mwhudsonRAOF: i'm still getting those hangs with mesa 9.0.2 :(00:30
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RAOFmwhudson: Boo. You've got two options here, then. One: move further back in Mesa history. Two: try an older kernel.00:43
* mwhudson stares at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mesa/+publishinghistory00:44
mwhudsonRAOF: i don't see from that when 9.0.2 hit quantal(-updates)00:45
mwhudsonalthough i do notice that 9.0.3 hit just _after_ I started seeing the problems00:45
mwhudsonRAOF: i don't see from that when 9.0.2 hit quantal(-updates)00:49
mwhudsonalthough i do notice that 9.0.3 hit just _after_ I started seeing the problems00:49
mwhudson(that == https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mesa/+publishinghistory)00:49
RAOFmwhudson: Just after? ie: it's unlikely to be the culprit?01:01
RAOFThat firms the kernel as being a suspect.01:02
mwhudsoni don't understand the kernel's publishing history on lp at all :)01:02
mwhudsonmwhudson@narsil:failover-scripts$ uname -r01:02
mwhudsonmwhudson@narsil:failover-scripts$ dpkg -l | grep linux-image-generic01:02
mwhudsonii  linux-image-generic                                             amd64        Generic Linux kernel image01:02
mwhudsonthat version doesn't appear on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/quantal/+source/linux at all01:03
StevenKlinux 3.5.0-27.46 shows in updates on that page01:08
StevenKmwhudson: It probably came from proposed a while ago?01:09
Sarvattmwhudson: do you have a sandybridge GPU? hd2000 or hd300001:12
mwhudsonSarvatt: sandybridge, yes01:12
Sarvattthere's been a regression in the last few kernel updates, bug 114071601:12
ubottubug 1140716 in linux-lts-quantal (Ubuntu Precise) "[regression] 3.5.0-26-generic and 3.2.0-39-generic GPU hangs on Sandybridge" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/114071601:12
Sarvattyou want either 3.5.0-25 or 3.5.0-2801:12
mwhudsonoh yes, that looks like it01:13
mwhudsonis 3.5.0-28 in proposed?01:14
Sarvattthe fix in -28 may not actually fix it for you, instead of reverting the broken stable update they tried to backport fixes and some people are saying they are still broken when reverting the commit worked01:15
Sarvattbut it'd be good to mention that in the bug if it doesn't, -28 should be better01:16
mwhudsonsudo apt-get install linux-image/quantal-proposed ?01:17
mwhudsonassuming the "usual" pinning01:17
mwhudsonah, linux-image-generic i think01:19
Sarvattnot sure if pinning the metapackage works instead of the actual package, sorry01:20
Sarvattit should :)01:20
mwhudsonthe latter certainly is doing more than the former01:20
mwhudsonhee, i certainly have a lot of kernels installed currently01:21
* mwhudson restarts01:22
george_eI'm writing Debian packaging for an application and need to apply some Debian-specific patches. The problem is that the patches should only be applied to specific series (Quantal and Raring but not Precise).02:29
george_eI've got quilt patches properly set up in the patches/ directory.02:29
george_e...but I need only _certain_ patches to be applied on Precise.02:30
george_eIs this possible?\02:30
geofftIs this for the Ubuntu archive, for a PPA, for a local archive...?02:30
geofftIf it's for the Ubuntu archive, having a different source package go into precise-backports is totally normal02:30
geofftIt's convenient when a package doesn't need to be modified to be backported, but it's by no means required.02:30
george_egeofft: It's for a PPA.02:37
george_eActually, it's for a recipe.02:37
george_eSo it would be nice if I could use the same Debian packaging for each series.02:37
george_eIn my specific case, the "node" executable in Precise was renamed to "nodejs" in Quantal - hence my package doesn't need to be patched on Precise (since it references the "node" executable) but needs to be patched on Quantal and Raring (which do not have the "node" executable).02:42
RAOFgeorge_e: You can't have the same binary package version with different content, which means you'll at the very least need to change the changelog02:49
george_eYes but this is for different series.02:49
george_e...or does that not matter?02:50
mwhudsonSarvatt: so far so good with the kernel from -proposed...02:51
Sarvattmwhudson: good to hear02:52
Sarvattx-x-v-intel from -proposed made it stop reporting bugs also if you upgraded to that..02:52
Sarvattit'll just silently do gpu hangs until it freezes02:53
Sarvattah good so that fix worked02:53
mwhudsonyeah, i think so02:54
