FearNotManAnybody excited for 13.04?  Will you be upgrading to Gnome 3.8?02:48
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FrankieJanyone here has used ubuntu on their dell laptop?16:11
foragegdm fails to start after a system crash. We narrowed it down to what appears to be an upstart issue after some tracking with the help of a gnome dev16:13
foragecan you be of any assistance in helping me to solve the problem?16:14
forageI can start gdm manually as root, but during boot it only gives me "[failed]"16:14
foragethis happens even before gdm is actually started so there are no gdm logs created16:15
forageI've altered /etc/init/gdm.conf by including echo's but it never even gets to the script part on line 2416:19
foragei.e. the part in which gdm actualyl gets started16:19
hansinRan UG 13.04 beta2 as a Live USB. Like it a lot, and will be the Ubuntu variant I install upon release. Question is, are there appropriate "meta" packages available so that I can do a minimal Ubuntu install and then add Gnome without all the applications and cruft I do not need? Actually, will probably add the Gnome 3 PPA first so I also get Gnome 3.8 as well. Thanks.17:00
hansinActually, probably a question for the mailing list.17:05
hansinBut if anyone has any insight, let me know.17:05
jbichathe only metapackage we provide is ubuntu-gnome-desktop17:16
jbichaand we don't include cruft ;)17:17
hansinThanks! By cruft I mean applications I don't need like Libre Office or Evolution or Cheese, etc. Maybe cruft was a bad word, but more appropriately I think it best to say "cruft is in the eye of the beholder." I'll take a look at the content of the meta-package and see what it lists.17:22
hansinJust took a look here: http://packages.ubuntu.com/raring/ubuntu-gnome-desktop17:23
jbichahansin: all 3 of those example are just "recommends" so you can remove them without needing to remove the metapackage17:23
hansinI'll make sure to install only the depends and ignore the recommends.17:23
hansinYep, just what you were thinking ;)17:24
hansinAnd I can pick and choose from there!17:24
jbichawell installing recommends is the default and some things won't work right without certain recommends17:24
hansinBtw, Gnome 3 starting to look nice. Like I said, I'll probably do a minimal install, add the Gnome 3 PPA. and go from there.17:24
jbichathose 3 are safe to remove though17:25
jbichaI proposed not installing any email app by default but I didn't get enough support for the idea this cycle17:25
hansinI think if you can keep "depends" on what has to be there, and keep optional stuff separate as "recommends", that is a move in the right direction. I know it can be a trick sometimes to know how to exclude "recommends" stuff (in fact I'll have to look it up for aptitude). But main thing, if they are not forced onto people as "hard" dependencies, that is a good thing in my opinion. Thanks to...17:30
hansin...all for putting this variant together and getting it as official.17:30
hansinBtw, all the included "depends" lightweight utilities seem pretty reasonable. Basically, I need to just look through it all and come up with a plan. Should be cool. Thanks!17:32
jbichadarkxst: see comment #12 on bug 105937417:40
ubot5bug 1059374 in overlay-scrollbar (Ubuntu) "Using Adwaita, many widgets are drawn with a solid black background" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105937417:40
jbichaI want u-g-default-settings to explicitly disable Ubuntu's overlay scrollbars anyway17:41
darkxstjbicha, right, I guess that is it. I don't like them but terminal scroll lock is broken for me, when I disable the overlays ;(22:53

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