Guest2396cheri, cheri lady00:00
Guest2396going through a motion00:00
Guest2396where is config file for touchpad?00:02
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_xubuntu_come on guys00:07
_xubuntu_we need one tweak for touch pad00:08
_xubuntu_where is this config00:08
_xubuntu_where is in xfce saved colors for main menu and menu in apps?00:11
nukkeif i download beta2 of 13.04, will it automatically update to the final version of 13.04 once it's released or would i need to reinstall?00:26
bazhang!final | nukke00:27
ubottunukke: If you install a development version of Ubuntu Raring and keep up with package updates, then you will be upgraded to the official release of 13.04 when it comes out. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a terminal.00:27
nukkewonderful. thanks bazhang00:27
OmarAHi can someone help me install Java 1.7.0_170 for Xubuntu 12.04?01:11
ubottuTo just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.01:12
Unit193OpenJDK is much easier, and normally works just fine (there are a few cases where it doesn't.)01:13
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itaihi, i installed abiword and now xubuntu opens all docs with abiword, i want libreoffice to be the default but  when i click on the open with menu in thunar(?) i cant locate libreoffice, where is it ?01:15
SonikkuAmericaSelect "Open With Other Application" and select "LibreOffice Writer"01:16
itaiSonikkuAmerica, thanks, but i dont have that option,there is only abiword and 'browse'01:17
SonikkuAmericaitai: When you right-click...01:17
itaii cant locate its directory01:17
SonikkuAmericaIt's in /usr/bin/... somewhere01:18
itaiSonikkuAmerica, usr/bin ok, thanks01:18
itai/usr/bin it is! thanks you01:20
xubuntu537O.K. guys, I just signed up for Ubuntu One to use 5 GB of free space for pics or whatever.02:14
xubuntu537So, how do I put pics in this space? I don't get it. Sorry02:14
SonikkuAmericaxubuntu537: You can either upload them to your Ubuntu One folder, or sync an existing folder with Ubuntu One.02:16
xubuntu537so how do I get an Ubuntu One folder?02:16
SonikkuAmericaYou can either open up your Ubuntu One client or go to one.ubuntu.com and sign in.02:17
xubuntu537oh, o.k. I'll try that  thanks02:18
SonikkuAmericaYou're welcome.02:18
xubuntu461o.k. I still don't get Ubuntu One. Is it a place where I can store pics and docs online? It says I can have 5 GB free storage there, but I don't get how it works.02:25
SonikkuAmericaxubuntu461: It's cloud storage.02:26
ubottuThe Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC), powered by Eucalyptus, is highly configurable and customizable to a variety of environments. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEC02:26
SonikkuAmericaWell, not that cloud...02:26
xubuntu461so, I get that cloud storage just means it's online storage, right?02:26
SonikkuAmericaxubuntu461: Through a special server, yes.02:27
xubuntu461I'm so sorry. Please explain. I'm kinda new at all this.02:28
xubuntu461So, in windows, I store pics at Shutterfly and Flicr and store docs at Google docs. Is this anything like that/02:29
SonikkuAmericaYes, Ubuntu One is much like Google Drive more than any of the other services you mentioned.02:30
SonikkuAmericaA better comparison would be Dropbox.02:30
xubuntu461So, I am signed in and all, but don't know how to work Ubuntu One. It doesn't seem to explain it very good.02:31
SonikkuAmericaAre you using the Web site or the client?02:31
nukkecloud storage is basically an online backup for you files02:31
xubuntu461the website02:31
xubuntu461what do you mean, "the client"?02:32
SonikkuAmericaYou can get a client for Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, iOS and Android.02:32
nukkethe client is the application you downloaded and installed on your personal pc02:33
xubuntu461what does "client" mean? I am using xubuntu.02:33
nukkeso if you open up Ubuntu Software Center and download the Ubuntu One client, you can do it directly form your PC without having to use the website02:33
nukke"client" means application used by the user, more or less02:33
xubuntu461Does that mean I am storing things online still from the "client"?02:34
nukkeit's a "native application" meaning that it's on your pc instead of something like a server-side application where you use an application that's on a server (or another computer over the internet)02:34
nukkeyes. "cloud" means you're backing up your files online, on ubuntu's servers02:34
nukkeinstead of your personal, physical hard drive02:34
SonikkuAmericaHowever, you manipulate data that exists in the server, hence the distinction of "client" from "application."02:35
nukkethe advantage it offers is that you can access these backed-up files from any computer that can access either the website or that can install the "cleint"02:35
xubuntu461O.K. you guys are over my head. I came from using windows and am so new with LInux, Xubuntu, so....  What if i load up some pics from my camera to my computer. I want to put those in the "cloud", Ubuntu One. How do I do that, through the "client" that I download from Ubuntu Software?02:37
nukkedid you ever use a program called Dropbox?02:38
xubuntu461no,,, sorry02:38
nukkeah, ok, just checking02:38
Cheri703the U1 client tells the cloud to look at and interact with a specific folder on your computer02:38
Cheri703when you put things in that folder, they sync automatically to the cloud02:38
Cheri703if you change things, the changes sync02:38
Cheri703if you delete something, it deletes from the cloud02:39
Cheri703if you install the client on another computer, you can choose to have both computers synced to the server, so if you change something on computer 1, it will change on the cloud server and computer 202:39
Cheri703does that help?02:39
nukkeyou can also update your files that are in the "cloud" using the website02:39