mwhudsoni wasn't getting the hangs all that frequently so i'll give it about 24h before commenting02:54
Sarvattgood to hear, thanks for the heads up02:54
Sarvattsome people upgraded x-x-v-intel from proposed and said it fixed it but it really just stopped reporting crashes by removing the apport hook02:57
mwhudsonwould you still get stuff in /var/crash without the hook?02:57
Sarvattstill crashing all the time in the background02:57
Sarvattnope but you'd see it in dmesg02:58
mwhudsonah right02:58
mwhudsonApr 17 13:01:47 narsil kernel: [14665.887564] [drm:i915_hangcheck_hung] *ERROR* Hangcheck timer elapsed... GPU hung02:58
RAOFgeorge_e: Yeah, it doesn't matter.02:58
mwhudson(that's before my restart )02:58
RAOFgeorge_e: The contents of a given binary package version have to be unique across all series.02:59
Sarvattyeah if the proposed kernel didnt work you'd see that in dmesg02:59
Sarvattand it'd eventually just hang completely after a bunch of those :)03:00
RAOFgeorge_e: For a quick reason why - think what happens on a precise→quantal upgrade: it won't upgrade the package because you've already got the same version installed, but you won't have the quantal package. Which is a problem :)03:00
george_eAh, okay. That makes sense.03:01
george_eThanks for the explanation. Perhaps what I really need is some sort of "meta-package" that provides a "node" => "nodejs" symlink for Precise.03:01
george_eI know that Quantal and Raring include a package "nodejs-legacy" that does the opposite.03:02
RAOFYeah, that might be the ticket.03:02
george_eWhich one?03:02
george_eUsing "nodejs-legacy"?03:02
RAOFThe general approach - a package which does nothing but provide the expected symlink.03:03
george_eRAOF: What would be an appropriate name for the package that provides the "nodejs" => "node" symlink?03:14
RAOFnode-unlegacy? :)03:15
pittiGood morning03:43
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siretartpitti: you're up early :-)04:39
pittihey siretart04:39
siretartrobru: do you happen to be still awake?04:40
robrusiretart, yes! not even 10PM here ;-)04:40
siretartrobru: :-)04:40
siretartrobru: thanks for contacting me and your interest in ~ubuntu-elisp, I've just made you admin in that team04:41
robrusiretart, ah, thank you!04:41
robrusiretart, I'm actually just working on the packaging right now... enabling a certain distropatch so that the snapshot will have support for the existing emacsen-common package.04:41
siretartrobru: please do take care for our daily recipe and restore that team PPA to sanity. It is currently really in a desperate state04:41
siretartrobru: I've been busy lately myself, but now that I've handed in my disseration this week, I think I should be able to catch up with foss stuff really soon.04:42
robrusiretart, do you know if there are a lot of users who are subscribed to this PPA? (ie, people who potentially haven't yet noticed how long it's been since the last update)04:42
siretartrobru: I have to admit that I totally lost track of that team, so no idea ATM04:43
robrusiretart, ok, no worries. I'm hoping to shake things up a bit, so there might be some growing pain during the transition.04:43
siretartgo ahead :-)04:43
robrusiretart, but so far I've had a few people testing my existing packaging and the response has been positive.04:44
robrusiretart, great ;-)04:44
stokachucould i get a patch pilot to review nominations for bug 1169740?05:05
ubottubug 1169740 in rsyslog (Ubuntu) "rsyslog hangs loading modules" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116974005:05
dholbachgood morning05:58
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smbinfinity, Likely too convoluted. Hm, seems tomorrow was not the day before yesterday's tomorrow. At least lp tells me the xen packages are still in the unapproved queue for p and q.07:28
diwicTheMuso, pitti, I'm looking at bug 1167192, and I wonder, is the xdg_runtime_directory deleted at some point?07:41
ubottubug 1167192 in pulseaudio (Ubuntu) "A second pulseaudio daemon is spawned after logging out and back in even though one is already running for the user." [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116719207:41
diwicTheMuso, yep, it's deleted on logout, and PulseAudio only quits ~30 seconds after idle07:43
diwicTheMuso, so if you then login immediately again, PulseAudio can't find that it's already running, because the file used for that purpose has been deleted07:44
seb128diwic, not sure if that's revelant there, but the dmesg log has "[   58.622779] systemd-logind[2257]: New seat seat0."07:45
