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magespawngood morning all06:21
Kilosmorning superfly and others06:27
magespawnahh Kilos good morning06:32
Kiloshi magespawn where were you last night?06:33
Kilosyou missed the meet06:33
magespawnyes sorry, got familied.06:33
magespawnonly got here at 21:0006:34
magespawndid have a look at the meeting notes06:34
Kilosgood man06:38
Kilosthese things do happen06:38
magespawnwas a long day06:40
Kiloshiya maiatoday 06:44
maiatodayhi Kilos06:45
maiatodayhow did it go last night, I'll read the logs06:45
Kiloswhen well ty. we miss you. when you gonna join us again06:46
magespawngott go out bbl06:59
Kiloshi HawkiesZA 07:02
HawkiesZAMorning Kilos!07:02
maiatodaymondays used to be a really good day for a meeting but now it is bad for me07:03
Kiloswhat is a good day maiatoday ?07:04
maiatodayKilos, don't you wanna be the Ubuntu-za team contact?07:04
Kilosfor you that is07:04
maiatodayNo I don't want to move the meeting just for me.07:04
maiatodaytuesdays are better now, they used to be bad07:04
maiatodaybut the tuesday thing moved to a monday07:04
Kilossue them07:04
maiatodayIt isn't difficult to do (the team contact thing) just read the odd email. You do so much here already it would just be an extension of what you do?07:05
maiatodayanyway just a thought07:05
Kilosjust read mails?07:05
Kilosyou do lots more07:06
KilosI want my maia back07:06
superflymorning Kilos, magespawn, maiatoday07:06
maiatodayyeah the odd mail comes  through from launchpad and when we are up re-approval you have to be in the channel at the right time07:06
maiatodayI am around, I'll still blog and organise events from time to time07:07
maiatodayand you guys are so good at doing the meetings now, I am proud of you07:07
Kiloswell if the fly and them will help me out so i dont make mistakes i can give it a tryout temporarily07:08
Kilosyeah we got nuvo and the monkey well trained07:08
Kilosand the pro in the background07:09
Kilosmorning inetpro 07:09
inetprogood mornings07:09
inetproKilos: I'm more in the back than in the ground these days07:12
Kilosall good inetpro ?07:13
inetproall ok thanks, just struggling to keep up with everything07:13
Kilosand it seems to keep getting worse07:14
inetproat least I'm still here07:14
Kilosyeah thank heavens for you oldies07:14
Kilosjust you fly and the weed07:15
Kilosoh and nuvolari and magespawn 07:15
Kiloshi theblazehen trender 07:16
Kiloshi henk07:16
Kiloshi henkj 07:16
henkjhi Kilos 07:20
Kiloshi Squirm Trix[a]r_za 07:24
trenderdamn phone woke me up pffft07:30
trenderanybody alive ??07:34
trendermaaz: morning07:34
MaazHello trender07:34
ThatGraemeGuymorning all07:34
trenderThatGraemeGuy mornin dude07:35
trendermornin squirm07:37
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy trender 07:38
ThatGraemeGuyanyone have experience building debs and maintaining a PPA?07:46
confluencyThatGraemeGuy: tumbleweed does.07:48
Squirmam I alive?08:19
Squirmthen being dead sucks08:41
Squirmyou're not meant to work when you're dead...08:41
ThatGraemeGuyguess you must've ended up in hell :-o08:42
Kilosheavy night again Squirm ?08:43
Squirmno, my host seems to be being attacked08:46
Squirmonly time I ever time out...08:46
Squirmwell, only time my bnc ever times out08:46
Squirmand no, last night was fine.08:47
Squirmand it was a heavy night in terms of sleeping :/08:47
SquirmI have no idea why, but I woke up wet from head to toe in sweat.08:53
* Squirm shrugs08:53
superflyThatGraemeGuy: I do08:54
ThatGraemeGuyis it pretty easy to get up and running?08:55
tumbleweedThatGraemeGuy, confluency: hi09:06
* ThatGraemeGuy waves09:06
ThatGraemeGuy*busy* :-/09:09
superflyThatGraemeGuy: it is quite straightforward09:22
ThatGraemeGuyi wanted to do something simple, just have a PPA with the latest version of HAproxy, since the LTS versions tend to be pretty old09:23
ThatGraemeGuyand the way i've updated in the past is kinda hackish... manually compile latest version and just replace the executable in /usr/bin09:24
ThatGraemeGuyfigure its time i start doing it properly instead :)09:24
ThatGraemeGuybut i have no clue where to start09:24
tumbleweedThatGraemeGuy: which LTS are we talking about? lucid / precise?09:29
ThatGraemeGuythis particular case its lucid, so i'm just going to build new ones with precise, but haproxy development moves fast enough that I'd want to do this a little down the line anyway09:30
tumbleweedThatGraemeGuy: is the version that's in precise good enough for you, or do you want something even newer?09:30
tumbleweedthe latest version is often not what one actually wants to be using, rather something a little more tested...09:30
ThatGraemeGuymmm actually now that i look at it, the version i'm running is already newer than the version in precise09:31
ThatGraemeGuyi'm running 1.4.20, precise has 1.4.18-0ubuntu1.109:32
tumbleweederr https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/haproxy09:32
tumbleweedok, so backports won't help you - you want http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/09:33
ThatGraemeGuyphew! looks like a good place to start, thanks :)09:35
ThatGraemeGuysomething i'll spend my quiet afternoons/evenings with09:35
tumbleweedif you need any help, stick your nose into #ubuntu-packaging09:35
ThatGraemeGuywhat's the learning curve like for someone with no clue? :)09:35
tumbleweeddepends how much clue you have09:36
ThatGraemeGuyoh, cool09:36
ThatGraemeGuyi'm a sysadmin, not a dev09:36
tumbleweedthe Debian packaging tools are really just standard unix tools09:36
tumbleweedif you know make, and can think logically about program flow, you'll be fine09:36
tumbleweedthese days, we don't do much in makefiles, if we can help it09:37
ThatGraemeGuyi am aware that 'make' exists :)09:37
ThatGraemeGuyi suppose that's a good start09:37
magespawnafternoon all11:04
Kiloshi magespawn 11:12
trenderhowdy magespawn11:14
magespawnhey hey hey11:33
trenderwheres that local rasberry pi website again ?11:52
