popeywhich is further puzzling me00:00
popeybackports perhaps00:00
ali1234which could also have newer version of everything else00:00
popeyprecise-updates (metapackages): Generic Linux kernel image00:01
popey3. amd64 i38600:01
popeyworth a punt as it doesn't pull in much00:03
popeyright, reboot into it00:08
MooDoohello all07:54
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)07:55
TheOpenSourcererFace healing quite quickly: https://twitter.com/opensourcerer/status/324068518326853632/photo/1 :-)07:56
bigcalmStill hurting?07:56
TheOpenSourcererEsp. the nose.07:56
bigcalmI've broken my nose twice. It's not fun. Esp having it re-set...07:57
TheOpenSourcererNot sure if this is busted or not. Don't think so, but it aches a lot.07:57
bigcalmMine has a kink in it because it wasn't fixed the 1st time it was broken07:58
bigcalmNot as good looking as Stephen Fry's though07:58
bigcalmWorth a trip to ENT?08:01
bigcalmI wonder if kids these days that end up going to an ENT clinic think that they are going to see Tree Beard08:03
TheOpenSourcererI was going to pop in a see my doc this morning but there was a big queue and I don't feel *that* unwell. Also can't be bothered to wait such a long time to see him. Will probably catch him in the pub tonight anyway ;-)08:05
czajkowskiif nose is broken you need to have it reset sooner rather than later as it is then harder and sorer to reset08:14
czajkowskiTheOpenSourcerer: one too many smart ass comments was it :)08:14
TheOpenSourcererthanks for your understanding czajkowski08:14
TheOpenSourcererremind me. What happened to the paddies in the 6 nations? Worst finish ever wasn't it?08:15
czajkowskiTheOpenSourcerer: you know it was really, and now we're in the process of regrouping and getting a new manager so things work out for the best.08:17
czajkowskimind your face!08:17
TheOpenSourcererNice to have you back. Missed your demure personality08:17
czajkowskiin all seriousness if your nose is still twitchy and sore do get it checked out08:20
popeyI have some doors that need closing if you want to use your face TheOpenSourcerer08:22
TheOpenSourcererThanks popey08:23
bigcalmOurs is a caring community if nothing else08:27
JamesTaitGood morning all, happy One Day Without Shoes Day! :-D08:33
SuperMattone day without shoes day?08:40
bigcalmWearing slippers to the office is a daily luxury08:41
SuperMattI should do that08:43
SuperMattHightops are not conducive to pleasant feet08:44
mungbeanon freenode and ircnet, when you choose a channel name nobody has chosen before, does that in effect, create the channel?08:44
bigcalmmungbean: yes but it doesn't register it (on freenode). IRCnet has no concept of registration08:47
bigcalmIt's nice to see people still using IRCnet now and then ;)08:47
czajkowskiJamesTait: I'm lucky if I actually wear shoes08:48
JamesTaitczajkowski, but that's by choice, right?08:49
czajkowskioh indeed08:49
czajkowskicome summer time (lol) I'm in flip flops :)08:49
czajkowskirarely wear socks in the winter also08:49
JamesTaitPhew, for a minute there I thought Canonical were forcing you to work for nothing!08:49
* JamesTait gets out the slave whip.08:50
bigcalmThe chickens steal the shoes08:50
mungbeanbigcalm: our it dept use ircnet for discussion08:51
JamesTaitczajkowski, I wear shoes a lot more now than I ever did at my old house. Not sure why, this house retains the heat better.08:51
mungbeanits mainly offopic nowadays tho08:51
mungbeandoes anyone think it's a big security issue that site such as comparethemarket, etc allow you to retrieve quotes with only email address, surname and DOB?08:53
mungbeansuch quotes contain a huge wealth of personal info08:53
AlanBellsuch as what car you have?08:54
bigcalmAnd which meerkats you love08:55
mungbeanwell, address, car details, home details and valuables, spuse name and all their details, all sorts of personal info08:56
mungbeannot sure which meerkat to choose08:57
BigRedSwhooo! 13.04!09:04
BigRedSStill can't tell whether online accounts is broken or not, though :/09:04
AlanBellthere are two :(09:05
BigRedSyeah, and I don't really get what either does09:05