seb128diwic, logind and libpam-xdg-support are likely to behave differently07:46
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diwicseb128, I'm reading the xdg spec now. It seems like we're doing the right thing by deleting the directory.07:46
diwicseb128, i e it's PulseAudio that needs fixing07:46
seb128that makes sense to clean behind07:47
pittidiwic: it gets deleted once that user closes her last session, yes07:47
diwicpitti, I think the correct course of action would be to monitor the relevant file/directory and quit Pulseaudio if deleted. Would that make sense to you too?07:50
pittidiwic: usually such daemons listen to the D-BUS "lost connection" signal and quit themselves07:51
pittidiwic: i. e. when the user's session dbus goes away, everything hanging off it should quit itself, too07:51
pittidiwic: in raring+1 we'll also switch to logind, and we could discuss whether quitting a session should also kill all of its processes07:52
pitti(but that might not be desirable, i. e. screen sessions started in the sessions should stay)07:52
diwicpitti, is there a session dbus on VT sessions too?07:53
pittidiwic: ah no, not usually07:53
pittidiwic: but there is a CK (or logind) session, so listening to that signal should also work07:53
pittidiwic: monitoring $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR sounds okay as well, but it might not always be present07:54
pittibut then, if it isn't, just don't do it I guess07:54
diwicpitti, what would be the use case for not setting xdg_runtime_dir?07:54
pittidiwic: older distributions mostly07:55
pittidiwic: but for current ubuntu it really should be there07:55
pittiOTP, bbl07:55
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cjwatsonstokachu: done08:09
infinitysmb: Look again.08:19
smbinfinity, Amazingly, gone. :-P08:20
dokojibel, pitti: I assume https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Raring/view/AutoPkgTest/job/raring-adt-python3.3/ doesn't show a build of the recent upload yet?08:27
pittidoko: no, last build from 16.04.2013 22:40:3008:28
pittiit's also not running in the "real" jenkins yet, hmm08:29
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Laney@pilot in08:36
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jibeldoko, https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Raring/view/AutoPkgTest/job/raring-adt-python3.3/3/ is the test for python3.3 3.3.1-1ubuntu308:40
jibelI didn't push the modification for fsync yet.08:40
jibelthat's the 2 tests that fail for python3.3 and for python3.3dm this is the output to stderr we talked yesterday08:41
pittijibel: do you know why the new python3.3 upload didn't trigger a new test run? is that because of the machine which went out over night?08:44
jibelpitti, it did, the last upload of python3.3 is 3.3.1-1ubuntu3 published to -proposed 11hours ago and the version tested in run #3 of python3.308:47
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pittijibel: oh right, I just saw the "4 hours ago", but that was raring migration; sorry08:48
henrix@pilot in09:02
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OdyXtkamppeter: cups + cups-browsed and printer queues that don't disappear, does that ring a bell?09:15
infinitydoko: Why did you upload python-default/precise with a bizarre dpkg-genchanges -v invocation that included the whole changelog in .changes? :)09:18
infinitydoko: (I'd poke more fun, but I did exactly the same thing with something last year...)09:18
infinitydoko: Anyhow, want to reupload that to avoid sending a 13k email to precise-changes?09:19
tkamppeterOdyX, what exactly happened?09:19
OdyXtkamppeter: I'm moving between offices, without shutting down. Now I see printers for offices I left 10 days ago.09:20
dokoinfinity, I have to look at this anyway, so for now only the python3 stuff seems to be ready09:20
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infinitydoko: I'm going to reject that just because of the giant .changes file.  The rest of the upload was fine, so go ahead and bounce it back whenever.09:22
tkamppeterOdyX, seems that cups-browsed needs to get a removal signal from Avahi to remove a queue while running. Workaround is restarting cups-browsed.09:22
tkamppeterOdyX, probably cups-browsed needs to detect somehow when the network environment changes, to mark all queues unconfirmed them and if Avahi does not report their presence, they go away after some secs. But how can cups-browsed detect the change of the network environment?09:24
