ScottKRiddell: I did say that after they approved updating maas based on using code copies for the updates.00:56
soeegood morning06:31
Mamarokin 13.04 beta 2, if one adds the Oryanos packages in the experimental PPA one has two color mangers in the system settings, the Oryanos one in "Common Appearance and Behavior" and one in "Hardware"07:51
lordievaderGood morning07:55
Mamarokhi lordievader07:56
lordievaderHey Mamarok, how are you?08:00
smartboyhwHello. Riddell: Any packaging TODO?08:10
Riddellyo smartboyhw 08:10
Riddella couple of things08:10
Riddelltake your pick from homerun08:10
Riddelland lightdm-kde08:11
smartboyhwRiddell, homerun. Is lightdm-kde fixed?08:11
smartboyhwAnd it08:11
Riddellthere's a new version of lightdm-kde08:11
smartboyhwis kde-telepathy updated/08:11
smartboyhwRiddell, homerun then:)08:12
Riddelloh hmm08:12
Riddellthere's a ktp 0.6.108:13
smartboyhwRiddell, hmm what?:P08:13
smartboyhwRiddell, yep.08:13
Riddellshadeslayer, Quintasan: what's the crack with that?08:13
shadeslayerI'm not updating ktp this time :P08:16
shadeslayerI was working this weekend, so I'm taking a break today :)08:17
Riddellshadeslayer: do you think it should be done?08:17
* smartboyhw does not want to do more than one package today08:17
shadeslayerCatching up on Game of Thrones ^_^08:17
shadeslayerRiddell: probably worth SRU'ing08:17
shadeslayernot worth breaking freeze IMHO08:17
Riddellshadeslayer: well I can just do it today if it's needed08:18
Riddellwe're not in freeze for bug fixes if that's what it is08:18
smartboyhwI can do the lightdm too08:18
shadeslayerwell, yeah, it's a bug fix only release08:18
smartboyhwBut seriously, no ktp:P08:18
Riddellshadeslayer: do you have magic scripts to do it?08:18
shadeslayeryep, lemme adjust it a bit and pastebin it08:18
shadeslayerRiddell: note that logger-qt isn't being released08:19
shadeslayerRiddell: http://paste.kde.org/726218/08:21
Riddelllogger-qt?  is that a local client version of apachelogger?08:21
smartboyhwRiddell, please confirm that http://paste.kde.org/726224/ will mean no FFe:P08:22
smartboyhwRiddell, nice joke08:22
Riddellsmartboyhw: it won't08:22
shadeslayerI would have gone with "Is that a cuter version of apachelogger?"08:23
Riddellsuch a thing is not possible08:23
smartboyhwRiddell, hmm dh_install --list-missing shows all the translation files.08:33
shadeslayerdoes it depend on pkg-kde-tools?08:33
smartboyhwshadeslayer, no. I just ran it on myself:P08:34
shadeslayersmartboyhw: the way I understand it is, pkg-kde-tools takes care of translation magic08:34
smartboyhwshadeslayer, OK then. Let me depend on it:P08:34
shadeslayerit takes po files and puts them into lang packs automagically08:34
shadeslayersmartboyhw: though apachelogger probably knows the required magic08:35
smartboyhwshadeslayer, hmm it DOES depend on pkg-kde-tools08:37
shadeslayerthen I don't think you have to do anything08:37
shadeslayerbut srsly, ask apachelogger08:37
yofel__IIRC pkg-kde-tools only handles *our* translations08:38
yofel__upstream translations need to be in the package08:38
smartboyhwyofel__: it IS in the package.08:38
shadeslayerit's all magical to me08:38
smartboyhwshadeslayer, yofel__: 08:39
yofel__smartboyhw: just ship the translation files. or pastebin the list-missing output for sanity's sake08:39
Riddellsmartboyhw: add them to the package08:39
smartboyhwRiddell, yofel__: ^08:39
shadeslayerwhat Riddell said08:39
Riddellit /can/ be done through launchpad but no point08:39
smartboyhwDamn it.08:47
smartboyhwRiddell, dget -x http://people.ubuntu.com/~smartboyhw/homerun_0.2.2-0ubuntu1.dsc and please review.08:49
Riddellsmartboyhw: groovy, I need to have a shower first, wouldn't want it getting smelly08:50
smartboyhwRiddell, LOL08:51
smartboyhwPlease do take one:P08:51
* smartboyhw goes to lightdm-kde08:51
Riddellsmartboyhw: uploaded09:26
smartboyhwRiddell, wait for a few minutes for me to do lightdm-kde09:26
smartboyhwRiddell, dget -x https://launchpad.net/~smartboyhw/+archive/ppa/+files/lightdm-kde_0.3.2.1-0ubuntu1.dsc + review + sponsor for upload please;)09:31
Riddellsmartboyhw: tested it works this time?09:38
smartboyhwRiddell, works09:42