nukkeupdate or access02:40
Cheri703true, but the most painless way is to just interact with that folder on your computer, the client just runs in the background02:40
_xubuntu_where can  find additional items for panel?02:40
_xubuntu_like weather02:40
xubuntu461o.k., sooooo I go to Ubuntu Software and download Ubuntu One client, and then I sink a folder, such as "Pictures" with it, and then I can put pics online to Ubuntu One, right?02:40
nukkeyes xubuntu46102:41
Cheri703ok I have to go, I just wanted to pop in and help explain that. they should be able to take you from there. :) good luck02:41
SonikkuAmericaxubuntu461: Unless you want to float one. :) Yeah, that's the idea.02:41
nukke_xubuntu_, http://docs.xfce.org/xfce/xfce4-panel/add-new-items02:41
SonikkuAmericanukke: I don't think that's an exact match.02:42
SonikkuAmerica_xubuntu_: Try http://goodies.xfce.org/02:42
nukkeyou are right, thanks02:42
SonikkuAmerica_xubuntu_: nukke's suggestion is good for adding new items, however.02:43
_xubuntu_nukke, SonikkuAmerica thans for your replies02:43
xubuntu461O.K. can Xubuntu handle downloading Ubuntu One Client?02:43
SonikkuAmericaYeah, I just did it.02:43
nukkeyes, xubuntu46102:44
SonikkuAmerica(12.10 32-bit if you're wondering.)02:44
_xubuntu_SonikkuAmerica but i mean others, which are not in this list02:44
nukkeXubuntu can handle any application/program that works on Ubuntu02:44
xubuntu461oh thanks!02:44
nukkeactually, any program that you find in the Ubuntu Software Center02:44
SonikkuAmericanukke: Is there still that one plugin that lets you put GNOME indicators on the XFCE panel or did that die?02:45
nukkei don't think they're supporting it anymore02:45
xubuntu461o.k. I'm going to try downloading Ubuntu One Client from software,,, thanks you all!02:46
nukkegood luck. if you have any more questions make sure to ask here02:46
SonikkuAmericaI wonder how lightweight XFCE will be when they finally have to port themselves to GTK+ 3.02:47
xubuntu461Oh,,, one more,, I have Xubuntu 12.04 not 12.10 yet. Will that still work with the software download?02:47
SonikkuAmerica_xubuntu_: You might try Googling... there are PPAs...02:47
SonikkuAmericaxubuntu461: Yes. (12.10 has newer versions of the programs. NOTE: The messaging menu is GONE in 12.10)02:48
nukkexubuntu461, it depends on the program02:48
nukkeprograms on Linux have these things called "dependencies". similar to how sometimes you had to install certain Microsoft Visual C++ updates when installing programs in Windows, Linux programs sometimes require certain "dependencies"02:49
xubuntu461What do you mean, "it depends on the program"? how about ubuntu one?02:49
nukkeUbuntu One will work perfectly with 12.0402:49
xubuntu461O.K.! Thanks     cheerio now02:49
nukkesome other programs rely on "dependencies" (or libraries, however you may call them) that have been updated recently02:49
nukke12.04 has certain "outdated" (or "stable") versions that *might* cause problems with certain progrmas02:50
xubuntu461Oh, so I'm still here. O.k.   uhhh What does that mean, nukke?02:51
nukkeso let's say that I programmed Notepad using a library that allows me to use a touch screen to manipulate certain things in the program. if you tried to install my version of Notepad in your computer, and you didn't have these libraries that allowed such manipulation, it would cause problems02:53
xubuntu461Should I not try working with Ubuntu One for Xubuntu 12.04?02:53
nukkeno, Ubuntu One _does_ work in 12.0402:53
nukkedo not worry about it02:53
xubuntu461o.k. nukke  thank you02:53
nukkein fact, if a certain program will cause problems on your version, it will say so by giving a warning or outright graying out the install button on the Software Center02:54
SonikkuAmericaHe's gone.02:54
SonikkuAmericaHe's gone too... :(02:55
SonikkuAmericaOh well...02:55
xubuntu616O.K. I want to use Ubuntu One to store pics for free online. Do I go into Ubuntu Software and download the Ubuntu One thingy? Is that what I do to use the "client" or hook up my pic folder online to store photos?02:59
xubuntu616I mean, do i download "ubuntu one" to make my computer hook up to my online account at Ubuntu One?03:00
SonikkuAmericaYou don't have to, but if you have the client and run it, it can synchronize without the need to open up the Web site.03:01
SonikkuAmericaAnd yes, it is in the Software Center (or Centre, if you're not American)03:01
xubuntu616I just want to put pics online to my account at ubuntu one that says i have 5 gb of space free to use.03:02
xubuntu616So, if I download ubuntu one from ubuntu software, it will let me put my pics from my picture folder into it, ubuntu one?03:05
SonikkuAmericaWithout the client: Go to one.ubuntu.com, click the "Files" tab, and click "Upload file." You'll be greeted with a dialog that lets you specify what you want to upload.03:05
SonikkuAmericaAnd yes.03:05
xubuntu616Ohhhhh that makes sence now. o.K. I like that better. thank you03:05
SonikkuAmericaYou're welcome. Enjoy Xubuntu!03:06
xubuntu616I  will and do enjoy Xubuntu! I'm new to it. I fixed an old not working computer with Xubuntu and am so excited with it!!03:06
SonikkuAmericaI could run Unity but (a) XFCE is more attractive to me and (b) Unity is headed for Qt and I like GTK+ better03:07
SonikkuAmerica(if that makes any sense)03:07
xubuntu233o.k. guys, I have weather on my upper panel and on Wed. where I am, I have green dots showing. What does that mean, high pollen count or something?03:19
SonikkuAmericaI believe that means the weather is loading.03:19
xubuntu233oh   I haven't seen that before.. The other days show a certain percent rain or sun but the green dots I don't know what they are.03:20
xubuntu233and sonikkuamerica, i was successful using ubuntu one uploading one of my pictures through 'files'.  thanks for that info.03:21
SonikkuAmerica(You're welcome.) Does anything else appear?03:23