OdyXtkamppeter: indeed, cups-browsed restart does the trick.09:25
OdyXtkamppeter: don't know; doesn't avahi have such triggers ?09:25
tkamppeterOdyX, the local machine reports itself as workstation in avahi-discover. This record contains the MAC address and the IP for the local network. Perhaps one has to track this avahi report and if the IP changes to unconfirm all queues.09:28
OdyXthat could work. I'm surprised you haven't gotten such a report yet though.09:29
tkamppeterOdyX, seems that most people shut down their boxes when they move between environments, or they have only something like 2 environments with few print queues and so the extra queues are no problem for them.09:30
OdyXwell, it's not a problem per se, it's just noise.09:30
tkamppeterOdyX, another thing: cups-browsed is only included in Raring, Ubuntu's development branch, and there we get a new kernel twice a week, so who reboots after every kernel update will probably not have the problem.09:34
OdyXah yeah, good point.09:34
OdyXtkamppeter: good you have me then :)09:34
LaneyCan someone reject https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/quantal/clamav/quantal-security/+merge/156911 ?09:40
pittiLaney: done09:49
jibeldoko, I re-ran autopkgtest for python3.3 with the fsync fix, the tests that failed previously pass now but there is this failure that I haven't seen before http://paste.ubuntu.com/5715517/10:04
dokojibel, no, never did see this one10:04
dokojibel, and it doesn't fail on the buildd either: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/137578622/buildlog_ubuntu-raring-amd64.python3.3_3.3.1-1ubuntu3_UPLOADING.txt.gz10:06
mlankhorstdo we have someone to look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg-lts-quantal/+bug/1134492 ?10:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1134492 in apt (Ubuntu) "xserver-xorg-lts-quantal breaks Kubuntu" [High,New]10:31
jibeldoko, the refs count to stderr comes from running script.py with python3.3dm. If you use python3 instead of python3.3dm in testsuite-dbg to execute script.py the testsuite pass in autopkgtest.10:45
jibeldoko, also I cannot reproduce the uuid failure, could it be due to a lack of entropy on the test system?10:46
dokojibel, but the whole point of the exercise is to use the dbg interpreter ...10:46
jibeldoko, to execute the testsuite not script.py10:46
dokojibel, entropy, maybe try it on a virtulized buildd too? if that matches your autopkgtest setup better10:48
jibeldoko, okay, I'll try that. re ref counts that'll give a command like : python3 /tmp/tmp.pASFAYfBf4/ubtree0-ubtree/debian/script.py "/dev/null" "python3.3dm  ...10:53
jibelwhich is fine since it still use the dbg interpreter to run the testsuite.10:53
dokook, but I better use python3.310:54
Laneypitti: Could you do https://code.launchpad.net/~fcole90/ubuntu/precise/python-reportlab/fix-for-1005187/+merge/158774 too? :-)11:14
pittiLaney: where "do" == ?11:15
Laneyor Merged, or whatever11:15
LaneyI merged it, but not into the target branch there11:15
pittiLaney: ah, set to merged then11:15
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xnoxLaney: pitti: http://youtu.be/8vJthZst5tQ "down with whatever" =)))))11:16
Laneywhat is this hideous row?11:16
Laney</middle aged>11:16
pittixnox: what's that? I can't watch that in Germany11:17
ogra_pitti, well, talk to gema :P11:17
xnoxpitti: kelly rowland singing "I'm down with whatever" w.r.t. to merge request status.11:17
LaneyI'm Kelly Rowland and I approve of this MP.11:17
tkamppetermlankhorst, I am trying to offer my patched xorg-server to the people which suffer the touch-click bug via PPA but it seems that when building it in the PPA xorg-server falls into an infinite loop in the test suite. See https://launchpad.net/~till-kamppeter/+archive/ppa/+build/449904111:32
mlankhorsttkamppeter: just retry11:32
mlankhorstit happens randomly11:33
tkamppetermlankhorst, strange is also that i386 and amd64 are bult by an "arm ppa builder" and there is no armhf built at all.11:33
cjwatsonThat's normal11:33
mlankhorstvirtual armhf builder right?11:33
cjwatsonThe builder is ARM-capable (via qemu), but can build any of i386/amd64/armhf11:33
mlankhorsttkamppeter: just retry, that failure is not an infinite loop, it just does nothing11:35
mlankhorstpresumably some race11:35
cjwatsonAnd PPAs only get armhf on explicit request11:35
tkamppetermlankhorst, I have canceled and rescheduled the builds now.11:35
