kiwitinkeri am running lubuntu from a flash drive like a live cd, how do i get it to remember changes between reboots?00:52
Mkop1for some reason when I open links from xchat, they open in chrome, despite the fact that I have firefox set as the default browser. I wonder if there's a default applications setting somewhere that I'm missing01:22
kiwitinkercan anyone help with my problem of getting persistence to work with usb flash lubuntu?01:55
wxlkiwitinker: like with a live usb?01:55
wxlhave you tried and failed?01:55
kiwitinkerI have done everything but it has simply not worked01:55
wxlso i just did this today01:56
wxlunetbootin was the only thing i've gotten reliable results from01:56
kiwitinkerthe thing is I don't seem to be able to find out exactly how it does this, is the persistence suppose to be on another partition?01:56
kiwitinkerok, that's not what i used01:56
kiwitinkeryou used that for lubuntu?01:58
wxlkiwitinker: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCD/Persistence explains how to set it up in exquisite detail but i wouldn't recommend following that per se01:58
wxlkiwitinker: yeah, i downloaded the latest daily, pointed unetbootin at it, added persistence and let it go01:58
wxlkiwitinker: my bios is funky and forgets nearly every boot that i want it to boot the usb (under hard drive) above the hdd itself01:59
wxlkiwitinker: it's also a little slow booting but it works01:59
wxlkiwitinker: unetbootin has one failure: it will let you allocate more persistence than you should be able to02:00
kiwitinkerI assume persistence is also where any files you download once running lubuntu will be stored?02:00
wxli think so yep02:01
kiwitinkerI wish the webpages on this actually explained what it does exactly and how it is basically organized, I find it hard without knowing what I'm dealing with in an overall sense02:04
kiwitinkerthere are tons of programs for doing this so thanks for pointing one out that you know has worked for you at least02:05
wxlbasically you make a loopback in /casper-rw kiwitinker which is documented in that page02:06
kiwitinkerthanks, will get to it now02:07
kiwitinkeroh wait, could you by any chance check to see what partitions you have on the flash drive by going to gparted?02:09
wxlkiwitinker: not presently. it's in use02:10
kiwitinkeryou can still look at it in gparted02:11
wxlnot really02:11
kiwitinkermine has just 1 partition02:11
kiwitinkernot really what, don't understand what you are saying, are you just saying you don't want to do it or that it can't be done02:12
wxli don't think it sees the file system the same way when you're in it02:12
kiwitinkerseems to work fine for me02:12
kiwitinkeryou can even change the partition size while running from it02:13
wxlyeah it says i only have one then02:14
kiwitinkerin gparted?02:14
wxlin parted yes02:14
wxlof course i know if i look at it unmounted there's a casper-rw file02:15
wxland there's not here02:15
kiwitinkerrunning livecd version via usb flash and persistent, problem is i just downloaded a very big file and got the wrong one by mistake, I chose to delete it but when i goto trash can there is nothing there?04:02
holsteinyou wanted to delete it, correct?04:03
holsteini mean, i wouldnt expect full desktop functionality from a live CD.. i usually just do a normal installation to the USB stick..04:04
holsteinis the question, "where is the file i deleted? its not in the trash?" ?04:04
kiwitinkeri chose delete and it said it sent to trash can but then I goto trash can and there is nothing there04:04
holsteinkiwitinker: so, what is the question?04:05
kiwitinkerfree space indicated shows the file is still taking up space somewhere04:05
kiwitinkerit has not been deleted, i want to delete it to free up space04:05
holsteinkiwitinker: try removing it via the command line04:06
kiwitinkerI'm a baby in linux, command line is beyond me04:06
holsteinkiwitinker: what would you like to do?04:07
kiwitinkerdon't tempt me, Im feeling very frustrated with linux04:07
holsteinim not following you... or trying to temp you.. would you like to try a few ideas? such as removing via the command line? or wait for another volunteer?04:09
kiwitinkerI'm about to give up on it again, I come back for punishment every couple of years and always have the same wild goose chase trying different distros and things just never working as advertised. I have been told to goto full install in the past only to find i have exactly the same problem04:09
kiwitinkerthanks for trying but I'm too fed up with this at the moment04:10
