racarrDerp! I was using00:18
racarrsequenced expectations to wake up a series of wait conditions00:18
racarrbut didn't actually sequence the expectations00:18
racarrGot a free bonus from this derp of spending a good hour reading InputDispatcher.cpp *facepalm*00:19
racarrAny opinions on https://code.launchpad.net/~robertcarr/mir/rebuild-input-focus-selection/+merge/158505 ?00:30
RAOFracarr: Looks OK to me.00:38
racarrRAOF: Ok. Thanks :) Once I finish my branch (needs a few fixes...but after 11 hours it is...not computer time) will switch this one to approved if no one finds anything00:41
alan_gduflu: could you re-review https://code.launchpad.net/~kdub/mir/fix-shutdown-bug/+merge/158710 - thanks08:18
duflualan_g: Done. Sorry but I've obviously been busy with my own branches today08:20
alan_gduflu: np - was an easy one to clear08:21
dufluWow, gcc is so bad at error messages. I just spent 10 minutes trying to decipher various errors. None of which told me the truth -- missing closing parenthesis08:22
dufluAlmost switched to clang08:23
alf_duflu: I've heard that g++-4.8 has improved error messages a lot08:24
alan_galf_: I've heard that too. (From one of the developers. ;)08:24
alan_gActually, thinking about it - from one of the *library* developers, so that's more convincing.08:45
alf_alan_g: Regardless of how much it has improved, at least (and at last) there is some interest in it... the benefits of competition :)09:07
alf_alan_g: a.k.a. why even wayland supporters should be excited about Mir ;)09:08
alan_galf_: I don't think the mir protocol is in the same solution space as Wayland.09:11
alf_alan_g: Perhaps not, but they are *conceived* as being competing technologies, and that's enough to drive competition.09:14
duflualan_g: Could you please ignore my branches for the next hour or two. Otherwise my day will never end :)09:37
alan_gduflu: Sure.  Alternatively, you could also ignore my comments for the next hour or two. ;)09:38
duflualan_g: Yeah I normally close my email for the last hour or so of the day. Just missed the cut-foff09:38
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alan_gkgunn: Good morning10:09
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kdubgood morning! status, bumped our scripts to raring, trying to think of a way to ease reviewing my display branch, and working on getting galaxy nexus to look nice again15:05
alf_status: working on vt switching communications management, currently blocked on improving our test infrastructure so I can perform needed tests15:12
alf_kdub: alan_g: racarr: It seems that all this time our display server test process (launch_server_process(...)) didn't exit() after the server finished. I am trying to make it exit(), but it seems a lot of tests depend on the broken behavior in some way or another.15:14
alan_galf_: "this time"?15:15
alan_galf_: "all this time"?15:16
alf_kdub: alan_g: racarr: I mean "since the beginning" :)15:18
alan_galf_: I find that hard to believe - I occasionally saw zombi server processes near the beginning, but AFAIK that got fixed.15:21
alan_galf_: What makes you think it isn't exiting?15:21
alf_alan_g: There is no exit() after the server finishes, so after finishing, the server process continues executing into the test code. In tests up to now this wasn't visible because we let the test infrastructure kill the server process after the test. However, in a test I am working on, the server is terminated during the test and all of this becomes apparent.15:25
* alan_g looks15:26
alan_galf_: why doesn't it exit in tear_down_clients()?15:28
alan_galf_: I guess you meant: "all this time the server exited in tear_down_clients() - not in launch_server_process() where I'd now like it to".15:33
alf_alan_g: s/tear_down_clients/tear_down_server/?15:34
alan_galf_: I'm still not following15:36
alf_alan_g: kdub: hangout?15:37
alan_gWas just about to suggest it15:37
alf_alan_g: kdub: creating one15:37
alf_alan_g: kdub: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/ba672682fda0c13019ca0531e91417dc0ce83b39?authuser=0&hl=en15:39
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kdubhello racarr16:34
racarrHey :)16:37
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racarrwas finally ready to propose my new input dispatcher controller stuff and17:57
racarrrealized I based it off ease-shell-configuration17:57
racarrbecause it required changing session manager arguments17:57
racarronly 12 conflicts to remove it!18:11
kgunntvoss: can you sanity check my whiteboard entry on this bp ?18:39
tvosskgunn, tomorrow fine with you?18:40
kgunnsure :)18:40
tvosskgunn, cool, thx18:40
racarrhttps://code.launchpad.net/~robertcarr/mir/reflow-input-focus-selection/+merge/159225 new DispatcherController :)19:42
racarrcouldn't get bzr to cooperate so had to manually back out ease-shell-configuration19:42
* mlankhorst couldn't get bzr to work, at all, now using git-bzr :)19:43
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racarr*descends in to hunger psychosis as lunch becomes later and later...*20:25
racarrah phew its here20:28
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kgunnrobert_ancell: i'd love to make the team meeting...but had another 5am start.21:56
robert_ancellkgunn, fair enough!21:56
kgunni'll be on later during baseball practice....gonna go eat right now21:57

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