tkamppetercjwatson, so it is a fast Intel processor and not a slow ARM?11:36
cjwatsonA Xen guest, actually11:37
mlankhorsttkamppeter: anyway until the corruption gets fixed I'm not going to bother11:37
tkamppetermlankhorst, I have also successfully built my patch on the Nexus 7 and my Nexus 7 works reliably with it. Right before installing it the screen got stuck on the first click.11:38
tkamppetermlankhorst, so then let it come as SRU as soon as the corruption get fixed.11:38
mlankhorstI'm running on nexus7 with valgrind and my nexus7 xserver dies on it rather soon11:38
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Laneyfreeflying: Gentle poke to remember to upload with -v when there's more than one version covered in an upload (it causes bugs to be closed, amongst other things)11:51
freeflyingLaney: acked, thanks11:51
mlankhorstLaney: hah, I fixed my lts rename scripts to do it for me, now I can forget all about it :-D11:59
Laneydon't forget too much :P11:59
mlankhorstforget what? ;-)12:00
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Laney@pilot out12:07
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dokoSweetshark, should libreoffice-emailmerge be demoted?12:30
apacheloggerpitti: are you still handling langpack creation?12:38
pittiapachelogger: I twiddle the cronjobs from time to time, yes12:47
apacheloggerpitti: who would I talk to to get new templates into a langpack and that langpack created? (i.e. they are on launchpad but not in any langpack yet)12:48
pittiapachelogger: if they were imported recently (i. e. in the last few days), they should be in the next automatic export and upload12:50
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apacheloggerpitti: they have been imported for 2 weeks or more, so I am getting a bit anxious :)12:51
pittiapachelogger: what's an example domain name?12:51
apacheloggerpitti: kubuntu-patched-l10n12:52
pittifrom which package is taht?12:52
apacheloggersame package12:52
dokopitti, jibel: both python2.7 and python3.3 uploaded. please fix everything else in autopkgtest ;-)12:52
pittiWARNING: unknown translation domain: kubuntu-patched-l10n12:53
apacheloggerhum, try kubuntu-firefox-installer12:53
apacheloggeralbeit that's a bit strange... https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/+source/kubuntu-patched-l10n12:54
pittiapachelogger: it's due to that LP bug that it doesn't add universe packages to the domain -> package map12:54
pittibug 104855612:54
ubottubug 1048556 in Ubuntu Translations "Language pack translations export needs to add universe packages to domain map" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104855612:54
mlankhorstmvo: hm, any thoughts on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt/+bug/1134492 ? I posted what I know there, should be straightforward to reproduce with pbuilder12:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1134492 in apt (Ubuntu) "xserver-xorg-lts-quantal breaks Kubuntu" [High,New]12:55
pittiapachelogger: but we stopped having kde langpacks a long time ago; should these just appear in the main packs?12:56
apacheloggerpitti: yeah, we only have like 5 packages which go through launchpad and each has 10 strings or so, so dpm and I agreed that simply putting them in the main packs should be good enough12:57
apacheloggerpitti: the affected packages are: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/+source/kubuntu-patched-l10n | https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/+source/kubuntu-debug-installer | https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/+source/kubuntu-web-shortcuts | https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/+source/kubuntu-firefox-installer | https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/+source/kubuntu-notification-helper13:00
pittiapachelogger: I added manual workaround mappings for kubuntu-patched-l10n, kubuntu-firefox-installer, kubuntu-notification-helper13:00
stokachucjwatson: re: nominations, thanks :)13:01
pittiapachelogger: ok, workaround table updated: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5715858/13:03
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apacheloggerpitti: missing notificationhelper = kubuntu-notification-helper and kcm_notificationhelper = kubuntu-notification-helper13:05
pittiapachelogger: added13:06
apacheloggerpitti: yay, thank you very much :)13:07
highvoltageis it just me or are these instructions actually harmful? http://helpx.adobe.com/air/kb/install-air-2-64-bit.html#main_Install_AIR_2_on_64_bit_Ubuntu_9_0413:08