Riddellyep, works for me too09:46
smartboyhwhomerun built on all archs without FTBFS09:50
Quintasanshadeslayer: KTp 0.6.1 is out, can you take care of it?10:02
shadeslayerQuintasan: Riddell said he's on it10:02
QuintasanI see10:03
shadeslayerI am doing some visa paperwork :P10:03
smartboyhwQuintasan, ?10:11
* apachelogger cuddles the Riddell10:19
* Riddell giggles10:19
apacheloggershadeslayer, smartboyhw: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/l10n ?10:20
apacheloggeriff X-Ubuntu-Use-Langpack: yes is not present there should not be po files in list missing as they will not be stripped10:21
apacheloggerthat said I am reasonable certain that they never show up in list missing; if they do, something is wrong with the packaging10:22
ovidiu-florin I've set up my enviroment like shown in the techbase website on how to compile a single application. I've got kdepim, akonadi, kdepimlibs, kacitivties from git and compiled them. But when I open Kmail I can see that it has the mail accounts from my system kmail. Why? how do I fix this?11:00
ovidiu-florinthe $KDEHOME is set to my dev env11:01
ovidiu-florinwhat am I missing?11:01
apacheloggerXDG_DATA_DIRS I think11:02
apacheloggeralso #kde-devel is where you want to ask these things11:02
ovidiu-florinI did11:02
ovidiu-floringot no help there...11:02
apacheloggeralso akonadi is not kde-bound, hence why I suspect XDG stuff is missing11:02
ovidiu-florinalso no help on #kontact11:02
apacheloggerRiddell: did you test the kcm_locale patch btw?11:02
ovidiu-florinI've been struggling with this for about a week11:03
Riddellapachelogger: not yet, not sure what it changes?11:03
* Riddell hmms at bug 113449211:04
ubottubug 1134492 in apt (Ubuntu) "xserver-xorg-lts-quantal breaks Kubuntu" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/113449211:04
smartboyhwRiddell, please let lightdm-kde through:P11:05
smartboyhwIt's in queue now.11:05
smartboyhwRiddell, Hmm that xserver bug :O11:06
apacheloggerRiddell: http://paste.kde.org/725600/ line 66 to 10311:06
apacheloggeryou don't need to test, though I reckon it would be good if you did ^^11:06
Riddellincase anyone cares about powerpc:  kubuntu/daily-live: raring-desktop-powerpc.iso oversized by 55304192 bytes (1129046016)11:09
apacheloggerstill :O11:09
smartboyhwRiddell, seriously I don't and I would want to see it die:P11:10
Riddellme too but it lives on!11:10
apacheloggerthere is still zenity on the iso11:10
RiddellI wonder when we can get rid of i38611:10
Riddellapachelogger: grr to zenity11:10
smartboyhwI'm not a Lubuntu-eer, so I don't understand what's the point of supporting old hardware when technology is continuously evoloving11:10
apacheloggerRiddell: it appears oversized because it is from apr 311:10
smartboyhwapachelogger, :O11:10
apacheloggerhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/current/raring-desktop-i386.manifest <- no zenity11:11
apacheloggerhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/current/raring-desktop-powerpc.manifest <- zenity11:11
smartboyhwRiddell, I wonder when we can get rid of amd64:P11:11
apacheloggerpowerpc has not been built in ages it appears11:11
apacheloggeror failed autoqa or something11:11
smartboyhwapachelogger, build failures? 11:11
apacheloggerI do not care11:11
* smartboyhw doesn't either.11:12
apacheloggerI said it before and I will say it again... if no one cares for powerpc it will be set on fire11:12
smartboyhwapachelogger, I rather want the Kubuntu PowerPC ISO removed NOW:P11:12
apacheloggerand not noticing that it was not built for half a month sounds rather no-one-careish11:13
smartboyhwIt saves us manpower:P11:13
yofel__that image is even less maintained than our alternate images were.....11:13
smartboyhwyofel__: :P11:13
smartboyhwRiddell, can you ask for what happened to PowerPC in #ubuntu-release please?11:13
smartboyhwFor interestness sake11:14
BluesKajHey all11:16
yofel__ovidiu-florin: if it helps you: the 2 environment files in http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~neon/project-neon/project-neon-runtime/files/head:/opt/project-neon/share/project-neon/ show what's set for project-neon11:17
