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* snwh breaks the silence16:46
* jedidiah puts it back together again.16:51
mptLock when idle. Lock on sleep. Sleep locks immediately.16:59
mptSleep when idle.16:59
mptThis is like "/!\ The display will turn off before the screensaver activates." all over again.16:59
snwhyou forgot sleep on idle17:06
mptWhat's the difference between "sleep on idle" and "Sleep when idle"? :-)17:06
snwhI was kidding :P17:08
mptA shame English doesn't have a common simple word for "inhibit"17:11
xnoxmpt: do you mean suspend or hybernate? big difference between the two inhibit methods on UNIX......17:12
mptxnox, neither17:13
mptxnox, the equivalent of "Lock Screen"17:14
xnoxmpt: on the technical side of things it's actually same as switching to a different user account. Since just like a logged in user it has indicators/launcher/apps/"live wallpaper with information".17:15
mpt"Shorter times are more secure. Phone won’t lock during calls or video playback.”17:15
xnoxwhy not.17:15
mptxnox, yeah, the equivalent of "Lock Screen", not the equivalent of "Switch User Account…"17:16
xnoxyou can totally keep the phone call / video playback active, yet require to unlock after one exits.17:16
mptE.g. if you're playing music and you lock the phone, the music should keep playing.17:16
xnoxsimilarly one shouldn't require to unlock the phone to play public youtube video or to answer a call.17:16
mptThat's a separate problem. :-)17:16
xnoxthus after exiting the phone call, you may see the lock screen =)17:17
* xnox likes screen turning off during the call though.17:18
* snwh doesn't like screen *locking* during a call17:18
mptYes, but that isn't the same as locking either...17:18
xnoxand when the screen is off it's hard to tell if it's "locked or off or something else"17:18
mptTo find out, just take it away from your ear17:19
snwhpresumably the screen turns off during a call due to the proximity sensor17:19
xnoxsnwh: sure but turning off screen based on the proximity/ambience sensor during the call saves piles of battery.17:19
snwhnot debating that17:19
xnoxmpt: you clearly don't talk on the phone in nightclubs / at night =) it didn't always work on iPhone 3gs requiring me to press the lock button to "wake it up"17:20
snwhsometimes i've made a call via the speaker and still used the phone for other things, so the screen isnt off in that case17:20
xnoxsnwh: hmm... yeah and not locked either....17:20
snwhit could go off if idle+during call17:21
snwhshould implement a "slam-to-end-call" so you can hang up your phone like the old days –using the proximity/accelerometer– "Smack your phone face-down on the table to end a call." :P17:23
snwhcause hanging up violently has been lost17:23
xnoxyeah, some phone did go silent if you flip it (accelerometor or something)17:24
* snwh isn't serious :)17:25
* xnox is MUAHAHAH17:25
* xnox off to code that feature17:25
xnoxsnwh: the problem with open source is feature creep, but worse off working implementations of feature creep =)17:25
snwhit wouldn't be a feature that would be popular, as slamming your $600 phone isn't ideal :)17:26
snwhthat would be hard on the colon17:26
mptJust posted "Security & Privacy" wireframes (no spec text yet): https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityAndPrivacySettings#Phone18:02
snwhin terms of lock, I've always liked a pattern lock akin to Android18:04
xnoxsnwh: used to be useless as it used to auto-unlock upon completing the sequence without requiring one to lift the finger, thus one could brute-force by only trying all the 9 spots combinations sans jumps which was less than 4 digit pin.20:00
xnoxand smudges on the screen give it away even quicker =)20:00
xnoxiphone is more annoying, even with lock it pushes private sms & email on to the lock screen =(20:01
xnoxidealy i'd like to pin protect OTP generator20:04
snwhxnox, what? the combinations for a non-jump 9 point pattern are far higher than range of possibilities for a 4 digit pin21:03
snwhwell for a lock screen I'm talking, not the sim lock pin21:03
xnoxsnwh: i'll have to calculate again..... you are quite right.21:32

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