ogra_highvoltage, dont worry, we wont have to support broken ubuntu 9.04 installs anymore :P13:10
highvoltageogra_: the worse thing is that adobe recommends that as the current way to install air on ubuntu :-/13:11
ogra_well, dont install air or get support at adobe for the broken thing afterwards13:11
highvoltageI just despise them a little bit more for pasting instructions that will damage user's systems13:14
shadeslayerlol air13:19
smartboyhwxnox, er I thought Wubi was not going out for 13.04. Why did you merge my fix?:O13:22
xnoxsmartboyhw: what happens in the upstream wubi project does not affect what gets released or not by upstream ubuntu project.13:24
smartboyhwxnox, ah:O13:24
Sweetsharkdoko: yep, -emailmerge isnt needed in main anymore.13:49
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wgrantpitti: From which file are the domains you reference in bug #1048556 missing?14:11
ubottubug 1048556 in Ubuntu Translations "Language pack translations export needs to add universe packages to domain map" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104855614:11
pittiwgrant: they should be in ./rosetta-*/mapping.txt14:11
wgrantpitti: Yes, but which language pack tarball?14:12
pittiwgrant: teh current raring ones14:12
wgrantAh, raring14:12
henrix@pilot out14:12
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wgrantpitti: I don't see that template in the langpack tarball at all. Are you sure the langpack inclusion flag was set at that point?14:17
dobeyhow do i tell what requires nullmailer (or mail-transport-agent) on my system? apt-get remove --purge nullmailer just wants to install exim4 instead, to replace it14:21
dobeyand apt-cache rdepends isn't helpful14:21
wgrantpitti: All three templates were created just a few days before the export, and I don't see any of their pofiles in the tarball.14:24
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bdmurrayev: its rather hard to see the functions here https://errors.ubuntu.com/?user=foundations-bugs&period=month14:30
evbdmurray: *shrugs* suggestions welcome. I think trying to show enough of the functions to make them legible is a near impossible task14:34
evbdmurray: not sure why 4.0-0ubuntu20.2+elementary5~precise1 is showing up in there, given that we're filtering out distributions14:35
bdmurrayev: well I used to be able to see it when I moused over the link in Firefox now with the hash url ...14:36
evbdmurray: we could have alt text or a floating div that displayed the full thing on mouse over14:38
evbdmurray: feel free to file a bug for that14:38
bdmurrayev: okay, I think that would help as its easier for me mentally to keep track of the funciton than the bug numbers (which don't always exist)14:39
evbdmurray: I very much agree14:39
pittiwgrant: what is a "langpack inclusion flag"?14:49
jibeldoko, python3.3 autopkgtest is green https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/raring-adt-python3.3/7/   \o/14:52
dokojibel, and 2.7?14:54
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jibeldoko, red test_tempnam failed with a permission denied probably because adt set TMPDIR to a readonly directory14:57
dokojibel, so is this a adt issue?14:58
dokoI accidentally left the pgo and lto optimizations disabled, so I'll have to do one more upload14:59
wgrantpitti: There's a flag on the +admin form for Ubuntu templates that determines whether the template will be included in langpacks.14:59
jibelpitti, ^^ you fix that by executing the testsuite with env -u TMPDIR, correct ?14:59
pittiapachelogger: ^ do you know about this? (wgrant's comment)14:59
pittijibel: why would $TMPDIR be readonly?15:00
pittijibel: I do that for processes which change user, i. e. run stuff as non-root15:00
xnoxjibel: pitti: doko: I thought one should be using $ADT_TMP which should be writtable location.....15:06
pittixnox: yes, if you don't use su15:06
pittixnox: but if you start a test as root, and then su to another user, that other user won't be able to access $ADTTMP or its $TMPDIR15:06
pittias these are still owned by root15:06
apacheloggerpitti: nope, also I don't think I have access to +admin ^^15:08
pittiwgrant: hm, I thought we already had that X-Ubuntu-Langpacks: header for that; I never heard about that flag15:10
seb128pitti, didn't we stop using that until bug #1048556 is fixed?15:12
ubottubug 1048556 in Ubuntu Translations "Language pack translations export needs to add universe packages to domain map" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104855615:12
