smartboyhwSergioMeneses: I know how to do packaging;P00:01
SergioMeneseselopio, ping04:46
elopioSergioMeneses: pong.05:22
pittiGood morning06:05
SergioMenesespitti, night here! :)06:06
dholbachgood morning06:24
jibelgood morning06:50
smartboyhwHurray Testdrive m.p. is merged.08:03
smartboyhwWT they actually made the Kubuntu Active Desktop image m.p. into a new archive release!:O08:28
smartboyhwHmm they didnt upload that though08:35
smartboyhwballoons, ping back me whenever you are awoke.09:53
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jibelpitti, adt creates its test directory with permissions u+rwx and it is not possible to execute tests with anyone else than the default user or root (e.g su -c "..." nobody) , do you think it'd break anything to set og+r on this directory?13:57
pittijibel: I wouldn't mind that13:58
pittijibel: you mean debian/tests/foo does chown go+r $ADTTMP ?13:58
jibelpitti, no in adt-run directly after the call to mktemp13:58
pittijibel: hm, why can't the test script do that?13:59
jibelpitti, it is not ADTTMP but the main working directory which is not directly available in the environment, the script could do that of course but that'd put a logic very specific to adt into the test scripts14:07
pittijibel: oh, I see what you mean; sure, then let's do that in adt-run itself14:08
jibelnice http://paste.ubuntu.com/5713246/  !14:12
jibeland hopefully the file extension .py indicates it is python code :)14:13
pittijibel: est-ce que ton chat a écrit cela ? :-)14:32
jibelpitti, reading the code, I think you know the name of my cat ;)14:35
balloonsjibel, pitti lololol14:37
balloonstrès drôle... I can't seem to figure out how to make the ^ accent with the modifier key. alt+^ doesn't work ;-(14:40
pittiCompose e `14:42
pittior o ^ → ô14:42
* balloons feels silly14:44
balloonsI was pressing modifier+6, not modifier+^14:44
balloonsgotta push shift!14:44
smartboyhwballoons, LOL14:47
plarscjwatson: not sure if you noticed, but the amd64-desktop smoke test job should be triggering the mark-current script now. There are some important improvements I'd like to make to the process on my end though, so if we could hold off on making it depend on that it would be good15:35
plarscjwatson: once I figure out how to make it do what I want, I'll set it up to also do i386, and server for both arches and ping you again15:35
plarscjohnston: we're not talking weeks or even days btw, I expect probably today or tomorrow depending on some other high priority things that I have to handle15:37
plarscjohnston: pfft, sorry :)15:37
plarscjwatson: : we're not talking weeks or even days btw, I expect probably today or tomorrow depending on some other high priority things that I have to handle15:37
plarscjohnston: and I was doing so well...15:37
cjwatsonplars: OK, I still need to sort out the business of posting to iso.qa only once the trigger comes through, in any case16:01
cjwatsonplars: Until I change anything, the default will be to continue to update current as soon as the build is complete16:02
plarscjwatson: that's fine, just wanted to update you in case you were waiting on me16:03
SergioMeneseswe have a lot of email!!! /o\18:11
balloonsSergioMeneses, inbox explode?18:13
SergioMenesesbtw balloons , my merge was approved https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiomeneses/testdrive/FixingCdImage18:15
balloonsI saw <318:17
balloonsyou and smartboyhw have something to demo now18:17
balloonsI need to finalize and annouce the day/times for that too18:17
balloonsshould we have a wiki page for signups you think?18:18
balloonswalkons are welcome too of course :-)18:18
SergioMeneses<balloons> should we have a wiki page for signups you think? - I'm totally agree18:23
wxlhey guys have any of you had issues with usb-creator-gtk 0.2.47?19:05
balloonswxl, :-)19:06
wxlballoons: hey-o. i wasn't having luck with persistence on unetbootin so thought i'd give startup disk creator a go. it was a bit crashy last night on quantal and now that i'm on raring it's not even starting up.19:07
balloonsi used it last on raring a bit ago19:07
balloonsand it worked19:07
balloonswe have a test for it now.. so we can finally watch for regressions.. but I've no idea why it causes so many issues19:07
balloonsit seems to regress all the time19:08
wxlharumph. i get a python error of some kind.19:08
wxlit's trying to import FastbootBackend and fails on that.19:08
wxloh well, just wanted to see if i was all alone in this plight :)19:08
balloonsfile a bug and check for dupes ;-)19:08
balloonsno not alone at all19:08
wxli did look for bugs in raring and didn't see any19:08
wxli guess i'll go back to unetbootin :)19:09
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balloonswxl, why unetbootin?19:09
balloonswhat are you trying to do?19:10
wxlballoons: cuz at least i managed to get the iso on there and get it to boot!19:10
balloonsif you want a bootable usb stick and don't care about persistence I would use dd19:10
wxli'm hoping to actually perform the live testcase. that includes persistence.19:10
balloonsahh gotcha19:10
wxl*I* don't care about persistence personally :P19:10
balloonswell glad unetbootin works for you19:10
balloonsit's never worked for me..19:11
balloonsso lol19:11
wxllet me guess: you've had issues?19:11
wxli don't know why i'm so bent on making the live testcase work. i swear.19:12
balloonswxl, that's good19:17
balloonswhen you achieve success send a post to the mailing list and share it19:17
wxlhow dumb is that. my bios boot order changes every time.19:23
wxlwell i got a booting flash with unetbootin19:23
wxljust like last night the desktop takes FOREVER to come up19:23
balloonsslow flash drive? slow pc? both?19:24
balloonsusb 1.1 port?19:24
balloonslow ram?19:24
wxlwell i don't think that's the issue really. i've used it for other things with little problems. and once it's up and running it doesn't act funky. i've seen others report being slow to start.19:24
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wxlpersistence works with unetbootin! yay! this is especially good for lubuntu as it ships with unetbootin 575 on raring20:27
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smartboyhwSergioMeneses & balloons: New version of Testdrive (ibcluding fixes from me, SergioMeneses and others) is now in raring-release archives!23:41
SergioMenesessmartboyhw, nice, my bug is fixed now https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/testdrive/+bug/116205723:44
ubot5Launchpad bug 1162057 in testdrive (Ubuntu) "Testdrive has two entries per iso" [Medium,Fix released]23:44
smartboyhwSergioMeneses: mine too23:45
SergioMenesessmartboyhw, yes, I saw it :) congrats23:45
smartboyhwSergioMeneses: Congrats to you!23:47
SergioMeneses \o/23:47
SergioMenesesubuntu-quality rocks23:47

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