trenderdamn prices are hitting the ground on the Pi11:52
trendereven china is not coping11:53
magespawnpi factory i think12:02
magespawnhttp://www.eexpress.co.za/ these are meant to be the official distributors according to this www.raspberrypi.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.phhttp://www.raspberrypi.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=29276p?f=23&t=2927612:06
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trenderseems any tom dick and harry are making these boards now12:34
trenderthe cubieboard seems like the new pi12:35
trenderim gonna buy some cubies i think12:38
zerefI need some ideas:14:11
zerefi need to look for a string after a string: eg CUSTOMER : 76478326487234. i need to check if the number exists14:12
zerefin bash14:12
Squirmzeref: check the first example after the question14:17
Squirmcase also would work14:17
Squirmgrep would also work14:18
zerefk, I did a  if $(cat $file | grep "CUSTOMER" | tr "CUSTOMER : " "\n")14:21
zerefseems to work14:21
ThatGraemeGuycongratulations zeref, you win a "useless use of cat" award :D15:12
magespawnTesla Won http://www.geekwire.com/2013/vote-geek-madness-final-linus-torvalds-nikola-tesla/15:24
magespawnLater all, home time15:27
trendermornin peeps17:00
Kiloshehe, old age hits some hard hey17:06
trenderarg ya17:06
Kiloslo Cantide 17:06
trenderspecially when customers interupt yer supper :(17:06
trendertried to eat twice already just given up17:06
Cantidetrender, I have eaten enough for both of us :317:07
trender:P yea but you are a meat eater17:07
trenderi dont go that road17:08
Cantideeating a pineapple dessert now17:08
trendermeat is a killer17:08
Cantidekill or be killed >.<17:08
trendermabee i can eat that17:08
Kilosnot for everyone trender 17:08
Cantideit's okay - i cycle and exercise a lot17:08
Cantidei think i'm healthy17:08
trenderyou have youth on yer side huh17:08
trenderim an old dog on my last teeth :P17:09
Kiloslol you still got some17:09
trenderyea i got teeth17:09
trendermy teeth are in my left hand each morning when i brush them :)17:09
Kilosi got some plastic ones but eat easier without the things17:10
Kiloshate them17:10
trenderactually my wife said i was lazy17:10
trenderso i said ok dear im having all my teeth pulled out and getting false ones just o you can brush them for me17:10
trender:) woman huh17:11
trendercant live with them..cant kill them17:11
Kilosthats why cantide likes korean chicks17:12
trendermarriage is just a different kind of war17:12
Kiloshe thinks they are more obedient17:12
trenderoh i have chinese chicks17:12
Cantidenot the one i have17:12
Cantideshe is totally insane right now17:13
trendersome of china gurls will make your eyes fall out17:13
Cantidebuuuuuuuut, some big news - i could be in Korea before July17:13
Cantidetrender, I've picked up my eyes a few times in Asia already :p17:13
trenderchinese girls are more obedient17:13
trenderdifferent culture17:14
Cantidedepends on the girl, i'm sure17:14
trendernah i think its culture17:14
Cantidewell, Korean, Chinese and Japanese culture is similar in many ways17:14
Cantidemale-dominated societies all of them17:14
trenderremmember a chinese 25yr old girl is only a teenager17:14
trenderthey are very young minded and childish17:15
trenderchinese 25yr old girls still watch cartoons17:15
trenderstay kids forever17:16
Cantidenot sure that suits me17:16
Cantidei guess Korea is the right choice :)17:16
trenderey as long as the "luv you long time ;) "17:17
Cantideso long as the North doesn't nuke them17:17
Cantidethat's rather stereotypical :p17:17
trenderyea you are right17:17
trenderjust like african people with thier wild annimals17:18
trenderscuse me while i go and feed my elephants17:18
trendereven amricans still think we have wild annimals in our back yard17:19
Cantidewell, most Asians no absolutely nothing about South Africa17:19
Cantideknow *17:19
Cantideoops :p17:19
Cantidelike "oh, is that a country? where is it?"17:19
trenderi say look everyone theres a real american he is eating a mc and cheese...look it never even touched his lips :)17:20
trenderyea chinese actually have some of the most stupid people as well education wise...but they also have some of the best engineers as well and pump them out 10 times faster then we could17:22
Cantidethey have the numbers for pretty much everything :p17:23
trenderthey will take over the world...fact17:23
trendertheve already stuffed up USA17:23
Cantidethey're spreading fast17:23
Cantideand they'll go anywhere17:24
Cantideeven here in SA17:24
Cantidethey'll open a shop in a township17:24
trenderwe dont have long before we gonna feel them17:24
Cantideno one else would dare :D17:24
Tonberry_and there we all thought the south koreans would zergling rush everyone17:24
trenderey man if you can eat a dog you can can open a shop in soweto or kayalitsha17:25
Tonberry_plenty of dogs17:25
Cantidedog is not bad17:25
Cantidei've eaten it there twice17:25
trenderhrm ok17:25
Cantideapparently good for your health17:25
Cantideand my ex's dad was feeling a little sick17:26
Cantideso she cooked dog for lunch17:26
trendernothing with a heartbeat is good for your health but thats annother story17:26
Tonberry_evolution would like a word17:26
trenderarg ya17:27
trendermans interlect is his downfall as well17:27
trenderman should have stayed a fruit picker :)17:28
trenderfarmer even17:28
trenderthings will turn full circle yet17:28
trenderman will return to the land17:29
trenderwhen no land is left he wonders why he gets ill17:29
Cantidethat would be best for this planet17:29
Cantideif all humans died17:29
Tonberry_net very good for the humans tho17:29
trenderim all for global extermination17:30
trenderman has become very sick17:30
trenderim not just talking about australian sheep farmers with thier marvelous sheep in the tall grass either17:31
trendermoney messes everthong up mans greed17:31
trenderman will manufacture more diseases so he can sell more pills17:32
