CKLMNhello , i want to learn how i can contribute to the development10:37
cars10hi. ask in german or english?12:47
cars10I need advise on upgrading ubuntu.12:47
coalwatercars10: well english would probably help more people understand12:48
cars10I currently run ubuntu 10.10 with encrypted hd12:48
cars10and from terrible past experience (suse in the 90s)12:48
cars10I don't dare upgrading my ubuntu to 1212:48
cars10should I just upgrade and quit wining like a bitch or is it better to backup EVERYTHING12:49
coalwaterur worried ur data would become unreadable ?12:49
geirhaupgrading from 10.10 is long overdue12:49
cars10I do know that12:49
cars10it doesn't change the fact that it hasn't been done yet12:50
geirhait'll also be a long upgrade. you have to upgrade 10.10 -> 11.04 -> 11.10 -> 12.0412:50
cars10thanks you. that is good to know.12:50
cars10so there is no way I can go straight to 12.0412:50
geirhafrom 10.04 you can go straight to 12.0412:51
geirhabecause 10.04 and 12.04 are LTS (long term support) releases12:51
geirhaand from 12.04 you can upgrade directly to 14.04 when it comes out12:51
cars10by "long" you mean it would be smarter to backup all stuff and just start a fresh install,right?12:52
geirhaWhether it's smarter or not, I have no answer, but fresh install will probably be faster overall. It's up to you.12:53
cars10ok. thank you very much for your support.12:53
coalwatercars10: is the data too big to be backed up ?12:53
cars10that is the problem12:53
cars10a few TB of VMs12:54
geirhaThen it might be faster to upgrade after all :)12:54
cars10hehehe,maybe. but as everything is encrypted i am not convinced of that really.12:55
cars10does upgrading an encrypted machine take "much" longer?12:55
coalwaterhow about u try to install a new ubuntu on a small drive, and try to mount the old home without deleting the old ubuntu12:55
geirhaDepends on what's encrypted12:55
geirhaIf it's only the homedirs, then it shouldn't have an impact12:56
cars10nope. each and every HD is12:56
geirhaEven / ?12:56
isiahi didnt even know you could encrypt /12:56
cars10it has this12:56
cars10decrypt thing on boot12:57
cars10i did not crypt folders12:57
cars10just the entire HD as prompted on install some years back12:57
coalwateri'd still try mounting it on a live cd or another installation, just out of curiousity lol12:59
cars10i am expecting the upgrade to fail because of the full disk encryption13:00
cars10thanks though.13:07
murxlauscan i ask some question about ubdev-killing-events troubleshooting13:40
murxlausi having a ubdev-killing event on startup and want to find out which module is causing the problem13:42
murxlauscan somebody give me an addvice what i can do?13:42
philinuxmurxlaus: you might do better on #ubuntu chanel14:08
murxlausok thank.14:10
Phryqhey, you know how windows becomes 'buggy' when you install too much crap? Can the same happen with Ubuntu?16:40
PhryqBecause both my browsers, firefox and chromium, keep crashing when I try to use youtube16:41
Phryqmaybe I should uninstall some junk?16:41
Phryqmaybe I should get rid of anything not from the official repos?16:42
CaliMachey everyone23:25
CaliMacDo i have to have USB drive formatted FAT16 to install 12.10 from a dual boot hackintosh23:26
isiah_CaliMac: I very much doubt it23:39
isiah_what are you trying to do exactly?23:39
CaliMaci am trying to create a usb drive installer of 12.10 ubuntu desktop x64 so i cna load it onto a seperate hard drive and dual boot my hackintosh running 10.6.8 and ubuntu23:45
CaliMacOk, that is a great straightforward fix. ill try it NOW.23:46
isiah_I get the feeling I just missed something.23:46
CaliMacI have not been on IRC since highschool in the 90's.  I typed into another channel by accident23:47
isiah_what was the solution?23:47
CaliMacim going to use disk utility to restore the installer to the thumb drive23:48
isiah_just wondering if it would be possible to run your mac os in a VM on top of ubuntu23:49
CaliMacdisk utility grey's out the iso and will only let me restore a .dmg file23:49
isiah_what program are you using?23:50
CaliMac mac osx disk utility.  i am googling it now23:52

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