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mathorHas anyone gotten a chance to test Mir? How stable is it?03:42
kdeflooking for help for 13.04...  I regretfully upgraded and now I cannot start firefox03:44
vwade79hey, i installed 13.04 on my virtualbox on ubuntu 12.04. it installed fine and then when i reboot, the login screen shows up. then theres a black screen and it says 13.04 has encoundtered a problem03:44
vwade79this should  be almost bugless considering its being released in a few weeks03:45
vwade79a week*03:45
kdefit's horrible03:45
kdefI cannot start firefox... muon comes up with crash messages03:46
kdefI am using kubuntu, though03:46
kdefI went to #kubuntu but bots sent me here03:46
vwade79kdef, try reinstalling03:46
mathorIt is recommended that you do a clean install as opposed to doing an upgrade, as it leads to dependency issues.03:47
kdefI customized everything and now gotta re-install?03:47
vwade79no reinstall firefix03:47
kdefwhy have upgrades at all then?03:47
kdefso every time there is a new edition, you have to re-install?03:48
kdefmathor, I hear ya though... that's what I've usually done but tired of it... it's absurd :(03:49
wilee-nileeyou all are not critically reasoning. ;)03:49
kdefvwade, I'm afraid its' a bug... I already found my bug is a kde bug...  for muon and many others reporting same problem03:49
vwade79so remove kde?03:50
kdefalso, chrome tabs at the bottom become corrupted... cannot read text on the tab03:50
vwade79lol why so many bugs when this is released in a week03:51
vwade79theres some serious work to be done03:51
vwade79i cant even boot03:51
vwade79at least something shows up03:51
kdefand you're trying an upgrade of ubuntu 13.04?03:51
vwade79the login shows up03:52
vwade79then i enter pass and press enter03:52
kdefoh well03:52
vwade79then black screen03:52
vwade79and ubuntu crashes03:52
kdefI don't think it's a good test on virtualbox really03:52
kdeftoo many variables03:52
mathorvirtualbox rarely boots stable stuff for me correctly03:52
kdefyou have the right extension pack?   I think it's difficult to assess what's wrong03:53
vwade79now i need to live boot03:53
vwade79o well03:53
vwade79it was worth a shot03:53
kdefI don't think I helped.. no need to help me ;)03:53
kdefi mean, to thank me03:54
kdefcannot type ;)03:54
vwade79did u try removing kde?03:54
vwade79idk what it is, a quick google told me its a addon gui03:54
kdefi didn't03:54
vwade79try it03:54
kdefit's the DE03:54
vwade79wahts that lol sorry im a noob03:55
vwade79only been using ubuntu for 2 days03:55
kdefdesktop environment03:56
kdeflike unity is the DE for ubuntu03:57
yeahuyenim having trouble backing up using ubuntu one05:38
yeahuyengetting a bad request error05:38
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lordievaderGood morning07:55
MonkeyDustglitch: unable to set colours as desktop background09:04
bauhi all, I'm trying to install amd drivers on ubuntu 13.04, using "The Fan Club", but I have an error when it tries to create the deb file after the download, it says: Failed to build Ubuntu Deb installation package The application will now close what can I do?09:35
bauwith beta drivers seems to work09:38
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BluesKajHey all11:16
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hays_woot one more week13:40
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johnjohn101i made the mistake of installing evolution and uninstalling it.  it left something call evolution-alarm-notify on my system.  how do i get rid of this error?14:19
Konstigtno audio after some updates the other day, using HDMI (driver nvidia-313-updates). known issue?14:58
Konstigtin sound settings it's not even listed as it was before14:58
Konstigtproblem went away after installing v3.8.7-raring kernel from http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/15:05
Ian_Cornehmm, I'm not getting any sound in my browser, not chrome, not firefox. Also not in totem15:08
Ian_Corneanyone an idea?15:08
Ian_CorneVLC works fine15:08
Ian_Cornespotify too15:08
BluesKajIan_Corne, got pulseaudio ?15:10
Ian_Corneerr, I guess so15:10
Ian_CorneI didn't do anythign special :p15:10
Ian_Corneit's installed15:10
Ian_CorneSpotify and vlc also work fine side by side15:11
Ian_Corneso it's not the old only one app can use the sound15:11
BluesKajthe symptoms seem the same as mine, without pulseaudio installed15:12
Ian_CorneI've had it before, but I think it got fixed15:13
Ian_Cornebut I'm not sure :p15:13
Ian_CorneUpdating right now15:13
Ian_CorneI'll see if it works with that15:13