trenderwindows will always evolve every 12 months so we can buy it again17:33
Cantideyeah, the world is sick17:33
Cantideor we could just use Ubuntu :)17:33
trendererm yea :)17:33
magespawnevening all17:33
trenderannother ubuntu salesman :P17:34
magespawni see we are into light chatty talk tonight17:34
Cantidethere's nothing to sell :p17:34
Cantidehi magespawn :)17:34
magespawnhey cantide17:34
magespawnsorry Cantide 17:34
trendergive me a cubieboard that i will buy :P17:35
trenderjust for a linux toy17:35
trenderraspberry PI's days are numbered17:35
Kiloshi  magespawn 17:36
trenderwhats the smallest cheapest small linux toy with sata interface17:36
* Kilos gonna try have an early night17:36
magespawnsleep is good Kilos?17:37
Kilosyeah sometimes its the best17:37
trenderok kilos take care mate..17:37
Kilosnight all. sleep tight17:37
magespawnCantide: did you not post the link to that other board you were looking at?17:37
magespawngood night Kilos17:37
Cantidewhich board?17:37
Kilostrender: install ubuntu man then you will see how much time you are wasting17:37
Cantidemagespawn, i think you're thinking of someone else17:38
magespawnahhh probable cannot remember who or what the board was called17:38
Kiloswhile windows is still botting ubuntu is working17:38
Kilossleep tight17:39
trendermagespawn you seen cubieboard ?17:39
magespawnnot yet17:39
trender50$ the next step from PI17:40
trenderalso a hotcake17:40
trenderbut im waiting for the new indian 20$ laptop17:40
trendercheapest in the world17:40
magespawnthat would be cheap17:40
trenderi dont think they have an OS yet though17:40
trenderstill bragging about the hardware17:41
trenderits touting a 35$ sollution now17:41
trenderbut they pushing for 20$17:41
trendertrying to skin the chinas17:42
magespawncomplete machine?17:42
trenderminus OS17:42
trenderOS will push it up17:42
trenderand they will likely go to bed with the OS company17:43
trenderpcs always a bad investment :(17:43
trenderit looks like a tablet to me though17:44
trenderi seen it on youtube17:44
trenderarg people are scraping the bottom of the barrel market17:45
trendermore money in the bins it seems17:45
trenderjust youtube 35$ laptop17:46
trenderi hope its not gonna be annother android..lawd i hate those things17:46
trendertablet prices still need become more accessable17:48
trenderand why the hell are chinese prices on the raspberry PI higher then UK17:49
trendermakes no sence17:49
trenderor perhaps its the shipping errr17:50
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magespawnleave the os of, let the buyer choose17:51
trenderyea i second that but it wont happen17:51
trenderto much piracy17:52
trenderi dont think you can buy blank laptops or tablets17:53
trenderor mabee i dont get out enuf17:53
trenderanyhow the pc is basically dead laptops have taken over17:54
trenderi dont even think linux should be free17:55
trendernot everyone wants free17:55
trenderme i prefer to pay17:55
magespawnwhy pay for linux? i am not understanding17:56
trendersupport the devellopers17:57
trendergood isnt cheap..chea isnt good17:57
Cantideyou can donate17:57
trenderpeople with money have this illution17:57
magespawnyou can support in orther ways besides with money17:58
Cantidei like it to be free17:59
Cantidebut yes, i wouldn't really mind paying17:59
trenderim surprised ubuntu even exists18:00
Cantideand the problem with devices without OSs - your average consumer either doesn't know how to, or doesn't want the hassle of loading their own18:00
trenderi cant imagine making an OS happen for fre18:00
magespawnthey had some small amount of work to build on18:03
trenderpeople want everything for free nowdays..18:08
trenderbut those people always seem to have more problems then the okes willing to pay18:09
magespawnthat is very broad18:09
trenderevery single oke who says best price ends up in trouble18:10
trenderwithout fail18:10
Cantidei agree with that partially18:10
trendersomething free ends up in the bin18:10
Cantidemy dad always tries to buy the cheapest thing - mostly ends up with rubbish18:11
trenderthats not always true18:11
trenderits apersons perception that breaks things18:11
trendermind over matter makes a huge difference18:11
trendereven in placbo testing18:12
magespawnahh yes but those who are willing to pay appreciate value, all i am saying is that 'money' does not have to be the way you pay18:12
trenderthe placebo effect prevents people from getting anything free for a "bargain"18:12
trenderi see this every day18:13
trenderi flag the okes with bad perceptions18:13
trenderand like clockwork they are trouble18:13
trenderbut make an oke pay 200% and he never has a problem18:14
trenderhe looks after the product18:14
trenderprice matters at a placebo level18:15
trenderlike it or not perception is reality18:15
trendergive a child a smartie for a headeche and the child could be cured18:16
trenderbut this extends into every level of our lives18:17
trenderlets take annother example18:17
trendera smoker tries an ecigarette18:17
trenderhe likes it18:17
trenderyou tell the oke oy there is brakefluid inside there18:18
trendersuddenly it doenst taste so good anymore18:18
trenderboom..there goes that idea18:18
magespawni see what you are saying, but you can also pay a lot for rubbish, and somethings do not have to be as pricey as they are18:19
Cantideand some things can be free :)18:19
trendermagespawn price just creates the perception of quality18:20
trendermore you pay more joy you have in most cases18:20
trenderi get you tho18:20
magespawnyes and that can be false18:20
trenderi dont share the eveready duracell perception BTW18:21
trenderbut mabee im not a good candidate for the general perception rule18:21
trenderi like to poke about also18:21
trenderbut most people dont look that deep18:22
trenderso it turns out that little squareone server box needs a full linux compile for armv4 core...the manufacturer wont have anything to do with it18:25