holsteinkiwitinker: you are *not* trying a distro though.. you are trying a live CD with persistence...04:10
holsteinkiwitinker: i understand, and identify your frustration.. you should see me with a windows install04:10
kiwitinkerI'm not talking about just this, have tried many other versions04:10
holsteinfact is.. windows and linux are *very* capable.. its just a matter of what one is used to04:10
holsteinif you would like help getting used to lubuntu, say the word..04:11
kiwitinkerwindows installs just work, if only linux did that I might understand a bit of what I'm doing by now but as i can never get off the start line with a fully working install i never get the chance to learn how it all works04:11
holsteinkiwitinker: as i said... its a matter of what you are used to.. .my linux installs "work" fine.. its my windows installs that are a challenge.. and its my issue04:12
kiwitinkerthanks very much, but you are getting me at the end of a long and fruitless process04:12
holsteinkiwitinker: what would i do? install lubuntu or xubuntu04:12
holsteinkiwitinker: hey.. i literally dont need you to install lubuntu.. if you want to, i will help04:13
kiwitinkerI know, don't get me wrong04:13
holsteinkiwitinker: you are here for a reason.. and if you want to sort things out, we can, but i need to have facts04:13
holsteini suggest you install.. i also made a suggestion about trying to remove the file via the command line04:13
kiwitinkerI had just hoped for a solution that did not involved a long complicated process with command lines where i have no understanding04:14
holsteinkiwitinker: sure.. that would be, do an actual installation04:14
holsteinkiwitinker: otherwise, im not sure you even have an issue04:14
kiwitinkerI have been down that road before of installing to get around a problem as advised by others only do find it solved nothing04:15
holsteinkiwitinker: cool04:15
holsteindesignbybeck: good lucK!04:15
holsteinkiwitinker: ^^04:15
kiwitinkerit may work this time but just can't afford to waste more time going around in circles04:15
holsteinkiwitinker: keep in mind, we are all volunteers04:15
kiwitinkerdefinitely, it's appreciated04:15
holsteinkiwitinker: i "waste" my time here freely04:15
holsteinwhat do i see? you dont have an isue04:15
holsteinyou deleted a file.. its deleted.. you are using a persistence file that neither one of us understands how or why its set up04:16
kiwitinkerproblem is i don't have the time to waste at the moment, hence the frustration of not been able to get what i want done in time04:16
holsteinwhat would i do? a normal install.. i am in one right now.. i delete.. things are deleted04:16
kiwitinkeryou would think but i have seen it all before, linux just continues to confound me04:17
holsteinkiwitinker: you say waste time.. i say troubleshoot.. doenst matter, you'll need to come here with a clear idea of what you issue is, and ready to try things04:17
kiwitinkeryou are getting me at the end of many, many hours of wild goose chase, sorry about that04:18
holsteinkiwitinker: its just a matter of what you are used to.. it works fine for many.. just keep in mind, there is no "linux" making sure you have a good experience04:18
holsteintheres just you.. and me04:18
kiwitinkeranyhow I have to go, thanks anyhow04:18
holsteinkiwitinker: no worries.. i do proffesional audio production on linux04:18
holsteinthat took a lot of troubleshooting.. and trial and error04:18
holsteinmonths of testing and asking questions...04:19
holsteinall the time, working in windows as well.. til i was ready to make the transition...04:19
holsteinone thing that helped me tremendously.. i installed linux on a laptop... and i used that laptop.. for everything i could. simple things. email, whatever04:20
kiwitinkerI guess if you don't have heaps of time to invest in getting linux going you just can't have linux, that's the lesson i should have learnt and accepted by now04:20
holsteinkiwitinker: you'll need to invest something, yes04:20
holsteinkiwitinker: its more of a community than a "buy and use" thing04:20
holsteinkiwitinker: if you want "buy and use" linux.. try system76.. they have pre-built machines, and support... work great04:20
holsteinotherwise, you come here, and be ready to troubleshoot04:21
kiwitinkerlike i said if I could just get the thing installed and working as advertised i would be quite happy to learn the ropes of using it over a long period of time04:21
holsteinwhen i say "try this in the command line" you say "ok, how?".. and we go from there04:21
holsteinkiwitinker: download the iso.. start installing and tell me the errors (if you have any)04:21
