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philipballewgrantbow, so you asked when id be in the bay area. Is there anything I can help with?05:40
MarkDudephilipballew: Im guessing the reason he asked you, is the date you will be here - is important to HOW needed you are07:10
* MarkDude guesses :D07:10
philipballewMarkDude, I need you07:11
philipballewevery day07:11
bkerensaMarkDude: I saw all your Red Hat friends today07:11
bkerensawish you were here07:12
MarkDudeCommon reaction actually07:12
* MarkDude has mostly Fedora friends over that way07:12
MarkDudeA few rh FOLKS ONLY07:12
bkerensaMarkDude: well ok Fedora friends even.... FPL is up here and Leslie ofc07:12
bkerensafor ODS07:12
* bkerensa just got back from the Red Hat Victory Party :)07:13
MarkDudeRobyn is FFPL07:13
MarkDudeFearless Fedora Project Lead07:13
philipballewMarkDude, Im going to a Fedora talk Friday.07:14
MarkDudeThe extra F does not apply to ALL FPLs07:14
MarkDudeThe talk in TJ?07:14
philipballewA new Fedora Ambassador is giving it07:14
philipballewI spend a lot of time in Mexico07:14
philipballewtj is a nice place07:14
MarkDudeNo doubt, Im sure you blend in there philipballew07:15
MarkDudeLikje Dangerous G in Africa I imagine07:15
philipballewMarkDude, , Well it is almost sandal season07:15
MarkDudeOr me on a golf course ;)07:15
* MarkDude looked up the names, could not find the new dude. Found rugebiker tho07:16
philipballewMarkDude, thats him07:16
philipballewme and him are tight07:16
* MarkDude wishes Ubuntu had similar thing to FAS names, makes it easy to look folks up. 07:16
MarkDudeWell except for the people that have differing FAS and IRC names 9the bastards)07:17
philipballewMarkDude, https://twitter.com/rugebiker07:17
darthrobot`Title: [Ruben Guerra Marin (rugebiker) on Twitter]07:17
* MarkDude had talked with him a few times durinmg meetings a while ago07:19
MarkDudeThey also have some other Linux thing at that meeting07:20
MarkDudeso bkerensa , did you get beer and pizza?07:20
bkerensaMarkDude: I had stuffed mushrooms, fried chicken and waffles  and whisky07:21
bkerensaPizza pfft07:21
MarkDudewho bought that?07:22
MarkDudeOh Daddy Shadowman07:22
MarkDudeThey DO know how to party.07:23
bkerensagnight folks!07:24
philipballewMarkDude, The only reason I go to Mexico is to eat tacos07:24
philipballewthey are the best there07:24
philipballewwell the tequila as well, but thats obvious.07:25
MarkDudeTrue story'07:26
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MarkDudejono check pm. I have some bbq ideas20:18
jonoMarkDude, :-)20:22
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