trenderlazy flippen koreans how hard can it be to supply the damn images18:26
trenderthe server dude18:26
trendermy squareone server boxes18:26
trenderyou never had a look yet ?18:27
trenderits online it just has no images loaded18:27
Cantidetell him 주글래18:27
Cantideor something like that18:27
trenderi get you18:27
Cantideit means "wanna die?"18:27
Cantidehe might get offended though18:27
trenderyes it looks like i will kill you18:27
Cantidein which case don't tell him i said it :p18:27
Cantideyeah, something like that :p18:27
trenderi dunno how you get those charaters on here18:28
trenderbut ok18:28
trendercharacters even18:28
Cantidei type them18:29
trenderok then :P18:29
Cantidei have a Korean keyboard, and Korean input set up18:29
Cantideso it's quite easy18:29
trenderwell all the chinese that matter to me seem to do ok with english18:30
trendereven koreans would be the same im sure18:30
Cantideyeah, that's true18:30
Cantidethe ones that come into contact with English are generally prepared for it18:30
Cantidesometimes, as i once experienced, it's very difficult to order macdonalds unless you speak the language18:31
trenderi bought 100 linux servers without images lol18:31
trenderwhat was i thinking :P18:31
Cantidelanguage barrier? :D18:32
trenderwould have ok if they used normal flippen x86 cores18:32
trenderthis arm is risc stuff i think18:32
trenderprolly atmel18:33
trenderif im not mistaken18:33
trendermabee i need search for some precompiled images and just test them18:35
trenderbut im really just a novice on linux18:35
trenderis that the general linix concept18:51
trenderlinux even18:51
trenderi dont find any onfo on compiling apache server for armv4 architecture18:52
Cantidei'm a relative n00b myself18:52
Cantideand a complete n00b when it comes to specialized systems18:52
trenderah i thought you was just beeing rude :)18:52
trenderthe way i see it now18:53
trenderthis box supports apache server18:53
trenderbut it will need compiling for armv4 chip18:53
trenderand that will get the web services running18:54
trendersame deal for samba18:54
Tonberry_does it have any software on it?18:55
trenderis that why the linux stuff is provided in source for cross plantform support ??18:55
trenderno software just the embedded OS18:55
trenderand i dont think the OS can be updated its built into the firmware18:56
Tonberry_does it have any form of software installer or package manager?18:56
trenderwell not updated conventionally18:56
trenderno i dont think it does mate18:56
trenderyou welcome to take a look at it18:57
trenderits on my 8090 port and 2318:57
trenderthats all you have access to really it dont even have usb18:58
trenderjust admin panel and telnet18:58
trendertime to use the wayback machine :(19:05
Tonberry_looks more like a NAS than a proper server to me19:06
trenderarg its also offline19:06
Tonberry_maybe a router with NAS capabilities19:06
trenderits a nAS with linux OS mate19:06
trenderand its missing software19:06
trendermissing apache and samba19:07
trenderor as they like to say missing the "hard drive image"19:07
trenderTonberry_ did you get the logins ??19:08
Tonberry_have not tried logging in, just googling at the moment19:08
trenderah ok19:08
trenderwell you can get  into linux root19:09
trenderyou can even drop images on the disk19:09
trenderyou just cant make those packages work19:09
trenderand the manufactureris acting dumb19:10
trenderso ive got to fix this thing the hard way19:10
Tonberry_who is the manufacturer anyway?19:10
trenderthey only support the SQ201 now19:11
trenderand i need to get 100 x sq101 working19:11
trenderi only want it for a server not a spaceship19:11
trenderbut its still an epic mission with linited documentation19:12
trenderbut im not the giving up type19:12
trenderive made harder gadgets work before19:13
trenderbut i usually dev my own toys19:13
trendernever used linux before though19:13
trenderand im terrified of linux at this stage19:14
Tonberry_are you sure the web server components are not installed?19:14
trenderto many concepts i dont understand yet19:14
Tonberry_the very limited documentation suggests it should be19:14
trenderwell i never recieved an image19:14
trender and the webserver and fileserver daemons are dead therefore19:15
trender....etc etc etc19:15
trenderits normally shipped with a hard disk19:16
trendermine had to be installed19:16
trenderso they had no images on19:16
trendereverything on the hdd now ive put there myself19:16
trenderare you refering to the sq201 tonberry ??19:17
trenderbecause the sq201 is tottaly different and wont apply19:17
trenderbut even so like i said i installed my own drives19:18
trenderminu the images19:18
trenderminus images19:18
trenderand you cantthe images19:18
trendercant download19:18
trenderthe sq101 tottaly dissapeared and its my mission to figure out why19:19
Tonberry_it would be strange to keep the samba and apache binaries on the disk19:19
Tonberry_at least for an embedded nas19:19
trendererm i follow you to a certain degree19:20
trenderNAS is just one function of this machine19:20
trenderand the NAS is done with samba19:20
trenderfrom what i can tell from reading19:21
trenderif i install an image like samba.tar then it unpacks the image 100%19:21
trenderit even says |||installing|||19:22
trenderand the package is unzipped by the OS19:22
trenderthat part is cool19:22
Tonberry_i suspect it wants a full operating system image19:22
Tonberry_not a tar of a program19:22
trenderi dissagree19:22
trenderthe OS is embedded19:23
trenderi can update the os by flashing the firmware19:23
trenderbut that wont get me anywhere19:23
trenderim convinced the OS is ok19:24
Symmetriahello all19:24
trenderand the images are just software paccages19:24
* Symmetria has sad news :(19:24
highvoltagehello Symmetria 19:24
Symmetriamirror.ac.za = dead, and could be quite a while coming back :(19:24
Symmetria*SIGH* tenet screwed up 19:25
