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kdefdoes anyone here use 13.04?03:42
bazhang!13.04 | kdef03:43
ubottukdef: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+103:43
sw0rdfishhello guys :D03:46
sw0rdfishI am fed up of unity, and today at the library I sat down on one of the public PC's there and the browser was left open to www.kubuntu.org/feature-tour .... BOOM! I was hooked. Reminded me of using KDE like 4 or 5 years ago.03:48
sw0rdfishDefinitely sexier and better. :)03:48
kb3gtnwell it is KDE..  Just 4 or 5 years newer..03:49
sw0rdfishKinda looks like a Mac OS in a way.03:49
sw0rdfishWhich release do I download? latest or Long Term Support version?03:50
sw0rdfishis the latest version unstable?03:50
sw0rdfishstable? :D03:51
kb3gtnUse the LTS if you want it to work and be stable and have support for longer period.03:51
kb3gtncurrent release is 12.10, but 13.04 is comming out very soon.03:51
kb3gtnkubuntu 13.04 adsd support the MTP, which is nice if you got an android smart phone..03:52
sw0rdfishwell meh... since it will be a vbox I'm getting 12.10 :)03:52
sw0rdfishI'm guessing that means, you can put it on such a phone?03:53
kb3gtnmost of the modern andoid phone use MTP to share files..03:53
kb3gtninstead of showing up like a USB stick drive..03:53
kb3gtnEven though.. they are working on a phone version of the OS..03:54
sw0rdfishinstead of showing up like a usb stick, how will it show up?03:58
kdefbeware, kde is not that good04:00
kdefI'm disliking it again04:00
kdefconstant bugs and crashes04:00
kdefdunno what I'll do... might have to look at other distros again :-(04:00
sw0rdfishwell jeez04:18
sw0rdfishits a vbox :)04:18
sw0rdfishI think its the only thing that looks as close to a Mac OSX system right?04:18
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CapprenticeIf  I install multiple backend for akonadi it it going to work any faster on Ubuntu 12.04 ?? Or it start conflicting with each other (mysql vs postgresql) ?05:30
Capprenticehello ! anyone ? Im very sure on Kubuntu nepomuk server starts automatically..05:31
CapprenticeAnyone alive ?!!05:34
Capprenticevideo/x-surface decoder05:35
sw0rdfishI do think you can ask in #ubuntu too (i think its a general channell?) dude I have no idea though06:26
Mamaroksw0rdfish: not about Akonadi, that is KDE specific06:41
Mamarokbut he could have waited a little longer...06:41
sw0rdfishI see.06:42
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SantiWhich program is compatible usb live / work with kubuntu 13.04 beta 2?07:08
SantiI can not fire live DVD / CD07:08
SantiIt seems to me that the options for the elderly UEFI BIOS is a problem.07:10
SantiWhy would someone iso, since most still use the flash drive07:14
SantiI suggest you give up the images isp. I do live usb pendrive07:16
lordievaderGood morning07:55
sivanghello all.08:43
sivangLet me first say, I LOVE KUBUNTU08:43
valorieme too, sivang08:43
valorienice to hear again08:44
sivangvalorie: :) where is the right link to download an USB stick image for installation?08:44
* sivang ponders where is the kind jriddel08:45
sivang(aka Jonathan Riddel)08:45
smartboyhwsivang, you just download the image in cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases08:45
smartboyhwRiddell, ^:P08:45
valoriesivang: I've always zsynced or torrented the ISO, and created it from that08:45
lordievadersivang: You can simply use the normal desktop images, then you can make a usb image with something like Unetbootin.08:45
sivangvalorie: and what are the links on the site directing to?08:45
valorieusing the kubuntu live usb creator08:46
sivanglordievader: oh, that's what I get in the web site download link08:46
valoriethere are zsync, rsync and torrent links all08:46
sivangvalorie: yes, okay, so I'll do just that. I'm a bit traomatized of getting ubuntu-desktop and unity packages after having installed ubuntu and then trying to mold it back to kubuntu08:46
valorieI hate having all that extra gtk stuff08:46
lordievadersivang: Understandable ;)08:46
sivangvalorie: a pain and a slow down08:47
sivangkubuntu is SO darn fast08:47
sivangso the regular download link in the website should do yes?08:47
sivangah right, it's a 900MB~ download, pop it on your stick with the disk creator and you;'re done.08:48
valoriesure, and remember that if you don't want to do it via your browser, you can use wget08:48
valoriemuch faster08:48
sivangvalorie: good point, also not risking downloads stopping if Chrome crashes (which it does)08:49
valoriewget can resume, too08:49
valorieit's a great tool08:49
sivangyep, it is.08:52
sivangI'm downloading, thank you good people. Wish I had time to contribute back. Perhaps this will also happen in this life ;)08:52
