[snake]miksd, the documentation has the answer lying right in it. within it's texts(potentially) and you just come on here to wonder if just maybe someone else had that same exact issue XD00:01
leptonecan someone please help me find a text-to-speech solution. Orca with the default voice is terrible!!00:01
miksdi dont even know where i can find those docs00:01
miksdand 10 seconds googling didnt give me an answer00:01
[snake]10 seconds eh? how many results did you get?00:02
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[snake]probably greater than 10,00000:02
miksddont even know what to google00:02
[snake]wild guess00:03
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[snake]miksd, proccess of elimination. do not google: spy sheriff download.00:03
[snake]that will not help you XD00:03
_xubuntu_where is mouse and touch pad config file ?00:03
_xubuntu_nobody want help00:05
[snake]_xubuntu_, we do not know.00:05
[snake]could you be more specifc? :D00:05
quuxmanhmm, according to ubuntuupdates.org, the latest version of libgcr-3-1 in precise is 3.4.1-3~precise1. I have "precise main restricted" in my sources.list, and I've ran an update, but `apt-cache show 3.4.1-3~precise1` reports 3.2.2-2ubuntu4 as the current version. Any ideas?00:11
quuxmanPretty sure this is the root of my problem00:11
quuxmanoops, typo, `apt-cache show libgcr-3-1` is the command00:12
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quuxmanalthough http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/libgcr-3-1 reports the same that I have, 3.2.2-2ubuntu400:13
[snake]i've gotten bored with spy sherrif. now im using clam tk to delete it for me. :/00:13
* [snake] snorez00:13
nrdbI have moved my Internet connection from eth0 to eth1.... but the default route is still via eth0 ... how do I get it to go via eth1 ?00:13
[snake]nrdb, hm. i'd find out what starts things up for ubuntu at boot. and add the command there or something. heh. that's my best guess.00:14
[snake]nrdb, ~/.bashrc will execute at login i think00:16
quuxmananother potential lead: http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/gnome-shell doesn't show libgcr-3-1 or gir1.2-gcr-3, but those are the two packages depends that fail when I `apt-get install gnome-shell`00:18
* [snake] yawnz00:18
[snake]quuxman, what is the problem again?00:18
quuxman[snake]: an upgrade ran automatically, and my gnome desktop environment disappeared (no longer installed), and installing it produces that apt dependency error00:19
quuxman[snake]: "gnome-shell : Depends: libgcr-3-1 (>= 3.4.0) but it is not going to be installed"00:20
quuxman[snake]: that package version does not exist in my lists00:20
[snake]perhaps a dependency of it was not available, AND it was on the list to be removed. but that never happened to me.00:20
[snake]quuxman, just go download that file and stick it on your desktop. it should work after that.00:21
quuxman[snake]: I doubt I'll be able to install the needed version without a dependency explosion00:22
[snake]quuxman, ...00:22
[snake]get the executable file that it needs.00:22
[snake]and put it somewhere.00:22
[snake]then compile from source.00:22
[snake]./configure will see it and say OK! cool.00:22
siso80hi. my name is jeremy. I am a total newbie. first time linux user. first time IRC chat session. i have some questions for some gentle soul00:23
[snake]siso80, let it rip.00:23
DigiDuncanHelp, anyone?00:24
siso80got a nice fresh pinguy os install after having a horrible experience with windows 8. i cant get my wireless card to work though00:24
quuxman[snake]: this will take a lot of work, because I can't use apt. apt-get build-deps gnome-shell produces "E: Build-Depends dependency for gnome-shell cannot be satisfied because candidate version of package libgcr-3-dev can't satisfy version requirements"00:24
quuxmanhas anybody else had this problem?-00:24
[snake]quuxman, apt-get has super cow powers(see apt-get --help). but sometimes, under certain circumstances, on monday's, super cow powers are not enough. and you need to compile from source.00:26
[snake]siso80, is this ubuntu? if there is a jockey-gtk or a drivers installer then it might have it for your card.00:26
quuxman[snake]: yeah, I know abuot the super cow powers :-/. This is all very disappointing :-P00:26
_xubuntu_how can i change color of that string in terminal -> "vova@raketa$" ?00:26
[snake]_xubuntu_,  edit the file here: ~/.bash_profile i think00:27
[snake]or is it bashrc00:27
[snake]let me check00:27
quuxman[snake]: isn't it suspicious that the dependencies in http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/gnome-shell don't match `apt-cache show`?00:27
[snake]_xubuntu_, ~/.bashrc do you want mine? it's cool snake ~ $00:28
DigiDuncanHere's my issue: I consider myself a nerd, but not a coder. I, for Christmas, got a Windows 8 laptop, and have loved the freedom of a personal PC. Now, however, I feel the bulkyness and mere inusablity of it has gotten to me. I have a USB 3.0 2TB Western Digital Hard Rive, and want to install to that. This is my first time Linuxing, and I'm not sure what the problem here is. It does not recognize my E00:28
DigiDuncanxternal USB Drive as a drive it can install to, which is troubling because I have a tiny internal, and this is a laptop. If anyone could help me out, I would be extremely appreciative. Thanks! :D00:28
_xubuntu_[snake] there is .bashrc and .profile00:28
dr_willisDigiDuncan:  i install to an external same as i do an internal. i use the 'somthing else...' options so i partion the drive manually how i want. and am sure to install grub to the external usb .00:29
_xubuntu_[snake] what should i write to this file?00:29
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DigiDuncan"grub" what is grub?00:30
DigiDuncanRight now it's a empty, formatted drive.00:30
_xubuntu_[snake] give me you bash file pls00:30
siso80snake: there is a file on the desktop called additional drivers but it didnt help. yes this is ubuntu00:30
DigiDuncandr_willis ?00:31
[snake]_xubuntu_, im going to give you the lines that need changing so that it doesn't effect anything else.00:31
[snake]for you00:31
dr_willis!grub | DigiDuncan00:32
ubottuDigiDuncan: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub200:32
quuxman[snake]: ah, there are two versions of gnome-shell here I'm looking at, and the newest one isn't on the web page00:32
[snake]i'll send it in a pm query00:32
_xubuntu_oh damn xchat00:32
_xubuntu_no pm00:32
[snake]xchat has pm watch00:33
[snake]use /query00:33
siso80anyone know about realtek drivers for linux, my ethernet cable works but not wireless.00:35
rAg3siso80: u own hp envy ?00:35
siso80hp envy m600:36
[snake]siso80, you might as well saw it in half. jk00:36
quuxmanI just had to explicitly downgrade a few packages00:36
rAg3siso80: do lspci -nn , do u have a ralink wireless card ?00:36
[snake]quuxman, oh you got it now?00:36
DigiDuncanCan anyone please help me out?00:36
siso80yes railink00:36
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orangutanwhat's the original permissions of /var/www ?00:37
siso80haha snake, i just switched fo linux after bricking my laptop trying to downgrade to windows700:37
quuxman[snake]: still manually tracking broken dependencies and downgrading00:38
[snake]orangutan, I think it's root. read write. everyone else read only. why is /var/www/ not good for notmal users?00:38
[snake]quuxman, dll hell00:38
rAg3siso80: ok, yesterday as well someone had the same issue , go to railink site and download the linux driver corresponding to your device, copy it in /lib/firmware make sure of the permissions and restart your system , it should work00:38
ubuntuaddictedi am running an ancient x86 dell dimension 8200 which is only 32 bit but Ubuntu 12.04.2 installed the PAE kernel, I am running nvidia-96 and when I installed the non-pae kernel, it fails to load because it can't find the nvidia-96 module. how do I fix this?00:38
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orangutan[snake] didn't understand your question00:38
quuxmanI need to be more careful about reading the details of automatic upgrades00:38
orangutan[snake] can you please check exactly?00:39
[snake]orangutan, mine is set so that my user(snake) can edit /var/www/00:39
[snake]is that bad?00:39
siso80thanks rag3, i'll try that00:39
[snake]cause it was root read/write but no one else could write00:39
jetoleHey guys. From a terminal is there a way to view which X screen a pid is using? i.e. I ask what screen pid 31337 is using and it says :0 or :1 or whatever it is?00:39
ubuntuaddictedso how do I update the module so it'll work with my non-pae kernel?00:40
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jetoleubuntuaddicted: I came late but your comment got my interest. What was your question?00:41
[snake]orangutan, D: am I still not making sense?00:41
ubuntuaddictedjetole, i first was running a pae kernel but since I don't have more then 3GB of RAM I want to just run a normal kernel, i installed nvidia-96 when I was running the pae-kernel and now when I start the machine with the non-pae kernel, X fails to load because it's missing the nvidia-96 module00:42
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jetoleubuntuaddicted: you may have to either recompile the .deb (not what I recommend in your case) or just uninstall the nvidia ubuntu package and download the native installer from nvidia site itself00:43
jetoleubuntuaddicted: since you're not running the stock kernel the .deb was created to link into00:43
jetoleubuntuaddicted: but be careful since you will have to work outside of X between removing ubuntu package and install nvidia driver. Download that first00:44
dr_willisDigiDuncan:  look for videos on youtube on instlling.. i do it so often i dont even rember the steps. make 2 partions one for / one for swap and away you go00:44
ubuntuaddictedi work within a terminal (SSH) all the time. what if I uninstall the nvidia-96 driver and then while I am running the non-pae kernel, will it work then?00:44
ubuntuaddictedif I install the nvidia-96 driver while I am running the non-pae kernel?00:44
jetoleso does anyone know how I can say this process, whatever it is, pid or process name or whatever and have the system tell me it's running on :0 or :1 or not on any x instance?00:45
rAg3rAg3: d00:45
jetoleubuntuaddicted: I don't think so00:45
jetoleubuntuaddicted: modules are compiled against kernels00:45
jetoleso the nvidia-96 is compiled against a kernel you're not running00:45
jetoleubuntuaddicted: or just keep the pae kernel00:45
[snake]I think I know what happened. a hacker came in here by the name of orangutan and then asked if anyone had a normal permissions for /var/www/ HOPING that someone(like me) would tell him of their insecure server. then he would check their host and get their ip and hack the living hell out of your insecure web server. unfortunately for him I have a hostmask.00:46
ubuntuaddictedhow would whoever compiled the nvidia-96 know to complile it against the pae kernel only? when in fact the pae-kernel wasn't even out when the nvidia-96 module was made00:46
jetole[snake]: that makes no sense00:47
jetole[snake]: it's not insecure00:47
jetoleubuntuaddicted: the packages are compiled against the kernel package on your system00:47
[snake]jetole, thanks. I wanted an answer. it worked! but I was expecting him to defend himself XD00:47
jetoleubuntuaddicted: the kernel is pretty much one of several stock options from different packages00:48
[snake]orangutan, sorry for falsely accusing you of being a hacker. I take it back.00:48
ubuntuaddictedjetole, exactly, so If I am running a different kernel at the time I install nvidia-96 it should compile it against the running kernel00:48
jetoleubuntuaddicted: no00:48
jetoleinstalling a .deb doesn't... in almost all cases, compile anything00:49
jetolea .deb is compiled packages00:49
[snake]jetole, just to be clear. I have /var/www/ permissions so that any user on the computer can read/write. this is ok?00:49
jetoleubuntuaddicted: it's compiled by the package maintainer against the current kernels which are stock and common already compiled when they are distributed00:49
quuxman[snake]: that was painstaking, but yay, all fixed!00:49
jetoleubuntuaddicted: both the driver and ther kernel you are running are already compiled in their .deb file00:49
ubuntuaddictedjetole, if your argument were correct then any kernel available to me within ubuntu 12.04.2 should work with nvidia-9600:50
jetoleubuntuaddicted: unless you use a non standard kernel in which case you need to improvise00:50
jetole[snake]: not at all00:50
[snake]quuxman, that's good. :P weren't you the one being short with people that were trying to help you earlier?00:50
jetole[snake]: I thought you meant /var/www was owned by your user00:50
[snake]jetole, it is owned by my user.00:50
jetolebut has o+w00:50
ubuntuaddictedi think i know why, it's because the kernel source isn't installed for
jetole[snake]: if any user can write there then that is insecure00:51
[snake]let me check. is there a command that will tell me everything to give to you?00:51
quuxman[snake]: sorry, I was just frustrated. Someone suggested it was a video driver problem, and it clearly was not00:51
jetoleubuntuaddicted: doesn't matter if you're installing the nvidia package via apt/ubuntu/dpkg/synapse/whatever00:51
jetoleubuntuaddicted: hold on one sec and I'll show you00:52
[snake]quuxman, a friendly way to say that might be, I am 99% positive that is not the issue here, sir/ma'am.00:52
[snake]you've been forgiven. go and sin no more quuxman00:52
ubuntuaddictedthe headers need to be installed also00:52
[snake]jetole, I'll take a picture.00:52
jbates58Hi all. Im looking for a program or something that will ping a site to give me my internet ip address every hour, and then either email it to me, or upload it to a basic site. Dont want to have to pay for a static ip or dns.00:52
quuxman[snake]: haha, thanks00:52
jetoleubuntuaddicted: actually I just checked. nvidia-96 is a faux package for one several others. Run this: dpkg --get-selections | grep nvidia00:53
jetoleubuntuaddicted: that will display all packages with nvidia in their name that you either have installed or have installed and uninstalled without a purge00:53
jetoleubuntuaddicted: http://packages.ubuntu.com/quantal/nvidia-9600:53
siso80rag3: i downloaded the driver but i dont know what you mean by the "library" or firmware folders. where are they located00:54
jetole[snake]: I'm just telling you it's insecure. If you change it keep it or delete it doesn't make a diff to me00:54
quuxman[snake]: oh damn! all my extensions are gone00:54
[snake]jetole, http://ericshaw.dyndns.org/woot.png00:54
rAg3siso80: extract the driver and copy it to /lib/firmware/00:54
[snake]quuxman, extenstions?00:54
jetole[snake]: though the perms may or may not affect remote vulnerabilities depending on what you're running on the web server00:54
[snake]jetole, the picture is of my www folder's permissions as seen by nautilus.00:55
jetole[snake]: is ericshaw.dyndns.org your web server?00:55
ubuntuaddictedDKMS is dynamic kernel module support meaning the nvidia-96 driver should work with both the pae and non-pae kernel00:55
[snake]yes. i trust you all to not hack me if this is a vulnerability.00:56
[snake]that was not sarcasm btw. that is really my webserver.00:56
jetole[snake]: if ericshaw.dyndns.org is your web server then your host mask is worthless. I won't hack you because I don't care. I have a good job working with servers and even if I didn't care about not going to jail I doubt you have anything worth my time but I cant vouch for the younger kids in here.00:57
[snake]jetole, what about the permissions man, tell me about the permissions! lul00:57
jetole[snake]: well yeah but now anyone who wants it now has your IP. I doubt anyone will hack you but you mentioned how your host mask protects you. I consider myself protected by running a firewall and not opening random public ports to the world but whatever00:58
jetole[snake]: are you trolling?00:58
[snake]i am not. you have yet to answer my question is why i am repeating myself :(00:59
Jpmh[snake]:  and jetole  previously snake had some strange theory about oranutan now this - what's really going on here?01:00
[snake]you said no remote vulnerabilities. does that mean the only threat is if another user(like little-suzy) decides to rm -rf /var/www ?01:00
siso80rag3: it says i dont have any rights permissions, how do i change that?01:00
[snake]:| i see why you guys think i may be trolling. but im not01:00
rAg3siso80: sudo ?01:00
jetoleallowing everyon to write to any server directory of any software is insecure if someone exploits some other app and gets an account as nobody they can write a .php to your web server that runs commands as www-data user and we begin the escalation path where one act of non best practice and poor security might just be opening the tiny doorway they need to finally escalate to root01:01
jetole@ [snake]01:01
Jpmh[snake]: the blog you have there is certainly an issue if you really have no understanding of security01:01
jbates58(jbates58) Hi all. Im looking for a program or something that will ping a site to give me my internet ip address every hour, and then either email it to me, or upload it to a basic site. Dont want to have to pay for a static ip or dns.01:01
[snake]jetole, oh.01:01
jetoleJpmh: I don't know or care anymore. Either he's a kid learning and arrogant and he'll grow out of it or he's trolling. Either way I answered and I'm done. Watching a movie and going to bed01:01
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jetolegood luck guys01:01
dr_willisi thought that was the main reason for 'groups' to allow specific people acce3ss01:01
[snake]Jpmh, why. what is it?01:01
jetoledr_willis: it's one method01:02
[snake]jetole, good night01:02
julian-delphikijbates58, what you're looking for is dynamic dns01:02
jetoledr_willis: pretty much right on that one01:02
jetoleok. I'm out01:02
Jpmhjetole: I agree - I only said what I said to warn others from being sucked in by him = if he does not intend to troll he is trolling anyway01:02
Jpmh[snake]:  and anyone else = if you don't understyand security DONT give others access to your computer01:03
jbates58I know that, just dont want to pay for one. Thats all. If im doing that, wouldnt i be better off paying for a static ip through my isp?01:03
[snake]dr_willis, after Jpmh  explains about the blog can you help me make a group that can edit /var/www/ and contents01:03
dr_willis[snake]:  not really. that should be covered by dozens of apache and security guides online.01:04
[snake]Jpmh, im on linux, i assumed that's ok. actually i came on here one day to ask about additional security and everyone said i'd be fine.01:04
dr_willis[snake]:  person just needs to be part of the www-server group or whatever it is i belive01:04
[snake]dr_willis, ok :/01:04
Jpmh[snake]: you changed the security and made it less secure - and apparently do not uderstand what you are doing or are trolling01:05
[snake]i understand about the folder now. with someone gaining access with another exploit and then that being wide open. but now what about additional security.01:05
OmarAHi can someone help me install Java 1.7.0_170 for Xubuntu?01:05
siso80rag3: i am not familiar with sudo,  i have seen refrence to it on this chat01:06
[snake]just as jetole said.01:06
[snake]siso80, to get root permissions just use sudo -i and enter your password01:07
clarehi i can't find my software,only can with type them on terminal01:07
[snake]in the terminal. then the permissions error you're getting might go away.01:07
rAg3nixsiso80: i'll pm you, if thats ok?01:07
[snake]clare, you mean installing software?01:07
clareinstall or use it01:08
Jpmhsiso80: be careful - we have already estanblished that [snake] is a troll or that he does not understand security = generally sudo -i should be avoided unless you REALLY need it01:08
[snake]clare, what version of ubuntu are you using, and what environment are you using.01:08
OmarAHi can someone help me install Java 1.7.0_170 for Xubuntu 12.04?01:08
DHRI've got a problem with cheese (the program, not the food).  On precise.  So I want the debug symbols.  So I add software sources as per https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProgramCrash.  But sudo apt-get install cheese-dbgsym fails.  It looks as if the repo's don't have dbgsym for the latest cheese.  Is that normal?  Is that a bug?  Am I confused?01:08
[snake]Jpmh, dude. that's not true. i am not a troll01:08
siso80yes thats ok01:08
siso80snake is a troll?01:09
clarei don't know what enviroment01:09
Jpmh[snake]: I said you were a troll OR you do not understand security and have demonstrated that you compromised your own system - I stand by that01:09
=== DigiDiabetes is now known as DigiDuncan
[snake]Jpmh, the latter??? obviously. THAT'S WHAT I WAS ASKING ABOUT.01:09
Jpmhsiso80: I do not know that he is a troll  = he has shown a lot of signs of it but if not - he does not understand security and has compromised hs own system01:09
[snake]---- <- line where I quit talking to you.01:10
Jpmhsiso80: what do you want to do that you need sudo for01:10
[snake]clare, is your desktop environment showing up?01:10
clarei guess yes01:11
siso80i want to get permissions to extract something to lib/firmware01:11
[snake]clare, so you say you cannot even click on them :( idk I never had this issue before.01:11
ubuntuaddictedjetole, you were wrong, after I installed the nvidia-96 module while running the non  -pae kernel everything is working again01:12
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clareahh find them on it01:12
[snake]ubuntuaddicted, sarcasm: OH JETOLE MUST BE A TROLL01:12
clarethank you01:12
[snake]clare, ok.01:13
siso80i tried sudo -i and it made me root, but when i tried to extract i still i didnt have right permissions01:13
Jpmhsiso80: that is what you should not do01:13
[snake]siso80, im sorry. that must not have been the issue i was thinking then. :/01:13
clarebut i can't install software like exe01:13
Jpmhsiso80: if you need to run A COMMAND then sudo it - don't make yourself the root - run the command as root01:13
[snake]clare, oh. exes do not usually work for linux, what software are you tryning to get. if you MUST run that exe file then you can use wine01:14
subcoolanyone famliar with Bridge interfaces?01:14
subcooli lost interenet access01:14
[snake]you can get wine in the Ubuntu software center.01:14
siso80jpmh, i dodnt understand.01:14
=== benmoose is now known as SonikkuAmerica
clareputin method01:14
[snake]siso80, he means use sudo command here instead of sudo -i01:14
clarelike sougou pin yin01:15
Jpmhsiso80:  first type exit to UNDO the fact that you are the root and then tell us specoifically what you want to do01:15
miksdtoo much work to type sudo all the time01:15
miksdbetter just sudo -s01:15
collisionsystmor just, sudo bash01:15
julian-delphikior sudo su -01:15
siso80exited. now i want to extract a driver i downloaded to lib/firmware. when i try to do that it says i dont have right permissions01:16
Jpmhmiksd: if you know what you are doing I think you are probably right - but realistically with a shell that has jistory the sudo takes almost no effor and is MUCH safer - remember these people do not understand what they are doing - do you really want them as root?01:16
clarei installed the wine01:17
clarebut don't know how to use it01:18
[snake]clare, right click on your exe and it should have an option "run under wine"01:18
collisionsystmIf you have Wine installed, right click on your .exe file and hit, OPEN WITH WINE01:18
Jpmhsiso80: and how are you trying to do that extra - be specific as to what command you are using - also - please include who you are responding to in your responses so we get alerts01:18
siso80jpmp did you see my last post, and yes i dont know what i am doing01:18
harriswhy does the ubuntu weekly newspaper get sent from 2 email addresses01:18
Jpmhsiso80: I think our postings crossed01:19
clarei use wine open it ,and the words on software not themself01:20
siso80jpmp: thanks in advance, first time is always the hardest.  i downloaded a driver for my wireless card. someone told me i should extract it to lib/firmware.  i am using pinguy distribution01:20
[snake]clare, if you get an error about an executable bit then simply right click on the file> properties> tab: permissions> check: allow executing01:20
[snake]clare, oh01:20
=== |_ocke2 is now known as |_ocke
[snake]clare, what language do you speak if you don't mind me asking?01:20
[snake]is there a chinese #ubuntu?01:21
ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw01:21
she_dyedkung hei fet choy01:21
she_dyed >-(01:22
[snake]wilee-nilee, thankyou.01:22
ubottuTämä kanava on tarkoitettu vain englanninkieliselle keskustelulle. Jos haluat suomenkielistä apua (K)ubuntun ongelmiin, liity kanavalle #ubuntu-fi / #kubuntu-fi :-)01:22
siso80jpmh: i am using a pinguy os gui,01:22
[snake]siso80, does /lib/firmware/ exist?01:23
[snake]did you check. idk01:23
yahyaaI have a HP Mini but I can not get my wifi driver installed can anyone help01:23
harriswhy does the ubuntu weekly newspaper get sent from 2 email addresses01:23
siso80snake: yes i found it01:24
Jpmhsiso80: I would check the instructions on the page where you got the driver - and sadly I am not aware of the pinguy os gui - what is that01:24
SonikkuAmericayahyaa: What's your network card?01:24
siso80[snake]: just no permision01:25
[snake]harris, because it allows them to send one copy from email-a to email-b. which forwards it to everyone. my pastor does this.01:25
[snake]siso80, sudo did not help right?01:25
Jpmhsiso80: please BE VERY careful about accepting advice from [snake]  - do not do anything suggested unless others confirm it01:26
harrisi get from joseeantonior@ubuntu.com   and     lyz@ubuntu.com01:26
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JoseeAntonioRharris: for this issue, I was the one releasing it, that's why you received it from me today01:26
Jpmhsiso80: what is the ownership and pernissions of the directory that yoiu want to extract to?01:26
JoseeAntonioRbut usual is lyz01:26
harriswho is lyz01:27
yahyaadont know01:27
harrisand cool so you get paid01:27
SonikkuAmericayahyaa: Run [ lspci ] in a terminal.01:27
yahyaaok wait on01:27
IdleOneharris: ask in #ubuntu-news01:27
JoseeAntonioRharris: we are all volunteers on the community, and why are you asking that?01:27
[snake]siso80, if you do ls -l /lib/ and tell us the string in front of the firmware folder it should look like this sort of: drwxr-x--x01:28
harrisand JoseeAntonioR what is worth reading in todays issue01:28
[snake]that will tell us the permissions01:28
harrisand cause im fasinated01:28
IdleOneharris: You have been told before that this channel is for Ubuntu support (distro support)01:28
harrisi switched to the other channel01:29
harrisi didnt know where to ask01:29
yahyaabcm4312 802.11b/g01:30
[snake]JoseeAntonioR, was my answer to harris wrong? just curious. my pastor has all his emails go to everyone from two emails.01:30
[snake]so i thought it was the same01:30
JoseeAntonioR[snake]: nope, he was asking about today's issue01:30
[snake]oh ok. nvm then01:31
Mio-chanHello - am I in the correct channel for Ubuntu (distro) support?01:31
[snake]Mio-chan, yeah01:31
[snake]what's up?01:31
Mio-chanThank you [snake], just making sure - So, I've been having issues for the past few weeks. Reinstalled 12.10 to make sure. On website such as the PlayStation forums or CNN's live tv, after logging in and redirecting, the websites simply do not log me in, regardless of which browser I use, etc. Works fine if I use a browser w/WINE, or another distro.01:32
Mio-chanwebsites such as*01:32
[snake]Mio-chan, that is extremely strange haha. I'm not sure.01:33
Mio-chanIt's only happening to me on 12.10, too.01:33
Mio-chan13.04 works just fine.01:33
JpmhMio-chan: what browser?01:33
[snake]my friend was having issues with his ubuntu password just on the computer. I think his was 12.04 though.01:33
jcrzaHey people. Would a dd image I took of a linode Ubuntu server work if I just overwrite my sda with that image?01:33
Mio-chanI've tested it on Chromium, Chrome (stable), Firefox (stable) and Firefox UX.01:34
Mio-chanOh, and Opera.....01:34
JC_SoCalif i have a directory -- how can i find the size .. i did ls -alh and i got 4.0k ... but thats the size of the directory, not the directory plus the contents01:34
Mio-chanIt's only worked with Firefox under WINE.01:34
Jpmhjcrza: usually - as long as you did not set up any special drivers etc01:34
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[snake]who is an op?01:34
rAg3nixJC_SoCal: du -h01:34
jcrzajpmh: Nice. Do you know what I would need to do on the destination machine? Can I boot from the Ubuntu install usb and do that in rescue mode?01:35
JpmhMio-chan: sounds like you have installed something that is intercepting cookies or flash cookies - does this happen on a virgin install for you01:35
JC_SoCalrAg3nix: thx .. how can i concat all the data down?  it shows the size of every folder and its sub directories01:35
Mio-chanYes - I tested this a few weeks ago immediately following a fresh install01:35
Jpmhjcrza: I copy machines all the time by dd of a known working system - I have literally hundreds of installed machines I made that way01:36
Jpmhjcrza: so not sure what else you need01:36
rAg3nixJC_SoCal: what exactly do u want as output ? or are expecting?01:36
she_dyedJpmh: the machines have identical HW specs?01:37
JC_SoCalforgot -S01:37
JpmhMio-chan: then you have me - clearly something is interfering withat that and it makes no sense that multiple browser and multiple sites would have the same issue if something was not stopping the cookies etc in the header from being sent01:37
jcrzaJpmh: I just mean, I have kind of a logistical problem. The dd image is on the destination machine, and i'd need to boot from something to overwrite the main drive, but the image I need to write is on that drive. My only option is to get the image from my network storage, but I have no idea how to mount network storage from terminal01:37
[snake]Mio-chan, Jpmh perhaps it is an input method problem. like maybe wine uses a different one than default.01:37
[snake]cause that happened to me sort of once with ssh. though I don't use ssh I fixed it when I got home with my input methods01:37
Jpmhjcrza: boot from a live CD and do the dd copy01:38
[snake]use ssh anymore01:38
Jpmhshe_dyed: they do not need to be identical01:38
[snake]hi adante01:40
[snake]ask question haha01:40
Jpmhjcrza: and you will probably need to copy that image to a second drive of some type and then back - second drive could be USB drive etc though01:40
adantei run service mysqld start and it says [FAILED] - where do i go to find out why? i've had a look in /var/log but can't see anything obvious?01:40
[snake]adante, use sudo to start services.01:41
Jpmhadante: DO NOT01:41
[snake]adante, assuming that's the issue.01:41
adante[snake]: it's not - i am running as root01:41
adanteJpmh: do not what?01:41
Jpmhadante: we have warned others already that [snake] may be a troll or does not understand security01:41
[snake]sudo service apache2 stop is what I do. ok. heh.01:41
shcherbakadante: mysql, not mysqld?01:41
Jpmhadante: do not follow advice from [snake]  that may have security inplications01:42
siso80hi, back again, computer froze. snake and rag3 and one other was helping set permissions to extract a file with bzip to lib/firmware. i tried to make myself root but it still said i had no permission01:42
[snake]adante, and I have to ignore Jpmh so that I do not look like a jerk and it's really hard since he just keeps trying to get on my nerves like this.01:42
adanteschmidtm: there is no mysql service?01:42
adanteshcherbak: there is no mysql service?01:42
Jpmhsiso80: we were waiting for you to tell us the permissions and ownership of /lib/firmware01:42
adanteschmidtm: (sorry wrong person)01:42
[snake]siso80, we're still here01:42
Jpmhsiso80: what are they01:42
shcherbakadante: sudo service mysql start; does it work?01:43
adanteshcherbak: no - i am already running as root01:43
[snake]shcherbak, listen to turtle, remember he said not to do that.01:43
shcherbakadante: mysql --version01:43
siso80jpmh: hmm the permissions and ownership? not sure how to answer question. dont "I" own it01:43
Jpmhadante: I am not familiar with mysqld but there are many products that specifically will NOT start from root to protect you and the system01:43
SonikkuAmericaadante: In other words get rid of sudo.01:43
[snake]and mysqld is not one of them01:44
shcherbakadante: and drop root, please01:44
Jpmhsiso80: do an ld -l /lib/firmware and tell us the owmnership/group and permissions01:44
ubuntu_is there any one in here that knows about openvpn01:44
julian-delphikiJpmh, stop arguing. mysql requires root to start.01:44
[snake]i have it too adante sorry I didn't know that you were already root haha01:44
miksdsiso80: ls -la /lib/ |grep firmware01:45
[snake]miksd, ooh. I love grep <3 lol01:45
Jpmhjulian-delphiki: as I said - I am not familiar with that product - which is why I said "there are many" - most products that do need it use the suid anyway01:45
julian-delphikiim not sure how one is not familiar with mysql.01:46
julian-delphikiits sort of the go-to database.01:46
julian-delphikifor web apps01:46
[snake]julian-delphiki, yeah I like it. but one mistake and I'm a troll and wrong about everything :D01:46
Jpmhjulian-delphiki: I run systems that do not need an sql data base - I administer only a few hundred at this time though01:47
siso80jpmh: when you say do a... do you mean type this ld -l/lib/firmware into the terminal01:47
miksdsiso80: no, type ls -la /lib/ |grep firmware01:47
[snake]siso80, he misspelt ls but use the grep one. it will get you the correct data01:47
Jpmhjulian-delphiki: yes - I am aware of that - our servers run our own web-aps and we do not use sql - that does not imply that I think there is anything wrong with it though - just don't need it01:48
[snake]ls -la /lib/firmware/ will list the contents of firmware/ not what you want.01:48
Jpmhsiso80: I do01:48
[snake]we want permissions of firmware/ not the contents of firmware/01:48
Jpmhsiso80: and really I mean ls -la /;ib/firmware |more01:48
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[snake]i must have a misunderstanding of some sort01:49
Jpmhsiso80: since there MAY be a load of stuff there but the . directory is the one we are interested in01:49
SonikkuAmerica[ ls -la /lib/firmware | more ]01:49
shcherbakpoor siso80...01:49
miksdi thought we wanted to know permission of /lib/firmware/01:49
miksdnot whats inside of it01:49
[snake]yes miksd that's what I thought01:49
[snake]shcherbak, it's Jpmh wants to insist that I'm a troll and tell everyone I try to help to not accept help from me.01:50
Jpmhmiksd: I agree - we do - I was assuming - and you know what they say abiut assume - that he would realize - hence the change to ls -la and the | more01:50
[snake]that the person we're helping would realize and change the advice we give him? you are not saying this right?01:50
Mio-chan[snake]: (responding to:   perhaps it is an input method problem. like maybe wine uses a different one than default.) So, how would I fix that?01:51
Jpmhsiso80: the method will work too - there is always more than one way - the important thing is that we need to know the ownership and permissions of that directory01:51
[snake]Mio-chan, are you in regular ubuntu desktop environment?01:51
[snake]or gnome or what?01:51
JpmhMio-chan: if you are using a browser then there is no possible "input method" difference01:52
[snake]of that directory not the contents of that directory01:52
[snake]^^ to siso80 Jpmh01:52
Jpmhsiso80: so either the ls -l /lib|grep firmware or the ls -la /lib/firmware |more will get us what we need if the former then there MAY only be one line, if the latter, the first line01:53
Mio-chan[snake], I am in Unity/gnome01:53
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[snake]Jpmh, I give up. I must misunderstand. :C01:54
Jpmh[snake] is correct that the ls -la will give the contents of the directory - but the first entry is the . which is the directory itself01:54
siso80jpmh: got the list, not sure which one . directory is,  sample line looks like this:         drwxr-xr-x  27 root root 4096 apr 1501:54
she_dyedusually that dot is first on the list01:55
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Jpmhsiso80: is that the info from the first line - does it start with a dot which we can not see here?01:55
[snake]Mio-chan, go to settings and find input methos01:55
siso80jpmh: yes i see now there is a  .01:55
[snake]i think I may be getting a lag or something. sorry if I just wrote something twice. as it did not appear to send for me.01:56
Jpmhsiso80: since you say you understand little I will risk being patronizing: the drwxr-xr-x means that it is a directory and that the owner can read/write/xecute - the group can read/exeecute as can all others01:56
Jpmhsiso80: and the root root means that it is owned by the root and the group is root too01:57
Jpmhsiso80: now do an ls -l on the file that you are trying to extract from please01:57
ubuntu_hi room is there anyone in here that uses openvpn with the abuntu linux01:57
[snake]Jpmh, wait so what does the . do again?01:57
shcherbaksiso80: cd /lib/firmware/ && sudo touch test;01:57
Mio-chanYep, I'm there [snake]01:57
[snake]i know. but im confused.01:57
siso80jpmh: you are not patronizing, this is my first day at linux.  i am greatful01:58
Jpmh[snake]: the first entry in the directoy is . - which is itself - the second is .. which is the directory above it in the tree01:58
[snake]oh. wait. I had read it and thought it was apart of your command. /lib/firmware/.01:59
[snake]sorry about that01:59
FloodBot1[snake]: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:59
[snake]Mio-chan, now I think it must be an input method drop down list or something.01:59
siso80jpmh: how do i type the command for my file and the ls -l01:59
