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julianwaracedo: ping03:07
raywangbigjools, ping04:58
bigjoolshi raywang04:58
raywanghi bigjools we are facing a serious problem. When trying to add ssh key into maas, it report "invalid ssh public key"04:59
bigjoolsraywang: are you not using juju?04:59
raywangwhich we guarantee  the key is no problem (try three times for new keys)04:59
raywangbigjools, we will use juju, but before that, we are trying to insert public key to maas05:00
bigjoolsraywang: you don't need to add a key to maas if you use juju05:00
raywangbigjools, sorry, I mean "Add SSH Key" to maas05:00
raywangbigjools, are you saying "there is no need to add ssh key to maas manually? if use juju to deploy services, it will grab the public key, and add it into VM automatically05:02
bigjoolsraywang: that's correct05:02
bigjoolsthe manual ssh key adding is only needed if you plan on using maas to manually start nodes05:02
raywangbigjools, in other words, if we don't use juju and don add ssh key, how can we login the system without inserting the public key?05:02
bigjoolsif you are using juju it just works05:03
raywangbigjools, does 0.6 version of juju works?05:03
bigjoolsif it has maas in it, it should do05:04
* bigjools can't remember juju versions05:04
raywangbigjools, i just want to make sure this is the feature of juju go version05:04
bigjoolsraywang: yes it wll be the same in Go05:05
raywangif the case is we start the node manually, so we have to add ssh public key to maas,  and this time we fail to add the key, how can we find out where is the problem? :-)05:05
bigjoolsraywang: you can't!05:06
bigjoolsit ought to prevent manual startup if there's no ssh key05:06
raywangbigjools, got it, so anyway to find out why it fail to add the ssh public key?05:08
raywangany way05:08
bigjoolsraywang: which version of maas?05:08
bigjoolsand can you paste me the public key string you're trying to add05:08
raywangmaas    1.2+bzr1373+dfsg-0ubuntu1~12.04.1~ppa105:08
raywangfrom ppa:maas-maintainers/stable05:09
bigjoolsgood :)05:09
julianwabigjools:  ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQC4SrSolwrO33ZYsRtoMWlouEgVcztNJwdOi1g6MwS3Ihnb9coVnHYMNPeeuj5HLOtJ4obkupAWJcKS/6c26k56V3ry0bILduQatxCb9lHzj05:09
julianwaV1ydIasO/5+opP+CTqvbx34aec6WN3ASAyiC/QhgP8fLST6LlHqfDAVOUJMKE1f7gWpNcqpBvf768PqxEO0xNemf maasadmin@MAAS-ADMIN05:09
bigjoolsok hang on05:10
raywangbigjools, ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQC4SrSolwrO33ZYsRtoMWlouEgVcztNJwdOi1g6MwS3Ihnb9coVnHYMNPeeuj5HLOtJ4obkupAWJcKS/6c26k56V3ry0bILduQatxCb9lHzjEZc2wKm84szcU77pPO4XIloyWPM3GX+xBZb3lj6C6PzvIeMpeXYPa+fIoXwBmKK0ae+P+zK3HBR4AwuuBdgpFzPaB2S2e1phVzocdI7oC38dhOj4GFK2+rcdqPGnlJZp49vGhvftTLNHUU7Wc14V1ydIasO/5+opP+CTqvbx34aec6WN3ASAyiC/QhgP8fLST6LlHqfDAVOUJMKE1f7gWpNcqpBvf768PqxEO0xNemf maasadmin@MAAS-ADMIN05:11
bigjoolsare you pasting it in without line breaks?05:13
bigjoolsin maas's dialog05:13
bigjoolsbecause I can add your key into my running maas05:14
bigjoolsraywang: ^05:14
raywangbigjools, yeah, you are probably right, the content we copy from "screen" has line breaks i guess05:15
bigjoolsraywang: yes, I could tell from the way  julianwa pasted it :)05:15
raywangbigjools, great, thank you!05:15
raywangbigjools, it's great to have you in the same timezone :)05:16
julianwabigjools: screen's problem..05:16
bigjoolsraywang: easiest way is to "cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub"05:16
bigjoolsthen copy/paste from that05:16
raywangbigjools, yes, that's how we did05:16
bigjoolsthe terminal won't have line breaks05:16
bigjoolsraywang: glad to help :)05:17
raywangbigjools, we just  "cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub", and copy from the terminal05:17
raywangbigjools, maybe 'screen' screw it up05:17
bigjoolsquite possible05:17
bigjoolsscreen generally screws things up05:17
julianwayou are right.05:18
julianwabigjools:  when we using maas to manage vm, it always takes us so long time to wait ipmi while enlist/comissioning/install07:03
bigjoolsjulianwa: there's a fix coming for that soon07:04
bigjoolsit may even be in the daily builds07:04
julianwabigjools:  cool.07:05
dragunov11Am getting the "exceptions.AssertionError: No PXE template found in '/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/provisioningserver/pxe'!" error11:51
dragunov11even after accepting the nodes for commissioning.11:51
dragunov11I referred to this https://bugs.launchpad.net/maas/+bug/1064212 . But it happens with me even if the node is in "Ready" state.11:52
ubot5Launchpad bug 1064212 in MAAS "If a machine is booted manually when in status "declared", TFTP server tracebacks" [Low,Triaged]11:52
dragunov11Any particular solution guys?11:53
bigjoolsthe node must be started via MAAS11:53
bigjoolsnot manually11:53
dragunov11How do I start the node through MAAS ?11:55
dragunov11using WoL ?11:55
bigjoolsuse the button in the UI or preferably connect it to juju11:55
bigjoolsonce maas thinks the node is starting up, you can start it manually if you want11:55
dragunov11oh ok.11:56
bigjoolsbut it's obviously more convenient to have WoL or some other power control11:56
dragunov11Ok. Going to try it now.11:57
dragunov11Its working. Thanks bigjools12:00
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