pittiseb128: maybe, I don't know15:13
seb128pitti, oh, you just commented on that bug15:13
pittiwho can access these +admin pages?15:13
seb128pitti, what's the url?15:13
seb128dpm can I guess15:13
happyaronpitti: guess I can. U-T-C team.15:13
pittiI don't know that either15:13
seb128if that's a translator thing15:13
dokojibel, pitti: so it looks like the control file needs another attribute to specify the user the tests are run with?15:13
pittidoko: isn't the default "user" or "root" (Restrictions: needs-root) sufficient?15:14
xnoxdoko: /me thought we specify that when launching adt tester already to match the adt testing environment. E.g. packages themself shouldn't fiddle with that.15:14
pittiwe probably need to take a second look at this15:15
xnoxdoko: we can give the username currently used by our setup and/or check for it.15:15
dokopitti, I need to turn off apport, the rest can be done as a normal user15:15
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pittiif we run the entire test suite as user, and just start out as root to disable apport, it's probably better to put the apport disabling into a test before the "main" one, and only run that one as root15:15
pittidoko: ah, then we could have "Tests: disable-apport\nRestrictions: needs-root\n\nTests: testsuite" perhaps?15:16
dpmpitti, seb128, wgrant, that's the regular flag we use to mark templates as exported in language packs. Anyone in the ubuntu-translations-coordinators can set it. Which packages are we talking about? I can check if the flag is set15:16
wgrantdpm, pitti: The flag is set now, at least on one of the templates. But I can't tell if it was set for the last langpack export.15:16
seb128dpm, does that work for universe packages?15:17
wgrant(except that I read the code, and it makes no sense that the template wouldn't be there if the flag was set)15:17
pittior, if you want to keep it together, we need to unset ADTTMP/TMPFILE or chown them before the su15:17
pittijibel: ^ WDYT?15:17
dpmwgrant, which package?15:17
dpmsorry, which template?15:17
wgrantdpm: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/+source/kubuntu-firefox-installer/+pots/desktop-kubuntu-firefox-installer/+admin15:17
* pitti wishes we could just drop that ADTTMP/TMPFILE nonsense; it's creating nothing but trouble15:17
dpmwgrant, recently it's been me only setting that flag, so if it's set now, it certainly was set before the last export15:18
dpmseb128, it does, except for the issue mentioned in that bug15:19
wgrantNote that the last export was on March 2215:19
wgrantAnd that template was created on March 1815:19
wgrantOr later15:19
jibelpitti, I think unsetting TMPDIR before running the test is better than creating a fake test just to disable apport15:21
dokopitti, so ADTTMP/TMPFILE are always set?15:21
dokoI don't like the faketest either15:22
pittidoko: yes, and they point to a directory owned by 'ubuntu', or 'root' if Restrictions: needs-root is set15:22
pittiADTTMP certainly doesn't get in the way, but TMPFILE will15:22
pittierr, TMPDIR15:23
dokoso chown -R $SUDO_USER should work?15:23
jibelit does that's what was done for software-center IIRC15:23
dpmwgrant, I think we might be talking about different things. The latest export happened yesterday: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/+language-packs15:24
wgrantI thought I saw that one crash15:24
wgrantApparently that was for another series15:24
dpmwgrant, I haven't checked if that export is ok, but in any case, there was another previous export last week, which is the one we're currently using in the language pack packages15:26
wgrantYeah, that was quantal15:26
wgrant./mapping.txt:kubuntu-firefox-installer desktop_kubuntu-firefox-installer15:26
wgrantpitti: It's in mapping.txt15:26
pittiwgrant: hm, odd; did these appear very recently?15:31
pittiso, it should be okay in the next build15:31
evbdmurray: I'm piecing together https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ErrorTracker/DailyTasks as a one stop shop for error tracker misbehaviour :)15:32
evfor what it's worth15:32
wgrantpitti: Nothing's changed here in a long time, so I don't think there's ever been a problem on our end.15:32
bdmurrayev: I saw, thanks15:33
cjwatsonjodh: I notice that the filesystem event finishes before static-network-up starts15:36
dpmpitti, wgrant, I'm a bit confused by this issue. wgrant, you mean that the templates are present in the mapping.txt file of the latest full export (i.e. the one from yesterday), but pitti was mentioning on the bug report that the mapping.txt file of that export didn't list the templates?15:40
