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GTAXLHow can I change the default umask for a directory?00:52
markthomasI don't believe you can set umask on a per-directory basis.01:01
GTAXLmarkthomas, I have a web dir that SPGrab uploads snapshots to, by default it doesn't allow others to read, resulting in forbidden when someone tries to access my screenshots, so I have to go in and change the permissions on the newly uploaded pics01:02
markthomasNot familiar with spbrab.  But umask is per-process, not per dir.  You probably need to chmod in the process or some such.01:04
GTAXLmaybe setfacl?01:05
markthomasI've never worked much with ACLs.01:05
markthomasYeah.  That I couldn't tell you.01:05
GTAXLSPGrab works fine on my CentOS machine, really wanting it on my Ubuntu one01:05
GTAXLI tried recursive permissions, don't work01:05
markthomasWhat file ownership are the files getting when they're uploaded?01:06
markthomasAnd the ownership?01:07
markthomasWhat are the owner and group?01:07
GTAXLthe user I upload via FTP as01:07
GTAXLSPGrab is used to take snapshots of your desktop, upload via ftp to a web dir, and share a link01:08
GTAXLI just want others to have read access on new created files in /var/www/screenshots/01:09
markthomasSo, you need to set the umask not for a specific directory, but as part of the FTP process.  Is this process the only thing using the ftpd on that box?01:09
markthomasDo they need access immediately after upload?01:10
markthomasi.e. can there be a couple minute delay?01:10
GTAXLSorry about that, my ssh tunnel died. :S01:11
markthomasI'm at the end of my workday, and I'll need to run.  If a couple minute delay after upload is acceptable, try throwing a chmod into your cron.01:12
markthomasIt's a workaround, but it may do while you look into using ACLs.01:13
markthomasNo, it's not attractive.01:14
GTAXLI've heard of sticky permissions, not sure if that's it01:14
markthomasIt's not.01:15
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digitalcha0strying to remove the default login on ubuntu server 12.10 -> any hints for me?05:44
digitalcha0si know issue and issue.net and the other one05:45
digitalcha0sseems like i change it and then resets?05:47
digitalcha0si figured it out06:08
glitchy351Hello! I am new to This IRC channel. I was wondering if someone knows much about load balancing webservers in ubuntu 12.10 ?06:43
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aldwinaldwinQuestion:  i've installed exim4 with a relay,  and have set the MAILTO= in crontab.  Via 'dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config' i was able to masquerade the domain. The only thing I can't figure out, is to change  the  username 'root' in the From-Address to another username.   So, how to change  root(at)domainname.com  to   user(at)domainname.com ?10:12
RoyKhm... scripting in bash, I want to run this nagios check seven times and then return the largest exit code of all those tests combined (0-3). any idea of how to do that most easily?11:13
TzunamiiRoyK: Start Nagios from a script and put each exit status into an array. That's the start11:20
TzunamiiRoyK: After that you can sort the array and display the X number of top results11:22
andolRoyK: Alternative approachy, which may or may not apply, take a look at the check_multi plugin?11:38
billy_ran_awayHi, I've got a 5 1TB disk RAID 5 array and I'd like to migrate to 3 3TB disk array… what's the best way to do this?12:39
billy_ran_awayI've got enough SATA slots to where I can run the old array in degraded state and run the new array in a degraded state as well.12:39
billy_ran_awayIs this the recommended procedure? Run both in degraded, copy all the data over, then, remove the old disks and reboot with all the three new disks in?12:40
davegarathbilly_ran_away: if you place a 3T disk into a raid with 1T disk and rebiuld it you will lost 2T because raid will cuts it on 1T12:46
mardraumbilly_ran_away: I probably would not do it like that, I would use two machines in your situation, or another controller added in12:46
billy_ran_awayCan't I run both in degraded state?12:47
mardraumdavegarath: I don't think he wants to do that, he's just running out of sata ports?12:47
mardraumbilly_ran_away: you probably can. like I said, I wouldn't do it like that. what happens if you have disk failure in that state?12:47