yofel__just adjusting the folder paths should work for you11:17
smartboyhwRiddell, apachelogger yofel__: Should I officially propose to the Kubuntu Development Mailing List that we should just get rid of PowerPC (once and for all)?11:18
Riddellit's been proposed plenty of times and every time someone says it should be kept incase anyone wants to test it11:19
Tm_Tafter failing to get charger fixed I'm ok dropping powerpc image simply because we don't have testers for it11:22
smartboyhwRiddell, :O if someone wants to test it, please install Lubuntu (seriously, PowerPC will just be our blocking stone)11:22
smartboyhwI never thought I would say that, but it does not have a good manpower-to-value ratio 11:23
Riddellsmartboyhw: Tm_T seems to have a good reason11:23
smartboyhwRiddell, +111:23
yofel__shadeslayer: btw. the upgrades mostly work now: http://kyofel2.dyndns.org/upgrade6/ - but I don't get how to debug that stupid failure on i38611:23
Tm_Tif we had people testing it I would rather keep it but yeah11:23
Tm_Tso, does this mean no powerpc packages at all for KDE?11:24
shadeslayerthere are packages11:24
shadeslayerbut the ISO is a different beast11:24
shadeslayerI believe the powerpc machines can't boot usb drives11:25
Tm_Tso no real change for user POV11:25
smartboyhwTm_T, yep.11:25
shadeslayerI'd rather have a very small net install ISO for powerpc11:25
Tm_Tshadeslayer: atleast not those I've seen11:25
smartboyhwThe problem is that the Ubuntu Technical Board can't force to remove PowerPC in at least 3 years11:25
smartboyhwThe Lubuntu guys will rather quit than not supporting PowerPC...11:26
Tm_Tsmartboyhw: which is fine if they're up to a task11:26
shadeslayeryofel__: you haven't violated the BuyVM TOS yet? :P11:26
shadeslayerI was readin their TOS, they're quite strict11:26
smartboyhwshadeslayer, +1 on the Net ISO11:26
smartboyhwRiddell, I think it would be a better idea if you could propose a Kubuntu Council vote on kubuntu-devel mailing lsit11:31
kubotusmartboyhw meant: "Riddell, I think it would be a better idea if you could propose a Kubuntu Council vote on kubuntu-devel mailing list"11:31
yofel__shadeslayer: haven't gotten a ticket yet ^^ - and it's not like I can actually *measure* how much I affect other systems. The upgrades don't have a constant resources usage anyway, so it should be fine I think11:31
shadeslayerthey actually monitor your swap usage I think11:32
shadeslayerI have 500 MB's which has been fine so far11:32
yofel__why would swap matter o.O?11:33
apacheloggerRiddell: package update for runtime ready just waiting for you :P11:33
shadeslayeryofel__: http://wiki.buyvm.net/doku.php/kvm11:33
shadeslayer"Please set reasonable Pagefile/Swap sizes as excessive IO caused by abusing these will result in suspension, repeated abuse will result in termination without credit nor refund."11:33
Riddellapachelogger: anything exciting?11:34
* smartboyhw has been waiting for Riddell to ACK lightdm11:34
yofel__shadeslayer: IOP measurement makes sense, anything else, not much11:34
Riddellsmartboyhw: shrug, we can keep our current policy of not releasing it if it doesn't get testers and that'll happen automatically11:34
smartboyhwRiddell, we didn't test?:P11:34
smartboyhwI thought you and me did.11:35
smartboyhwRiddell, or do you mean PowerPC?11:35
* smartboyhw faints11:35
smartboyhwRiddell, oh well OK11:35
* shadeslayer gives smartboyhw some Irn Bru11:35
* smartboyhw doesn't hope there will be testers for PowerPC:P11:36
smartboyhwshadeslayer, no need thanks:)11:36
Riddellsmartboyhw: yes powerpc11:37
smartboyhwRiddell, well O.K. then11:37
yofel__shadeslayer: I need to change something in the script anyway. Only running cleanup() after everything finishes doesn't scale11:40
shadeslayerah :)11:40
shadeslayerwe should get stgraber to merge the changes back into upstream11:41
yofel__yeah, need to talk to him about tmpfs too. Does that work correctly for you?11:43
yofel__here it's not freeing memory11:43
shadeslayerI tried it a couple of times, seemed to work11:45
apacheloggeryofel__: all your memory are belong to us?11:46
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: ping11:47
