JonathanDHi rmg5109:29
JonathanDhow are you?10:47
rmg51just getting ready to leave for work :P11:24
teddy-dbearMorning peoples, dogs, turkeys and everything else12:10
ChinnoDogWhat's shakin?12:23
InHisNameGrub  question:   1. /boot is nearing full, does grub support removing selected older linux versions.  Or do I need to do it manually ?12:30
JonathanDI think you can remove them and then have grub rescan or something.12:31
ChinnoDogIf "manually" means removing the packages with apt then yes, do that12:46
ChinnoDogOn some systems I keep a fairly small /boot so I am used to this.12:47
InHisNameTo remove old kernel versions, open up Synaptic Package Manager, found in the System > Administration menu.13:06
InHisNameNo pull downs.  Just Unity.     Did search for syna,   only synaptic*.c & h files found.  No app.  Tried using software center and searching for "3.5.0-22" and got nothing found.13:07
teddy-dbearthen get a real OS :-/13:35
teddy-dbearSynaptic is there in Unity13:36
InHisNameThen the search is a FAIL for unity13:39
InHisNamehow else to start it up ?   terrminal mode ?13:40
jedijfsoftware center13:40
rmg51you may have to install Synaptic13:41
rmg51I don't think it's there with a clean install13:42
InHisNameOh, so not default anymore, ok going in now.13:44
InHisNameOk, thanks.   Got 82K more in /boot now13:54
ChinnoDog82k? lol13:57
MutantTurkeyare you affiliated with Drexel? join us at #drexel18:34
jedijfirc, it's like email that works18:40
jedijf /topic #drexel ^^^18:41

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