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pittiGood morning03:44
creftoshey so I'm having issues seeing local java applets in my web browsers. It says that my security settings don't allow me to see them. How do I fix this?05:18
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jibelgood morning07:02
czajkowskigood start to tje day. machine refises to boot up and goes into grub menu07:04
czajkowskihmmI seem to have some wrongly spelled quantal packages also causing issue http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5715247/07:10
* didrocks jibel merci d'avoir regardé pour le CDU, ça aurait pris à jcollado la matinée pour voir que c'était ça, et pas leur utilisation de cobbler, etc.07:18
didrocksczajkowski: fresh install or upgrade?07:18
czajkowskididrocks: been running raring for the last 2 months07:21
czajkowskidid and update last night and shut down the machine and couldn't boot it up this morning07:21
didrocksczajkowski: did you look at what you upgraded yesterday?07:21
didrocksczajkowski: like apt logs07:21
czajkowskididrocks: in theory I did but it was close to 12when I did the update. it'd been working fine and was only a small update :/07:22
czajkowskiso cant say what for sure07:22
didrocksczajkowski: I guess you tried different kernels?07:23
czajkowskiI went to the first one down for recovery and was then able to reboot it07:24
seb128hey desktopers07:24
seb128hey didrocks czajkowski07:24
didrocksczajkowski: maybe something for #ubuntu-kernel then?07:24
czajkowskiseb128: ello ello07:24
didrockssalut seb12807:24
czajkowskididrocks: yeah just about to do another reboot here and then join07:24
czajkowskiother than that I do love raring07:24
czajkowskiexcept that annoying red triangle that appears and tells me I've updates, when I don't07:25
czajkowskibut it's pretty reponsve and pretty :)07:25
didrocksseb128: how is your cold?07:25
seb128didrocks, slightly better I think, but always hard to say in the morning, waiting a bit to be sure ;-)07:26
didrocksseb128: take some honey :)07:26
seb128but I had a good night, went to bed at like 23:45 and slept until 8:4007:26
seb128didrocks, yeah :)07:26
didrockswaow, long night :)07:27
seb128indeed, that was needed to fight the cold it seems07:27
didrocksheh ;)07:28
seb128didrocks, and you, how are you today?07:28
didrocksseb128: better than UTAH/the datacenter07:28
didrocksseb128: the CDU (switch to reboot the machines) seem to be dead07:28
seb128oh, not cool07:28
seb128so need to wait for the U.S to wake up?07:28
didrocksso nothing can work until someone is getting in place07:28
didrocksbut in addition to that, the only guy who can get there is next to where the bombing was07:29
didrocksand apparently, he couldn't drive yesterday07:29
seb128wouldn't be murphy's law if that was not the case...07:29
didrocksas we are close to finale freeze…07:30
seb128the universe doesn't want the swirl to turn in the right direction :p07:30
czajkowskiseb128: didrocks when I start up I'm brought to http://ubuntuone.com/1REKSBU0jU7XITkpfBK0RQ  is that a -desktop or a -kernel issue?07:30
didrocksseb128: hehe, it seems so07:31
seb128czajkowski, option c), -foundation, #ubuntu-devel07:31
seb128it's a cjwatson type of issue07:31
czajkowskiahh good07:31
czajkowskihe pokes re lp enough it's only fair :)07:32
czajkowskialso reboot doesn't work :/07:32
czajkowskijust hangs07:32
seb128but you usually get that menu if the previous boot didn't success07:32
czajkowskiwell it hung on restart so had to power it down manually.07:32
seb128did you try booting an old kernel?07:36
seb128(sorry just joined in the middle of the discussion)07:36
didrocks09:23:13   didrocks | czajkowski: I guess you tried different kernels?07:37
didrocks09:24:09 czajkowski | I went to the first one down for recovery and was then able to reboot it07:37
didrocksseb128: ^07:37
seb128czajkowski, ok, so it's normal you get the grub menu07:37
seb128that's because you had a boot that didn't go through07:37
seb128it's to help the users who don't know how to display the grub menu07:38
seb128so talk to -kernel I guess07:38
seb128seems like a bug in the most recent kernel07:38
didrocks09:24:36   didrocks | czajkowski: maybe something for #ubuntu-kernel then?07:38
didrockscoherent speech at least on #ubuntu-desktop! :-)07:39
* didrocks hugs seb12807:39
* czajkowski hugs didrocks and seb128 thanks folks 07:39
didrocksyw czajkowski ;)07:39
* seb128 hugs didrocks czajkowski07:39
czajkowskiwith 8 days to go, it'd be nice if it just did waht it was doing all along and just work :)07:40
seb128czajkowski, when was your previous update/reboot before that one?07:42
seb128I don't think we got a kernel upload this week07:42
seb128so that's a bit weird07:42
czajkowskiseb128: last night was the last round of updates I did and just shut it down as it didnt ask for a reboot and then this morning it went a bit  nuts07:43
czajkowskibut now I know how to get around it and online it's ok07:43
veebersdidrocks: ping07:45
didrocksveebers: pong07:45
veebersdidrocks: hello o/ FYI (i've also emailed you :-) ) there appears to be a recurring issue with Utah that is effecting the daily release jobs (as well as others)07:45
didrocksveebers: hem, see #qa, I've already had a look this morning seeing no email and failing jobs :)07:46
didrocksveebers: the CDU is dead, there was nobody in the US time being able to look at it (from #qa)?07:46
czajkowskididrocks: seb128 one final question, any idea why it's pulling in incorrectly named quantal packages, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5715247/  don't mind the book one at the end07:46
pittibonjour seb12807:46
didrocksveebers: as it seems we are now bound to wait something in lexigton to wake up07:46
veebersdidrocks: oh d'oh my bad, I didn't see that.07:46
didrocks As noted in the bug we've observed the install working as expected (including the reboot) but still get this error reported back.07:47
didrocksoh? really?07:47
didrocksnot what jibel saw ^07:47
didrocksjibel: bug #116985107:47
ubot2Launchpad bug 1169851 in UTAH "Timeout for System Started " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116985107:47
seb128pitti, salut, ca va ?07:47
pittiseb128: ça va bien ! mieux que NetworkManager :)07:48
seb128czajkowski, grep thebookofgimp /etc/apt/* -r ?07:48
veebersdidrocks: That was yesterday when thomi experienced the same/similar bug. So that might not be 99% accurate now07:48
seb128pitti, tu as cassé network-manager?07:48
czajkowskiseb128: the book is just one of the commercial apps I test that I've had a refund on07:48
veebershmm, looks like my internet is lagging too :-P07:48
pittiseb128: oui, avec des nouvelles tests :)07:48
robrudidrocks, hey07:49
seb128czajkowski, well, it seems like the repository for it changed or something07:49
didrocksveebers: maybe it was once, as jean-bapstiste did retry manually to reboot07:49
didrockshey robru!07:49
thomiveebers: didrocks, it still happened, as of a few hours ago07:49
pittiseb128: (nouveaux?)07:49
seb128pitti, nouveaux07:49
seb128un test07:49
pittialors masculine07:49
seb128oui ;-)07:49
robrudidrocks, I should inform you, I am off friday for a wedding (and also leaving early thursday). so wednesday is my only day to get some autolanding stuff done07:49
veebersthomi: ah, you'll see that I fired off and email except didrocks was already onto it07:49
robrudidrocks, but I'm really struggling with it :-/07:49
jibelveebers, morning, that's the problem with the CDU07:49
thomisounds like I owe didrocks a beer :)07:50
didrocksthomi: not fixed, and direct the beer to jibel :)07:50
didrocksrobru: oh? did you try to ask other for helps? Especially upstream as they know qml…07:50
veebersjibel: ah ok. I'll alter the bug and mark it as invalid. Sorry for the extra email :-\07:50
didrocksrobru: if you are just waiting for me, yeah, loosing a day everytime to force and back, not handy…07:50
jibelveebers, UTAH times out because fence_cdu failed to contact the power device07:50
veebersjibel: ah I see. makes sense07:51
didrocksrobru: so you should investigate and try to look at what it is yourself, and not wait :p (sorry, but this is way more important than friends as a priority, what I told since a month and half :/)07:51
tkamppetermlankhorst, I have added comments with my results (and a patch) to the bugs about the touch click problem.07:51
robrudidrocks, I haven't asked much from cyphermox or mterry, no. just some ps guys like gusch and jhodapp. usually they're good but still many problems plague me...07:51
didrocksrobru: it's the import right? you don't reproduce this issue in a pbuilder?07:52
