mlankhorsttjaalton: ugh, you're now aware that reverting video abi 14 to 13 is just 2 comits07:51
tjaaltonit still would've needed unity devs to port to it so it's backportable07:53
tjaaltonif you meant pushing it to raring earlier07:53
mlankhorstplus unity devs would need to add fallback code for precise to work on both07:54
tjaaltonyeah that's what I meant07:54
tjaaltonthey still need to :)07:55
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mlankhorsttjaalton: do I need to do anything else except revert the GET_REQUIRED_HW change? tegra is crashing09:16
mlankhorstoh, looks like 048674a6aeb61149a1b5f6b0bc3762ddf57f38ee is wrong for arm09:17
tjaaltonhmm, I reverted other stuff too09:22
tjaaltonnot just two commits it seems09:23
mlankhorstare the dix commits needed? tegra hooks into input?09:31
mlankhorsttjaalton: anyway I am getting same results on my nvc0 as on my other card I was testing with09:40
mlankhorstso looks good to me09:40
mlankhorstexcept the copy problems that were already fixed :-)09:41
tjaaltonoh mesa?09:49
tjaaltoncan't remember why I reverted all those09:49
tjaaltonprobably out of laziness09:49
mlankhorstmaybe not, still crashes09:56
mlankhorsttjaalton: can you try ssh://people.freedesktop.org/~whot/xserver whot/touch-grab-race-condition-56578-v2 on the nexus with the abi reversions + rebuilding evdev (just in case) ?10:34
tjaaltontried already10:36
tjaaltonback in the days10:36
tjaaltonthe way it crashes with 1.14 is not like with 1.1310:36
tjaaltonunless I didn't try that method, changing between dash and indicator menus10:37
tjaaltoniirc reprod it by simply hitting the indicators a lot10:37
mlankhorsttried with the -v2 branch, or the original?10:38
tjaalton6538ca09ac33842 Merge remote-tracking branch 'whot/touch-grab-race-condition-56578-v2' into nexus10:38
tjaaltonfrom my local branch10:39
mlankhorstdoes it have     Xi: Do not handle ET_TouchOwnership in ProcessTouchEvent10:39
tjaaltonI tried that with 1.1310:40
mlankhorstcan you put your tree somewhere? I think I'm missing one of the abi revert commits10:41
tjaaltonall the reverts are on the paste10:41
tjaaltonI don't have xserver set up anywhere10:41
mlankhorstI was having background issues on x1.14, it was no longer drawn correctly10:56
mlankhorsttjaalton: took a lot of effort, but 1.13.3 is failing in the same way for me as 1.14 + touch branch now12:02
* mlankhorst has magic fingers!12:04
tjaaltonmlankhorst: oh, cool12:38
tjaaltonI mean, if you've fixed 1.13 to somehow not fail immediately :)12:38
tjaaltonfinal test build of mesa, then upload12:39
mlankhorsthaha sadly it probably still counts as immediately12:39
mlankhorstor at least with my steady hand I can do it in 2 taps12:40
mlankhorstI guess I need to reorder the patches first, then do a normal bisection12:42
mlankhorstand reorder the corruption fixes to be applied first :)12:43
tjaaltonmesa uploaded12:55
mlankhorstwant a nv4b test too?13:04
tjaaltongo for it13:05
mlankhorsthm nv43 i mean13:05
mlankhorstooh lockup and crash13:16
mlankhorststill on 9.0.313:17
mlankhorstif piglit locks up again, I'll just settle for the 'does it run succesfully to desktop' test instead13:19
mlankhorstok locks up on piglit, plan B :)13:38
mlankhorsttegra thing seems to not be a regression from the touch branch, I removed everything from the whot branch and it still happened13:43
mlankhorstok piglit is locking up on 9.1.1 too, but nouveau devs don't put much effort into supporting < nv50 and it boots to desktop, I'll add it to the tested list :)13:51
tjaaltonyeah, thanks :)14:10
tjaaltoneod ->14:10
tjaaltonhmm should I upload glamor too..18:58
tjaaltonanyone here with a radeon hd7xxx?19:01
* mlankhorst slaps tjaalton with EOD19:16
tjaaltonwaiting for slangasek to react :)19:19
tjaaltonwould be cool to have working radeonsi support in raring, but without any hw to test it with..19:19
tjaaltonhmm glamor would need to enter main too, so maybe not19:23
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