highvoltageI saw some people talking about it on another channel :-/19:25
trenderi will light a candle19:25
Symmetriamultiple drive failures over time that were never attended to, till eventually they lost an entire major array 19:25
trenderwhat is that mirror dude :)19:25
Symmetriaand on that array were all the sync scripts and the website and everything else19:25
Symmetriaand well, since I left, tjehy had quit backing up all that shit 19:25
highvoltageyou should've uploaded it to github or something :)19:26
Symmetriaheh not my job, I had proper running backups when I was there19:26
Symmetriaso well, god knows when they will get it back up, thats a shitload of sync scripts etc 19:27
SymmetriaI told them I can rebuild it for them if they want, but I dont ahve the time (or the inclination) to do that all over again for free, so they would have to pay for it ;p19:27
highvoltageI've been using webafrica for a while now anyway since they have the freezone19:27
trenderwork = pay sounds reasonable19:28
magespawnokay then, guess i will not wait to do the shop updates then19:28
Symmetriatrender honestly, cheaper for them to find someone else, if I do work like that, Im charging full rate, because its not a job I particularly wanna do and I cant jeprodize my other clients taking on more work without proper compensation19:29
Symmetriaand my rates are? well, you dont wanna know19:29
trenderey good for you thats the way its supposed to be mate19:30
highvoltageone hundred billion dollars19:30
Symmetriahighvoltage heh, would cost them about 200 grand to have me do it 19:30
Symmetria150 - 200 19:30
Symmetriathe other option is that everyone start using mirror.ufs.ac.za19:31
Symmetriawhich has everything19:31
Symmetriais much better maintained19:31
Symmetriaand is on the same amount of bandwidth19:31
jpm[netbook]but not as widely accessable for free as mirror.ac19:31
Tonberry_but delivers vastly less last time I downloaded from there...19:31
Symmetriaton, speed wise?19:31
Symmetriaor what?19:31
Tonberry_yes speed wise19:31
Tonberry_was a while ago19:31
Symmetria*HRM* try it again now19:31
Symmetriathat should be fixed19:31
Tonberry_but i dont think i got more than 30kb/s from sun19:32
Symmetriaerrr not sun19:32
jpm[netbook]we are at sun19:32
Tonberry_no wait i am thinking about the uct mirror19:32
Symmetriauct mirror is bandwidth limited19:32
Symmetriaufs isnt19:32
Symmetriaand if its not free on sun, wel that can be fixed19:33
Tonberry_that i will have to check19:33
Symmetriabut it should be *FAST* 19:33
Symmetriainfact from sun it should be faster than the original ac.za since it has lower latency to sun19:33
Symmetriaand I think weh ave 100tb in that mirror as well19:33
Symmetriasourceforge is problematic, but Im working on another solution for that19:34
jpm[netbook]does ...19:34
jpm[netbook]just wanted to ask that19:34
Symmetriasourceforge is problematic because of the legalities and contracts and other crap19:34
Symmetriabut Im working on it19:34
trender100tb gee thats a baby huh :)19:34
jpm[netbook]not so much these days19:35
Symmetriatrender heh, ideally, tenet can just relocate the current mirror.ac.za hardware to ufs and we can rebuild it outta mirror.ufs and use that hardware 19:35
trendererm especially if its a movie collection from hell19:35
Symmetriaac.za has 150tb and 192gig of ram19:35
jpm[netbook]Symmetria: how about just pointing the mirror.ac dns records to ufs?19:35
jpm[netbook]for now anyway19:35
Symmetriaand 12 cpu cores 19:35
Symmetriajpm heh, tenet wont do that I dont think, tenet acts a bit strange about these things19:36
SymmetriaI'll ask patrick though19:36
trenderso much machine...19:36
trenderyer scaring my laptop with all this machine talk19:37
trenderhow does a machine even use 192gigs of ram19:38
trenderi think those machines are not very small im guessing19:40
Symmetriaheh no they arent19:41
trenderi remmebr the days when 48k and 64k where considdered bigger than youd ever need19:42
Symmetriaheh trender you'll find with me, I generally only deal in rather large things 19:43
Symmetriabandwidth, hardware, etc 19:43
trender640K even19:43
trenderi also deal in large things19:43
SymmetriaIve told patrick to redirect shit from mirror.ac to mirror.ufs19:44
trenderbut not the road most travel i want to eat as well19:44
Symmetriahopefully he does that19:44
Symmetriaanyway, almost 11pm where I am at the moment and ugh, 2 much work to do tomorrow19:44
Symmetriaso probably need some sleep19:44
Symmetriaheh, will be glad to be back in .za for a week next week before flying out again19:45
trenderanyhow the cp road is paved with small coins and it leads to stupidville19:45
Symmetriahehe trender I mostly play in the network / telecomms world19:45
trenderyea i was getting that picture mate19:45
trenderi also go proprietary19:46
Symmetria;p my goal on this one is to build a network bigger than what I managed at tenet19:46
trenderi cant pick up copper coins anymore im getting to old19:46
SymmetriaI succeeded in creating the fastest largest network in .za19:46
Symmetrianow I wanna build the fastest largest network in africa19:46
Symmetriajust to say I did it19:46
trenderah well thats an achievement i guess19:46
Tonberry_who has a bigger one at the moment?19:47
trenderthis morning i went to the toilet without assistance :)19:47
Symmetriatonberry heh, geographically liquids network is far larger than tenet's 19:47
trenderthat to me was an achievement19:47
Symmetriaspeed wise tenet is still top 19:47
Symmetriabut I'll get liquid to the same speed levels :)19:47
Tonberry_trender ive had a look at your server thingy. for some reason the designers decided that it would be a good idea to put the samba binary on the disk19:49
trendertonberry yes i deduced that the flippen hard way :(19:49
trenderall from first ugly rinciples19:50
trenderi understand this server box to a certain degree19:50
trenderbut i cant get those binary images anywhere19:51