BigRedSbut I'd heard this was fixed in 13.0409:05
AlanBellone is more gnome/redhatish the other is more ubuntuish09:06
popeyhaha, just logged into comparethemarket09:06
BigRedSBut filing a bug requires finding out what it is that this is supposed to do and determining what it's doing that's not that09:06
AlanBellbut I don't really know what they do, or how to add new ones09:06
popeyServer Error in '/Motor' Application.09:06
popeythere are two online accounts?09:07
AlanBellI don't think you are supposed to add new accounts yet09:07
popeyI only see one09:07
BigRedSAlanBell: they replace the "Add Account" feature of Empathy, and  I think it means I can add my google calendar to the thingy in the top bar09:07
AlanBellif you install some gnomey stuff you get the other one09:07
BigRedSAlanBell: with Gnome shell you get gnome's one too09:07
BigRedSand, hilariously, though they have different icons neither really suggests which is which09:07
AlanBellyes but you can only add consumer web services that are pre-installed09:07
BigRedSSeems to work in Debian...09:08
AlanBellyes, this does appear to be gnome/redhat's fault09:08
BigRedSNot from here09:09
AlanBellinterestingly one of them has an owncloud option09:09
popeyBigRedS: they wouldn't accept our patches09:09
AlanBellI have no clue which is the ubuntu one and which is the gnome one09:09
popeyso we had "no choice" but to make our own09:09
BigRedSokay, but why don't either configure empathy?09:09
BigRedSI think I just need to find the arsedness to work out what their points are and file some bugs09:10
popeydunno about empathy09:10
BigRedSthough I *know* these issues are known in canonical, so it seems even less worthwhile than normal09:10
AlanBellah right, the one with a legal notice button is the Ubuntu one09:10
BigRedSand why do they both have the same name and icon?09:11
AlanBellthey have different icons for me09:11
BigRedSsorry, different icons but neither is gnomey nor ubuntuy09:11
AlanBellso the Ubuntu one has more accounts in it, but the gnome one has the owncloud account option which is more exciting because that means things can add themselves to it09:12
BigRedSand both are 'in charge' of integrating online account thingies into the DE?09:12
BigRedSOh, that's the ubuntu one?09:14
BigRedScool, so it's the gnome one that's obviously broken09:14
BigRedSand as such isn't getting fixed :(09:14
BigRedSah well09:15
AlanBell"A provider plugin is a loadable .so module which subclasses the Plugin class defined in libaccount-plugin and implements the build_widget() virtual method. "09:18
BigRedSHah. But if I log in to unity pidgin just repeatedly crashes on startup09:19
BigRedSI'm so pleased my desktop is this much better than it was four years ago09:20
popeypidgin still exists?09:20
BigRedSwhat am I supposed to be using in 13.04?09:20
Myrttisurprisingly yes09:21
popeydunno, what do you want to do?09:21
BigRedSuse xmpp09:22
popeyjust ran empathy09:22
BigRedSI have five accounts, only one of which I can get to work in empathy. I couldn't get gajim to work with gnome-shell's notifications very well, but it might do unity I guess09:22
popeydialog box comes up saying it cant find some random package09:22
popeyi alt-tab away to tell you this09:22
BigRedSyeah, Ubuntu's not the place to go for a good impression of empathy09:22
popeyand can't get back to it09:22
popeysuper+w to the "rescue"09:23
popey"empathy-auth-client requests to install the following software package, to provide additional features: account-plugin-msn"09:23
popeywell indeed09:23
BigRedSmine doesn'ty09:23
BigRedSis it trying to read your MSN config from something else?09:23
popeyno idea09:24
popeyi never use it09:24
BigRedSyeah, but do you use msn anywhere else?09:24
popeynot for some while09:24
popeyi may have configured it in the past09:24
Myrttinobody uses msn09:24
BigRedSHaha, and if I open gajim there's no menu bar for it09:25
Myrttiit is an ex-protocol.09:25
BigRedSbut, still, what do people use for xmpp these days?09:25
MyrttiI love that joke too much, sorry09:26
popeymy mouse on my desktop scrolls too fast09:26
popeyone nudge of the wheel leaps half way down a page09:26