BluesKajmy symptoms were , no audio on sites that use flash15:13
Ian_CorneYes, it's flash15:14
Ian_CorneI don't know anything else that produces sound :p15:14
Ian_Cornebut also totem BluesKaj ?15:14
philinuxIan_Corne: try booting the previoous kernel15:14
BluesKajflv files on the pc worked fine , but I had no web audio , all the players worked fine15:14
Ian_CorneI'll try the newer one first, and then an older one15:14
speedy_I screwed things up after updating to 13.04, seems the display driver fglrx doesn't support the ATI graphics card, how to enable open source display driver?15:25
BluesKajspeedy , alt+f2, type, additional drivers , to bring up any available optional drivers15:27
speedy_BluesKaj, the whole unity is gone, and I get lots of crash reports, I cant event do alt+f215:28
bjsniderIan_Corne, check the sound applet15:29
speedy_BluesKaj, gone in the sense of cannot work, there is no top bar, and there are no icons on the left side15:30
bjsnideri don't know what point there woulld be to booting a previous kernel if most audio works. the kernel has nothing to do with flash15:30
Ian_Corneselected a different sound thingy15:30
Ian_Corneand it works now15:30
bjsnideroh, it was a thingy problem15:30
Ian_Cornesound output device?15:31
bjsnideryeah, i get it15:31
bjsnidersometimes i get the impression people don't know they  have a sound applet, or know what it's for15:32
speedy_I can access console to issue commands, I remember there was a way to enable the open source display driver15:33
bjsniderspeedy_, just remove fglrx15:36
bjsniderthe server will select the next best driver, which is going to be radeon15:37
speedy_bjsnider, trying that now, thanks!15:37
Ian_Cornebjsnider: well I checked there15:39
Ian_Cornebut didn't change the device15:39
Ian_Cornejust checked the application specific sound volumes15:39
Ian_Corneand they were fine15:39
bjsnidertweaks in there are going to be frequently necessary, as they haven't worked out all the kinks in pulse at this point in time15:40
BluesKajyeah pulse is a pita for me but I need it for web audio , otherwise alsa does the job on local media files ...I've experimented by purging pulse and running my local media and it allworks , just audio on sites that use flash.15:47
bjsniderflash uses alsa, not pulse. browsers use alsa too15:48
bjsniderif you look at the applet, it says alsa plug-in when flash is using audio15:49
rymate1234Why is there no compiz-kde package in 13.04?15:50
BluesKajbjsnider, I don't have that applet , kde here.15:50
genii-aroundrymate1234: Because kwin has it's own compositing15:51
bjsnideri think kde has an applet15:51
rymate1234Maybe I want to use compiz?15:51
bjsniderif it doesn't, it's robbing users of control they need'15:51
rymate1234And compiz-kde was in 12.0415:51
BluesKajit has kmix , but there's no indicator telling when alsa-plugin is enabled15:52
BluesKajbjsnider, ok do you use pulse ?15:53
bjsniderof course15:53
lordievaderGood afternoon15:54
BluesKaj if alsa can work with flash like it used to back around 11.04 then I wouldn't bother with it , but alsa no longer works with flash on websites on my setup15:55
BluesKajit needs the pulse link15:55
BluesKajor layer15:56
bjsniderBluesKaj, http://i.imgur.com/3bIVbJ4.png15:58
BluesKaj"I wouldn't bother with it" , means pulseaudio15:58
bjsniderone of those is talking to pulse directly. the other is talking to alsa15:58
bjsnidercompiz-kde is not in quantal either16:06
rymate1234ok then16:07
rymate12342nd problem16:07
rymate1234kwin compositing doesn't work16:07
rymate1234Failed to activate desktop effects using the given configuration options. Settings will be reverted to their previous values.16:07
rymate1234Check your X configuration. You may also consider changing advanced options, especially changing the compositing type.16:07
rymate1234that's my error16:07
bjsnidersounds like maybe your graphics driver has no compositing abilities16:08
rymate1234but Minecraft worsk16:08
rymate1234as does compiz16:08
rymate1234and gnome-shell16:08
rymate1234I'm running ubuntu 13.0416:09
bjsniderwell, of course gnome-shell works, being the superior piece of engineering that it is16:09
rymate1234no but srsly hao fix16:12
rymate1234Fuck it, I'll use mutter16:16
IdleOne!language | rymate123416:22
ubotturymate1234: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.16:22
mrjoelhi guys.  Anyone got an idea on this?  When using touchscreen input on 13.04, i lose focus and can't click on anything in the unity desktop.  If I set the onscreen  keyboard program to "doubleclick," it properly refocuses on the desktop and selects the action (opening, closing something, minimize etc), but only for that one action.16:35