xubuntu233no, Wednesday appears like the others with sun or rain, I forget and temp, but the green spackles of dots  hummm03:24
SonikkuAmericaCouldn't tell ya.03:25
SonikkuAmericaMaybe it's an invasion of little green men. *shrugs*03:25
xubuntu233That's funny... green   hummm   ya   we'll have to google it I guess03:26
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_xubuntu_is it possible to prevent icons arrangement04:24
_xubuntu_on the desktop04:24
_xubuntu_my icons arranged to grid04:24
_xubuntu_like in windows04:24
_xubuntu_how can i prevent04:25
SonikkuAmericaAs far as I can tell, you can move the icons, but not freeform.04:25
SonikkuAmericaThey're stuck in that grid.04:25
_xubuntu_is it possible to make grid smaller04:26
SonikkuAmericaIf you can set your screen res smaller, yes... but the icons also get smaller.04:27
SonikkuAmericaOr larger anyway04:27
_xubuntu_i can't04:27
_xubuntu_only standart res here04:28
SonikkuAmericaNot that I know if then.04:28
drekiCan anyone tell me what tomcat6 is? using htop i can see some kind of java related processes under that name.04:30
drekiok so its some kind of web server application? but i dont know why its on my computer04:32
abi2I just installed the 32 bit version of xubuntu yesterday I want to remove it completely so that I can install ta completely clean 64 bit version so what is the best way to remove it comletely including from the boot loader ?05:07
abi2*install a05:07
abi2I just installed the 32 bit version of xubuntu yesterday I want to remove it completely so that I can install a completely clean 64 bit version so what is the best way to remove it completely including from the boot loader ?05:18
SamanthaDQuestion: If I install the 13.04 beta now, it will roll over into the stable next week no fuss, right?05:29
baizonSamanthaD: yes05:40
SamanthaDbaizon: much obliged!05:42
lostxtsolhello... i made a horrible mistake and i just need a bit of info explained to me so i can fix it. I have researched this, but ended up with more questions than answers05:53
baizonlostxtsol: and the mistake was?05:55
lostxtsolwell, im pretty sure when i added automatic login i also added the line to turn guest off and i fat fingered it wrong and now lightdm fails on load during boot which means i cant get in at all05:56
lostxtsoli assume to fix it i need to live cd in and edit lightdm.conf... and i assume i need to do somethig with chmod to do that05:57
lostxtsolbut thats last little bit is eluding me05:57
SamanthaDlostxtsol: You could always log in at the virtual terminal and then type 'startx' and go about fixing the problem05:57
lostxtsolif I cant the system out of the boot process... would that be via outside access?05:58
baizonlostxtsol: you dont need a livecd, use this: http://www.cebuntu.com/how-to/how-to-boot-your-ubuntu-desktop-in-terminal-mode/05:58
lostxtsoldoh, duh... gui is not the native boot method duh05:59
SamanthaDlostxtsol: have you tried ctl-alt-f1 and what have you?05:59
lostxtsolno... noobing it up here...05:59
SamanthaDlostxtsol: no worries!06:00
lostxtsollets see if this works i just went in in nano and edited it06:03
lostxtsolthe equals sign was missing06:03
SamanthaDlostxtsol: Good luck!06:04
lostxtsolhahaha! genius! you guys rock and i appreciate your time. I have some more questions, but i gotta go write this paper... mind if i come back tomorrow?06:05
baizonlostxtsol: i assume problem solved :)06:05
baizonlostxtsol: not at all06:05
lostxtsolyes booted right in!06:05
lostxtsolthank you and sorry to ask and run06:05
SamanthaD*waves bye*06:08
antisober552hi guys ive managed to get xubuntu to work but now after 35 mins of the pc being on the os freezes can someone help me fix this08:34
baizonantisober552: check dmesg or the messages log for errors08:35
baizonthe other thing you could do is, check your memory08:35
slackthumbzHi, does anyone know if it's possible to have a local version of the xubuntu-desktop metapackage that I can modify slightly to remove the dependencies on the software center and oneconf? I never use either and I've noticed that oneconf is a really poor piece of bloat I'd rather not have installed.08:36
antisober552okay i will do08:37
baizonslackthumbz: well if you remove oneconf the xubuntu-desktop package will be also removed, but not your "desktop"08:42
baizonso nothing will broke if its that what you mean08:42
slackthumbzbaizon: I'm aware of that, I'd just prefer to keep the metapackage for things like distribution updates08:42
baizonslackthumbz: a ok, i understand08:42
slackthumbzfor the moment I've chmod a-x'd all of oneconfs binaries and killed the service process08:43
baizonslackthumbz: yes, i did the same08:43
slackthumbzbut that's only really a temporary solution until the next time the package gets updated08:43
baizonslackthumbz: you can write a simple script which does it for you08:44
slackthumbzbaizon: I suppose an init script would work, I can stick it in rc2.d08:44
baizonor this :)08:45
slackthumbzI'll look into it. Thanks :)08:45
baizonslackthumbz: np08:46
antisober552Where will i find these logs08:53
TheSheepantisober552: open a terminal and type 'dmesg' in it08:54
TheSheepantisober552: they are also all in the files in /var/log08:54
antisober552Okay could you take a look at this please and tell me if theres any thing which will be causing the system to freeze09:01
baizoni dont think this will give reliable information, check your log while the freeze happens09:03
antisober552Idk how i can do that as when it freezes i cant do anythink09:04
baizonantisober552: check your log after the freeze09:04
antisober552I have a faillog in /var/log09:04
antisober552What log will i be looking for after 6he freeze has happend09:05
xubuntu842someone here i need help09:33
knome!someone | xubuntu84209:34
ubottuxubuntu842: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.09:34