mardraumdepends how important your data is, I assume your backups are all current :D12:48
billy_ran_awayThen I insert my 5th drive back in and order another 1TB drive12:48
mardraumI don't think you are listening to me. good luck.12:48
Ralf22Hey. When I install 13.04 beta now, will I be up to date when the final version is released?12:49
Ralf22thanks Nafallo12:50
billy_ran_awayWhy is mdadm -C /dev/md0 -l 5 -n 3 /dev/sd[hg]1 missing not making a 6TB array when I'm using 3TB disks?12:55
billy_ran_awayWhy is neither cfdisk nor fdisk making the right size partitions on this 3Tb drive?13:05
mardraummaybe your hardware can't handle the sector size change?13:06
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billy_ran_awaymdadm -C /dev/md0 -l 5 -N media -R -n 3 /dev/sdd1 /dev/sdc1 missing14:07
billy_ran_awaymdadm: cannot open /dev/sdd1: Device or resource busy14:07
billy_ran_awayWTF? I just rebooted...14:07
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zastaphif I upload my files by ftp how do I make sure they get www-data:www-data 775 like my other files in /home/zastaph/web ?14:10
zastaphsetgid and umask? and what user should I use for ftp14:10
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roaksoaxkirkland: howdy!! did you upload testdrive 3.18 to the ubuntu archive or only ppa?16:41
hallynppetraki: hey - what would you say would be the most appropriate way to determine (from C) whether a blockdev is an lvm2 LV?  The functions in /usr/include/lvm2app.h ?16:51
ppetrakihallyn, /me looking16:51
ppetrakihallyn, just posting publicly now :)16:57
ppetraki<ppetraki> the chessy way out to test for the negative, INQUIRY16:57
ppetraki block devices don't respond to SCSI cmds16:57
ppetraki all this code assumes you're trying to manage LVM16:57
ppetraki so you pick a VG, and use that handle to get a list of LVs16:57
ppetraki which is a royal pain in the ass16:57
ppetraki shortcut, just interrogate device mapper16:57
hallynppetraki: what i'm doing is a generic blockdev layer in lxc,16:57
hallynwhich should take the 'source path', the blockdev in lvm case, and decide 'yes, i can handle this'16:57
hallyn(so then it knows how to do snapshots)16:58
ppetrakiyeah, anything with a linear driver in DM table is either an LV or MP path16:58
ppetrakiwell, an LV16:58
hallynppetraki: in the current script-based clone, i just do lvdisplay $dev16:59
ppetrakihallyn, you could also use the sg api and just pound all the devices with inquiry, not difficult, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5713668/17:00
hallynsuppose i could go see how that command works17:00
ppetrakihallyn, it tried to fail back, SCSI and ATA passthrough, both failed.17:00
ppetrakihallyn, as if you concat a bunch of devices, which ones ID do you return?17:01
hallynyou're talking mp?17:01
ppetrakihallyn, that's LVM17:01
hallynconcat devices?17:02
ppetrakihallyn, likely true of MP but I don't have system access to confirm17:02
ppetrakihallyn, sysfs is also useful, as block devices don't have make and model attrs, nor are they attached to the sd driver in sysfs device model17:03
hallynok, so your comment was about sg...  i demand the actual lvm device, not one of the backing physical devices, so hopefu17:03
hallynoh yeah, lemme check sys17:03
ppetrakihallyn, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5713690/17:05
hallynso i see:17:06
hallyncat /sys/dev/block/252:9/dm/uuid17:06
hallynI wonder if LVM- is predictable?17:06
ppetrakihallyn, you can do set exclusion at that point17:06
hallyndm is not necessarily lvm right17:07
ppetrakihallyn, actually, yes :)17:07
ppetrakihallyn, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5713696/17:07
ppetrakihallyn, fixed?17:07
hallynppetraki: sweet, thanks :)17:08
ppetrakihallyn, UUID_PREFIX is hardcoded, so I think you're good, unless some uses udev to rename it17:08
ppetrakihallyn, at a minimum you've covered the common case17:08
hallynif they want to mess with udev like that, they can get what's coming :)17:08
ppetrakihallyn, agreed :)17:08
hallynppetraki: thanks!   ttyl17:09
ppetrakihallyn, anytime!17:09
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ddsssis keyring and seahorse installed by default in ubuntu?17:50
