public key, or doing cloud-init stuff on startup and so on22:28
stoggimgz: OK, great. So assuming the cloud API is useful enough, is it a lot of work to write the provider in Juju?22:35
mgzit's programming, but it's not that painful.22:37
stoggiSounds like fun. Does the provider have to be part of the main juju code, or is there a way of providing a plug in.22:41
mgzstoggi: there's not been any call for plugins yet, you can just develop in your own branch22:51
stoggimgz: OK, I'll look into adding my own provider into /juju/providers to try it out. Thank you for your help.22:53
marcoceppiarosales: Yup it's promulgated and everything@23:30

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