antisober552I need help my pc keeps freezing when in the os and idk how to fix this any idea11:28
packetfrogWhat version of xubuntu. what hardware. what setupid11:29
bazhangthats way too vague antisober55211:29
packetfrogbazhang my fren!11:29
bazhang!details | antisober55211:29
ubottuantisober552: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."11:29
antisober552Okay my pc freezes when in the os im running xubuntu 12.04  its happens random11:31
bazhangantisober552, thats just repeating. please give us some error messages, many more details system specs, etc11:32
packetfrogIt just randomly started? it started after you compiled and installed rootkit.c ?11:35
packetfrogare you using a p4 or an i7 :>11:35
antisober552Okay my system specs are 768mb ram a p4 and a ati graphic card i cant remember which one tho11:36
antisober552I dont get any warning before it happens11:36
packetfrogRight after you bootup. after you used it for a while?11:36
bazhangthe ram and the cpu would be leading indicators; what exact card and what drivers11:36
baizoni think RAM is broken11:37
baizonplease make a memtest11:37
bazhanglspci   -------> paste.ubuntu.com antisober55211:37
antisober552Umm it freeze at ramdom i could be using it for 2 hour and nothing then it would happen then it could happen about 20 min after boot up11:38
antisober552How would i do that11:38
bazhangopen a browser11:38
baizonim pretty sure its your ram11:39
bazhanggo to paste.ubuntu.com11:39
antisober552Im at paste.ubuntu.com11:39
bazhangtype lspci in the terminal, and copy/paste that to the paste site. save and give us the url11:40
antisober552My card is a readon 9200 graphic card11:42
bazhangATI RV280 [Radeon 9200]11:42
bazhanghow old is this machine11:42
antisober552It was made back in 200411:43
packetfrogvery old11:43
packetfrogI have two of them sitting in here :/11:43
bazhangI would try what baizon suggested, the memtest11:43
antisober552But has this machine has done me well11:43
antisober552Okay how would i do that11:44
packetfrogpress shift key during boot11:44
packetfrogafter BIOS screen11:44
packetfrogshould load grub menu11:44
packetfrogselect memtest11:44
packetfroglet it runnnnnnnnn11:44
baizonpacketfrog / antisober552: or this http://askubuntu.com/questions/187573/memtest-with-ubuntu-12-04-live-cd11:45
packetfrogor that11:45
packetfrogshould be in the grub menu though11:45
antisober552Memory test 86+ ot memtest86+vserial console11:46
antisober552Which one11:47
baizonantisober552: the link i just posted11:48
baizonantisober552: or this... http://www.memtest.org/11:48
antisober552Im doing test now11:48
baizonit needs to go for at least 1 hour11:49
baizonif you get some red bars its the memory11:50
antisober552I was gunna it looks like its gunna take some time11:50
antisober552Passed 13% so far11:50
baizonantisober552: this test can go on for a few hours ;)11:51
baizon... or not. How much memory do you have?11:51
baizonthen it shouldnt take so long :)11:52
antisober552Its on 27% now11:52
antisober55210 % to go12:04
* packetfrog claps12:04
antisober552Okay pass complete , no errors, press esc to exit12:08
antisober552Its doing the test again12:10
baizonantisober552: 30 min to go :>12:11
packetfrogit takes a long time12:12
packetfrogit keeps going12:12
packetfrogand going12:12
packetfrogmemtest = energizer bunny clone12:12
antisober552But its running the test over and over12:13
packetfrogso it keeps going and going?12:14
slackthumbzIs anyone running the 13.04 beta?12:14
bazhangslackthumbz, #ubuntu+1 for that12:14
packetfrogslackthumbz, I tried12:14
packetfrog32bit and 64bit wont install12:15
packetfrogfor me12:15
packetfrogyesterday anyhow12:15
slackthumbzI was just wondering how the xubuntu 13.04 beta was going, I refuse to use vanilla ubuntu because unity makes me rage.12:15
baizonslackthumbz: im running xubuntu 13.0412:18
slackthumbzHow's the stability?12:18
vneethv@slackthumbz ; thats where u go for xubuntu.12:18
baizonslackthumbz: perfect12:18
slackthumbznice, might set up a test vm and possibly look at running a dist-upgrade :)12:18
baizonno bugs since Beta212:18
antisober552Test 2 pass no errors12:30
antisober552So whats next to do12:33
baizonantisober552: check your HDD, more here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/104070/what-is-the-best-way-to-check-and-repair-hard-drive-for-bad-sectors12:35
antisober552Okay ill do that12:35
antisober552I run them cmd in terminal ?12:37
baizonantisober552: yes12:37
antisober552Um i have a warning12:38
antisober552If you continue you will cause servere filesystem damage12:39
antisober552Do you really want to continue ?12:40
baizonantisober552: are you running it from a livecd?12:40
baizonor your system?12:40
antisober552No system12:40
baizonrun it from a livecd please12:40
baizonantisober552: http://linuxpoison.blogspot.tw/2008/01/howto-check-disk-drive-for-errors-and.html12:41
packetfrogWelcome to #Xubuntu, I will be your guide today.12:56
packetfrogWhere would you like to go first on your tour?12:56
kerlis it possible to install xubuntu with less than 1gg on hd ?12:58
antisober552Okay ive tried to run them cmds but  got command not found12:58
slackthumbzkerl: not a default install no.12:59
packetfrogkerl: Base install is 1.5GB I believe.13:00
packetfrogkerl: Try TinyCore linux.13:00
packetfrogOr PuppyLinux13:00
* packetfrog is using TinyCore right now and enjoying it.13:00
packetfrogpuppy is kind of cluttered for my tastes.13:01
packetfrogkerl, I think Ubuntu server Minimal might be under 1gig also if you had to have *buntu13:02
lderankerl, have heard of debian installs being about 400mb if you are quite strict13:02
packetfrogI think Ubuntu minimal install then installing very base xfce/browser/blah might work   not sure though13:03
slackthumbzYou might be able to save a bit more space by using lxde rather than xfce13:04