ShapeShifter499I noticed something I haven't before, ability to link your google account and search everything  via the unity dash, was this included in 13.04?16:39
ShapeShifter499it is entirely possible I installed something that added this feature but never used it or forgot I had16:41
servantesHey guys, how you doing? :)16:44
ShapeShifter499anyone know?16:44
servantesJust did a fresh install of 13.04 cause I switched drives and decided just to start over. But, I am having a couple issues16:44
servantesFirst, I would just like to let you guys know that I have a good base of linux knowledge as it has been my primary desktop for the past 12 years. I am not trying to gloat, It is just that I know aroundhere a lot of times people try to go towards the lowest common denominator so to speak.16:45
servantesSo anyway, first issue that software-center completely crashes after starting it.16:46
servantesI have the output from the terminal with a miny strace I believe16:46
servantesIt's not a HUGE issue for me, because I rarely use it. All my applications and such are installed, removed, configured etc via the terminal using dpkg and apt16:47
servantesBut regardless, software-center is on of the key parts of the distro, I would expect it to work. I will pastebin the error in a second16:47
servantesHere is the detailed error from launching via terminal: http://pastebin.com/eajDx7eD16:48
servantesIt does launch, and you can see the program for a second or two, and then imediate crash.16:49
servantesSo, if someone can help me out, I'd greatly appreciate it.  :)16:49
servantesMy second issue is google-chrome, I have never experienced an issue installing the official chrome package in ubuntu or any other distro, even on 13.04. But right now, it will not install using dpkg or even gdebi (which would pull in any needed dependencies to satisfy it)16:50
servantesWhen I go to install via dpkg or gdebi, it says the dependcy package libudev0 is not met. I have tried installing the packaqge by hand, but its installable16:51
servantesnot installable*16:51
tgm4883servantes, the second issue is Google's not Ubuntu's16:56
servantesOk, great16:56
servantesits still not the issue I really care for16:57
tgm4883servantes, the first, I'm not sure on. Are you launching that from the terminal as a regular user?16:57
servantesYes, launching from terminal and the applications menu16:58
servantesSame problem with both, lemme try giving it elevated perms16:58
tgm4883servantes, nah, shouldn't need elevated priviledges. I don't have my 13.04 system here to test though16:58
servantesi know it shouldnt16:59
servantesbut it could produce something else16:59
servantesLike I said above, I have plenty of exxperience, and I understand ubuntu channels normally tend to gravitate towards the lowest common denominator user, but its not needed in my case :)17:00
servantesBTW, I am not trying to offend by that17:00
servantesJust trying to get by the fluff, and down to business17:00
tgm4883servantes, I'm assuming launching 'software-center-gtk3' from the terminal has the same results?17:01
servantestgm4883, this is funny, software center works with elevated priv (sudo)17:01
servantesill try it17:01
servantesnope, adding the gtk3 gives the same issue.17:02
servantesso, im guessing its something in my .BLAH in my ~/17:02
servanteslike a rouge setting17:02
servantesi would have no idea what though, im gonna try purging the package and reinstalling17:03
jbichaservantes: are you using the GNOME3 PPA?17:03
servantesbut it was working after updating to 3.817:04
servantesI did check that17:04
servantesjbicha, did you find someone with a similar issue or something?17:05
servantesif so, please let me know17:05
jbichaSoftware Center crashing is a known issue, but we don't know what's wrong yet; I hadn't seen the sudo workaround yet though17:05
servantesok so it is known17:05
servantesthats nice17:05
servantesyup, sudo launches it fine17:05
jbichaI believe it works if you ppa-purge the gnome3 ppa17:05
servantesppa-purge, unfortunately I am not familiar with what exactly that does, being that I am more pure debian centric17:06
servantesWhat does that actually do?17:06
servantesYou dont mean remove the ppa entirely, right?17:06
jbichayes but ppa-purge helps to do it safely17:06
servantesick, nah17:06
jbichayou shouldn't use the gnome3 ppas if you don't know how to use ppa-purge but it shouldn't be too difficult to learn how to use it17:07
servantesLike I said earlier, software-center isnt something I use anyway17:07