yofel__apachelogger: me running OOM won't help you much :P11:49
yofel__shadeslayer: I don't get what's wrong, tmpfs itself works fine, but tmpfs+overlayfs+lxc doesn't11:49
apacheloggerthat's you think...11:49
apacheloggeroh there is a buggy in the kcm codez11:49
shadeslayeryofel__: heh11:50
Riddellapachelogger: what needs done with kde-runtime?12:03
Riddelljust testing the patch?12:04
apacheloggerknown issue: if you set a language and then remove it again (i.e. empty selection) you get a broken LANGUAGE, already fixed localy12:05
apacheloggerRiddell: kscreen with all translations arriving in queue soon12:06
smartboyhwapachelogger, it arrived:P12:06
apacheloggerfast daemons today12:07
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: pong12:07
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: are you ontop of the muon l10n mess?12:07
apacheloggerany plans on how to fix it for raring?12:07
JontheEchidnaso basically Messages.sh just needs fixing, yes?12:08
apacheloggerI think12:08
apacheloggerlist of all stuff I noticed12:09
apacheloggermost of which should be from libmuonapt not being covered at all12:09
JontheEchidnaI'm not sure why libmuonapt is broken though :s12:09
apacheloggerit's not in messages.sh at all12:09
JontheEchidnaah, there's only an extractrc call12:10
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: perhaps creatina messages.sh for each component would make these things easier to notice?12:11
apacheloggerthough you'd still need to actually look at it, so :P12:11
apacheloggerFWIW ... simply getting the xx psuedo-translation and doing a pre-release QA with it should prevent 99% of all l10n issues12:11
apacheloggerthat applies to all and every broken app in raring12:12
Riddellapachelogger: awooga! how did you do that?12:16
apacheloggerRiddell: kscreen?12:17
apacheloggerreleaseme for world domination12:17
smartboyhwapachelogger, lOL12:18
Riddellapachelogger: that your releaseme script?12:18
apacheloggercreated a new tar, copied po to old tar, dpkg-source --commit, done :)12:18
apacheloggerRiddell: yeah12:18
apachelogger!find im-config.mo raring12:31
ubottuFile im-config.mo found in libm17n-im-config012:31
* apachelogger blinks12:31
apacheloggerubottu: are you drunk?12:32
ubottuapachelogger: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:32
apacheloggeranyone got a raring ubuntu install at hand?12:32
soeeapachelogger, im working on it right now12:34
apacheloggersoee: please run dpkg -S im-config.mo12:34
apacheloggerand paste the output12:35
soeeapachelogger, dpkg-query: nie znaleziono ścieżki pasującej do wzorca *im-config.mo*12:35
soeepath matching pattern not found12:36
apacheloggersoee: is the system localized?12:36
apacheloggeri.e. not english12:36
soeenot sure :)12:36
apacheloggerwell does unity speak polish or english? :P12:36
soeeapachelogger, well yes apps are localized12:36
apacheloggerok thanks12:37
apacheloggerI guess im-config's translations is really in no languagepack then :S12:37
soeeone moment12:38
soeei addded Polsih to prefered languages12:39
soeebut the same result as before12:39
apacheloggerthat's a good thing... means we did not screw up ^^12:39
apacheloggerI think this im-config package has broken l10n12:42
apacheloggeror at least it does not strip the desktop file12:42
apacheloggerwhich probably is a sign of that12:42
apacheloggerRiddell: kubuntu l10n should be sorted now, there is a bug with pot-package mapping that makes the export tool ignore universe packages unless manually mapped13:08
Riddellapachelogger: so answer is to ping pitti when we want one added?13:08
apacheloggerpitti added mappings now so they should be in the next batch export13:08
apacheloggerRiddell: yeah13:08
Riddelllovely thanks13:08
apacheloggerI added a note about it to the wiki13:08
* Riddell compiling kde-runtime13:08
Riddellapachelogger: ok how do I test this kcmlocale patch?13:21
apacheloggerRiddell: set language via kcm confirm that ~/.kde/env/setlocale.sh has sane contents13:22
apacheloggeralternatively log out and log in, confirm that kdesudo software-properties-kde is localized13:22
Riddellapachelogger: yep seems to work13:34
