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CKLMNhello , i want to know how i can contribute to the development10:45
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odraNobody home...19:47
odraShould I license my newly made program under GPLv3 or v2?19:48
xnoxodra: depends on the libraries you use. Some might be incompatible with v2 (e.g. apache v2) others might be incompatible with Gplv3 (e.g. lgpl v2)20:07
xnoxsorry gpl2 is incompatible with gplv3 that is.20:07
odraxnox: That sounds weird20:44
odraI thought you could use libraries with incompatible licenses20:44
odraBut you couldn't use their code in yours with an incompatible license20:44
odraGAHHHH :C20:49
odraConfigure/makefile is hard20:49
odraOr I'm dumb20:50
xnoxodra: no, you cannot link gpl library against proprietary software. Similarly you cannot link gplv2 against gplv3 project.20:53
xnoxodra: similarly one cannot link openssl to gpl applications/libraries.20:53
odraxnox: :|20:54
xnoxodra: see: https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-faq.html#WhatIsCompatible20:54
odraxnox: This20:54
odraSounds all stupid20:54
odraTo me.20:54
odraFree software that restrains programs to their licenses. The irony!20:54
xnoxodra: permissive licenses usually allow one to do anything, even relicense and make it propriatary. strong copyleft licenses (e.g. gpl) are often considered "to spread like a virus" because they force everyone to release any source modifications & to release further software as free software as well.21:34
xnoxodra: e.g. if for example that was not the case you'd see a lot of apps where "core" functionality is open-sourced, yet "mobile frontend" is proprietary pay-for-software, which would suck a lot.21:35

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