Dave2popey: you gave me flashbacks of binding mouse buttons 4 and 5 in my XF86Config09:26
popeywonder if it's because my desktop has a mouse and a touchpoint attached09:27
JamesTaitBigRedS, Psi+.09:32
BigRedSJamesTait: Hmm, I might give that a go. I'm trying to keep as close as possible to what I'm 'supposed' to use, though, since that seems the easiest way of avoiding broken software :)09:35
BigRedSI can't find the config for the number of virtual desktops in unity any more. Has it moved (I'm sure it used to be in ccsm's 'unity plugin')?09:36
AlanBellthey are turned off by default now09:36
BigRedSstill, are they turn-onable?09:36
JamesTaitBigRedS, I know what you mean - I stuck with Empathy for a long time for the same reason, and still run it alongside Psi+.09:37
AlanBellyeah, you can turn them on, then the number of them is in ccsm general options desktop size09:37
JamesTaitBut it's mostly an academic exercise now.09:37
brobostigongood morning everyone,09:40
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popeypip pip09:43
brobostigonmorning popey'ness09:44
SuperMattthere, I've finally signed the ubuntu code of conduct09:53
MooDooSuperMatt: well done ;)09:54
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SuperMattanyone care to sign my pgp key?09:59
Laneyi hope nobody take that offer up, unless you're offering to meet them10:01
SuperMattvery true, I forgot about that ;)10:01
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davmor2Morning all10:15
bigcalmMorning davmor210:15
MooDoomorning davmor210:17
davmor2morning bigcalm MooDoo how's life treating you today?10:17
bigcalmPanicky. Where's a weekend when you need one?10:19
MooDoodavmor2: ok thanks, just going into town in a bit to buy a certification book, how exciting *yawn*10:20
davmor2MooDoo: depends if the wildly exciting book leads to better quals and a nicer job then it's woop-di-doo exciting10:21
MooDoodavmor2: yes unfortunately it's windows but needs must10:21
SuperMattit's ok, I don't need my key signed! I found my old one which is already signed :D10:21
zleapok just posted a message to the documentation mailing list10:24
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Azelphurwow, my landlord just turned up with the police, he told them I threatened to damage the property before I leave10:29
MooDooAzelphur: what a silly thing for you to say ;)10:29
MyrttiAzelphur: that's messed up.10:30
Azelphuryea, he was totally making it up10:30
MooDooAzelphur: he'll get done now for wasting police time10:30
AzelphurI just said as much to the police officer and he said fair enough, hung around for a discussion with us to try and keep the peace10:30
MooDoothen again10:30
Azelphurwhich got nowhere, the LL is standing in front of the officer saying an oven is not a fitting and not covered under the tenancy agreement10:31
Azelphurand stupid shit like that10:31
lubotu3Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.10:31
NET||abusehi folks.10:31
MooDoohello NET||abuse10:31
NET||abuseI have finally,,, finally got my act together and started trying to setup my HP micro N40L last night10:31
bigcalmWhat's to set-up?10:32
SuperMattAzelphur: I wonder if he's thinking of another tennant10:32
NET||abuseI set the ide config into ide and ahci, and in neither mode did ubuntu's intaller see the drives in the 4 disk slots or the extra drive in the caddy on the extra sata connector up top10:32
NET||abuseso i couldn't config them10:33
Azelphurhttps://www.dropbox.com/s/yc911lwqlubzmoh/Rec_2013-04-15-%2812-16-41%29.3gp is the recording10:33
MooDooAzelphur: so what was the outcome, can't listen to the recording10:33
bigcalmYour abuse may be recorded for training purposes10:33
NET||abusei have an external caddy with esata cable which i put into my laptop and checked the 2 disks in the 4 disk array slots and the single disk in the caddy up top and they all checked out fine, mountable readable.10:34
AzelphurMooDoo: officer suggested I take legal action10:34
NET||abusebigcalm: hehe, I abuse the net and support agents!10:34
MooDooAzelphur: does he owe you money?10:34