robrudidrocks, well I haven't tried a pbuilder for a couple days so I don't remember exactly, but for the most part I'm not usually able to run these at all locally, I am just relying on jenkins to test build for me. that's obviously very slow, long delay in the feedback loop07:52
didrocksrobru: indeed, I think focusing on why it's not running locally for you should be #1 as you will need it at any further point07:53
didrocksrobru: and a pbuilder to setup it not that complex, even with a ppa07:53
didrocksrobru: ok, one sec, grabbing the branch07:53
didrocksrobru: does upstream ack that we can have those tests run during package build?07:54
didrocksin a chroot07:54
robrudidrocks, are we talking about camera-app? gusch just said right there that it should run, didn't he? talking about the deps.07:54
didrocksrobru: I didn't see him talking that the tests runs without a X display07:55
robrudidrocks, oh, that I don't know07:55
didrocksrobru: you should have asked many moons ago IMHO :)07:55
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* didrocks tries to build in his pbuilder, now that he added the ppa07:56
robrudidrocks, before 1hr ago I didn't even know that headless was even a concern.07:56
didrocksrobru: I think you really should focus less on friends, which is not our team's priority, and more on packaging/integration, and how things are built (even the basics) as it's our main job07:56
robrudidrocks, so I can build camera-app, and it can even install, but it still complains about libhud. I have that package installed from the PPA, i have no idea what's going on here.07:57
didrocksrobru: oh, so you mean different issues than the pbuilder one? or the same?07:58
didrocks(complaining about import?)07:58
robruyeah, it can't import HUD07:58
didrocksah, so this is different07:58
didrocksHUD 1 vs 2 issue?07:58
robrudidrocks, I guess so.07:59
didrocksrobru: so, that's a different issue, mterry and cyphermox saw that, and indeed, ted moved to HUD 2 and the apps are still using HUD 1. mterry and cyphermox ported some apps to HUD 207:59
robrudidrocks, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5715338/ they both look like 0.1 to me, but it can't find itself07:59
didrocksrobru: did you look what version libhud-qt installed?08:00
robrudidrocks, same, 0.108:00
seb128Laney, good morning!08:05
desrtgood morning, all08:10
seb128desrt, hey, how are you?08:11
desrti'm awesome08:11
seb128desrt, when do you fly to the gtk hackfest?08:11
desrtthe accountsservice stuff is almost done now, btw08:12
desrtthe ICE trains in this country are awesome for getting hacking done on08:12
seb128nice seats and power ? ;-)08:12
desrtit's already storing values properly -- just need to add some polkit now08:12
desrtand tables08:12
desrteven in 2nd class08:12
seb128mvo, hey08:13
mvohey seb12808:13
seb128mvo, wie gehts?08:13
* desrt is nearby mvo (ish)08:13
mvogut, danke! nice weather for a start :)08:13
mvodesrt: near as in "europe" or near as in really near ;) ?08:13
desrtaka: my favourite place on earth08:14
seb128mvo, quick question for you, when you update update-notifier translations, is that by asking a po export to launchpad and copying those over in the po dir? or is there a smarter/vcs integrated way?08:15
mvodesrt: haha, just a stop-over?08:16
mvoseb128: I don't think I have a smarter way for u-n, I did do some LP i18n export branches but iirc not for u-n08:17
seb128mvo, ok, good enough, I master the rename and cp commands :p08:17
seb128mvo, danke08:17
mvoyour welcome08:17
seb128mvo, how is uni? having fun there?08:21
mvoyeah, its not bad. currently a bit crowded, term just started08:21
seb128packed with young and crazy students? ;-)08:22
seb128they are not getting on your nerves too much? :p08:22
desrtmvo: no.  departing from here.08:23
desrtmvo: took the train in from nüenburg08:23
mvoseb128: no, its fun, they are keen to try out new stuff08:23
mvodesrt: did you visit suse^Wnovel^Wwhats-it-called-today?08:24
desrtmvo: yes08:29
pittihmm, le pain noir est prêt09:24
pittididrocks: ^ c'est encore le vrai pain !09:25
didrockspitti: pfffff09:25
* didrocks doesn't want to speak to pitti anymore, it's not Friday! No trolling :p09:25
* pitti donne une accolade à didrocks09:26
pittididrocks: SCNR :)09:26
* didrocks hugs pitti back09:27
GunnarHjseb128: ping09:44
seb128GunnarHj, hey09:44
GunnarHjseb128: Hello Seb! Any chance that you can add a couple of lines to my PPU application?09:44
seb128GunnarHj, oh, right, sure, will do09:48
seb128it's still on my todo but I didn't get to it yet09:48
GunnarHjseb128: Thanks! I don't know; maybe the endorsements by Laney and pitti are sufficient, but they ask for at least 3...09:51
seb128GunnarHj, I will add one, no worry, when is the meeting?09:52
GunnarHjseb128: Monday09:52
seb128ok, good09:52
seb128will have it done today, that should be fine09:52
GunnarHjseb128: Great, thanks again. :)09:52
darkxstGunnarHj, I take it nothing ever happened with upstreaming g-c-c region stuff? we really need something for ubuntu gnome10:04
chrisccoulsonthat's better10:45
seb128chrisccoulson, what?10:47
chrisccoulsonseb128, my connection has been slow all morning10:47
chrisccoulsonjust rebooted my openreach modem and it seems to have fixed it10:47
chrisccoulsonwas getting less than 1MB/s!10:48
chrisccoulsonit's back up to 75MB/s now though10:48
Nafallowhat time do mterry usually arrive? :-)10:51
GunnarHjdarkxst: We have added a patch to g-c-c that ought to make region fully functional in Ubuntu GNOME.10:56
darkxstGunnarHj, yes I reworked your patch10:56
GunnarHjdarkxst: Ok?10:56
darkxstGunnarHj, but we have no way to install language packs10:56
GunnarHjdarkxst: True. That's why language-selector is still in use in Ubuntu instead of Region & Language.10:57
darkxstGunnarHj, and its kind of a mess really, for example why patch accountservives to use language "en_US" instead of what gnome uses?10:58
GunnarHjdarkxst: Because it's Ubuntu. language-selector is still the Ubuntu UI, there is a language chooser in lightdm-gtk-greeter, language-selector will be used by Xubuntu and Lubuntu also when Ubuntu standard has switched to region...  accountsservice carries code that is shared by all those.11:01
GunnarHjdarkxst: Now it's possible to just switch from language-selector to region and back without problem.11:03
darkxstGunnarHj, its took quite some work to get those patches back in order, but I think they are ok now11:04
GunnarHjdarkxst: Back in order? Maybe I'd better take a look? ;-)11:05
darkxstGunnarHj, sure, quite some code moved in to gnome-desktop11:05
GunnarHjdarkxst: Are you using separate versions of some packages in Ubuntu GNOME 13.04?11:06
darkxstGunnarHj, 3.811:06
seb128dpm, hey, do you know how the ubuntu-docs template is updated by any chance?11:06
GunnarHjdarkxst: Aha, that explains a lot...11:07
darkxstGunnarHj, see gnome-desktop package on gnome3 ppa, and g-c-c on staging11:07
GunnarHjdarkxst: Thanks for the tip; will take a look.11:08
seb128I can see GNOME 3.8 taking a loooong time to land in Ubuntu :p11:08
dpmhi seb128, the docs team have got a script to do it, I think, there was an e-mail on ubuntu-doc recently explaining the process. Let me see if I can find it11:08
darkxstseb128, if that happens, what on earth will we do?11:09
seb128darkxst, "we"?11:09
darkxstalthough I do agree there are lots of invasive changes in there11:09
darkxstubuntu GNOME11:09
seb128darkxst, keep using our working versions?11:09
darkxstlol, we can't do a 3rd release with 3.611:09
GunnarHjdarkxst: Without having seen it, I get a feeling that Ubuntu GNOME need to make a choice. Ubuntu or GNOME. ;-)=11:10
seb128darkxst, is ubuntu GNOME mission to ship the latest crack even if it's broken, or to ship a good usable GNOME?11:10
ogra_what a question ...11:10
ogra_latest crack indeed !11:10
darkxstseb128, usable GNOME (except for staging ppa)11:10
seb128darkxst, ok, so help to get those issues sorted out, even if it takes yet another cycle...11:11
dpmseb128, hm. I don't know how the docs team updates the template. Here's the process of doing an upload with translations, but it does not describe how to update the template: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-doc/2013-April/017219.html.11:13
dpmThere is old info on how to build it, but I don't think it's up-to-date (I believe they're not using xml2po anymore): https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/Translation11:13
seb128dpm, thanks11:14
seb128dpm, https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-doc/2013-April/017178.html suggests "make pot"11:15
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dpmah, nice11:16
seb128dpm, shrug11:17
seb128dpm, what is less nice is that the template we have is outdated by ~1700 strings11:17
seb128dpm, the yelp start page gives me a "what's new in 12.10" in fr here11:18