kerlactually I just wanted to try Linux to run a specific program which doesn't work well on my windows installation..13:04
packetfrogUse a virtualmachine!13:04
packetfrogdownload virtualbox on your windows installation and run linux via that13:05
packetfrogkerl, what program?13:05
kerlit's smath which runs with mono, i tried puppy and liked very much but after installing mono i didnt manage to make smath work13:05
packetfrogopenoffice smath?13:08
kerlthanks all for your help, is there some windows installer for those distros to make the process from windows?13:08
kerlno, it is not an openoffice plugin, this is smath's link:13:09
packetfrogPlace same release of wubi.exe with the xubuntu ISO into the same directory. Remove any Ubuntu CD/USB from the computer.13:09
packetfrogwubi = windows ubuntu installer13:10
cfhowlettkerl, and note that wubi is being discontinued ... for good reason.13:10
packetfrogrebooting your windows pc with a xubuntu usb/cd and installing is super easy    you can go with the default options and it runs you right through it.13:11
antisober552Okay it might take some time13:11
kerlthought of it but dont know how to boot from a usb ^^13:11
packetfrogWhen your computer starts to turn on it should say hit f2 for bios setup or f12 to change bootorder  (or some other f#)13:12
aicasn-Vdoes (x)ubuntu have a tool that will show leaf packages? ie. packages upon which nothing depends13:12
packetfrogjust hit f12 or whatever it says for changing boot order  then select the USB13:13
baizonaicasn-V: http://www.linuxscrew.com/2007/10/06/clean-up-your-ubuntu-with-deborphan/13:14
aicasn-Vbaizon: reading. thanks :)13:15
kerlok thanks but first i have to decide which distro to install, it'b be better to install something with mono by default in order to run smath13:15
packetfrogkerl Ubuntu comes with mono I believe13:16
cfhowlettpacketfrog, 12.04 mono is an unknown package13:18
kerlanyway i'll consider your suggestions: xubuntu 1.5gb, Tynycore linux, ubuntu+deborphan13:18
packetfrogcfhowlett, mono-complete13:19
kerli think i tried to install ubuntu via wubi but asked for 7gb of hd and i have 4gb left currently13:19
packetfrogdesktop computer?13:20
cfhowlettkerl, 7 gigs is overkill.  I've got ubuntu studio + extras and my / root is still less than 7 gigs.13:20
kerlno, it is a laptop with vista and 1gb ram. I had in mind to install some lightweight installation into harddrive13:21
cfhowlettkerl, lubuntu or xubuntu are your best options13:22
aicasn-Vbaizon: nope that's not what i needed. it's useful, sure, but it doesn't show all packages upon which nothing depends.  eg. nothing depends upon firefox, thunderbird, monodevelop, etc.13:22
cfhowlettboth are optimized for older/lower spec machines13:22
kerli will check out those too, lubuntu and xubuntu, but i'm afraid they man not include mono unless ubuntu13:24
aicasn-Vkerl: the difference between ubuntu and *ubuntu is the default desktop environment13:26
aicasn-Vif ubuntu x.y comes with package abc, then xubuntu x.y will, too unless it was part of the DE13:26
aicasn-V^ general rule13:27
packetfrogkerl TinyCore full version is a 64mb iso   and http://download.mono-project.com/sources/mono-basic/  has mono packages for it.13:27
packetfrogyou could install virtualbox on windows and run it as a virtualmachine just fine13:28
packetfrogand be in at less then 200mb13:28
kerlah ok didnt know i thought they were ubuntu versions with less stuff apart from the desktop managers13:28
cfhowlettdifferent stuff apart from the desktop managers ...13:29
kerlah yes you mentioned virtualbox before, do you mean running Tinycore from virtualbox?13:30
packetfrogor any other distro you want13:31
kerlbut the mono setups you provided are not uptodate as smath requires, maybe some of these ones work with TinyCore13:33
packetfrog2.10.8.1 is available on ubuntu13:35
packetfrog2.10.* is the newest line of mono13:35
kerlthank you very much! i'll try the virtualbox way with Tinycore first and if it doesnt work, some ubuntu or derivative installed from usb with this application:13:42
packetfrogI like unetbootin my self13:43
kerlthen i'll try that one ^^13:44
slackthumbzhmm, I am no longer keen on xubuntu 13.0414:06
slackthumbzI've just looked at what's being added in the 12.10 - 13.04 upgrade and there's tons of gnome bloat.14:06
antisober552Guys the test came back with no bad blocks14:07
slackthumbzWhy on earth would it need gnome-control-center or any of the unity crap?14:08
GridCubeslackthumbz, because we are still based on ubuntu, and ubuntu has lots of dependencies toward gnome, even more if we have to ship gtk3, sadly we do have to ship gtk314:10
slackthumbzI went to xubuntu to get away from zeitgeist, unnecessary gnome dependencies and unity. Now I'm very conflicted as to whether I should just not upgrade or find another distro.14:11
GridCubeslackthumbz, :( i know, its sad14:11
antisober552Hi grid cube14:12
slackthumbzmaybe it's time I gave Arch atry14:12
slackthumbz... :(14:12
GridCubeslackthumbz, it all comes down to gtk3 really, you wont be able to scape from it14:12
GridCubehi antisober55214:12
GridCubewhat seems to be your problem antisober552 ?14:12
antisober552Umm im able to boot xubuntu but after so long being logged into xubuntu my pc freezes14:13
slackthumbzGridCube: is it at least [possible to disable zeitgeist and any unity related crap?14:14
antisober552Ive done a memtest and bad block test and come back clear14:14
GridCubeslackthumbz, you shouldnt really need it for much slackthumbz, xfce itself hasnt moved to gtk3 yet14:15
GridCubeantisober552, i see, its your drive a sata one? its very, but oh so very, usual that the sata cables get corrupted over time and cause reading problems, do you have a spare one to change it? i would first try thatt14:16
