moppershow does scroll switching in raring work?00:53
moppersalso is it me, or is raring's unity slower than quantal?00:55
nonubyhow do I disable random changing wallapepr?06:39
lordievaderGood morning07:59
ssnwhere can i get 13.04 netinstall (minimal)? i need to install ubuntu on a software raid08:28
ssnok found it08:40
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slinnkyraring ringtail is snappy09:41
slinnkycan't deny that at all09:41
lordievaderslinnky: :)09:44
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hachreI'm getting this since today, is it just my system that's broken or is it a common thing right now?10:14
hachreThe following packages have unmet dependencies:10:14
hachre unity : Depends: libnux-abiversion-20130411.0 but it is not installable10:14
smartboyhwhachre, let me check please.10:15
smartboyhwhachre, weird 20130411.0 ?10:17
hachreyea thats what it says10:17
hachreapt-cache search libnux-abiversion only finds a -4.0 though10:18
smartboyhwhachre, ah I know what happened.10:18
smartboyhwhachre, please wait for a bit:P The nux library which provides the libnux-abiersion-20130411.0 is just uploaded:p10:18
hachreah ok:)10:18
smartboyhwhachre, do you have -proposed enabled (just asking)10:19
smartboyhwhachre, hmm it should show up now.10:19
smartboyhwDo a sudo apt-get update and retry.10:19
hachreok ill update and try again10:19
hachresame thing so far10:20
smartboyhwhachre, you can do a "sudo apt-get update" within this short period?10:20
hachreyea :)10:20
smartboyhwType the EXACT command in terminal please.10:20
smartboyhwhachre, :O10:20
smartboyhwhachre, it is built and in -proposed.10:21
hachredeb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ raring-proposed restricted multiverse universe main10:21
hachrethats my line for proposed10:21
hachrethats all i need right?10:21
hggdhand only carried over to main after fully built & confirmed10:21
hggdhhaving -proposed enabled *can* give you temporary inconsistencies10:22
hachreyeah that's np10:22
hachrejust wanted to report it:) or check that it's not just me10:22
smartboyhwhachre, :)10:22
* smartboyhw doesn't use Unity, IIRC.10:23
hachrenothing has changed here still10:27
smartboyhwhachre, wait till it gets to -release then. Shouldn't take more than ~2 hours10:29
hachreokay :)10:29
hachreweird.. the proposed line I posted above was right wasn't it?10:29
smartboyhwhachre, yes it is correct.10:34
hggdhhachre: a source package can generate many binary packages; as these packages are ready, they are published to -proposed. But their interdependencies may require a still-building piece (or even a completely different source/binary packages)10:37
hachreI see10:38
hachreI just retired and it works now10:38
hggdhthis is one of the reasons we initially publish to -proposed (another being acceptance tests)10:38
hachreunity is back :)10:38
smartboyhwhachre, \o/10:39
hggdhhachre: rule of thumb: if you are using -proposed, carefully check what is going to happen on a dist-upgrade, and manually select packages to be updated if you see "weird" changes10:39
hachreyeah, I noticed that now :)10:40
hachrewouldn't have happened with upgrade10:40
hachrebut it's no big deal, I have snapshots to revert to that I create before every update in case anything goes horribly wrong10:40
hggdhno, it would not. Also you would not have new packages installed, or obsoleted packages removed10:40
hachreYou mean packages that didn't exist before?10:41
hggdh(which might cause you a whole different set of problems ;-)10:41
hachreok I see :)10:42
hggdhnew dependencies, for example10:42
* smartboyhw likes dist-upgrade with -proposed :P10:42
smartboyhwExcept when times if I upgraded with xorg-server not being fully uploaded10:43
smartboyhwThat will bring me to a tty instead the following day:P10:43
hachreI've just switched to using Ubuntu from Arch (and before that Gentoo) recently and have little experience with the specifics of deb based package management... but I'm starting to get the hang of it ;)10:43
smartboyhwhachre, hurray!10:51
slinnkyhachre, familiarize yourself with ppa-purge too10:55