kiwitinkerI know, it was just like, oh no not again04:21
holsteinkiwitinker: there are no adverisments04:21
holsteinkiwitinker: there are no guarnatees that linux will work on your hardware04:22
kiwitinkerI mean that it works as claimed04:22
holsteinkiwitinker: there are no claims.. nor an entity making claims04:22
kiwitinkerok, thanks again, see yah04:23
holsteinkiwitinker: there might well be an entity that created your hardware that says "you cant run other operating systems"04:23
holsteinkiwitinker: this might be another argument for you getting a prebuilt system04:23
holsteinor, running away with a questionable attitude again :/04:23
fjodorhi unity/ubuntu automatically manages external monitors. which daemon/service does this? because lubuntu is pretty annoying regarding managing monitors06:54
kiwitinker1when you add a package where is it installed to?06:55
fjodorkiwitinker1: you can look up where the files are if you look at them with synaptic06:58
kiwitinker1I don't know how to issue a command to start a game in console, I'm in the right directory etc..., I just don't know how you start a command to run. It's a .386 file, I have tried to look for examples elsewhere but it seems something so basic is not thought of to explain08:20
hateballkiwitinker1: ./file-to-run.whatever08:25
hateballkiwitinker1: If you are in that current directory08:26
hateballOtherwise /full/path/to.file works as well08:26
hateballAnd the binary needs to be set as executable, "chmod +x file.ext"08:27
kiwitinker1thanks a lot08:27
kiwitinker1I was getting no where by myself and google search08:27
kiwitinker1I need to save an edit to a cfg file but it will not let me save because it is owned by root, how can I get around this?09:09
ElTimoHow do I get the powerline patched fonts to display correctly on a TTY?09:09
kiwitinker1right clicking on the .cfg file I get the owner and permissions but cannot change any of these09:10
carreraGreetings!  :)09:23
SonikkuAmericaWhy is Lubuntu 13.04 not even half done? Is the workload too much for the current team?15:06
phillwSonikkuAmerica: ??15:18
SonikkuAmericaI was looking on status.ubuntu.com and saw that the roadmap is only 36% finished15:19
SonikkuAmericafor Lubuntu Raring15:19
qubit01Anyone have a GeForce 650M Graphics card running with  lubuntu ?15:20
phillwSonikkuAmerica: a lot always gets carried over :) Some of the things for 13.10 are already open for testing :)15:21
SonikkuAmericaI see. I can't wait to see what's being implemented in 31.04 that was proposed in 13.04 :)15:22
phillwSonikkuAmerica: the whiteboard gets open about one week after release, for approx 2weeks.15:24
* SonikkuAmerica nods15:25
phillwif the guy with the 650M card re-appears, get him to have a look at http://tech.sixcolumns.com/2012/11/nvidia-310-19-drivers-released-how-to-install-it-in-ubuntu-12-1012-04/ which deems to have a decent background into things.15:25
phillwSonikkuAmerica: you can have a look at the staging area at https://launchpad.net/~lubuntu-dev/+archive/non-official-apps15:26
lalondongGuys, i'm actually using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS but because it's too slow i'm changing the desktop environment to LXDE...18:26
lalondongand i can say, this is pretty fast..18:26
SonikkuAmericalalondong: 'Tis.18:27
lalondongHow to shortcut in lubuntu18:28
lalondongis it different from Ubuntu?18:28
SonikkuAmericaA little bit...18:28
lalondongwhat's the difrent?18:29
SonikkuAmericaYou have to manually edit everything or install another window manager18:29
lalondongwhat do you mean i have to manually edit everything?18:29
SonikkuAmericaFor example, there's no GUI for tweaking desktop shortcuts, that's done by hand18:30
lalondonghow to do this?18:30
SonikkuAmericaYou have to create a blank .desktop file and use Leafpad.18:31
SonikkuAmericaGive it a name, an executable path, and possibly a comment18:31
lalondongi don't get it.18:32
SonikkuAmericaIn fact, if I were you, not to play bait-and-switch, but Xubuntu might suit your needs better if you're not up to the challene.18:32
lalondongbut is it fast enough like this?18:33
SonikkuAmericaYeah, Xubuntu is a tick slower than Lubuntu but faster than Unity or KDE18:33
SonikkuAmericaIt uses XFCE (half of which LXDE depends on anyway)18:34
lalondongi have 2 gb ram18:34
lalondonghow much do i need for that?18:34
SonikkuAmerica256 MB18:34
lalondongahhh, okey18:35
SonikkuAmerica512 MB recommended18:35
SonikkuAmerica2 GB will be a bullet train. I run it on 318:35
lalondongahh, okey18:35
SonikkuAmericaI sense a lack of excitement.18:36