sivang(Riddel would love me to join, he's a very close and dear friend to me)08:52
Riddellsivang: likewise but only if you spell my name right :)08:53
sivangRiddell: I'm sorry! I am terrible at being good spelling Scottish names ;)08:53
sivangRiddell it is, then.08:53
* Riddell hugs sivang 08:53
* sivang double hugs Riddell back08:54
valoriesivang: just R<tab>08:56
valorieyou'll always spell it right then08:57
sivangvalorie: I just try <tab> and if it doesn't show anything I spell it myself ;)08:57
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sivangone should note, real women/men know how to spell right! hehe08:58
valorieah, just tab gives you the last person who spoke in the chan08:58
sivanghmm, that expalins stuff08:59
valorieI know how to spell, but I'm a bit lazy08:59
sivangsure, I was trying to joke08:59
sivangvalorie: 'R' is like right shift?08:59
valorielol, yes09:00
valoriea small r works too09:00
sivangdoes not work here, strange09:00
sivangI use irssi09:01
lordievaderDoes that mean the majority of IRC is virtual? As they use tab to spell?09:01
valorieah, boo09:01
* sivang is old fashined09:01
valorielordievader: how else would one get the spelling of your nick correct?09:01
lordievaderAnyhow this is getting offtopic, perhaps a move to #kubuntu-offtopic would be in order.09:01
valoriekonversation rulez!09:01
sivangagain, thank you good people.09:02
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DonVukodlakneed help ovah here!10:48
DonVukodlakoh cmon!10:51
lordievader!ask | DonVukodlak10:55
ubottuDonVukodlak: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:55
lordievaderDonVukodlak: Calling out that you need help isn't very usefull, state your problem. If one know the answer they will reply.10:57
lordievader!pm | DonVukodlak10:57
ubottuDonVukodlak: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.10:57
DonVukodlaktalk to me in this channel10:58
DonVukodlakdont pm me10:58
lordievaderDonVukodlak: I didn't... you did.10:58
lordievaderDonVukodlak: But anyhow, state your problem.10:59
DonVukodlakok. so i installed kubuntu with wubi11:00
DonVukodlakrestarted the system11:00
DonVukodlakthen blackscreen for about 10 minutes11:00
DonVukodlakrebooted my sys11:01
DonVukodlakand again the same problem. but, with some errors about root11:02
lordievaderDonVukodlak: Wubi is a mess, it would be better to install Kubuntu in a VM or do a 'real' install.11:03
DonVukodlaki have a notebook11:04
DonVukodlaki hate vm11:04
DonVukodlakreal install?11:04
lordievaderDonVukodlak: Make a live-usb/live-cd, boot from there and install Kubuntu in the way it is ment to be installed.11:05
DonVukodlakoh gonna try that next time. thx!11:05
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DonVukodlakbut the drivers...11:05
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lordievaderDonVukodlak: I'm sorry I need to go, but I'm sure there are other people who can assist you.11:07
BluesKajHey all11:16
AknotWhat is the best dark/black color scheme?11:26
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.11:26
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ovidiu-florinhas anybody used fontforge?13:06
ovidiu-florinor do you recommend annother program for editing fonts13:07
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mikkle-sticksSometimes X crashes and sends me back to lightdm14:19
mikkle-sticksthis includes skyping with video (only with certain contacts!)14:19
mikkle-sticksanyone know what might be causing this?14:20
submanIt seems my default system font upon installation is really, really tiny.  How to change that?14:43
submanI found it, thanks.14:49
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.14:53
bjrohan_For some reason Dolphin look has bunged up, Here is what I mean, if I click the Dolphin browser launcher, it looks normal. Insome programs if it uses Dolphin to browse files, it looks reall, really bad, almost like it is opening a wine version. What may be causing this?14:57
BluesKajbjrohan_, did you notice that the ugly files require root permissions ?15:04
bjrohan_BluesKaj: Nope, not in anything that requires root. The program opening Dolphin is not a wine program either. I have a screenshot, trying to find a place to post it15:05
BluesKajtry imagebin15:05
bjrohan_Sublime text 2 is the program in this case15:07
bjrohan_BluesKaj: Another instance, I am using LibreOffice, and when I open up an file dialog, it looks like the crappy version of Dolphin, not the one that I expect15:15
BluesKajbjrohan_, the method I used was to open system settings with krunner kdesudo systemsettings and set the themes,fonts etc as I did with user permissions and that solved my ugly problem with some files15:21
BluesKajactually not just some files i guess . I didn't have anymore ugly files after that15:24
