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philipballewlousygarua, did you ever send that card?09:54
lousygaruaphilipballew, not yet10:38
lousygaruai scheduled sending it tomorrow10:39
philipballewlousygarua, tight. since you live really far away can I give you the address of where I will be in May?10:45
philipballewlousygarua, the other one is fine, but this one will get to me quicker, assuming it will take more then two weeks to get here?10:45
lousygaruaphilipballew, i believe it will take one week but i'm not really sure10:46
lousygaruajust mail me the address to amir.eldor10:46
lousygaruaat gmail10:46
lousygaruathe address you want me to send to10:46
philipballewlousygarua, alright, im gonna tell my school to forwaord all remaining post cards10:47
philipballewmail to to san diego10:47
lousygaruathe original address?10:47
philipballewlousygarua, yeah, if you think it will take a week10:48
ju__hi all21:45
ju__אני רוצה לעזור בלתרגם תוכניות לעברית21:46
ju__באיזה תוכניות נדרשת עזרה?21:46

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