apacheloggerRiddell: ok, uploading13:39
apacheloggerRiddell: runtime and workspace heading towards the queue13:42
Riddellapachelogger: what's in workspace?13:43
apacheloggerpatched away kde-default.png showing up in the dialog and moved stripes.png to kdm package (where it belongs)13:43
Riddelloh cool13:44
RiddellI think the download new wallpapers button needs to be more prominent13:44
Riddelljust from that video review where the person said there weren't many wallpapers13:44
Riddellrandom thought13:44
apacheloggerI'd be more interested in whether we can have it localized in raring ^^13:45
apacheloggerRiddell: how much more prominent could it be13:45
apacheloggershort of embedding fake items in the model that will upon selection download on-the-fly13:45
* smartboyhw really hates powerpc13:46
Riddellapachelogger: last wallpaper option should be the "download more" button I think13:46
apacheloggersame thing except not as fancy :P13:47
apacheloggerrectangle or wallpaper icon with centered plus overlay13:47
apacheloggercould look nice I guess13:48
apacheloggeroh actually it needs to be a star13:48
apacheloggerRiddell: only colord is missing for l10n it seems13:51
apacheloggerand ktp13:52
apacheloggerthe issue presented on the card is not fixed in the upload, but another one ^^13:52
apacheloggerim-config and disk-creator should get fixed in the next langpack upload (or so I hope)13:53
Riddellapachelogger: oh what's up with ktp?13:54
apacheloggerksplash needs addressing upstream and I am not sure that is going to happen until workspace513:54
apacheloggerRiddell: see screenshot13:54
apacheloggerin the contacts list app the states are not localized because the internals libs does not load its own catalog13:54
apacheloggerRiddell: are you trying to land ktp 0.6.1 before release?13:55
Riddellapachelogger: 0.6.1 is in13:55
apacheloggeroh :O13:55
apacheloggerneed to test :P13:57
apacheloggerRiddell: when did it land?13:57
QuintasanDid I hear testing?13:57
* Quintasan boots his pc13:57
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: so there is this qapt dialog you get when running software-properties and it wants to refresh the cache13:57
Riddellapachelogger: this morning?13:57
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: and when showing the details it says remaining time13:58
apacheloggerand that is 15 and then it countts down to 0, and then it is unkown, and then it is 15 again counting down to 0....13:58
apacheloggerso here's my view on time estimates: either you make a good estimate or you should make any... -.-13:59
apacheloggerRiddell: not yet in repos it seems13:59
apacheloggerhomerun arrived though \o/14:00
apacheloggerlol, not any more translated than before ^^14:01
apacheloggerRiddell: please reject runtime14:09
apacheloggeron my other VM setlocale.sh only manages to set LANGUAGE with export14:09
apacheloggerLANG works for some reason14:09
apacheloggerso I guess we should simply use export to be extra safe14:09
apacheloggerRiddell: fixed version uploaded14:16
xnoxScottK: reading/searching for previous Qt5 plans from riverbanksoftware the drift I perceived is "yeah we are working on it behind the closed doors, but nobody paid us enough yet for a swift full/proper PyQt5"14:26
RiddellDarkwing: so any ideas how to get translations into the docs?14:26
Riddell"we" isn't quite the right term for riverbanksoftware, it's a one man operation14:26
shadeslayerhurrah, I figured out how to use errors.ubuntu.com14:51
shadeslayerpretty graphs14:52
QuintasanScottK: Do you know how make KMail send mails from @kubuntu.org?14:55
davmor2Quintasan: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuEmail15:27
shadeslayerQuintasan: you setup another identity I think15:29
shadeslayerthe alias thingy doesn't quite work15:29
lordievaderGood afternoon15:54
Riddellug, I do dislike docs and translations15:58
=== smartboyhw_ is now known as smartboyhw
Riddellyep, our docs translations are screwed16:19
smartboyhwRiddell: That's not good16:20
smartboyhwapachelogger: ^16:20
Riddelljr@gallus:~⚡cat ~/.kde/env/setlocale.sh 16:33
Riddellapachelogger: fr_GB?  is that supposed to happen?16:33