pittidpm: right, I was wrong about that15:41
dokojibel, pitti : http://paste.ubuntu.com/5716277/15:41
dpmpitti, ah, gotcha, that makes it clear15:41
pittidoko: not sure whether we need to chang ADTTMP, but it can't hurt at least15:42
pitti10 if [ -n "$SUDO_USER" ]; then15:43
pittidoko: ^ should that be $su_user ?15:43
dokono, don't want to change anything when running as nobody15:43
pittiah, ok15:43
dokopitti, does every test case has its own TMPDIR?15:44
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jibeldoko, also,  "stop apport 2>dev/null || true" otherwise the test will fail if apport is not running15:52
cjwatsonjodh: I *think* I may see the general structure of what's going on here15:54
cjwatsonjodh: This debugging should make it about as clear to you as it is to me so far, I think15:54
cjwatson<7>init: conf_load_path_with_override: Loading configuration file /etc/init/rc-sysinit.conf15:54
cjwatson<7>init: conf_file_destroy: Destroyed unused job rc-sysinit15:54
cjwatson<7>init: event_unblock: name: 'filesystem', new blockers: 3^15:54
cjwatsonjodh: When we tear down the old job, we end up unreferencing and destroying the event operators it refers to, at least enough to cause them to decrement various event->blockers15:55
cjwatsonjodh: So the 'filesystem' event ends up entering the finished state far too early because it's been wrongly unblocked15:56
tvossslangasek, ping16:00
slangasektvoss: otp pong16:01
jodhcjwatson: gotcha - that is indeed subtle. Could be an interesting one to fix too ;)16:08
cjwatsonjodh: My feeling is that the nih_free in conf_file_destroy needs to be something more careful involving keeping references16:10
cjwatsonjodh: But that also perhaps job_class_reconsider shouldn't replace a job that has events that are blocking some other event?  I'm not quite sure, I don't know the structures quite well enough16:10
cjwatsonjodh: Is that enough to get you going for now though?16:10
jodhcjwatson: sure is - thanks!!16:11
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bdmurraydoko: could you have a look at bug 1084935?17:48
ubottubug 1084935 in java-common (Ubuntu) "/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk → java-1.7.0-openjdk-amd64 symlink confuses ca-certificates-java" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108493517:48
infinityBenC: New linux just landed, if you'd like to rebase -ppc.18:14
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BenCinfinity: ok, couple hours...19:28
infinityBenC: Cool.19:31
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dokodpkg-source: info: local changes detected, the modified files are:20:32
doko python-numpy-1.7.1/doc/source/conf.py20:32
doko python-numpy-1.7.1/doc/sphinxext/tests/test_docscrape.py20:32
dokodpkg-source: error: aborting due to unexpected upstream changes, see /tmp/python-numpy_1.7.1-1ubuntu1.diff.UwGgRh20:32
jtaylordoko: did you pop the patches before applying the debdiff?20:37
jtayloralso barry already sponsored it20:38
barryhmm. it built locally20:39
barryfor me20:39
jtaylorit works if I pop the patches20:39
jtaylorif I leave it applied and then change series quilt gets confused20:39
dokoohh, if barry sponsored, fine20:47
nemosay. just a minor idea21:31
nemoif usb-creator-gtk is an ubuntu project. maybe you could have it check md5 sums for isos w/ standard names?21:31
nemoor have it return better error messages.  took me quite a while to figure out that "[Errno 5] Input/output error" was its way of saying the ISO was bad21:32
nemo(network here sucks - downloaded ISO 3 times, got 3 different checksums)21:32
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TheMusodiwic: Ok thanks, that makes sense.22:18
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dokotjaalton, ping23:00
nemoOh. One more thing23:05
nemoSome people were irritated, but, 'grats to you on your new donation screen23:05
nemofrankly, I liked it and tossed some cash your way.  The voting thing was fun idea.23:05
nemoI guess it had just not been convenient enough or in my face enough to do it before ;)23:05
BenCinfinity: upload away...23:05
nemoI don't care for the lil skull face after tho23:06
nemo(when I went to reattempt downloads due to failed ISO due to sucky network here)23:06
nemowas like.  seriously stupid page. don't you know I already gave you cash?23:06
infinityBenC: Cheers.23:13
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