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rnixhi, i'm experimenting with ubuntu 13.04 on a nexus7 and was wondering what's used in order to check battery state. acpi is not installed. any hints?07:55
IamTryingWhile using OLife my Eee Pad transformer was crashed.07:58
IamTryingI have found the ROM from ASUS http://www.asus.com/Tablets_Mobile/Eee_Pad_Transformer_TF101/#support_Download_3207:59
IamTryingBut how can i transfer it to my Eee Pad using OLife?07:59
IamTryingWhere do i put those files? http://www.asus.com/Tablets_Mobile/Eee_Pad_Transformer_TF101/#support_Download_3208:07
IamTryingi have downloaded the http://lilstevie.geek.nz/downloads/OLiFE-Prime-Edition.tar.gz_1.2a_TF101_767779ccfa200e5e00b2f1e33a3d73a908:07
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rnixdbus on org.freedesktop.UPower does the trick...08:57
ogra_right, we're using upower which attaches to the platform battery device08:59
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rnixanother question, any idea to fix screen orientation to landscape? first time i tried 12.10 on n7, orientation was landscape, this changed with 13.04 to portrait09:08
ogra_it should actualy autorotate09:11
darkfadershake it ;)09:11
ogra_sudo service acceld stop09:12
IamTryingWhy the Asus Eee pad after installing OLife always in Black screen?09:12
ogra_use that to stop auto rotation09:12
ogra_then use xrandr to rotate09:12
rnixogra_: thx09:13
IamTryingogra_, where?09:19
ogra_IamTrying, ?09:21
ogra_where what ?09:21
rnixok, xrandr works, now i need to transform xinput as well in order to correct touch input...11:22
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IamTryingogra_, no its ok thanks, i thought you answered me12:26
ogra_ah, sorry ... i didnt prefix the answer12:26
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ogra_hrw, the nexus has usb host ...13:59
ogra_(just reading your blohg post)14:00
ogra_(not sure if android offers it in userspace though, but the ubuntu desktop nexus7 image heavily relies on usb host (and we use the android kernel))14:02
hrwogra_: it has OTG14:06
ogra_well, it runs in host mode if you attach an OTG cable14:06
ogra_i'm using it with a HUB here14:06
ogra_with a bunch of devices attached14:06
hrwsure but it is still otg14:07
hrwand I have had bad experiences with such14:07
ogra_you want a big socket you mean ?=14:07
hrwwith ehci signalling14:08
ogra_i thought it was a complaint about function, not form :)14:08
ogra_it uses ehci14:08
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hrwupdated post14:09
hrw+And by USB Host port I mean normal EHCI host port. Not an OTG one present in Nexus 7.14:10
hrwArchos has EHCI + OTG14:10
ogra_i never had an archos ... they never sent me one14:10
* ogra_ blames av500 :)14:10
hrwI bought mine14:10
ogra_crazy talk :)14:11
hrwnever again14:11
hrwomap4430 suxx too much with 512MB ram14:11
ogra_well, there were times when that was awesome :)14:11
ogra_4 years ago or so14:11
hrwI had to skip those14:11
ogra_note that ubuntu touch actually focuses on 512M now :)14:12
hrwarm926 512MB -> arm1136 128MB -> 1136 256MB -> omap3 128MB -> omap3 256MB -> omap4430 1GB14:12
ogra_tell that to the manufacturers14:13
ogra_the average non-highend phones still ship with 512M14:14
Nekoand 128MB of that is reserved for graphics :D14:14
hrwogra_: ICS was fine with 512MB14:23
ogra_UTouch will be too :)14:23
hrwogra_: where are apps for utouch?14:24
ogra_likely not shiny, but it will be ok14:24
ogra_in the apps PPAs14:24
ogra_michael hall blogs about them all the time14:24
ogra_see planet :)14:24
hrwso far did not saw anything breath taking14:26
ogra_what woudl you expect ? there wasnt even a release of UTouch14:26
ogra_and for not having a stable api yet i think over 40 apps is a good number already14:27
ogra_(and for not having any sensors access)14:27
ogra_hrw, *and* Ubuntu Touch is the *only* OS that has a Jono Head app !14:30
hrwogra_: anyway I do not have device for ubuntu phone/tablet testing14:31
ogra_really ?14:31
ogra_we support over 5014:31