AzelphurMooDoo: imo yes, he's sold me something and not provided it10:35
NET||abuseit's meant to be NET::ABUSE like a perl cpan lib for abusing things, but :: aren't alowed in irc nicks10:35
NET||abuseanyway, back at the point :P   I did also set it into raid mode and started the fakeraid config utility, it didn't see the drives..10:36
NET||abuseflashes message saying "no array configuration exists" or something like that. and when ctrl+f into the raid config utility, the 1,2,3,4 options are there, but 1. i can't see any existing LD's, there's no LD to delete, 3. i can't configure a new LD, 4. i can't remember what option 4 was :P10:37
NET||abuseok, this was at 4am last night, so upon more rested reflection, i must have something  not plugged in right. I'll just have to check the sockets etc tonight.10:38
bigcalmTo be honest, I can't remember how I set-up my microserver. RAID1 over 2 drives and that was it10:38
NET||abusewell, all the forums say use the custom rom to enable ahci on the extra sata connector so you can have a 5th drive and use the multi extender on the esata port on the back,10:39
NET||abusei haven't looked at doing that yet though10:39
bigcalmAsking a lot from  a little server10:40
NET||abuseand also they say, dont use hte supplied raid on the controller, it's the fakeraid crappy sort. just use it in ahci and use lvm to do your raid.10:40
bigcalmYep, software RAID works fine here10:40
NET||abusebigcalm: popey has a pretty comprehensive setup with his. though i'm not sure he did the custom rom bit10:40
popeyi didnt do any custom rom nonsense10:40
popeyi have 12 disks in mine, all one giant btrfs volume10:41
NET||abusedid you enable the esata on the back for the emm. extender thingy?10:41
popeyi dont use the built in port10:41
popeybecause it only does single port, not PM10:41
NET||abusethe usb one on the mother board then?10:41
popeyI added an esata card10:41
popeyi use the sata on the mobo for the boot disk in the optical bay10:41
NET||abusewhat's your wattage usage?10:42
popeyno idea10:42
NET||abuseget one of the power meter plugs.10:46
popeyi have one10:48
popeybut it is not attached to that machine10:48
popeyhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/1169238 amuses me11:03
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 1169238 in Unity "[UIFe] BFB icon swirl should run clockwise not anti-clockwise" [Undecided,Triaged]11:03
Laneyit kind of weirded me out11:04
popeythat some people attribute meaning to the rotation direction?11:05
popeyor that we take that on board?11:05
Laneythat it escalated so much11:06
popeyi dont care ☻11:06
popeywe should change the icon for online accounts to make it noticably different from gnome online accounts. I know.. how about an inverted crusifix, that won't offend anyone.11:07
Laneyas a leftie I like it the way it is11:09
Laneytherefore we should make it a preference11:09
popeyas a lazy human with scant design skills i never noticed11:10
Laneyme neither :(11:10
Laneyi only notice it to appreciate how it's cool that it changes colour with the background11:10
AlanBellUbuntu is tough on preferences, and tough on the causes of preferences11:10
popeyi like that a lot11:11
Laneywell, all i have to say is that if you don't make it a preference i'm switching to arch11:11
Laneynow stick THAT in your bfb and smoke it11:11
* Laney comes slinking back11:12
mungbeancan someone screenshot the 13.04 bfb?11:13
mungbeanits not on the bug11:14
mungbeanor it looks indentical to the clockwise one11:14
mungbeanit looks like we're going doing a plughole11:14
Laneythe swirls go the other way11:14
xnoxChillax people, it's a James Bond reference http://youtu.be/gkNeQdLg6Nc11:15
AlanBellit represents the rifling in a gun barrel?11:16
xnoxAlanBell: yes, now we just need all the people for and against "gun laws" in usa to flood the bug report with comments =)11:17
SuperMattmy bfb hasn't changed. THE WORLD IS ENDING11:21
NafalloSuperMatt: eventually... for now it will just go backwards :-)11:39
SuperMattwhat does bfb even stand for?12:03
mungbeanbig freakin' button12:03
SuperMattah right12:04