* seb128 uploads an updated template11:18
darkxstseb128, yes that is half the reason I am looking into this11:22
darkxstbut our users want 3.8 now, not in a years time!11:23
seb128users want everything, they want perfect software for yesterday without helping or paying anything ;-)11:23
ogra_you expect that you will need two release cycles to fix it ?11:23
seb128ogra_, well 3.8 is out, if we miss 13.10 that will be a year after their release that it goes in an Ubuntu release11:24
seb128we will update gtk and apps for sure11:25
seb128the tricky bits are gnome-settings-daemon/gnome-control-center11:25
* ogra_ votes for dropping the latter ... (until they allow me smaller fonts again !)11:25
ogra_(yeah yeah, i know its not friday :P )11:26
darkxstseb128, yes I am well aware of that, there is also the logind stuff but I guess that is going to land in S?11:27
seb128yes, logind is mostly sorted11:27
seb128it was almost ready to land for R, will land early S11:28
darkxstseb128, so really the worst bit is g-s-d then? since ubuntu could just keep using language-selector for g-c-c (and the other custom panels such as background)11:30
seb128darkxst, g-c-c is problematic, they made extra changes that should make harder to have standalone panels from what I saw ... was that fixed in the ppa?11:31
seb128darkxst, we also have other patches that will need rebasing, or we need to fork more panels (like to add unity launcher controls to the display panel)11:32
darkxstoh right, yes dynamic panel are gone/broken11:32
darkxst^dynamically loaded11:32
seb128so you guys didn't fix that in the ppa?11:32
seb128well, I guess that's going to be on the blocker list11:33
darkxstno, not really a priority11:33
seb128we will need to see how many blockers there are like that11:33
seb128and see what we can do with the resources we have11:33
seb128but I foresee that g-c-c 3.8 will not be an easy one11:33
darkxstseb128, pretty sure you could still add custom panels at build time, this more effects like desktop files showing up in g-c-c11:34
seb128well, that would requiring merging the sources?11:35
darkxstmaybe just a small patch to check XDG_DESKTOP?11:37
darkxstI believe it was removed because they has issues scanning the .desktop files11:38
dpmseb128, hm, that's a bit strange. Generally the docs team are good in terms of updating the template. I know bkerensa did an upload of ubuntu docs with translations very recently, and so if I understand it correctly, and if the template wasn't up to date, essentially he re-uploaded old translations11:39
seb128dpm, it seems like he did...11:39
seb128darkxst, no, they changed the build to statically link panels into the g-c-c binary to improve start time11:40
seb128dpm, in any case the current templace has "What's new in Ubuntu 12.10?" in it11:41
darkxstyes, but it was because it took too long to scan the .desktop files, atleast that is what I thought11:41
seb128dpm, after running make pot mine has 13.0411:41
seb128darkxst, well, whatever the reason that makes much harder to load our external panels11:41
seb128so we need to sort that out11:41
dpmseb128, let me send an e-mail to the docs team mailing list11:42
seb128dpm, about what?11:42
dpmabout them updating the template in LP11:42
seb128dpm, I'm doing it11:42
dpmseb128, ok, cool, thanks11:43
seb128dpm, I will email translators/doc lists once the upload is done11:44
darkxstseb128, ok11:46
darkxstseb128, maybe I can follow that up with hadess and rtcm11:48
seb128what follow up?11:48
darkxstan easier way to load external panels11:50
seb128you can try, good luck11:51
seb128there has been several discussions on the upstream list about that11:51
seb128they just don't approve of external panels and don't want to support the usecase11:52
seb128they want to control the design and the user experience and to have things done upstream or not11:52
darkxsthmm right11:57
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ricotzseb128, the panels are statically linked to one g-c-c binary12:05
GunnarHjdarkxst: Had a look, and get the idea.12:05
ricotzseb128, reverting that would be quite some patching and i wouldnt recommend that :\12:06
ricotzseb128, i just added a patch for the ubuntu-online-account integration12:06
GunnarHjdarkxst: Didn't you patch gnome-languages.c instead of gdm-languages.c?12:06
ricotzseb128, which is quite invasive due it is written in vala12:06
GunnarHjdarkxst: (The forwards, as you mentioned, haven't made it into GNOME yet.)12:07
seb128ricotz, what would you recommend doing instead of reverting?12:09
ricotzseb128, adding patches for custom panels12:10
seb128Laney, can you approve http://launchpadlibrarian.net/137618272/ubuntu-docs_13.04.2_source.changes for me? I want to email translators/documentation team about it but I need it in and imported first12:10
ricotzseb128, or maintain a separate app for ubuntu specific settings12:10
seb128ricotz, what would the patches do?12:10
seb128ricotz, we don't plan to have 2 system settings app, that would be ridiculous12:10
ricotzseb128, adding the actual panel to be statically linked like the upstream ones12:11
seb128like merge them in the same source?12:11
ricotzseb128, the mentioned panel is credentials_panel.patch12:13
ricotzseb128, maintaining them in a separate git branch would be quite clean imo12:14
seb128ricotz, none of those are maintained in git to start12:15
seb128ricotz, then I don't want to merge activity-log-manager and ubuntu-online-account and indicator-datetime and old appaerance capplet and deja-dup in a same source12:16
seb128that's just plainly stupid12:16
darkxstGunnarHj, yes basically, for those bits that moved12:16
ricotzseb128, ok, git submodules are a nice way to join 3rd party repositories12:17
ricotzseb128, but of course bzr is the ubuntu way12:18
seb128ricotz, right, but we don't use git, and I don't want to merge all those sources in a tarball12:18
seb128even if we were using git12:18
darkxstricotz, oh, I had another patch to fix langugage selection in user panel, but hadn't uploaded it yet ;(12:18
ricotzseb128, ok, then maybe it is possible to add some loader infrastructure without touching all panels (which would be needed when reverting)12:20
ricotzdarkxst, i see12:20
GunnarHjdarkxst: Didn't see it, but that's good. Especially the utf8 -> UTF-8 is crucial.12:21
ricotzseb128, but it seems either way it is quite some work12:22
GunnarHjdarkxst: I thought I made Ubuntu GNOME a favour by writing that patch, btw. ;-)12:22
seb128ricotz, hey, maybe12:22
seb128I didn't look to it yet12:22
ricotzseb128, i guess the plan of forking g-c-c is off table (ubuntu-control-center)12:23
darkxstGunnarHj, sure, it was a great start!12:23
GunnarHjdarkxst: Didn't you go for 3.8, though.12:23
GunnarHjknow ^12:23
seb128ricotz, no, but that wouldn't help you much if we need different versions of e.g gnome-desktop12:23
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ricotzseb128, yeah, absolutely12:23
GunnarHjdarkxst: But how do you deal with language installation?12:24
darkxstGunnarHj, that is the big problem12:24
darkxstGunnarHj, tempted to make a native sub-panel to do it, but I am not a design guy12:25
darkxstand have no idea, how it would work well12:25
GunnarHjdarkxst: Last cycle I was of the opinion that Ubuntu GNOME ought to stick with language-selector. Basically I haven't changed my mind.12:25
ricotzseb128, so carrying g-c-c panel patches which might link to external widget libs could be an option too, meaning having a minimal patch and the actual gui and logic is provided by an external library12:25
seb128ricotz, could be I guess12:26
darkxstGunnarHj, how about making language-selector more native? with the new egg-list boxes etc?12:26
darkxsts/more/look more/12:27
ricotzseb128, alright, bbl12:27
GunnarHjdarkxst: I'm not a design guy either. ;-)12:27
GunnarHjdarkxst: And since l-s is planned to be replaced by region, noone is interested in putting too much work into it.12:28
darkxstGunnarHj, I like the look of region panel, way better than l-s!12:28
GunnarHjdarkxst: Me too.12:29
GunnarHjdarkxst: But l-s has the installation part. Functionality vs. look.12:29
GunnarHjdarkxst: I tend to think it's more important that it works than that is looks good. ;-)12:30
darkxstGunnarHj, yes working is important!12:32
czajkowskimterry: ello you about?12:33
mterryczajkowski, hello12:35
darkxstanyway I am off to bed, havent had enough sleep this week12:35
czajkowskimterry: you may be able to help me.  http://ubuntuone.com/3tFMGqECQ36kCd8F4cPoka12:35
czajkowskimterry: I keep having that red triangle appear and tell me there are updates, yet when I click show updates, the pop up box appears saying software is up to date.12:36