Mio-chanit's currently set to "none"01:59
Jpmhsiso80: did my explanation make sense then - realize that all files have an owner and a group the drwx etc is d rwx XXX XXX etc where the d is the type - d=directory - the first rwx is read/write/execute for owner, the second02:00
[snake]Mio-chan, oh. what is the options, maybe send in a pm so it is not flooding. I need to stop using enter as puncuation oops.02:00
JpmhXXX is for members of the same group and the last is for all others02:00
Jpmhsiso80: the file that you dowloaded is somewhere - I don't know where you put it of course.  Type:  ls -l theFullPathOfWhereYouPutIt02:01
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Jpmhsiso80: example:  ls -l  /home/me/Downloads/theFile02:01
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Guest77278Hello, I have a problem with sound02:06
Guest77278I use HDMI cable, and ATI radeon02:07
[snake]Guest77278, what is it, be specific. all in one convenient message :P02:07
Guest77278ok, sorry,  my sound doens work. I click in System and sound, I choose digital, but doesn work. I try change in alsa, but doens work too02:08
julian-delphikiGuest77278, can you pastebin the output of "aplay -l"02:09
Jpmhsiso80: since not hear more from you I am assuming we are abandoning this - good luck02:10
[snake]siso80, Jpmh his computer might have froze again.02:10
Guest77278julian-delphiki,  http://pastebin.com/embed_js.php?i=7Lxqezpp02:11
[snake]Jpmh, I'd like to hash this out in a query with me and you, but I'm scared. you will misunderstand me in every way possible and say I set up a server with tons of content just to play tricks in some ubuntu support channel.02:12
Jpmh[snake]: he is still ponging pings so he has not completely frozen02:12
[snake]oh ok02:12
siso80jpmh: no my computer didnt freeze. i just cant get the wording right , i keep getting no such file. where you wrote "me" should i right my computers name. the file is in downloads02:12
Jpmhsiso80: I suspect you may get that  - that's why you can't extract - there is no such file02:13
[snake]it makes sense now02:13
Jpmh[snake]: so shoot02:13
siso80jpmh: ls -l /home/me/downloads/2011.3_dpo_v202:15
Jpmhsiso80: when you downloaded where did you place file - I assume it asked for a destination - actually how did you download it?02:15
siso80jpmh: i downloaded from chrome to donload folder02:15
Jpmhsiso80: then it should be in that folder - it it isn't then you put it somewhere else or it did not download and that is why you can't find it02:16
julian-delphikiGuest77278, okay, "alsamixer -c 2" should give you the mixer for that02:16
julian-delphikiGuest77278, and from there you can see if it is muted,02:17
[snake]Jpmh, I have been using my www directory with the owner as my user snake for a while. I was asking orangutan if that was good or bad. jetole said it's ok. thinking I just meant what I told you just now. but my exact words were(and this is what I thought before I checked as I forgot) were that everyone could read/write and everything.02:17
Jpmhsiso80: do you remember what you named the file02:17
julian-delphikiGuest77278, you can upload a screenshot of that if you want.02:18
siso80jpmh: no it's there i just cant get wording of query correct because i dont understand linux. like what is the file extension my file is called 2011.3_dpo_v2 ans it is in donwload folder02:18
Twenty-threehi guys, how do you do? my wubi stopped working so i decided to install 12.04 as a dual boot and migrate wubi to it. I tried it and the wubi-move said that it could not move to /dev/sda5 because it was mounted, am i meant to run the wubi-move from wubi?02:18
julian-delphiki[snake], having the user as the owner of www is fine, really depends more on what user the server is running as.02:18
Jpmh[snake]: the www folder that is setup automatically is usually not owned by a regular user - did you change it?02:18
[snake]Jpmh, THEN he said that I was insecure, why would I do that. oh you just gave us a link after saying "my hostmask protects me"02:18
Guest77278julian-delphiki,  ok02:19
Jpmh[snake]: what webserver are you running?  And did the install create that www directory02:19
[snake]Jpmh, THEN, you came in before I explained that I did not care if people knew my ip. I set up that hostmask a while ago.02:20
[snake]Jpmh, apache2 made it.02:20
Jpmh[snake]: apache2 usually makes it owned by apache - did you change it02:20
Guest77278julian-delphiki, http://img341.imageshack.us/img341/5906/capturadetelade20130415.png02:21
[snake]Jpmh, THEN, you guys had thought since I was asking a question that was so absurd(even though I still at this point forgot that I was simply the owner, it is NOT open to everyone to read/write), that you blamed me for being a troll.02:21
[snake]Jpmh, I never had an apache group or user.02:21
julian-delphikiGuest77278, okay, its not muted.02:21
julian-delphikiGuest77278, now, does the file /etc/asound.conf exist?02:21
Jpmh[snake]: when you install apache2 it makes the user and the diretory, usually, how did you install it02:21
[snake]Jpmh, it WAS owned by root. so I had to use the dreaded sudo all the time02:21
julian-delphikiusing sudo is a good idea.02:22
[snake]jpmh I followed a guide. let me get it.02:22
julian-delphikimost of the time02:22
wilee-nileeTwenty-three, So you installed ubuntu on a partition is this correct?02:22
[snake]julian-delphiki, not when I say it.02:22
[snake]Jpmh,  this is the guide I used https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP02:22
[snake]the installation created the directory /var/www/ with the owner as root.02:23
[snake]probably because of sudo apt-get02:23
[snake]presumably. sorry for flooding. i keep forgeting :(02:23
Twenty-threewilee-nilee, nice to see you, indeed and followed the instructions for the wubi-move but i'm confused whether it should be run from wubi or from the newly installed 12.0402:23
Guest77278julian-delphiki, No exist02:23
Twenty-threenice to see you again*02:23
julian-delphikiGuest77278, can you make it? (http://pastebin.com/GsRsJCC1) as the content02:24
Jpmh[snake]: ok - I see that - and then you changed the owner to snake and the permits to 777, yes?02:24
[snake]Jpmh, the insecure thing that jetole had said was insecure was letting EVERYONE read/write. it is not so, I made that mistake when I was asking the question. I had forgot that I simply chown ed it02:24
[snake]no 77702:25
[snake]only chown snake /var/www/02:25
Jpmh[snake]: I said 777 yes, and you said no 777 - did you change it to 77702:25
wilee-nileeTwenty-three, I have never done it but you need a partition without ubuntu already in it I believe. It looks like from wubi or a live cd.02:25
siso80jpmh: i just went into downloads and changed the file name to 2011.  when i ls -l i can see /home but not /home/me/downloads.  is it just home/downloads02:26
Guest77278julian-delphiki, ok, made02:27
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Jpmhsiso80: the /home/me was an example - I do not know where you downloaded it - if just in /home/downloads then do the ls -l on that02:27
[snake]siso80, use cd to change directories02:27
julian-delphikiGuest77278, now try playing audio02:27
Twenty-threewilee-nilee, I tried to do it from a live cd as well, but in there the problem was different, i indicated the path for the wubi and it said i needed to specify the fyle system, if i remember correclty, anyway, since I have installed the 12.04 i guess i ought to format that partition now02:27
wilee-nileeTwenty-three, You should post on the ubuntu forums the one helper is there daily and get you setup. They have been on here but not often.02:27
wilee-nileewill get you*02:28
Twenty-threewilee-nilee, noted, i'll try that when i get home, thanks02:28
Guest77278doens work02:28
wilee-nileeTwenty-three, Cool just have wubi in the thread header they will stop by. ;)02:28
shcherbaksiso80: crashcurse in cli? pwd; ls $HOME; cd ~/Downloads; ls -l02:28
shcherbaksiso80: man ls; man man02:29
Guest77278julian-delphiki,  see this screenshot http://img690.imageshack.us/img690/5906/capturadetelade20130415.png02:29
[snake]shcherbak, haha. wow. see I don't think fast enough for other people but I can do that sort of stuff for my machine. :P02:29
[snake]like if I want something done. I use cat and grep. and the commands that aren't apt-get you know. cause a friend gave me this book called practical linux02:30
[snake]it's dated, but is still very good02:30
julian-delphikiGuest77278, could try rebooting. im not sure if a service should be restarted or not02:31
shcherbakdr_willis: bless you, master.02:31
[snake]dr_willis, i do not have 777 I do not think. let me give the the dwxr---e stuff02:31
Jpmhdr_willis: as always you amaze me - how you always find this stuff02:31
[snake]yes. that is good. let me check02:31
tomlolso I just ran the package update and now I have no menus or anything.  is there a way to bring up a term or something?02:31
dr_willisJpmh:  quick search on askubuntu.com and sort by 'votes'  ;)02:31
shcherbaktomlol: Alt-Ctrl-t02:32
tomlolshcherbak: ty02:32
subcoolanyone familiar with networking on ubuntu?02:32
[snake]dr_willis, this is my www directories permissions: drwxr-xr-x good or bad?02:32
dr_willisneatest trick ive seen for allowing a single user full access to  the www stuff is to have the web server look in the users home dir. ;)02:32
[snake]i unfortunately cannot read them strings02:32
Jpmh[snake]: we have all been telling you that it is bad to allow other users in there02:33
[snake]dr_willis, not such a bad idea but I think I'm going to use what that second link said.02:33
dr_willisis all i searched for . then sorted by 'votes' ;)02:33
[snake]Jpmh, others have. you've been calling me a troll with all due respect.02:33
Jpmh[snake]: set the permits to something like 755 so that other can read if you wish as long as apache2 is running as snake, since yu say that is the owner02:34
[snake]Jpmh, ok.02:34
Jpmh[snake]: if apaches is running as apache then you will need to set the owner to that or set an owner in your httpd.conf file if the system is to wtite to files - if read only then the 755 will work02:35
[snake]Jpmh, dr_willis gave me a link about making a new user for it. im going to do that.02:35
[snake]since. why not02:35
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[snake]Jpmh, I believe you also mentioned something about the blog being a problem specifically. or was that someone else?02:36
dr_willisor I think you can just add the user to the www-whatever group.. but i rarely mess with web servers.. i bet  the #apache channel will  know02:36
Jpmh[snake]: I actually run my servers with User in the httpd.conf file and the directory for the server specified there and that directory is not /var/www and is owned by the user that I specified the server to run as02:36
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[snake]Jpmh, I'm going to be completely honest. You know how the apache2 documentation say to read the whole thing, and not just reference it?02:37
Mio-chanAlright guys, I'm back - I'm having issues with logins on websites that redirect, (like Playstation Forum or CNN's live TV which use external logins). I am only having this issue on Ubuntu 12.10, and I have tested throughout multiple browsers.02:37
Jpmh[snake]: I think that the blog concern is that: a) typically this requires write, since people want to add comments, b) typically they run using mysql and people are not great about patching and so we get a lot of code injection issues02:37
[snake]Jpmh, Mine is not mysql and there is no comments :D02:38
[snake]mine is a php include02:38
Jpmh[snake]: I realize apache is REALLY huge and complicated - I work with it daily - it is a BEAST.  The example sites-enabled files though are a good clue - but if you have only one ap then you can just set the ownership of the directory to the user that apache operates as02:39
[snake]and I wrote a C program that makes the html file(the blog) that is php included02:39
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[snake]Jpmh, Oh ok.02:39
Jpmh[snake]: are you saying that your visitors can NOT post?  If so, then I would NOT have the directory owned by the user apache but a different one - that way a rogue piece of code can not write to it02:40
Jpmh[snake]: have the server run as apache and the directory owned by snake and set as 755 - apache will then be able to read it and only you will be able to write to it  - having said that - without bad code - a user should not be able to write anyway - so this is belt and suspenders if no one else gets access to your machine02:41
_xubuntu_it there any additional items for xfce panel?02:41
_xubuntu_like cpufreq, weather02:42
[snake]Jpmh, I have exactly what you described. so I'm good.02:42
Jpmh[snake]: I thought you said you had the direcvtory read/write for everyone02:43
tomlolI upgraded via the update manager or w/e, and now it seems like my window manager is crashing.  I don't have any menus.  I can pull up a term, but it doesn't have a title bar.  Every once in a while it pops up something about compiz.  Any thoughts on how to fix?02:43
braiamhave you restarted the pc tomlol?02:44
[snake]You see, in my huge story earlier, you may have missed it, I say, "The boy forgot a detail. He presumably said it was read/write by everyone, when it was not. Then corrected himself once he checked."02:44
tomlolbraiam: yes02:44
subcoolSomeone- anyone.. ubuntu, BRidge.. gateway issue02:45
=== marcelo is now known as Guest68217
Guest68217julian-delphiki, itś work02:46
[snake]correction for clarity: *He presumed that it was... and said so.. though he was wrong.02:46
Guest68217julian-delphiki,  before I reboot, I reinstall de ATI drivers again, but it's work02:47
Jpmh[snake]: then I think you are reasonably safe - I do note you have an interesting situation with some of the ports so you may want to run behind a router with no PNP and forward ALL ports except 80 to somewhere else - and of course never have anything valuable on a machine that is on the web accepting incoming connections as it must as a server02:47
julian-delphikiGuest68217, ok02:47
[snake]Jpmh, it's my sister she has a minecraft server. the rest, 80, 8080, and 443 I think are me.02:48
=== jd is now known as Guest80227
Jpmh[snake]: my advice to someone with a low activity blog like that is to place it on one of the many free public servers.  I will not name them here because we do not promote products here02:48
tomlolbraiam: it had me restart when I upgraded, which I assume is a kernel update.  All I can guess at is that I turned on nvidia drivers and it got confused.02:48
Jpmh[snake]: I am not seeing 443 enabled at this time02:49
Guest68217julian-delphiki,  Tkank you02:49
Guest68217thank you julian-delphiki02:49
[snake]Jpmh, can I use php on these servers? oh. sorry. idk It's an HTTP web port forward template by verizon02:49
[snake]i thought it had 44302:50
julian-delphikinp, Guest6821702:50
Jpmh[snake]: most of them allow php and perl - since it is free I will name one that I have used: memebot - but there are plenty of others that also do not have annoying popups - they just hope you will get big enough that you will need to buy service later02:51
[snake]thanks for the advice and everything. I'll look for one of these free public servers that you cannot promote, but I do not think that is against the rules or COC but w/e02:51
[snake]idk. i like my server.02:51
[snake]its fun02:51
=== jack is now known as Guest79768
[snake]goodnight everyone02:52
[snake]also my server is off at night. cause it's loud. I know I know, servers belong in data centers. XD02:52
tomlolnah, they belong in the living room.02:53
SonikkuAmericatomlol: XD. I could sleep in a data room no problem.02:53
Genyartesting this chatroom02:58
GenyarAnyone here?02:58
GenyarAny computer tech experts here?02:59
SonikkuAmericaNot I, said the college freshman.02:59
[snake]Genyar im an ameture but i try to help. :D02:59
SonikkuAmericaBut if you state your problem we can try to help XD02:59
GenyarI"m an amateur, too02:59
GenyarI have a problem with third party threats03:00
GenyarI'm using Kubuntu 11.0403:00
GenyarAnd when I go on Yahoo chess and YouTube using Firefox, I'm getting a third party warning......03:00
[snake]All in one line next time please, and thankyou :)03:01
shcherbakWhat third party warnings?03:01
=== Termana is now known as Guest3302
GenyarFirefox tells me "You have requested an encrypted page taht contains some unencrypted info, that can be read by a 3rd party easily03:01
[snake]Oh. I usually ignore that.03:02
wilee-nileeGenyar, 11.04 is end of life03:02
GenyarNot helpful, guys03:02
[snake]Even google has that warning on there page if you do a search03:02
Pinkamena_DSo I am running something with wine and getting a bunch of feedback in the terminal I want ot post on a forum. PRoblem is that even with the scroll buffer set to "unlimited" It does not go back far enough. What would be the command to send the output to a file?03:03
SonikkuAmericaGenyar: I know it sounds unhelpful, but EOL is EOL.03:03
gizmoPinkamena_D, try wine <program> &> fileName03:03
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades03:03
[snake]Pinkamena do command | i was gonna say cat but whatever03:04
shcherbakGenyar: What about other browsers on same pages? And firefox settings?03:04
Pinkamena_DThat worked prefect, thank you!03:04
GenyarI have Reconq browser, but I don't use it03:04
Genyarsmn told me you can't modify your Firefox settings to rid your third party threats03:05
* wilee-nilee never gets a 3rd party threat warning03:06
* SonikkuAmerica uses Chrome03:06
shcherbakGenyar: Warning comes from http content embedded into https site, me thinks. chromium handels this quiet in my case on same sites.03:06
DHRPinkamena_D: also look at the "script" command.  It captures output in a file and works in more cases.  Type "man script" for the usual manpage.03:06
wilee-nileeits a flash warning most likely I use noscript03:07
[snake]I just realized cat is for concatenate :(03:07
GenyarI don't have Google Chrome installed03:08
wilee-nileeno cookies saved nor history and a tracking cookie remover03:08
DHRGenyar: if you are worried about security (as your question suggests), do update ubuntu!  12.04 LTS is good and stable.03:08
GenyarBut I'm afraid to do any more updates with my limited memory03:08
[snake]How much?03:08
GenyarI have one big hard drive03:09
GenyarIt stores 466 GiB03:09
GenyarBut the total physical memory is only 270 MiB03:09
SonikkuAmericaDHR: lol goodnstable :) That it is.03:09
[snake]Thats good hdd space. But i thought you meant ram. Oh03:09
osubuck_Genyar, ouch03:10
Genyarthat doesn't make sense to me03:10
[snake]Only 270 eh?03:10
Genyarit's an old computer03:10
SonikkuAmericaSounds like a jumper issue.03:10
DHRHow do you get a number like 270MiB?  Not exactly a power of two.03:10
GenyarI have an AMD Athlon 64 processor 3200+03:10
[snake]Genyar is your hdd have bad sectors?03:11
tr0gd0rAny idea why uptime would say 2 users are logged in, however who shows only 1 user03:11
wilee-nileeubuntu would not run with a 1/4 a gig of ram03:11
GenyarI don't know03:11
nevynyou're kidding right?03:11
GenyarMy storage size is 466 GiB03:11
osubuck_storage isn't the concern03:12
SonikkuAmericatr0gd0r: Run the [ who ] command.03:12
GenyarMy total physical memory is 1.41 GiB03:12
DHRGenyar: Athlon 3200 didn't normally ship with RAM that small.03:12
[snake]Wille its hdd not ram03:12
DHRGenyar: why did you say 270MiB?03:12
osubuck_maybe current usage?03:13
GenyarMy free physical memory is about 270 MiB (18%)03:13
nevynsigh bloated crud... minimum memory is 334mb and 512Mb for 64bit.03:13
[snake]Thats his hdd is sometging wrong with your hdd?03:13
GenyarNo, my drive is working03:13
GenyarAs far as I know, but this computer is old03:13
DHRGenyar: free physical memory is meaningless, as far as I know.  Linux uses otherwise unused space for caching, so the "used" size is always high.03:13
tr0gd0rSonikkuAmerica: Who only shows one user logged in03:14
[snake]You are saying you only used 270 mb?03:14
nevynhttp://www.linuxatemyram.com/  is hillarious for that problem.03:14
DHRGenyar: 1GiB RAM is enough.  I think that 512MiB is enough.03:14
SonikkuAmericatr0gd0r: Is it logged in twice, once from ttyX and once from another space?03:14
GenyarMy disk buffers 62.80 MiB03:14
[snake]1gb suffice for sure03:14
nevynDHR: 12.04 minimum specs say 51203:15
SonikkuAmericatr0gd0r: where X is a single-digit integer03:15
GenyarMy disk cache is 509 MiB03:15
tr0gd0rroot@chi:~# who03:15
tr0gd0rroot     pts/0        Apr 16 06:51 (rofl.typr.org)03:15
tr0gd0rroot@chi:~# uptime03:15
tr0gd0r 07:14:41 up 14 days,  5:47,  2 users,  load average: 0.08, 0.02, 0.0103:15
FloodBot1tr0gd0r: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:15
tr0gd0rsorry FloodBot1 :(03:15
[snake]Gengar please jusy update. You have enough03:15
shcherbaktr0gd0r: in terminal: w; and do not flood, use pasebin03:15
SonikkuAmericatr0gd0r: (Next time, use the pastebin.) Exit root and see if [ who ] only has 1 user.03:16
GenyarI have enough free memory?03:16
[snake]Sorry im on my phone *Genyar *just03:16
[snake]Yes you do03:16
tr0gd0rI do not have console access, only ssh03:16
GenyarBut how much RAM do I have: I can't figure it out?03:16
tr0gd0r[ w ] shows the same info as who03:16
DHRGenyar: you don't need free memory to update, you only need memory :-)03:16
tr0gd0ronly 1 user listed: root pts/003:16
SonikkuAmericatr0gd0r: I assume, however, that you ran su rather than log in AS root...?03:16
tr0gd0rSonikkuAmerica: I am logged in directly as root03:17
Genyaroh, that's good, I have enough memory, mmmmm03:17
DHRGenyar: "cat /proc/meminfo | head -1"03:17
[snake]Gengar we will be glad to help you after you update to 12.04 thankyou. :)03:17
SonikkuAmericaGenyar: or 11.10, support on that is good too, but only for about 3 weeks03:18
[snake]Oh ok. Might as well do LTS though haha03:18
GenyarWhat's the point in updating if Kubuntu 11.04 is dead?03:19
shcherbaktr0gd0r: is it remote box? netstat and auth.log03:19
DHRGenyar: "cat /proc/meminfo | head -1" is easier to type03:19
[snake]To resurrect it.03:19
tr0gd0rshcherbak: actually just figured it out.  There was a process -bash running as root.  I killed it and its showing the correct info03:19
Genyarthat character after meminfo is not familiar to me03:19
shcherbaktr0gd0r: or this way03:19
GenyarIt looks like a / or a 1, but not the same03:20
DHRGenyar: "head -1 /proc/meminfo" is easier to type <== what I meant03:20
[snake]Genyar it's called 'pipe'03:20
tr0gd0rshcherbak: actually no it didnt work03:20
Genyaroh, I see03:20
=== dominic_ is now known as mihdih
DHRGenyar "|" is called "pipe" in shell ("or bar" normally).03:21
fjodorhey, skype is crashing every few hours. what can i do. 64bit, 12.10. activated partner repositories03:21
subcoolOk- i keep getting pushed back here,03:21
subcoolso if anyone would like to help with a stupid bridge issue.. Im having issues with a gateway03:21
Genyarok, that will help me determine how much RAM memory I have?03:21
shcherbakGenyar: free; top; htop03:22
osubuck_for future reference "ram memory" is redundant :P03:22
DHRGenyar: what does it say?  Mine says "MemTotal:       16434784 kB"03:22
[snake]subcool i knew i should've studied more networking03:22
subcoolits great stuff03:23
GenyarWell, I need to go on the Konsole first......03:23
subcoolbut my issue with with ubuntu- im sure03:23
=== jeff_ is now known as Guest6417
[snake]Genyar, yeah. Do that first haha03:24
shcherbakGenyar: or, gui system monitor03:24
* SonikkuAmerica resists the urge to puff his chest out and refer to KDE apps with a German accent03:24
Genyarnone of those commands worked, DHR03:26
icedwaterI see sn_op is gone :P03:26
subcoolIm running into a ton of guiedes.. i dont get why this is such a hassle for my system.03:26
DHRGenyar: in what way?  Error message?03:26
Genyaryes, no such directory03:26
Rsvci would like to install ubuntu in my desktop, what do you think about?03:26
[snake]Rsvc do what you want.03:27
tr0gd0rLol now its worse.  Uptime shows 3 users logged in however [ who ] only shows one03:27
SonikkuAmericaRsvc: What [snake] said.03:27
shcherbaktr0gd0r: netstat -tuep03:27
DHRGenyar: you probably typed something incorrectly.  Can you paste EXACTLY what you typed here?03:28
tr0gd0ronly one ssh session03:28
GenyarNo such file or directory03:28
Genyarshould I change my directory before I try those commands?03:29
DHRGenyar: not what it typed (although that too is useful because it isn't exactly what you reported), but exactly what YOU typed.03:29
DHRyou are missing some spaces03:29
shcherbaktr0gd0r: check auth.log and top, most likely uptime holds dropped connections or login attempts, "users"03:29
Genyarok, type it here for me, if youplease03:30
GenyarI'll copy and paste03:30
DHRGenyar: "head -1 /proc/meminfo" is easier to type <== what I meant03:30
ntzrmtthihu777suppose I have two scripts, one that records my screen and another that opens a window with my webcam in it. how would I go about creating a script that runs both at the same time?03:30
DHRscript1 & script203:31
Genyaroh shit, I'm inthe bash directory, let me check sth.....03:31
DHRGenyar: current directory doesn't make a difference03:31
ntzrmtthihu777DHR: ah! so a single & would do it, where & would only do one after the other completes properly?03:31
Genyarok, I'm in the right directory......I'll try it again....03:32
shcherbakntzrmtthihu777: via cron or at?03:32
Genyarokay, ......it worked03:32
h00kGenyar: please keep the language appropriate03:32
ntzrmtthihu777shcherbak: on command. I record my screen with a python script, and mplayer does the webcamming. I just want to combine them for screen casting purposes.03:33
Genyar1477044 KB total memory03:33
[_-S1L3NC3-_]System Memory: Free: 13.15 GB; Used: 2.85 GB; Total: 16.00 GB; — [❙❙❙|❙❙❙❙❙❙❙❙❙]03:33
ntzrmtthihu777Genyar: gimme some! >3<03:33
DHRGenyar: plenty for 12.04 LTS, my recommendation.03:33
DHRLTS means fewer updates required.  Better tested.  Just a little less exciting.03:34
shcherbakntzrmtthihu777: /j #bash is best advice here, since you asks for multithreading which do not exist in bash03:34
she_dyedntzrmtthihu777: when your second command is mplayer, hit CTL-Z03:34
she_dyedand bg to background both03:34
GenyarWhat about all the applications and updates I already installed for Kubuntu 11.04?03:34
DHRbash has multiprocessing.  Who needs threads?03:35
[snake]It should stay Genyar03:35
GenyarSo, you mean I should update my Kubuntu to 11.04?03:35
SonikkuAmericaGenyar: YES. 11.04 no longer gets updates.03:35
ntzrmtthihu777DHR: me I gues.03:36
GenyarI mean from 11.04 to 12.04?03:36
SonikkuAmericaGenyar: Yes, 11.04 > 11.10 > 12.0403:36
DHRGenyar: Ubuntu does pretty good updates.  There is a little risk, for sure.  I used to do a clean install each time, but I've gotten lazy: update is easier.03:36
ntzrmtthihu777I have a python script and an mplayer command I need to execute at the same time and end at the same time.03:36
GenyarMmmm, what's this about 11.10?03:36
GenyarYou said update to 12.04, right?03:37
DHR"Yes, 11.04 > 11.10 > 12.04" is quite wrong03:37
she_dyedntzrmtthihu777: that way your terminal is freed for more commands03:37
osubuck_Genyar, the text you're reading here doesn't go away after you read it03:37
[snake]ntzrm use pythonscrpt.py && mplayer03:37
ntzrmtthihu777she_dyed: actually I should like to be able to keyboard interrupt it once I'm done.03:37
DHR&& isn't at all like &.  It is wrong for this purpose.03:38
theboythatlivedim having computer problems03:38
theboythatlivedim using xubintu03:38
SonikkuAmerica!details | theboythatlived03:38
ubottutheboythatlived: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."03:38
ntzrmtthihu777[snake]: and the script after && will not execute unless the first one executes properly, and then only after.03:38
SonikkuAmericatheboythatlived: #xubuntu is the place to go !!03:38
she_dyedreplace the CTl z with ctl C to interrupt03:38
[snake]Oh wait sorry03:38
[snake](Pytgonscript &) mplayer i think03:39
theboythatlivedthere are tons of certian things that i cant  click on03:39
[snake]:(  &03:39
theboythatlivedsry that took me a long time to put in there03:39
shcherbakntzrmtthihu777: nohup, for mpayer and console for pyton script to be able to interupt?03:39
[snake]BWAH. I think ots just one & no parentheses03:39
MestreLionif I install new desktop files in ~/.local/share/applications, why dash requires a log out and back in to show them? shouldn't update-desktop-database be enough to refresh it?03:40
GenyarHow many MB is 1,477,044 KB?  is that my RAM memory?  What does that number represent?03:40
DHR[snake]: Kind of like I said in the first place.03:40
theboythatlivedsomne things i can click on at times and i can click on at others03:40
ntzrmtthihu777shcherbak: suppose I have a bash script that executes both commands, would the & do it and allow me to interrupt the script?03:40
shcherbakGenyar: roughly 1GB03:40
DHRGenyar: MiB = 1024 KiB03:40
GenyarI miss the days when 1 MB was exactly 1,024 KB03:40
[snake]DHR sorry. I didn't see yours.03:41
theboythatlivedand my mind is going really slow so ill type in something in then ill stop in the middle or forget to submit it03:41
MestreLionGenyar: 1 MiB is still exactly 1024 KB03:41
[snake]It is genyar :( what are you talking about?03:41
shcherbakntzrmtthihu777: no, & sends to background, folks in #bash channel will sort you out in seconds03:41
GenyarNo, I think one MIB is 1,000 KB and one MB is 1024 KB03:41
theboythatlivedmy mouse works just fine though03:42
MestreLionGenyar: the opposite03:42
MestreLionGenyar: and it's MiB, not MIB03:42
dr_willisMarketingBytes :)03:42
DHRGenyar: MIB is nothing.  MiB is 1024 * 1024 B03:42
theboythatlivedand i cant figure out what virsion im running03:42
ntzrmtthihu777DHR: MIB is Men In Black03:43
theboythatlivedi cant currently click on anything except things inside this program03:43
theboythatlivednow i cant click on anything03:44
MestreLionGenyar: and you shouldn't miss the days where IT people hijacked SI prefixes used for centuries to mean 1000 and "determined" they would now mean 102403:44
DHRlots of people's problems are vague, so they are hard to help.  My problem is less vague but I can't get help.03:44
theboythatlivedwell i can do the mass select thing03:44
[snake]DHR What is it again?03:45
theboythatlivedbut everything there is to select is covers by irc chat03:45
DHRI've got a problem with cheese (the program, not the food).  On precise.  So I want the debug symbols.  So I add software sources as per https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProgramCrash.  But sudo apt-get install cheese-dbgsym fails.  It looks as if the repo's don't have dbgsym for the latest cheese.  Is that normal?  Is that a bug?  Am I confused?03:45
theboythatlivedis cheese in the software center you might want to look there03:46
[snake]Just go get dgbsym and compile it I'd say.03:46
[snake]It might be normal umfortunately :(03:46
Genyarok, so 1 MiB is 1,024 KB?03:46
[snake]Genyar it barely matters. it is greater than 512 mb so its good03:47
MestreLionGenyar: K is 1000, as in kilogram, kilometer. How dare IT folks use the *same* unit to express 1024, just because it is convenient? It was wrong! That's why Ki Mi Ti was created03:47
theboythatlivedso has anyone seen anythijng like that before?03:47
DHRGenyar: 1024 and 1000 is close enough for purposes of sizing for installation.  RAM is always in MiB or GiB.  Except...03:47
theboythatlivedcause its messing up my computer03:47
GenyarYeah, we're niggling over kilobytes03:48
theboythatlivedill look somewhere else03:48
theboythatlivedoh wait i cant click anywhere03:48
[snake]Just update already Genyar lol03:48
Genyarbut when I looked up memory facts on Wikipedia, I got confused, and my old assumptions about memory were upset03:48
[snake]theboythatlived. Just reboot03:48
theboythatlivedtryd that03:48
DHRI started on decimal machines so 20K digits was 20,000 digits.  And Atari named their models based on decimal numbers (130XE, 520ST, 1040ST).03:49
theboythatlivedover and over and over03:49
theboythatlivedits really weird03:49
subcoolsomeone- networking.. please03:49
[snake]theboythatlived. Shutdown. Wait 8 seconds. Then keep it off and dont come back. :C03:49
MestreLionDHR: because decimal numbers are used by humanity for millenia :P03:49
she_dyedtheboythatlived: try a different mouse03:49
[snake]That was mean im sorry03:49
duhamelhello all, I had some 404 errors when running: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:sun-java-community-team/sun-java6/03:50
GenyarBut I like the old system that is based on the binary system for computing, it's very easy to calculate03:50
she_dyedtheboythatlived: see if changing mouse improves or not03:50
theboythatlivedbut the mouse works fine it will do the mass select thing it just wont work anywhere else03:50
Genyaroh yeah, the old system uses the terms KiB and MiB to refer to binary03:50
MestreLionGenyar: the "old" system still exists, it was renamed to Ki Mi Gi so not to hijack an even older standard :P03:50
theboythatlivedill try it03:50
duhamelit all works now i used apt-get but my problem is that when i apt-get update it is showing the packages that failed and i was wondering if there was any way to easily clean it up in terminal.03:51
Genyaryes, that makes sense03:51
MestreLionGenyar: where K = 1000 since the greek03:51
ejvNone of this is directly Ubuntu support related; you can discuss units of measurement in #ubuntu-offtopic .03:51
[snake]Genyar you're updating currently right? :D03:51
duhamelmaybe -autoclean?03:51
DHRGenyar: my memory is 1000000000000000000000000000000000 bytes (in binary)03:51
Genyarthat means I have to stop referring to 1 MB as 1,024 KB03:51
DHRI don't actually think that is easier03:51
=== unrealanoyed is now known as _unreal_
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:52
ejvDHR, Genyar, ^03:52
duhamelor where i would look for ppa downloads that haven't been installed?03:52
Genyarrather one MiB is 1,024 KiB, right?03:52
MestreLionGenyar: correct03:52
theboythatlivednvm i dont have another moyuse currantly avalible03:52
MestreLionGenyar: but the "old" (and wrong) system can still be used in specific, non-ambiguous context03:53
theboythatlivedactually i do03:53
MestreLionas in when talking about RAM size :P03:53
Genyar^, what does that symbol mean?03:54
[snake]Carrot: ^03:54
julian-delphikimeans to read up03:54
MestreLionwhere, unlike HDD, will always measure in 102403:54
[snake]Read up03:54
MestreLionGenyar: it means "pay attention to the line where I said this measument talk is offtopic" :P03:54
_unreal_why does every one say (read up) when english is written TOP to BOTTOM03:55
Genyaryou mean I should be updating now?03:55
GenyarDon't I need to close all my applications and backup my registry and files, before I update to 12.04?03:56
MestreLion_unreal_: that's precisely the reason... up = previously written03:56
DHRGenyar: it means that you and I should not waste IRC characters discussing MiB vs MB because that isn't a UBUNTU thing.03:56
_unreal_play on words ;)03:56
theboythatlivedit worked but hgow?03:56
theboythatlivedi could do other things with that mouse03:56
theboythatlivedbut just not everything03:56
Genyarok, DHR, thanks for your help03:57
she_dyedtheboythatlived: a different mouse now?03:57
theboythatlivedbut it dosent make any sense03:57
MestreLionHow can I refresh the dash to show .desktop files I've just installed into ~/.local/share/applications?03:57
theboythatlivedbecause i could click with that mouse03:57
Genyarugh, now I need to figure out how to back up my registry and personal files, before I update to 12.0403:58
she_dyedtheboythatlived: maybe the other mouse needed some more tweaking, and the button was not being detected correctly so it highklighted the irc chat03:58
theboythatlivedbut just not everywhere always03:58
ntzrmtthihu777MestreLion: no clue, they always show up immediatly in my gnome menu03:58
DHRGenyar: "registry" is a Windows concept, not Linux.03:58
MestreLionntzrmtthihu777: gnome menu? I mean the dash in unity03:58
Genyardamn, I knew youwould say that, DHR, sorry03:58
MorpheausDHR: yah - we now have gconf...03:58
DHRMorpheaus: quite :-(03:59
ro9any one using i3 with 12.0403:59
Morpheausabout the same imo03:59
theboythatlivedwell see you later03:59
MestreLionGenyar: Deja Dup, or rsync, or unison or... oh, so many options03:59
ntzrmtthihu777MestreLion: yes, and I understood that. I'm merely stating it refreshes imediatly in my menu, so I don't see why it would not in your dash.03:59
[snake]Gengar just put your files on dropbox. But they should still be thete after update03:59
[snake]No need to back up except if you just want to for saftey.04:00
GenyarI I have a Windows XP computer with way more memory and processing speed04:00
DHRRepeat: Genyar: Ubuntu does pretty good updates.  There is a little risk, for sure.  I used to do a clean install each time, but I've gotten lazy: update is easier.04:00
ro9i'm tring to get the theme working in i304:00
MestreLionntzrmtthihu777: I think it is a dash bug... it does refresh for software I install via .deb / software center, but not for user-only software installed to ~/.local04:00
Genyarand I have a huge external backup drive for personal files04:00
[snake]No need. Update, :D04:01
ntzrmtthihu777MestreLion: gtk-update-icon-cache, give that a shot. you may have to sudo it.04:01
[snake]Pleaase, we're begging.04:01
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ntzrmtthihu777Genyar: best option is to have a separate /home partition.04:02
=== nso95 is now known as Nathan
MestreLionntzrmtthihu777: I can try, but sudo is not an option... I'm installing it to ~/.local for that reason :P04:02
=== Nathan is now known as Guest55404
MestreLionntzrmtthihu777: and the dash shows the launchers if I log out and back in... But I wanted it to show in the same session04:03
=== Guest55404 is now known as Nat3
=== Nat3 is now known as NateNate
MestreLionAll I need is a way to tell Unity/Dash: hey, there are new files in ~/.local/share/applications, please refresh!04:04
