CarstenGHi at all19:08
CarstenGSomeone there?19:08
cqfd93hi, CarstenG!19:26
CarstenGHi Sylvie.19:27
CarstenGI just do some screenshots for the Ubuntu One section.19:27
CarstenGI have done figure 3.30 and 3.31.19:28
cqfd93did you already push them?19:28
CarstenGI used for this figures my own U1 account.19:28
CarstenGNo, not jet19:28
CarstenG... and I have German texts at the buttons...19:29
CarstenGWhere you see "Next", "Back", and "Finish" in the quantal screenshot, I have German translation.19:30
CarstenGI have a pure raring installation on my old laptop there is no german langpack installed.19:30
CarstenGI'm not sure, who or what tells U1 to use another language at these buttons....19:31
cqfd93maybe you could cheat and edit the screenshots with The Gimp?19:31
CarstenGWell, I could try it.19:31
cqfd93you said you used your U1 account, this is probably the reason19:32
CarstenGBut I see no language setting in the account.19:35
CarstenGDo you have an U1 account?19:35
CarstenGSo it would be cool if you could try it with your account19:35
CarstenGif you get there French translation, we may have found a bug...19:36
cqfd93I could give it a try, but on the virtual machine it will probably be very slow19:36
cqfd93what are the complete names of 3.30 and 3.31?19:38
CarstenG03-U1-setup-sync.png and 03-U1-setup-sync-select-empty.png19:39
CarstenGok, some are uploaded to rev 17019:39
manualbothttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-manual/ubuntu-manual/raring/revision/170 | http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-manual/ubuntu-manual/raring -r 17019:39
CarstenG(no, not these we are talking about)19:40
CarstenGare you familiar with GIMP?19:41
CarstenGThen maybe I could send you the German version and you cheat them?19:42
cqfd93I'm familiar with Gimp, I've been using it a lot for cropping screenshots and... cheating :-)19:42
cqfd93do you want to email me your screenshots?19:43
CarstenGyes, or do you want to try it first with your own account?19:43
CarstenG... to make them again?19:44
cqfd93it may be easier to try using yours first19:44
CarstenGone moment..19:46
CarstenG... and sent.19:47
cqfd93just got your email, thank you19:51
CarstenGthank you!19:51
cqfd93I guess Zurück and Abschliessen mean back and finish?19:55
cqfd93And Weiter is next?19:55
cqfd93Now tu cheat :-)19:56
cqfd93Back in a moment19:57
CarstenGnice :-)20:00
cqfd93Done! Check out your email20:04
CarstenGThanks a lot.20:10
cqfd93you're welcome!20:11
CarstenGOk, 3 screenshot for U1 left...20:11
CarstenGok, done.21:07
CarstenGSome days ago you mentioned the "Additional Drivers" screenshot. You had only the hardware from the VM.21:08
CarstenGShould I update this with my hardware? I have a proprietary software modem in my laptop, which is mentioned in this tab.21:10
cqfd93oh yes, it would be much better. Go ahead!21:11
CarstenGok, done.21:22
CarstenGSo, we have now only 2 screenshots left for the chatting...21:23
CarstenGI thought, Mehmet Kani would update these with the right theme...21:24
CarstenGBut well, it's time for bed now...21:24
CarstenGsee you tomorrow.21:24
cqfd93Good night!21:27

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