seb128czajkowski, what if you run "sudo apt-get -f install" on a command line?12:38
seb128czajkowski, and "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"?12:39
czajkowskiseb128: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5715805/12:39
mterrywhat seb128 said12:39
seb128dunno then12:39
seb128czajkowski, is that raring?12:39
czajkowskiczajkowski@sheldon:~$ sudo apt-get dist-upgrade12:39
czajkowskiReading package lists... Done12:39
czajkowskiBuilding dependency tree12:39
czajkowskiReading state information... Done12:39
czajkowskiCalculating upgrade... Done12:39
czajkowski0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.12:39
czajkowskieep sorry paste12:39
czajkowskiyes raring12:39
mterryczajkowski, so software updater is right here.  The bug seems to be with the red triangle12:39
seb128I wonder where that red triangle is coming from12:39
mterryczajkowski, which i believe is from update-notifier12:40
czajkowskiseb128: no idea but wish ir would feck off :)12:40
seb128is that update-notified?12:40
seb128czajkowski, can you stop update-notifier if it's running and "update-notifier --debug-updates" and copy the log?12:40
mterryseb128, yeah12:41
seb128czajkowski, is there any message/error in the menu displayed if you click on the red triangle?12:41
czajkowskiseb128: let me get that12:42
czajkowskiseb128: mterry http://ubuntuone.com/0BPQa3o8o19USyFNpYq2rZ12:45
seb128czajkowski, oh, that might be due to error you showed me this morning from your sudo apt-get update12:46
czajkowskiseb128: nope had the red triangle fo the last week12:46
seb128e.g http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5715247/12:46
czajkowskijust it's not been bugging me as much as today12:46
mterryczajkowski, your apt-get update doesn't work?12:46
mterryczajkowski, your apt-get update doesn't work?12:46
czajkowskiit does12:46
seb128mterry, ^ cf pastebin I just copied12:46
czajkowskithe private ppa in that pastebin can be ignored as I was doing online service testing and the app had a refund just not gone in and removed it12:47
mterryczajkowski, seb128: that typo got fixed?12:47
czajkowskimterry: the quantal one , nope12:47
mterryczajkowski, I'm guessing that update-notifier has noticed apt-get update hasn't finished successfully in a while and is warning you about it, but when it launches software-updater, it skips the update phase12:48
mterryczajkowski, I'm assuming when it launches it, you never see it update?12:49
mterryczajkowski, vs what you see if you launch it manually?12:49
mvoczajkowski: the 401 is the problem, it will notice that it did not update successfully for some time12:49
czajkowskiI've never seen it launch12:49
mvoand warns about it12:49
czajkowskiI run it manually12:49
mvoapt-get update you mean?12:49
mterryczajkowski, ah12:50
czajkowskireally am sorry for all the confuion today with my machine12:50
mterryczajkowski, well, if you want to fix the 401, fix the typo in your sources.list12:50
mterryczajkowski, but I guess this message is expected then12:50
mvothats fine, it will still notice that it wasn't able to successfully apt-get update since some time and warns about it12:50
mterryczajkowski, the qunatal -> quantal typo12:50
mvoits not smart enough to know that its not a important repo12:50
czajkowskimterry: yeah but I've no idea where that came from  but I guess I can just edit that right ?12:51
mterryczajkowski, yeah.  or delete the files12:51
mterryczajkowski, the file will be in /etc/apt/sources.list.d somewhere12:51
czajkowskiwill do that then12:52
czajkowskicheers and really sorry for the noise12:52
mterryczajkowski, no worries!  thanks for sharing your horse face background with us!  :)12:53
czajkowskimterry: oh he;s the best of an unusal bunch, I change it on a monday, I've a folder of desktop images, Some are a bit more unual than others :)12:54
Laneyseb128: you want to email them about it /after/ it's in? how would it affect their work?13:20
seb128Laney, I wanted to include a link to some updated strings13:20
seb128Laney, but to have the link I need the template to be imported by launchpad13:20
Laneynew strings or broken old ones?13:21
seb128Laney, define new?13:21
Laneypreviously untranslated13:21
seb128the current english text says "What's new in Ubuntu 13.04"13:21
seb128and the template still has "What's new in Ubuntu 12.10"13:21
seb128so translations have on their startpage "what's new in 12.10"13:21
LaneyI can't find the real changes amongst all of the linebreak alterations13:21
seb128Laney, well, I just ran "make pot"13:22
Laneysure, just saying it's a hard diff to review in that sense13:22
seb128the one I was after is 12.10->13.0413:22
Laneyseems reasonable13:22
seb128Laney, well, the template was oudated and not reflecting the content, I just ran the command to update it13:22
seb128I'm not sure why it leads to linebreak diff13:23
Laneycan you push to bzr?13:24
Laneyprobably be easier to see it there13:24
seb128Laney, I can't13:24
Laneyeven a branch in ~seb128?13:24
seb128Laney, https://code.launchpad.net/~seb128/ubuntu-docs/updated-pot/+merge/15936413:25
Laneyso the change was made but just not updates in the template13:25
seb128Laney, sorry, got disconnected from wiki (and xchat followed nm and disconnected as well)13:32
seb128Laney, did you have extra questions?13:32
LaneyI'm building it now to see what happens to the translations13:32
seb128Laney, what do you mean "to the translations"?13:33
seb128Laney, you will have less translations but you will have the current content13:33
seb128Laney, instead of having pages translated with the wrong content (like saying 12.10)13:33
seb128Laney, are you trying to argue that we better ship the 12.10 documentation translated than the 13.04 slightly less translated? ;-)13:34
Laneyyes, I want to see how many strings are broken13:34
seb128too many, but is that going to make a difference?13:34
seb128we can't ship 13.04 with the documentation start page saying "what's new in 12.10" ...13:35
seb128if we are going to do that we can as well drop the documentation from the CD13:35
LaneyI agree - I just want to see how much of an effort they're going to have to go to13:35
seb128if the answer is "quite some", what does it change?13:35
chrisccoulsonooh, http://status.xilo.net/issue/bt-21cn-and-fttc-packet-lossthroughput/13:36
seb128what's plan B?13:36
chrisccoulsoni guess that was my issue earlier13:36
LaneyI'm not pushing back, don't worry13:36
=== alan_g|lunch is now known as alan_g
seb128Laney, well, you are delaying so it means the decision depends on factor you need to evaluate13:37
seb128Laney, I'm just trying to understand what are our options, from what I see which ship translated but outdated/incorrect versions or we ship the current one which might not be fully translated, both suck...13:38
Laneythere we go, accepted13:42
seb128Laney, thanks13:44
Laneywould it be possible for them to do the translations upstream? It doesn't seem optimal for us to have to upload to the archive to get the new template in13:45
seb128I don't know13:50
seb128it seems to import from trunk13:51
seb128but I couldn't commit there13:51
seb128so I went for what I had access to13:51
seb128I'm also not sure how things are working when translations are shared between a project and Ubuntu package13:51
seb128if that's not the case we can upload the pot manually13:51
seb128but with the current setup they use I didn't have that option either13:52
seb128we need dpm back on translations to sort those stuff for us :p13:52
Laneyah yeah it does import them13:53
seb128I'm not even sure the upload worked for that13:55
seb128we might need somebody from the doc team to merge my merge request13:55
seb128jbicha, hey13:56
LaneyI don't know what sharing means in this context13:56
Laneybut yeah I think merging it would have had the same effect even if uploading turns out to work13:56
seb128it means that Ubuntu direct use the translations from the upstream project afaik13:56
dpmseb128, Laney, I suggested the docs team a while ago to use translation sharing between the upstream docs project in LP and the source package, but they didn't seem too keen to do it. I'm not sure if they ever set it up. As per the template on the source package, it can be updated without a package upload by uploading the .pot file to the source package in LP.13:57
mlankhorstoh dear, the more I look at valgrind the more awesome things I find I can do with it13:57
* dpm looks at ubuntu-docs to remind himself how everything works13:57
Laneydpm: It says it does that13:57
dpmah, nice13:57
Laney"This source package is sharing translations"13:57
seb128dpm, I don't find the "upload a template" button and I think that's because sharing is on13:58