ntzrmtthihu777MestreLion: you're not a sudoer, then?04:04
[snake]Must sleep Gengar. Good luck updating I guess04:04
MestreLionntzrmtthihu777: I am, but there is no point to use admin priviledes to make menu refresh04:05
=== NateNate is now known as NaTehGr8
MestreLionnor I want to require so just for the convenience of not logging out and back in04:05
ntzrmtthihu777actually as part of post-installation (which requires sudo) the command I gave is called.04:05
ro9any tip on using i304:06
MestreLionit looks like Unity/Dash is not updating itself when I use update-desktop-database or update-mime-database04:06
faclomhey guys.. is it normal to download packages in PPA?04:06
MestreLionfaclom: define "normal"04:07
Morpheausfaclom: normal?04:07
faclomMestreLion: safe, suggested, etc04:07
SonikkuAmericafaclom: If they are in your software sources and they are hit or gotten from a [ sudo apt-get update ], yes,04:07
Morpheausfaclom: adding a PPA to download packages?04:07
SonikkuAmerica!ppa | But04:07
ubottuBut: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge04:07
MestreLionfaclom: it all depends on how much you trust the host04:07
Flannelfaclom: Any arbitrary person can make a PPA and put whatever they want in them.  So it's no different than downloading random software from the internet.04:08
faclombeacuse i need to get a catalyst 13.1 driver for my videocard.04:08
MestreLionfaclom: that one you can download directly from AMD04:08
faclomMestreLion: hmm I had many problems installing it manually04:08
Morpheausfaclom: it's not as "tested" as the ubuntu releases (main) - you can always add the PPA, try the package, and if it fails, remove it and then remove the PPA - as always _back up your system_ before making major changes if you use it constantly04:08
faclomI will try agian then04:09
Morpheausfaclom: I would generally trust a PPA before a manual make && make install...04:09
MestreLionfaclom: only install PPA from people you trust... I, for example, have some PPAs from original upstream authors, like wine, deluge, etc, those are as "safe" as the upstream software04:10
she_dyedoh make/make install is not for everyone04:10
Morpheausfaclom: with apt - you have options to uninstall - not all make packages or bin files have an uninstall04:10
cschneidAre there any good articles on hardening an ubuntu server install? What kinds of things should I do? (fail2ban and beyond)04:11
MestreLionfaclom: but AMD keeps so PPA... and specially when concerning a proprietary video card driver, I would not trust anyone but AMD and Ubuntu04:11
Morpheausfaclom: I use the xorg-edgers PPA so I can use the nvidia 319 drivers - any bug I have has to go to that PPA team, but it's _way_ better then install the nvidia 319 binary package04:11
faclomMorpheaus: cool i was planning to use that one04:11
MestreLionfaclom: I mean AMD keeps NO ppa04:11
ntzrmtthihu777Morpheaus: and I use the webupd8 java to keep my oracle java up to date in the same fashion04:12
Morpheausfaclom: make sure to do an apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && apt-get dist-upgrade after adding xorg-edgers - mesa packages are newer in this release04:12
faclomso it seems like i have 2 options?  ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa  or manual install04:12
Morpheausntzrmtthihu777: yep - there are definite benefits to external PPA's, but YMMV04:12
Morpheausfaclom: yep - like I said, I generally try to use PPA's as they integrate with DKMS and Ubuntu standards better then an external package04:13
MestreLionfaclom: yes, these 2 are the most common option... a 3rd option could be to wait for 13.1 to go into ubuntu's fglrx -post-update or -experimental branch04:13
Morpheausntzrmtthihu777: your mileage may vary04:13
ntzrmtthihu777ah, gotcha.04:13
ntzrmtthihu777I think a ruby ppa like the java one is sorely needed :P04:13
MestreLionntzrmtthihu777: Java 7 is in the repositories04:14
MestreLionand OpenJDK 7 is considered by Oracle itself the reference implementation04:15
MorpheausUbuntu installs the OpenJDK iirc - you need to add the PPA for the java team for the Oracle binaries04:15
MestreLionMorpheaus: my point is the Oracle binaries are not needed for java 704:15
MorpheausOpenJDK != SunJDK04:15
ntzrmtthihu777MestreLion: not oracle java. one of the programs I use refuses to function under openjdk, and yes, i had stated earlier that I had added said ppa04:15
faclomi will try to manuall install once again.. if i cant resolve it.. i will go for the ppa04:15
nishanyone on here!!!!!!!!!!1104:16
Morpheausnish: nope04:16
MestreLionnish: don't ask to ask, just ask04:16
Morpheaus!ask | nish04:16
ubottunish: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience04:16
SonikkuAmericaMorpheaus: SunJDK == ClosedJDK04:16
MestreLionfaclom: still there?04:17
yahyaai have a macbook pro with kubuntu 12.10 installed on it, but it won't load properly, it heeps throwing me to GNU GRUB any ideas04:17
=== SonikkuAmerica is now known as TimTaylor
MorpheausSonikkuAmerica: yep :) - sorry - I'm not opposed to proprietary but I see the benefits to both open source and proprietary - I code for a living and love sharing my stuff - but that doesn't feed my family...04:17
MestreLionfaclom: check this: http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu04:18
MestreLiondetailed steps on how to manually install the AMD driver04:18
=== TimTaylor is now known as SonikkuAmerica
MorpheausSonikkuAmerica: product is so much easier to sell the services - working 80 hours a week for something that you gave away as opposed to building something to sell as a polished product but is closed - it's hard to not consider this...04:18
_xubuntu_what is compiz?04:19
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz04:19
MestreLionMorpheaus: ntzrmtthihu777 : ideologies apart, my point is openjdk is now "THE" official java, stated by oracle itself... so no software should require oracle's java, unless its buggy04:19
SonikkuAmericaMorpheaus: Good point.04:19
ntzrmtthihu777MestreLion: yes, true this may be, but the software I use to run my D&D games does not operate under openjdk as of yet04:20
MestreLionand, in my experience, most software that claims to work "only with sun's java"  actually work fine in openjdk04:20
MestreLionMinecraft being a good example..04:21
ntzrmtthihu777MestreLion: nope, I've tried this one XD04:21
ntzrmtthihu777hmm, but perhaps they have made changes lately.04:21
MestreLionwhere every tutorial says it ***requires*** sun's java 6 and yet it runs perfectly on openjdk 7 :P04:21
SonikkuAmericaI know of a couple homebrew trinkets that don't.04:22
MestreLionntzrmtthihu777: Now that OpenJDK is the reference implementation for Java 7, soon most java software will be tested on it (and thus support it)04:23
MestreLionthis was a recent move, a few months ago, so it will only affect active software04:23
ntzrmtthihu777MestreLion: true. but like I said, last time I tried with openjdk it failed badly.04:24
MestreLionand requiring Sun's java will be as corner case as a website that "requires IE"04:24
MestreLion(even if some still do :P)04:25
ntzrmtthihu777yeah, lol. I'm sure if what you state is the case they will get it working on openjdk. personally I would enjoy it if they could.04:25
MestreLionntzrmtthihu777: it all depends on how active is your software04:26
MestreLionntzrmtthihu777: check this: https://blogs.oracle.com/henrik/entry/moving_to_openjdk_as_the04:27
ntzrmtthihu777interesting :D open source is always good. even if I can run some closed source software on my box with wine I still prefer open source when possible.04:30
MestreLionI avoid non-hardware-related closed source as much as I can... and I'm glad Ubuntu can be as free as it gets, Skype and Flash being an (unavoidable) exception04:33
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=== D[__] is now known as Adran
MestreLionso, guys, anyone familiar with  Unity/Dash cis able to tell me how can I refresh it after insalling new .desktop files in ~/.local/share/applications ?04:41
MestreLioncurrently it only shows the new apps if I log out and go back in04:41
ntzrmtthihu777MestreLion: did you even try my suggestion?04:43
white_magichey guys, what is the best way to share dirs with windows hosts on Lubuntu?04:43
MestreLionntzrmtthihu777: yes, it didn't work :(04:43
MorpheausMestreLion: I'll try - pkill -f unity-applications-daemon && /usr/lib/unity-lens-applications/unity-applications-daemon04:44
MorpheausMestreLion: first non-sudo and then as sudo04:44
ntzrmtthihu777quite frankly I found unity to be far too much of a pita to deal with. I lurv my gnome-menu :D04:45
subcoolanyone- ubuntu networking- please04:45
Morpheaus!ask | subcool04:45
ubottusubcool: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience04:45
MestreLionntzrmtthihu777: yes, gnome-men shows new user applications when they are created in ~/.local/share/applications. Alacarte is showing them, but Dash isn't04:45
ntzrmtthihu777MestreLion: yes, I am aware of that. I was just stating my personal preference.04:46
MestreLionI assumed dash would work the same way04:46
MorpheausMestreLion: did you try my post above?04:47
MorpheausI'll = I'd btw04:47
subcoolMorpheaus, - im not asking to ask... but since ur listening04:47
=== olmedo is now known as dolmmc
Morpheaussubcool: yes <braces>04:48
dolmmcaja probando04:48
subcoolwhat do you know of when it comes to bridging, and ubuntu04:48
subcoolim hvaing an issue with my bridge- and i dont know why04:48
ubuntuaddictedhi guys, what is the command if I want to have my mythbuntu start up fully but just NO window manager. i only want a tty1 session to log into via command line only04:48
subcoolit appears to be a type of gateway issue, but it could be anything ....04:48
Morpheaussubcool: so - you're trying to bridge two different subnets?  You can ping to one but not the other?04:49
subcoolbr0 has an IP, and can communcate within network, but not out of network. - WHen the computer messes up and gives eth0 an IP, then i can communicate to the interenet04:49
Morpheaussubcool: ya - because eth0 has a gateway for external addresses that are not routed through br004:50
subcoolMorpheaus, no- just creating a simple bridge...04:50
guest23561hi all i have a hp laptop with 10.04lts on it and amd trying to get my sd card reader working it is not seeing my card or reder i don't believe04:50
subcoolMorpheaus, so whats the issue? - the bridge is setup with the gateway04:50
lostxtsolSo, heh, heres the awesome thing I did... I changed lightdm.conf for autologin, by adding the lines: autologin-user=<USERNAME> and autologin-user-timeout=0 and of course i changed it tot he actual username and now i get a light dm interface fail on boot... i just need help backing off of this change04:50
_unreal_guest23561, have you rebooted at all?04:51
guest23561yes serveral times _unreal_04:51
_unreal_do you have GPARTED installed?04:51
ubuntuaddictedi want to make my computer NOT boot a window manager04:51
Morpheaussubcool: whey are you creating a bridge?  for qemu04:52
guest23561yes and looked to see if it showed up there alsoand no _unreal_04:52
subcoolMorpheaus, im creating a VPN- nearly every other guide has this process. which is really getting to me..04:52
_unreal_I kind of lost ya there?04:52
_unreal_you DO or dont have gparted installed?04:52
subcoolMorpheaus, http://www.slsmk.com/installing-openvpn-on-ubuntu-server-12-04/04:52
guest23561_unreal_, i have gparted installed and i opened it and it doesn't show up there either04:53
_unreal_did you have an SD card in the reader?04:53
Morpheaussubcool: ok - that helps - bridging to me means two different things - virtual bridging (i.e. vmware vnet adapter bridge), and multiple segnment joining04:53
guest23561_unreal_, yes04:53
_unreal_the next thing to look at is: lspci04:54
_unreal_is your usb reader an internal USB or pci device?04:54
_unreal_lspci or lsusb04:54
_unreal_see if the reader show's up04:54
subcoolMorpheaus, yeah, the whole VM thing has changed things.04:55
guest23561_unreal_, Microdia04:55
Morpheaussubcool: you entered in the gateway on the interfaces file in the br0 section - right?04:55
_unreal_you have a microdia card reader?04:55
_unreal_is it USB or PCI04:55
subcoolMorpheaus, yeah, hold on- ill pastebin it again04:56
guest23561_unreal_, is that it the Microdia04:56
_unreal_I dont know the "command" off the top of my head to see if the dirver is loaded for it.04:57
subcoolMorpheaus, http://paste.ubuntu.com/571196404:57
_unreal_What does: lspci report to you in regards to microdia?04:57
Morpheaussubcool: that's the first step - the next step is to determine the metric of each gateway - it may be that Ubuntu is putting the gateway of the eth0 below that of br0 which gives eth0 priority with traffic (while using the routes established by the system)04:57
ubuntuaddicteddon't I change runlevel04:58
guest23561_unreal_, i found that with lsusb command04:58
ubuntuaddictedor something to prevent the login manager and window manager from starting?04:58
_unreal_I asked you before if it was USB or PCI and you said PCI.04:59
Morpheaussubcool: can you pastebin the results from - sudo route04:59
_unreal_ok so its an internal USB device?04:59
guest23561_unreal_, don't see it with lspci and yes sorry04:59
Morpheaussubcool: and more specifically - can you pastebin the results when it's not working and then when it's working as well?05:00
guest23561_unreal_, yes it is built in the laptop05:00
Morpheaussubcool: this would at least tell you what interface traffic is being directed to, which is usually added by the gateway setup in the system05:00
Morpheaussubcool: whether windows, linux, bsd, et cetera05:01
subcoolMorpheaus, i dont think i can do both- working and not working- but ill provide what i can05:01
Morpheaussubcool: when you reboot it's not working - right?05:01
Morpheaussubcool: or is it just with the address assignment to br0?05:02
Morpheaussubcool: so you could re-create it in both scenarios - the route will tell us where traffic is directed and on what interface - as a temporary measure we could possibly create a bash script to mitigate the issue as you dig deeper...05:02
subcoolMorpheaus, http://paste.ubuntu.com/571227305:03
Morpheaussubcool: when system is working as expected, or not?05:03
_unreal_guest23561, I'm about to go to bed 1am.. I'm not 100 % sure how to fix your problem. if your SD card reader use to work. then its out of my skill. at this point its really out of my skills regardless05:03
MestreLionMorpheaus: thanks for the tip about restarting the applications daemon... seems a lot less intrusive than unity --replace05:04
subcoolMorpheaus, the computer works when it wants to- so i cant put it into the situation to work.05:04
MorpheausMestreLion: np - worked a bit better?05:04
guest23561_unreal_, never worked firsttime i ever tried it05:04
Morpheaussubcool: ic - never a fun issue - if you can get it to (with possibly a reboot)? you can then at least put the contents to a file and then post it on pastebin...05:04
subcoolMorpheaus, thats the thing, i can access it via LAN, but It has no WAN access. SO- im remoted into it right now. But- it can not access the internet05:05
MestreLionMorpheaus: I'm not sure yet if it worked... turned out with *my user* dash is refreshing fine already... but when I try to install as a fresh new user, dash doesn't05:05
Morpheausright now - traffic that is outside of specific segments looks to be forwarding to br0 at - I'm assuming this is what you use as 192.168.1.x was used in the example URL that you posted...05:06
Morpheaussubcool: that may be a firewall related rule then (or possibly openvpn) - have you tried googling open vpn does not allow outbound when connecting?05:07
subcoolMorpheaus, nope-05:07
subcoolim not sure i even have a fireall05:07
subcoolyeah, no firewall05:07
d1gitalI'm trying to run insmod from a C program with execv, and it returns "unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter".  Simply running insmod on the very same module from my shell works without error.  Does insmod depend on any environment variable?  Why doesn't it work when I call it directly from my program?05:07
subcoolits a pretty fresh install, not much on it yet05:07
d1gitalHere's my code.  http://pastebin.ca/236053405:08
Morpheaussubcool: ok - if you were at the physical console right now - do you know if it would allow outbound access?05:08
subcoolI can not ping outbound05:08
subcoolMorpheaus, i stand corrected05:09
subcooli just pinged
subcoolso its a DNS issue???05:09
Morpheaussubcool: just to be clear - right now you have remotely connected to this computer (you stated you remoted to it above) - you are not at the physical console of the machine trying this and are logged in via ssh or something else...right?05:10
subcoolMorpheaus, correct,05:11
subcooland your right.. it appears to be more of a DNS issue05:11
Morpheaussubcool: could be - if there are no dns servers you couldn't resolve names, but you should still be able to ping ip addresses (DNS is not needed for direct ip addresses - just for name resolution)05:11
GodelHi,  I have a very simple question regarding variable names in Ubuntu. I have a problem with fanctrol. Basically the name of the sensor device changes every time I boot my computer. I found this article which I think solves the problem, but the variable names don't match the environment variable names in Ubuntu: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=8001205:12
InFlamescan anyone tell me how i can reduce the space taken up in my root partition?05:12
yitz_InFlames: delete files05:12
yitz_InFlames: or uninstall stuff. Or delete cached data05:12
=== security is now known as megha
subcoolso then why would i be DNS blocked.. i have to include DNS in the bridge?05:12
InFlamesyitz_, i have run bleach it and removed unneeded kernels, i still have 400mb free05:12
InFlamesand it's a 10gb partition05:12
an0nWhat is the ideal size for root partition in Ubuntu 12.04?05:13
InFlamesi thought 10gb, but that's what i've maxed05:13
ubuntuaddictedcan anyone help me with changing the run levels of my login manager and window manager so they don't start?05:14
ubuntuaddictedan0n, i would use 20GB05:14
yitz_I use 4GB05:15
InFlamesyitz_, how can i free up space?05:15
yitz_InFlames: uninstall shit and clean out your cache directory. Is your /home mounted seperately?05:15
yitz_InFlames: by removing files that consume space05:15
Morpheaussubcool: it looks like the metric on the br0 is messed up - basically - traffic has a higher priority then the gateway - take a look at mine and you'll see the difference - the with my gateway has a lower metric then the subnet I have ( http://paste.ubuntu.com/5712285/05:15
an0nubuntuaddicted: How much space is occupied?05:15
InFlamesyitz_, home is separate, and i don't know what files i can remove05:16
Morpheaussubcool: this means that traffic is being directed with a priority to which forwards it to the gateway05:16
ubuntuaddictedInFlames, you can most likely remove a lot of log files from /var/log/05:16
yitz_InFlames: /var/cache tends to be cached stuff you can remove. Try running the apt-get command that clears out cached package files05:16
ubuntuaddictedInFlames, you could also configure logrotate.conf so it doesn't save as many log files to begin with05:16
InFlamesi will look into that05:17
Morpheaussubcool: you need to change the metric on the gateway for "default" to 0, and then set your to 9 like in my example05:17
lostxtsolok i figured out i can use the live cd to get in and edit the lightdm.conf file, but i cant save it05:17
subcoolMorpheaus, so your saying just move them around?05:17
an0nyitz_: What is the size of your disk and how partitioned?05:17
ubuntuaddictedan0n, i installed 12.04 awhile ago on a 14GB / partition and its currently using 8.7GB05:17
subcoolMorpheaus, i do that in /etc/network/interfaces?05:18
ubuntuaddictedcan please anyone help me figure out how to prevent my login manager and window manager from starting so that I just have a command line05:18
lostxtsolare the harddrives permissions in relation tot he actual install different than those of the livecd?05:18
lostxtsolwould it matter if i sudo, or do i need to chmod the file?05:19
Morpheaussubcool: you could try moving them (might be the simple answer) - I'm not sure what the exact commands are (researching) but the end result is the metrics need to change as traffic is not being routed correctly05:19
InFlamesubuntu, doesn't SEL do that? not sure you want to do that just for no window manager05:19
yitz_an0n: With a /home seperately and an Archlinux install. Or the headless Ubuntu machines with a 4GB /root and a 250GB disk05:19
yitz_Though the 100 servers aren't really mine anymore...05:20
Morpheaussubcool: you may need to issue (sudo -o): route delete default gw metric 100 && route add default gw metric 005:22
subcoolMorpheaus, i see what ur saying about ur route- tho05:22
InFlamesyitz_, i ran sudo apt-get clean and autoclean, i don't think that helped05:22
Morpheaussubcool: you may also need to issue the same command but slightly different to delete the route and reset it to 9, 10, or something higher then the default route05:22
subcoolMorpheaus, well, my network is on 168.2.005:24
subcoolbut im not sure about those commands..05:24
fgsfgsiohello everybody. i have a notebook with shift buttton nott working on hardware level. i have to switch to tty 1 and type echo b > a command. how do i do it7 i an't ppress shift with dot or smth05:24
she_dyedhere copy and apste this with mouse button >05:25
yitz_InFlames: sudo du -xsh /*05:25
Morpheaussubcool: the commands may cause a disconnect if you are remoted - they are redirecting route traffic - usually I do this when I'm physically on the box so I can recover if needed - if you can't do this, then you shouldn't be messing with routes right now - end result - your metrics on the routes needs to be updated - I think that will fix your issue...05:25
subcoolMorpheaus, SIOCDERLT: no such process05:25
fgsfgsiohow do i paste in tty1 mode705:25
she_dyedis your mouse working in tty05:25
GodelWhy does ${platform coretemp.0 temp 1} gives me the error message: "Bad substitution"?05:26
subcoolMorpheaus, can i rangle a file? -05:26
fgsfgsioi could have tried shift ins, but shift doesn't work05:26
she_dyedGodel: is that bash05:26
she_dyedservice gpm start fgsfgsio05:26
Morpheaussubcool: rangle a file?05:26
InFlamesyitz_, i'm checking it05:26
Godelshe_dyed,  I found it here: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=80012  I am not sure what it is.05:26
she_dyedwill start mouse in tty fg05:27
she_dyedwill start mouse in tty fgsfgsio05:27
subcoolMorpheaus, instead of running commands, can i simply open a file?05:27
Morpheaussubcool: I don't know - I would assume so - I just don't know what file - the interfaces when booting are somehow assigning metrics - there has to be a script file that is doing this that is part of the ubuntu base, but I have no idea where it would be...05:28
fgsfgsioso is it possible to write   >   symbol without actually typing it7 she_dyed i will try that now05:28
InFlamesyitz_, 148M   /root05:28
Godelshe_dyed, I need to use it in the config file for fancontrol.05:28
subcoolhhmm.. Morpheaus , well.. the command didnt work..05:28
ubuntuaddictedcan anyone please advise how to stop window manager and login manager from starting so I just have a command line?05:28
GodelBecause the name of the temperature sensor seems to change every time I reboot.05:29
she_dyeddo the ls command lower on that page Godel05:29
Morpheaussubcool: is your route any different though now (output)?05:29
lkthomashey guys, if I want to remote use ubuntu desktop, other than X11, does VNC works ?05:29
shcherbakubuntuaddicted: sudo service lightdm stop05:29
yitz_InFlames: you should have more than one line output05:29
subcoollet me test it- i added dns-nameserver and added
fgsfgsioshe_dyed: ok, i have mose now in tty05:29
shcherbakubuntuaddicted: that also stop x server05:29
fgsfgsiobut how do i copy05:29
ubuntuaddictedshcherbak, no, i want it to be stopped from the get go. so that when the machine boots up it doesn't load it05:30
InFlamesyitz_, i do, one sec, i'll paste bin it05:30
lostxtsoli cant seemt o figure out how to get the permissions to work so that i can edit a file using the livecd05:30
shcherbakubuntuaddicted: change "splash" for text in kernel line (edit grub)05:30
fgsfgsiorightt buttton doesn't paste05:32
InFlamesyitz_, http://pastebin.com/8AKx6n4L05:32
yitz_fgsfgsio: It's sometimes the middle click05:32
fgsfgsioyitz_: oh, i have a touchpad.05:32
lucas_Español Hablo Español05:33
yitz_fgsfgsio: Try tapping with two fingers05:33
ntzrmtthihu777es! lucas_05:33
yitz_InFlames: du -xsh /usr/*05:33
ntzrmtthihu777es! | lucas_05:33
shcherbak!es | lucas_05:33
ubottulucas_: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.05:33
ntzrmtthihu777shcherbak: thanks, messed up XD05:33
shcherbakntzrmtthihu777: ;)05:33
fgsfgsioyitz_: doesnt help. maybe i can write it to bash history and sppawn through up button somehow705:34
ntzrmtthihu777fgsfgsio: try tapping the lower left corner05:34
ubuntuaddictedshcherbak, i had "nomodeset" there, so if I change it to "text" will I have GFX issues if I do ever want to startup X by issuing startx from the command line?05:34
ubuntuaddictedshcherbak, or should I make it "text nomodeset"05:34
fgsfgsiontzrmtthihu777: no, i don'tt have any touchpad drivers installed05:34
tripathpHello. Does someone know the email id of the ubuntu/canonical legal department ? I had some queries which I wanted to clarify with them05:35
ntzrmtthihu777fgsfgsio: any at all? so your pad does not work even at all?05:35
tripathpI did not find it on their website05:35
subcoolMorpheaus, well, magically- its pinging the interenet05:35
InFlamesok yitz_ one sec05:35
subcoolMorpheaus, anything you wanted tewsted while its going?05:35
yitz_fgsfgsio: no idea. probably a desktop manager thing05:35
fgsfgsiontzrmtthihu777: there are some,, but just the only basic mouse movement thing05:36
shcherbakubuntuaddicted: if needed...05:36
ntzrmtthihu777fgsfgsio: which desktop are you using?05:36
ubuntuaddictedshcherbak, so it's ok to leave the nomodeset with text?05:36
fgsfgsiontzrmtthihu777: xfce05:36
ntzrmtthihu777and can anyone tell me how to specify the location of an mplayer window when ran from terminal?05:36
Morpheaussubcool: grab the route output and pastebin it! :)05:37
subcoolMorpheaus, tist eh same as before05:37
ntzrmtthihu777fgsfgsio: check your menu for system settings and check the trackpad stuffs.05:37
ntzrmtthihu777fgsfgsio: and what version of ubuntu?05:37
fgsfgsiontzrmtthihu777: 12.1005:37
she_dyedfgsfgsio: try middle mouse button to paste05:37
adam__yitz_, http://pastebin.com/s6RnJ4Qd05:38
Morpheaussubcool: also - were you trying to ping the internet by using "ping www.google.com" or "ping"?05:38
fgsfgsioshe_dyed: don't have 9905:38
fgsfgsio99 thats a sad smile05:38
shcherbakubuntuaddicted: you can test both, hint: edit grub on boot (press shift) so it will revert on next boot, so you can let yourself try more options05:38
subcoolMorpheaus, i did both. the IP worked until just now.05:38
subcoolMorpheaus, now the name works05:38
she_dyedyou rubuntu is missing gpm05:38
she_dyedget your money back05:39
Morpheaussubcool: weird05:39
subcoolMorpheaus, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5712321/05:39
fgsfgsiowell, i don't see any 'click to paste' option in trackpad options.05:39
ubuntuaddictedntzrmtthihu777, using the −geometry x[%][:y[%]] or [WxH][+-x+-y] option05:39
ubuntuaddictedntzrmtthihu777, see here: http://www.mplayerhq.hu/DOCS/man/en/mplayer.1.html#PLAYER OPTIONS (MPLAYER ONLY)05:40
ubuntuaddictedshcherbak, good idea, thanks05:40
Godelshe_dyed, I am not sure how to use the output of the ls command in my configuration file. Can you help me with that?05:40
Godelshe_dyed, should I put the command between `...`  ?05:40
yitz_adam__: your /usr/local seems abnormally large05:40
yitz_adam__: Also, go through your installed software and remove what you don't need05:41
Morpheaussubcool: I'm stumped with the limited information...really tough to debug as it sounds so sporadic...05:41
she_dyedGodel: its conky05:41
fgsfgsiohaha, i won that damn symbol by writing it into bash-history of root05:42
adam__yitz_, i really don't even have THAT much05:42
adam__oh you know what it might be, wine and photoshop cs605:42
subcoolMorpheaus, well, i added the dns nameserver line to the br005:42
ntzrmtthihu777ubuntuaddicted: think I got it, thanks05:42
adam__i recall installing that and it never working (sadly)05:43
subcoolMorpheaus, then i restarted the network...05:43
fgsfgsioby the way, how do i stop the x server in xfce7 i tried service stop lightdm, but that just brought me to a deadlock05:43
yitz_adam__: Those are both large05:43
she_dyedGodel: if its a conky config you just type it as is05:43
adam__yea, that's what i'm thinking it could be05:44
GodelI see05:44
fgsfgsioah, nevermind, found it05:44
adam__if i COULD get wine powered photoshop installed, that'd be extremely good however05:44
Godelreplace hwmon3 which was a constant word with the ls command?05:44
adam__right now i have to use a mac laptop to handle all my photoshop needs :[05:44
GodelI am confused. Conky is the name of a sensor program? I don't think I am using that.05:46
yitz_I'm an Archlinux user, not an Ubuntu user. I dunno why I'm even here...05:46
she_dyedGodel: if this command works use platform ls /sys/bus/platform/devices/05:46
GodelI am using lm-sensors05:46
ntzrmtthihu777ubuntuaddicted: nope, no info on that option where youpointed me05:46
yitz_Godel: conky reads values and displays info. It's not a sensor program but a info program with sensor support05:46
she_dyedfor monitoring purposes05:47
GodelOkay. I am not using that. This is a config file for the fancontrol program that I am trying to modify.05:47
ubuntuaddictedntzrmtthihu777, i don't know what you read but I am looking right at it. "Adjust where the output is on the screen initially." −geometry x[%][:y[%]] or [WxH][+-x+-y]05:47
ntzrmtthihu777ubuntuaddicted: on the page you pointed me at a search in firefox for -geo goes red.05:47
lostxtsolok, i did some reaerch but i ende dup with more questions than answers. How do you edit system files using the live CD, i am sure it involves chmod05:48
ubuntuaddictedntzrmtthihu777, this http://www.mplayerhq.hu/DOCS/man/en/mplayer.1.html#PLAYER OPTIONS (MPLAYER ONLY)05:48
ubuntuaddictedntzrmtthihu777, go to that link and then click on the Player Option section05:49
ntzrmtthihu777ubuntuaddicted: never mind, apparently they have some strange sybol other than - for the - in geometry.05:49
adam__yitz_, i think i found it, it appears to be crashplan05:49
she_dyedntzrmtthihu777: nah use WxH+x+y05:51
she_dyedlike i want 400x300+100+200 try that05:51
ntzrmtthihu777example? I'm currently using this: mplayer tv:// -tv driver=v4l2:width=640:height=480:device=/dev/video005:51
she_dyeddoes it work ntzrmtthihu777?05:52
adam__yitz_, crashplan is taking up 4.4gb in it's cache on usr/local/ do you know if it's safe to just delete the cache?05:52
ntzrmtthihu777yes, but I should like to place the cam window somewhere specific05:52
she_dyedif your width & height are ok put location in -gemoetry +100+200 as an example05:53
she_dyedntzrmtthihu777: ^05:53
yitz_adam__: I'd uninstall the package05:53
adam__yitz_, i need crashplan, uninstall and reinstall?05:53
yitz_Oh. Still need it, eh?05:54
yitz_It might have an internal way to clear the cache05:54
adam__yea. it's my backup :/05:54
adam__i'll check it05:54
yitz_Often it's safe to delete cache directories but crashplan may depend on something in there05:55
yitz_Are you feeling lucky?05:55
adam__worst comes to worse, i just have to reinstall the application, all the backup is offsite05:55
auscompgeekHey guys. Why won't my caps/num lock indicators not respond correctly?05:55
adam__"worst comes to worst"*05:56
ntzrmtthihu777ubuntuaddicted: that did it, thanks :D05:56
ntzrmtthihu777she_dyed: also you :D05:57
ubuntuaddictedntzrmtthihu777, no problem05:57
she_dyednice work ntzrmtthihu77705:57
ram1989Is Wayland better than .org , in terms of display manager ?05:58
=== washuu is now known as washuu_de
ubuntuaddictedhow come apt-get doesn't have a search like aptitude does?05:59
yitz_ubuntuaddicted: apt-cache06:00
she_dyedapt-ache search name06:00
GodelCan you tell me what is wrong with this syntax? http://pastebin.com/Rkes4P1R  Line 2 is reading the device name, and all the lines following that are using the name of the device.06:01
ubuntuaddictedyitz_, for example, i want to search for all the drivers that have nvidia in the package title06:01
=== FreakingTea is now known as FreakingBed
ubuntuaddictedyitz_, I am getting these weird green dots and horrible GFX corruption using the nvidia 295 driver so I want to upgrade to 304. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3Hin8PfR8I06:03
yitz_ubuntuaddicted: apt-cache search '*nvidia*'06:03
ubuntuaddictedyitz_, i didn't even need the quotes or asterisk06:03
she_dyedGodel: instead of quotes use backtick06:03
yitz_ubuntuaddicted: I don't know the first thing about video drivers so ... those details are meaningless06:04
yitz_ubuntuaddicted: If you got nullglob enabled in your shell you would06:04
ubuntuaddictedyitz_, no idea about nullglob so ... those details are meaningless06:04
ubuntuaddictedyitz_, ;)06:04
Godelshe_dyed, I don't have any quotation marks there!06:04
=== jeff_ is now known as Guest10975
she_dyedthats why itsnot working06:05
yitz_ubuntuaddicted: It means that command may fail in certain settings without the quotes06:05
Godelbut you are telling me to use backticks instead of quotes06:05
she_dyedGodel: you need the backticks yes06:05
she_dyedbecause your ls has a space06:05
yitz_she_dyed: POSIX recommends against backticks06:05
yitz_And parsing the output of ls is always a terrible idea06:06
yitz_Try using globs instead06:06
she_dyedits what this guy needs. period.06:06
yitz_she_dyed: POSIX recommends $( cmd )06:07
yitz_This guy needs a glob06:07
yitz_MON=ls /sys/bus/platform/devices/it87.656/hwmon/06:07
yitz_MON=( /sys/bus/platform/devices/it87.656/hwmon/* )06:07
GodelI see06:07
she_dyedcheck it out06:07
yitz_Godel: That expands to a list of files (not POSIX complient) and "$MON" would be the first item06:08
GodelThere should only be one item there.06:08
yitz_she_dyed: See http://pubs.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/7990989775/xcu/chap2.html#tag_001_006_00306:08
she_dyeddo an echo $MON so you can see it06:08
yitz_Godel: Then you should be good06:08
she_dyednah dont need no backticks06:09
yitz_Godel: But please QUOTE $MON whenever you expand it06:09
she_dyedhe did, originally06:09
GodelSo use "$MON" instead of just $MON ?06:09
yitz_And that sets you a bit on the path of proper shell coding06:10
she_dyedand a life of crime =)06:10
she_dyedas a l33t h4x0r06:10
yitz_she_dyed: But see that link to the POSIX shell docs. It explains why backticks aren't recommended06:10
she_dyedyeah, now i'm trying to recall when I used the last time06:11
subcoolMorpheaus, thanks alot06:11
yitz_she_dyed: That POSIX change is a number of years old06:11
GodelIt still doesn't work. Current version: http://pastebin.com/Dnaq5gPd06:11
yitz_Godel: Is it interpretted as a shell script?06:12
GodelMON seems to be blank!06:12
she_dyedyour mon has the ls still in it06:12
she_dyednot the way yitz pointed out06:13
Godeloh sorry!06:13
GodelThis is my line 3:    MON=( /sys/bus/platform/devices/it87.656/hwmon/ )06:14
Godelstill blank06:14
shmoontrying to understand what backports mean exactly https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - i dont get it. basically using backports you can install newer versions of apps ?06:14
she_dyedyou also left out the * Godel06:14
GodelTried that too.06:14
GodelMON=( /sys/bus/platform/devices/it87.656/hwmon/* )06:14
yitz_Godel: The it's probably not ran through bash or zsh06:15
yitz_shmoon: It means that repo takes newer changes that the main repo decided not to inclue06:16
GodelI will write the script to search the file and replace a string with something else at each reboot06:16
GodelI don't know how else to handle this file.06:16
yitz_Sounds convoluted06:16
yitz_The device name shouldn't change often06:16
GodelIt does every time I reboot.06:17
yitz_Try fixing your udev rules06:17
shmoonyitz_: does it includes stuff like node.js, php ?06:17
shmooncuz i get those packages auto updated every once in a while06:17
shmoonits not like i had to enable automatic backport (precise)06:18
yitz_shmoon: the backport repo tends to just include packages that have a newer version that the main repo only got an older version06:18
shmoonreading the backports page it seems like i should enable them to get newer versions of repos/packages06:18
=== er is now known as Guest19767
yitz_shmoon: The main repo will have updates of many packages. Just not all06:18
shmoonhm so maybe linux specific packages ? not stuff like php, nodejs, mysql, etc. ?06:18
shmoonpackages that just comes with ubuntu installation, smth like that?06:19
shmoonor can be more than that06:19
yitz_shmoon: It would be whatever the repo maintainers felt like not updating06:19
Godelyitz_, I don't know what udev rules are. Can you send me a link I can learn about them?06:19
she_dyedwait, Godel what about ls after the open paren06:20
yitz_Godel: Google for udev rules06:20
yitz_she_dyed: huh?06:20
michaelais there an ubuntu security channel06:20
Godelshe_dyed, what do you mean?06:20
she_dyedyitz, Godel you tired first without * at the end=fail06:21
icedwHello, is there any reason why the type of /path/to/file can be identified using file, but trying to execute it returns "No such file or directory" ?06:21
Godelyes  I tried with and without *06:21
she_dyedyitz, Godel you tried first without ls at the beginning=fail06:21
yitz_she_dyed: Are you a fan of "try all combos until something works"?06:21
she_dyedno he misquoted you thats all06:21
she_dyedand I am NO fan of 'not works'06:22
GodelHere is my MON line: MON=(ls /sys/bus/platform/devices/it87.656/hwmon/)06:22
GodelDo you want me to try this?06:22
