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jenenliuhi guys, I wanna to learn arm, is there some place I can go from there, such as newbie tutorial04:34
kulvejenenliu: best way to learn is to figure out a goal, something real that you want to achieve. And then start doing it. It's not really efficient to just "learn arm".05:08
jenenliukulve: thanks05:21
rnixthis documentation https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Nexus7/UsingTheDevice states under Attaching a USB Device to the Nexus 7 -> There is no way to charge the device while it is connected to the OTG cable. why?09:23
kulvewith the OTG cable the device is the USB host, so it's giving power out through the USB cable. Where would it take power in for charging?09:24
hrwrnix: grab cheap chinese powered hub, connect it to OTG and check what will happen09:27
ubot2Launchpad bug 1072320 in ubuntu-nexus7 "please consider adding OTG charging support to kernel" [High,In progress]09:27
rnixso if i build something like this -> http://www.instructables.com/files/deriv/FDR/71ZI/GINP15VZ/FDR71ZIGINP15VZ.LARGE.jpg -> and connect to a usb hub it might work?09:28
[mbm]but basically kulve is right; otg doesn't really provide a way to charge, the above is just a driver hack09:29
[mbm]rnix: yes, a combination of that and a patched driver09:30
ogra_and that driver hack makes the USB driver hardlock ... thats why we dropped it again (after testing it)09:38
[mbm]I'd be a bit scared of accidentally having both the nexus and the external power active at the same time09:40
rnixogra_: what do you mean with "makes the USB driver hardlock" ?09:49
ogra_rnix, you can charge but not use any devices09:50
ogra_which kind of defeats the purpose :)09:50
rnixhmpf, true09:51
ogra_and since that image most likely will die anyway in favour of ubuntu touch there is nobody actuvely looking into that bug09:51
[mbm]not entirely surprising when hacking the usb controller into undefined modes09:51
[mbm]they gave up on the full desktop experience?09:51
ogra_no, but the desktop will be replaced by unity next and mir09:52
ogra_which esssentially is ubuntu touch :)09:52
[mbm]long as there's an x11 compatibility layer I suppose09:53
ogra_there isnt atm09:54
rnixogra_: just to understand right -> what i want to do is connect a serial port (to write to, via /dev/ttyUSB[n]) while charging. and this is not supported and never will be?09:54
ogra_there will be once the desktop gets replaced09:54
ogra_rnix, right09:54
ogra_i wouldnbt say "never" but it isnt any priority (not even low)09:54
[mbm]rnix: officially, when your device is controlling a perhiperal (like your serial dongle) it's in usb host mode and is supplying +5v out of the usb port09:55
ogra_ubuntu touch uses adb all over the place so even serial support is questionable09:55
[mbm]rnix: to do charging you have to hack the usb driver not to switch on the 5v output and instead take 5v as a charge input09:55
rnixogra_: well, it already works if i connect my serial adapter to the otg cable09:56
rnixbut without charging09:56
ogra_yes it works in this image ...09:56
ogra_it wont/doesnt work in ubuntu touch09:56
ogra_since the gadget is claimed by adb so you cant load the serial gadget driver in parallel09:57
rnixok, and ubuntu touch will replace the patced 13.04 image for n7 in future?09:57
[mbm](hacking the usb driver, as described above makes it prone to crashing)09:57
ogra_rnix, most likely ... it isnt decided yet09:58
ogra_we need *one* classic desktop image to test apps on until the desktop did get replaced09:58
ogra_its not clear if that will just be the pandaboard image or probably the nexus7 one09:58
ogra_but given that we dont want to maintain two n7 kernels and given that they need to differ between the two images its likely to go away if it turns out we cant use the same kernel on both images09:59
rnixfinally all i can do is either use a bluetooth or wireless bright to my bus or hack the hardware with an external power supply instead of battery. latter one makes the ose of a tablet obsolete...10:06
ogra_you could use your own patched kernel (and fix the issue alongside)10:07
draskohi all. Login takes time as wifi interface is not up correctly. It is defined as dhcp, but I have an ipression that udhcpc is not started. How to verify this?10:07
draskohi all. Login takes time as wifi interface is not up correctly. It is defined as dhcp, but I have an ipression that udhcpc is not started. How to verify this?10:13
ubot2Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:15
ubot2Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/10:15
rnix..oO(  same in every tech channel ;)  )..10:19
darkfaderactually, look at the list of open bugs instead10:19
darkfadersame with every oss project ;)10:20
rnixwould it be possible to load via docking station while using micro usb to write?11:16
* ogra_ has never seen an n7 docking station ... 11:16
ogra_i would assume not though ... it will likely claim the usb port for charging11:16
rnixwell, that's what i fear as well - xor usage11:18
ogra_it wont change the kernel or driver ... so it will likely do the same ...11:19
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