JaithI just did apt-get update/upgrade on my server running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and noticed that PHP is ancient (5.3.10).  The latest version of php is 5.4.14.  The latest release of php 5.3 is 5.3.24.  Why on earth has canonical (or someone) not provided more up-to-date packages for PHP?  This is kind of ridiculous.18:48
sarnoldJaith: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/FAQ#Versions and http://www.debian.org/security/faq#oldversion18:55
sarnoldJaith: see also http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/pkg/php5.html18:56
sarnoldhey RoyK :)18:57
RoyKsarnold: ;)18:58
Jaithsarnold: thx19:04
disturbedi'm having issues with automatically start tightvncserver at boot, any volunteers to help out?19:39
disturbednot... all... at... once... plz :)19:39
beandisturbed: chillax.19:40
beandisturbed: how did you install it19:40
disturbedsudo apt-get install tightvncserver19:40
beanokay, and how do you currently start the server19:40
disturbedtightvncserver -geometry 1980x1020 :019:41
disturbedthat works...19:41
disturbedthen i made a /etc/init.d/tightvncserver, chmod +x19:41
beanand that script works to start it?19:41
beanthis post seems to explain it pretty well19:42
disturbedif i execute: sudo /etc/init.d/tightvncserver it works19:42
disturbedbut it doesn't do that at boot19:42
beanyou have to update it to run at boot19:43
beanupdate-rc.d tightvncserver defaults19:43
beanshould do it19:43
disturbedcan i do: update-rc.d tightvncserver -geometry 1980x1020 :0 ?19:43
beanupdate-rc.d tightvncserver defaults19:44
disturbedok brb19:45
disturbedright, now i also see it in chkconfig, so looks good, tnx, => rebooting19:45
disturbedstill not rebooted...19:49
disturbedbtw i saw that link before and already tried rc.local and @reboot crontab thingy19:49
beandid you try the accepted answer19:50
disturbed@reboot seemed the easiest one :)19:51
disturbedright, rebooting :)19:51
bean@reboot likely won't work like you think it does, but alright :)19:51
disturbed_no luck: ps -ef|grep vnc => nothing19:53
beana vnc server is hard to get to work at boot, since it requires the display and stuff to already be working19:54
beannot really a server if it has a GUI imo19:55
disturbed_well, i would have been happy with mint linux19:55
disturbed_except that it could not boot without a monitor connected to it19:55
disturbed_not a nas when it needs a monitor constantly19:55
RoyKperhaps #ltsp19:56
disturbed_i'll try webmin and see how far i get :)19:58
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.19:58
disturbed_*$!# :)19:58
RoyKdisturbed_: better use the commandline - it doesn't take to long to learn the basics19:59
RoyKand it helps a good while in the long term19:59
disturbed_where's my xanax20:00
RoyK(by actually understanding what you're doing instead of just clicking some fancy GUI)20:00
RoyKbenzodiazepines aren't good for you, disturbed_ - beleive me20:00
disturbed_should be a nas, so samba, daatp, owncloud, plexserver, ...20:01
RoyKwell, buy one20:01
RoyKget a nas box20:01
RoyKdoesn't cost that much20:01
disturbed_see, i'm not doing basics :)20:01
RoyKdisturbed_: it's rather easy to learn ;)20:02
disturbed_i'd like to have a small server that can do samba, bittorrent, itunes server, ...20:02
RoyKyeah, it's easy20:02
RoyKeasy peasy20:02
RoyKjust learn the basics20:02
disturbed_but, since it's in the fitness room, i also sometimes want to connect a monitor and play music on that20:02
RoyKdon't be so bloody lazy20:02
disturbed_without having to use my playstation 3 for the dlna20:03
disturbed_don't see how i'm gonna play my music on my nas, in text mode :)20:03
RoyKover the net - sure20:03
RoyKbut then - use a laptop or something if you don't want to learn too much20:04
RoyKsetup a homeserver and samba and you're all set20:04
disturbed_think you're missing the point20:04
RoyKprobably more hassle with a webbased admin interface than with something on the commandline20:05
disturbed_i want it to server a nas and media server20:05
RoyKxbmc works well20:06
disturbed_openmediavault, nas4free, ...20:07
RoyKwell, learn it, please20:07
RoyKdon't just ask20:07
RoyKor join the channels where those products are supported20:07
RoyKubuntu server can give you storage on raid and support for a bunch of applications20:08
RoyKbut this channel isn't for end users for media server setup20:08
disturbedsingle, doesn't surprise me20:22

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