mungbeansince installing 3.5 i've been experiencing some graphical glitches.12:05
mungbeanfont corruption12:05
mungbeananyone know of a service to manage android tablets? (remote wipe, manage, install apps?)13:29
mungbeaninstallable onsite is preferred13:29
mungbean££ is OK13:29
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TheOpenSourcerermungbean: http://www.androidlost.com/13:34
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=== alan_g|tea is now known as alan_g
AlanBellbit of a climbdown15:16
AlanBellgosh, and backporting the removal too15:16
mungbeanalthought the reasoning is that web store purchases -> u115:17
mungbeanso no need for rhythmbox if everyone has a web browser15:17
AlanBellfair enough, I have only purchased one thing through it ever so I am not too bothered either way15:17
mungbeani used to love the banshee amazon mp3 interface15:18
AlanBell#1 Ding Dong15:18
MyrttiI suppose it makes it easier to embed the store to other players too15:18
mungbeanbut didnt want mono+banshee just to download mp3 from amazon15:18
AlanBellthat is quite funny, so I guess the userbase must be UK dominated15:18
MyrttiI wonder how long it usually takes Dell new products to trickle down to UK15:19
popeyit doesnt work like that15:20
popeyhello exobuzz15:27
* popey saw https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=5557985 and thought of AlanBell 15:27
popeyexobuzz: you should make an image of ubuntu touch for the joggler ㋛15:27
AlanBellpopey: I don't think I am in the first round of boards15:29
exobuzzhi mate.15:29
exobuzzpopey, i thought about it, but from what I looked, ubuntu touch doesn't look like it comes in a form where i can easily construct an image - is there x86 versions ready also ?15:30
exobuzzIt doesnt use Xserver right either ? does it run on android? I know very little as you can see.15:30
popeywell, there's two things15:30
popeyUbuntu Touch runs on top of an Android kernel15:31
popeywhich might make things tricky actually15:31
popeybut Unity Next can run on a stock Linux kernel15:31
exobuzzafaik there is only EMGD driver for older android, which means we would have to run with no 3d accelleration15:31
exobuzzaah ok15:31
exobuzzthat url was like made on fanboy url generator or something.. ;-)15:32
exobuzzwill have a read thanks.15:32
exobuzzi gave my mum a joggler for her birthday. running basic xubuntu, with glslideshow to act as a photoframe (with browser/xbmc also if needed). made a little script, so the device collects emails from a specific email address, so people can email photos and they appear on her joggler.15:33
popeyheh nice15:34
exobuzzi also freaked everyone out at the teaparty by going upstairs to her pc, sshing in, and making the joggler "espeak" very loudly. because I had half a bottle of bubbly, and it seemed like a funny thing at the time :)15:35
exobuzzpopey, so unity next is a uniform interface for all the "next" ubuntu devices that replaces current unity etc ?15:36
exobuzzdoes it do clever things like differing layout depending on device dimensions/resolution etc ?15:37
exobuzzalso - will it work with a "single touch" touchscreen ? which is one of the jogglers limitations15:37
exobuzzlooks nice in the video on that link15:37
exobuzz(ive finished asking questions now.. promise ;-) )15:38
directhexi wonder what i'm going to do in 2014 for a company distro15:40
AlanBellwhich bit doesn't work for you directhex?15:42
AlanBellI wonder if gnome shell will stop working on Ubuntu when Mir happens15:43
directhexAlanBell, unity has been a usability disaster for us with nontechnical users (so has shell, to be fair). and as a company with several core wayland developers, i can't start shipping mir to people15:44
AlanBellI guess shell/wayland should work still15:44
ali1234it will work, it just won't work any better than any other distro, due to no resources being put into testing15:44
ali1234so it will work about as well as xubuntu does now, ie it will be barely usable15:45