GridCubethen i would try removing the ram cards, one by one and see if one of them was causing the problem, finally i would check that the motherboard doesnt have exploded capacitors14:16
slackthumbzI'll have a look at xubuntu 13.04 in a vm and see what I think. I suspect I may end up going to another distro though.14:17
antisober552No its ata hdd14:17
GridCubeif the motherboard has a blown capacitor y would take it to a service to chance it14:17
GridCubeantisober552, it has one of this cables? http://images.e-nuc.com/sata-cable-L.jpg14:18
GridCubeor similar14:18
GridCubeif yes, those little things are a real pain in my experience14:18
GridCubeslackthumbz, thats bad to hear, luckly there is still dozens of distros to choose from :) thats the beauty of FOSS14:19
slackthumbzindeed, I'll just have to shop around ;)14:19
GridCubeslackthumbz, remember that we will still be on xfce4 for ever that xubuntu exists so we wont move to unity-like unless xfce does14:21
slackthumbzIndeed, I'm very fond of xfce as a desktop environment14:21
antisober552No it this cable http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=ata+cable+master+slave&client=tablet-unknown&hl=en-GB&source=android-browser-suggest&v=141400000&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=g15tUbpO6qbgBOuigNAP&ved=0CAkQ_AUoAQ&biw=1024&bih=768&sei=iV5tUbWUI6Kr0AWjv4DgDg14:22
GridCubeyep, thats a google link alright14:24
GridCubei see14:24
GridCubewell then14:24
GridCubei would check the ram slots and the capacitor next antisober55214:25
antisober552Everythink look fine14:27
antisober552You want some pictures14:32
antisober552Do you think it could be the on board battery ims not been replaced since the day i got the pc from 200414:36
GridCubeantisober552, if the battery runned out it would loose the date-hour settings at boot and ask you to reset it14:40
GridCubeantisober552, an inflated capacitor can be tricky to detect, see this example https://static.flickr.com/42/120329818_0e20370795_m.jpg14:41
antisober552I checked all capacitors none of them are leaking blowing  out and the tops are as flat a a pancake14:48
antisober552Ive change the master sleave for the hard drive for a new one as i had a few lying around14:49
antisober552Checked the rambslots a capacitors14:50
antisober552Okay just booted pc and got this14:56
antisober552Fixing recursive fault but reboot needed14:57
knomeantisober552, turn the pc completely off and reboot14:58
hylianevery time i start up my browser (chromium-browser) i get a request for a password. How do I disable this?14:59
packetfrogrequest like for root?15:00
packetfrogor for gmail account?15:00
antisober552Now my pc is in a reboot loop15:00
hylianpacketfrog: it's a keyring style request. i cleared the gnome2 folder (hidden) but it still shows up.15:00
packetfrogbrowser should not be running as root   how are you running it?15:01
knomeantisober552, did you hard boot yet?15:01
packetfrogright click the icon> properties> whats the command its using to run?15:01
hylianpacketfrog: i'm running it via my account, not as root. So that's why i ask.15:01
packetfrogor settings manager and same deal if its from menu15:02
packetfroghow are you executing it?15:02
hylianpacketfrog: are you asking me?15:02
hylianpacketfrog: i am executing it via menu icon. the command is chromium-browser.15:02
antisober552Yes now i turn pc off waited 1min and now every time i boot my pc it gets passed the bios screen then reboots15:02
GridCubehylian, thats the gnome-keyring, delete the ~/.gnome2/keyrings/15:02
GridCubeand it will ask you again once, ant that should be it hylian15:03
hylianGridCube: i did that. it still asks me for a keyring password.15:03
GridCubehylian, do you boot directly to the desktop or you are asked for password?15:03
hylianGridCube: i'll try that again. brb need to reboot/logout15:03
GridCubeantisober552, :(15:04
GridCubeyou dont get any error? not even POST?15:04
antisober552Nope none15:05
antisober552Ill send pictures15:05
GridCubeantisober552, wait, do you get to the grub stage? where you choose system? or not even that?15:06
hylianGridCube: that was it. i could have sworn I did that already... but as many times as I have installed xubuntu on this thing in the past 3 years, maybe I forgot this time..15:07
antisober552Not even get to there15:07
antisober552I get to where it says boot from dvd drive then it restarts15:08
GridCubedo you have a media in the dvd?15:08
antisober552No usb15:08
GridCubeits the hd being recognized by the bios?15:08
hylianThanks again. Xubuntu has got to be about the best Linux release out there. All the usefull ubuntu repos without the resource hog unity. man this distro is slick.15:09
GridCubecan you choose to boot from a given media on boot, usually its F11 or F8?15:09
GridCube:D hylian awesome15:09
antisober552Dvd drive packed up and no longer reads dvds15:09
antisober552The bios does pick up the hdd15:09
GridCubeyour computer seems to have had better days15:09
antisober552Yes its a pc from 200415:10
packetfrogI have a p4 I found in my neighbors yard that was in the rain for a year that still works fine15:11
packetfrogoff topic and useless info  but still15:11
antisober552Wrong link http://Postimg.org/gallery/c8lmdqms/02d3fba3/15:14
antisober552Theres picture off my motherboard and other thing for you to check over15:16
antisober552GridCube, in thos pictures can you see anythink which migh5 be causing this issiue15:18
GridCubeantisober552, sorry but i dont see anything unusual, that last boot error usually fix after rebooting, or choosing an older kernel from grub and then rebooting from a loaded system15:20
antisober552Okay i got to the grub and its loading up now15:20
antisober552Could it be a bad driver for like the graphics card15:21
antisober552Okay maybe i was wrong my dvd drive does read15:31
antisober552Its reading my windows p disk15:31
GridCube:/ i dont know then, this goes beyond my knowledge15:39