slinnkythat's how you take back your system10:56
hachreyeah I've read about it on the side already for a bit, thanks slinnky :) very useful10:56
BluesKaj'Morning all11:20
susundbe1gHi BluesKaj11:39
BluesKajhi susundbe1g11:39
ShapeShifter499I feel like updating, "update-manager -d"   sounds good?13:57
ShapeShifter499currently on 12.1013:57
ShapeShifter499.04 versions are LTS versions correct?13:59
ShapeShifter499while .10 versions are STS?13:59
Stanley00!lts | ShapeShifter49913:59
ubottuShapeShifter499: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; with the exception of 12.04 (Precise Pangolin), which will be supported for 5 years on the desktop. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04)13:59
smartboyhwShapeShifter499, not exactly.13:59
Stanley00ShapeShifter499: the next lts is 14.0413:59
smartboyhw13.04 is NOT an LTS, IIRC13:59
smartboyhwOnly .04 LTSes per two years is LTS14:00
smartboyhwAnd this one isn't14:00
smartboyhw12.04 -> 14.04 -> 16.04 is the LTS path14:00
ShapeShifter499so next two releases are going to STS14:00
ShapeShifter499STS (short term support)14:00
Stanley00ShapeShifter499: yes14:00
ShapeShifter499whatever happened to better wine integration?14:01
Stanley00ShapeShifter499: I dont use wine, so dont know.14:02
ShapeShifter499I frankly want a wine with USB and iTunes support, that would allow me to completely drop windows for good14:03
ShapeShifter499vbox currently is a hassle to use trying to update an iPhone :/14:04
ShapeShifter499anyways, "update-manager -d" should get me on my way to 13.04 correct?14:04
ShapeShifter499super, updating just as soon as my google music library re-syncs itself14:05
johnjohn101i've had good luck with 13.04.  it's a pretty good release though the last of it's kind as ubuntu pivots.14:06
ShapeShifter499johnjohn101, what do you mean?14:07
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ShapeShifter499I heard ubuntu may drop X11, this true?14:09
ShapeShifter499if so what does it mean for X11 apps?14:09
Stanley00yep, but not before 14.0414:09
Dark_lightShapeShifter499: everyone will in the not so distant future wayland will take it's place or in the case of ubuntu mir14:09
Dark_lightif it ever sees the light14:09
Dark_lightHonestly I doubt it'll take only one year14:11
johnjohn101ShapeShifter499:  moving to Qt14:12
Dark_lightthat does not depend on X11 though14:12
Dark_lightthat's moving away from gtk14:12
johnjohn101isnt' that a huge shift though?14:13
Dark_lightyes and now it is but not nearly as huge as changing display server14:13
johnjohn101so unity will be composited only to Mir?14:13
Dark_lightI guess so14:14
Dark_lightmir still has to see the light14:14
Dark_lightand nothing is set in stone14:14
johnjohn101gnome 3.10 is supposed to be the first for wayland.  wonder how that will fly.14:14
Dark_lightthat's one of the reason why I'm not so sure mir we'll ever see the light of the day14:15
Dark_lightthere's a rason why gnu/linux has like 20 window managers and desktop enviroments but only one kernel and one display server14:15
johnjohn101that makes a lot of sense14:16
Dark_lightkde has already stated that, at least for now, it has no plans to officially support mir whatsover14:16
johnjohn101have they even announced any plans for wayland?14:16
Dark_lightthey are actively making the necessary changes to support it14:17
ShapeShifter499from what I read, wayland and mir will support X11 legacy, so KDE should still work no matter what version its on correct?14:17
Dark_lightwell I'm not sure about that I think it'll be able to run applications designed for X11 but a whole DE I don't think so14:19
* Dark_light is not quite sure if his last message got through because his wireless died 14:19
ShapeShifter499Dark_light, last message:  <Dark_light> well I'm not sure about that I think it'll be able to run applications designed for X11 but a whole DE I don't think so14:19
Dark_lightthank you :-)14:20
Dark_lightwayland has a completely different design compared to X11 so supporting applications is one thing but supporting a wm/de designede for x11 is impossible14:20