exobuzzpopey, one of the biggest issues getting pretty stuff working nicely on the joggler is the graphics drivers - being mostly built on proprietory code. only xserver 1.9 is really properly supported (and supposedly wayland - which I haven't tested). the drivers are buggy. gnome3-shell didnt work last time i tried. nor did unity. maybe llvmpipe would give good enough performance.15:46
directhexi've got at least a year to make a decision. i can keep bugfixing our 12.04-based distro for now15:46
directhexhardware enablement is the main reason to update a corporate release, imho15:46
exobuzzpopey, i updated your bug - I don't think the fix is correct at all ;-)15:55
exobuzzsuggest reverting it, either with some extensions, or waiting until the problem rectifies itself :)15:56
exobuzzsun's out.. 5pm.. recommendations: beer @ pub15:59
davmor2exobuzz: bb @ q16:01
DJonesHmmh, watching Doctor Who on Watch makes me realise how poor the current doctor who episodes are16:25
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|life
davmor2DJones: Tenant and piper were the best combo17:11
davmor2DJones: however I am liking the new series I fell out with 5-6 I couldn't stand that it seemed like it was the amy-pond show with the boys in tow, at least now it is the Doctor bumbling along with an assistant again :)17:14
DJonesdavmor2: There's too much bumbling for me in this series, tennat & piper work well together, was good tonight because Sarah Jane and K9 were in it as well, recently its had Captain Jack & Face of Boe in the episodes17:23
shaunoI miss the 'big picture' plots.  with a thread that goes through a season or two.  I'm like clara so far, but they're going very light on the 'big picture'17:32
diddledanthe dude from the christmas episode was the dude behind the wifi hotspots in ep 1. I think the big picture of this season is going to be him17:35
ali1234richard e. grant17:35
ali1234too many time though, the season arc turns out to be total rubbish "it was aliens"17:36
shaunoI don't actually remember the christmas episode anymore.  sticking a 4-year gap half way through the season really doesn't work for me17:36
shaunoin other news, Sherlock has probably died of old age17:37
diddledanyeah, sherlock really needs another series17:37
=== JethroTroll is now known as GentileBen
Myrttithey were shooting it few weeks ago17:40
diddledanthere were questions over the hobbit's mass appeal making for dr watson being too well known to make a small series like sherlock (I can't think of his real name right now.. I suck)17:41
shaunobeats me too.  all that comes to mind is arthur dent17:46
shaunocompletely OT, any suggestions on how you go about applying for jobs in a country where you don't speak the language?17:47
diddledangoogle translate17:47
shaunoI find plenty that ask for "fluent english", but I'm not convinced I'm what they had in mind17:47
diddledanthey should stipulate whether they require local lingo too17:48
diddledanget your missus to move to ireland! :-p17:48
shaunoit would make my life easier, but I can understand why they don't17:48
diddledanirish is easy. all you need do is say something incoherent and suffix it with "to be sure" and you're set17:49
diddledanand there's my racist comment of the day17:50
shaunoI actually heard that line used with a straight face today17:50
dogmatic69Can someone tell me what the envelope / mail icon in the top bar is from?17:51
dogmatic69It seems to integrate / connect with thunderbird as it shows new mail, but clicking it does not focus thunderbird.17:51
dogmatic69it opens the new mail though, just wont switch windows.17:52
ali1234it's not from anything in particular17:52
ali1234it's an indicator17:52
MartijnVdSpopey: in a row?!18:49
mungbeanfriend saw them in euston filming sherlock on monday18:58
AlanBellwayland now works on the raspberry pi which is mildly interesting19:11
AlanBelland it has colour profile support now too, which is also interesting19:12
diddledan_I really need me a colourhug (I think that's what they're called)19:13
AlanBellcolour management doesn't appear to be a feature of Mir at all, which is a shame19:14
diddledan_I'm sure it'll come eventually19:15
shaunoI think that's the wrong way to do it :/  like accessibility, it works better when it's not a bolt-on afterthought19:15