GridCubesorry antisober55215:39
antisober552But with the dvd rom connected my pc ends up in a reboot loop15:39
antisober552Is there any other decent ubuntu os15:41
antisober552One like xubuntu15:41
antisober552Ive tried kubuntu15:41
antisober552And i have the same problem15:41
GridCubeif *buntu gives you problems maybe moving to another distro its your best choice? maybe a smaller one like dsl, tinycore, puppy, slax15:42
antisober552Ive had ubuntu installed before worked ok but cause i dont have much ram it was laggy15:43
antisober552Never had this probem on ubuntu15:44
antisober552Whats the better one out off the ones you said above15:45
GridCubei like puppy, it uses the same repos as ubuntu now for many many programs, but it works different from ubuntu in many aspects than one, i would recommend joining their channel if you are interested15:46
antisober552Whats there #15:46
GridCube/j #puppylinux15:47
mark______I have some trouble setting up a new laptop, it was pre-installed Win8 pro 64 on a SSD card (Samsung PM83)15:48
mark______And it has a SATA disk15:48
antisober552I dont have a os to download it crp15:48
mark______It uses an UEFI bios15:48
mark______Now I tried installing Ubuntu (and from there get XFCe)15:49
mark______The installation crashes halfway15:49
mark______Something to do with I/O error (errn 5)15:49
knome!uefi | mark______15:49
ubottumark______: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI15:49
mark______After the error I check the SSD, seems like it is in use15:49
mark______I read that page15:49
mark______I got into the laptop using the live CD15:50
mark______I think I need some help, since I followed those instructions and even using default installation the error comes back15:51
mark______I tried formatting both disks to ext4 and ntfs15:51
mark______Same error15:51
mark______Is there anyone who has time and knowledge to help me a little bit?15:51
sonofzeusr u guys coool with a lxde q?15:52
knomesonofzeus, #lubuntu15:52
knomemark______, just wait for somebody to turn out, or check the forums or askubuntu15:52
mark______Just trying ;-)15:52
knomemark______, also, have you tried asking #ubuntu?15:53
mark______Not yet15:53
mark______Last time I had a problem I got help here, that was perfect15:53
OhadIs there anyone here that can support?16:14
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:14
OhadIt consists of some16:14
Ohadin crontab16:15
PiciI didn't get that.16:19
GridCubeneither did i16:20
packetfrogohag, prey.16:22
packetfrogohad also16:22
OhadI'm trying to create a file in crontab it does not save16:22
Ohadim a root16:23
packetfrogon xubuntu?16:23
OhadIt may not save because the command is incorrect?16:23
packetfrogwhat command16:23
Ohad5 0,12 * * * indexer -c /etc/sphinxsearch/sphinx.conf --rotate --alls16:24
PiciAnd what happens when you save?16:24
OhadIt does not give me16:27
packetfrogI did THIS and THIS happened16:27
packetfrogWe have the "did this"  what is the "THIS happened16:27
Ohadi do crontab -e16:28
Ohadand put the indexer -c16:29
packetfrogand what happens?16:29
Ohadthis is what you did?16:29
oguzhi, is 13.04 stable enough now or should I wait for release? I'll make a clean install.16:30
packetfrogI like raring ringtail   it is nice16:30
GridCubeoguz, its recommendable to wait for release if you want stable, and its encouraged to test now to report problems and help getting more stable :D16:34
Ohadpacketfrog, you have a solution?16:34
GridCube!details | Ohad16:35
ubottuOhad: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."16:35
antisober552I got gfxboot.c32; attempted dos system call 2A 0010 0000A15C can someone help me with this please17:12
ddsssdoes xubuntu have gnome-keyring and seahorse installed by default?17:38
packetfrogseahorse noo17:40
packetfrogkeyring no17:41
packetfrogddsss ^ ^^17:41
ddssspacketfrog: why not?17:42
packetfroggnome-keyring GNOME17:42
packetfrogseahorse dont even know what it is17:42
packetfrogThis channel is made of community users   Buntu-employees   ask them :P17:43
ddssspacketfrog: yeah - it's part of GNOME but u can use it with any environment.17:45
packetfrogGo install them?17:47
packetfrogsudo apt-get install blah17:47
packetfrogsettings manager > startup/session > enable gnome services   (somewhere in there)17:47
packetfrognot hard17:47
GridCubeddsss, gnome-keyring comes by default, but not seahorse, there is no default keys manager in xubuntu17:48
packetfrog^ there  someone smarter then me answered! L:>17:48
GridCube!nothelping | packetfrog17:48
ddsssGridCube: thanks17:49
GridCubeddsss, no worries17:49
ddsssGridCube: imho - it would be pretty existing to have some usb-based keyrings. IMHo - would be perfect  - just like smartcards - but for everyone.17:51
GridCubeddsss, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Security_token17:52
antisober552Can you get a live disk creator for ubuntu18:35
recon_lapantisober552: Been a while , but there should be.18:36
antisober552Okay thanks18:37
recon_lapantisober552: have you tried http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/ , as i said , been a while18:37
antisober552Nonot yet18:38
pharfarg'evening. How do I change the screen refresh rate on login GUI? I use a HDMI cable which seems to confuse the login manager19:19
baizonpharfar: http://askubuntu.com/questions/63681/how-can-i-make-xrandr-customization-permanent19:21
pharfarty baizon, the link has been bookmarked19:23
_098V_Hi there can someone help me install Java for my Xubuntu 12.10?20:14
SunStarit is available in the Ubuntu Software Center20:19
xubuntu390hello, anyone here?20:22
xubuntu468I signed into Ubuntu One last night and was able to download a pic from my computer to the "file". I am only using the web to get in. I'm not hooked to the computer with the "client". But I need to know how to put a pic in the "photo" section of Ubuntu One and not just in the "file".20:32
