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BobJonkman1Hi y'all: Just a reminder that the LoCo Council Meeting is in 1.5 hours in the #ubuntu-meeting channel...  If you're available, please pop in to support the ReApproval for Ubuntu-ca18:37
dscasselBobJonkman1: Are you still unavailable for this?19:20
bregmathe time is nigh20:04
dscasselThe adventure continues!20:15
dscasselThanks for the help, bregma :)20:29
bregmaso, now we wait....20:51
SergioMeneseshi everybody!20:54
BobJonkman1Hi dscassel bregma; I'm back now.20:57
BobJonkman1What's this "bug" that was mentioned on #ubuntu-meeting?20:58
BobJonkman1(and hi to SergioMeneses too - sorry 'bout that!)20:58
lubotu1Error: ubuntu bug 1075848 not found20:58
bregmait's a private bug, the bot does not have access21:01
SergioMenesesBobJonkman1, it is a private bug, that is the reason why lubotu1 can not find it21:01
BobJonkman1OK, I'll log in and have a look21:01
SergioMenesesbtw, I'm working on it right now (that is the reason of my presence here)21:02
BobJonkman1Yes, I can see it now.21:03
SergioMenesesBobJonkman1, ;)21:03
asaunanyone here in Sarnia, Ontario?22:01
dscasselasaun: Don't think any of our usual regulars are fron Sarnia.22:03
dscasselThat I know of...22:03
dscasselClosest are probably us in Waterloo.22:03
asaundscassel: okay thanks. Thinking of starting a LUG in the area22:03
asauncool thanks22:04
dscasselYou totally should!22:04
asauni would do a LoCo but Sarnia is small-ish so I think a general LUG would be better22:04
dscasselIf you want advice, I'd join the Ubuntu Canada mailing list and ask around. https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-ca22:05
dscasselAnd KWLUG is friendly too. http://kwlug.org/22:05
dscasselUbuntu Canada is largely a subgroup of KWLUG.  You can be both!22:05
asaunawesome. thanks for the tips!22:05
dscasselEr, Ubuntu Waterloo, that is.22:06
dscasselUbuntu Canada is all us folks on the mailing list and IRC. :)22:06
asauntake care23:01

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