she_dyedok no * why06:22
yitz_Godel: that wouldn't work06:22
GodelOkay. What else do you want me to try?06:23
GodelI tried without ls06:23
shmoonyitz_: backports is just a repo like main, univers,em ultiverse, etc. ?06:23
Jpmhicedw: does the first line of the file request an interpretter that does not exist?06:23
she_dyedwaht do you mean what else06:23
yitz_shmoon: yup. but with packagees that main has except newer\06:23
she_dyedjust add the * at the end06:23
shmoonyitz_: gotcha thanks :)06:23
yitz_Godel: is that conf file ran through a shell or just parsed by the program?06:23
icedwJpmh: no, it's a binary file. It shows up on ls, etc.06:24
GodelMON=( ls /sys/bus/platform/devices/it87.656/hwmon/* )06:24
GodelIt is parsed by the fancontrol program06:24
she_dyedand fire06:24
Godeldidn't work she_dyed06:24
she_dyedthere you have it yitz06:25
yitz_Godel: then using commands like that won't do anything for you06:25
Jpmhicedw: thats why i think it is the contents of the file that are causing this06:25
GodelI see.06:25
yitz_she_dyed: ls inside ( ) is ... an illustration that you don't understand how ( ) works06:25
milanhow can i override my GPU so i can see whats going on , is the driver vorking porperly?06:25
she_dyedi used backticks remember? yitz_06:25
icedwJpmh: just tried writing a random zsh script, it returned "/usr/bin/zsh: bad interpreter: No such file or directory."06:25
icedwDo you think a binary would return something like this, though?06:26
yitz_she_dyed: Yeah. Which are depricated. I'd suggest a shell scripting guide06:26
Jpmhicedw: what are the permits on it - is it exrcutable?06:26
she_dyedyou're the one wants ()06:26
she_dyednah bash is fine with me06:26
icedwThe same (I'm guessing) binary works on my other Ubuntu box.06:26
icedwJpmh: yes, 755.06:26
ntzrmtthihu777wow, I was just watching starwars - a new hope, in ascii over telnet XD06:26
icedwAnd it06:26
shmoonyitz_: i read when a pckge is required to be installed from backports they're explicitly requested from the team - where can i see the requests? how can i know whether something has been requested or not ?06:26
michaela_i just have a security question so does any one know of a ubuntu security channel06:26
yitz_she_dyed: Yeah. Me too. I was assuming bash. Look up what ( ) does and how POSIX recommends doing command substitution06:26
icedwIt's owned root:root, I've tried it both as sudo and as root.06:26
GodelOkay. So none of this works in this config file, because it is parsed by another program.06:26
yitz_shmoon: I have no idea what "requested" means in regards to apt06:27
Jpmhicedw:  remove the x for a moment and see what happens06:27
GodelI have no choice but to change this file every time I boot up. Right?06:27
yitz_Godel: shell scripting stuff only works in a script that is parsed by a shell06:27
GodelOr learn how to correct my udev rules06:27
icedwThe file is found, it says "permission denied."06:27
yitz_Godel: Yup. Or every time you run the program. Unless the program got some other syntax of its own06:27
bazhangmichaela_, ask here06:27
Godelyitz_, I see. I did not know that.06:27
yitz_icedw: is it set to executable?06:28
Godelyitz_, there is a init.d script that runs the program. I can modify that code.06:28
Jpmhicedw: so we know it is rge execution of the binary that causes this - what is it supposed to do?06:28
yitz_Godel: You can run a script that first makes/edits that file then runs the program06:28
GodelI am still confused why the sensor changes every time I boot.06:29
icedwyitz_: yes, it was toggled off because Jpmh wanted to test something.06:29
michaela_ok, does anyone know of any good free vpn services that are outside of the06:29
icedwIt's supposed to monitor Internet traffic.06:29
yitz_icedw: that's the permission denied06:29
yitz_Godel: No clue. Probably because udev06:29
bazhang!ot | michaela_06:29
ubottumichaela_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:29
shmoonyitz_: i read this "For this reason, the Backports Team recommends configuring the package manager to only install backported packages when they are explicitly requested, which is the default for all Ubuntu releases after and including Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal)." - does it just mean whenever its requestd apt-get install/upgrade will automatically update ithe pckg ?06:29
GodelThis thread talks about it, but I don't understand the solution.06:29
icedwI'd like to think it's the inherent freedom-loving nature of Ubuntu that is disgusted at the monitoring and preventing it from working...06:29
icedwBut that also means I can't access my company intranet, Jmph.06:30
icedwyitz_: yep, to sum up, when +x is on, the file is "not found".06:30
yitz_shmoon: Oh. Don't update *exevything* that has a newer version in the backport repo. There's possibly a reason the main repo got an older version. If there's one (or more) package in specific you want a newer version of, install just those06:31
icedwJmph: do you think it could be an i386 program trying to run on x86-64?06:31
icedwI just noticed that that might be it.06:31
michaela_ubottu: that is why i am looking for a ubuntu or linux security channel06:31
yitz_Godel: I find udev a bit tricky. I'd recommend changing the xinitrc to call a script that fixes the conf then starts the program06:31
bazhangmichaela_, thats not a linux/ubuntu specific question06:32
Godelyitz_, Is that a shell program that loads after you log in?06:33
Godelfancontrol starts before anyone logs in.06:33
yitz_Godel: What launches it?06:34
Godelyitz_, /etc/init.d/fancontrol06:35
Jpmhicedw: I think that if you are ot 100% of what it is you should not be executing it anyway.  What do you believe that it is and supposed to do06:35
yitz_Godel: So it's launched by upstart. If you wanna get hackerish you can edit that script - which *is* a shell script - to edit the conf file06:36
GodelOkay. I will do that. Thank you for your help. :)06:36
icedwJpmh: I am not 100% sure of what it does, nor that it is the cause of the problem, but I am 100% sure that another ubuntu box with it is working.06:36
ThatOneRoadieAnyone here have any experience with booting via iSCSI?06:37
icedwJpmh: and a page on the company Intranet insists that terminals without this will be quarantined.06:37
yitz_Set the kernel disk wait parameter to long, ThatOneRoadie06:37
icedwSo I have web access, ssh and stuff but cannot use the Intranet.06:37
icedwSo ... that leads me to suspect that this is the problem.06:37
Heavylobsterhello, can anyone help me figure out why my X is broken? I get a message about it running in low-graphics mode because my graphics card / screen / input device could not be detected and it gives me a bunch of options to do, only X gets unresponsive at that point06:38
HeavylobsterVT switching works ok, and X worked before too, so not sure what broke it06:38
Jpmhicedw: is this machine your machine ?  I am missing something here - what is this file supposed to do and why on earth will you allow an executable that you don't know what it does?06:38
ThatOneRoadieyitz_: wut06:38
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
yitz_ThatOneRoadie: That's the only (e)SATA and boot experience I've had06:38
icedwJpmh: no, it is a box on the Intranet that can't access the Intranet. It's a company machine.06:39
ThatOneRoadieI'm getting "Gave up waiting for root device.", followed by an "ALERT! /dev/disk/by-uuid/bobloblaw-...... does not exist. Dropping to a shell!" on boot06:39
yitz_ThatOneRoadie: Yeah. Sounds like the error I had06:39
she_dyedHeavylobster: try reading /var/log/Xorg.0.log06:39
ThatOneRoadiewhere do you set disk wait time?06:40
icedwApparently this file is necessary:06:40
* ThatOneRoadie starts connecting to the iscsi drive06:40
icedw "1.  To allow your machines to access to intranet after passing the compliant check.  2.   Those device that do not have the agent installed will only be allowed access to the internet."06:40
Heavylobstershe_dyed: I'm not an expert but i don't notice anything out of the ordinary there, it loads stuff like the intel driver (i have intel graphics) fine and i don't see any errors06:41
yitz_ThatOneRoadie: In GRUB conf as a kernel paramter06:41
=== Odysimus is now known as Odysimus_away
Heavylobsteri can't pastebin it easily because I cannot figure out how to connect to wifi over the command line (i tried but got some issues there)06:41
she_dyedHeavylobster: warnings maybe (WW) check them out06:41
nevynicedw: that seems reasonable.06:41
icedwThe binary in question, Jpmh, is CyberGatekeeper by InfoExpress.06:41
icedwnevyn: that -is- reasonable.06:42
Heavylobstershe_dyed: no WWs at all06:42
icedwWhat isn't is they don't have a 64-bit version, which I am suspecting is the problem.06:42
Heavylobstershe_dyed: there's a file called Xorg.failsafe.log, maybe it is that? there's a bunch of EE's which i believe is an error06:42
icedwThe symptoms are06:42
Jpmhicedw: then I think that it is calling something that is not there and the message is coming from that.  It may well be a path or an environment variable or as you say a wrong version06:42
nevynicedw: so do they have a binary for ubuntu?06:42
nevynor is it a windows binary?06:42
she_dyedHeavylobster: do a ls -l check the timestamp if it was recent06:42
nevynthis is some sort of BYOD thing right?06:43
icedwThe symptoms are that /path/cga and /path/cgav are compiled for 32-bit Linux and someone decided to install 64-bit here.06:43
icedwAck, sorry again, mixing mental threads.06:43
Heavylobstershe_dyed: the failsafe.log is newer than xorg.0.log so presumably it is that06:43
icedwThe symptoms are that those files can be found via file, ls, etc but execution yields "no such file or directory."06:43
Heavylobstershe_dyed: both are from today though, I think xorg.0.log is also from a failed boot then06:44
yitz_ThatOneRoadie: It might be called root_delay or root_wait or something like that. Google for SCSI delay wait grub06:44
firelmnthi, i have a question... when i boot my ubuntu (nearly pure ubuntu 12.10) it doesn't load, but if i use recovery mode, it does work. where could be a problem?06:44
icedwnevyn: I am not familiar with BYOD, but yes, that acronym appears on InfoExpress's website :P06:44
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nevynBYOD (Bring Your Own Device)06:45
icedwAh, I should have figured BYO had the conventional expansion :)06:45
Jpmhicedw: the test that we have performed I think demonstrates that it is being found by the shell and that execution is happening and that it is that execution that is doing something that is generating the message - probably shelling out to something that is not thee06:45
icedwThanks, and no there isn't a binary in the repos.06:46
icedwJpmh: OK, yes.06:46
nevynicedw: what's the magical shbang at the top of their script?06:46
icedwIt's a binary, unfortunately.06:46
Jpmhicedw: if you really do not believe me then run it through a debugger and you will see that but the symptoms are clear06:46
nevynfile (theirfile)06:46
icedwnevyn: yes, let me paste :P06:46
nevynrun strings on it and look for common interpreters..06:47
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=== ubuntu is now known as Guest66564
icedwJmph: it's not that I don't believe you. It's that I'm not sure how to solve this given a binary doesn't call for interpreters.06:47
nevynbut I'm thinking this is the wrong end of the stick if this is a customer device.06:47
nevynso if it's a company devie rather06:47
Guest66564How are you06:47
nevynBYOD restrictions shouldn't apply06:47
icedwnevyn: Jpmh: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.2.5, stripped06:47
nevynand it's probably just on the wrong subnet. open a serice ticket?06:47
Jpmhnevyn:  icedw  I suspect that it was intended to run on a different configuration - especially since icedw  has commented the problem may be that there is no 64 bit version06:48
icedwLet's see if I can get into the company's web mail...06:48
she_dyedHeavylobster: failsafe coould be in recovery mode, not needed yet06:48
nevynicedw: how was it distributed?06:48
she_dyedtime to look at xorg.0.log see what it rejected first Heavylobster06:49
Jpmhicedw: then as we have commented it may well be something that is not in the libs that you have, as I said  - you need to contact the creator of this product - it makes no sense to try and support a binary for which we have no documentation nor support06:49
icedwnevyn: You try accessing any intranet page, it redirects you to a set of links showing different versions of the software.06:50
nevynin what format?06:50
Heavylobstershe_dyed: I got wifi working via commandline now (yay) and uploaded the logs here: http://heavylobster.com/files/Xorg.0.log and http://heavylobster.com/files/Xorg.failsafe.log06:50
icedwJpmh: right, but I came here because I thought it might be some tricky permissions issue or I was missing something with environment variables or whatever.06:50
icedwOnly now I noticed that it's not compiled right.06:50
icedwnevyn: It's in binary.06:51
nevynso it's just a binary executable no package or anything?06:51
icedwYes, I suppose it was distributed that way by the vendors..06:51
icedwI wonder if it would be useful to add a package with this to the repos?06:52
icedwIt would have pretty limited use though, I guess.06:52
nevynso if you can work out why it's broken (what the dependancies are that are missing) a package would be useful to drag those in06:54
Jpmhicedw: I realize that - but this is not an obvious permissions issue of that file but something that the file does and without documentation nor source there is no way we can make it work.  PLUS it is dangerous to run something you don't understand06:54
nevynbut it's not going into ubuntu or debian almost certainly06:54
icedwThanks nevyn, going back to my main so that I don't have to use webchat...06:55
Jpmhicedw: Please tell us that the suid bit is not set06:55
VivekanandaI have java installed in lubuntu 12.04 but on chrome and firefox it says -- java tm requireed to display certain pages06:56
icedwJpmh: I would see an s in the first slot, right?06:56
Vivekanandawhat am I missing06:56
icedwThere is none there.06:56
nevynVivekananda: icedtea06:56
icedwVivekananda: apt-get install one of the jre packages.06:57
nevynVivekananda: you're missing the plugin06:57
Jpmhicedw: I think you have no choice but to contact the vendor or the person that provided this software to you06:58
Vivekanandanevyn: icedw here is the output -- https://gist.github.com/anonymous/29bfddb505e0fbea9ad706:58
icedwJpmh: that's my plan.06:58
Vivekanandado I have to symlink somehow ?06:58
icedwPlease highlight my main, icedwater :)06:59
Godelyitz_, Did you say I shouldn't use ` backtick in my shell code?06:59
icedwI'm off this wreck :P06:59
yitz_Godel: POSIX recommends using $( ) over ``06:59
nevynVivekananda: you need the plugin07:00
nevynnot java07:00
nevynVivekananda: the bit that runs in the browser to run java07:00
yitz_I still feel weird in this channel... Archlinux FTW!!!07:00
vipzrxsync3times: hello07:01
sibyhi i want a little help07:01
nevynyitz_: I'm only running ubuntu cause debian's installer won't boot on my laptop :(07:01
sibyi am using hp 2000 laptop07:01
vipzrxsiby: hello07:01
sibyi dont get audio07:01
yitz_I started with Ubuntu, went to Debian then moved to Arch07:01
vipzrxsiby: yitz_  echo git://android.git.linaro.org/platform/manifest.git | sed 's/\/\/.*-bot@/\/\/'"${LINARO_ANDROID_ACCESS_ID}"'@/' , what is the logic for sed ?07:01
icarushi all07:02
GodelAll done! Going to restart and test :)07:02
sibyvipzrx,  i dont understand07:02
icarusive got an issue with a package upgrade not showing the right version07:02
icarus"curl -I localhost" shows 2.2.2207:02
icarusbut apt-cache shows 2.2.2607:02
yitz_vipzrx: Looks ugly to me07:02
vipzrxyitz_: ok07:03
she_dyedHeavylobster: sorry cant help, intel gfx, their logs are about as useful as a third nipple07:05
Heavylobstershe_dyed: okay thanks anyways, I'll try asking on the forums :)07:05
Vivekanandanevyn: I know the plugin but would that not be automatically installed while getting java versions as in the gist I posted ? Also according to that gist which plugin should I get07:05
she_dyedmaybe ubuntu has appropriate packages for intel video07:05
nevynVivekananda: no.07:06
nevynHeavylobster: did you pastebin logs somewhere.... ?07:06
sibywhat should i do07:06
she_dyedhe did07:06
Heavylobsternevyn: http://heavylobster.com/files/Xorg.0.log07:06
she_dyedand the failsafe07:06
Heavylobsteryep that is at http://heavylobster.com/files/Xorg.failsafe.log07:06
she_dyedbut am an nvidia guy07:06
Heavylobsterand the issue basically is X saying the system is running in low graphics mode and offers me several options I can do but it's unresponsive at that point and thus i can't actually select any of them07:07
Heavylobsterand X has worked before, it was broken when i booted today07:07
she_dyedwhen you plugged in headset?07:08
Heavylobsterif that was for me, i am not using a headset07:08
sibyAudio:     Card: Intel Device 1e2007:10
sibymy audio not works07:10
sibyi am using hp 2000 with ubuntu 10.04 lts07:10
nevynsiby: can you run alsa-info in upload mode and paste the url it spits out?07:10
sibyhow to run that07:11
sibyi have type also-info in terminal07:12
sibyoutput it command not found07:12
sibyis *07:12
nevynwget http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh07:13
sibylet me try07:13
nevynHeavylobster: so that looks ok..07:14
nrdbI need some help setting up a NAT between eth1 and eth0 so internet traffic can go via my ubuntu computer.07:15
nevynHeavylobster: do you still have the package xorg-video-driver-intel or whatever it's called?07:15
nevynHeavylobster: xserver-xorg-video-intel is the package...07:16
nrdbfrom Windows I can ping (the incoming interface)  but when I try (the outgoing interface) it doesn't work.07:16
Heavylobsternevyn: yep it appears to be there07:17
nevyndpkg -l xserver-xorg-video-intel07:17
Heavylobsteri'm no expert but i didn't see anything wrong with the log either07:17
* nevyn did with the failsafe log07:17
nevynit's using fbdev and not loading the intel driver at all07:17
nrdbThe ARP lookups aren't getting a reply for the gw at
Heavylobsternevyn: i'm not sure I understand the dpkg output correcly but it does appear it's installed from that07:19
nevynwhat are the first two lines?07:19
Heavylobsteri tested by doing apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-intel which says it's the newest version07:19
icedwnevyn: Jpmh: I'm back on this for a while longer, resolved the problem.07:20
icedwAs it turns out, one fix was to install ia32-libs-multiarch so that the box could read 32-bit binaries.07:20
nevynHeavylobster: did you install updates recently?07:20
nevynicedw: not shocked really...07:20
Heavylobster"Desired=Unknown/Install/Remove/Purge/Hold" and "| Status=Not/Inst/Conf-files/Unpacked/halF-conf/Half-inst/trig-aWait/Trig-pend" are the first two lines07:21
icedwnevyn: Well, neither am I, but I didn't think of that before.07:21
Heavylobsternevyn: I think I may have updated the last time X was running but I am not 100% sure, any way to check07:21
icedwShouldn't run into as many problems configuring dokuwiki :)07:21
nevynHeavylobster: first two columns on the line where xserver-xorg-video-intel is.07:23
Morph4meHeavylobster: i have the same output (first 2 lines) with this version  installed .......ii  xserver-xorg-v 2:2.20.12-0u amd6407:23
Heavylobsternevyn: "ii xserver-xorg-video-intel 2:2.20-9-0ubuntu2"07:24
she_dyedisn't the failsafe what runs in 'crippled' mode so I wasn't sure i'd trust that07:26
KevinSjobergAnyone here with SSH-experience? I've got two servers, both had a .ssh directory and a .authorized_keys file. The .ssh folder and the .authorized_keys file have exactly the same permissions on both servers. Both servers have the same /etc/ssh/ssh_config. But one server don't allow to me to connect without entering the password and I can't seem to solve it. This is the output of "ssh -v my_successful_server": http://paste.ubuntu.com/5712491/ and07:27
KevinSjoberg this is the output from the unsuccessful server: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5712493/. Any ideas?07:27
tesujiare application errors in a virtual machine considered bugs to be reported?07:27
sibynevyn its just loading nothing more happens07:28
ubuntuaddictedcan anyone help me with my grub menu? i installed a non -pae kernel and it's showing up within a sub-list called previous versions.07:29
ubuntuaddictedi want to make it auto-boot the non-pae kernel but I don't know what number to use since it's within this sub-menu07:30
k1lyou can use the name of that entry07:31
lawatii am running ubuntu from vmware player on windows 7 , is there any way to enable unity functionality of vmware player on ubuntu (i removed the unity desktop manager and now i am on gnome 3 i thought this would be enough for that )07:31
nevynsiby: ?07:31
nevynKevinSjoberg: do you have the private keyfile on both servers?07:31
ubuntuaddictedk1l, i can only put a number within /etc/default/grub07:32
nevynKevinSjoberg: not that that's a good idea....07:32
KevinSjobergnevyn: My private key file is only on my machine and then I let agent forwarding handle the rest.07:32
KevinSjobergOops, the last url should be. http://paste.ubuntu.com/5712493/07:33
nevynKevinSjoberg: so you have your workstation serverA serverB?07:33
KevinSjobergnevyn: Exactly. I've got my workstation and then server A (successful) and Server B (unsuccessful)07:33
k1lubuntuaddicted: no, you can even add the right string to match, like: GRUB_DEFAULT="Ubuntu, with 2.6.32-25-generic"07:34
nevynKevinSjoberg: you're going from your workstation directly to serverB?07:34
nevynKevinSjoberg: or via serverA?07:34
ubuntuaddictedk1l, there's multiple entries within the sub-menu. can you link me to where you're reading this please07:34
KevinSjobergnevyn: I'm trying to access them directly from my workstation.07:34
nevynso from your workstation to serverB directly doesn't work?07:34
KevinSjobergnevyn: Server A works, it accepts my public key, Server B fails and prompts for password. See the URL:s I sent.07:35
nevyncheck the permissions of .ssh/authorized_keys on serverb07:35
KevinSjobergnevyn: Permissions is the same on both servers.07:35
KevinSjobergnevyn: /etc/ssh/sshd_config is the same on both servers as well.07:35
nevynKevinSjoberg: ls -l of ~/.ssh/authorized_keys please.07:35
nevynKevinSjoberg: also check /var/log/messages on serverb07:36
nevynas to why the pubkey is being rejected.07:36
k1lubuntuaddicted: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1195275 scroll smth down to 5. Grub 2 Files & Options07:36
KevinSjobergnevyn: On Server B (failing server) -rw-rw-r-- 1 administrator administrator 394 Apr 16 09:14 /home/administrator/.ssh/authorized_keys07:36
nevynand on serverA?07:37
nevyngroup writable is a no-no07:37
nevynbtw. and will be why it's failing07:37
KevinSjobergnevyn: Server A (Successful one) -rw-rw-r-- 1 hldesign hldesign 1217 Apr  3 10:20 /home/hldesign/.ssh/authorized_keys07:38
KevinSjobergnevyn: Should i chmod 600 on Server B then?07:38
nevynKevinSjoberg: check /var/log/messages on serverb07:38
nevynKevinSjoberg: are both these systems ubuntu?07:39
icerootKevinSjoberg: -rw------- 1 irssi irssi 2393 25. Feb 07:35 /home/irssi/.ssh/authorized_keys07:39
icerootKevinSjoberg: that is the only valid config. everything else is unsecure07:39
nevynI don't et how that works at all?07:39
nevynmeh readable is fine imho.07:39
nevynbut sshd should complain A LOT if it's group or world writable.07:39
icerootnevyn: correct07:40
KevinSjobergnevyn: I did not have a /var/log/messages on Server B.07:40
nevynso I don't get how 17:41 < KevinSjoberg> nevyn: Server A (Successful one) -rw-rw-r-- 1 hldesign hldesign 1217 Apr  3 10:20 /home/hldesign/.ssh/authorized_keys07:40
KevinSjobergiceroot: I'll change my permissions on Server B.07:40
nevynKevinSjoberg: is it ubuntu?07:40
KevinSjobergnevyn: Yep, Ubuntu 12.04.07:40
KevinSjobergnevyn: Same version on both.07:41
nevynnevermind fix the permissions see if it's ok after that.07:41
KevinSjobergiceroot, nevyn: Changed permissions to 600 so "ls -l" no gives "-rw------- 1 administrator administrator 394 Apr 16 09:14 /home/administrator/.ssh/authorized_keys". Same issue.07:42
nevynwhat's in the sshd log on that system?07:42
KevinSjobergnevyn: I've got access to /var/log/auth.log.07:43
ThatOneRoadiehttp://i.imgur.com/xnvIWHn.png sexy sexy errors07:43
lawatihello can someone help ?i am running ubuntu from vmware player on windows 7 , is there any way to enable unity functionality of vmware player on ubuntu (i removed the unity desktop manager and now i am on gnome 3 i thought this would be enough for that )07:43
nevynKevinSjoberg: are you the admin of the server?07:43
KevinSjobergnevyn: I've not setup Server B. I'm logging in with administrator and I've got sudo access.07:44
nevynsudo su -? or limited sudo access?07:45
KevinSjobergnevyn: I can use sudo su to get root access.07:45
k1luse sudo -i instead of sudo su07:46
KevinSjobergnevyn: But I can do that as well on Server A.07:46
Nmbr1KevinSjoberg: you don't need to use "sudo su" that is redundant07:46
Nmbr1sudo is the single command implementation of su which switches the user context from the local user to the root user07:46
Nmbr1^or also a different user you specify07:47
nevynKevinSjoberg: I want you to find the sshd log and find out whyit's failing.07:47
KevinSjobergnevyn: I don't say, I checked /var/log/auth.log07:48
nevynauth.log is not what you need07:48
nevyn/var/log/syslog or /var/log/messages07:48
ubuntuaddictedk1l, i'll give that a try, thanks07:50
KevinSjobergnevyn: Okey, so /var/log/syslog just says "Apr 16 09:16:53 srv46-prod sudo: pam_ecryptfs: pam_sm_authenticate: /home/administrator is already mounted".07:51
KevinSjobergand by the way. If I enter the password and have a SSH-connection open, all new attempts to Server B works without entering a password.07:51
KevinSjobergnevyn: But when I close all connections, I need to enter a password again.07:52
KevinSjobergnevyn:  /var/log/auth.log says "Apr 16 09:40:51 srv46-prod sshd[21484]: pam_ecryptfs: Passphrase file wrapped".07:52
nevynKevinSjoberg: do you have encrypt homedirs on on serverb?07:53
KevinSjobergnevyn: How can I check that?07:53
lawatihello can someone help ?i am running ubuntu from vmware player on windows 7 , is there any way to enable unity functionality of vmware player on ubuntu (i removed the unity desktop manager and now i am on gnome 3 i thought this would be enough for that )07:54
KevinSjobergnevyn: I think you're on to something. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedHome.07:54
nevynlawati: that doesn't even make sense....07:54
KevinSjobergnevyn: I quote: "There are a few minor caveats that one must keep in mind about these encrypted configurations. "07:54
KevinSjobergnevyn: "SSH public key authentication into your system also will not work, unless you put your public key somewhere outside of your home directory and symbolically link it to your unmounted $HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys. ".07:54
lawatinevyn: well i am new in linux world so i need a little guidance07:55
nevynKevinSjoberg: so do that?07:56
KevinSjobergI'm working on it. I'll tell you how it went in a while.07:56
nevynlawati: what are you trying to do? what doesn't work?07:57
nevynsiby: how did you go?07:58
lawatinevyn: well i am running ubuntu as a guest OS on VMware player , there is a feature in vmware player to have applications of guest OS to run seamless in the host OS , this was working fine with some old Ubuntu versions , but is disabled in the current07:59
lawatinevyn: i thought this is because of old ubuntu run with gdm and the current version is running with something different , so tried to change that08:00
Nmbr1nevyn: i had some issues with newer version of ubuntu and vms as well. i eneded up doing the install under vmplayer and then using the vm in virtualbox08:05
silo_does crontab have a log?08:07
Jpmhsilo_: it sends you an eMail08:07
lawatiNmbrl : so there was no solution for such thing08:07
silo_im not on that list08:08
KevinSjobergnevyn: Solved it!08:10
nevynKevinSjoberg: yay08:10
KevinSjobergnevyn: Thanks a lot for your help!08:10
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shmoonwhat does building package means?08:16
shmoonmeans compiling from source to be able to use?08:17
nrdbshould ARP packets get NATed?08:17
TakeItEZ!packaging | shmoon: not only compiling, building a complete package08:18
ubottushmoon: not only compiling, building a complete package: The packaging guide is at http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/  - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports and !sponsoring08:18
nrdbnevyn, are you talking to me?08:19
nevynnrdb: yes so arp is absolutely local traffice it shouldn't cross a bridge and it shouldn't be nated08:20
nrdbnevyn, ok08:20
shmoonTakeItEZ: ok so its like building a package that cna be installed via apt-get, rather than the ./configure;make;make isntall; thing that installs a software by compiling, etc.08:21
nevynshmoon: make install is usually a bad idea on modern linux systems08:21
TakeItEZshmoon: yes. avoid using "make install" whenever you can. use at least checkinstall to build a package, that is installed with the package-management08:22
shmoonwhy is amke install bad ?08:22
TakeItEZshmoon: makes updating/removing way easier08:22
=== Bostoman is now known as mineur
shmooni am not compiling from source though, i was just trying to understand what does 'build package' means, so from what i've understood its building packages that can be distributed via package managers, rather than compiling from source08:22
nrdbnevyn, I have two interfaces on my Ubuntu machine, one is connected to a Windows XP computer, should the gw on XP set to the interface on that is being NATed.08:22
nevynthe gateway should be the internal ip of the ubuntu machine.08:25
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steve_fipermissions question, can I set chown recursively in the same way that I can with chmod?08:27
nrdbnevyn, fine... changing the configuration now.08:27
TakeItEZsteve_fi: man chown (-R) yes08:27
steve_fiTakeItEZ, I only ask, because when I do it, it doesn't seem to work, but I'll figure it out :)08:28
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=== mineur is now known as Bostoman
TakeItEZsteve_fi: you try it on a non-unix-fs?08:28
steve_fiext4 fs08:28
khildinhi all... anyone around that has build the xapian bindings for php5 for precise? (and willing to share the pakcages...)?08:29
TakeItEZsteve_fi: needs sudo if you aren't owner off all dirs/files you want to change08:29
steve_fiTakeItEZ, long story short, set up a wordpress site and I can't upload images, but I can change user to www-data and it works when I SSH08:29
steve_fiTakeItEZ, yeah, used sudo08:30
TakeItEZsteve_fi: wp-content/uploads is writable by www-data?08:32
steve_fiTakeItEZ, think I figured it out, I have two links to the uploads folder that I didn't notice, I think one of those folders has a permissions issue08:34
sonofzeusHello all08:35
sonofzeusAny of ya know lubuntus irc channel?08:35
steve_fiTakeItEZ,  my wordpress install was set to /usr/share/wordpress, but my uploads folder is /var/lib/wordpress/wp-content/uploads08:35
steve_fiand I had a link from /var/www pointing to the /usr/share/wordpress, but I hadn't noticed that it was in /var/lib ...08:36
sonofzeusHey there does anyone here know lubuntus irc channel?08:37
k1l_sonofzeus: #lubuntu ?08:37
callipygousHi, I'm running gnome classic, but cannot find a way to turn on expose.  Does anybody know how to turn it on?08:39
bediinderjitHi, I am looking for a network inventory tool for windows08:40
callipygousLife is hard without expose.  I hate alt-tab, it's so windowws 9508:40
bsprakashindHi, I am using Virtual Box on Ubuntu.. To create virtual machines.. System files drive. it got full suddenly.. And few VMs not able to access.. any idea, y this happening..08:40
supertoughwhy is my counter strike source on ubuntu 12.10 is not as fast as on windows?08:43
supertoughon windows i get 300fps constant and on linux it dips to 150fps08:44
Zeevbspaka: what got full08:44
Zeevprobably driver is not as optimized as in windows08:44
nrdbnevyn, thanks for the help... it seems to be working fine now... doing some more test atm.08:45
bsprakashindZeev: system drive it is full.. same I faced in CentOS.. i taut it's a bug, now I changed to Ubuntu 12.04.. And created VMs using Virtual Box08:46
ekiwoksupertough, you are using wine, wine is not emulator but it's still different code than in windows that is not so good optimised08:46
CrazyGangsterHello ppl, how i can define charset=utf-8 on wget? I still get some strange characters when i wget a page.08:46
callipygousdefine strange08:47
at-912Hi! Is it possible to mount .vdi files (virtualbox) in linux?08:47
=== callipygous is now known as not-a-troll
ekiwoksupertough, unless you are running native linux game you shoud expect less fps, unfortunatly08:47
not-a-trollI got good fps playing games under wine08:47
not-a-trollthis was back in the day, GTA Vice City08:47
not-a-trollI think it was called transgaming back then08:48
not-a-trollwhich was a fork of wine08:48
not-a-trollfor gaming08:48
Zeevat912 why not?08:48
revelc77i have a aproblem with ubuntu 12.1008:48
Zeevat912 ok sry misunderstood your question08:48
CrazyGangstercallipygous: like äöüÃÅ, is all about charset08:48
not-a-trolli think the frame rate was just as good as windows08:48
revelc77i lost LAN conectivity08:49
=== not-a-troll is now known as callipygous
revelc77the eth0 continue with same ip and netmask and i can't ping any host on the same network08:49
bsprakashindZeev: http://pastebin.centos.org/2044/ FYI08:49
ekiwoknot-a-troll, it depends from many factors08:49
callipygousAnybody know how to turn on expose feature in gnome fallback session?08:49
revelc77i tried restarting network-manager08:50
sybaritena coupla ubuntu questions. I'mma start with the first one08:50
sybaritenAre there any versions of ubuntu that support /toram ?08:50
revelc77the only thing that i can't do it's to restart my notebook08:50
sybaritenhm, dang, maybe i could have done some web research on that one myself first  :-/08:51
DJonessybariten: Boot to ram?08:51
revelc77does any body knows where i can't find more information? Logs ,etc .08:51
sybaritenDJones: exactly08:52
revelc77i revised /var/log/* without success08:52
sybaritenDJones: it used to be quite common in the knoppix days08:52
DJonessybariten: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BootToRAM I've never used this, but hopefully will give you some pointers https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BootToRAM08:52
sybaritenusing it for a live CD was pure bliss... you booted, and waited, and booted, and waited, and the disc spun like hell. Then, finally, you had a system that was snappy, to say the least08:52
garretti need help with ubuntu08:53
=== garrett is now known as Guest28211
callipygousI need help with gnome08:54
Guest28211i need help installing java on ubuntu08:57
bsprakashindUbuntu system drive got full 100%, When using VirtualBox, any clue, why this happened? http://pastebin.centos.org/2044/08:57
failurebsprakashind: your disk allocation in vb is what ?08:58
Guest28211i need help installing java on ubuntu08:59
bsprakashindvb means?08:59
bsprakashindNo, it's on Ubuntu08:59
bsprakashindOn top of Ubuntu I used Virtual Box08:59
k1l_!patience > callipygous09:00
ubottucallipygous, please see my private message09:00
callipygousas you would09:00
failureand your disk got eaten by VirtualBox09:00
Guest28211someone walk me through the steps of getting java working09:00
Guest28211i tried doing a couple different things and cant seem to get it working09:00
bsprakashindI dnt know or how... I created VMs in a different drove..09:00
k1l_callipygous: and i dont think it works on gnome fallback modus. since its a reduced desktop09:00
callipygousoh, but there must be a way09:01
callipygousthere is always a way09:01
failurebsprakashind: are you sure ? default location is ~/VirtualBox VM/09:01
failure~/VirtualBox VMs/09:01
callipygousunless I use gnome 3 and find a way to have global menus09:01
bsprakashindYes, I changed it to other drive to create  VM09:01
Guest28211is there a way i can install a plugin on chromium to get java working09:02
Guest28211or what09:02
callipygousthe lack of global menus annoys me09:02
k1l_callipygous: expose is a 3d feature. fallback modus runs without 3d09:02
Guest28211because it wont directly install the plugin09:02
wooGuest28211: what are you trying to do?09:02
callipygousI've got 3d running ok with glx-dock09:02
Guest28211to just go on a chat website that uses java09:02
bsprakashindfailure: same was happened in CentOS, so, i shifted to Ubuntu.. here also same issue..09:02
wooGuest28211: java like flashplayer from adobe?09:02
callipygouswait, that's opengl'09:03
Guest28211no it says java plugin not installed09:03
Guest28211and i try to install it and then it doesnt do anything09:03
snugglGuest28211: how did you try to intall it?09:04
snugglwith apt-get/software-center ?09:04
Guest28211it says java is required to display some elements  then install plugin at the top of chromium09:05
Guest28211and when i click that it gtakes me to java.com which does nothing when i hit download]09:05
=== Guest80227 is now known as jd|
TakeItEZ!java | Guest2821109:06
ubottuGuest28211: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.09:06
Guest28211yeha i tried that too09:07
nevynGuest28211: install the plugin package using software centre.09:07
Guest28211yeah i installed 7 and it still doesnt work via software centre09:07
nevyndid you restart your browser?09:07
b80905how do i fix my package system?09:07
Guest28211and the plugin doesnt exist on software centre09:08
nevynyes it does.09:08
TakeItEZ!info icedtea-7-plugin09:08
ubottuicedtea-7-plugin (source: icedtea-web): web browser plugin based on OpenJDK and IcedTea to execute Java applets. In component main, is extra. Version 1.3-1ubuntu1.1 (quantal), package size 77 kB, installed size 258 kB09:08