jbichaanyway it's bug 116388617:07
ubottubug 1163886 in software-center (Ubuntu) "software-center crashed with signal 5 with the GNOME3 PPA on 13.04" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116388617:07
servantesAs long as its a known bug, i am fine17:07
servantesI use dpkg anyway17:07
servantesAnd at the moment, if I want a GUI for clicking debs I downloading and install them without terminal, I use gdebi17:08
servantesWhich is hella better than software-center anyway17:08
servantesDont get me wrong, software-center is fine, but for installing one package, gdebi is the better tool GUI wise17:08
servantesNo need to open an entire app market to install one package that isnt in that app market/repo anyway17:09
servantesJust like ubuntu used to use gdebi :)17:09
servantesjbicha, i appreciate it though. I wouldve looked for the bug, but I was already on freenode, so figured I would popin and ask before I went digging in my browser17:10
servantesjbicha and tgm4883 have a good day :)17:13
servantesDangit, jbicha one more thing17:16
servantesCause this a fresh install I hadnt enabled my irc logs, what was that bug number17:16
servantesOh wait, nvm. I see I have a small backlog automatically when entering a channel.  I see it17:17
servantesThanks again :)17:17
smallfoot-Today, I updated the Mesa packages, and now a game (Tibia) wont work anymore, it segfaults at startup17:37
rymate1234Maximum number of clients reached17:41
rymate1234what's that error?17:41
rymate1234happens whenever I launch a program17:42
smallfoot-Today, I updated the Mesa packages, and now a game (Tibia) wont work anymore, it segfaults at startup18:02
rymate1234akonadi appears to spawn lots of processes18:02
rymate1234smallfoot-: report a bug?18:03
smallfoot-Tibia is a proprietary game and not in repo18:04
smallfoot-Mesa has many packages18:04
rymate1234idk then18:04
smallfoot-timo allthonen broke mesa18:27
smallfoot-it is  KernelFreeze, NonLanguagePackTranslationDeadline and shit now18:27
smallfoot-and he updated mesa18:27
smallfoot-and now stuff stopps working18:27
bazhangsmallfoot-, no cursing here18:28
smallfoot-ok sry18:28
smallfoot-and tomorrow is final freeze18:30
ceboris there a way to execute *.sh files by double clicking in nautilus, like in previous versions of ubuntu ??18:44
MonkeyDust!find ia3218:59
ubottuFound: grub-efi-ia32, grub-efi-ia32-bin, grub-efi-ia32-dbg, lsb-core, lsb-cxx, lsb-desktop, lsb-graphics, lsb-printing, ia32-libs-multiarch, lsb-languages (and 2 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=ia32&searchon=names&suite=raring&section=all18:59
smallfoot-bazhang, I found a bug in Mesa and it has importance HIGH, I also installed debug symbol libraries ran debugger with backtrace!19:25
smallfoot-<bryce> smallfoot-, thanks that's helpful.  Mind a few more steps to gather some extra data?19:25
smallfoot-bryce harrington (famous cool ubuntu guy) said thanks :D19:26
bazhangthats great smallfoot-19:26
smallfoot-cuz am helpin these duds out fixing ubuntu19:26
bazhangthats what this distro is all about19:26
smallfoot-yeah!! :D19:26
smallfoot-am rly proud now! :D19:26
zAo^Hi, can anyone help me on getting my wifi to work with the gui? I got it working via the CLI, but it doesnt show up in Unity19:33
minasafter upgrading to 13.04, there is no option in "sound manager" for HDMI output (it worked in 12.10, and yes, the cable is connected :) )19:34
minaswhen upgraded to 13.04 I get no sound from HDMI (no option listed in "sounds"). How can this be solved?19:54
roastedhello friends19:56
roastedAnybody using unity tweak tool? I'm finding that the hot corner feature does not work on a dual monitor setup...19:56
ShapeShifter499I just went through my sources, swapping them out for their "raring" versions but I noticed that the Steam package has placed a repo in there and that it is for "precise" although I had just been on 12.10 before updating, does this mean steam doesn't have a different repo for 12.10 and 13.04?20:15
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jtaylorthey probably only have a 12.04 repo20:19
ShapeShifter499Thats what I'm thinking, ok I'll re-enable that20:20
jtayloryou can use precise just fine, the package is just a bash script which downloads more stuff so far I know20:21
ShapeShifter499jtaylor, I know, just making sure I have the latest script that points to raring kernel friendly stuff20:22
mrjoelleh sigh... I hate it when issues that should seem minor, completely vex me.  How can I set up firefox to use pinch to zoom and 2-finger scrolling gestures?20:50