=== clay_doh is now known as claydoh
debfxdoes anyone object to adding this patch to kmix? https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=313579#c1016:52
ubottuKDE bug 313579 in general "kde 4.10 rc3: kmix applet in systemtray mousewheel volume step is too ridiculously big (~10% at the scroll)" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]16:52
debfxcurrently the volume changes by 15% when you scroll on the kmix icon16:53
shadeslayerapachelogger: ^^17:06
Mamarokdebfx: +1 from me, the current step is just stupid, everybody is complaining about17:30
apacheloggerRiddell: yes, the encoding is crap though17:33
apacheloggerhow did you do that?17:33
apacheloggerRiddell: what's the content of LANGUAGE 17:34
apacheloggerdebfx: I'd ask why it was not backported17:49
soeehi, anybody here, i have urgent question18:59
soeeapachelogger, maybe you ?19:02
shadeslayersoee: just ask :-) 19:07
soeeshadeslayer, yesterday i think i wrote about my problems with latest nvidia drivers, the problem was more complex, a lot of packages was missing, kwin, workspace, etc oO19:08
soeewhat do i have to install to be sure full kde desktop is here ?19:08
soeealso what can be the reason i can install any nvidia drivers ?19:10
soeeif i add edgers ppa19:13
soeeand try to install nvidia-current it will instal 30419:13
yofelthe edgers ppa itself? that thing isn't supported in any way19:14
* yofel uses nvidia-310, works fine19:14
soeebrb reboot i hope i can boot again19:15
soeeok i think i fixed all now :/19:36
Riddellapachelogger: jr@gallus:~⚡cat .kde/env/setlocale.sh 21:47
Riddellhttps://plus.google.com/105682810766335536482/posts/Qb4JxkieNHQ  "100 things that are great about Kubuntu?"21:49
ScottKQuintasan: as shadeslayer says.22:51
ScottKxnox: OK.22:51
apacheloggerRiddell: ah, that may be the export issue then22:52
apacheloggerRiddell: add exports and change the encoding to UTF-822:53
apacheloggerthen try to change the language again22:53
Riddellapachelogger: sorry what?  add where?22:59
apacheloggerRiddell: in setlocale.sh prepend each line with export23:17
apacheloggerand change ISO-8859-1 to UTF-823:17
apacheloggerthen logout and back in again23:17
apacheloggerthen make spanish your top language choice and check that the encoding is still UTF-823:17
apacheloggerand about the fr_GB, while that does not exist it reflects what you selected, country GB and language fr, if you choose country France you'll get fr_FR23:19
apacheloggerRiddell: that is exactly the issue I faced in my VM ... without export the LANGUAGE variable would be left empty and then stuff falls over and things the encoding is ISO8859 and that in turn causes encoding problems23:21
apacheloggere.g. I am reasonable certain if you run apt with your present envrionment you'll get illformed accented characters23:22
Riddellyes I do23:29
Riddellapachelogger: but shouldn't it not be possible to end up with ISO-8859-1 and fr_GB?23:30
apacheloggernot with LANGUAGE is broken23:33
apacheloggerproblem is LANGUAGE=\023:33
apacheloggerso KDE and a whole bunch of other things get confused and think the encoding is ISO885923:34
apacheloggerand fr_GB you can argue about23:34
apacheloggerit is what you configured, yet it makes no sense so everything will default to fr_FR anyway23:35
Riddelloh I see23:35
apacheloggerpoint being matching KDE locale to Linux locale is almost impossible23:36
apacheloggerso the best thing one can do is check does fr_GB exist and if not fiddle it to something else23:36
RiddellI'm not convinced I did configure fr_GB, there's no such thing as a british dialect of french23:36
apacheloggerthough that requires excessive xml parsing and crap ^^23:36
apacheloggerRiddell: you country in the kcm is GB23:37
apacheloggerfirst tab23:37
apacheloggerthat's where that comes from23:37
apacheloggerFWIW ultimately we'd also set a bunch of other variables for numeric format and whatnot but there the mapping from what KDE supports and what Linux supports is even more impossible23:38
apacheloggerhttp://community.kde.org/KDE_Core/ISO_Codes outlines pretty much all the differences23:40

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