Guest28211thats not what its telling me09:08
b80905my packages have unmet dependencies09:08
b80905how do i fix that?09:09
jolareninstall them09:09
nevynGuest28211: why did you change your name?09:09
Guest28211i didnt09:09
Guest28211how can i take a picture of my screen and show you guys09:10
Guest28211i kknow how to screen cap but not link it09:10
nevynimagebin.org ?09:11
TakeItEZGuest28211: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install icedtea-7-plugin openjdk-7-jre09:11
b80905jolaren: thanks09:11
teachmetohackAnyone, can recommend me some channel about hacking or defacing? pleaseeee..09:11
teachmetohackAnyone, can recommend me some channel about hacking or defacing? pleaseeee..09:11
=== prasannatsm_ is now known as prasannatsm
b80905who knows python?09:11
Myrttiteachmetohack: No.09:11
teachmetohackWhy no?09:12
ekiwokteachmetohack, read about assembler and cisco materials09:12
nevynteachmetohack: please get off the internet.09:12
teachmetohacki'm just trying to learn sometihng.09:12
b80905how do i unjoin a channel?09:12
DJones!illegal | teachmetohack09:12
ubottuteachmetohack: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o09:12
TakeItEZD!alis | teachmetohack: then learn to search on your own first09:12
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*09:12
Guest28211it said icedtea7 has no installiation candidate09:13
b80905how do i unjoin a channel?09:13
KevinSjobergb80905: Use /leave?09:13
nevynGuest28211: icedtea-7-plugin09:13
TakeItEZGuest28211: lsb_release -sd09:13
TakeItEZGuest28211: what is the output/your ubuntu version?09:14
Guest28211it just says no installation candidate and  wait a sec let me check09:14
sonofzeushi i installed lubuntu a few mins ago v12.10 but the updater is again displaying 110 mb of updares . why?09:14
=== zim is now known as Guest40770
sonofzeusisnt 12.10 the latest version?09:15
Guest28211takeitez: how do i check versions09:15
TakeItEZGuest28211:i told you: " lsb_release -sd "09:15
Guest2821111.10 takeitez09:16
nevynsonofzeus: from when the dvd/cd/netinst went gold to now is... some time?09:17
TakeItEZGuest28211: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install icedtea-6-plugin openjdk-6-jre09:17
nevynsonofzeus: 6 months or so by my count.09:17
sonofzeusyeah 10 min09:17
b80905how do i reset my gnome desktop to the default state?09:17
nevynsonofzeus: so 12.10 was released in octoberish last year.09:17
nevyn110mb of updates from then to now seems... reasonable.09:18
Guest28211YES! takeitez09:18
sonofzeusbut 12.10 is the latest.right?09:18
nevynsonofzeus: yeah but 13.04 is just around the corner...09:18
Ben64sonofzeus: for about a week yeah09:18
Guest28211maybe it just didnt like 7 takeitez09:18
nevynif we even do that..09:18
b80905how do i reset my gnome desktop?09:19
sonofzeusthanks neyn09:19
Guest28211so now should it work takeitez09:20
=== dan_ is now known as Guest78035
Guest28211thank you takeitez09:20
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
bitterjughi, can anyone help me with an audio/pulse question? My Sound Settings list no devices even though the laptop has built in sound and pavucontrol lists the mics and shows the leve meter moving when thre is sound input. How can I make my input device show up?09:31
jnhghyHi, I have a program that at a point reads some entries from a .dbf file, if I run this part of the program on a windows machine it takes about 2-3 seconds if I run it on an ubuntu machine throw dosemu it takes about 9 seconds if I run it on windows with the file located on ubuntu(shared via ntfs) it takes 40 seconds. My question can I make anything to ntfs/samba/... to run the script from a windows machine but keep the .dbf file on ubuntu? and have a dec09:36
jnhghyent speed?09:36
=== derWachert is now known as derWachert|BNC
=== Djole is now known as KURZALEWSKI
=== roast is now known as roaster
slinnkygood morning09:49
=== KURZALEWSKI is now known as Djole
aldwinaldwinQuestion:  i've installed exim4 with a relay,  and have set the MAILTO= in crontab.  Via 'dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config' i was able to masquerade the domain. The only thing I can't figure out, is to change  the  username 'root' in the From-Address to another username.   So, how to change  root(at)domainname.com  to   user(at)domainname.com ?10:01
=== callipyg1us is now known as calipygous
=== calipygous is now known as callipygous
gaoanynone here?10:04
slinnkygao, yo10:05
gaodo you use ubuntu?10:05
slinnkyubuntu gnome yis10:05
slinnkyAre you having a problem with it?10:05
gaoso you know the "set" command10:06
slinnkyset command?10:06
ubuntu34256hi folks, i'm installing ubuntu right now, but i don't know how much swap do i need???? help please10:06
slinnkyubuntu34256, how much RAM do you have?10:06
ubuntu34256i have 8gb10:06
shojonone lol10:06
abhinavmehtahow to start telnet server on other port than 2310:07
slinnkyubuntu34256, 8gb is the standard advice10:07
slinnkyubuntu34256, how big is your hard drive?10:07
ubuntu34256260gb on ssd10:07
slinnkyubuntu34256, make it 2gb then :)10:07
=== Jikan is now known as Jikai
ubuntu34256thank you slinnky!10:08
=== Jikai is now known as Jikan
=== huayra is now known as ruben_varnish
gaoprintenv command shows global environment variables10:08
=== jon___ is now known as yeahuyen
=== ruben_varnish is now known as huayra
gaothe set sommand shows local environment variables10:09
ubuntu34256could i install without swap? or i'ts no recommended?10:09
gaobut when i typed set i can't see the local environment variables :S10:09
slinnkygao, oh you're talking about in bash10:10
slinnkyman set10:10
Dark_lightubuntu34256: you can but you'd miss out on caching10:10
gaonothing appears :S10:10
shojoslinnky:  isn't SWAP  just HDD space linux uses as RAM?10:10
slinnkyshojo, yes if it needs it10:10
Dark_lightshojo: nope not just that10:11
bsprakashindVirtualBox is eating up system space.. how to get that space back?10:11
shojooh, sorry10:11
gaocould you try it on your ubuntu?10:11
Dark_lightshojo: http://www.linux-tutorial.info/modules.php?name=MContent&pageid=31410:11
abhinavmehtasorry my telnet client crashed…please repost if someone answered about telnet problem10:11
snugglabhinavmehta: noone uses telnet anymore10:11
snugglabhinavmehta: upgrade to ssh!10:12
ubuntu34256Dark_light, ok  so, 2gb is good?10:12
gaoslinnky,could you try it on your ubuntu?10:12
callipygousssh! ftw!10:12
abhinavmehtasnuggl: thats okay…I'm just doing some handy network tests10:12
abhinavmehtaand I need telnet server running on some other port than 2310:12
snugglabhinavmehta: use netcat for the random socket and text-tests imo10:12
Dark_lightubuntu34256: yeah it should, I usually make it as big as my ram just in case since it's used for hibernation too (if you activate it)10:12
callipygousram ram10:13
Dark_lightubuntu34256: you could however use a swapfile if you don't want to make a partition only for swap10:13
abhinavmehtaI tried googling but failed to find that .conf file where I can change telnet server port10:13
ubuntu34256no, i don't need hibernation, but i have 8gb of Ram and miss 8gb of hard disk i'ts too much, i think10:14
Dark_lightwell then 2 gb will be plenty :-)10:14
ekiwokubuntu34256: you can turn off swam pernamently10:14
Dark_lightekiwok: I wouldn't unless you really hate page caching10:15
gaoanyone knows the set command :D10:15
slinnkygao, are you running 13.04?10:16
gaoslinnky,12.10 maybe10:16
shojoubuntu34256: I was just kidding saying you need none :P10:16
callipygousanybody know how to get fall back gnome session expose?10:16
bsprakashindVirtualBox is eating up system space in Ubuntu 12.04.. how to get that space back? Any clue.. Please help10:16
shojoi vote you get 4 GB swap10:17
ekiwokDark_light: If you have so much RAM are there any disatvantages of turning off swap?10:17
ubuntu34256ok thanks guys for the patience, I have allocated 2GB for installation right now!10:17
Dark_lightekiwok: yes the system doesn't do page caching read up here for a quick explanation http://www.linux-tutorial.info/modules.php?name=MContent&pageid=31410:17
ubuntu34256shojo,  :D10:17
=== Reina is now known as Guest13277
abhinavmehtaanyone on how to change telnet server port?10:18
gaoslinnky,can the set command shows local environment variables on your system?10:18
slinnkygao, nah it disappeared in 13.04 :)10:18
slinnkyI'm trying to find out what package it's in....... but why would you be messing with environmental variables?10:18
Dark_lightekiwok: if you don't want to have a partition for it you can use a swapfile which has the advantage that's easely resizable10:18
gaobe deleted?10:18
slinnkygao, use 'env' instead of 'set'10:19
gaoslinkky,ty very much i have a try :d10:19
gaoit works10:20
gaoslinnky, ty for your patience :D10:20
slinnkyhah, no prob10:20
shojomy linux Mint12 just told me i have some malicious client eavesdropping... what should i do?10:20
shojoi trust what linux tells me, it's a lot smarter than me!10:21
slinnkyshojo, remove the kernel10:21
abhinavmehtaif I change entry in /etc/services, than how to reload that configuration without off course restarting the machine?10:21
slinnkyshojo, rpm -r linux-kernel10:21
RandomSortHi, is there a way to downgrade a package? specificaly cifs-utils 2:5.5-1ubuntu -> 2:5.1-1ubuntu110:22
slinnkyRandomSort, did you get it from a ppa?10:22
shojoslinnky: whut??10:22
RandomSortI've jsut installed the newest version with apt-get10:23
Krambiorixhi guys, when trying to apt-get install something, i get the error that i have to perform sudo apt-get -f install . When i do that , i get : libreoffice-common (1:4.0.2~rc2-0ubuntu1~precise1) breaks libreoffice-emailmerge (<< 1:4.0.2~rc2)10:23
Krambiorixwhat can i do?!10:23
slinnkyRandomSort, is it buggy?10:24
RandomSortThe issue I'm experiencing I've described here:http://serverfault.com/questions/491464/directories-shown-as-files-when-sharing-a-mounted-cifs-drive10:24
RandomSortbasically I have a weird samba issue10:24
slinnkyRandomSort, http://www.howtogeek.com/117929/how-to-downgrade-packages-on-ubuntu/10:24
slinnkyscroll down to the apt-get section10:24
RandomSortI've had it working with smbfs rather than cifs, so I'd like to try that since nothing I've tried for the last three weeks has made any progress10:25
RandomSortthanks slinnky10:25
=== Kieran is now known as Guest72268
shojoslinnky: i said i'm not as smart as linux..... i didn't say i was stupid! :<10:29
=== Guest72268 is now known as KieranVertex
sdnmeinotifywait -m /userdata/home/ -e create --format %f &  is it possible to store the output value to  variable and i dont want any out put in terminal10:31
slinnkyshojo, ah I thought you were trolling for a min :)10:31
slinnkyshojo, what are you doing when you get that error? are you in firefox?10:31
shojodude no ... :<10:31
shojowell i kind of always have firefox on10:32
slinnkygksu ?10:32
shojoit was "dude, no.." to the trolling question. I hate trolls :<10:32
=== stephan_ is now known as stephanmg
slinnkywell - are you trying to do something as administrator when you get that error?10:33
rob_pshojo: Let me guess... So you tried to ssh into another box and it said something about the possibility of someone doing something nasty like a man-in-the-middle attack or something, right?10:33
shojoi just left my pc in stand by last night, woke up, typed in my pw. then i noticed i had updates to run, so i licked that,....and before i typed in my pw again, that message appeared10:33
shojorob_p: No, i dont even know how to ssh...:<10:34
rob_pshojo: Ok... Just a common question that comes up...10:34
shojooh, ok... as long as you don't call me a troll again...10:34
auronandace!mint | shojo10:35
rob_pshojo: I didn't! :)10:35
ubottushojo: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org10:35
shojobut i liek you guys better :<10:35
snugglshojo: just ignore it10:35
snugglthe message10:35
snugglits prbably sloppy mint devs changing keys or URLs or similar.10:35
shojook thanks10:36
snuggl(if you arent a spy or similar that actually could be evesdropped on)10:36
guangi install firefox from source tar.bz2,but i encounter a problem10:36
snugglguang: why did you install from source?10:37
guang/usr/bin/ld: libxul.so: hidden symbol `_ZN13nsWifiMonitor6DoScanEv' isn't defined10:37
auronandaceguang: why aren't you using the one in the repo?10:37
guangi am compiling firefox for my "lfs" system10:37
snugglguang: this is #ubuntu10:37
guangbut i can not seek help form #lfs10:37
auronandaceguang: that doesn't make this lfs support10:38
auronandaceguang: ask in ##linux10:38
guangthanks ,i will try10:38
lesshastein 12.04 how do I create a new admin user?10:38
lesshasteudo adduser username --group sudo10:38
shojosnuggl: i don't really understand...why would i spy on myself?10:38
lesshastedoesn't work10:38
lesshasteI mean sudo10:39
snuggllesshaste: add normal accout10:39
snuggllesshaste: then add them to /etc/sudoers10:39
lesshastefrom the command line I mean10:39
snugglshojo: it was a joke =P10:39
lesshastesudo username syed --group admin10:39
lesshastesudo adduser username --group admin10:39
lesshastemaybe that?10:39
shojosnuggl: :D:D:D10:39
snuggllesshaste: 1. add an account just as any account10:40
snuggllesshaste: 2. add this new account to /etc/sudoers10:40
Ben64no. 2. add user to sudo group10:41
auronandaceBen64 +110:41
Ben64sudo usermod -a -G sudo <user>10:41
snugglsure if you prefer groups10:41
Ben64its how ubuntu is set up10:41
lesshasteshould it be the admin group?10:41
auronandacelesshaste: no10:41
jemaduxdo you play on fics chess ?10:43
bipuljemadux: Well gnome chess is a bullshit10:44
auronandace!language | bipul10:44
ubottubipul: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.10:44
jemaduxbipul, how do i change the password ?10:44
bipulauronandace: Op's sorry10:44
bipuljemadux: Password of what?10:45
jemaduxon fics10:45
bipuljemadux: If you are trying to change the account password then Type simple passwd  in terminal10:46
maixhi friends !10:46
bipulwhat is fics?10:47
slinnkyfree internet chess server10:47
maixhow are you?10:47
auronandacemaix: need help with a ubuntu issue?10:47
bipulhttp://www.freechess.org/Help/HelpFiles/password.html check this jemadux10:48
jemaduxbipul: i checked but i dont understand10:48
jemaduxwhat saying10:48
bipulWhat you have not understood.10:49
maixauronandace No thanks, I'm fine =)10:49
bipulauronandace: Hi10:49
auronandacebipul: hi10:49
bipulauronandace: How are you?10:49
maixauronandace I came for the language10:50
auronandacebipul: ready to help with what i can10:50
bipulauronandace: sorry i don't get you?10:51
auronandacebipul: i'm here to render aid to those who require assistance with ubuntu problems10:51
auronandacemaix: if you fancy chatting then #ubuntu-offtopic might be helpful for you10:52
bipulauronandace: Are you ubuntu member10:53
auronandacebipul: just a user10:53
bipulNice to know auronandace10:54
bipulBut i feel that i know you.10:54
maixauronandace can not we choose?10:54
auronandacemaix: this channel is just for support, feel free to watch or join in helping others10:55
maixauronandace watch and learn this is why I came here10:57
bipulmaix: what's you problem ?10:57
=== Ionut- is now known as Ionnut
maixauronandace no, sorry, it's okay10:59
maixauronandace I'm a developer, learning English, thanks for the concern11:01
aldwinaldwinQuestion:  i've installed exim4 with a relay,  and have set the MAILTO= in crontab.  Via 'dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config' i was able to masquerade the domain. The only thing I can't figure out, is to change  the  username 'root' in the From-Address to another username.   So, how to change  root(at)domainname.com  to   user(at)domainname.com ?11:02
AtuMaldwinaldwin, .mailrc used to help11:03
auronandace!pm > maix11:04
ubottumaix, please see my private message11:04
aldwinaldwini'll try the .mailrc , thx AtuM11:05
DJones!ot | abinez11:08
ubottuabinez: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:08
AtuMaldwinaldwin, it depends also on the mail client.. if you can not tell the client to use .mailrc or define the sender, you might need to make a rewrite rule. I don't know exim that much, but it can be done in sendmail11:08
=== albert is now known as Guest33893
bazhangabinez, #ubuntu-cn11:10
abinezI can‘t say English11:10
abinezbazhang: 你是中文的吧11:10
bipulabinez: But you can Type in english, it's not hard you have to work on keyboard :D11:11
bazhangabinez, english here only11:11
bazhang!cn | abinez11:11
ubottuabinez: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw11:11
abinez /join #ubuntu-cn11:11
aldwinaldwinAtuM, if I would use sendmail, then how would i have to do that?11:12
AtuMaldwinaldwin, http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Sendmail-Address-Rewrite-3.html11:12
AtuMaldwinaldwin, it might be easier to do this in exim... anyone here done this?11:13
aldwinaldwinAtuM, ok, i've tried some of those things with sendmail, but got stuck, and returned to exim ... will have another try. thank you11:14
lateralussup guys... i need some help.. anyone knows how to get rid of this problem?11:16
lateralusE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)11:16
AtuMaldwinaldwin, trial and error until it works is sometimes the only way of making things work and learn what you need to know11:18
BluesKaj'Morning all11:20
nunneI have an old installation of gentoo.. that works.. but has some problems.. so want to re-install it. it uses mdraid. and it all works in the gentoo dist. but when I boot ubuntu 12.10 from usb-stick.. install mdadm and run mdadm --assemble --scan it will only detect the boot partition (/dev/md1) and not the root partition (/dev/md3). I have copied the mdadm.conf from gentoo to ubuntu and tried.11:21
nunnebut still will only detect the /boot partition.. Also ubuntu doesn't detect the different parititons like /dev/sda1, 2 and 3.. only /dev/sda .. but running fdisk on /dev/sda and sdb I can see linux raid autodetect (and swap) on the three partitions on each disk (boot, swap and root)11:21
aldwinaldwinAtuM, indeed, after 2 days, i finally got the the email working, 1: how to setup email - check done 2: howto use a relay - check done 3: howto change domain name so relay would except the emails - check done 4:  change from address  root -> aldwinaldwin -  nowhere information :-(11:22
nunneanyone have any idea how to sort this out? the gentoo box will get kernel panic doing anything to fancy.. and I want to transfer my files from one box to another,¨11:22
_dreamerHello, I recently fell into great disappointment when I bought the Diablo III steelseries headset and tried to use it in ubuntu. The mike seems to be working but I am unable to get any sound from the headphones. Does anyone know how to fix this?11:23
bipul_dreamer: use killall pseudo in terminal and check11:24
AtuMaldwinaldwin, well some programs default to send email to root@localhost... so either redefine settings of those programs (logrotate, cron,..) or make a rewrite rule. the aliases file might also help to forward mail from root to another email11:24
GrygrFlzrTrying to boot ubuntu live CD, purple screen shows up, and then a forever blinking underscore black screen? Did I break something?11:27
ActionParsnipGycklarn: what GPU do you use?11:27
honeysudo-phantom, hmmm11:28
philinuxGrygrFlzr: what graphics card have u got11:28
ActionParsnipGrygrFlzr: or does the system have a make and model?11:29
_dreamerHello, I recently fell into great disappointment when I bought the Diablo III steelseries headset and tried to use it in ubuntu. The mike seems to be working but I am unable to get any sound from the headphones. Does anyone know how to fix this? Steelseries have no support on ubuntu but does anyone know if someone else has figured this one out? All I get on google is worthless11:29
ActionParsnip_dreamer: did you set the right device as output? how does it connect to the system?11:30
_dreamerAnd it has a sepparate usb soundcard11:30
ActionParsnip_dreamer: did you set the device as the output device in sound prefs11:31
GrygrFlzrphilinux, ActionParsnip: Laptop, Acer Aspire 4736G, gfx card is NVIDIA GeForce G105M11:31
_dreamerIve fiddled in the visual gui but nothing, that is how I know the microphone is working11:31
ActionParsnipGrygrFlzr: add the boot option: nouveau.blacklist=111:31
philinuxActionParsnip: would nomodeset work too for GrygrFlzr11:32
ActionParsnip_dreamer: what is the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh && ./alsa-info.sh --upload11:32
_dreamerThe only items are my 2 graphic cards,built-in analog stereo and Siberia V2 D3H Analog Stereo11:32
nevynDrShoggoth: is the device plugged in?11:33
* nevyn waits for a 2tb filesystem to shrink.11:33
GrygrFlzrphilinux, ActionParsnip: I do not get a prompt anywhere, where can I use either of those options?11:33
philinuxGrygrFlzr: at the splash screen press any key11:34
ActionParsnip!bootoption | GrygrFlzr11:34
ubottuGrygrFlzr: For a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions See also !nomodeset.11:34
philinuxthe initial spalsh screen as disk bots11:34
GrygrFlzrthe purple one?11:34
GrygrFlzrah, gotcha11:34
ActionParsnip_dreamer: if you run:  alsamixer     are all levels cranked and unmuted? Use F6 to switch devices.11:34
GrygrFlzrwill do11:34
_dreamerI can hear now11:35
_dreamerbut my sound is crackling again11:35
ActionParsnip_dreamer: tried a different USB port?11:35
ActionParsnip_dreamer: tried pavucontrol too?11:35
ActionParsnip_dreamer: may also help http://askubuntu.com/questions/14077/how-can-i-change-the-default-audio-device-from-command-line11:36
ActionParsnip_dreamer: otherwise I'l report a bug11:36
_dreamerIt works, but now my sound is crackling again11:36
nevynfrom what application/source?11:36
_dreamerwhere is the location of the config file for setting tsched=0?11:36
_dreamerHere for example11:37
_dreamerpropably skype as well11:37
_dreamerThank you all11:37
_dreamerI am no longer disappointed but rather pleased11:37
khildinAnyone knows a simple tool (not a plain ping) to monitor if a connection with a server is intact?11:38
honeyi think i missed something.11:38
lesshastewhat's a good remote desktop solution for ubuntu?11:38
ActionParsnipkhildin: what is wrong with ping?11:38
ActionParsniplesshaste: rdesktop11:38
lesshasteboth ends are running ubuntu11:38
_dreamerOnly problem is steelseries doesn't make the config application for the headphones for ubuntu11:38
chunkyheaddoes anyone know how to put a single wallpaper for all workstations? like image workstations has different parts of the same wallpaper11:38
lesshasteActionParsnip, thanks.. what do you run at the remote end?11:38
ActionParsniplesshaste: remmina11:38
_dreamerAgain, thanks for the help11:39
ActionParsniplesshaste: on the remote end I use windows TS11:39
lesshastewindows :)11:39
lesshasteboth ends are running ubuntu11:39
ActionParsniplesshaste: I dont use remote desktop on Linux, its ugly and clunky11:39
lesshasteActionParsnip, that's why I asked :)11:39
chunkyheaddoes anyone know how to put a single wallpaper for all workstations? like image workstations has different parts of the same wallpaper. which you change workstation it goes on to the next part, kinda like on the andriod devices we see11:39
ActionParsniplesshaste: what are you doing on the remote system?11:39
lesshasterunning mathematica11:39
lesshastewhich is horribly slow over X11:39
ActionParsniplesshaste: could run vino, i don't suggest vnc over wan11:40
lesshasteI don't know vino.. and why not vnc?11:40
ActionParsnipkhildin: there is nagios if you want, you could also use nmap to check for listening ports11:40
ActionParsniplesshaste: vnc over wan is very unsecure11:40
lesshasteActionParsnip, oh.. I thought you could tunnel it through ssh or something similar11:41
ActionParsniplesshaste: yes that is the advised way11:41
lesshastethere are also nx based things11:41
ActionParsnip!vnc | lesshaste11:41
ubottulesshaste: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX11:41
lesshastewhich I have never tried11:41
lesshasteX really shou;l11:41
lesshasteshouldn't be so shockingly slow11:41
lesshastethanks.. maybe I will try freenx or some clone11:42
khildinActionParsnip - nagios seems a bit heavy... but thnx anyway11:42
ActionParsniplesshaste: you could run the mathmatica app on the client system then use the remote system as an SFTP server which nautilus can connect to11:42
ActionParsniplesshaste: run the app on the local pc11:42
lesshasteActionParsnip, now you have confused me. It is only installed remotely. What are you suggesting?11:43
ActionParsnipkhildin: you could script telnet to connect to the sockets11:43
khildinI can start a telnet session, but then I still haven't got an overview when connection fails...11:43
ActionParsniplesshaste: instal it on the cient side too, then access the same user data via SFTP (enabled when you install openssh-server), you will then be able to manipulate the remote files using locally installed applications11:44
hemangpatelMy compiler does not support C++0x. what can i do ?11:44
ActionParsniphemangpatel: install the build-essential package will help11:44
GrygrFlzrTried nouveau.blacklist=1, getting Kernel panic - not syncing: Fatal Exception in interrupt11:44
hemangpatelActionParsnip : installed11:44
hemangpatelbut no success11:44
ActionParsnipGrygrFlzr: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?11:45
lesshasteActionParsnip, oh I can't do that11:45
lesshasteActionParsnip, it is only installed remotely and I can't install it anywhere else11:45
GrygrFlzrActionParsnip, I used the torrent, so I assumed that the torrent hash was already valid11:45
GrygrFlzrwill check just in case though11:45
philinuxGrygrFlzr: try nomodeset11:45
ActionParsnipGrygrFlzr: true, if you used a CD did you burn the CD as slowly as possible11:45
ActionParsniplesshaste: then you will need to take the speed hit11:46
lesshastewhat's a nice freebx clone for ubuntu?11:46
lesshasteActionParsnip, well vnc or freenx will be ok I am sure11:46
ubottuFreeNX is advanced remote desktop technology. For more information and install instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX11:46
lesshasteActionParsnip, it's only X that is TERRIBLE! :)11:46
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter11:46
ActionParsniplesshaste: in some cases, yes in others is great11:46
lesshasteActionParsnip, when is it great over a wan?11:46
Lorenhow do I join in ludichat?11:47
philinuxGrygrFlzr: see http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=161313211:47
ActionParsniplesshaste: how the app can be disaplyed remotely from the server, much like citrix :)11:47
hemangpatelActionParsnip : using cmake command11:47
ActionParsnipLoren: /j #ludichat11:47
lesshasteActionParsnip, right but it is dog slow11:47
lesshastein any case... neatx is dead it seems11:47
hemangpatelActionParsnip : https://github.com/coolwanglu/pdf2htmlEX11:47
lesshastethere was an active project11:47
ActionParsniplesshaste: true but the modularity gives it taht great feature. Means you can load a GUI media player on a system and the keybresses manipulate a remote device for audio output, very groovy :)11:48
lesshastefoudn it11:49
sruliHi all, I am trying to connect to a VLAN, I installed VLAN, is there a gui to confiure it?11:49
ActionParsniphemangpatel: isn't that in poppler-utils ?11:50
hemangpatelActionParsnip : means ?11:50
ActionParsniphemangpatel: install poppler-utils and you can convert PDF to HTML.....11:50
ActionParsniphemangpatel: is that the desire?11:51
hemangpatelyes i want pdf2htmlEX for better result11:51
ActionParsniphemangpatel: how can you get better html?11:51
hemangpatelActionParsnip : i installed once . but now it creates problem11:52
hemangpatelError: you compiler does not support C++0x, please update it.11:52
GrygrFlzrphilinux: using nomodeset returns me to the black screen with blinking underscore11:52
ActionParsniphemangpatel: what is the output of:  cat /tc/issue11:53
aldwinaldwinAtuM, got it :  /etc/email-addresses  !!!11:53
hemangpatelActionParsnip : what ?11:53
ActionParsniphemangpatel: run the command in terminal, what is output?11:53
hemangpatelcat: /tc/issue: No such file or directory11:54
ActionParsniphemangpatel:  cat /etc/issue11:54
ActionParsniphemangpatel: I typoed :(11:54
sruliI am trying to connect to a VLAN, I installed VLAN, is there a gui to confiure it?11:54
hemangpatelUbuntu 11.10 \n \l11:54
jooniehi all11:54
ActionParsniphemangpatel: not much life left in that dude but I have a PPA :)11:54
ActionParsniphemangpatel: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:coolwanglu/pdf2htmlex; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install pdf2htmlex11:55
ActionParsniphemangpatel: your release has about 2 weeks support left. I'd upgrade soon11:55
hemangpatelActionParsnip : i tried that. But it gives segmentation fault when i type pdf2htmlEX11:56
ActionParsniphemangpatel: that big command will install it for you11:56
PuddingHow can I see the details of a message in my mailq?11:57
=== themill_ is now known as themill
Puddinglike which user sent the mail11:57
Lorencan someone show me the ropes? I'm new in Xchat11:57
ActionParsnipPudding: in the mail> prompt if you type the number of the mail it should give details if memory serves11:59
ActionParsnipLoren: what do you need to know?11:59
=== themill_ is now known as themill
hemangpatelActionParsnip : why segmentation fault ? any idea ?12:00
ActionParsniphemangpatel: no idea, try contacting the PPA maintainer12:00
ActionParsnipPudding: http://lowfatlinux.com/linux-read-email.html   like that..12:00
hemangpatelok thanks12:00
philinuxGrygrFlzr: any chance you can try a live usb12:01
ActionParsnipGrygrFlzr: if you intend to only install Ubuntu (not a dual boot) the alternate ISO is good as it installs in CLI mode :)12:01
ActionParsnipGrygrFlzr: it gives a desktop OS though12:02
philinuxActionParsnip: did they drop the alternate from 12.10?12:03
BluesKajphilinux, yes12:04
philinuxBluesKaj: thought so12:04
ActionParsniptheres always the mini :)12:05
philinuxActionParsnip: I've had problems with cds hanging but live usbs seem more reliable12:06
BluesKajActionParsnip, is there a kubuntu mini12:06
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: the mini is desktopless, you can install any of the DEs as you wish using the mini12:07
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: so, no and yes at the same time ;)12:08
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: mini just installs kernel + drivers + package apps + bootloader12:08
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: I like to then install fluxbox, slim and wicd. Super fast punchy OS12:10
BluesKajActionParsnip, cool , maybe Ican install a nice clean kde desktop without all the PIM stuff and Akonadi and Nepomuk etc..trouble is that stuff comes as part of the kubuntu-desktop12:10
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: exactly, you can install the plasma-desktop and get a minimal kde (if memory serves)12:10
BluesKajActionParsnip, that sounds ideal :)12:11
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: look online and you can get a minimal desktop then build up12:11
BluesKajActionParsnip, right12:11
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: or go hardcore and use apt-build :)12:11
* BluesKaj searches12:11
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: its like emerge in gentoo12:12
BluesKajyeah , so I've heard , ActionParsnip12:12
BluesKajtime consuming but rewarding , ActionParsnip'12:13
ActionParsnipi can't see much gain in this day and age12:13
Dark_lightplus from what I read it doesn't support use flags12:15
joshui have an ubuntu desktop install which won't boot past the purple screen with the red dots underneath…if I boot to recovery mode I get  "Please enter username to authenticate with server…webdav or hit enter for none" I hit enter but nothing happens12:15
ActionParsnipjoshu: does the system have a make and model?12:16
hemangpatelActionParsnip : libfontforge1 : Depends: libc6 (>= 2.15) but 2.13-20ubuntu5.3 is to be installed12:16
joshuActionParsnip sorry it's a virtual machine12:16
ActionParsnipjoshu: have you tried different settings for the VM in display?12:17
ActionParsniphemangpatel: are there bugs reported?12:17
joshuit has been working fine until last night when I had to power down due to power outage…12:17
ActionParsnipjoshu: what OS is the host?12:17
joshuit's VMware vSphere12:17
ActionParsnipjoshu: have you fsck'd the partitions?12:18
mukulgupta_I am new to ubuntu. I am able to connect to my wireless router but I can't ping the router sometimes. Everytime I start my pc I spend 15-20 irrititating minutes switching on/off my laptop wifi in the hope that for once, it will be able to ping to the router consistently and it does it. I never face this issue with windows. I have a dual boot configuration. I am desperately trying to get a hang of linux and want to find out why th12:18
joshuActionParsnip I believe it did that automatically during reboot12:18
ActionParsnipjoshu: I would do that as well as fsck the guest file system in single user mode / live cd12:18
hemangpatelcan i upgrade libc6 ?12:18
ActionParsnipmukulgupta_: does the system have a make and model?12:19
joshuI think but not sure that it may have something to do with mounting a webdav folder..but I'm not sure how I can disable it as I can't get in to the OS12:19
mukulgupta_ActionParsnip: Dell Studio 155512:19
ActionParsnipmukulgupta_: did you disable the ability for the device (in windows) to wake up the OS as well as disable power management?12:19
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
ActionParsnipmukulgupta_: have you read any how to guides for ubuntu with respect to your particular model to see if there are any littel tweaks to make it run better?12:20
mukulgupta_ActionParsnip: No, I am running everything on default settings12:20
ActionParsnipmukulgupta_: so what HAVE you done...?12:21
mukulgupta_ActionParsnip: No. I will search for them12:21
ElvanoRecently I'm having increasingly problems with my wireless internet. It regalurly  takes such a long time to get a response my requests time out. I haven't had this problem on the Windowsinstallation. Anyone any idea what this could be about?12:21
joshuActionParsnip I've booted from the UBuntu desktop lived…What do I do now? "try ubuntu without installing"?12:21
mukulgupta_ActionParsnip: I tried to change the network settings. The setting dhcp manually, etc.12:22
ActionParsnipjoshu: yes, so you get the live desktop, you can now fsck the partitions in the guest12:22
ActionParsnipmukulgupta_: you may find windows is stinking up the place12:22
joshuActionParsnip ok I will do this now and report back. thanks12:22
ActionParsnipjoshu: obviously don't mount the partitions ;)12:23
mukulgupta_is there something like ipconfig /release /renew in linux?12:24
LorenI hate linux12:24
GrygrFlzrmukulgupta_, isn't it ifconfig?12:24
compdocaww, linux is your friend12:25
gustavLoren: xD12:25
mukulgupta_GrygrFlzr: I am a new linux user. I was talking about linux analogous commands to windows commands of ipconfig /renew /release12:25
Lorennah. I'm kidding.. >.>12:25
mukulgupta_I know there is ifconfig but it doesnt have release renew12:25
ActionParsnipmukulgupta_: just restart the networking service12:25
GrygrFlzrI'm also new, just new ifconfig was the somewhat equivalent of ifconfig12:26
ekiwokmukulgupta, ifconfig eth0 down ifconfig eth0 up12:26
mukulgupta_ekiwok: thanks12:26
=== pranav1 is now known as trap24
trap24cat /dev/urandom > /dev/audio doesn't work in ubuntu 12.04 ? i'm logged into root. any suggestions ?12:27
alakoo1Hi I'm new to ubuntu. When I open a window fullscreen (firefox example) I can't get it back. I can't reach the top bar or any other place that'd react with my cursor. How do I adjust the size of the window now?12:27
alakoo1the same problem with irc right now :P12:28
joshuActionParsnip it took like 2 sec and came back clean12:28
trap24alakoo1: have you tried pressing alt+space keys ??12:28
trap24cat /dev/urandom > /dev/audio doesn't work in ubuntu 12.04 ? i'm logged into root. any suggestions ?12:28
alakoo1trap24: no :P it worked, thanks for the tip..12:29
nevyntrap24: try speaker-test -c 212:29
trap24nevyn: okies it works. how do i hear the God's voice ?12:30
nevynaplay /vmlinuz12:30
trap24nevyn: i saw a god speaking in youtube :| its random noise here12:31
trap24alakoo1: try taking your cursor to top-,left of the screen. get used to it, and it makes unity easier12:32
alakoo1trap24: oh indeed, gotta study unity more since I've only used k/xubuntus before12:33
trap24alakoo1: after getting used to most features, i find unity far more usable than other desktop envs. :)12:34
=== terje is now known as Guest2482
Elvanoalakoo1, Gnome3 *cough*12:35
=== Enissay_ is now known as Enissay
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:40
CKLMNim trying to compile a test.c that has #include <openssl/des.h>12:40
CKLMNi get fatal error12:40
CKLMNno such file or directory12:40
gustavCKLMN: sudo apt-get install libssl-dev12:41
CKLMNopenssl is installed btw12:41
gustavCKLMN: Then try again.12:41
gustavAdd -I/usr/include to gcc parameters.12:41
chunkyheadthere are several errors with root on my computer right now, how to save all my installed packages and home folder so that i can restore them when i am done reinstalling ubuntu?12:47
Ralf22When I install 13.04 beta now, will I be up to date when the final version is released?12:48
JuJuBeeI have a computer preinstalled with windows 8.  I installed ubuntu 12.10 yesterday and did not get the boot menu after restart, it just went to ubuntu.  I changed the default/order of boot partitions in bios and got the boot menu to show up.  Later I did a windows update and the boot menu is gone again.  Is this http://askubuntu.com/questions/221835/installing-ubuntu-on-a-pre-installed-uefi-supported-windows-8-system the correct way to ins12:48
JuJuBeeubuntu with windows 8 ?  Just want  to make sure before I re-install ubuntu.12:48
minasis there a way to disable "scrolling switch" on ubuntu 13.04?12:53