lalondongso like changing the theme for lubuntu, you need to manually change them?18:36
SonikkuAmericaActually not themes, Openbox (the backend on which Lubuntu runs) will do that for you.18:37
wxlcareful though, as theming lubuntu is more than just theming openbox. there's gtk, too.18:38
SonikkuAmericaRight... the GTK+ themes18:39
wxlso it's really a multistep process, especially when you consider that lxpanel is themed differently, too.18:41
lalondonghow about indicator bar?18:43
wxlwell, lxpanel indicates the time. what else do you want indicated? :)18:43
lalondonglike system process?18:44
wxlmeh typically that thing that everyone uses that i never bother with is preferable18:44
wxlsomeone help me out here18:44
wxlstarts with a c18:44
wxlit's not compiz18:45
phillwlalondong: if you're on 12.04, like a bit more 'eye-candy' then have a look at lxle18:50
phillwit is available as a meta package yet, so needs a re-install.18:50
wxlit's going to be?18:51
SonikkuAmericaIt's also supposed to be treated like an LTS but not officially18:51
SonikkuAmericas/is/isn't ?18:51
wxlpattern not found.18:52
phillwSonikkuAmerica: it is a community re-spin, for further details look at http://www.lxle.net/index.php?x=about18:56
RaphaelBarrosTalking about lxpanel, does anybody here use a image in it, or just the theme color? I'm trying to use a image and, while it works great after I apply it, when I reboot some of the indicators on the panel appear inside a box using the default theme color while the rest use the image for lxpanel.19:00
RaphaelBarrosHmm, has my post appeared? Or nobody knows about this issue xD?19:05
kingfisher64could someone advise me on the best solution to get the most out of an older system running lubuntu. I use it as a backup device primarily (instead of using freenas). It's really laggy. There's a huge delay when clicking things. I have 2gb ram and a new hard drive so even though it's a P4 it should be able to cope with opening a web browser.19:11
kingfisher64maybe I need to install graphics drivers?19:13
cerebratesounds like a winner to me19:13
kingfisher64that's weird I switched themes and it's massively less laggy?19:13
kingfisher64all I've changed is the colours!19:15
kingfisher64any performance enhancing tips will be greatly appreciated and used19:18
yo_mamaI just tried lubuntu beta2 and it didn't feel fully cooked19:51
phillwyo_mama: that is why it called a beta2... the fully cooked version will be the RC (Release Candidtate), which can also have bug fixes applied. Have a try with the Daily (if you have the beta2 on hard drive you can zsync it up).20:05
ElTimoHas anyone had any luck getting lubuntu to boot on a UEFI system?21:08
phillwElTimo: the 64bit installer is the same. So, in theory, it should work.21:10
ElTimophillw: Does the liveCD portion not work then?21:13
phillwElTimo: there will not be many on lubuntu with UEFI system boards, give me a couple of minutes to check if what I am saying is factually correct....21:16
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI21:16
yo_mamagod I wish lubuntu would include VLC and XChat21:19
wxlyo_mama: sudo apt-get install vlc xchat21:19
yo_mamawxl: I mean included in the .iso21:20
phillwyo_mama: it exceeds the iso size and the need to keep things slim :)21:21
wxlthere's lots of things it could have or people might thing it should have for their particular preferences but in the end the goal is lightweight and supporting low resource computering, so such packages may not entirely fit this criteria, yo_mama21:21
yo_mamaphillw: forget it I don't buy that!21:21
wxlyo_mama: honestly we've had arguments about clipboard managers on the list.21:21
wxlyo_mama: and furthermore whether or not you buy it, it is what it is.21:22
phillwand secondly, you don't "buy" lubuntu, it's FREE!!!!21:22
yo_mamaoh that soooo funny phillw21:23
phillwElTimo: yup, what unit 193 said applies to lubuntu.21:24
ElTimophillw: Alright, I'll give that a shot. Thanks.21:27
phillwElTimo: you will most likely find more people using uefi on somewhere like #ubuntu, but if you are trying out 13.04 with it, feel free to drop into #ubuntu-quality and the people there will also be able to help (#ubuntu can get a bit crazy at times).21:29
kingfisher64can anyone recommend me some performance tweaks graphically speaking or point me to some documentation. I've been researching how to get rid of graphics lag on my machine. It's still really struggling. I put 2gb ram and new hd in. Maybe i'm getting the most out of the machine? Would appreciate some suggestions though.21:29
ElTimokingfisher64: What kind of GPU do you have?21:30