trenderneed to compile them for armv4 and i dont know yet how the hell to do that19:51
Tonberry_that is going to be a pain19:51
trendertonberry yes thats what ive been told as well19:52
magespawnyou can]t use the ubuntu arm images?19:52
trenderubuntu has arm images ??19:52
highvoltageubuntu has never supported armv419:52
Tonberry_dont think ubuntu compiles anything form armv419:52
Tonberry_and that is a 2.4 kernel19:52
Tonberry_so veeeeery ancient19:53
trenderey this thing is 7 years old19:53
trendereven the waybackmachine is loosing track of it19:53
magespawnthey do have arm build though, don't they?19:53
trenderactually wayback is down19:53
highvoltageyou're highly unlikely to run any recently released software on that.19:53
trenderhighvoltage agreed!!!19:54
trenderarmv4 is not a Performance core19:54
trenderits a calculator core19:54
trenderdinosuar really19:55
superflyhighvoltage: what architecture does the Pi use, do you know?19:56
Tonberry_arm6 i think19:56
trenderalso the arm core19:56
superfly(well, ARM, but I know Ubuntu doesn't support the Pi's ARM)19:56
highvoltagesuperfly: armv619:57
trenderthis arm gets 168MIPS so its like 10x the power of a basic calculator19:57
highvoltagesuperfly: the pi has some v7 features too, like floating point19:57
highvoltagetrender: it's not so much about speed as compatibility, arm cpu designs aren't (usually) backwards compatible19:58
trendercubieboard in nicer than the PI im gonna get some of those to mess with19:58
highvoltagecubieboard is armv7, at least.19:59
SymmetriaI was told today to tell the people workingunder me at one of my clients 19:59
trenderwell i only do low level dev so i dont work much with chips that big19:59
Symmetriathat the work they were doing now could be considered a giant extended job interview20:00
Symmetriaand I was to report back on each of them in the n ext coupla months and their fates would be decided20:00
Symmetriatalk about pressure20:00
Tonberry_and all they want in life is job security20:00
trenderyou can never have job security20:00
trenderunless you stand on yer own feet mate20:01
Tonberry_and if you dont want a job anymore then they never leave you alone...20:01
trendereven then its still russian roulette20:01
Symmetriaheh this is why I work as a private contractor20:01
trenderthis is why i ride my own horse20:02
Tonberry_not everyone has 'ran/built tenet' on their cv20:02
superflyanyone else going to ScaleConf ?20:03
trenderthere is only one certainty in the job market an employer can always find annother pleb cheaper20:03
trenderso i rather employ then work20:03
trenderworking makes no sence20:03
highvoltageemployment makes lots of sense, in lots of situations, to many people20:04
trenderand a pat on the back and a plastic watch is not accepetable to me20:04
trenderpersonal choice20:05
Symmetriayeah its a choice20:05
Symmetriaand sadly, its also about who you know, especially in my industry20:05
Symmetriayou can be the best network engineer in the world, if you dont have the contacts to land the contracts20:05
Symmetriayou're fucked 20:05
trendercorrect again20:05
trenderdoors dont just open anymore...20:06
trenderto many plebs mate20:06
Symmetriathe advantage I have though in africa is a massive massive shortage of skill20:06
trenderyou say this now20:06
Symmetriaand as a result, for a guy in my line of work, there is always plenty plenty of business 20:06
Symmetriaheh trender you got a continent where 800 million people are still not net connected20:07
Symmetriaand maybe 100 really qualified network engineers 20:07
Symmetriabe *YEARS* before thats fixed20:07
trendersure duly noted20:07
Symmetriathat and the fact that universities and colleges dont train network people20:07
Symmetriathey train programmers etc 20:07
Symmetriabut no one is actually training service provider network engineers 20:07
trenderalways money in proprietary fields mate20:08
Symmetriaso the skill problem isnt coming right, its getting worse20:08
Symmetriaas such, its a gold mine20:08
trenderfor now a gold mine yea20:08
Symmetriathough honestly, I give myself another 5 years in this industry, and then I retire and decide what I wanna do from there20:08
Symmetriacoulda already done that, but Im still having fun and still have a few things I wanna achieve before getting out 20:09
trenderwell im gonna buy the farm and plant trees technology doesnt agree with me anymore20:09
Symmetriaheh thought long and hard about retiring when I left tenet but I was bored 20:09
trendermy passion flame burnt out years ago..20:10
trenderand the funny thing is i make more money not workin then i did in dev20:10
trenderjust turned to dev management rather20:11
Symmetriaheh for me, Im driven by attempting to achieve what no one else has before20:11
trenderSymmetria that is the normal flame20:11
Symmetriadoing things that even if no one ever notices them, I know I was first 20:11
Symmetriatrender yeah but its something very few people manage to actually get right 20:11
trenderbut as long as the money fuels the flame it will burn brightly20:11
Symmetriaand I will openly say, because Ive been lucky and been in the right place at the right time, Ive managed to do that several times over already, but not quite done, I wanna go oe step better 20:12
Trixar_zaI'm not really like that. I'm just attracted to difficult problems.20:12
trenderpassion is overated20:12
Symmetriamoney no longer fuels it for me either, because I dont need the money any more20:12
highvoltagetrender: it is?20:13
SymmetriaI made my money, Ive got enough for it to be more than content for the rest of my life, now its just about doing what everyone else says is impossible just because everyone says it cant be done20:13
trenderi cant get outta bed if the money isnt right20:13
Trixar_zaWish I could say the same. 20:13
Symmetriaheh trender I used to be like that, ,till I woke up and realized I honestly had no need for more money20:13