Laneyso what does that mean? Does it mean that the package we just uploaded will have its .pot imported there and then synced with upstream even if it's not merged there?13:58
dpmseb128, it should work nevertheless, as there is always the case that upstream and the source package diverge, but let me check13:58
seb128dpm, ok, https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/+source/ubuntu-docs/+pots/ubuntu-help/+upload works it seems13:59
dpmLaney, let me check the setup and try to answer your question in a minute13:59
dpmseb128, yes, that's what I was expecting13:59
seb128dpm, https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/+source/ubuntu-docs/+imports lists it13:59
Laneyso anyway, we'll still need another upload to incorporate the actual translations14:00
Laneyshould be fine for SRU I hope14:00
seb128I wonder why the upload from jbicha had an outdated template :/14:01
seb128jbicha, hey14:01
seb128jbicha, something got screwed up with ubuntu-docs, the template was outdated which means translations are broken14:02
jbichaI guess I forgot how to generate the .pot becuase I did try running make pot multiple times which apparently didn't do anything14:04
seb128I did run make pot14:04
seb128and it worked14:04
LaneyIt seems right in seb's branch anyway14:04
seb128(you need to run autogen.sh first to get a Makefile)14:05
=== hggdh_ is now known as hggdh
Laneycould you merge that so we don't stay out of sync between archive and upstream?14:05
dpmseb128, Laney, so the template uploaded on https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/+source/ubuntu-docs/+imports will become the current one for the source package translation in LP. If the template was up-to-date in the upstream project, and if translators translated there, its translations will be shared with the source package and will appear there too.14:05
seb128dpm, Laney, jbicha: ok, seems like my template got imported14:05
dpmbut translators tend to focus on the source package translations rather than upstream14:05
seb128we went from 39 untranslated strings to 130 in french14:06
seb128I will email the translators list about it14:06
jbicha$ make pot14:07
jbichamake: Nothing to be done for `pot'.14:07
seb128timestamp issue14:07
seb128you need to rm the current one14:07
seb128I'm not sure why but the pot in there has a timestamp newer than the subdirs14:07
dpmjbicha, seb128, is the .pot template in the trunk branch up-to-date too?14:07
seb128dpm, it will be if somebody merges my merge request, I don't have commit access14:08
jbichaseb128: thanks that works14:08
dpmah, gotcha14:08
seb128jbicha, great14:08
Laneydpm: what happens if the upstream branch doesn't get merged before some translations happen on the source package?14:08
Laneydoes it get reconciled correctly?14:09
dpmLaney, yes, that's not a problem. Translations are stored on the database. If the source package template is the latest and has, say 1 string more than the outdated upstream template (i.e. not yet merged), Launchpad will store the translation in the database, and when the upstream template gets merged and updated, then LP will fill in the upstream translation from the database14:11
pittic'est l'heure du glace!14:12
ogra_i scream !14:12
didrockspitti: non, c'est l'heure de la course!14:13
jbichaseb128: I've pushed your mp14:13
Laneythanks for your translations lesson dpm!14:14
seb128jbicha, thanks14:14
dpmLaney, no worries, helped me remind myself how everything works too :)14:15
seb128pitti, bonne glace !14:15
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|tea
jbichacyphermox: can we get network-manager-openvpn and -vpnc upgraded to 0.9.8 too?14:28
jbichaspecifically it looks like gnome-control-center 3.8 needs those versions so we'd have to maintain those packages in the gnome3-staging ppa otherwise14:32
pittiseb128: merci, c'était bien14:48
seb128pitti, quel parfum tu a pris ?14:49
pittiseb128: one banana, one <invoking google translate>14:49
pittiseb128: ... babeurre-cassis14:50
* seb128 wants14:50
pittididrocks: nous avons marché avec la glace :)14:51
=== alan_g|tea is now known as alan_g
=== m_conley_away is now known as m_conley
cyphermoxjbicha: if you want to update them, feel free15:23
cyphermoxat least n-m-openvpn needs a UI FE though15:24
pitticyphermox: good morning15:25
cyphermoxpitti: hey15:28
mterrykenvandine, was your recent patch to compiz aimed at raring?  I believe you should file against lp:compiz/raring, unless didrocks can correct me15:28
cyphermoxjbicha: do you know why a specific version is needed? it seems very weird to me given the actual changes, perhaps it's just a matter of one specific patch, which we possibly already ahve15:28
kenvandinelooks like /raring was abandoned15:28
mterrykenvandine, it's intentionally sparse15:29
kenvandinemterry, 0.9.9 branch has the recent package updates15:29
mterrykenvandine, oh then maybe didrocks switched the daily-release config.  At one point, it was /raring15:29
kenvandinelast commit to the raring branch was 2013-03-2915:30
kenvandinei initially started on that branch until i noticed none of the recent changes where there :)15:30
mterrykenvandine, OK well, you're more up to date than me it seems  :)15:31
kenvandinemterry, thanks for mentioning it though :)15:32
kenvandinedidrocks, let me know if the 0.9.9 branch is wrong15:32
pitticyphermox: ah, first success! https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/raring-adt-network-manager/107/15:35
seb128pitti, btw, were you supposed to upload a dia update with the patch for the desrt's glib changes?15:35
seb128pitti, there are a few segfault in the dia list in raring, I'm wondering if that's still an issue15:35
cyphermoxpitti: I'm somewhat concerned by the errors and warnings15:35
pittiseb128: I tried, but what initially looked like a 3 minute job quickly turned into an hour-long backporting exercise after which everything was broken15:36
seb128pitti, oh ok15:36
pitticyphermox: yes, apparently some leaked objects after shutting down NM; that's TBI15:36
seb128pitti, did you try desrt's patch from bugzilla or the upstream commit?15:36
pittiseb128: I didn't try the upstream commit15:36
pittiso I stopped that back then and forgot since15:37
seb128I though the patch from desrt would apply to the package without issue15:37
seb128it's just moving a bunch of lines from one place to another iirc15:37
seb128pitti, ok, no worry, thanks!15:37
pittiperhaps the upstream patch is simpler15:37
seb128I doubt it, desrt said his patch was just moving a block of text from one source to another15:38
seb128the upstream one seems to be some refactoring15:38
didrockspitti: courrir avec une glace, c'est moi pratique :)15:44
dpmseb128, I've noticed my keyboard indicator appears untranslated, and then I've realized it's not set up for translations. Before I file a bug, am I looking at the right package? -> https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/+source/indicator-keyboard/+imports15:44
didrockskenvandine: mterry: 0.9.9 is the "raring" branch, duflu switched to it after more or less checking it was target :)15:44
seb128dpm, we don't have a keyboard indicator?15:45
seb128dpm, well, the one in ubuntu is coming from gnome-settings-daemon, I've no clue about that indicator-keyboard source, let me check15:45
Laneythat's attente's ppa package15:45
seb128that's what I was thinking15:46
seb128but I wonder if he really has an issue with the ppa15:46
LaneyI think so anyway: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-keyboard15:46
seb128or if he has an issue with g-s-d's indicator but mis-indentified the source15:46
Laneywell, could be that, I just mean that URL15:47
seb128yup, issue with g-s-d15:47
* seb128 looks at it15:47
seb128dpm, wb15:47
seb128dpm, I was saying15:48
jbichacyphermox: I can package them but since I don't use vpn I can't fully test or write the UI part of the FFE15:48
seb128<seb128> dpm, well, the one in ubuntu is coming from gnome-settings-daemon, I've no clue about that indicator-keyboard source, let me check15:48
seb128dpm, I found the error15:48
seb128dpm, fix uploaded15:50
dpmthanks seb12815:50
seb128dpm, will be in the next langpack export15:50
dpmok, we'll have to make the next one a full one as well15:50
jbichacyphermox: I only learned there was a problem from http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=213633515:50
attenteif it's an issue with what i'm working on, i haven't done any localization yet15:50
seb128attente, no, it was an issue with the raring gnome-settings-daemon patch15:51
seb128dpm, the good news is that it was just a source file missing from POTFILES.in, so strings missing from the template, but those strings were in quantal so launchpad restored the translations already15:56