Dark_lightJuJuBee: most likely you have to disable secure boot in your bios or enable legacy support instead of efi/uefi12:55
clarehi how to install lingoes on ubuntu12:56
clarea dictionary12:56
JuJuBeeDark_light: secure boot is disabled12:56
=== luigi is now known as Guest40728
CKLMNtrying to compile a program that has #include <openssl/des.h> but i still get linker errors12:59
CKLMN/tmp/cc0fMPHD.o: In function `main':12:59
CKLMNtempdes.c:(.text+0x18): undefined reference to `DES_set_key_checked'12:59
CKLMNtempdes.c:(.text+0x82): undefined reference to `DES_encrypt1'12:59
CKLMNtempdes.c:(.text+0xbd): undefined reference to `DES_encrypt1'12:59
CKLMNcollect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status12:59
battlehandsI need to view the README file README.wattch in the directory that I am currently in.  Can someone provide me the instruction to do this?  I've tried ./README.wattch and README.wattch13:00
CKLMNtrying to compile a program that has #include <openssl/des.h> but i still get linker errors13:01
CKLMN/tmp/cc0fMPHD.o: In function `main':13:01
CKLMNtempdes.c:(.text+0x18): undefined reference to `DES_set_key_checked'13:01
CKLMNtempdes.c:(.text+0x82): undefined reference to `DES_encrypt1'13:01
CKLMNtempdes.c:(.text+0xbd): undefined reference to `DES_encrypt1'13:01
CKLMNcollect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status13:01
PiciCKLMN: you don't need to type !ask every time you ask a question. Aslo, please stop repeating so often.13:01
flam_cat README.wattch13:01
battlehandsflam, what is cat ?13:01
CKLMNPici , ok13:01
flam_whatis cat13:02
flam_cat (1)              - concatenate files and print on the standard output13:02
battlehandsand I'm to use that open the file just for viewing?13:02
BooKollektorHey people13:03
GrygrFlzrTried booting live ubuntu on a usb without any extra parameters, getting stuck on 'input: AT Translated Set 2 keyboard as /devices/platform/i8042/serio0/input/input4'?13:04
battlehandsflam_: it worked.  Thank you.13:04
BooKollektorHow do I install from USB? Any URL with instructions please?13:04
DJones!usb | BooKollektor13:04
ubottuBooKollektor: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent13:04
BooKollektorThank you13:05
CKLMNtrying to compile a program that has #include <openssl/des.h> but i still get linker errors13:05
CKLMNanyone with knowledge on developing with openssl ?13:07
whomenotmeanyone know how to stop the ubuntu to auto disconnect usb 3g connection?13:10
CKLMNtrying to compile a program that has #include <openssl/des.h> but i still get linker errors13:11
Dark_lightCKLMN: have o13:12
Dark_light*you install the devel libraries needed?13:12
CKLMNDark_light, yes13:12
adamkclare: an #include has nothing to do with the linker....13:12
CKLMNDark_light, its a linker error13:13
CKLMNadamk, jusst saying that the link error has to do with openssl13:13
wooyhi, where could i find doc of `[`, its kinda hard to google it13:13
CKLMNi get the following output13:14
CKLMN/tmp/cc0fMPHD.o: In function `main':13:14
CKLMNtempdes.c:(.text+0x18): undefined reference to `DES_set_key_checked'13:14
CKLMNtempdes.c:(.text+0x82): undefined reference to `DES_encrypt1'13:14
CKLMNtempdes.c:(.text+0xbd): undefined reference to `DES_encrypt1'13:14
CKLMNcollect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status13:14
adamkCKLMN: Are you linking against the properly libraries?13:15
CKLMNadamk,  i tried some but the same error13:16
SeySayuxHow do I forcefully install a package through apt-get?13:16
CKLMNadamk, do you know what to link it to ?13:16
sruliHi, Does anyone know of a VLAN gui? i want to connect my pc to a VLAN and need to tag my connection, but i am more comfortable to do this in gui13:17
adamkCKLMN: Not sure, but I am going to guess libcrypto.so13:18
icerootsruli: network-manager is not holding such an option?13:18
sruliiceroot: no13:19
BooKollektorHey guys it's me again. I'm downloading ubuntu-12.10-desktop-amd64.iso - Does it work on 64 bit Intel processor?13:19
CKLMNadamk, ok i will try it13:19
icerootBooKollektor: yes13:19
jpdssruli: Don't you do that on the switch?13:19
jbates58hi all. can someone please help me to mount a drive in ubuntu, to the same location every time it is un/replugged into the comouter. currently, it keeps adding an _ to every location.13:19
BooKollektorThank you iceroot13:19
icerootjbates58: use the uuid13:20
iceroot!uuid | jbates5813:20
jbates58apparantly, i can use fstab. but have no idea what im doing, and get lost following the guides. im new to linux13:20
ubottujbates58: To see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)13:20
sruliBookKollektor: amd stands for the 64bit infrastructure not the brand13:20
iceroot!fstab | jbates5813:20
ubottujbates58: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions13:20
srulijpds: no, the VLAN is setup on the switch, but i need to add a tag to the pc to tell it to connect to a particular vlan13:22
PuddingHow can I see the details of a specific mail in my mailq? Apparently someone is sending spam from my VPS and I want to find out which user he is using to do that.13:22
sruliiceroot: any ideas? i installed VLAN, but as far as i can see it only allows command line config13:22
CKLMNdidnt wortk13:22
CKLMNanyway thnx13:22
rajdoes openbox have any way to extend my desktop onto another monitor?13:23
* Muzer shakes fist at unityi13:24
icerootsruli: its just one option you havr to set, the vlan tag, dont see a reason why a gui is needed there13:24
T3Xi am trying to mount my 1TB external hard drive but i am getting this error "mount: you must specify the filesystem type"13:25
Muzerit's pretty awful and limited. What amazes me most is that its stubborn rigidity is seen as a feature by some.13:25
icerootsruli: but sorry i dont know a gui to set the vlan tag13:25
sruliiceroot: hw do i set that option13:25
icerootT3X: you are trying to mount /dev/sdX instead of /dev/sdX1  the first one is the device without a filesystem the second one is a partition13:25
iceroot!mount | T3X13:25
ubottuT3X: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount13:25
icerootsruli: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/vlan13:26
Muzeris there a way to make alt+dragging fullscreen windows work? Is there a way to move the buttons back to the left? Is there a way to make the menus appear once again in the right place? Is there a way to stop the buttons disappearing when a window is unfocused when it's fullscreen? As far as I can tell, the answer to all these is no (without root access, which I don't have on these university lab machines), and all of these m13:27
Muzerake unity utterly unusable to me.13:27
Muzer*back to the right13:27
esxMuzer: Do you have a support quetion, or did you just come here to rant?13:29
Muzeris there a way to do any one of these things, which would make unity slightly more usable? But, yes, mostly ranting.13:29
T3Xiceroot: please the out put i am getting http://pastebin.com/rKGKh8iB13:29
ypcressHey guys !13:29
ActionParsnipMuzer: usable in what way?13:30
ActionParsnipMuzer: you do realize you don't have to use unity...13:30
p0wn3dI did a kernel update today and it broke my ability to click on things. 3.2.0-40 . The mouse and keyboard worked but nothing would recognize a mouse click. anyone else have problems13:30
cfhowlettMuzer, log out.  select an alternate desktop environment.  login.   no unity.13:30
ypcressI don't know if any of could help me but I'm facing a connectivity pb with Ubuntu 10.0413:30
ubottuypcress,: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."13:31
azazel91can anybody tell me why the aircrack package isnt in ubuntu 12.0413:31
ActionParsnipypcress: does the OS have a desktop GUI?13:31
Muzerthere is no alternative desktop environment installed on these lab machines (apparently there will be, thankfully)13:31
cfhowlettazazel91, aircrack is not supported here13:31
ActionParsnipMuzer: so when you log in you cannot click the ubuntu logo near your username and select a different session?13:31
azazel91oh sorry13:31
azazel91can you give me the link to it13:31
cfhowlettazazel91, no worries.13:31
icerootT3X: you did the chkdsk?13:32
MuzerAFAIR no13:32
cfhowlettazazel91, sorry.  don't know.  should be on the aircrack download page somewhere13:32
ActionParsnipMuzer: log off and check13:32
ypcressAll right I'm using Ubuntu 10.04, an lspci command tells me that my ethernet controller is Intel 1503 and I cannot acces the internet when my cable is plugged13:32
cfhowlettypcress, also, 10.04 desktop goes end of life on May 9.  Server has 2 years of support left.13:33
ActionParsnipypcress: does the OS have a desktop GUI?13:33
ypcressI know for the end of term (it belongs to the french state, seems like these people aren't that up-to-date) For the Desktop GUI it's a gnome classic13:34
Muzernope, no ubuntu logo that is clickable at all13:34
SeySayuxI broke apt. It's threatening to remove KDE and libc6. All I did was try to install Qt5 from the PPA: https://launchpad.net/~canonical-qt5-edgers/+archive/qt5-proper -- now it's saying qtchooser and qdbus have conflicts. I need qtchooser for Qt5, but I need qdbus for my system to have a desktop. Ideas?13:34
ActionParsnipypcress: then you have less than about 2 weeks support, why not do a clean install of Precise and get support til April 2017...13:34
ActionParsnipSeySayux: contact the PPA maintainer, then avoid PPAs13:34
SeySayuxSo how do I get a newer version of something *without* ppas?13:35
ActionParsnipSeySayux: you could uninstall what it wants, then immediately reintsall it after running:  sudo apt-get clean13:35
ActionParsnipSeySayux: you can report bugs to state why the official sources should be upgraded. If you start adding 3rd party package sources and get issues, don't be surprised13:36
ypcressActionParsnip : because the machine is not mine and I cannot change the system. I've been asked to install ADB and the Android SDK on it ant although I often use ubuntu (12.10 at home)I'm facing various issues among which the impossibility to declare properly the environment variables and this internet problem13:36
ActionParsnipypcress: does the system have a make and model?13:36
SeySayuxActionParsnip: Can't uninstall qdbus, it'll remove kde-workspace-bin, kubuntu-desktop. The latter one threathens to uninstall libc6. Now, I'm not really an expert on apt, but I /think/ it needs libc to run.13:37
ypcressActionParsnip: Sorry I don't know what is a make (except for compiling but I doubt this is what you're talking about)13:38
ActionParsnipypcress: you didn't answer my question13:39
Muzerbut yeah. Unity doesn't have to be unusable, I'm not averse to change in general. It's change that is (in my own opinion) not for the better that I'm against. If you could move the buttons back, have them not keep disappearing on a multiple monitor setup, and have alt+click drag fullscreen windows work, then I would be a LOT more happy with unity. It just amazes me that in bug reports for features like these people claim tha13:39
Muzert they're not bugs or regressions, but features or things that would be impossible to fix. The former idea is just stupid, and the latter implies that Unity is just a mess of impossible-to-maintain hard-coded rubbish (which I'm guessing/hoping isn't actually the case).13:39
ee12155sup brotha13:39
ypcressActionParsnip: How can I get these infos ?13:39
ActionParsnipypcress: sudo dmidecode -t 1     will give a make and model13:39
cfhowlettee12145, this is ubuntu support.  have you a support query?13:40
bonnohello.. i need to access recovery mode on ubuntu 11.01 but i cant modify the GRub configuration file so that recovery mode can be displayed on the startup...what do i do?13:40
SeySayuxSo erm, any proper advice? I need Qt 5.0.1 and CMake 2.8.8. Purge everything from PPAs, disable them, and install from source into a custom prefix or what?13:40
battlehandswhat channel would one go to for running processor hardware configuration simulations like simplescalar and wattch?13:40
Userrdo you support rebelin?13:40
bonnoany help?13:41
cfhowlettUserr, unable to locate that package13:41
ypcressActionParsnip: gives handle 0x000C, DMI type 1, 27 bytes13:41
SeySayuxUserr: The Italian cyclist?13:41
ubottubonno,: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub213:41
bonnoyeah grub2 i meant sorry...13:42
ActionParsnipbonno: Oneiric is EOL real soon, may want to consider an upgrade soon13:42
ActionParsnipYcarene: and what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue13:42
bonnoi cant upgrade... i cant do anything... i dont remember the password..so i want  to boot recovery mode so i can change it13:42
bonnoi dont know the superuser pass13:42
ypcressActionParsnip: Manufacturer : Fujitsu, Product NAme : Lifebook E752, Version: 10601581569, UUID ....., Wake-up type : power switch, SKU Number : none, Faminly : none13:42
ActionParsnipbonno: omgubuntu has a nice guide called 'sticking it to grub'13:42
cfhowlettbonno, by default, there is no su password13:43
bonnoits not my pc..omg... and they dont remember the pass13:43
cfhowlettbonno, more precisely no ROOT password.  your superuser password is the one you set13:43
ubottuForgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords13:43
ActionParsnipbonno: boot to root recovery mode and you can reset any pasword13:43
tama_92Hi, I have this weird problem where the wifi won't work for other devices when my PC is on :/13:43
jackshannonI'm trying to write a makefile and I have multiple directories or modules, can anyone point me to a resource that could teach me this? my directory structure is: http://pastebin.com/eZqaz1y413:44
tama_92unless the devices are close enough to the router13:44
ActionParsnipYcarene: and what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue13:44
bonnothats is what i am asking... how to boot into recovery.... i cant change the grub2 configuration file since i dont know the sudo password...13:44
daniele91hi :)13:44
bonnoand recovery mode is not displayed in the startup13:44
ubottudaniele91: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».13:44
tama_92I know it's not my devices (android phones) as I'm not the only one that have this problem13:44
ActionParsnipbonno: hold SHIFT at boot and select recovery mode then select root13:44
bonnoalready did.. dosent work13:45
she_dyedbonno boot another live CD13:45
ActionParsnipbonno: then use the guide I described earlier13:45
bonnoand then what?13:45
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*13:45
bonnocan u say it again ? thank you :)13:45
she_dyedbonno ActionParsnip's suggestion i sbeter13:45
ActionParsnipbonno: omgubuntu has a nice guide called 'sticking it to grub'13:45
she_dyedhold Shift key13:45
bonnoi cant enter recovery mode with SHIFT13:45
ypcressActionParsnip: Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS /n /l13:46
BudukSo, I have a geforce 210. Every 4-5 hours the desktop becomes unresponsive and displays artifacts on screen this is with nouveu and propriety (and latest from swat) drivers. Initially i figure this is a problem with the card, however, i have had it running in windows for a couple of days with no problem at all. any suggestions?13:46
T3Xiceroot: chkdsk: command not found13:47
Userrshould i use ZFS and LVM?13:47
Userrarent they doing the same thing?13:47
tama_92more precisely, I can ping the router but with ~90% packet loss13:47
kunglaohi. i am looking for a small mp3 player for ubuntu , something like winamp for windows. what do you guys use ?13:48
ActionParsnipypcress: run:   sudo lshw -C network     what is the product line of the ethernet?13:48
tama_92don't have this problem when using Windows, too :/13:48
she_dyedUserr lvm can get complicated if this is your first linux13:48
Userrwhats LVM for?13:48
Userrisnt the same thing already in ZFS or BTRFS?13:49
jpdsUserr: LVM is a volume manager, not a filesystem.13:49
ypcressActionParsnip: Intel corporation13:49
=== zz_Karbowiak is now known as Karbowiak
vltUserr: Maybe some things you can do with LVM can be done in a file system too. Some. MAybe.13:49
battlehandsI'm trying to execute ammp benchmark in my Ubuntu VM.  I read the wattch README and compiled the simulator according to the instructions.  However, when I try to run the ammp benchmark, I'm receiving the error message: http://imagebin.org/25422913:50
UserrZFS maneges volumes13:50
compdocZFS is a file system13:50
GneaZFS does both13:50
Gneabut LVM does not do both13:50
ActionParsnipZFS is a combined file system and logical volume manager designed by Sun Microsystems.13:50
Userrso theres no use for LVM if you use ZFS?13:50
GneaUserr: well you can't use ZFS to manage non-ZFS volumes13:51
Userrdamnit i mean theres no use for using LVM on top of ZFS13:51
Userrare you all retards?13:51
Gnea!language | Userr13:51
ubottuUserr: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.13:52
ubottuUserr,: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines13:52
GneaUserr: goodbye.13:52
vltUserr: What is most propable?13:52
kelkoobenoitrhello: i am new to launchpad, and i am trying to understand the update process when upstream is being updated with a new version13:52
arrakis_1000 kisses for the ubuntu volunteers....greetings from romania...13:52
* cfhowlett thinks anyone who believes "You're all retards" clearly doesn't need my help.13:52
cfhowlettcharliee, greetings13:53
kelkoobenoitri have a source package that builds locally, and i have uploaded the sources to launchpad13:53
kelkoobenoitrnow i have a new upstream version13:53
anddamhello, on 12.10 starting x11vnc with service gives https://gist.github.com/anonymous/5395950 - can anyone give me a hint about how to configure a screen for x11 only?13:53
kelkoobenoitrhow should i handle that13:53
dengqiis there  sb13:54
arrakis_hello dengqi13:55
vlt!ask | dengqi13:55
ubottudengqi: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:55
adamkanddam: If you just want a vnc server, not connected to an X11 session, use vnc4server.13:55
cfhowlettShapeShifter499, greetings13:55
k1l_!warez | daniele9113:55
ubottudaniele91: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o13:55
ShapeShifter499is there a channel for the current beta ubuntu version?13:55
ActionParsnipShapeShifter499: #ubuntu+113:55
ubottuShapeShifter499,: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+113:55
k1l_ShapeShifter499: #ubuntu+113:55
dengqiI'm Chinese13:55
ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw13:56
ShapeShifter499ActionParsnip, cfhowlett thank you13:56
Userrim chinese too but only on weekends13:56
dengqiso guys, where are you from13:57
cfhowlettdengqi, have you an actual support question?  chit chat goes to #ubuntu-offtopic13:57
k1l_dengqi: lets stick to ubuntu support in here. we have #ubuntu-offtopic for chating13:57
kelkoobenoitrwhere can i get irc help with building source packages on launchpad ?13:58
daniele91i'm italian13:58
Userrshould a use lvm on top of zfs?13:58
ubottukelkoobenoitr,: The packaging guide is at http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/  - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports and !sponsoring13:58
vlt!it | daniele9113:58
ubottudaniele91: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)13:58
ypcressActionParsnip: Thanks for everything, still the same but I gotta leave.13:58
ypcressThanks all! See you soon13:58
dengqien   nice to meet you13:59
Userrdengqi: do you have a support question?13:59
battlehandsany ideas at least where I can go for such help?14:00
arrakis_wich irc client is most colorful???14:00
ActionParsniparrakis_: pidgin has colours14:00
k1l_!details | battlehands14:00
ubottubattlehands: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."14:00
T3Xi am trying to mount my External hard drive and i am getting this error anybody has an indea  http://pastebin.com/rKGKh8iB ?14:00
Userrshould a use lvm on top of zfs?14:00
ActionParsnipT3X: is it part of a RAID array14:01
battlehandsk1l_: I'm trying to execute ammp benchmark in my Ubuntu VM.  I read the wattch README and compiled the simulator according to the instructions.  However, when I try to run the ammp benchmark, I'm receiving the error message: http://imagebin.org/25422914:01
kelkoobenoitrthx cfhowlett but i already read part of it, and did not find answers for my specific launchpad questions. Any irc chan for this ?14:01
ActionParsnipT3X: you are also mounting the partition, not the drive14:01
ActionParsnipT3X: the drive is /dev/sdc  the partition is /dev/sdc114:01
cfhowlettkelkoobenoitr, see #ubuntu-devel14:01
GrygrFlzrI tried booting live ubuntu on a usb without any extra parameters, getting stuck on 'input: AT Translated Set 2 keyboard as /devices/platform/i8042/serio0/input/input4'?14:02
vltActionParsnip: (One mounts a file system ;-)14:02
ActionParsnipvlt: yes but you certainly don't mount a drive ;)14:02
Picikelkoobenoitr: er, -devel isn't really for that. #ubuntu-packaging or #launchpad might be more up that alley14:02
kelkoobenoitrPici: got it14:03
T3XActionParsnip: using /dev/sdc /folder getting this error"mount: you must specify the filesystem type"14:03
ActionParsnipT3X: you can't mount /dev/sdc14:03
T3XActionParsnip: why that is my devic14:04
she_dyedGrygrFlzr: it could be hung no what its doing aFter the keyboar message14:04
she_dyedhung on*14:04
GrygrFlzrshe_dyed, not sure what its stuck on then, that's the last message before the hang14:04
cfhowlettnazta, greetings14:04
ActionParsnipT3X: /dev/sdc is the drive itself, /dev/sdc1 is the 1st primary partition on it, even if the partition uses 100% of the space available, you still mount the partition14:04
naztadngr: hi14:05
anddamadamk: I will, meanwhile why is Xorg giving "no screens found" ?14:05
she_dyedGrygrFlzr: did you run  checksum the ISO GrygrFlzr14:05
T3XActionParsnip: very useful information, but the question how do i read contents of my External HArd Drive?14:05
xdeveloper_is there document for libcgic?14:06
GrygrFlzrshe_dyed: not yet, I used the torrent and assumed that it already validated the checksum14:06
she_dyedassume you know what it stands for14:06
she_dyedGrygrFlzr: never skip on that step ISO, torrent, large files14:07
ActionParsnipT3X: is it part of a RAID array?14:07
T3XActionParsnip: No14:08
ActionParsnipT3X: then I suggest you plug it into a windows system, chkdsk it and then use the safe removal feature in the OS BEFORE you physically remove it14:08
ActionParsnipT3X: I'm guessng you don't use taht14:08
GrygrFlzrshe_dyed, just confirmed that md5 matches what's on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes14:09
T3XActionParsnip: cant open either with windows it returns with unknown error.14:09
she_dyedGrygrFlzr: theres other ways to make a USB I reboot to that other OS and use Lilli14:10
she_dyedlinux live USB creator14:11
ActionParsnipT3X: then you will be looking at your backups after re-partitioning the storage14:11
ActionParsnipT3X: failing that, foremost but you will need a partition mounted writable of equal or larger size that14:11
ActionParsnip*than the device to spit restored files from14:11
ActionParsnipT3X: you will lose location name and file names and the data may be damaged. Backups are great for maintaining data integrity14:12
GrygrFlzrI also tried with live CD but that failed with a kernel panic for nouveau.blacklist=1, and hanged with no output when run without parameters14:12
she_dyedyou know if you mentioned that earlier14:12
she_dyedGrygrFlzr: kernel panic after what exactly14:15
GrygrFlzrshe_dyed, after an end trace14:16
ActionParsnipT3X: when you unplug the device physically, do you use the 'safely remove' feature in the OS?14:16
T3XActionParsnip: I am not too much worried about the Data on it, I just need to get it back to work.14:16
GrygrFlzrKernel panic - not syncing: Fatal exception in interrupt14:16
T3XActionParsnip: no in windows does not appear and linux i dont do it14:17
T3Xi am connect to linux server14:17
she_dyedwhy an end trace this is coder turf now14:17
GrygrFlzr...I'll just upload the photo I took...14:17
ActionParsnipT3X: then that is why you are getting the issue, you aren't treating your hardware correctly14:17
she_dyedGrygrFlzr: whats the original problem14:17
she_dyedgraphics related?14:17
GrygrFlzrtried booting live cd, it was stuck on black screen after splash screen14:18
ActionParsnipT3X: use gparted to wipe the current partition off and then use WIndows to make a fresh NTFS partition (s it can be used in both OSes as Windows has a very limited amount of file systems it can use)14:18
=== Odysimus_away is now known as Odysimus
GrygrFlzrcame here and was told to try nouveau.blacklist=1 and nomodeset14:18
ActionParsnipT3X: before you remove the device physically (unplug) use the safe remove feature in the OS. It is there for a reason14:18
=== Exumer is now known as cbastos
DX099hello, I've recently uninstalled NVIDIA proprietary blob from my Ubuntu 12.10, but now, I don't have any tty. They're all pitch black, and in Xorg.0.log, I can see that X is still trying to load nvidia driver though there's no more xorg.conf file. How can it be ? can someone help me solve this ?14:23
=== FisherMack|Away is now known as FisherMack
she_dyedDX099: you can regenerate an xorg.conf and use that as a starting point14:27
DX099she_dyed, how do I do that ?14:27
she_dyednvidia -xconfig at a root term14:27
she_dyedi think no space14:28
ActionParsnipsudo nvidia-xconfig14:29
DX099but I already uninstalled nvidia14:29
anddamnice, nvidia talking14:29
adamkDX099: Does X actually start up?14:30
adamkCan you pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log file and the output of 'dmesg' ?14:30
anddamI see    Failed to load module "nvidia"   and    Failed to load module "nv"  in Xorg log, is there a package in ubuntu repo that will provide those?14:30
DX099I think I must be using vesa or something like that right now14:30
anddamI'm fine with an open source driver, I don't know how it's handled, atm Xorg isn't starting (it used to), there's no xorg.conf so autoprobing14:31
adamkanddam: Run 'pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log'14:31
she_dyedsorry DX099 misread my bad14:32
eXcAliBuRhas webmain been made to work with the latest ubuntu, does anyone know?14:32
adamkDX099: You managed to deinstall the nouveau Xorg driver. (Re)install xserver-xorg-video-nouveau14:32
anddamadamk: it's the same as before, https://gist.github.com/anonymous/539595014:33
anddamlspci shows a NVIDIA Corporation Device 107d14:33
adamkOh, you were the one asking above about vnc...  I thought you were trying to use vnc without connecting it to an actuall X screen...14:33
anddamit's been years since I've played with video cards14:33
DX099adamk, yes I deinstalled nouveau because it wouldn't allow me to do anything14:34
adamkDX099: Well nouveau is the open source driver for your GPU (well, other than vesa, which you are using currently).14:34
she_dyedDX099: so that left you with nothing i believe14:34
DX099adamk, I'm fine with that but the way it pops up even when you blacklist it annoyed me.14:35
anddamadamk: I see a bunch of packages in apt, I guess I need nvidia-current-something, is that correct?14:35
DX099however, I still don't see why I'm left with no tty14:35
anddamreading https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia meanwhile14:36
=== KaiSforza is now known as kaictl
adamkanddam: I'm still waiting to hear what you're trying to do.  First you talked about vnc without an X screen, now you are talking about using an X screen...14:36
adamkDX099: I asked you to also pastebin the output of 'dmesg', which I don't believe you have done yet...14:36
anddamadamk: the story is afriend asked me for help on his remote ubuntu box14:38
anddamadamk: he started talking about x11vnc, but from what I see (in Xorg log) the actuall issue is that Xorg cannot load nvidia modules14:39
DX099adamk, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5713322/14:39
adamkanddam: According to the Xorg log file, X is trying to use the nouveau driver, whichis fine.  However, that computer doesn't have any monitors connected...14:39
adamkanddam: At least according to the driver...14:39
adamkDX099: Do you still have nouveau blacklisted?14:39
adamkDX099: Because your kernel isn't loading the nouveau kernel module, which hooks into the framebuffer driver, used to drive the ttys.14:40
anddamadamk: the "Output DP-* has no monitor section" lines?14:40
anddamadamk: it may be the reason why he's trying to use x11vnc14:41
adamkanddam: No, the "Output DP-1 disconnected" and "No outputs definitely connected"14:41
DX099adamk, but why can't it use vesa for tty ?14:41
ActionParsnipanddam: what do you do on the remote system when connected?14:41
anddamActionParsnip: I'm not sure to understand the question14:41
adamkanddam: So why is he trying to use Xorg if there are no monitors connected?  As I first replied above, if he wants vnc without an Xorg session, use vnc4server.14:41
ActionParsnipanddam: why do you try to connect, what is te reason for the connection?14:42
compdocvnc4server is great14:42
adamkDX099: At this point, I have no idea what other crazy things you did to your system.14:42
anddamadamk: there rationale seems to be he wants an automatic graphic session in which to run teamviewer (no comments please…)14:42
DX099adamk, I don't think wanting to get best performances on my system is a crazy idea...14:43
anddamadamk: for that I set lightdm to autologin with the desired user14:43
anddamActionParsnip: what connection?14:43
ActionParsnipanddam: why do you try to connect, what is te reason for the connection? What is done (or will be done) once users connect?14:43
ActionParsnipanddam: I think I have the wrong target don't I14:43
anddamActionParsnip: apparently the graphic session should just start TeamViewer14:44
ActionParsnipadamk: why do you try to connect, what is te reason for the connection? What is done (or will be done) once users connect?14:44
at-912how to post pictures itt?14:44
ActionParsnipat-912: imageshack14:44
adamkDX099: Uninstalling nouveau was not even remotely necessary, yet sometihng you did anyway.  So, again, I don't know what else you did to your system to make even the vesa framebuffer driver not work. Again, if you are still blacklisting nouveau, remove it from the blacklist and reboot.  Then see if the tty comes up.14:44
adamkActionParsnip: Wrong person.14:44
ActionParsnipadamk: thanks14:44
ActionParsnipanddam: what are people connecting to the box to do?14:44
anddamadamk: is the lacking of a monitor an issue? what version of the driver should I pick up?14:45
anddamActionParsnip: I don't know14:45
adamkanddam: Apparently Xorg won't start with the nouveau driver if there's no monitor. I would really recommend vnc4server in that case.14:45
anddamadamk: ok, should I uninstall x11vnc package also?14:45
DX099adamk, Nvidia binary drivers can't be installed while nouveau module is loaded. When blacklisting it, it would still load no matter what, leaving with no choice but completely remove it. I wouldn't have done it if it wasn't necessary...14:46
anddamadamk: and I cannot see a *nouveau* package with dpkg, shouldn't I have one?14:46
_PanzerSajthy I'm having a problem with my USB-Serial adapter. I can't send command through it sometimes to the other computer. It gives me this kernel error: "ark3116: don't know how to do software flow control14:46
anddamadamk: wiki page talks about xserver-xorg-video-nouveau14:46
adamkDX099: But you *uninstalled* the nvidia driver.....14:46
ActionParsnipanddam: then why jump through all these hoops when it may not be needed. FInd out requirements then find a sleek solution is what I'd advise14:47
adamkanddam: The Xorg nouveau driveris xserver-xorg-video-nouveau. You have it installed.14:47
DX099adamk, yes, and usually (on 11.04,11.10,12.04), when the system starts using vesa again, there's no problem with display ttys...14:47
adamkanddam: And you can uninstall x11vnc if you want to, though having it installed shouldn't cause problems.14:48
anddamActionParsnip: because I've been told along the way, like you did14:48
anddamadamk: dpkg -l didn't show it14:48
p0wn3dDoes anyone know of a post install script for Ubuntu that installs all the good stuff?14:50
adamkDX099: I don't know why the ttys aren't working. What I do know is that you uninstalled the nvidia driver, and you uninstalled nouveau. You may have done other things to cause the ttys not to work. The only Xorg driver you have installed, that you can use, is vesa. If you want to get your ttys back, I recommend *unblacklisting* nouveau (for the third and final time) and reinstalling Xorg nouveau driver.14:51
DX099adamk, ok. Thanks14:52
ActionParsnipanddam: oh definitely, but immediatly installing vnc and so forth isn't a great move without evaluating options14:53
cfhowlettp0wn3d, not knowing what good stuff you mean ?? ... no.14:53
=== Zeev_i is now known as Zeev
GrygrFlzrStrange, I can only boot live CD successfully with acpi=off?14:58
=== qos is now known as qos|away
p0wn3dcfhowlett: Thanks for the reply.  I think I will make one this weekend. Customize the bash prompt or install zsh. Install vim plugins. Install restricted extras and all the software people normally need after a bare install15:02
p0wn3dcfhowlett: maybe install cairo-dock, backgrounds, themes and stuff. I would totally love to rip out unity also.15:03
=== houser is now known as diverdude
GrygrFlzrI can only boot ubuntu live cd with acpi=off, WiFi is 'disabled by hardware switch' while ethernet doesn't seem to work, can anyone help?15:14
GrygrFlzrtried the hardware switches, didn't work15:15
FloodBot1ee12155: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:15
sonofzeushttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:LXDE_desktop_full.png how shall i set this theme in my new lubuntu install?15:18
sonofzeusanyone please help me15:20
anddamadamk: about vnc4server, are you suggesting to start it as the desired user at boot time or system wide?15:21
adamkI just start it as a specific user when I need to. I believe you can set it up to start system wide, and authenticate for it with one of the dm (xdm,lightdm,etc).15:22
sonofzeusanyone please help me?15:22
anddamadamk: I'm not sure how to handle DM manager integration with VNC, I'd rather start it as user15:22
=== Stephen is now known as Guest95918
anddamadamk: from what I can see he'd like to: 1) power up the box 2) have a running graphical session with teamviewer running15:23
Guest95918I have an Acer C7 Chromebook running Ubuntu 12.04 and I can't mount ROOT-A. Can someone help me out?15:23
anddamadamk: anyway I've already spent that much time on this issue, VNC is working and he'll play with this15:23
anddamadamk: thanks a lot15:23
sonofzeuscan someone help me out please?15:24
tgm4883!patience | sonofzeus15:24
ubottusonofzeus: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/15:24
anddamsonofzeus: sure, keep asking with insistence15:24
=== azend_ is now known as azend
anddamIRC loves that15:25
sonofzeussorry but its just late here i will wait anyways15:25
anddamnot late here, and you're asking about a desktop *theme*15:26
anddamnot a question of the utter urgency15:26
=== eN_Joy_ is now known as eN_Joy
sonofzeusyep but its like 2 am15:26
filezxis this where i go to get help with ubuntu15:26
anddamthat's easily solved: change time zone15:26
sonofzeusyes filex15:26
Guest95918I have an actual question! I need help mounting ROOT-A, and almost anything I do on my computer I get at least 5 errors.15:26
anddamit's 17:30 in CET15:26
filezxi just installed ubuntu and then forgot my password how do i reset it lol15:27
sonofzeusreformat filezx15:28
filezxi tried going in and changing in with the instructions from the site but it was giving me a authentication token something error15:29
p0wn3dfilezx: You might be able to go into single user mode and change it but I have not done it in awhile15:29
fightbackfilezx: Try this: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/linux/reset-your-forgotten-ubuntu-password-in-2-minutes-or-less/15:29
anddamadamk: is a line in rc.local with    sudo -u myuser vnc4server     reasonable?15:29
tflgen2_filezx: you should be able to boot livecd and chroot into your instasll15:29
p0wn3dfilezx: http://askubuntu.com/questions/132965/how-do-i-boot-into-single-user-mode-from-grub15:30
Toasty_LoafUnable to mount ROOT-A   Error mounting: mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda5,15:30
Toasty_Loaf       missing codepage or helper program, or other error15:30
Toasty_Loaf       In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try15:30
Toasty_Loaf       dmesg | tail  or so15:30
FloodBot1Toasty_Loaf: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:30
sonofzeusis anyone here xprncd with changing themes .pls pm me15:30
Toasty_LoafCan someone please help me?15:30
tflgen2_Toasty_Loaf: are you using a strange formatted fs? generally (correct me if I'm wrong) /dev/sda5 is swap15:31
sonofzeuson a mobile xcuse my typos15:31
tgm4883tflgen2_, there is zero way to know what swap is based on it's partition number15:32
Toasty_LoafI am new to Ubuntu, I have no idea what that means. I'm sorry. I'm guessing that it's a terminal command?15:32
Toasty_LoafI am running 12.04 on an Acer C7 Chromebook if that helps.15:32
tflgen2_Toasty_Loaf: have you been able to boot into ubuntu before?15:32
tflgen2_tgm4883: true, just was going based on my install experiences with the default "use whole disk"15:33
Toasty_LoafI am on it right now. Though, anytime I try to open it in my Home Folder, I get that error.15:33
anddamadamk: oh btw, now I'm getting more of the story, wanna hear?15:33
Toasty_LoafAnd also, whenever I do any command in the terminal I get like 5  error messages.15:33
anddamadamk: the monitor has been unplugged at some point today, on purpose, in order to configure it via ssh15:34
p0wn3dfilezx: Here is better instructions with grub2 http://www.computersecuritystudent.com/UNIX/UBUNTU/lesson2/15:34
anddamadamk: so the box should actually start lightdm and an autologin session (that I can do with lightdm) and *then* allow remote control using VNC or teamviewer or whatever else15:34
anddamadamk: so x11vnc is best suited probably15:34
Toasty_LoafIs anyone working with me right now? I feel ignored. Sorry I'm so new.15:35