highvoltageSymmetria: I've never had money, but even so it's also never been a big motivator / factor for me for choosing the work I do20:13
trenderthere is always need for maney man20:13
Symmetriahighvoltage *shrug* I grew up dirt poor it was a factor for a while20:14
Symmetriathen it became meaningless once I realized I couldnt spend it all anyway20:14
Symmetriaand its now totally about the challenge20:14
highvoltagewell, there's a difference between being dirt-poor and living a modest life for sure20:14
highvoltageI'm perfectly content having enough to cover all my costs and saving up a little.20:14
trendermoney can do so many good things in the right hands20:14
Symmetriaheh Ive known both ends of the spectrum, hell, I spent 2 weeks living on the streets of joburg at one point 20:15
trenderand i can never have enough20:15
highvoltageSure I'd like a nice fancy car just like most other people do too, but I'm also happy just driving something simple and reliable and modest.20:15
Trixar_zaIt's always been about the challenge for me. Money or rewards don't really motivate me. The harder it is, the more I want to do it. Also I'm extremely lazy - as in I would put in a LARGE amount of effort so future effort is reduced for me.20:15
Symmetriaheh, the funny thing is, it was when I hit that rock bottom point, that I realized just how little money actually meant 20:15
trenderi dont care about opulent luxuries at all20:15
Symmetriatrixar lol, yeah, the difficult factor is kinda part of it for me, but the bigger factor is someone telling me that it cant be done 20:16
Trixar_zaYeah, that helps20:16
Symmetriathen I just have this insane need to prove them wrong20:16
highvoltagewhat I will say though is that making the right choices not based on money have often lead to opportunities to make better money20:16
Trixar_zaSpite just gives it that extra bit of flavour20:16
Symmetrialol trender I will openly admit I like my toys, some of which are extremely expensive 20:16
Trixar_zaActually that's how IRC Wiki came about20:16
highvoltageand on the flip side I've seen people who talk about money as their only motivator, and then those are the same people with nothing20:16
Trixar_zaMostly out of spite20:16
Symmetriaheh in particular, I like my cars ;p20:16
Tonberry_Symmetria you can't fix 8ta20:17
trenderi started with 0$ at the bottom as well mate20:17
Tonberry_worth a try...20:17
trenderi worked my ass off20:17
Symmetriatonberry haha the better one for me would be symmetria cant destroy telkom20:17
magespawnnight all20:17
Symmetria;p see that would be a challenge worth taking20:17
trendernigh mage20:17
Symmetriatrender lol I will admit that while a lot of normal luxuries dont mean much to me20:18
SymmetriaI am kinda obsessed with insanely fast cars20:18
Trixar_zatrender: Don't really understand the concept of working hard. Probably because most work is fun or interesting for me if it's challenging.20:18
trenderpeople who dont talk about money dont have money20:18
Trixar_zaProbably why I suck at asking people for money20:18
Symmetriacall it my drug of choice20:18
trenderperiod the law off attraction mate simpple20:18
trendersimple truth20:18
Symmetriahaha trixar I used to suck at asking people for money20:18
Symmetriathen I realized something20:19
trenderyou get where you head is at20:19
Symmetriathe work that I do for them, makes them money, insane amounts of it20:19
trenderif your head is on the money channel you get money20:19
Symmetriaand if Im gonna make them rich, I want my cut20:19
trenderits that simple20:19
Symmetriaso I stopped giving a damn about asking for my share 20:19
trenderif you head is on the stupid channel you buggerall20:19
Trixar_zaNever thought of it like that20:19
Symmetriatrixar lol I figure this, if Im gonna do something for someone20:20
Symmetriathat is gonna make them tens of millions20:20
Symmetriathen I have every right to make a mil or 2 off it myself20:20
trenderisnt that the general idea20:20
Symmetriatrender yeah but its something a lot of people who dont like asking for money forget 20:20
Trixar_zaBut I have to deal with my other problem though. How do I work out how hard something was to do? I can blast through some problems without really trying, but just because it was easy or fun for me, doesn't mean it would have been easy for somebody else. So I never know what to charge.20:21
trenderSymmetria now that there is the most important thing ive heard you say20:21
trenderworkers dont understand money and okes with money dont care about the work20:21
Symmetriatrixar LOL thats why I charge a standard hourly rate + commission on sales referals and in some cases, a profit share percentage 20:21
* Trixar_za writes this down20:22
trenderno worker ive ever met understood money20:22
Symmetriatrixar heh, at the moment, I charge a standard rate of $150 USD an hour as a standard rate no matter what Im doing20:22
trenderand thats the epic monumental stuffup20:22
Symmetriaif I refer sales to a company, I take 3% of gross revenue 20:22
Symmetriaand if its a new venure where money isnt available to pay me directly and I believe it will succeed, sometimes I'll just do a profit share percentage on future revenues 20:23
Symmetriabut the latter is rare 20:23
Symmetria(albeit extremely lucrative)20:23
trenderSymmetria eish my broe!!20:23
trenderdont play russian roulette20:23
Symmetriatrender heh, the latter pays well because I only do it if I dont incur expense doing it20:24
SymmetriaI will do profit share only with labour 20:24
Symmetrianot with anything that costs me anything of my own resources20:24
trenderhrm ok i get you20:24
Symmetriaand its actually made me a ton of money20:24
trenderthats ok then20:24
trenderi never step in liability unless i get 50% before i wake up20:25
trenderno exceptions20:25
trenderthe okes that dont agree dont need my airtime20:25
Symmetrialol trender the other thing about me, I dont mind risk 20:25
Symmetriakeep in mind, a vast percentage of the money I have today was made through high leveraged naked shorting 20:26
