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dholbachgood morning06:24
philipballewdholbach, greetings!06:29
dholbachhi philipballew06:29
philipballewhope all is well Across the pond06:29
dholbachI got lucky this morning - I went for a run and it started to rain just when I got back again :)06:33
philipballewdholbach, hella tight. Gotta love when that happens06:36
dholbachI guess it'll be a day of a lot of changes between rain and sun - let's see what it looks like when I take the dog for a walk :)06:37
dholbachhow are you doing?06:38
bkerensagood evening06:42
dholbachphilipballew, did you talk to Ayrton, tiagoscd or rrnwexec about https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityWebsite?06:47
philipballewbkerensa, I talked to Randall two weeks ago. Said he got some job keeping him busy Currently I am going to tackle all Ubuntu items the second week of May before uds. I get out of school the third. The week after I am devoting to Ubuntu so you can have me help with anything.06:48
philipballewah, shoot06:49
philipballewdholbach, ^^^ unless bkerensa cares06:49
bkerensaphilipballew: so I talked to Jorge and Robbie today they said were on for OSCON06:49
dholbachthanks philipballew06:50
bkerensaSo I will e-mail them closer and ask them to push me and you for the exhibitor passes so we can run that booth06:50
philipballewbkerensa, yeah, I need to see how I can get there still though.06:50
philipballewor where I would live06:50
dholbachphilipballew, I'll take on some more of the work then - if we factor in time for IS to deploy, etc the content has to be ready before - but it should be fine06:50
philipballewdholbach, Let me know whatever I can do.06:51
dholbachphilipballew, if you have just a few minutes of time, reviewing the pages that are in "needs review" would be great already06:51
philipballewdholbach, yeah, I should be able to do it this weekend.06:52
dholbachphilipballew, I mentioned all the remaining work in my last mail too06:52
dholbachbut the wiki page should have all the different states too06:52
philipballewI read it, and can get to it Thiursday. I have to run to Mexico Friday, but can do a little Saturday to.06:53
philipballewbkerensa, I personally do not have the $200 dollars to fly there.06:54
bkerensaphilipballew: understandable well just let me know if not we can fill the gap pretty easily06:54
dholbachwhat are you going to do in Mexico?06:55
bkerensaDental Care of course :P06:55
philipballewdholbach, The Tijuana Linux Users Meeting is Friday and I am gonna go hear my friend speak, on Fedora however that is just an excuse to go. I plan to eat some Tacos and buy buy cool items I can not buy here06:57
dholbachvery nice06:57
philipballewbkerensa, yeah, I do not think I will have the money to fly there, Though if someone wants to buy me a ticket I can work for the two days the booth is going on, however I am not sure beyond that.06:58
philipballewdholbach, yeah, I live 20 minutes from the border.06:58
philipballewthe subway goes right to the border06:58
dholbachone day I'll go and see Mexico too07:01
philipballewdholbach, Its a great place. This summer I'm spending 7 weeks in Mexico city.07:01
dholbachhow's your spanish? :)07:01
philipballewdholbach, bueno07:01
philipballewhowever It could be better.07:02
dholbachnice! :)07:02
philipballewafter this summer, its gonna be muy beno (very good)07:02
philipballewdholbach, One of these days I need to get to Europe07:03
philipballewdholbach, if you are ever in Southern California, I'll take you to Mexico.07:03
dholbachlet me know when you get to Berlin :)07:03
dholbachgreat :)07:03
philipballewdholbach, I will do so/.07:03
bkerensadholbach: thanks for the push07:09
bkerensagood night folks!07:09
dholbachde nada07:10
philipballewgreetings Master popey07:26
philipballewczajkowski, Would your Friday morning work to work on those slides?10:24
czajkowskiphilipballew: yup sounds great10:24
philipballewczajkowski, alright. sweet!10:25
smartboyhwphilipballew, hey how are ya doing?10:25
philipballewsmartboyhw, good, just writing a paper due in a few days. You?10:26
smartboyhwphilipballew, what paper?10:26
* smartboyhw is happy that he did some Testdrive playing.10:26
smartboyhws/playing/hacking/ rather10:26
philipballewIts a paper on how television makes Americans think there is more violence in the world then there really is.10:27
philipballewIt's another typical late night for me10:27
smartboyhwdholbach, how many members did you expect to see in the end of 2013 in https://launchpad.net/~dholbach-huggers/+members ?:P11:06
dholbachhaha, no idea :)11:07
smartboyhwdholbach, one thing: Don't copy your leaving message:P11:07
dholbachbut it's a team of people which make me very happy :)11:07
dholbachmy leaving message?11:07
smartboyhwsmartboyhwI was going to say: "dholbach, please don't copy and paste your leaving message. It is SO boring:P" (LOL)11:08
smartboyhwdholbach, you always said "all right my friends - I call it a day - see you all tomorrow!"11:08
smartboyhw...... very boring:P11:08
* czajkowski hugs dholbach 11:08
* smartboyhw hugs dholbach 11:08
dholbachsmartboyhw, man, that's the end of my working day :)11:08
popeysmartboyhw: don't you have anything better to file a bug about? :p11:09
dholbachyou expect me to be super creative? :)11:09
smartboyhwpopey, :O11:09
smartboyhwdholbach, at least change a bit:P11:09
* dholbach hugs czajkowski and smartboyhw back :)11:09
czajkowskismartboyhw: surely you could be doing other things rather than looking for people to be creative on their EOD messages.11:09
dholbachoh well... let's see how I feel about this at the end of today ;-)11:09
smartboyhwczajkowski, dholbach popey just kidding:P11:09
* smartboyhw does have bugs to care about11:09
czajkowskidholbach: so long feckers! :)11:09
czajkowskihello pot11:10
czajkowskipopey: you free for a quick chin wag on the dog n bone :)11:10
dholbachczajkowski, yeah, hippies and pot go well together11:10
popeyyes czajkowski11:10
popeyhome number11:10
dholbachdpm, do you have time for a quick call?13:55
dpmdholbach, about to enter a call with mhall119, perhaps after that one, around 16:30?13:56
dholbachthat works for me, thanks13:57
dholbachdpm, better now?14:41
dpmdholbach, yep!14:41
dholbachdpm, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/bc20086fdd0c32f987feb4cbfaea6d75ec9277af?authuser=0&hl=de14:42
dholbachhey jono14:42
jonohey dholbach14:42
jonomhall119, all set?15:29
dholbachall right my friends - I call it a day - see you all tomorrow!15:37
dholbachsmartboyhw, ^ :-P15:37
smartboyhwdholbach: boo15:37
dholbachbye :-)15:38
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popeymhall119|lunch: what do you do about apps that are just in someone's +junk? you can't propose branches to them, so do you just push to your own lp area?17:15
mhall119|lunchpopey: you can push to your own +junk, but I think you can still create an MP for it against theirs17:25
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popeyah no, other way around, you can't MP from a junk branch17:28
popeyits not that you can't MP _to_ one17:28
mhall119either way, we should encourage them to register a project17:30
dakermhall119: cjohnston http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/04/16/3347778/us-officials-war-games-with-morocco.html21:43
mhall119daker: that's politics for ya22:13

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