seb128dpm, just checking in the web ui15:56
dpmseb128, you're right, I can see them in the gnome-settings-daemon template. Good news indeed.15:58
seb128tedg, hey15:58
tedgseb128, Howdy15:59
seb128tedg, we have an issue with ubuntu-geoip after applying the proxy patch15:59
tedgOh, what's that?16:00
seb128tedg, https://errors.ubuntu.com/problem/4bdb09680c6558238a04b34e9e18f96bb7877e8f16:00
seb128tedg, seems to hit a bug in libproxy16:00
dpmhey chrisccoulson, where does the Firefox .desktop file live? I've noticed that it includes a new string to translate "Open a New Private Window". It might be too late to get the translations in, but we can perhaps point translators to it for the next release16:01
seb128tedg, launchpad's bug stacktrace is https://launchpadlibrarian.net/134636789/Stacktrace.txt16:01
tedgseb128, Hmm, are other libsoup-gnome packages effected?16:01
seb128tedg, not that I can see16:02
seb128but maybe we just didn't notice16:02
chrisccoulsondpm, https://code.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/firefox/firefox-trunk.head16:02
dpmSweetshark, for LO, do you think there is a way we can make the quicklist entries translatable? I.e. "New Document"16:02
xnoxseb128: online-accounts sip setup does not work.16:02
seb128tedg, we didn't update libsoup this cycle so not likely a new bug in there16:02
dpmgreat, thanks chrisccoulson16:02
seb128xnox, talk to kenvandine ;-)16:02
xnoxkenvandine: online accounts SIP thing does not work for me and thus I can't use ekiga nor empathy to make a SIP call =)16:03
seb128dpm, Sweetshark: that's going to be like for firefox, collecting translations on a wiki and merge them back by hand in the .desktop16:03
kenvandinexnox, :(16:03
tedgseb128, So this is probably coming from people that have a particular proxy setup...16:03
seb128xnox, you can probably call empathy-accounts?16:03
tedgThat's gonna suck to find.16:03
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|afk
seb128tedg, :-(16:03
seb128tedg, it seems quite frequent16:04
kenvandinexnox, got a bug report?16:04
seb128tedg, so the setup shouldn't be that exotic...16:04
dpmseb128, Sweetshark, that'd be a way to do it, but I think there was an issue with LO which made it difficult to just merge in the translations, which is why we haven't done it until now. But I cannot quite remember what it was, I'm sure Sweetshark knows more16:04
xnoxkenvandine: not now, on the call using skype instead ;-)16:04
kenvandinexnox, please file one and we'll find someone to look at it16:05
tedgNo useful information on the bugs.16:05
seb128tedg, did you check the launchpad dups?16:06
tedgseb128, Can we grab proxy info in an apport hook, or is that too much?16:06
tedgseb128, Yeah, just went through them.16:06
seb128tedg, hum, not sure if people consider their proxy infos as private info16:06
seb128we can ask what sort of proxy they use...16:06
* tedg doesn't know either.16:06
seb128on the launchpad bug16:06
tedgYup, I'll try that first.16:07
Sweetsharkdpm: seems to me they are already translatable: https://translations.documentfoundation.org/en_ZA/libo_ui/sysui/desktop/share.po/translate/#filter=incomplete&unit=2911453216:08
dpmSweetshark, does that mean that they can be translated upstream and that the translations will be used in Ubuntu?16:09
dpmIt surprises me that they're appearing untranslated for Catalan16:09
dpmand it seems they are translated upstream: https://translations.documentfoundation.org/ca/libo_ui/sysui/desktop/share.po/translate/#filter=incomplete&unit=2911453216:10
Sweetsharkdpm: yes, it should work that way, maybe the translation stuff is broken, it needed some ugly hacks on top of an ugly perl script to add the unity entries to the desktop files.16:12
Sweetsharkdpm: yep. seems that perl script is broken.16:12
seb128tedg, thanks16:13
seb128tedg, I'm pondering if we should revert proxy support meanwhile...16:13
=== alan_g|afk is now known as alan_g
tedgseb128, If it is for people with particular proxies, we could just block the crash reporter.  They wouldn't loose data, they never had it.16:14
dpmSweetshark, gotcha. Do you think you could look into it, or do you want me to file a bug?16:14
tedgseb128, At least then for those that had proxies that work, they'd get the feature.16:14
seb128tedg, ok, fair enough16:14
seb128tedg, if we are sure that only proxy users hit the bug ;-)16:14
tedgseb128, Sure, sure.16:15
dpmchrisccoulson, ah, it seems we've already got some translations for the "New Private Window" Firefox quicklist entry. Do you think you could merge the translations marked in yellow on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/Wanted/FirefoxDesktop ?16:15
Sweetsharkdpm: better file a bug please, Im taking a quick look now, but it might be nontrivial (or ugly) to fix.16:16
dpmSweetshark, no worries. Do you want me to add any particular information to the bug (e.g. the name of that perl script or something)?16:16
Sweetsharkdpm: the perl script is at sysui/desktop/share/translate.pl if some volunteer wants to beat me to it, that would be highly welcome ;)16:17
Sweetsharkdpm: fwiw, there still is some UnityQuicklist specialcasing in there: https://gerrit.libreoffice.org/gitweb?p=core.git;a=blob;f=sysui/desktop/share/translate.pl;h=48742b7f1e6d9417a25e71de80543ef2c357be01;hb=a43cc9ec8dde4f311bcf8ff96e6a26d56b2abdcf#l5416:18
jbichacyphermox: hmm, upgrading the vpn plugins to 0.9.8 still didn't work http://paste.ubuntu.com/5716395/16:28
dpmthanks Sweetshark, filed bug 1170035 for it16:30
ubot2Launchpad bug 1170035 in Ubuntu Translations "Translations for LibreOffice QuickList entries are not loaded" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117003516:30
cyphermoxjbicha: sorry, I'm busy with other stuff, I can't look at this right now16:32
jbichacyphermox: thanks, since the quickfix of trying 0.9.8 didn't work I guess this will have to wait for next cycle then, I'm going to follow up with GNOME16:39
robrupitti, any chance you're still around?17:00
* didrocks waves good evening!17:33
seb128tedg, do you know what makes gio-networking use libproxy?17:55
seb128tedg, this bug, the procmaps indicates libproxy is being used, but if I look a /proc/`pidof ubuntu-geoip-provider`/maps that's not the case for me17:56
seb128tedg, with libproxy1-plugin-gsettings libproxy1-plugin-networkmanager installed17:56
seb128it seems like those should be loaded17:56
seb128tedg, I tried with DESKTOP_SESSION=gnome exported as well (and in a GNOME session) since libproxy seems to check for that variable to define when gsettings should be used17:57
seb128but still no difference...17:57
evfoolhi all, who is familiar with the empathy ubuntu online accounts integration? I have a 100% reproducible bug on all raring installs causing only facebook and google IM to work, can not add other accounts, and I would like to help fix it, or do it myself, but I'm stuck with gdb18:08
rickspencer3kenvandine ?18:08
kenvandinehey rickspencer318:09
rickspencer3kenvandine, are you the online accounts guy? ^18:09
kenvandineevfool, hey18:09
* rickspencer3 is wildly out of date for these things :/18:09
kenvandineyeah, i can help with that18:09
kenvandineevfool, what is happening?18:10
evfoolkenvandine: when trying to add any account (except for facebook and google, which seem to have a web view for auth) with simple text fields for authentication, only the cancel and done buttons appear18:11
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evfoollibempathy seems to get stuck when checking for the account readyness18:11
evfoolin empathy_account_settings_check_readyness from empathy-account-settings.c18:12
evfooland the account widget is not displayed until the account is not ready18:13
* kenvandine tries18:15
kenvandineevfool, i reproduced it with the yahoo provider here18:19
kenvandineand also tried on quantal18:19
kenvandineworks on quantal, with the done button18:19
evfoolkenvandine: I can repro now with all other providers too, on raring, and I too had it working on quantal18:20
kenvandineevfool, is there a bug # for this?18:21
evfoolkenvandine: bug 1147639 is for IRC, but I guess it's a more generic issue affecting more providers, only the reporter reported it with IRC18:22
ubot2Launchpad bug 1147639 in empathy (Ubuntu) "Cannot add IRC account details" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/114763918:22
kenvandineevfool, i haven't tried the irc plugin, but for yahoo i do get the entries for username and password18:29
kenvandineevfool, i get them for irc too18:31
kenvandineoh, irc works for me18:31
kenvandinebut yahoo doesn't18:31
seb128why do we always have bug starting to be pointed before the hard freeze day? ;-)18:35
kenvandineseb128, :)18:35
