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AndrewMcCA few weeks ago a work colleague asked me to fix her daughter's laptop. Replaced the dead hard drive but she didn't have the recovery media so I installed Ubuntu. Weeks later she still hasn't found the recovery CD and has no interest in doing so. :)15:17
tdr112not too bad at all15:49
airurandogot news today that my small op, originally scheduled for Friday 19th, has been postponed until Friday 26th.16:46
airurandoThis reduces my chances of attending the release party16:46
zmoylanah, bugger, that eliminates i'm guessing the release party for you16:46
* airurando is not happy16:46
airurandostill have a glimmer of hope zmoylan16:47
zmoylanand also an extra week with internal metalwork annoying you16:47
airurandothey said id be fit for work on the following monday16:47
zmoylani was told there'd be an instant improvement after hip surgery.  doctors view of their work may not be the same as patients.  they have different variables for measuring results.16:48
airurandozmoylan indeed but they are only taking out i screw leaving 2 plates with multiple screws in as well as 2 extra pins16:48
zmoylanfun for holidays when you have to go through metal detectors16:48
airurandoActually I've been told that the modern metalwork doesn't set the detectors off in 95 percent of cases16:49
zmoylanwhich will only complicate things as it will only happen when you're in a hurry or have hands full with something else.16:50
airurandoi just know I'll be one of the 5 percent16:51
zmoylanhmm. i read that as only rarely would metal detectors detect the metal so a 1/20 chance of a machine detecting it rather than only 1/20 people would have the problem.16:53
zmoylanhave you checked with android phone metal detector?16:54
airurandodidn't know there was one.17:17
zmoylanthe star trek tricorder app uses the digital compass as a metal detector.  only works for metals that affect magnetic fields (ferrous metals) but can be useful.  app no longer in play srore but available for sideloading online.17:22
airurandodownloaded the smart tools co. metal detector app which works as you said above.  no spike when i place it near the plates.17:25
airurandonot a surprise .17:26
airurandowhat metals do airport detectors detect?17:26
zmoylanall, when they are turned on.  they don't want it too sensitive but some women report that the underwire in bras can and sometimes can't set them off which is an indication of the amount of metal17:27
airurandobut are they ferrous based?17:28
airurandois aluminium detected17:28
zmoylanmetal detectors generate a more powerful but smaller field than earth and detect variations in that.17:29
airurandomagnetic field?17:29
airurandoif so how does aluminium alter it?17:30
airurandocan't pretend to understand it but I accept it!17:32
zmoylanthen again the human skeleton is calcium which is a metal17:34
slashbelyou can usually get a bit of metal through… buckles on shoes, the fly on your trousers and the metal frame of glasses17:35
zmoylanthey have to have a sensitivity level but this can vary.  airurando now with internal bling may or may not set it off17:35
airurandoslashbel: zmoylan: I'll have to forsake the buckle, zipper and other external bling to compensate.17:38
slashbeljust set the alarms off ☺17:38
airurandowould be fun17:38
airurandoI've asked my wife the hypothetical Q17:39
airurandoif we're at the airport on the way to sun and I get stopped what do you do?17:39
airurandoshe head off was the answer17:39
slashbelhow much metal do you have?17:40
airurando2 plates with associated screws and a couple of of screws not associated with the plates.  One plate 20cm ish and the second less than 10 cm but it is a T plate.17:41
airurandolooting at the scars maybe first plate is more 15 cm ish17:42
slashbeli would have thought it would be a fairly common occurance at airport security17:43
slashbelhow's the healing process going?17:43
airurandoI'll get a letter from my GP and keep it with the passport17:43
airurandohealing grand I think.17:44
airurandoBack to work now17:44
slashbelgood good17:44
airurandolooking forward to getting the one screw out17:44
slashbelairurando: you're presuming airport security can read English17:45
zmoylanairurando: you're presuming airport security can read ftfy17:45
airurandoI wouldn't be as well travelled as you gents17:47
airurandoI'm sure my english letter will suffice in most cases for me.17:47
slashbelairurando: I was thinking of France or Spain17:48
airurandogoogle translate! or whatever the bloody online translation thingys are17:51
slashbelyou should be grand ☺17:51
airurandoaye, as you said slashbel probably not an issue at all as im surely not the first17:52
slashbelyep, i used to get a few funny looks taking a gnome for airport security17:54
slashbelthrough airport security*17:58
slashbelairurando: just don't try and take that harmless bottle of water through, and everything should be fine ☺17:58
airurandogood tip!17:59

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