ChinnoDogMorning, peeps12:47
ChinnoDogAnyone here using Touch?15:06
adomChinnoDog: no, but im planning on buying a Nexus 7 or 10 just to install it.15:33
adomonce its mature, of course15:33
marcoceppiI'll have it running here in a few days15:34
marcoceppiI've got a 4 already and have a 7 enroute15:34
ChinnoDog7 seems too small. 10" or bust.15:38
ChinnoDogI don't want to spend $500 on one though15:38
ChinnoDogIt is fast, it is cheap, it comes from the land of the rising sun. Why doesn't Touch run on it yet?15:57
ChinnoDogOh wait, land of the rising sun is Japan15:57
ChinnoDogIt comes from China.  My bad.15:57
marcoceppiChinnoDog: I'm sure touch will run on there eventually15:59

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