ShapeShifter499Dark_light, somehow I feel like the support for X11 apps in wayland and mir will be like WINE's support for Windows apps14:21
ShapeShifter499never quite being 100%14:22
ShapeShifter499and spotty support14:22
Dark_light well that wont' affect many of them though14:22
Dark_lightit's not like applications depend directly on the display server14:23
Dark_lightthey depen on the library gtk, or qt that has been used to design them14:23
Dark_lightfrom what I know at least14:23
Dark_lightso that shouldn't be much of an issue14:24
Dark_lightplus I think you should be able to run an X11 session in wayland14:24
ShapeShifter499oh I see14:33
dakiraso.. am I the only one who loves nautilus new style, but hates how it is missing all those features?14:37
dakiraThe fact that find-as-you-type navigation has been replaced with search totally drives me nuts. It works really really bad with large filesets or remote connections.14:38
Tribaaldakira: +114:44
Tribaalfind as you type was great14:45
johnjohn101should be an interesting year in the linux world regardless.  there is plenty of work to do15:16
genii-aroundIt's always an interesting year in the linux world.15:23
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charliepurpleI'm not sure if I'm dealing with a bug or not, but apt-get won't finish updating the kernel, I get this error: Errors were encountered while processing:  linux-image-3.8.0-8-powerpc-smp  linux-image-powerpc-smp16:07
hggdhcharliepurple: look at /var/log/apt/term.log to zero in what error(s) was(were) found.16:08
charliepurpleI had to boot into "old" today because of the same install failure from yesterday, I literally get nothing on boot.16:08
charliepurpleokay - will do, thanks hggdh16:08
charliepurplenot sure how this will format, but here goes:16:09
charliepurpleLog started: 2013-04-16  11:33:44 Setting up linux-image-3.8.0-8-powerpc-smp (3.8.0-8.14) ... Running depmod. update-initramfs: deferring update (hook will be called later) The link /boot/initrd.img is a dangling linkto /boot/initrd.img-3.8.0-8-powerpc-smp initrd.img.old is not a symlink, not clobbering rm initrd.img.14291 at /var/lib/dpkg/info/linux-image-3.8.0-8-powerpc-smp.postinst line 534. Examining /etc/kernel/postinst.d.16:09
charliepurplealso, it said not enough room on /boot, but I've got 40g available16:09
hggdhcharliepurple: /boot may be a different filesystem16:10
hggdhand, most probably *this* (not enough space) was the reason for the failure16:11
* hggdh goes for a lunch16:11
charliepurpleOkay, I'm not sure how to work with that?16:12
hggdhcharliepurple: well, if /boot is indeed a different FS, you will have to (1) extend it, and/or (2) clean up some space (by, for example, apt-get purge older kernels)16:13
hggdhcharliepurple: of course, if apt-get purge, make sure to leave the current working kernel16:13
hggdhnow it *is* lunch time ;-)16:13
charliepurpleOkay, have a good lunch. I'll look into it.16:14
wilee-nileecharliepurple, As a heads up out of stock kernels are not necessarily supported.16:17
tgm4883wilee-nilee, out of stock kernels? Are they on backorder?16:18
wilee-nileetgm4883, lol, no people come on asking for support for kernels that are not part of normal updates, and can wait a long time for help is all.16:19
tgm4883wilee-nilee, you mean custom kernels?16:20
tgm4883wilee-nilee, ah ok16:20
tgm4883wilee-nilee, I don't think I've ever heard them called out of stock kernels before16:20
charliepurpleI'm just working with whatever comes standard with 13.04 ppc16:20
tgm4883theres a PPC version of 13.04?16:21
wilee-nileetgm4883, It is early here not enough caffeine yet, and my walnut sized brain is in standby. ;)16:21
charliepurpleEvery time is early enough for caffiene!16:22
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johnjohn101what is the usual issue with custom kernels?  kernel modules?16:25
wilee-nileejohnjohn101, Can you make your question more vague please? ')16:26
