pleia2really disappointed at Noskcaj's dismissive attitude toward our social media on list01:04
Unit193He doesn't quite get that it is a operating system, not his best friend.01:06
Unit193I think he's looking at the quantity difference between Lubuntu and Xubuntu?01:07
micahgbluesabre: if it's bug fix, no, we'e still a few days before final freeze01:21
bluesabrehey micahg :)01:21
bluesabreyeah, fixes a few bugs that were reported recently, any way you might be able to upload it?01:22
micahgyeah, can try to tonight, I've been extremely busy01:22
micahgwill look after dinner01:22
* skellat fires up Thunderbird to see what pleia2 and Unit193 are talking about with social media01:23
skellatUnit193 pleia2 I guess the big question may be what our desired end goal is for the projects various presences on social media platforms.  If we've not communicated that then it may seem like we haven't done anything if we are in fact following a plan.01:36
bluesabrethanks micahg01:58
micahghrmf, watch file wasn't updated...02:09
* micahg fortunately still had a local copy of the new file02:10
micahgbluesabre: do you have the # of the bugs fixed if filed?02:23
bluesabremicahg, 3 bugs listed here: https://launchpad.net/catfish-search/0.6/0.6.302:24
knomeskellat, yeah, that's great.05:45
knomelightdm looks good now07:03
lderanknome, is this is what you're after? http://paste.ubuntu.com/5712782/ shouldn't be much of a do, it doesn't add votes to the meeting item list but shall find where it does for the actions and infos10:15
knomelderan, yep10:21
knomeand that can be ''VOTE:'' when you get there10:21
lderanokay 10:21
ochosimeh, i really have a nasty bug in xfwm4's deco here, but it seems not unlikely that it's graphics-driver related (in Raring)14:58
ochosias soon as i get it again, i'll take a shot14:59
ochosi(it's gone as soon as i move the window)14:59
knomeaha ok14:59
ochosikinda randomely appears15:00
knomewhich gpu/driver?15:00
ochosiso kinda known that it's glitchy15:01
pjotrHello, it seems that Leafpad had been replaced by Mousepad, in Xubuntu Raring18:07
pjotrUnfortunately for me, because now I have to adapt a lot of how-to's18:07
pjotrAnd there's a bug in Mousepad: it's not translated nor translatable on Launchpad18:07
baizonpjotr: you can install mousepad / leafpad18:14
pjotrI know, but I maintain an extensive online manual for Xubuntu.... :-(18:15
pjotranyway: how can Mousepad become translatable?18:16

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