AlanBellI don't really understand the objectives of Mir19:16
AlanBellin terms of features, like full desktop zoom, text tracking zoom, colour managment, wobbly windows, desktop transitions etc19:17
AlanBellI know it is an openGL rendering path like compiz, but there is a wall of text about it, which doesn't in any way say what it will actually do19:18
shaunoI never saw the appeal of wobbly windows.  other than "composite all the things!"19:18
AlanBellsure, I was just throwing it out there as a thing, I have no idea if that is something Mir can or can't do19:19
diddledan_it certainly hasn't been explained to my satisfaction why wayland is less of a fit than reinventing the wheel19:19
AlanBellhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mir/Spec is kind of low level detail, I was expecting some salesy stuff at some point19:20
diddledan_yeah, I'm not clever enough to understand the low level stuff19:20
AlanBellseamless transitions between form factors is something it claims to do19:20
AlanBelland drop shadows19:21
diddledan_drop shadows are very important!19:21
AlanBellactually it is important that they are done properly if at all19:22
AlanBelland openGL is kinda good at that sort of thing19:22
diddledan_I wonder how likely it is that the video chip vendors are going to support a diverging pair of standards in mir and wayland and potentially legacy support for X for their driverstacks19:24
directhexin theory they don't need to19:24
directhexthey need good EGL drivers, which both can consume19:24
AlanBellvery likely they will support android/mir together19:24
diddledan_I see19:25
directhexthey won't target mir.19:25
AlanBellthey will hit it by accident19:26
directhexthey may, yes19:26
AlanBellcaught in the crossfire19:26
directhexvia EGL19:26
AlanBellhttp://www.ebuyer.com/494729-busbi-tablet-pc-111019 would something like that be rootable do you think?19:28
mungbeanyou just all lost19:29
diddledan_so, is it time for me to get my raring ringworm on yet or not?19:30
mungbeanwhens release day?19:30
diddledan_I can't remember19:30
mungbeanive never known such an uninspiring release19:31
diddledan_wow, good guess.. it IS the 25th19:31
mungbeanmaybe im gettin old but lts are v appealing to me nowadays19:31
diddledan_final freeze is thursday19:33
diddledan_looks like it's the same day for the RC to land19:34
diddledan_then a week on thursday is the release19:34
AlanBelland the party \o/19:37
AlanBellor quiet drink in a pub as they are now known19:37
shaunoI wanted to make a comment, but realised I have no idea which alan is which anymore19:42
AlanBellneither have I19:47
shaunoone of you showed up on twitter looking like you'd met an earthmover in a kissing booth.  I'm just not sure who now.  so jokes re: a quiet drink will have to wait19:49
AlanBelloh, that was theopensourcerer19:49
AlanBelland yeah, he is in a bit of a state19:49
AlanBellshould I be using sparkleshare rather than dropbox?19:52
AlanBellor try owncloud again?19:56
shaunoI was less than impressed with owncloud's syncing apps19:56
shaunoI keep ending up back at dropbox because they have "just works" down pat19:57
mungbeanive reached a low...reading the inane comments on omg about the swastika bfb20:01
mungbeanAlanBell: ownclod workd ok here ,has saved my butt too20:02
MindCrashhello how do i get the email to reset my irc password?20:07
AlanBell!info sparkleshare20:21
lubotu3sparkleshare (source: sparkleshare): distributed collaboration and sharing tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.0-2ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 415 kB, installed size 814 kB20:21
AlanBell!info sparkleshare raring20:21
lubotu3sparkleshare (source: sparkleshare): distributed collaboration and sharing tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.0-2ubuntu1 (raring), package size 415 kB, installed size 814 kB20:21
directhexwe have newer packaged20:22
directhexbut the debian freeze is a huge demotivator20:22
AlanBellok, I have sparkleshare working with my git back end with redmine as the web UI for it20:44

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