ActionParsnipanddam: what are the users connecting to the system to achieve exactly?15:35
ActionParsnipanddam: a user connects to the system and logs on, what will they then use the system for?15:36
anddamActionParsnip: again I don't know, I suppose their job, writing useless documents, print them then shred the sheets15:36
ActionParsnipanddam: so its a file server?15:36
anddamActionParsnip: are you kidding?15:37
tgm4883Toasty_Loaf, details. You installed Ubuntu on your chromebook, but how? Did you follow a guide? Which guide?15:37
ActionParsnipanddam: this is why I am asking, you can setup a file and print server and users will never need to remote log on15:37
eXcAliBuRwhat email package should I use? to have a email server15:37
ActionParsnipanddam: you can make the services available on the LAN15:37
Toasty_LoafJohnny Phung had a guide where I partitioned Ubuntu a large chunk of my hdd15:38
=== jeff_ is now known as Guest97902
tgm4883Toasty_Loaf, that doesn't look like a link15:38
anddamActionParsnip: ok, this box has a physical person using it as "desktop computer", reading his email, writing his papers and so15:38
Toasty_Loafoh, hold on, I can get it for you.15:38
anddamActionParsnip: the VNC/TW delirium is to provide the end user remote assistance15:39
tgm4883Toasty_Loaf, also, r/ubuntu isn't for support questions15:39
benjaminolet's say i've had a terminal run in the background with ctrl+d... is there any way i can re-open that terminal?15:39
ActionParsnipanddam: thats fine, the backends can still be in place, same as in Windows15:39
Toasty_LoafCan you point me in the right direction?15:39
ActionParsnipanddam: remote assistance via VNC is very useful however15:39
anddamActionParsnip: I'm not sure to follow you, what backends? And what about Windows?15:40
ActionParsnipanddam: this is why I ask what the reason for using VNC is, there are a lot of times when people don't think and just install vnc for remote access. Even had a user use VNC to get a desktop then work purely in the terminal once they get connected15:40
ActionParsnipanddam: windows can connect to Ubuntu shared printers and file shares :)15:41
p0wn3danddam: I would use xrdp or no machine instead of vnc. This way it is encrypted.  I guess you could tunnel vnc over ssh.15:42
tflgen2_p0wn3d: always vnc over ssh15:42
tgm4883mostly always15:43
anddam"no machine"?15:43
anddamp0wn3d: I'll pass the info,thanks15:44
=== francisco is now known as Guest86369
p0wn3dWe use it for 5000 linux workstations15:44
sonofzeushmmmm help me out pls15:45
=== qos|away is now known as qos
chilukwhy does the AMD 13.3 catalyst driver build 12.10 debs ?  are they a bunch of linux morons?15:45
anddamp0wn3d: does the server target windows and osx hosts too?15:45
anddamseems very nice15:45
tgm4883chiluk, I believe it builds whatever you tell it to15:46
p0wn3dyes you can use the client install for windows, OSX or Linux. The server install is a small part that usually goes on a Linux box cause its free.15:46
chilukuh... I told it to build the driver into a deb... I downloaded the 13.3 installer... I ended up with 12.10 debs.15:46
sonofzeushmmmmm can anyone point me to lxdes channel?15:46
=== security is now known as megha
tgm4883chiluk, You can build 12.04 debs with the command "sudo sh amd-driver-installer-12-6-x86.x86_64.run --buildpkg Ubuntu/precise"15:47
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest65791
tgm4883chiluk, so I'd assume you can build it for any release. IIRC, i've built it for raring before15:47
chilukyou are confused... amd's driver is versioned 13.3, but it spits out debs versioned 12.10.15:47
chilukthis has nothing to do with ubuntu version.15:47
anddamp0wn3d: oh so the clients are actually accessing one another and a server handles them, I guess15:47
chiluki just needed to vent.15:48
tgm4883chiluk, if I do it. Will you applogize to the amd devs?15:48
tgm4883chiluk, also, you are confusing15:48
chilukif you pull the 13.3 drivers.15:48
tgm4883chiluk, "it spits out debs versioned 12.10."  "<chiluk> this has nothing to do with ubuntu version."15:48
tgm4883chiluk, so which is it?15:48
chilukand run amd-driver-installer-12-6-x86.x86_64.run --buildpkg Ubuntu/raring and it gives you something versioned 13.3 I'll eat my words15:49
=== Odysimus is now known as Odysimus_away
tgm4883chiluk, that was an example15:49
tgm4883chiluk, so something like "amd-driver-installer-13-3-x86.x86_64.run --buildpkg Ubuntu/raring"15:49
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
anddamp0wn3d: it just got a lot better, thanks for the pointer15:49
chiluksorry yep15:50
Guest65791invite andrei15:50
anddambye all15:50
chilukhere's even the download http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/linux/Pages/radeon_linux.aspx?type=2.4.1&product=
Guest65791hello to all15:50
Guest65791can u pls help me sonofzeus15:51
Guest65791finger sonofzeus15:51
KatsumeBliskGuest65791: You have to put a '/' before commands. The commands usually depend on your IRC client.15:53
chiluktgm4883, hah their 13.1 drivers have a version of 9.012 just as bad... it's like they let marketing decide how to version drivers, but they didn't decide to tell the devs about it... absolutely ridiculous15:57
=== neo is now known as Guest18175
=== Guest18175 is now known as FrankieJ
tgm4883chiluk, ah, I see what you mean now and how that could be confusing16:00
tgm4883chiluk, you're confusing package version with driver version I think16:01
chiluktgm4883, my point is that they should be very similar...16:02
chilukI'd forgive them if the package version was something like 13.1-ubuntu116:02
chilukwhen building their 13.1 driver16:02
tgm4883chiluk, eh, I've seen a bunch of things like that that aren't similar16:02
chilukbut even when you open the catalyst interface it says something like 12.10 when you've installed the 13.1 driver16:02
tgm4883chiluk, I think there's a reason for it, but I'd have to look it up16:02
tgm4883well that part seems wonky16:03
chiluktgm4883, if I was a betting man I'd blame the marketing folks16:04
tgm4883chiluk, "AMD Catalyst software suite uses the YEAR/MONTH format to denote the release version.  For example: AMD Catalyst 12.8 indicates that this software suite was released in August  2012. The version number 8.982 represents the actual internal version of the driver component in the software suite and can be found in the Windows Device Manager or the AMD Vision™ Engine/AMD Catalyst Control Center."16:05
chilukit's still retarded.16:05
chilukcome on ... please admit that it's retarded...if it's an internal version.. then end users should never see it.16:06
dechiHello, I'm a newbie with ubuntu. I install the 12.04 on an old machine, and I can't see my graphical card.  It just "unknow". How can I do ?16:06
chiluktgm4883, this is my first AMD graphics adapter in 8 years... because it was given to me.16:06
KatsumeBliskdechi: Does Ubuntu work the way you expect?16:06
chilukit will probably be my last for another 8 years16:06
KatsumeBliskdechi: ie are there no graphical problems?16:07
chilukdechi what kind of card is it?16:07
chilukdo you know?16:07
tgm4883chiluk, because of the driver version number?16:07
chiluktgm4883, that and the 13.1 driver is broken...16:07
* genii-around guesses it's some Unichrome card16:07
tgm4883chiluk, bug report?16:07
chilukwhere's the best place to open bugs against amd? launchpad?16:08
* tgm4883 sighs16:08
chilukat least nvidia monitors launchpad..16:08
tgm4883chiluk, I don't often tell people to search for things. But did you even look at the AMD FAQ?16:08
tgm4883chiluk, I know16:09
tgm4883chiluk, http://support.amd.com/us/kbarticles/Pages/AMDGraphicsSoftwareandDriversFAQ.aspx#T1716:09
dechiKatsumeBlisk Ubuntu work good, for the moment. But it's an old machine and I don't know the composants.16:09
lolyp0phi all, I just made a hudge mistake ... => I deleted a 1T partition 70% full of data using ubuntu's "disk utility", haven't format or anything, just deleted the partition, anyway of getting the datas back?16:09
chilukdechi run lspci, and tell use what kidn of card you have.16:09
SonikkuAmericadechi: [ lspci ] will list recognized components16:10
KatsumeBliskdechi: It doesn't matter then. On my machine, it says unknown and mine's relatively new. As long as your computer is working fine, you don't need to worry.16:10
dechiKatsumeBlisk thank's16:10
chiluktgm4883, just because they document it doesn't make it intelligent or the right thing to do.16:10
KatsumeBliskdechi: I'm sure there's a terminal command that'll tell you what GPU you have, but you don't need to know until you have a problem.16:10
KatsumeBliskdechi: Basically, don't worry. :)16:10
tgm4883chiluk, I'm not going to argue with you about something that isn't relevant16:11
chiluktgm4883, it just reitterates to me that they don't have their "s**t" together16:11
tgm4883chiluk, says the guy that can't search16:11
KatsumeBliskchiluk: This doesn't have anything to do with Ubuntu.16:11
chiluktgm well I will also tell you that 13.1 is broken on raring16:11
ActionParsniplolyp0p: if you remake the partition and fsck, it may pick it up16:11
chilukKatafalkas, you are right ... but it does affect people's perception of the OS..16:12
dechiKatsumeBlisk with lspci I can see. I have a nvedia Gforce 8500GT :)16:12
ActionParsniplolyp0p: or you may need to use testdisk16:12
=== jack is now known as Guest87233
dechithank's for the help16:12
ActionParsniplolyp0p: i'd look into testdisk first16:12
KatsumeBliskchiluk: This channel is for Ubuntu-specific support. An unsupported driver from the manufacturer's website has nothing to do with Ubuntu.16:12
KatsumeBliskdechi: That's the command. I forgot. Glad you found it. :)16:13
tgm4883chiluk, you mean that the current stable version of the binary amd driver is broken on the development version of Ubuntu when using components that are explicitely unsupported? Oh the horror16:13
lolyp0pActionParsnip: tought of remaking the partition and fsck but was wondering if there were any more secure way/program16:13
KatsumeBliskchiluk: Unsupported as in Canonical doesn't provide it in Ubuntu.16:13
FrankieJany1 here is/has use ubuntu on a dell inspiron laptop?16:13
KatsumeBliskFrankieJ: What's your question?16:13
chilukFrankieJ, I think I'm using one now.16:14
KatsumeBliskFrankieJ: There's a lot of inspiron laptops, so you should be more specific with your question. ;)16:14
chilukKatsumeBlisk, I have to use the amd provided drivers because the card I have isn't yet supported by the ones in the repo.16:14
FrankieJwell i got LED HDTV as my secondary via hdmi...but very laggy16:14
FrankieJim using the inspiron 152516:14
FrankieJrunning 12.04 LTS16:14
KatsumeBliskFrankieJ: It's probably the integrated graphics making it laggy. I had this problem on my netbook because the GPU couldn't handle the resolution16:15
KatsumeBliskFrankieJ: Err...I mean it couldn't handle 2 monitors.16:15
FrankieJhmmm, i am running full 1080, lemme try lower res16:16
tgm4883chiluk, so a few things. 1) 13.04 support is done in #ubuntu+1  2) 13.04 if the dev version of Ubuntu, so things are likely broken   and 3) AMD explicitly says that the driver isn't supported in the configuration you have it in16:16
wilee-nileeFrankieJ, Try to use single posts for detailed descriptions, don't just hit enter repeatedly.16:16
lolyp0pActionParsnip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EncqYP1ijFg <= thanks for "testdisk", it does it with no problem (according to the video)16:16
KatsumeBliskFrankieJ: I looked up your laptop, and it's lowend for graphics and CPU. It's got a Pentium CPU.16:16
KatsumeBliskFrankieJ: Is that the only problem that you have with it?16:16
FrankieJlol sry, jus used to typing short responses, but yea ive used the same output when i had windows xp and the hdmi worked perfect, streaming movies to the same hdtv16:17
KatsumeBliskFrankieJ: Then it might not be what I'm suggesting if it worked fine on Windows, unless it's a driver issue.16:17
chiluktgm4883, what part of my configuration isn't supported?16:17
KatsumeBliskFrankieJ: Sometimes Linux drivers don't work as well as the Windows versions.16:17
FrankieJyea, that is the only issue, im trying to set this up as a webserver and need this secondary monitor for more workspace but its frustrating that my mouse lags across my screen16:18
chilukI might have missed something.16:18
KatsumeBliskFrankieJ: Also, please say who you're talking to. It gets confusing. :)16:18
FrankieJlol sry Kat, but you are the only one that is really talking to me :)16:18
xibalbaAnyone knwo off the top of their heads how to increase smokeping frequency? I want to see it every few seconds or so?16:19
ActionParsniplolyp0p: sweet, look into backups too, then you have zero worries16:19
KatsumeBliskFrankieJ: Just a suggestion. You can also tab-complete names.16:19
tgm4883chiluk, 13.04 ships with a newer version of xserver than is supported by the amd driver (amd supports up to 1.13, 13.04 ships with 1.13.3)16:19
=== qos is now known as qos|away
KatsumeBliskFrankieJ: So you're going to use it as a workstation and a web server at the same time?16:19
xibalbaanyone using smokeping in this channel?16:19
chiluktgm4883, didn't notice that.16:19
tgm4883chiluk, yw16:20
FrankieJKatsumeBlisk, its going to be more a workstation, and a TEST webserver, so i got tabs coming out of both ears and need more workspace16:20
ActionParsnipxibalba: might do from now though, sounds cool16:20
chilukFrankieJ, what version of Ubuntu are you running... more recent kernels have vastly improved intel graphics drivers16:20
FrankieJchiluk, i am using 12.04 LTS16:20
KatsumeBliskFrankieJ: Makes sense.16:20
chilukFrankieJ, 2.  have you tried increasing the amount of ram you allocate to the graphics chipset?16:20
KatsumeBliskFrankieJ: Increasing RAM would be in BIOS, but I doubt Dell would give you that option.16:21
FrankieJchiluk, how do i do that, command please?16:21
|nv|s|b|esome dells do16:21
chilukFrankieJ, you would have to reboot, and go into the bios.16:21
FrankieJKatsumeBlisk, oh, yea , the dell bios is locked, cant touch it16:21
chiluktoo bad..16:21
chilukit was a shot in the dark anyways.16:21
chilukFrankieJ, you might want to try the oneiric-backports kernel in 12.04.  that might help as well.16:22
KatsumeBliskFrankieJ: What size and resolution is your laptop's display?16:22
chilukKatsumeBlisk, 1280x800 is what amazon is telling me.16:22
FrankieJchiluk, is that another or older driver?16:22
FrankieJKatsumeBlisk, i am running 1650 its default res16:23
KatsumeBliskFrankieJ: If I were you, I'd test just using your TV and see if it's not laggy. If it isn't, you'll have more space, just not dual monitors.16:23
chilukthat is a newer kernel that will include a newer driver.16:23
KatsumeBliskFrankieJ: The newer kernel may also break things...16:23
KatsumeBliskFrankieJ: It defeats the purpose of using an LTS if you start changing the kernel.16:23
chilukKatafalkas, very true16:24
FrankieJKatsumeBlisk, true true, ill play around with the res settings i guess16:24
=== mhall119 is now known as mhall119|lunch
KatsumeBliskFrankieJ: My suggestion is to see how performance is when just using the TV.16:24
chilukKatsumeBlisk, good suggestion16:24
FrankieJKatsumeBlisk, yea ima try that rite now...thanks for all the support, and you too chiluk16:25
chilukFrankieJ, sorry we couldn't be of more service...16:26
KatsumeBliskFrankieJ: I'll brb if you need more help, etc.16:26
chilukFrankieJ, if you want to try the newer kernel without the risk, you can boot a quantal or raring livecd, and see if your mouse works find there.16:26
xibalbaActionParsnip, it's a great tool16:26
FrankieJchiluk, its all good, guess i jus gotta make due16:27
ActionParsnipxibalba: passing around :)16:27
chilukgood luck man.16:27
xibalbaActionParsnip, check it out I set it up at a company I worked at that's in VoIP. http://sandbox.vintalk.com/smokeping/smokeping.cgi?target=PremiumRetailVoice -- We used it to monitor clients from our East/West coast data centers.16:27
lolyp0pActionParsnip: takes forever nevertheless...probably more than 1h for a missclick...16:27
ActionParsniplolyp0p: backups would be faster, and more reliable16:27
lolyp0pActionParsnip: that's my backup disk actually...16:28
ActionParsniplolyp0p: then the original data will stand, just rerun a full backup and the data will recreate16:29
flaxmodemIs there a good way to check battery status in a terminal?16:34
Kionflaxmodem: I think if you go into the /proc directory16:35
wilee-nileeflaxmodem, http://askubuntu.com/questions/69556/how-to-check-battery-status-using-terminal16:35
=== rofl is now known as Tux
Kionflaxmodem: you will find battery and other system information in there16:35
OhadIs there anyone here that can support?16:35
OhadIt consists of some16:35
|nv|s|b|espit it out16:36
Ohadin crontab16:36
wilee-nilee!enter > Ohad16:36
OhadI'm trying to create a file in crontab it does not save16:36
ubottuOhad, please see my private message16:36
=== qos|away is now known as qos
GrygrFlzrI can't boot live CD without acpi=off, but acpi=off turns off my WiFi. How can I boot up the live CD without acpi=off?16:38
Dr_willisand what happens if you dont use acpi=off ?16:39
wilee-nileeGrygrFlzr, Use the f6 function at the first gui of try or install, or check disc integrity, but follow Dr_willis16:39
Ohadin crontab,im trying to create a file in crontab it does not save, what can i do?16:40
chilukOhad, crontab -e is not saving?16:41
chilukdid you try the command :w in the editor?16:41
chilukOhad I assume you are using vim as your editor correct?16:41
Dr_willisYou mean your cron JOB is trying to make a file?16:41
tgm4883chiluk, I read that differently. Is crontab now saving, or is he running something in crontab that is suppose to create a file and that file isn't being created/saved?16:42
Ohadi trying save it does not give me16:42
chilukOhad is it giving you an error?16:43
chilukwhat is that error.16:43
Ohadit seems to me that he could not install16:43
chilukexactly as printed16:43
Ohaderror in line 2416:44
chiluktype :24 ... that will take you to line 2416:44
chilukcopy and paste that line here.16:44
Ohad5 0,12 * * * indexer -c /etc/sphinxsearch/sphinx.conf --rotate --alls16:44
OhadI'm trying to write this16:45
chilukOhad you can comment out that line by putting a # in front of it then you can save.16:45
chilukI'm not sure why it's failing.16:46
Ohadthis is the problem #?16:46
Ohadtaht I did not put #16:47
chilukno... # will comment out that line16:47
chilukOhad so that it will not be checked.16:47
chilukOhad, # at the front of the line will make it a comment, and thus disable it.16:47
chilukOhad at least you can save the file then.16:47
eddieVroomhi all16:48
eddieVroomanyone having problems with bluetooth static?16:48
Guest92110hey guys, I just installed a pretty new Ubuntu 12.10 but suddenly got very sad.. my wifi doesn't work :-( I've been searching on Google a few days already.. no one seems to find an answer16:48
eddieVroomi see that droid is having this prob too16:48
Ohadwhat you're saying is that I should first put # save and then edit it back?16:48
=== Guest92110 is now known as Lukas`
chilukOhad that will definitely help you narrow down the problem.  at least you will be certain that the problem exists on line 2416:49
chilukif you comment it out and you still can not save then your problem exists elsewhere.16:49
chilukOhad hate to do this to you, but I need to go.16:50
chilukOhad good luck.16:50
Lukas`I have a problem with Netgear WNA1000M, using driver Realtek RTL8188CUS16:50
Lukas`from my point of view, I have tried everything :-(16:50
Lukas`Can somebody cooperate with me to get this to work, please16:52
eddieVroomi've had issues, but they had more to do with the access point16:52
eddieVroomhad to disable protected mode, turbo, all that16:52
=== qos is now known as qos|away
Lukas`well, I can see all the networks, but when I choose mine, enter password.. it's doing something and then asks repeatedly for password16:54
eddieVroomkeep the access point as "plain jane" as possible16:54
eddieVroomand yes, that is exactly the issue i had16:54
eddieVroomneeded to reboot the router after disabling all that stuff too16:55
Lukas`I'm using 12.10 64bit16:55
Lukas`Oh, really?16:55
Lukas`hmm.. that's really strange16:55
eddieVroomi'm saying it's more likely a router issue16:55
Lukas`I'm gonna try it, be back in a minute - thanks for tip16:57
eddieVroomi've been getting static on my bluetooth earpiece ever since the last kernel update16:58
kabooyaHi guys16:58
kabooyaQT or GTK Desktop environment?16:58
bazhang!poll | kabooya16:58
ubottukabooya: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.16:58
Toasty_LoafSo, I'm thinking of doing a full restore, back to Chrome OS, and then reinstalling Ubuntu 12.04, only problem is: When I reboot back into Chrome OS, it WILL wipe Ubuntu off my system, but the partition will remain. I want to know: When I begin the install process, can I just reassign the partition as normal?17:01
=== jeff_ is now known as Guest50115
Toasty_LoafI also don't really care about the system being wiped, I have nothing saved on here. I just want to know what to do when it asks: "How much space would you like to partition to Ubuntu?" Am I going to mess up the system if I enter 300 like I did last time while the partition still remains? OR Will it just override and take space from the remaining partition?17:03
* |nv|s|b|e is not known as |nv|s|b|e 17:07
=== tjbiddle_ is now known as tjbiddle
diverdudemy ubuntu has entered some weird mode. When i have a terminal or gedit open and press some keys nothing is written. Instead the menu in the top of the screen is activated...How do i get out of this mode?17:19
tflgen2_press the windows key on your keyboard? maybe it's stuck17:20
tflgen2_or ctr17:20
she_dyedor ESC?17:20
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wilee-nileediverdude, Are you clicking on them to give focus?17:21
diverdudewilee-nilee, i am clicking on the windows to give focus yes...it changes nothing17:21
she_dyedis your cursor then stuck, diverdude17:22
wilee-nileediverdude, This the unity desktop and have you modified ccsm?17:22
mojtabaHi, Does anybody know how can I check if my webcam is working or not? it is integrated.17:23
diverdudewilee-nilee, yes its the unity desktop. i have not modified any ccsm17:23
diverdudeshe_dyed, no, cursor is not stuck17:23
IdleOnemojtaba: you can install Cheese and test it.17:23
diverdudei also cannot mark text. when i try to mark text the window is moved instead17:24
wilee-nileediverdude, Cool, just some basic questions, not sire what is up myself.17:24
IdleOnediverdude: does this behaviour persist after a logout or reboot?17:24
mojtabaIdleOne: I installed it, but my webcam seems not working.17:24
diverdudeIdleOne, hmm i have not tried that. i will try to reboot17:24
=== mhall119|lunch is now known as mhall119
IdleOnediverdude: I've had that happen to me before but with the daily iso.17:25
she_dyed!details > mojtaba17:26
ubottumojtaba, please see my private message17:26
diverdudeIdleOne, how did you solve it?17:26
IdleOnediverdude: I didn't. I would logout and back in and it would be gone, until it started up again.17:26
IdleOnediverdude: I was never able to figure out what it was that caused it. I thought it was some weird keycombo or something.17:27
mojtabashe_dyed: I have Dell Studio 1555, ubuntu 12.10, and my integrated webcam is not working. I tested it with cheese.17:27
PapaSierrahow, on the shell, do i useradd a user ONLY if he doesn't exist? (or suppress errors as a second prize)17:27
she_dyedrun command cheese in terminal, pastebin erros mojtaba17:28
diverdudeIdleOne, yeah thats what i was thinking also...because i just in frustration pressed a lot of stuff and suddently it was gone...and now its back and the same method did not work second time17:28
TK-999Mojtaba: Does VLC recognize it?17:28
mojtabaTK-999: how should I use VLC?17:29
=== james_ is now known as Guest69845
mojtabashe_dyed: I uninstalled cheese when I found it is not working.17:29
TK-999VLC media player > File > Open Capture Device17:29
she_dyedif vlc works you wont need cheeses17:30
|nv|s|b|ealso, make sure its turned on in the bios17:30
she_dyedand put something on17:30
desmondubuntu cannot see harddisk17:32
desmondsombody help17:32
wilee-nilee!details > desmond17:32
ubottudesmond, please see my private message17:32
she_dyedoh no ubuntu was here17:33
trismPapaSierra: getent passwd username; if [ "$?" -eq "2" ]; then do your adduser stuff; fi; maybe?17:33
PapaSierratrism: i'll look into that. what is the 2?17:34
trismPapaSierra: getent exits with 2 if the key isn't in the database17:35
mojtabaTK-999: Your input can't be opened:17:35
mojtabaVLC is unable to open the MRL 'v4l2:///dev/video0'. Check the log for details.17:35
PapaSierratrism: interesting! thanks17:35
jmnozhowcome ubuntu has enlightenment version 0.16.999.70492-2 and not a more recent stable version in their tree?17:35
desmond1 hour ago it was seeing 560GB Filestystem... now it does not see harddisk. i have 1 harddisk 1st part is windows vista second part is ubuntu lts12.04 ... 6 months ago installed and ubuntu was seeing first part and ubuntu... now it does not see harddisk c: AKA 560GB FİLESYSTEM17:36
TK-999!latest > jmnoz17:36
ubottujmnoz, please see my private message17:36
mojtabaTK-999: could you please let me know what should I do know?17:38
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cristimy laptop is having battery issues, and powertop reports some devices consume a lot of power, like the fingerprint reader alone consumes 7W17:39
wilee-nileedesmond, Not seeing HD from where?17:40
cristiis there a way to disable this?17:40
desmondfirst part of my haddisk17:40
wilee-nileewilee-nilee, what are you booted to and how are you looking for the HD, are we talking about specific partitions or the hard drive?17:41
desmondfirst partition17:41
desmondi have only 640 gb harddisk17:42
wilee-nileedesmond, We are not communicating here, is is a language barrier?17:42
desmond1st partition vista 560 gb17:42
desmondsecond is ubuntu lts 12.0417:42
wilee-nileedesmond, We are not communicating here, is it a language barrier? Are you reading my questions?17:43
mojtabaTK-999: I checked my webcam with VLC, but it did not recognize my webcam. Could you please let me know what should I do?17:44
desmond <wilee-nilee> desmond, Not seeing HD from where? you said... i say i cant see it ... if i dont see it means ubuntu lost it17:44
wilee-nileedesmond, okay you are interpreting rather than answering the questions, good luck.17:45
desmondubuntu cant seeş mountş show etc...  1st partitition of my diskş 2 hours ago it was seeing17:45
ddsssdoes ubuntu have gnome-keyring and seahorse installed by default?17:46
desmondthousands of people has the same problem but no solution in forums17:46
* eXcAliBuR screams uncontrollably17:47
* eXcAliBuR got a paper cut17:47
desmondwrite google "ubuntu cant see harddisk" ... there are a lot of threads but no solutionş some jerks ask ask ask again but no help fukşin ubuntu a lot of problems worse than windows17:48
wilee-nileedesmond, You have left out major details, for example is this a install from windows, or a partitioned install, have you looked at the windows partition say with gparted to see errors, Have you modified fstab maybe, does windows ned a chkdsk per-say.17:48
* wilee-nilee puts rants in ignore17:49
desmondwhat matters? 2 hours ago it was seeing... i installed ubun tu secon,d partition  6 months ago /media/ folder only sees usb stick but not FILESYSDTEM 560GB17:50
|nv|s|b|eive also come to realize that using other search engines give different results, and found answers17:50
desmondi cant mount17:50
OerHeksdesmond, what version of gparted do you use?17:50
desmondhow old are you?17:51
desmondwhat is your mama maiden name?17:52
OerHeksdesmond i was gonna help you, but i stop now , goodluck17:52
dylanmate, if your phising, this isn't the way to do it17:52
desmondi better format and forget fukin ubuntu gl to you dont fukin advertise ubuntu again17:53
desmondfuck ubuntu!17:53
IdleOneNo need to announce if you're not willing to help. Frustration in help channels is common, both for the helpers and the people seeking help. Step away if you find yourself getting irritated.17:53
vool-kristjandesmond: what problem you have?17:54
=== Kasjopaja23111 is now known as Kasjopaja
dylanvool-kristjan: He just quit, or was kicked17:54
vool-kristjandylan: what problem did desmond have?17:54
adamkSome sort of personality disorder, as far as I can tell.17:54
IdleOnehe is gone now. move on.17:55
dylanvool-kristjan: Something about not being able to see an external HD17:55
_Bauerhow do I mount an iso so that I can FULLY access it as regular use?17:55
=== Hotshot is now known as melik
vool-kristjan_Bauer you can mount it in nautilus, but if you want to change files, unpack the iso17:56
saritain spain17:56
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.17:56
diverdudehow do i see if a user is a sudo user?17:57
=== Odysimus is now known as Odysimus_away
dylancheck the sudoers file?17:57
dylandid you*17:57
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sanguisdexI have an nvidia video card and no matter what I have done I have had a keyboard mouse lag, and it gets worse if I use 2 monitors, anyone else encounter this?17:58
sanguisdexbtw it's a system76 wildabeast17:58
wilee-nileesanguisdex, Have you posted in the system76 area of the ubuntu forums?17:59
auronandacediverdude: id17:59
vool-kristjansanguisdex: did you download the drivers from nvidia website?17:59
_Bauerthanks vool-kristjan , while apparently this guide is wrong: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountIso#From_the_Command_Line_.28As_a_Regular_User.2917:59
vool-kristjan_Bauer, np18:00
sanguisdexwilee-nilee: nope and vool-kristjan: no I used the additional drivers app18:01
wilee-nileesanguisdex, Cool, don't forget their direct support. ;)18:01
sonofzeushi who uses tiger?18:04
Lukas`Hello still got problems while connecting to network18:04
KrisiunHi there...any good data recovery software for ext4?18:06
she_dyedmojtaba: why video0, was it the only one showing, check the log'18:06
mojtabashe_dyed: Yes, how can check the log? (I am new to linux.)18:07
she_dyedbetter yet, open a termnal and type vlc18:07
delinquentmeopen vpn client for ubnuntu??18:07
=== azul is now known as Guest62363
she_dyedso you can see the errors mojtaba18:07
diverdudei have installed openssh-server, but when i try to log in via my sudo user i get permission denied18:08
diverdude*try to log in via ssh18:08
diverdudeDo i have to setup something special first?18:09
TK-999diverdude: SSH daemon running?18:09
diverdudeTK-999, well i get prompted for a password, so i would say yes18:09
mojtabashe_dyed: I typed vlc, and it generate a long list. should I paste them here?18:09
TK-999PasswordAuthentication line in config file is set to yes or is commented?18:10
mojtabashe_dyed: vlc | pastebinit18:10
mojtabaVLC media player 2.0.5 Twoflower (revision 2.0.5-0-g1661b7d)18:10
mojtaba[0xdd3108] main libvlc: Running vlc with the default interface. Use 'cvlc' to use vlc without interface.18:10
mojtaba(vlc:20251): Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_settings_set_long_property: assertion `GTK_SETTINGS (settings)' failed18:10
TK-999Are you sure you are typing the right password?18:10
she_dyedopen the capture device/cam moha_hunt18:10
she_dyedopen the capture device/cam mojtaba18:10
mojtabashe_dyed: It is open18:10
she_dyedopen the capture device/cam18:11
she_dyedusing vlc18:11
starbuck33hi, is there a good program which comes very close to faststone image viewer (windows) in terms of quality and functionality?18:11
mojtabashe_dyed: I am using vlc at the moment and clicked on the tab capture device under media18:11
=== Exumer is now known as Cbastos
she_dyedwhich capture device now pick one mojtaba18:12
vool-kristjanshe_dyed: use "cheese" to record ur webcam18:13
mojtabashe_dyed: capture mode: video for linux 218:13
diverdudeTK-999, that line is commented out18:13
mojtabashe_dyed: video device name: /dev/video018:14
sonofzeusshall i disable ssh for max security?18:14
she_dyedvool-kristjan: talk to mojtaba not me18:14
diverdudeshould i activate that line18:14
mojtabashe_dyed: audio device name: hw:0,018:14
TK-999diverdude: Did you set up an SSH key for yourself for any unrelated reason before?18:14
she_dyedmojtaba: is this showing in the selection screen18:14
mojtabashe_dyed: Yes, just these.18:14
diverdudeTK-999, mmm no, should i remove the known hosts file just to be sure?18:15
mojtabashe_dyed: What is the next step?18:15
she_dyeddont pick video for linux again18:15
mojtabashe_dyed: What should I pick?18:16
she_dyedmojtaba: there are no other choices. You may have to post in the forum, reinstall cheese for more troubleshooting, use some serious googling or pick a media distro that will recognize the cam out of the box18:19
mojtabashe_dyed: Before I could use my webcam with ubuntu. Do you know what has happened?18:20
mojtabashe_dyed: How can I use cheese to figure out what is going on?18:20
wilee-nileemojtaba, Have you checked the web with that cam and your ubuntu install?18:20
she_dyedmojtaba: i'd go back to the ubuntu that worked with it18:21
mojtabashe_dyed: I just upgrade it with apt-get, nothing else18:21
she_dyedmojtaba: what wilee-nilee said ^18:21
mojtabawilee-nilee: It was working with this distro some times ago.18:22
javier_hello. I am looking for a way to change the resolution on my flatscreen. I have 1080p tv, but it is being recognized as a 72 inch, and it is not that big18:22
kenlikhi people, i'm using ubuntu 12.10; i'm trying to install indicator-sensors (By Alex Murray) but when run add-apt-repository ppa:alexmurray/indicator-sensors18:24
javier_i have tried the following nvidia-settings --asign CurrentMetaMode='DFP-1: 1920x1080 { ViewPortOut=1850x1005+15+38}" in order to see the uppermost title block and the other toolbars on the perimter with no success18:24
wilee-nileemojtaba, in the terminal lsusb -v to identify the cam and search with that info, and post it.18:24
javier_i am using ubuntu 12.1018:24
kenlikthe following occur: Cannot access PPA (https://launchpad.net/api/1.0/~alexmurray/+archive/indicator-sensors) to get PPA information, please check your internet connection.18:24
javier_i am going to try this site http://ubuntuxtreme.com/howto/how-to-install-nvidia-310-14-drivers-major-changes/ next18:25
javier_not sure what to do18:25
kenlikwhat's wrong with that?18:25
javier_i am not on that pc right now, will be later but looking for suggestions18:25
kenliki'm on a proxy network18:25
mojtabawilee-nilee: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5713907/18:26
she_dyedjavier_: do you know what the 15+38 mean18:26
haiQt_hey guys, why do none of my other desktop environments work? i installed cinnamon and tried switching to that, *or* GNOME, but it's the same basic desktop environment with just a top and bottom bar (top one says applications and places), and the cinnamon menu doesn't work for example -- any ideas?18:26
javier_those are the border sizes18:27
diverdudeTK-999, hmm i keep getting permission denied18:27
diverdudeDo you have any other suggestions?18:27
javier_i am thinking that i will have to run xrandr or something to get other parameters and insert them into the xorg.conf file18:28
javier_i am also running the geforce gt 64018:28
she_dyedjavier_: have an nvidia current yes, google later for wiki and xrandr and insert them params when it works18:28
she_dyedjavier_: the log Xorg.0.log helps too18:29
javier_ok cool. thanks!18:29
she_dyedbtw javier_ make sure those numbers you use are showing up on that log as ok18:29
wilee-nileemojtaba, Mainly here I am trying to get (you) to find the webcam model so you can search for info18:30
javier_ok gotcha18:30
javier_i am going to be uninstalling the 12.10 i have currently and starting from fresh so I can get walked thru the install process for card drivers18:31
she_dyedshortform javier_ if its not showing we'll try some other resolution18:31
javier_i have seen a number of instructions from xswat and noobslab and not sure which one to follow18:31
javier_no the display works fine. its just that the display space is too large and i don't know how to resize it18:32
she_dyedok javier_ the wiki has info on that xrandr18:32
javier_another question. which drivers work best with ubuntu, AMD or Nvidia18:32
javier_can you share the wiki page with me so I can follow it please18:33
she_dyedthinkwiki and xrandr, first hit18:33
diverdudei am having trouble connecting via ssh. i get permission denied. I really do not understand why. this is the ssh config file: http://paste.drizzle.org/show/2288/18:33
diverdudecan anybody please help me understand how to connect to my server via ssh18:34
javier_thanks. got it. I will be back on later!18:35
Picidiverdude: is your server listening on port 43567?18:35
diverdudePici, it should yes but im not sure18:36
diverdudePici, how do i check that?18:36
Picidiverdude: Well, the file you pasted is configuration for the client, not the server. Are you on the server now?18:36
SARCHello, I am running the latest squeeze on a Dell PE R620.  On boot, I receive a pci 0000:01:00.1 BAR 6: address space collision on of device [0xdc000000 - 0xdc07ffff] error.  What's the best way to troubleshoot this type of error?18:37
SARCI am also during boot receiving an error i8042.c: No controller found18:37
diverdudePici, yeah i am18:37
PiciSARC: We don't support Squeeze/debian here, try #debian18:37
Picidiverdude: pastebin the output of:  sudo netstat -tanp | grep ssh18:37
diverdudePici, ok so maybe i have edited the wrong config file?18:37
SARCHello, I am running Ubuntu on a Dell PE R620.  On boot, I receive a pci 0000:01:00.1 BAR 6: address space collision on of device [0xdc000000 - 0xdc07ffff] error.  What's the best way to troubleshoot this type of error?  (Same thing happens on Ubuntu too)18:38
Picidiverdude: if you're trying to change the configuration of the server you need to modify /etc/ssh/sshd_config18:38
diverdudePici, this is the output: http://paste.drizzle.org/show/2289/18:39