johnjohn101wilee-nilee:  just trying to figure out what types of problems folks run into with running a kernel that isnt' stock.  mostly curiosity as I will probably never do something like that.16:30
wilee-nileejohnjohn101, Anything is possible really, no real standard set of problems, could be any number of variables or outliers.16:32
johnjohn101yeah that type of stuff has to be almost impossible to support.16:33
FunnyLookinHatSo - I'm unable to get Rhythmbox to play mp3 streams...  and it's not trying to find a plugin or anything...  is this a bug?16:44
wilee-nileeFunnyLookinHat, Have you installed the restricted-extras for the desktop you are running?16:47
FunnyLookinHatwilee-nilee, yeah I have16:48
FunnyLookinHatAnd I've verified that all of the streams work with VLC.  But they don't in both RB and Video Player ( obvs. gstreamer issue )16:48
wilee-nileeFunnyLookinHat, Are these your own choices or part of rhythmboxs apps?16:49
FunnyLookinHatwilee-nilee, My own - here's the playlist I'm testing: https://gist.github.com/funnylookinhat/5396707/raw/671b062b0879a0b940d4160f26c6f09e5f8f9678/code_music.pls16:49
FunnyLookinHatThey're all just mp3 streams.16:49
FunnyLookinHatAh bugger - found a bug for it: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gstreamer1.0/+bug/113976016:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1153934 in rhythmbox (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1139760 Some radio streams which used to play OK don't play after updating to rhythmbox 2.98" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:51
FunnyLookinHatconfirmed & no fix  :-P16:51
wilee-nileeFunnyLookinHat, I added this one to radio and it works. http://slacker.cvgm.net:8000/cvgm128  I had to wait a second for it to start working is all.16:52
FunnyLookinHatwilee-nilee, And you're on Raring amd64 w/ ubuntu-restricted-extras ?16:53
FunnyLookinHatThat one won't work in my setup...  hmmm16:54
FunnyLookinHatIt works in Banshee though...16:54
FunnyLookinHatjuts not RB16:54
wilee-nileeFunnyLookinHat, No precise but rhythbox build 2.97 same I would suspect.16:55
FunnyLookinHatOh no16:55
FunnyLookinHatThis is a 13.04 issue.16:55
FunnyLookinHatPrecise works great.16:55
FunnyLookinHatAnd they changed gstreamer in between then I believe16:55
FunnyLookinHatAre you on 0.10 or 1.0 ?16:55
_BauerHow do I get to places like System->Administration->Users and Groups in Unity's 13.04?16:55
johnjohn101you might want to try vlc for the mp3 stream and see what happens as well.16:57
johnjohn101i usually use cvlc at the command line, in that i have a script that kills the station after an hour or so, so that I can go to sleep.16:58
FunnyLookinHatjohnjohn101, They work in VLC17:02
FunnyLookinHatalready said that  :)17:02
FunnyLookinHatThis is clearly a RB issue - since Banshee works17:02
tgm4883_Bauer, click the gear in the upper right corner, and select system settings17:03
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johnjohn101FunnyLookinHat: sorry, I need to read the posts more carefully.17:45
_Bauertgm4883:  this place has no Groups, only Users...17:46
tgm4883_Bauer, yea, IDK about groups.17:47
jnozI'm running Ubuntu raring (13.04) and I would like to install the latest stable version of enlightenment. There doesn't seem to be a package. How should I best proceed?18:41
Picijnoz: e17?18:49
jnozPici: Enlightenment
jnozPici: the package in raring is "Version: 0.16.999.70492-218:51
wilee-nileethe ppa is not not at raring yet https://launchpad.net/~efl/+archive/trunk18:51
jnozso how do I do it?18:53
jnozshould I just install it from tarballs?18:57
jnozwill that break anything?18:57
_Bauerok.. I created a user and group called wineuser, tried with/without setting user's password. however when I do something like18:58
_Bauersg wineuser, I get prompted for password, and I get error crypt: Invalid argument18:58
_Bauerno matter which one I try18:59
_Bauerany ideas?18:59
_Bauercould it be 13.04 specific issue?19:00
moppershi, i was askign about the status of 'scroll to switch tasks' in raring19:25
moppersit doesn't appear to work in the daily build19:25