kingfisher64it's a P4!21:30
ElTimoOh boy.21:30
kingfisher64onboard graphics - so that might be the problem!21:30
ElTimoYeah, that'll do it.21:30
ElTimoAlthough I've had luck using compton without any effects just to smooth things out.21:31
kingfisher64so i'm not likely to get rid of the video lag. It's jumping every now and then21:31
ElTimoYeah, you're kinda stuck with that.21:31
ElTimoBy video do you mean movies running slowly?21:31
kingfisher64tried running netflix app but fullscreen it's horrific. Also youtube vids. Going to inspect the version of flash i've got for that, but I suspect it's a "lack of graphics card" issue21:32
ElTimoYeah, it definitely is.21:32
kingfisher64i wanted to find out what hardware I have to see if all the drivers are installed correctly.21:32
ElTimoTry running glxgears then.21:33
Unit193lspci should show you, and to see drivers you can use -v  You can also grab the video link for youtube and use mplayer, vlc, or something else to play them.21:34
ElTimoUnit193: Oh cool, I never knew about the -v option.21:35
kingfisher64unable to locate package ElTimo for flxgears. Do I need to add a repo first?21:35
Unit193ElTimo: You can add more than one too! ;D21:35
ElTimokingfisher64: It's glxgears.21:35
ElTimoUnit193: Verbositize ALL THE THINGS.21:35
Unit193(glxgears is in mesa-utils, would guess that's installed.)21:37
ElTimoOh, I forgot it's not included by default anymore.21:37
kingfisher64thanks for the suggestions ElTimo, I think it's a case of finding a old graphics card. Only used system up until now as NAS21:44
yo_mamaa distro without VLC is not a proper distro imho22:26
RaphaelBarrosHey guys, have any one of you got a black background in the login screen image? I got it after I updated my intel driver through the Intel Linux Driver Installer :/23:03
RaphaelBarrosNo one?23:08
cerebratemaybe you could set it somehow?23:08
* cerebrate ubernoober23:08
RaphaelBarrosIt's set to the same file it was before the driver installation.23:09
* cerebrate angry!23:10
RaphaelBarrosBut it still shows a black background during the login screen (I know it's not a big deal, but a problem nonetheless)23:10
* cerebrate not much help but you have condolences from23:10
phillwRaphaelBarros: which version of ubuntu are you using>?23:20
phillwwhat intel graphics system do you have?23:21
phillwRaphaelBarros: it seems you are luck! webup8 did a tutorial on this a couple of weeks ago. Head over to http://www.webupd8.org/2013/04/how-to-use-intel-linux-graphics-drivers.html and follow what they say. YES, they are trusted, so do exactly what they tell you after ensuring you get the correct driver.23:25
RaphaelBarrosIt's a gma 950 or 945, I'm not sure wich one23:26
RaphaelBarrosAnd I used a tutorial from webupd8, but the one used to ubuntu23:27
RaphaelBarrosThe drivers are working normally, I played some games and things like that, the black background in the login screen is the only problem (until now)23:27
RaphaelBarrosI reinstalled lightdm and lightdm-greeter, I'm going to reboot and check if it fixed it, I'll come back soon.23:34
phillwRaphaelBarros: we do not know on here all the answers for graphics issues, have a look at http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=334 specifically at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=766683 they are the best people to help out with graphics issues when they do not work "out of the bos".23:35
phillw*out of the box*23:35
phillwI do *love* it when they vanish before you can give them directions...23:38
phillwJust for the record, for something like gma 950, have a look at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1888642&p=11503588#post1150358823:39
kiwitinkerinstalled lubuntu 12.04, I am having troubles with power management using Xfce, I have the monitor set to turn off after inactivity but it only works sometimes, most of the time it does not work, any clues anyone?23:44
kiwitinkercan I download and install another power management program?23:48
phillwkiwitinker: are you using a laptop?23:50
phillwit's more likely to be an acpi issue (where the laptop has to 'talk' to the power management system). Have a look on laptop site (give me a minute or two to go find it) and see if your make and model has either a listing or a known problem (with how to fix it).23:53
phillwwhile I do that, can you post up the make and model of your laptop23:53
kiwitinkerDell inspiron 510m23:53
phillwkiwitinker: get logged onto the guys at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Laptop23:57

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