DigiDuncanHere's my issue.00:37
DigiDuncanHere's my issue: I consider myself a nerd, but not a coder. I, for Christmas, got a Windows 8 laptop, and have loved the freedom of a personal PC. Now, however, I feel the bulkyness and mere inusablity of it has gotten to me. I have a USB 3.0 2TB Western Digital Hard Rive, and want to install to that. This is my first time Linuxing, and I'm not sure what the problem here is. It does not reco00:37
DigiDuncangnize my External USB Drive as a drive it can install to, which is troubling because I have a tiny internal, and this is a laptop. If anyone could help me out, I would be extremely appreciative. Thanks! :D00:37
wilee-nileeDigiDuncan, I would use the ubuntu forums for uefi related issues, there are few helpers I have seen none to be honest, whereas there are daily helpers on the forum.00:43
DigiDuncanwilee-nille could you help out?00:44
wilee-nileeinstalling is fairly easy in a msdos an external will not run very well anyway. If I could I would. UEFI is a bit different among manufacturers making there own tweaks it is a bit of a hit and miss.00:45
DigiDuncanOK, thanks!00:46
wilee-nileeDigiDuncan, You would have a better exsperience with a dualboot using the internal HD.00:46
DigiDuncanIt's so tiny...00:47
wilee-nileeDigiDuncan, How tiny?00:47
DigiDuncanAnd wouldn't that require me formatting C://?00:47
wilee-nileeDigiDuncan, You resize the windows partitions to have space for the ubuntu. A external does not have near the read speed for a OS.00:48
DigiDuncanIt's a quite good HD.00:48
DigiDuncanApparently it works for others.00:48
wilee-nileeDigiDuncan, it is physics, quality does not matter.00:49
wilee-nileelook up read speeds00:49
wilee-nileeDigiDuncan, YOU would be better if it has to be an external with a flash usb.00:50
wilee-nileesolid state00:50
DigiDuncanNo, no, exteranl USB with platters.00:50
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Guest28211can anybody help me out08:56
aldwinaldwinQuestion:  i've installed exim4 with a relay,  and have set the MAILTO= in crontab.  Via 'dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config' i was able to masquerade the domain. The only thing I can't figure out, is to change  the  username 'root' in the From-Address to another username.   So, how to change  root(at)domainname.com  to   user(at)domainname.com ?10:09
DigiDuncancan anyone help me? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2135927&p=12606155#post1260615519:41
wilee-nileeDigiDuncan, I would say grasp oldfred and don't let go he is your best helper on the forums19:45
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