antisober552jhi guys is liveusb creater on ubuntu22:10
SonikkuAmericaIt's [ usb-creator-gtk ]22:13
SonikkuAmericaso it's still there, it may not be displayed in your apps menu though.22:13
antisober552Could you tell me what program allows you to partition yiur hard drive it begain with a g22:25
antisober552Thats it thanks22:26
antisober552How come i cant find it now22:31
SonikkuAmericaantisober552: Find what?22:33
antisober552Never mind22:33
* SonikkuAmerica facedesks22:33
SonikkuAmericaI cleared my IRC window.22:33
antisober552I coundnt find gparted22:33
SonikkuAmerica[ sudo apt-get install gparted ]22:33
SonikkuAmericaIt doesn't come installed by default.22:34
antisober552It was on the system before22:34
SonikkuAmericaTry Alt+F2 searching22:35
antisober552Im trying to wipe my usb to create a live usb but it wont let me22:36
SonikkuAmericaI never said usb-creator-gtk was stable. I recommend Unetbootin.22:37
antisober552Okay is that on ubuntu22:37
SonikkuAmericaNo, you can find that here: unetbootin.sourceforge.net22:37
Unit193antisober552: It's on the live system, but not installed.22:38
SonikkuAmericaIt's a script. Download, [ chmod +x ] and run with ./22:38
Unit193!info unetbootin22:38
ubottuunetbootin (source: unetbootin): installer of Linux/BSD distributions to a partition or USB drive. In component universe, is optional. Version 575-1 (quantal), package size 280 kB, installed size 822 kB22:38
SonikkuAmericaUnit193: Didn't know Unetbootin was in universe22:38
SonikkuAmericaSince when?22:38
antisober552But 9need to wipe my usb disk but it wont let me22:39
SonikkuAmericaUnetbootin will do it for you.22:39
antisober552So ive downloaded it how do i install it22:40
antisober552My usb is not been picked up22:43
antisober552But it already has a liveiso on it22:43
antisober552Can you help at all22:45
SonikkuAmericaReboot with the USB drive22:45
SonikkuAmericaplugged in22:45
SonikkuAmerica(I'm in multiple channels, bear with me.)22:45
antisober552Okay sure22:45
antisober552You want me to boot the live usb22:47
SonikkuAmericaInsert your USB drive and reboot.22:47
antisober552Oh its no longer booting from the usb22:48
SonikkuAmericaIs USB booting enabled in your BIOS?22:48
SonikkuAmericaDid you just copy the ISO directly to your USB drive?22:49
antisober552No i used unetbootin on windows before wiping my whole pc22:49
SonikkuAmericaAre you on a Linux system now (such as Ubuntu)?22:50
SonikkuAmericaDo you have another ISO handy?22:50
SonikkuAmericaIf not, download one22:50
antisober552I have one already22:50
SonikkuAmericaOK, plug your USB drive into this computer then.22:51
SonikkuAmerica(The one you're using right now)22:51
antisober552Just booting xbuntu22:51
SonikkuAmericaDon't reboot this machine though.22:52
antisober552I only have one pc22:52
SonikkuAmericaI'm confused...22:52
SonikkuAmericaonly 1 PC, what are you using to chat with me? Android?22:53
SonikkuAmericaOh dear... it's not a computer, it's a phone or tablet...22:53
SonikkuAmericaThat's why you never, ever, wipe your PC before booting a live image.22:54
antisober552No i am doing it on a pc but using  my tab to talk to u22:54
antisober552Okay xubuntu booted22:54
SonikkuAmericaDo you want to try it first or install it without trying?22:55
antisober552Install it22:55
SonikkuAmericaSelect "Install Xubuntu"22:55
antisober552I want to install mageri i have xubuntu installed but my pc does not like i22:56
SonikkuAmericaThen follow the on-screen instructions. If you have a question, don't hesitate to ask.22:56
SonikkuAmericaWhat's Mageri?22:56
antisober552I was told about it by a guy22:57
antisober552Its  like tinycore i think22:57
antisober552And puppylinux22:58
SonikkuAmericaOh. Never heard of it.22:59
antisober552So how can i install it22:59
SonikkuAmericaGo to their Web site and download it22:59
SonikkuAmericaif they have one.22:59
antisober552I was gunna put it on as a live usb and install that way22:59
antisober552Thay do22:59
SonikkuAmericaSame idea then... although you might try dd. One second...23:00
SonikkuAmericaquit Gotta get out of the cafeteria23:00
SonikkuAmericaI'm back!23:09
antisober552Me to23:09
SonikkuAmericaSo anyway, while Xubuntu installs, welcome (for now)23:09
antisober552Okay i need to format my usb23:09
antisober552Xubuntu is installed already23:10
SonikkuAmericaOK. But your live image should support ext4 or FAT32 (I'm not sure what it's formatted as)23:11
SonikkuAmericaSo install Unetbootin: [ sudo apt-get install unetbootin ]23:11
SonikkuAmericaRun it23:13
SonikkuAmerica(Press Alt+F2 and search for it23:13
antisober552Just installing know23:13
antisober552Okay ive run it but not showing usb23:15
SonikkuAmericaYou have to select it from the drop-down list23:15
antisober552Not there23:16
SonikkuAmericaIs your USB drive plugged in?23:16
antisober552Yes in gparted is shows as unallocated23:17
SonikkuAmericaFormat the whole USB drive as FAT32.23:17
antisober552Okay just applied it23:18
antisober552Ineed to mount it now dont i23:18
SonikkuAmericaOK, now restart Unetbootin and see if it shows up now.23:18
SonikkuAmericaJust unplug your USB drive and reinsert it23:19
antisober552Okay unetbootin has found usb23:19
SonikkuAmericaExcellent. Select the "Disk Image" radio button, click the "..." and browse to your ISO.23:20
SonikkuAmericaHit "OK"23:21
SonikkuAmericaand watch the magic.23:21
antisober552Shall i use space to preserve files acrose ubuntu23:21
SonikkuAmericaYou said you were using a Mageri ISO, right? That option only works with *buntu.23:22
SonikkuAmericaGo ahead and hit OK23:23
antisober552Okay sorry23:24
antisober552Okay its doing i6s thing23:24
antisober552I was looking for a different ubuntu os to use23:25
antisober552But idk i see how i get on with this one23:26
SonikkuAmericaWelcome to Xubuntu.23:27

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