diverdudeseems its only listening to port 2218:39
she_dyedSARC: try a liveCD to see if it works18:39
jnozso I'm running Ubuntu raring (13.04) and I would like to install the latest stable version of enlightenment. There doesn't seem to be a package. How should I best proceed?18:39
SARCshe: What do you mean?  I dont want to run from a liveCD all the time.18:40
diverdudePici,  hmm ok but thats also fine for now...i can change the port correctly afterwards....i still dont understand why i get permission denied though18:40
she_dyedSARC: you're in trioubleshooting mode18:40
wilee-nilee!13.04 > jnoz18:40
ubottujnoz, please see my private message18:40
jnozwilee-nilee: thanks18:41
androidfr33kWhat does the lts after the revision number?18:41
delinquentme./build-key-server myservername   <<< this command ... on this tutorial: https://help.ubuntu.com/11.10/serverguide/openvpn.html18:41
llutzdiverdude: what username do you use to connect? does that user really exist on the server?18:41
delinquentmethis is the server that I've got locally ... or the one I want to connect to?18:41
Picidiverdude: do you still get permission denied if you try to connect to port 22? do you get that if you try to ssh to localhost if you are on the server itself?18:42
llutzdiverdude: use "ssh -vv user@host" and check the log for info18:42
diverdudellutz, i do ssh pelletserver@mydomain.com and i know that this user exists because when i use the server directly with keyboard thats the user i am using.....and its a sudo user18:42
llutzdiverdude: "pelletserver" is a username?18:42
jnozwhat about installing any software on ubuntu that I can't find a package for. What's the recommended way of doing it?18:43
charlieeI have an Sony vgn-z21mn running on ubuntu 12.04. Anyone know how to activate the nvidia graphics? This notebook has hybrid graphic cards18:43
adamkcharliee: You need to look into bumblebee.18:43
adamkcharliee: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bumblebee18:43
she_dyedjnoz get Bodhi's latest and see if enlightenment works for you, theres a learning curve18:43
she_dyedits ubuntu under the covers18:44
charlieeor should I wait for 13.04?18:44
diverdudellutz, yes pelletserver is a username18:44
diverdudellutz, this is the output of -vv http://paste.ubuntu.com/5713955/18:45
wachpwnskiwith udev how can I find a the static label of a usb port? is this it?   -> /sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1d.0/usb2/2-1/2-1.7/2-1.7:1.0/host11/target11:0:0/11:0:0:0/18:45
diverdudePici, i will try ssh to localhost18:45
Picidiverdude: what is the output of getent passwd pelletserver ?18:45
charlieethanx for the link, i will try it18:45
jnozshe_dyed: is that another distribution? I am not looking to reinstall. thanks.18:46
wilee-nileecharliee, Starting with a exact description of what you have is a good start for the channel. ;)18:46
diverdudePici, no output from that18:46
JaithI just did apt-get update/upgrade on my server running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and noticed that PHP is _ancient_. Ubuntu's package system installs 5.3.10. The latest version of php is 5.4.14.  The latest release of php 5.3 is 5.3.24.  Why on earth has canonical (or someone) not provided more up-to-date packages for PHP?  This is kind of ridiculous.18:46
diverdudeoh fuck18:46
she_dyedjnoz: its a liveCD18:46
diverdudeim stupid18:46
Picidiverdude: mind your language please.18:46
diverdudesorry man18:46
|nv|s|b|ewatch ur mouth sonny18:46
diverdudeyes double sorry18:46
jnozshe_dyed: that has nothing to do with my question, sorry18:46
diverdudeok my bad18:46
Picidiverdude: did you forget to make the user?18:47
she_dyedjnoz: on hte contrary18:47
diverdudeusername is not pelletserver18:47
diverdudestupid me18:47
diverdudereally sorry about that18:47
Picidiverdude: it happens :)18:47
WrapsLol, installed ubuntu today and I must admit this is far more better than windows18:47
she_dyedjnoz: you said you didn't want to install18:47
diverdudeand now it works :)18:48
|nv|s|b|eWraps-   youll soon be overjoyed18:48
=== Odysimus is now known as Odysimus_away
jnozshe_dyed: oh, my question was about installing latest stable enlightenment on 13.04 ubuntu.18:48
llutzdiverdude: things tend to work if you do them right :)18:48
she_dyedbtw raring is anotehr channel18:48
Jaithcan anyone tell me why the PHP version installed via ubuntu package management is SO DAMN OLD?  (5.3.10) ??18:48
diverdudellutz, yes i know....my mistake. i am sorry18:48
she_dyedjnoz: #ubuntu+1 iirc18:48
KatsumeBliskJaith: What version of Ubuntu?18:49
chilukjaith because no one has updated it... we are a community18:49
Jaithchiluk: yes but but but....18:49
jnozmy misstake, what I was last asking was "what about installing any software on ubuntu that I can't find a package for. What's the recommended way of doing it?"18:49
Jaithit's SOOOOOOOO old18:49
diverdudePici, regarding the port number, isn't /etc/ssh/ssh_config for the ssh server?18:49
=== luigi is now known as Guest36069
KatsumeBliskJaith: That's why. LTSes don't get anything but security and browser updates.18:49
Picidiverdude: no. /etc/ssh/sshd_config is for the server. ssh_config is for the client.18:49
jpdsKatsumeBlisk: Not necessarily.18:49
llutzdiverdude: ssh is client, sshd server18:49
KatsumeBliskJaith: Well, any version doesn't, but LTSes are supported for years, rather than months.18:49
chilukJaith you might have luck searching for an updated python ppa18:49
czzAnyone care to help me with pgp?18:50
Jaithlatest 5.3 is 5.3.24.  latest php is
czzI have a pgp message and their public key ,now what?18:50
she_dyedjnoz: i usually grab a .deb flavor of it, then use gdebi (watch out for dependencies)18:50
chilukJaith, or installing the version from raring..18:50
KatsumeBliskjpds: Care to give me an example that's not a web browser?18:50
JaithKatsumeBlisk: surely there is a security update between 5.3.10 and 5.3.24?18:50
jpdsJaith: 12.04 is frozen in terms of software versions, only security fixes.18:50
chilukJaith ymmv with that though18:50
jpdsJaith: They're backported.18:50
Jaithjpds: surely there is a security fix between 5.3.10 and 5.3.24?18:50
chilukhey jpds18:50
she_dyedjnoz: or use dpkg with the .deb if you're more familiar with it18:51
jpdschiluk: Yo. o/18:51
jpdsJaith: As I said, they're backported and placed in precise-security.18:51
chilukjpds do you lurk here often?18:51
she_dyedjnoz: but you might wind up on your own for support winging it like that18:51
jpdschiluk: Quite.18:51
Jaithczz: you might consider using thunderbird as mail client and installing Enigmail?18:51
czzJaith, Can't do that.18:52
Jaithczz: so you need to encrypt a message to send and you have msg and private key?18:52
czzCan't you do it through command line?18:52
Jaithczz: yes of course18:52
jnozshe_dyed: doesn't seem very enticing18:52
czzJaith, I have a message I need to decrypt.18:52
Jaithwell then someone else's public key is not going to help you18:53
llutzczz: gpg -d file18:53
she_dyedi know thats why i suggested bodhi to see if you'd enjoy the desktop, a lot of people can't get used to it18:53
czzllutz, What goes inside the file?18:53
czzthe message...?18:54
llutzczz: file = the message18:54
Jaithczz: in order to decrypt a file that was sent to you, you need the *private* key that corresponds to the public key that was used to encrypt the file18:54
llutzczz: btw you need your secretkey to decrypt, not the senders pubkey18:54
Jaithczz: whoever sent you the message should have used YOUR public key to encrypt any messages sent to you18:54
Jaithjpds: not sure what you mean about precise-security?18:55
jpdsJaith: precise-security pocket.18:55
Jaithjpds: ??  sorry don't understand?18:55
sw0rdfishsome shit happens with unity when I'm using synergy and using my win818:55
KatsumeBliskJaith: It's a repository18:55
jpdsJaith: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/FAQ#Versions18:55
sw0rdfishwin8's keyboard and keybad18:55
jpdsJaith: And https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/FAQ#Versions18:56
Jaithahhh so i might but that in my sources list or something?18:56
czzllutz, Says I can't open the file18:56
sw0rdfishmousepad* .... anyone face this kind of issue?18:56
jpdsJaith: Sorry, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/FAQ#Repositories18:56
Jaithczz: can you be more precise about error message?18:56
Jaithjpds: thanks18:56
jpdsJaith: No, it's already there.18:56
Jaithjpds: will read thx.18:56
czzJaith, gpg: can't open `new.txt'18:56
czzgpg: decrypt_message failed: file open error18:56
jpdsJaith: A newer version of PHP won't be there.18:56
jpdsJaith: But security fixes taken from newer versions of PHP will be.18:57
Jaithczz: sounds like you might not have specified the file correctly OR you don't have permission to read it?18:57
KatsumeBliskJaith: The reason there aren't updates is so people using 12.04 for stability (it is an LTS) don't have something break because a package updated.18:57
KatsumeBliskJaith: PHP is especially one of those since LTSes are used for servers too.18:57
czzJaith, http://averagepenguin.com/?p=24818:57
czzI wonder if that tut will help18:58
chilukjpds there needs to be a laika bot on #ubuntu... so people are even more encouraged to help others18:58
jpdschiluk: The community love doesn't encourage you enough?18:59
chiluknope... I need hard numbers!18:59
chilukplus it would help when applying to contributing dev etc...18:59
chilukshow that I care!19:00
zorin0sa quick question please19:00
tgm4883!ask | zorin0s19:01
ubottuzorin0s: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:01
zorin0si want to install this http://bues.ch/cms/hacking/razercfg.html after i download it, how do i install?19:01
charliee1thank you guy´s again, it works perfect19:01
=== Xeyoo is now known as Xeyo
JaithKastumeBlisk: i get it.  i was up til 1:30 one night last week fixing a session problem thanks to a suhosin update19:02
czzJaith, Got it!19:03
czzFeels good.19:03
Jaithczz: sweet.  what does it say?  ;)19:03
=== Exumer is now known as Cbastos
OerHekszorin0s, extract that archive, and read the 'readme'19:05
Andy___Hey guys19:05
Andy___Anyone know the best was I can get in touch with the ubuntu store staff?19:05
Andy___I tried the form but it doesn't seem to be working currently19:06
czzJaith, Thanks. See ya.19:06
Jaithczz: of course.  ciao.19:06
=== stirk_ is now known as stirk
zorin0sOerHeks,  then how do i run it?19:07
chilukcharlilee1 makes me feel used..19:08
_BauerI created a user and group called wineuser, tried with/without setting user's password. however when I do something like19:08
_Bauersg wineuser, I get prompted for password, and I get error crypt: Invalid argument19:09
_Bauerno matter which one I try. Any ideas?19:09
=== xbox is now known as Barceeper
wilee-nilee_Bauer, not sure but would the user need sudo access and a password.19:11
_Bauerwilee-nilee: I doubt it, its supposed to work without root, I try even simple commands such as ping aand get same error, I tried providing it the root password as well19:12
delinquentmeso "Client Certificates"  on this tutorial:https://help.ubuntu.com/11.10/serverguide/openvpn.html    ... these are commands which should be run on the server right?19:12
=== tor is now known as Guest91166
_Bauerwilee-nilee: I am trying to follow this guide: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=118809919:12
wilee-nilee_Bauer, Looks like greek to me I never use wine.19:13
_Bauerwilee-nilee: its not about wine, its about restricting a certain program ( in this case, wine) from having internet access19:14
_Bauerthis guide is based on using the sg command19:14
stephenjudkinsi'd like to use a VPN for just a single program in Linux (on ARM). is this possible? simple?19:14
Guest91166hola. just intalled 13.04 from scratch. but i have trouble updating. i have tried many different servers with no luck. Error: http://pastebin.com/zBhmkB3819:15
=== albert is now known as Guest43954
wilee-nilee_Bauer, You may know what you are doing to some extent, however running in root in Ubuntu or having a password for root is not advised.19:16
_Bauerwilee-nilee: and the point of that sentence? would you rather have me do nothing? or what..19:17
jacklkI'm having trouble with my Ubuntu install -- it just hangs there with text on the screen saying "RIP blah blah" in white text, and doesn't do anything...19:17
_Bauerwilee-nilee: and the point of that sentence? would you rather have me do nothing? or what..19:18
jacklkRecovery mode doesn't do anything.19:18
wilee-nileejacklk, blah, blah, blah is of no help, give details.19:19
jacklkwilee-nilee: I cannot, it is just a load of crap19:19
jacklksaying stuff about installed packages -- it does not give a certain error19:20
wilee-nileejacklk, There are details you can give, for example what has led you to this conundrum.19:20
jacklkwilee-nilee: I installed Ubuntu (had to in text mode) as it doesn't boot in a GUi without doing this19:21
jacklknow on the real install it does this thing19:21
jacklkall lights on my keyboard flash/light up for some reason19:21
wilee-nileejacklk, Have you checked the install iso or cd/usb md5sum, could this be a bad download or install. Have you run ubuntu on this computer with no problems in the past?19:22
jacklkwilee-nilee: checking now mate19:22
Guest91166bump: tried many different servers with no luck. Error: http://pastebin.com/zBhmkB3819:23
sliddjurHow do I update this bios for hp compaq 6910p which one should I download and go for?http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/SoftwareIndex.jsp?cc=us&prodNameId=3357378&prodSeriesId=3357377&swLang=8&taskId=135&swEnvOID=1093#12019:23
p0wn3d stephenjudkins: Why wouldn't you want all your network traffic to go across the VPN?19:24
wilee-nilee!13.04 > Guest9116619:24
ubottuGuest91166, please see my private message19:24
stephenjudkinsp0wn3d: because the VPN is slow, and it's only necessary for a certain daemon.19:25
LevanthHi is this the right Channel for Xampp Questions in Ubuntu 13.04?19:26
jacklkwilee-nilee: I did add a folder to the USB afte19:26
jacklkdo you think that waz the problem?!19:26
TK-999!13.04 > Levanth19:26
ubottuLevanth, please see my private message19:26
wilee-nileejacklk, Not sure what is the folder?19:27
jacklkwilee-nilee: a folder with the drivers I need19:27
LevanthTK-999 so #13.04 is the right channelß19:27
jacklkso it is all loaded pn 1 usb19:27
TK-999The message says it all19:27
Levanthokay thanks19:28
wilee-nileejacklk, Well, the drivers not in the repos, if I understand you you could not get a desktop from the live media is this correct?19:28
jacklk13.04 doesn't exist19:28
jacklkwilee-nilee: correct19:28
wilee-nilee13.04 is the development19:28
jacklkbut it is a wireless driver19:28
diverdudewhat does apt-get install -f do?19:28
jacklkthe channel #13.04 doesn't exist19:28
wilee-nileejacklk, Did you try a nomodeset to boot at anytime?19:28
Levanthso #ubuntu+1 am i right?19:29
jacklkwilee-nilee: What does that do?19:29
Levanthokay thank you19:29
wilee-nileejacklk, 13.04 is #ubuntu+1. nomodeset is a low graphic boot, hold on.19:29
wilee-nilee!nomodeset | jacklk19:29
ubottujacklk: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter19:29
wilee-nileejacklk, I would be more inclined to investigate the cards you need drivers for and the release installed, it may be an easy fix.19:31
jacklkwilee-nilee: lol, I'm using Debian19:31
wilee-nileejacklk, YOu need the #debian channel then19:31
jacklkwilee-nilee: banned19:31
MonkeyDu1tjacklk  for no reason, of course19:32
wilee-nileejacklk, Get unbanned you will not get help here, just saying. ;)19:32
=== Izak is now known as Guest32128
jacklkwilee-nilee: yeah I've asked in #debian-ops19:33
diverdudewhat does apt-get install -f do?19:33
llutzdiverdude: man apt-get (fix-missing)19:34
wilee-nileediverdude, finalize a broken or locked install generally.19:34
jacklkUbuntu 12.10 is so slow..19:35
jacklkWhy can't it be made to be light and run on older hardware?19:35
disturbedsomeone experienced with ubuntu server, /etc/init.d and tightvncserver ?19:36
MonkeyDu1tdisturbed  ask in #ubuntu-server19:36
disturbedok tnx19:36
disturbedthat's an empty chan19:37
disturbedor is that you way of saying ...19:37
beanjacklk: I recommend Lubuntu for old hardware19:37
jacklkdisturbed: it's not empty19:37
jacklkbean: same19:38
bekksdisturbed: There are 408 people in that channel.19:38
she_dyedjust start chatting19:38
disturbedwrong join command....19:38
disturbedchatting via a website, not via mirc, my mistake19:38
NinjahMehhello peoples19:39
_Bauerwilee-nilee: about my sg problem: I found out that it WORKS when run as root: sg wineuser works from root, but asks for password when run from regular user, why?19:39
_BauerI dont want to run wine as root19:39
ekiwok_Bauer, noone wants19:40
DigiDuncancan someone help me out?19:40
NinjahMehlittle querie, what is the best method to get everything i need from an internal hard drive thats dual booting win8 and linux onto a new ssd19:40
NinjahMehlike format wise will windows 8 boot off of mbr formated ssd19:40
_Bauerekiwok: any ideas to try?19:41
ekiwok_Bauer, sorry I interrupted, I have no idea how to solve your problem but I agree with you that running wine as root is terrible idea19:41
wilee-nileeNinjahMeh, I would think a clone to the ssd drive is all you need19:42
NinjahMehyes but target ssd is > internal old hdd19:42
p0wn3dNinjahMeh: I was thinking clonezilla19:42
NinjahMehyeh i just started that downloading in linux19:42
wilee-nileeNinjahMeh, OKay how are we supposed to interpret that?19:42
NinjahMehbut then thought maybe the cd that came with the harddrive might be worth trying19:42
NinjahMehfail softwares19:43
NinjahMehmuch like its manual19:43
FloodBot1NinjahMeh: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:43
ekiwokNinjahMeh, what do you want to achieve? install linux on external drive and left fat/ntfs partition for files?19:43
DigiDuncanCan someone help me out, please? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2135927&p=12606155#post1260615519:43
NinjahMehnono am using a laptop19:43
NinjahMeham about to place both win8 and linux partitions on it19:44
NinjahMehand using ssd to then boot from19:44
=== kdub is now known as kdub^lunch
NinjahMehbut like i say ssd is 250g and current old drive is 500g19:44
ekiwokDigiDuncan, what do you want to do?19:44
DigiDuncanCheck the post, it's a little lengthy, don't want to flood.19:45
=== andrea is now known as Guest31772
Guest31772ciao a tutti19:46
ekiwokDigiDuncan, do I unterstand it correctly. You have external drive and want to put there bootable linux and left storage for files (ex. fat partition) ?19:46
harovali1hi, the desktop here http://www.flickr.com/photos/82962339@N00/8656295182/in/photostream/lightbox/ seems to have lost its icons in the launcher pad. How can I restore them back?19:46
wilee-nileeNinjahMeh, Resize the original to fit the ssd and clone it.19:46
NinjahMehok but also19:47
NinjahMehi dont fully understand th gpt mbr formatting issues19:47
NinjahMehlike i have a gpt partitioned hdd19:47
NinjahMehbut i want it to be mbr from what i could understand through some research19:47
_Bauerwilee-nilee: I got it figured out! I had to LOGIN as the wineuser, and only then use the sg wineuser command19:47
_Bauerthen no password prompt, and it works :)) time to try wine :)19:48
NinjahMehwhich i could format the new ssd to when initialising19:48
Guest31772chi mi puo aiutare?19:48
Nexus_RussiaHi all. I have a question-how to make the browser (eg, Google Chrome) open link type [b] ts3server :/ / [/ b] (TeamSpeak3) directly in Teamspeak? I understand that this is busy xdg-open, but he did not want to open the link. Where you can already register for the MIME types for opening this link open Teamspeak? Thank you.19:49
Nexus_RussiaP.S. OS Kubuntu 12.1019:49
Nexus_RussiaSorry my bad english19:49
wilee-nileeNinjahMeh, You want some major changes that to be honest using this channel will just cause you frustrations. I would use the ubuntu forums and give exact details.19:49
NinjahMehi dont want major changes19:50
harovali1I'd thank a lot anyone taking a look to this desktop snapshot, and helping me getting the launcher icons back ;  http://www.flickr.com/photos/82962339@N00/8656295182/in/photostream/lightbox/19:50
NinjahMehi can happily just format the ssd to gpt19:50
NinjahMehand have all the partitions over on the ssd i need like that but i just thought someone here may have an idea if i could have an mbr drive and have the same sort of setup i do now19:51
wilee-nileeNinjahMeh, You want changes that may not seem major but are beyond what I see the channel able to with any efficiency address.19:51
p0wn3dharovali1: What desktop are you using?19:51
wilee-nileeNinjahMeh, UEFI alone is beyond any real help here.19:51
NinjahMehwhat do you mean19:52
NinjahMehuefi is still being a grievance with linux users19:52
=== Guest31772 is now known as kahen71
esingNinjahMeh For me uefi works good19:53
ShizuoThis is a support channel19:53
NinjahMehi thought the released signed bootloader thing a while back as going to lead to a fairly straight forward fix to that rubbish19:53
ShizuoAn official one19:53
NinjahMehyeh i get uefi functioning just fine19:53
NinjahMehdual booting and all that its fine and stable19:53
harovali1p0wn3d: I believe it is Unity 2d19:53
NinjahMehliterally just wandering what format type to make my new ssd before i port my system to it and install it in the laptop19:54
wilee-nileeNinjahMeh, What I mean is that UEFI setups are different per manufactures in general, so beyond any real help here, even the best at this on the forums say this. Now you want to mbr boot and do not know how to shrink the gpt, this just makes it more difficult is all.19:54
NinjahMehi know how to shrink partitions19:54
ShizuoThat makes you an analyst19:54
p0wn3dharovali1: You should find everything in /usr/share/applications. You can copy them back to your desktop. Is this what you wanted?19:54
ShizuoOr a shrink19:54
NinjahMehall it is is iv just got this nice shiny new ssd for my laptop19:55
wilee-nileeI other words this channel has its limitations is all for quick or accurate responses. NinjahMeh You already stated you didn't.19:55
NinjahMehand i wanna make sure i dont fug it up putting the os and stuff over19:55
NinjahMehthe manual is terible19:55
harovali1p0wn3d: I think that the apps are there, in fact if I 'hover' along the launcher, the captions appear.19:55
harovali1p0wn3d: I can't devise what is really happening19:56
harovali1p0wn3d: it's like the launche bar is shifted up, because yo can see the lower part of an icon in the upper left corner19:56
harovali1p0wn3d: normally I see the icons in the launcher without any problem19:57
harovali1p0wn3d: but someone did something weird , or I don't know, maybe nobody did anything special, and this is how is the screen now19:58
kahen71c'è qualcuno che mi puo aiutare ?19:58
adiaswinkahen71, english please19:58
sliddjurHow do I update this bios for hp compaq 6910p which one should I download and go for?http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/SoftwareIndex.jsp?cc=us&prodNameId=3357378&prodSeriesId=3357377&swLang=8&taskId=135&swEnvOID=1093#12019:58
adiaswinno,no im not racist19:59
p0wn3dharovali1: Try running unity --reset-icons19:59
adiaswinim don talk spanish19:59
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)20:00
kahen71ok grazie20:00
beanShizuo: its not racist to ask for english, it's in the rules that you have to speak english in here20:01
mjuszcza1I'm about to install Ubuntu on a new laptop I just bought.  Is it possible/safe to do 13.04 and then upgrade to release when it comes out, or should I wait?20:01
Shizuobean: I don't agree20:01
=== jeff_ is now known as Guest42941
beanShizuo: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines "Respect the channel's language, All Ubuntu Core Channels are English language channels. There are Ubuntu channels in other languages. If you speak in a channel with a different language you will be asked to join a channel for your language. The infobot has triggers like !es for Spanish, !nl for Dutch, !fr for French and so on. Please ask the user to speak in the correct language before firing one of20:02
bean these triggers at them."20:02
jnozhow are race and language even related anyway?20:02
MonkeyDu1tmjuszcza1  it changes to release automatically20:02
ShizuoMakes me sad people are so bigoted =[20:02
mjuszcza1MonkeyDu1t: OK.  So if I install the beta now and just stay up on my updates it will automatically become release?20:03
wilee-nileemjuszcza1, Yes, and till release the #ubuntu+1 is the channel you want to use. ;)20:04
kieppiehi folks20:06
kieppieI just realised 13.04 is coming up20:06
Shizuohi you20:06
kieppiewhat noteworthy is new & to be expected in the new release?20:07
ShizuoGo to #unbutu+1, kieppie20:07
wilee-nilee!13.04 > kieppie20:07
ubottukieppie, please see my private message20:07
MonkeyDu1tmjuszcza1  yes20:08
ShizuoLame distro20:09
MonkeyDu1tmjuszcza1  i'm uing it myself20:09
ubottuUbuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+120:10
ozzy_hey guys,20:13
ozzy_i want to make a DM but i am a total noob to programming :)20:13
ozzy_i got great ideas, tough.20:14
MonkeyDu1tozzy_  #ubuntu-app-devel20:14
=== MonkeyDu1t is now known as MonkeyDust
sifuhello folks i got a weird issue with my ubuntu....basically got a wireless windows 3000 keyboard and mouse20:18
sifuwhen i use it after rebooting...it works fine...20:18
sifubut say i suspend the laptop...take out the mouse usb of the mouse and keyboard...wake up the system and connect it back...doesn't work until i reboot20:19
MonkeyDustsifu  so it's a suspend issue20:19
beansuspend is often a tricky thing, sifu20:19
ShizuoI came20:19
MonkeyDustShizuo  wrong channel20:20
DJonesShizuo: Do you a support question?20:20
ShizuoI was talking to sifu20:20
sifudamn man don't want to go back windows but these small nagging issues kind of makes it very annoying to go full on with ubuntu20:20
beanShizuo: you're a troll, stop.20:21
ekiwoksifu, there is more options, just dont go back20:21
sifulike another issue i got with my laptop is the brightness keyboard shortcut just won't work...20:21
sifuekiwok, yeh don't want to20:21
Shizuobean: NO20:21
morfeo_81Someone can help me to install localy /home/usr/.local a particular library of python?20:21
beanShizuo: why20:21
Shizuobean: Not a troll20:21
beanThen ask your ubuntu related support question20:22
beanor leave20:22
MonkeyDustShizuo  drop the random comments please20:22
ShizuoHow to I upgrade emacs?20:22
ShizuoFrom the command line20:22
=== Karbowiak is now known as zz_Karbowiak
dmdCould someone who is on a linux machine that has a USB printer plugged into it pastebin me the output of "lsusb -v" please?20:23
beanShizuo: if it's installed with apt, and there are upgrades for it, you should be able to "apt-get update && apt-get upgrade"20:24
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sifuso anyone...any work arounds to this issue with the suspend? i mean i can't shut down the pc all the time...its just impractical20:24
sifucan anyone recommend any ultrabook that works flawlessly on ubuntu...i am sick and tired of windows....but when i try ubuntu on a laptop/ultrabook that comes with windows...there always seems to be sth weird....and i really don't want to buy from that company20:26
dmdCould someone who is on a linux machine that has a USB printer plugged into it pastebin me the output of "lsusb -v" please?20:26
guntbert!repeat | dmd20:26
ubottudmd: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/20:26
cablopquick question: what graphic card brand is working now better with Ubuntu 12.04 between ATI and nVidia? is there any other better?20:26
MonkeyDust!best | cablop20:27
ubottucablop: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.20:27
cablopMonkeyDust: i was not asking about an application20:27
MonkeyDustcablop  it goes for hardware too20:28
cablopi am asking what is working better, not which one is the best20:28
Sabanany one know sendmail server?20:28
guntbert!anyone | Saban20:29
ubottuSaban: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.20:29
guntbertSaban: that said you might be better off in #ubuntu-server20:29
Sabanok i need to set up sendmail to send and recive wildcard emails like 667r@email.cm and 778hhj@email.com the same way facebook does there emails20:30
Sabanhow can i do that20:30
cablopMonkeyDust:  e.g., we have an issue with the integrated Intel card in our Ubuntu server at home, regardless in how good are Intel cards, they have a bug related to video and linux kernel in Ubuntu 12.04 that makes impossible to work with them... we moved the OS to a new board, VIA card... driver is full of bugs and we now are considering the purchase of a video card just to make it work20:30
cablopso the question is, we need to purchase a video card for an ubuntu machine running Ubuntu 12.04, we are avoiding bugs and bad|dirty drivers... which one do you recommend, ATI or nVidia?20:31
guntbertSaban: don't try to set up your own publicly available mail server unless you already are experienced with administering mail servers20:31
Sabanits not puvlic but for in game email20:32
MonkeyDustcablop  is this page useful https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsVideoCards20:32
DigiDuncanI've always wanted to have digiduncan@digimail.com :)20:32
DigiDuncanthat would rock.20:33
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guntbertSaban: thats not right - when you have it in the internet it is available (and vulnerable)20:33
Sabanthe settings only allows email routing on our network and will not except connections from anywhere else20:34
ShizuoI will love you like a woman deserves it20:36
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delinquentmeIm on this page: getting openVPN setup ... and I see this line:  /etc/openvpn/easy-rsa/keys/hostname.crt (Where hostname is the hostname of the client).   ....   what exactly is the "hostname" of the client20:39
delinquentmeis that the user name of who I'm logged in as on the client?20:39
Sabanhostname is the computers name20:40
bkfitzCan someone help me recursively find php files in /var/www that contain the word "test" - i've tried find, grep, etc and I just can't get it20:40
delinquentmein this case "thrive" ? ... where my laptop is called thrive-laptop20:40
bkfitzsudo find /var/www -name '*.php' | grep test works for searching file names, but i want to search file contents20:40
Sabanthe hostname is thrive-laptop20:40
glebihanbkfitz, find /var/www -name "*.php" | xargs grep -l -s test20:41
bkfitzglebihan: thx... now how do I display the line that matches20:42
bkfitzinstead of the file20:42
glebihanbkfitz, remove the -l argument to grep20:43
bkfitzglebihan: thx trying now20:43
bkfitzglebihan: perfect... xargs is what i needed :)20:44
Ohad3Is there anyone here who can help?20:44
breedHey, anyone here know how to configure OpenVPN?20:44
glebihanbkfitz, xargs can be very useful at times :)20:44
Ohad3I have a problem in aclocal20:44
balfredWhere do I buy my firts cup of Ubuntu? do teyh sell them inthe ubuntu shop?20:45
balfredi cant find them20:45
balfredno one talking to me why?20:46
Ohad3you can help me?20:46
TK-999!ask > Ohad320:46
ubottuOhad3, please see my private message20:46
Ohad3It consists20:47
balfred!ask balfred20:47
lightpriest_balfred, do you mean the Ubuntu Mug? http://shop.canonical.com/product_info.php?products_id=82820:47
Ohad3TK-999ת ^^20:48
Ohad3TK-999, ^^20:48
balfredsorry im new to ubuntu do u need a mug cos i thought it was in cups you got in on your comptuer write?20:48
TK-999No useless pings please20:48
jiffe98there any plans on getting mysql 5.6 in a repository?20:49
Ohad3i have a problem with aclocal20:49
TK-999Awww MySQL - Oracle is Oracle is Oracle.20:49
breedSo, does anyone know how to configure OpenVPN through command line?20:50
balfreddamn it somebody reply20:50
Ohad3i have a problem with aclocal20:50
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Guest38808I have xubuntu 12.04 and successful signed into Ubuntu One for the free online storage. I asked on Xubuntu last night for help to upload a pic. Someone told me to use the file section which I did and uploaded a pic online. I'm not hooked to "client", just signed into the web. I want to put pics in the photo section, not just the file, and I can't figure out how.20:53
cablopthanks MonkeyDust that page is good to help us solve our issue about the graphics card20:53
Guest38808Does anybody know how to use the free storage, ubuntu one?21:00
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Guest38808hi, I need to know how to put pics in Ubuntu one's photo section. I was able to download one using the file, but how do you get one into the photo section of ubuntu one?21:02
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jiffe98it might be oracle but unfortunately I need some features in 5.6 on some servers and repos make things a lot easier :\21:03
BodsdaGuest38808: If you sync a folder from the client, I believe it recognizes the file type and puts it in the Pictures tab. I can't find any settings to change this behaviour21:04
Guest38808so you have to go to software to download the client? What if I just want to sign into the web that way?21:04
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BodsdaGuest38808: Ubuntu One is designed to sync, it's not just random storage. If you sign into the website, you can view your files and upload some, but syncing is the preferred method21:05
Bodsdawilliams: hi21:05
williamswho are you21:06
Bodsdawilliams: your imagination21:06
Guest38808ohhhh so I should go to software and download Ubuntu One to be able to sync?21:06
williamsi dont know can you tell me21:06
BodsdaGuest38808: correct. although, it's probably already installed21:06
MonkeyDustwilliams  if you want casual chat, type /join #ubuntu-offtopic21:06
Guest38808I have xubuntu 12.04 and signed into ubuntu one online last night.21:07
BodsdaGuest38808: try running this command from a terminal         ubuntuone-control-panel-qt21:07
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passerineOhad3 what is the problem and when does it happen21:08
Ohad3I'm trying to run something21:08
Ohad3 ./configure --with-mysql-lib=/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/21:09
Ohad3Then it tells me missing aclocal-1.1321:10
Ohad3passerine, ^^21:11
passerineOhad3 do you have automake installed?21:13
MonkeyDustif more questions about suspending ubuntu should come up, take a look at qshutdown21:15
passerineaclocal --version ? what version?21:15
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Guest2505Anyone have a GeForce 650M Graphics card running with ubuntu or lubuntu ?  Want to check before I buy this laptop21:16
Guest38808I was able to go in to the terminal and download ubuntu one with 66 mb of stuff. I ended up not using it, because i have an older computer and am afraid to put too much on it. All the new downloads that come seem to add more. What do you think about that?21:16
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Guest38808I mean, I erased almost everything off a 7 year old Windows Vista and put Xubuntu 12.04 on it. What do you think about this?21:17
Ohad3passerine, sure21:17
passerineOhad3 what version does it say when you run aclocal --version?21:18
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Ohad3passerine, 1.1321:18
kvothetechGuest38808: ? what's your actual issue21:18
she_dyedGuest38808: did you also erase the Windows restore partition21:19
paeThis kernel does not support a non-PAE CPU. ... what kernel do I need to install then?21:19
paethis is an older pentium m21:19
paeI just upgraded to 12.1021:20
paeteh kernel doesn't upgrade and gives that error21:20
kvothetechpae install kernel sources/headers and make menuconfig and turn off pae then21:20
Guest38808My issue is putting Ubuntu One on my older computer to sync photos online to that free storage space. I went to download Ubuntu one because my xubuntu 12.04 didn't have it, but I see it is at least 60 mb of space it takes up. I am just wondering about my oldie computer with all the updates it keeps getting and should I add one more big thing like Ubuntu One?21:20
Ohad3passerine, hare you there?21:21
kvothetechpae then finish recompiling or add it in as a module21:21
kvothetechwhich it probably won't do but...yeah21:21
paekvothetech: no prepackaged kernels would work? Will I need to recompile with every new kernel then?21:21
she_dyedOhad3: did you try tab halfway thru his nick21:22
Guest38808my computer is a 7 year old windows vista that I erased everything on and put xubuntu 12.04.21:22
kvothetechpae: idk i'm not actually on ubuntu aptitude search linux- should show you what's available21:22
ekiwokGuest38808, good 4 u21:22
passerineshe_dyed, her nick21:22
Ohad3she_dyed, what?21:22
passerineyes, Ohad3 I don't know though.21:23
she_dyedshe here21:23
passerineshe_dyed, and thanks, I didn't know about tab completers.21:23
Guest38808should I worry about adding new stuff like Ubuntu One? with all the updates and all?21:23
she_dyedwhat about Ohad3 =)21:23
she_dyedyw passerine21:23
Guest38808Is there a way to check how much room I have on my disk?21:24
she_dyedmani2026: you have a question, just ask21:24
paelinux-generic-pae - Transitional package. ... I see that package but thats pae, not non-pae21:25
passerineGuest38808 df (diskfree)21:25
snugglGuest38808: df -h21:25
TronicIs there an alternative for efibootmgr or a way to make it work with 3.8 kernels yet?21:25
Guest38808I go to terminal and type in  df -h    ?21:25
snugglGuest38808: and to do the opposite you can use "du -hs <directoryname>" to se how much space a directory takes21:26
snuggldu means Disk Usage21:26
Guest38808o.k.  thank you21:27
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist and !alis - See also !Guidelines21:31
Guest38808so when I went into df -h to see how much space I have, I'm not quite sure what I should be worried about. What should I look at for space?21:32
wilee-nileeTronic, What release are you running?21:33
BodsdaGuest38808: look at the percentages and concentrate on   /   and   /home