hanniehi CarstenG15:18
hannieI have made 2 screenshots for chapter 715:18
hanniebut I cannot make the grub screenshot15:18
hanniebecause in VirtualBox pressing shift does not give me grub15:18
CarstenGHi Hannie15:27
CarstenGYou can make a screenshot of the whole VB window and crop this...15:28
hannieCarstenG, the VB window does NOT show Grub when I press shift15:28
hannieI only get Grub when I start Quantal15:28
CarstenGDo you have a dual boot inside the VB?15:29
hannieWhen I start Raring in VB it starts with the log in screen, shift doesn't do anything15:29
CarstenGOtherwise you wont get GRUB15:29
hannieah, no dual boot in VB ):15:30
hannieI would have to install another OS in VB, then?15:30
CarstenGWell, I don't exactly understand what you mean with "pressing Shift"15:30
CarstenGIs this a special key for GRUB?15:31
hannieThe manual says that you get Grub when you pres Shift at startup15:31
hannieHold on a second:15:31
CarstenGOh, I should read our manual more careful. :-)15:31
hannieAs the computer starts up, press Shift. Select the Recovery mode15:32
hannieI did make the other 2 screenshots for chapter "Troubleshooting" and I will continue with other screenshots (not Grub)15:33
CarstenGI will continue this evening with screenshots, too.15:34
hanniegood, I say Sylvie uploaded one recently15:34
CarstenGYes, she is very active :-)15:35
hannieI am currently doing a Python course (Codecademy), coding is fun, but not easy15:35
hannieWorking with dictionaries and list at the moment, so back to work now ;)15:36
CarstenGcool concept :-)15:38
CarstenGHad a short view to this site15:38
CarstenGI get the result that my name has a length of 7 :-)15:38
hannieIt really works. Good concept indeed.15:38
hannieYou could not create an account?15:39
CarstenGI only tried the demo on the page.15:41
CarstenG"Type your name", and "calculate the length"...15:41
hannieaha, I get it15:42
CarstenGmaybe I try it later...15:42
CarstenGBut now I have to leave.15:42
hanniesee you15:43
CarstenGSee you later.15:43

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