Imposiblehi all, could help with installing bumblebee? I've tried several ways and can not get it to work20:51
BluesKajmrjoel, ctrl + to zoom, ctrl - to shrink , 2 finger scrolling ?20:54
BluesKajI just us the arrow keys20:55
mrjoelyes blues :)  I'm trying to set up a system with no keyboard or mouse access, just screen (like a tablet basically)20:55
BluesKajmrjoel, laptop eh?20:57
mrjoeli can drag the scrollbar down to scroll down a page, but it isn't "user friendly", suppose i could have a firefox plugin with zoom buttons, but same thing... wondering if i could do better20:57
mrjoelnope, thin client and a 27" monitor20:58
mrjoelgonna mount it in a workcell20:58
tigrangAnyone using spotify and recently notice that if you lock spotify launcher to the dock and launch it, it creates 2 icons now20:59
Ian_CorneI do, didn't notice that yet21:26
Ian_CorneI'll check it out tomorow, after fresh reboot with latest updates21:26
Ian_CorneDo you also always get "offline access has been revoked for this device"?21:27
Ian_CorneMaybe it's because I sync to too many devices though21:28
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Guest78104i try again today. i have trouble updating ubuntu 13.04 (amd64). the software updater says this: Failed to download repository information Check your Internet connection22:45
Guest78104someone able to help?22:46
Guest78104this is what i get in terminal: http://pastebin.com/RjX3fXS722:49
Guest78104it is a clean install done after the kernel freeze so i presumed most bugs should be sorted out. is it possible to get some support here, or do i have to wait for the final release and download again then?22:55
jtaylorhow long have you been seeing this?22:56
jtaylorcan you open the url in a browser?22:56
Guest78104yes i tried that yester day. i has been like this since the fresh installation two days ago22:57
sithlord48im on raring kubuntu and i have broken HDMI audio with radeon driver on (amd64) it works on other kernels correctly22:58
Guest78104proof: http://pastebin.com/giXPPFnu23:00
Guest78104i have gotten many updates but there is always this error when i do a manual update23:01
jtayloryou could try a sudo rm -f /var/cache/apt/lists/*23:01
jtaylorand then apt-get update again23:02
jtaylormust leave now, bye23:03
Guest78104jtaylor: no difference23:05
Guest78104wilee-nilee: hi again. i did not follow you last tip last night as the errors there was different from mine and it was not official Ubuntu solutions23:11
wilee-nileeGuest78104, cool I forget the links I posted by now.23:13
Guest78104as i could understand it was not the right solution23:14
wilee-nileeAh the key problem, I wopuld use the actionparsnip one I have used it twice since then on a double rload of a clone.23:14
Guest78104i find this strange and frustrating. ubuntu is supposed to be solid. but when you encounter errors in something as basic as with the system update and it is so hard to find a official solution or support... hmmmm23:18
Guest78104common people like me want simple and secure solutions23:19
wilee-nileeGuest78104, You have run into a glitch that is rather uncommon, so there is no official fix, repos change keys and things can get mixed up on occasion.23:30
Guest78104hmmm, ok. ill give it a try :)23:34
wilee-nileeGuest78104, Did you catch the comment on just commenting out the repo in the sources list in #ubuntu as well.23:35
Guest78104when i run: "sudo ./fixpackage" i enter password and the cursor just blink and i can write but notting seems to happen.23:36
Guest78104it started now23:36
Guest78104the script did not help23:38
Guest78104still get the same error23:38
wilee-nileeGuest78104, Try commenting it out in the sources list open it with gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list and find that repo and put # in front of it23:39
Guest78104wilee-nilee: whywould i want to comment out official ubuntu repo?23:40
wilee-nileeGuest78104, That link is just to a key, not a update or upgrade23:42
wilee-nileeit errors out so it is not needed basically.23:43
Guest78104i dont get what line to comment out23:46
wilee-nileeGuest78104, Copy and paste the whole file to a pastebin23:46
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.23:46
hggdhanybody with nouveau getting X crashes?23:48
wilee-nileeGuest78104, I think it is the raring partner, it may not be set up pre-release. deb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu raring partner23:51
wilee-nileeI will boot to raring and take a look be right back/23:51
Guest78104ok, tnx23:51
Guest78104wilee-nilee: you are right :D23:55

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