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lordievaderGood afternoon15:53
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MySystemhello i search a tool which compares files and folders with subfolders and output the differences, would take a command too if the results easyly readable18:01
MySystemsearched google and ubuntu.com and package managment but didnt find something for me18:02
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lordievaderGood evening18:57
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ovidiu-florinI've edited the font URW Chancery L - Medi Ital and added the Romanian characters. I found the file in /usr/share/ghostscript/~current/Resource/Fonts/ I saved it, but I still can't use those characters. I've changed the font encoding to unicode (It did not support the characters before that). Do I have to reboot so that I can use that font?19:28
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ovidiu-florinI'm rebooting BBL19:32
xarumahi all19:41
ovidiu-florinany help on font editing please?20:02
BluesKajovidiu-florin, that depends on what you mean by editing fonts20:06
ovidiu-florinI want to edit the font URW Chancery L to add the romanian characters20:08
ovidiu-florinthe characters are: ăĂșȘțȚ that is with comma below not sedilla20:09
ovidiu-florinI don't know where that font is stored int he system20:11
BluesKajsystem settings>Font Management>SystemFonts , ovidiu-florin20:15
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ovidiu-florinBluesKaj: how do I get the file location from there?20:21
BluesKajkmenu>computer>system settings>Font Management>SystemFonts , ovidiu-florin20:23
ovidiu-florinI got there20:24
ovidiu-florinbut how do I find the font file location?20:24
ovidiu-florinI can find the font there , but where's the file in the filesystem?20:24
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BluesKajovidiu-florin, choose a font right click on 'system fonts' and export to the file20:28
keithzg_Arghh, I'm pretty damn certain I'm running fglrx, yet I cannot for the life of me get anything that uses OpenCL to run.20:33
BluesKajkeithzg_, give us an example20:37
keithzg_BluesKaj: well, bitcoin miners like cgminer and poclbm (I also can't compile the SDK examples, but that could be unrelated)20:39
BluesKajdo you have OpenGL chosen in system settings>desktop effects>advance>composting type?20:40
BluesKajbitcoin miners ?20:40
keithzg_BluesKaj: to be honest I'm trying remotely on the respective machines.20:40
ovidiu-florinBluesKaj: I've found the font file /usr/share/fonts/type1/gsfonts/z003034l.pfb I've edited it with fontforge and saved it. Do I ahve to reboot to see the changes?20:46
keithzg_Sigh. Nothing ever seems to go right when it involves corporation-produced software that isn't even properly packaged. I'm sure the issue is the AMD "APP" SDK nonsense.20:46
* keithzg_ should probably just upgrade to 13.04 already since Bug #1048036 may be part of this mess20:47
ubottubug 1048036 in pyopencl (Ubuntu Quantal) "Python OpenCL cannot be installed in 12.10 due to unmet dependencies" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104803620:47
BluesKajovidiu-florin, perhaps , not sure20:48
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* ovidiu-florin is eating salty peanuts20:51
BluesKajkeithzg_, I'm not very knowledgable about ati graphics , it's been a while since I've used them20:51
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keithzg_BluesKaj: Fair enough. I wish I could figure this out . . . "amdconfig --list-adapters" looks fine, but "clinfo | grep Board" returns zilch. Arghh.21:05
keithzg_Aha! http://devgurus.amd.com/thread/160693 makes it sound like it's a problem with me trying to run it remotely/headless, and indeed, adding a script to /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf  that runs "xhost +" upon display setup seems to have fixed it.21:17
BluesKajkeithzg_, nice find ! :)21:24
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scotty56  jmimkimkmo21:30
kitzuneWhen a program is install through muon software center, like deluge, where is it in the file system if I wanted to make it a defualt program?21:31
lordievaderkitzune: Usually programs go to /usr/share, their binaries are usually in /usr/bin.21:32
keithzg_kitzune: usually you don't need to know where it is to make it a default; just use the actuall command, if you need to do it manually (for deluge, I think just "deluge" would work, no path necessary)21:34
kitzunePerfect :) thanks very much21:37
lordievaderkitzune: No problem, you can also use "whereis deluge".21:43
lordievaderBut as keithzg_ said, if the program is in your path there is no need to type the full path ;)21:44
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