hrwogra_: neither my nexus 4 or 7 are free to be reflashed14:32
hrwI know that they are supported but I use them14:32
ogra_yeah, i dont run it on these either14:32
ogra_my test device is my old galaxy S214:32
XorAheh the age old issue of needing actual working devices :-D14:32
ogra_i think thats solved brilliantly for UTouch14:33
ogra_thanks to the android core porting is super easy14:33
hrwogra_: I noticed that UbuntuTouchCore is other name for CyanogenMod ;D14:34
ogra_hmm, i dont think so ...14:34
ogra_core defines the plumbing layer on the ubuntu side afaik14:34
ogra_(libhybris and Mir)14:34
hrwBuilding the Android pieces14:35
hrwYou can find all the needed Android git repositories at http://phablet.ubuntu.com/gitweb. This is basically a mirror of CyanogenMod 10.1, but containing only the needed low level services used by Android (e.g. no Dalvik at all).14:35
hrwporting guide14:35
ogra_but i dont think thats what we calkl ubuntu touch core14:35
hrwAnd: "To support a wide range of devices, we decided to use CyanogenMod as a base for the Android system. You could safely use AOSP, as we don't use a lot of the customizations and improvements done at the App/Java side, but it's easier with CyanogenMod due the scripts and build procedures available for it. "14:35
ogra_would be silly to upset the CM devs by renaming their stuff :)14:36
ogra_will be intresting once we have the first preinstalled devices ...14:41
ogra_i dont think it is decided yet if that will keep the android layer or not14:42
suihkulokkiIt would certainly be better for the whole ecosystem if canonical put engineers into reverse engineering graphics drivers rather than working on wrapping propiertary android drivers14:44
ogra_well, that would take a lot longer14:44
darkfaderwhich means they'd do cool stuff and go bankrupt ;)14:45
suihkulokkia cool but buggy solution14:45
suihkulokkilike ndiswrapper was quick to come but ended up cringing users with cornercase bugs14:46
ogra_its a quick shot to get as many devices supported as possible so devs can work14:46
ogra_with 13.10 you will see the first preinstalled devices ... or shortly after14:46
ogra_and if canonical actually gains some market share there is the possibility to actually push for more opened drivers14:47
ogra_(i'm pretty sure it wont be hard to surpass BB or Win8 sales for one for the free OSes like FFos or UTouch ... the question is how close either of them comes to anbdroid or iOS in sales to make some actual impact)14:48
darkfaderogra_: preinstalled drivers, do you think there's a chance of gps and 3g drivers?14:49
darkfaderi know the touch / graphics are much harder on people who use their n7 as a tablet14:49
darkfaderbut mine is wallmounted ;)14:50
ogra_the preinstalled ubuntu touch device will definitely support all builtin sensors, yes14:50
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wookeyyeah someone needs to employ luc to get on with the mali drivers17:43
wookeys'funny how we used to suffer with hardware only coming with windows binary driver support. Now it's the same with android binary driver support, which is slightly better but still quite annoying.17:46
wookeyI'm sure this isn;t where we supposed to end up. something went wrong somewhere along the way17:47
prpplagueogra_: https://plus.google.com/u/0/101339419642360856354/posts/MFc5mJKUAys17:51
ogra_heh, just popped up in my stream17:51
ogra_thanks :)17:52
ogra_(got you in my circles)17:52
prpplagueogra_: hehe17:53
prpplagueogra_: ahh right17:53
ogra_gma600 is PVR ?17:54
infinitywookey: The Android binary driver situation isn't even remotely better.  It's just *lucky* that Android happens to be Linux, and we can fudge the situation to our advantage and toss a free userspace on top.18:15
infinitywookey: But I don't see that as progress, or even "a little better".  We could have done the same thing with a free userspace on top of the NT kernel if we'd wanted to.18:16
* xnox ponders if Android used HURD kernel.....21:55
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