trenderrisk is ok when yer young to some degree20:26
Symmetriaand there is probably nothing more risky than that ;p20:26
Symmetriathough lol, after the markets tanked so badly when leemans etc folded, they banned naked shorting :(20:27
trenderive had okes order 250k on my table and drop me in the shit before20:27
trenderso i dont go down that road20:27
Symmetriatrender lol, Ive had outstanding naked shorts of multiple millions 20:27
Symmetriaand then you pray that the shorted stocks fall and dont rise20:27
trendereish man20:27
trenderi dont play them horses20:28
Symmetriayou know how shorting works right?20:28
trenderthat requires nerves of steel20:28
Symmetriawhen you buy a stock, if it drops, you can hold onto it and sell it when it rises again, so its a cash flow risk, but its not insane20:28
Symmetriawith a naked short, you sell stock you dont own 20:28
Symmetriaand have X period to buy it back20:28
trenderwell short is down long is up20:28
trenderor something20:28
Symmetriaso you sell like a million dollars in stock20:28
Symmetriaand in 2 weeks you gotta buy it back20:29
Symmetriaand you pray to god you can buy it back lower than what you sold it at20:29
highvoltagetrender: so you make a lot of money?20:29
Symmetriagoing long you can play a waiting game for moneys if need be 20:29
Symmetriagoing short, you got 2 to 3 weeks to replenish the stock bank20:29
Symmetriameaning you're entirely at the mercy of the markets moves over the short period20:29
Symmetriathats risky, in extremely20:29
Symmetriain extreme I mean20:29
trenderthe leverage can kill you in a heartbeat20:30
trenderneed to be an emotionless robot20:30
Symmetriatrender lol, especially when you leveraging millions at a time20:30
Trixar_zaI probably shouldn't say it. But it sounds fun.20:31
Symmetriaand unless you're leveraging millions at a time, its not worth doing it 20:31
Symmetriabecause you're relying on micro percentage moves to make the money20:31
highvoltageI had a Billion under my bed once.20:31
trenderits a double edged sword and it cuts deep both ways20:31
Symmetriahighvoltage I had you beat, I had 100 trillion under mine, it was zimbabwean though20:31
highvoltageah in zim$ I just have 100 million20:32
highvoltage(well, had. it expired)20:32
trenderi dont seem to make money my plans just keep getting bigger though20:32
Symmetriaheh trender what you really want is a million in leverage and then a 3% drop a day later20:32
Symmetriaheh the best I ever did was I heard some rumours on a particular stock20:33
Symmetriaand decided to take a total gamble20:33
Symmetrialeveraged a huge short, and the stock tanked 18% the next day20:33
trenderwell scalping is essentially what the banks do i recon20:33
trenderbut only with machines from helll!!!20:33
Symmetriait was a very very good day20:33
Symmetriatrender lol, they banned shorting like this now though20:33
Symmetriabecause heh, the shorting of bank stocks after the commodities mess 20:34
trenderyou news trading ??20:34
Symmetriawas driving the banks to bankcrupcy20:34
trenderi guess you must be no other way20:35
trenderi dont have the balls for that yet20:35
Symmetriatrender heh, I never insider traded, that would be illegal, but you hear many many things in this market 20:35
Symmetriaand you can analyze those things and figure out where things are gonna go20:35
trenderwell yea but you follow the news channels not insider new20:35
Symmetrialol trender its not a game you enter lightly, and not a game you enter without the resources to cover you if you get it wrong 20:36
Symmetriaheh I follow the news, I follow people, I follow everything ;p20:36
trenderoff course mate20:36
Symmetriamy standard browser has 18 different news sources open and auto refreshing every 10minutes 20:36
trenderyou need to up the ante if the stock moves the wrong way20:36
trenderyes i get the picture thats the right idea ;P20:37
trenderno other way20:37
Symmetriatrender honestly, I would say that doing what I was doing ( before they banned the naked shorting) was nothing more than high stakes gambling20:37
Symmetriaand I wouldnt advise anyone to do it 20:37
trenderyou need to hear a chinese butterfly fart in realtime20:37
Symmetriaits educated gambling, but its still gambling20:37
trendercorrect we all gamble mate20:38
Symmetriapeople forget something about the markets 20:38
Symmetriathey arent logical places 20:38
Symmetriaand they react to very strange things20:38
trendercorrect and you need to be onto the media20:38
trenderlike yesterday20:38
Symmetriaheh often what you would assume is gonna happen after one media release, is not what actually happens20:38
Symmetriayeah, the rand tanked *HARD* after a terrorism attack in boston20:39
trenderyea yea correct20:39
Symmetriawhy? well, thats hard to figure out ;p20:39
Symmetriaand 2 billion dollars got wiped out the other day when the bitcoin crashed20:39
trenderdepends which dirrection the sheep lean into the trend i think20:39
Symmetrianow theoretically that shoulda actually helped the price of gold 20:40
Symmetriabut heh, the bitcoin (which is an unsecured currency) crashed, and the safe haven which is normally gold (secured currency) dropped at the same time20:40
Symmetriawhich means that the money shoulda moved into the markets, that didnt happen either, and the markets got bitchslapped20:40
Symmetriait wasnt a pretty day ;p20:41
Symmetriaanyway, sleep time :) chat tomorrow all20:41
trenderey you need just have the ammo to up the ante20:41
trenderait mate take it easi cheers20:41
Trixar_zaGoodnite Symmetria20:43
trenderhighvoltage what sort of gambling do you do mate ?20:53
trenderi used to gamble with a day job but that tanked hehe20:55
trenderthank god the best thing i ever did was to gamble on myself rather then depend on the "way of the sheep"20:56
=== Trixar_za is now known as Trix[a]r_za

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