kenvandinesalut works too18:35
kenvandineyahoo is the only one that isn't working for me18:36
kenvandinethat i've tried18:36
kenvandineseb128, is this why you were asking about libproxy?18:36
kenvandineApr 17 14:36:36 trabajo kernel: [105502.427260] type=1400 audit(1366223796.011:51): apparmor="DENIED" operation="file_mmap" parent=1 profile="/usr/lib/telepathy/telepathy-*" name="/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libproxy/0.4.11/modules/pacrunner_webkit.so" pid=3044 comm="telepathy-gabbl" requested_mask="m" denied_mask="m" fsuid=1000 ouid=018:37
tedgseb128, No, I'm not too familiar with how all that fits together.  Though, I'm guessing that is going to have to change if I start picking up networking pieces :-/18:37
evfoolkenvandine: strange: GaduGadu, Zephyr,  Groupwise, ICQ, Mxit, AIM, Salut, Sametime, IRC, MySpace, jabber, SIP, Yahoo, Yahoo JP all show the same symptoms for me: only cancel and done button shown18:37
kenvandinei get the entries for those18:38
kenvandineon both my raring machines18:38
evfoolbut Yahoo was the first I did see this with: I have seen the textboxes once, and never since18:38
evfoolI have tried clearing libaccounts-glib .config, .share, and other, but no help18:39
kenvandineAIM works for me too18:39
kenvandineevfool, what do you have in ~/.mission-control/accounts ?18:39
kenvandineevfool, to be sure, try it in a guest session18:40
evfoolI'll try with a fresh testdrive, maybe by getting the latest trunk from lp:ubuntu/empathy and building it I did mess something18:40
kenvandinerule out telepathy trying to migrate accounts verses creating18:40
kenvandineit shouldn't touch empathy at all18:40
seb128kenvandine, no, I'm not asking about that apparmor warning (but thanks for pointing it), I'm asking because ubuntu-geoip is having a segfault in libproxy's code which is one of the most reported raring issue on the daily view18:41
kenvandineoh, yeah it does18:41
kenvandinethe  account plugins for some of those come from empathy sources18:41
seb128kenvandine, I tried to reproduce it but I see that libproxy is not in the maps for the process and I'm wondering why (I'm setting up proxy settings and they are being used afaik since ubuntu-geoip displays a connection failed warning when they are buggy)18:42
evfoolkenvandine: I have no .mission-control18:42
kenvandineevfool, ok18:42
kenvandineseb128, maybe apparmor is keeping it from loading?18:43
seb128kenvandine, I doubt it, ubuntu-geoip doesn't have a profile and I don't see anything in the logs about that18:43
seb128kenvandine, but libproxy checks that CURRENT_DESTKOP=gnome in its gnome integration code18:44
seb128which seems buggy since we introduced =ubuntu18:44
seb128but I tried in a GNOME session and with the env changed and I still don't have libproxis in the maps18:44
seb128they are loaded now18:45
seb128so maybe it's the env issue and I got that wrong earlier18:46
seb128kenvandine, grep libproxy /proc/`pidof ubuntu-geoip-provider`/maps18:46
seb128kenvandine, does that list stuff for you?18:46
kenvandineseb128, yes18:46
seb128hum, k18:46
seb128kenvandine, you use gnome-shell, admit :p18:46
kenvandinenope :)18:47
seb128kenvandine, thanks18:48
jbichaecho $CURRENT_GNOME is blank here18:54
seb128jbicha, you mean $CURRENT_DESKTOP right? and I meant $DESKTOP_SESSION before ;-)18:57
jbichaoh ok18:58
evfoolkenvandine: in a guest  session, I do have the other providers working, yahoo is shown at first, but have the same issue after18:59
kenvandineevfool, ok, thanks19:03
evfoolkenvandine: any ideas for workarounds?19:04
kenvandineevfool, sorry, no i don't19:04
kenvandinei need to talk to mardy tomorrow19:04
kenvandinei can't see where this is blocking19:04
evfoolkenvandine: that's the strange thing, I have filled it with debug logging and the line it doesn't get past is if (priv->ready) in  empathy_account_settings_check_readyness from empathy-account-settings.c, so absolutely strange :)19:05
evfoolkenvandine: should I report then a separate bug for the yahoo provider?19:06
kenvandinethat is the only one i can see a problem with19:06
kenvandineso maybe that is different19:06
evfoolkenvandine: thanks, I have reported bug 1170083 for empathy in ubuntu, let me know if I can help you with anything else19:13
ubot2Launchpad bug 1170083 in empathy (Ubuntu) "Can not add Yahoo account on fresh raring installs" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117008319:13
kenvandineevfool, thx19:22
xnoxkenvandine: bug 117009519:56
ubot2Launchpad bug 1170095 in empathy (Ubuntu) "cannot setup sip account" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117009519:56
kenvandinexnox, interesting20:07
xnoxkenvandine: I hope, it's a UI bug that simply the actual form is not visible =)20:08
kenvandinethat looks like bug 1147639 evfool was asking about20:08
ubot2Launchpad bug 1147639 in empathy (Ubuntu) "Cannot add IRC account details" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/114763920:08
kenvandinexnox, well i see the entries on that20:08
kenvandineso i can't reproduce it... which is strange20:08
* xnox logs into guest account.20:08
xnoxkenvandine: jabber aim salut yahoo do not work.20:13
xnoxand sip.20:13
xnoxother online accounts work.20:13
xnox(so the "empathy classics" do not work I guess....)20:14
xnoxthere are two core dumps generated as well, uploading.20:14
xnoxkenvandine: do you monitor gnome-control-center crashes on errors.ubuntu.com and/or bug reports? as that's where it will be bucketed against.....20:14
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xnoxhmm.. ubuntu-bug *.crash doesn't do anything for me.20:17
kenvandinexnox,  evfool couldn't get those to work either20:18
kenvandinebut the UI loads on both of my raring boxes here20:18
* kenvandine wonders why... 20:18
xnoxkenvandine: do you want screenshots of the tread traceback?20:18
kenvandinethe yahoo one doesn't work though20:18
kenvandinecan you just add it to bug?20:19
kenvandinethe traceback20:19
kenvandinexnox, do you have account-plugin-sip installed?20:20
xnoxkenvandine: I've attched .crash file. Download it, run ubuntu-bug *.crash and click show details to view the stacktraces etc.20:20
xnoxkenvandine: yes.20:22
kenvandinei was just wondering if it was showing up even without being installed20:24
xnoxkenvandine: top crasher on errors =)20:25
kenvandine empathy_account_widget_apply_and_log_in () from /usr/lib/empathy/libempathy-gtk-3.6.4.so20:28
kenvandinesounds to me like that should come after filling in the entries...20:28
mterryrobru, poke about camera-app20:29
robrumterry, hey20:29
mterryrobru, so I'll start a branch for moving camera-app to daily-release in jenkins and point you at it, so you can see what needs to be done for one of these things20:29
robrumterry, yeah, I did that once for webbrowser-app already, but didrocks was telling me what to do so closely that I didn't really understand what I was doing20:29
mterryrobru, I notice that a couple fixes could be made to camera-app's control file.  It should probably be "i386 amd64 armhf" for arches, since that's all qtdeclarative supports20:29
mterryrobru, and the autopilot package probably shouldn't depend on python-support.  I saw another autopilot package do that needlessly20:30
robrumterry, ok I can fix those20:30
robrumterry, I'm just running the autopilot tests locally and they're brutalizing my laptop... mouse and keyboard focus are flailing around... very difficult to type this message ;-)20:31
mterryrobru, heh, I don't bother trying anything when autopilot is running20:31
robruoh... pointing device failures.20:31
mterrygood coffee break time20:31
robrumterry, ok, did you see my latest MP with HUD? I'll add some more fixes onto that.20:31
xnoxkenvandine: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/137648234/stacktraces.log20:32
xnoxkenvandine: https://errors.ubuntu.com/?release=Ubuntu%2013.04&package=gnome-control-center&period=month shows plenty of crashes inside the empathy.so et al20:32
xnoxthe fact that it fails to retrace is sad.20:33
mterryrobru, have you fixed up qtubuntu-camera and qtubuntu-camera-fake yet?20:35
mterryrobru, in the sense of updating their packaging and such20:35
robrumterry, -fake is definitely good, qtubuntu-camera I'm not so sure. my fixes were merged, but I wasn't sure how to actually test it locally, so that's unclear to me20:35
mterryfair enough20:36
mterryrobru, I'll move them to daily release at the same time20:36
robru(though camera-app is finally working locally, so I guess if it's using qtubuntu-camera then that works20:36
robrubut -fake is *definitely* working, because when I start camera-app I can see the photo that -fake supplies.20:36
mterrycyphermox, are indicators on raring OK?20:40
