bochecha_smartboyhw: I've been covering in here all day, since I discovered this channel existed, but it would be nicer if an actual Ubuntu user stayed in here ;)08:22
smartboyhwbochecha_, ;008:22
bochecha_yay, more people in here \o/08:30
bochecha_can I go now? :)08:30
bochecha_smartboyhw: did Koala contact you about the 13.04 release party?08:30
smartboyhwbochecha_, yep:P I can't join though (have replied) since I REALLY have exams to care about.08:31
bochecha_what's that? :P08:31
bochecha_so, no ypwong, no smartboyhw, not even me (to go and preach Fedora to the Ubuntu heretics :P)08:32
bochecha_hopefully he'll find other speakers :-/08:32
smartboyhwbochecha_, :-/08:32
smartboyhwbochecha_, examination duh08:32
bochecha_that was a joke, like, I'm so old I forgot what it was ;)08:33
bochecha_smartboyhw: would it work for you if it was earlier? (Koala told me he might change the date if no speaker was available on the 12th)08:33
bochecha_(and coincidentally, it would work brilliantly for me if it was earlier :P)08:33

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