Guest91166hola! i have trouble updating.  tried many different servers with no luck. Error: http://pastebin.com/zBhmkB3819:25
Guest91166it is a clean install19:28
jacklkWhen is 13.04 out?!19:29
LevanthHi is this the right channel for 13.04 problems with xampp?19:30
jacklkLevanth: yes, just ask19:37
LevanthOkay my problem is: I just installed xampp, copied the lampp folder to /opt/ and when I try to run xampp in the terminal I got one error with the mysql service19:38
jacklkLevanth: What is the error?19:39
Levanthjacklk the exact error is "XAMPP: MySQL konnte nicht gestartet werden!" its german and means Mysql couldnt start, I looked in the error log in /opt/lampp/var/mysql  and it says /opt/lampp/sbin/mysqld: Can't find file: './mysql/plugin.frm' (errno: 13)19:41
Levanthjacklk but I looked there as su and the file was there19:41
bekksLevanth: I' not use LAMP, but install mysql, apache, etc. using the package management system.19:42
jacklkLevanth: Is mysql-server and mysql-core installed?19:42
bekksjacklk: HE is using LAMP, that has nothing to do with the packages from the repos.19:43
Levanthjacklk I could not find something with mysql to run as command19:44
jacklkLAMP or not, you still should be able to run mysql?19:44
bekksThe LAMP config just doesnt find a file - whatever happened there, it has nothing to do with the packages from the repos.19:45
jacklkit could do, as the file it is looking for may not be installed under a package19:45
beanwtf is "The LAMP config"19:45
bekksbean: The config for LAMP and its components.19:46
bean... lol19:46
bekksLAMP is a prebuilt software package.19:46
bekksThats why it is installed at /opt/lamp/ ...19:46
beanjesus, why19:46
bekksDont ask me, ask the author :P19:46
beanwhy not just install apache, mysql, and php19:47
beanlike, it really doesn't get any more simple than that19:47
jacklkbean: exactly19:47
bekksThats what I told Levanth already.19:47
jacklkWhich makes LAMP pointless19:47
beananything that doesn't use the package manager and puts its own s*** in /opt/ is pretty bad, imo19:47
jacklkLevanth: Are you sure you have to use LAMP? Just do apt-get install apache2 php5-mysql mysql-server php5 and boom you have a wroking server?19:48
Levanthbecause I dont know what I have to configure there, I am rather new to the whole server thing and a friend of mine just installed lampp the same way and it worked so I was curious why it doesnt worked for me (he also uses 13.04)19:49
PiciLAMP a term for a linux server with mysql and php, its not necessarily xampp.19:49
beanoh, we're talking about XAMPP, why the hell would you use that19:49
jacklkLevanth: you don't really have to do any configuration, no more than you do with LAMP19:49
ubottuWe do not support XAMPP installs here. Please use the LAMP stack that is in our repositories; see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP for more information.19:50
jacklkyou just need those 4 packages and it all works together19:50
Levanthjacklk so I should use apache2, mysql-core, proftpd and php5 ?19:50
jacklkLevanth: yes, and also php5-mysql19:51
jacklkLevanth: then your website files go in /var/www, still runs on localhost, etc19:51
Levanthand then I start those separate or can I write a little script for that?19:51
jacklkand it all should work -- you don't need to do any config unless you want to19:51
jacklkLevanth: this isn't LAMP, it should all start and work automatically as soon as you install19:52
beangod, XAMPP is just as bad as webmin to me19:52
Levanththen I'll try this, thanks for the help here19:53
jacklkLevanth: yeah.. you should have no problems at all19:53
melkorMy microphone doesn't work, and I'm looking for similar bugs.19:57
beanGuest91166: "bump" does nothing here19:57
Guest91166other than maybe getting some attention19:58
johnjohn101how is XAMPP different than LAMP?19:58
beanXAMPP is its own ghetto package19:58
beanlamp is installed w/ packages19:58
beanGuest91166: can you "ping archive.canonical.com"19:59
johnjohn101thanks bean19:59
Guest91166seem like it works fine, but does not: "ping archive.canonical.com" ever stop?20:01
melkorping doesn't stop.20:01
