dholbachgood morning05:58
Tm_Tbkerensa pointed out in G+ that this "spring cleaning" removed community from top menu, http://design.canonical.com/2013/04/spring-cleaning-ubuntu-com/06:49
bkerensaTm_T: kind of ridiculous06:51
Tm_Tbkerensa: we're still in the footer though06:54
Tm_Talmost easy to find in that theming and so on06:54
czajkowskithe design team did do usability testing with members of the community for that site folks07:07
czajkowskiit of course may be a mistake but be nice to not jump to it was removed without any reason first and foremost.07:08
Tm_Tczajkowski: well I see it as part of the whole transition to be more product focused07:18
Tm_Tand it makes sense in some level07:18
czajkowskiTm_T: it does really and you know they did post the fact they did it via usabiility testing07:20
czajkowskiand explain wht types of people they used07:20
czajkowskijusay jms first people do and nice an easier to navigate07:21
czajkowskigah god damn lag07:22
Tm_Theheh, I just fought 15 minutes with really laggy wlan (:07:30
czajkowskipleia2: bkerensa I've asked the writer of the post to add additional information to the blog post08:32
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czajkowski35 new projects registered on LP since last night.08:42
czajkowskiwonder how many lenses will be there today08:42
czajkowski14 so far david calle creates a lot of unusal ones :)08:43
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philipballewsmartboyhw, nice to see you realized leaving was a bad idea.10:05
smartboyhwphilipballew, what?10:06
philipballewsmartboyhw, you left and came back10:07
smartboyhwphilipballew, internet connection:(10:07
philipballewsmartboyhw, I am sorry10:07
philipballewsmartboyhw, are you sending a post card for my Ubuntu community project?10:30
czajkowskiphilipballew: get mine yet?10:33
philipballewczajkowski, I got yours from Ireland yesterday. I got one other from someone in your loco as well.10:34
philipballewThank you.10:34
Tm_Tthank you for showing again why I love this community (:10:34
Tm_Tbecause we're family10:35
czajkowskiphilipballew: ah from airuando10:35
philipballewTm_T, I agree. As a community we need to be a family who not only works together but looks out for each other. We need to help our fellow community members when they out in need, or can use our help.10:36
philipballewThey will know we are a community by our actions and not by our words10:37
philipballewTm_T, So where in this great earth do you live?10:37
Tm_Tphilipballew: where the spring looks like this: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-XRzEQlfyTt0/UWkPcKPyl9I/AAAAAAAAATs/W-z19JtgOCs/s1437/2013+-+110:44
philipballewTm_T, wanna trade for a while? Here is my winter: http://www.pointloma.edu/sites/default/files/imagecache/landing2_1col_banner/landing2_banner/goodwin.jpg10:44
Tm_Tno thanks, too much sun for my liking10:44
Tm_Teastern Finland is where I'm at10:44
philipballewTm_T, me to sometimes. San Diego is where I am at.10:44
philipballewIts between LA and Mexico.10:44
philipballewI need to come to check out all these cool places in Europe sooner or later.10:44
smartboyhwphilipballew, sorry no:P10:59
philipballewsmartboyhw, its cool!11:07
smartboyhwphilipballew, no money:P11:07
philipballewme either11:07
philipballewczajkowski, question. Would you prefer to work on the slides your Friday morning or evening?11:13
philipballewI can do the early evening for you, but have to go to Mexico in the evening and will not be able to work on them there.11:14
czajkowskiphilipballew: either or, I'll also be around all weekend11:14
philipballewczajkowski, alright, I will as well.11:14
philipballewI'll be sleeping a lot Thursday/Friday morning, been up the past few days, but should be good to go by then hopefully.11:15
czajkowskidpm: did you get sorted with your question last week about Raring or S ?11:32
dpmhi czajkowski, which question was it? I exchanged a couple of e-mails with LP devs, but I think it was something else11:37
czajkowskidpm: not sure was on  holidays so wondered was it opening up something for S or getting ready for R11:38
czajkowskiI said poke wgrant or stevenk11:38
dpmczajkowski, ah, I remember what it was: it was about setting up translation exports as part of the process of opening a new release. So yes, I talked about it with wgrant already, thanks!11:41
czajkowskiokie just following up on things :)11:41
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coolbhavidpm, hey14:21
dpmhey coolbhavi, how are you doing?14:21
coolbhavidpm, m fine... how about you? Just a quick q... how does ubuntu do translation ranking?14:22
coolbhaviin general?14:22
dpmcoolbhavi, I had a script that did it, and then I replaced it by a django app, but currently it's down, as we need some data from Launchpad which we're no longer getting. The HTML page that was the output of the original script is still up, though -> http://people.canonical.com/~dpm/stats/ubuntu-12.10-translation-stats.html14:24
dpmThe link at the bottom explains in detail how the stats are calculated14:24
dpmand ranking is calculated from the stats14:24
coolbhaviok thanks!14:25
dholbachjono, http://daniel.holba.ch/blog/2013/04/community-on-ubuntu-dot-com/15:55
jonothanks dholbachq15:56
dholbachno worries jonoq15:56
smartboyhwdholbach, :O15:57
* dholbach hugs you all15:57
czajkowskidholbach: nice post15:57
czajkowskiI poked her first thing this morning to get her to reply to the original posting as there seemed to be a bit of sky is falling reaction to it15:57
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philipballewjono, I'm giving away a few copies of your book this week in Mexico. Figured you'd like to know!16:26
dholbachI think it might be time for me to head out into the park to catch the last rays of sun16:30
dholbach11 smartboyhw, better?16:30
czajkowskidholbach: enjoy16:32
czajkowskidholbach: taking the dog for a walk16:32
dholbachyeah, sit down for a bit, read a little, do something boring for a change :)16:32
czajkowskidholbach: sounds like heaven save me a spot!16:32
czajkowskitake a picture and show us tomorrow16:33
SergioMeneseshi everybody!16:34
dholbachczajkowski, on crowded days when there's a party it's like this: http://s3.unlike.net/photos/0072/9436/3712870677_78575ed1c3_b_285x180.jpg?1334332021 - but I expect more something like this: http://www.berlin.de/binaries/asset/image_assets/1710636/source/1311666708/418x316/16:34
czajkowskidholbach: wow16:35
dholbachI won't take a camera, so this will have to do :)16:35
czajkowskihttp://www.openstack.org/home/Video/  mark will be doign a live demo later16:35
dholbachsee you :)16:35
philipballewThe dream of the 90's in alive in Portland.16:36
jonophilipballew, awesome, thanks so much!16:36
philipballewjono, sweet!16:36
czajkowskiwow that is some *unusal* hair do16:36
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jonomhall119, hey23:24
jonowho is that guy who runs the web team again?23:24
jonomhall119, ahhh, PEter23:26

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