robrumterry, ooooh, got the autopilot tests to pass too ;-)20:40
mterryrobru, https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/cupstream2distro-config/move-camera/+merge/159494 for example20:42
mterryrobru, two things I did there20:42
robrumterry, you might need to be a bit more careful about saying "camera-app and friends" ;-)20:42
mterryrobru, 1) moved from old config under phablet/ to head/.  This involved adding a little bit to camera-app, which I copied from similar mediaplayer-app20:43
mterryrobru, heh20:43
mterryrobru, I cargo-culted that bit because I know that camera-app needs very similar handling to mediaplayer-app20:43
mterryrobru, 2) near the top, I modified a few test_parameter fields20:43
mterryrobru, those tell daily-release which autopilot tests to run during the daily release check20:44
mterryrobru, it needs to know which package to install and which autopilot suite to run.  It *also* needs to know every package that will be installed as a result of installing the autopilot package, for a sanity check20:44
robrumterry, https://code.launchpad.net/~robru/cupstream2distro-config/webbrowser-app/+merge/157917 this is the one I did already, but it is 100% cargo cult, I have no idea what any of it means20:44
mterryrobru, so I added the ones that are new (mediaplayer-app already overlapped almost everything else)20:44
robrumterry, not even cargo cult, I was video chatting with didier and he was literally telling me what to type ;-)20:45
mterryrobru, heh20:45
mterryrobru, well, let's look at the qtubuntu-camera segment from my merge here20:45
mterryrobru, the ci: bits are predictably for CI.20:45
mterryrobru, we are setting a few values to False.  These are local overrides for the global settings at the top of the file20:46
robrumterry, what, template: False?20:46
mterryrobru, we're basically saying, qtubuntu-camera is armhf only, just test CI for armhf20:46
robruwhat even is a template?20:46
robrumterry, oh, there's more False's under ci:20:47
mterryrobru, no, I'm looking at "quantal-i386: False" in qtubuntu-camera20:47
mterryrobru, I actually don't know what the template bit is20:47
mterryrobru, so that explains the ci: overrides20:47
mterryrobru, for autolanding, I don't know why it cares about the architectures20:47
mterryrobru, but apparently it does, so we disable them there too20:48
mterryrobru, I cargo culted that20:48
mterryrobru, the hooks line adds various PPAs for when we build it20:48
mterryrobru, most are just needed for quantal20:48
mterryrobru, for camera-app, that "template: False" line (which I don't understand) is right under the "generic-mediumtests:" line.  generic-mediumtests is the name for the autopilot test20:49
robrumterry, wait, why are we autolanding into quantal? don't we need SRUs for that?20:49
mterryrobru, so adding that line to the configuration: bit means that in addition to the build tests that CI does, we also want to do an autopilot test for any camera-app merges20:50
robrumterry, so it just tests it on quantal?20:50
mterryrobru, no?20:50
mterryrobru, I wasn't responding to your quantal question20:50
robruI'm confused ;-)20:50
mterryrobru, I don't know the default platform for the "generic-mediumtests" test, but I assume raring20:51
mterryrobru, I moved to the camera-app stanza.  And was explaining what the "generic-mediumtests" line was doing20:51
robrumterry, is this file just arbitrary YAML or is it's structure more rigid than that?20:52
mterryrobru, the three lines below that: aggregate_tests, archive_artifacts, and publish_junit are just cargo culted by me; not sure precisely what they mean, but obviously have to do with gathering test results20:52
mterryrobru, don't know the format20:53
kenvandinexnox, do you have telepathy-sip installed?20:53
xnoxkenvandine: probably not, one sec.20:54
cyphermoxmterry: tbh I don't know what to think of all these failed tests20:54
mterryrobru, to go back to your quantal question, we are not auto-pushing to quantal.  autolanding here refers to merging into trunk.  Again, I don't think autolanding really uses architectures or platforms, I think that section is bogus.  But it was in the phablet/ part, so I kept it when moving over20:54
kenvandinethat's it!20:54
cyphermoxat this point I don't feel like this stuff should be landing when any tests fail, at this point in the release20:54
mterrycyphermox, :(20:54
robruooooooOOOOOOOOooooooooooh, auto-merging-into-trunk20:54
xnoxkenvandine: there is no such package......20:55
cyphermoxmterry: this is sickening20:55
xnoxdo you mean telepathy-rakia?20:55
kenvandinexnox, evfool: if you have an account plugin installed but not the telepathy provider plugin installed20:55
kenvandineit doesn't load20:55
mterrycyphermox, but certainly nothing has landed that would affect unity stack (i.e. my stack ran clean, but stopped publish because of indicators; I can manual publish, eh?)20:55
xnoxkenvandine: clearly there are undeclared dependencies.....20:55
cyphermoxI don't think so, let me just double check20:55
kenvandinexnox, ^^20:55
robrucyphermox, 29 failures out of 1500? that doesn't seem so bad to me...20:55
cyphermoxrobru: bah, nothing should fail20:56
xnoxkenvandine: telepathy-sofiasip is already the newest version.20:56
robrucyphermox, well, yeah, but I would be more worried if it was 29 failures out of 30 ;-)20:56
kenvandinemaybe that isn't it20:56
kenvandineif i remove telepathy-sofiasip but not account-plugin-sip20:57
kenvandineand try to add a sip account20:57
cyphermoxrobru: it's still a failure; and as such it's code that is known to be buggy: either the code itself is buggy or the tests are buggy20:57
kenvandineit doesn't load the login page20:57
kenvandinebut if i have them both, it does20:57
cyphermoxI don't like releasing code that I know is buggy; no matter the point in a release schedule :)20:57
xnoxkenvandine: to me it looks the same both times, as per screenshot on the bug report.20:57
xnoxhm..... maybe I should restart/kill gnome-control-center.....20:58
kenvandinexnox, without telepathy-sofiasip, it did just finally show20:58
kenvandineafter a couple minutes20:58
mterrycyphermox, you could restart the build?  maybe a fluke20:59
robrucyphermox, it's all about context though. if all 29 failures were only introduced recently, then I would say "yeah, revert that, don't release stuff that's introducing new failures", but if these have just been failing all along, well, you can't just not release it. the new stuff probably has less failures than the old stuff. all you can do is work towards fixing as many failures as you have time for.20:59
kenvandinebut with it installed, it shows right away20:59
kenvandinea couple being at least 3 minutes20:59
cyphermoxmterry: yeah, perhaps that's what I'll do21:00
xnoxkenvandine: true.21:00
xnoxkenvandine: just switch back to that window and it has it.21:01
xnoxlet me install it again.21:01
cyphermoxthe changes wouldn't affect unity adversely no; there only things I see are basically some bamf window matching for webapps, libappindicator packaging changes (dropping a clean rule) and  unity-lens-applications21:01
cyphermoxfor some reason changelog entries are being doubled >.<'21:01
kenvandinexnox, i need to run out for a bit... i'll debug more later tonight21:02
cyphermoxmterry: wanna review a quick fix for libappindicator?21:05
mterrycyphermox, I was hoping you'd ask21:05
cyphermoxI mean ... teh yuck... ^21:06
cyphermoxrobru: the problem I have with the tests is that there is only limited things we can do, they fail randomly21:07
cyphermoxand lots of people have tried to fix them21:07
robrucyphermox, oh, that's the sign of a poorly-isolated testsuite then... failures introduced by environmental factors that aren't mocked properly.21:07
cyphermoxbut the fact that there are these failing tests means we keep having to have someone look at whether it's a genuine failure, every time21:07
cyphermoxI think next, I'll just axe through them without mercy, if it can be done21:08
robrucyphermox, NO MERCY!!21:09
* cyphermox puts on a viking hat21:09
cyphermoxoh crap21:11
cyphermoxmterry: where you restarting unity or something?21:11
cyphermoxI didn't think to check if some other jobs were running before starting the indicators tests again21:12
mterrycyphermox, no21:13
mterrycyphermox, I'm about to manual publish unity21:13
cyphermoxthen it's fine I guess21:17
cyphermoxbrb, going to go make dishes disappear21:17
xnoxkenvandine: updated bug title and description bug 117009521:56
ubot2Launchpad bug 1170095 in empathy (Ubuntu) "sip account setup page takes 50 seconds to display" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117009521:56
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