Guest91166over 100 requests with 80-100ms response time20:02
Guest91166how do i stop it?20:02
beanGuest91166: are you, by chance, behind a proxy?20:03
Guest91166dont know20:03
Guest91166i use a mobile modem i connect through wireless20:03
beanGuest91166: hrmmm... I would wait to upgrade then...20:04
Guest91166to late :P20:04
Guest91166why would that be a problem?20:04
ShizuoOmg sad channel20:04
ShapeShifter499hi again20:05
jnozwhere and who can I ask for a specific package to be updated? (e17 in raring)?20:06
ShapeShifter499update-manager -d        isn't giving me the option to upgrade from 12.10 to 13.0420:06
ShapeShifter499what am I doing wrong?20:06
ShizuoHi kieppie20:08
kieppiehi guys20:08
ShizuoAre you sad?20:08
ShapeShifter499oh hang on after it updated all the currently installed packages it gave me the option to upgrade to 13.0420:08
kieppieno - why?20:08
kieppiewhat noteworthy is new & to be expected in the new 13.04 release?20:08
ShizuoPonies, mostly20:08
alankilagnome 3 :-p20:08
kieppiepooping rainbows?20:08
alankilaI mean the ubuntu-gnome-desktop. I'm using it currently.20:09
kieppieI've used both gnome-desktop3 & unity - can't say I really prefer the one other the other. much the sameness @ both20:10
* johnjohn101 prefers unity20:10
kieppiedon't dislike them - nor do I like them overly much20:11
ShapeShifter499I should be fine using sources and packages made for 12.10 on 13.04 right?20:11
kieppieShapeShifter499 - you chould if you enable the backport repo20:11
Guest91166bean: is there a fix that i can try?20:11
kieppie*in theory*20:12
ShapeShifter499I have that already enabled20:12
ubottuUbuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+120:12
ShapeShifter499I thought the release notes said the 24th?20:12
Guest91166ubuttu: this is #ubuntu+1 :D20:12
kieppiewhat's to be expected in the new release? anything noteworthy? I'm a little exited re the prospect for full multi-platform integration, but not sure if it'll be ready @ this release yet20:13
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ShapeShifter4992181 package updates/installs  damn20:15
beanGuest91166: "sudo apt-get update"20:15
beanGuest91166: is that what fails?20:15
Guest91166bean: yes20:15
ShapeShifter499this maybe a while20:15
* ShapeShifter499 sips coffee20:15
kieppie`apt-get -y update && apt-get -y upgrade && apt-get -y dist-upgrade && do-release-upgrade`20:16
Guest91166bean: "&& upgrade" that is20:16
beanGuest91166: can you open http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/dists/raring/Release.gpg in a browser?20:17
johnjohn101when are we supposed to get unity 7?20:18
beanGuest91166: what is the contents of /etc/resolv.conf20:18
Guest91166and: resolvconf(8)20:19
johnjohn101ok, they changed the dash icon swirly direction...seriously?20:20
beanGuest91166: okay, what is the full contents....20:21
Guest91166other tha those two listings. nothing other than # comments20:22
beanresolveconf(8) is a line in there?20:22
beanthats not right20:22
Guest91166what is it supposed to be?20:23
Guest91166and how to edit20:23
beanlikely just
beanwhat is the output of "dig +short @ archive.canonical.com"20:23
Guest91166two ip adresses20:24
beanok, that is correct.20:24
Guest9116691.189.92.191 and
beanhave you tried rebooting since you started this?20:25
Guest91166yes, several times20:25
beani can't even really find anything with the same error as you out there20:25
beanand your browser doesn't use a proxy?20:25
Guest91166unless it is set so automatically20:26
beanhmm, maybe try a different server in your software sources20:27
Guest91166did that, many different servers.20:27
Guest91166i just did a new update upgrade try and now more similiar errors: http://pastebin.com/k1cZMsKs20:28
wilee-nileeGuest91166, Post al the text in a pastebin of sudo apt-get update in the terminal20:32
beanGuest91166: have you done anything with nsswitch?20:32
beancan you pastebin the output of /etc/nsswitch.conf20:32
Guest91166no changes to nsswitch. do net even know what it is20:33
wilee-nileethere are gpg key problems at times20:33
beanthis doesn't look like a key problem20:33
Guest91166i shal give you the pastes you asked for20:33
beanI think your /etc/nsswitch.conf is wrong20:35
beanhosts:          files mdns4_minimal [NOTFOUND=return] dns mdns420:36
beanshould be20:36
beanhosts:          files dns mdns4_minimal [NOTFOUND=return] mdns420:36
FernandoMiguelError! Bad return status for module build on kernel: 3.8.0-18-generic (x86_64)20:39
FernandoMiguelI knew I should have hold longer20:39
beanGuest91166: you need to change /etc/nsswitch.conf20:39
beanbut those warning are actually no big deal20:39
beani'd continue on w/o them20:40
wilee-nileemine is the same as theirs hosts:          files mdns4_minimal [NOTFOUND=return] dns mdns420:40
Guest91166bean: just changed it to what you said. but same error20:41
Guest91166changed it back20:41
jnozis anyone here successfully using "connman" for wireless networking on Ubuntu 13.04?20:42
Guest91166bean: other ideas?20:46
beanGuest91166: i'd just ignore the errors for now, they're just signing keys it looks like20:47
Guest91166ok, but will it be sorted out by it self or do i have to download 13.04 when it is officially ready?20:48
wilee-nileeGuest91166, I think you just need to load that missing key to be honest try sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys20:48
Guest91166by it self: i mean by upgrades20:48
wilee-nileethen reload any shown with sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys "key here"20:49
Guest91166no luck: sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys20:51
wilee-nileeGuest91166, You have had an error though with key or key's there is a command to automatically reload all, I forget it though, but a look on the web will probably find it, that is how I helped another user a while back.21:01
Guest91166bean: ignore for now. ok, but will it resolve?21:01
wilee-nileeI would not ignore it personally it can easily be fixed.21:05
wilee-nileeI think this should work raring is in the ppa21:06
Guest91166but why should there be missing keys in a fresh install?21:07
wilee-nileeGuest91166, IT happens I have seen it happen and had it happen, it is not a perfect world. ;)21:08
Guest91166hmmm, ok :)21:09
wilee-nileefrustrating though for sure. ;)21:09
Guest91166Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/nilarimogard/webupd8/ubuntu/dists/raring/Release.gpg  Something wicked happened resolving 'ppa.launchpad.net:http' (-11 - System error)21:11
wilee-nileeGuest91166, NOt sure if this is the exact fix though the ppa says for ppa keys, however it shows that keys can be auto loaded, so it may take a search for that command I wish I could find it.21:11
Guest91166the nilarimogard key was impoerte successfully21:14
Guest91166wilee-nilee: i think all the keys are there and correct. what does the -11 system error mean?: W: Failed to fetch http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/dists/raring/Release.gpg  Something wicked happened resolving 'archive.canonical.com:http' (-11 - System error)21:22
Guest91166i find it strang that i do not get any matches googling the error21:24
wilee-nileeGuest91166, Are you getting the hexadecimal # such as  9BDB3D89CE49EC21  ?21:25
wilee-nileeas an example21:25
wilee-nileeGuest91166, see post 4 here as wel, bad keys may need to be removes to get this fixed as well rather then just adding correct keys, read the whole link as well. http://askubuntu.com/questions/127326/how-to-fix-missing-gpg-keys21:30
Guest91166wilee-nilee: no hex21:46
Guest91166it does not complain about missing key. it complains about something wicked :)21:48
Guest91166i give up for tonight21:49
Guest91166thanks a lot for the help and time :D21:50
wilee-nileeGuest91166, Save this actionparsnip is one of the best helpers on the IRC see post.#4 https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager/+question/19407721:53
wilee-nileeGuest91166, here in post 1 is the earlier script by actionparsnip in a wget I just ran it with no errors. https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager/+question/22376922:02

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