ScottKjtaylor: No idea.  Maybe I screwed up.  In any case, an update would be welcome.01:00
ScottKLet me know if you won't have time to do it.01:00
dholbachgood morning05:58
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Laneyjtaylor: what's up with all the breaks in numpy?10:55
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jtaylorLaney: the previous version moved a file from one package to another17:09
jtaylorwith incomplete breaks, I added them to make it easier to sync with debian when they do it properly17:10
Laneydid you file it?17:10
jtaylorunfortunately I'm not positive they'll do it at all ._.17:12
Laneywell, i need to go to the bike shop now i'm afraid17:12
jtaylormorph is not exactly known to make live for ubuntu easier17:12
Laneymaybe you can convince someone else to upload it before FF ...17:12
jtaylorbarry: ^17:29
barryjtaylor: what's the package and context?17:56
jtaylorbug 116865217:56
ubottubug 1168652 in python-numpy (Ubuntu) "merge python-numpy 1.7.1-1 from debian experimental" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116865217:56
barryjtaylor: i'll look at it17:58
barryjtaylor: do you have an ffe for that?18:01
jtaylorit is bugfix only18:01
barryjtaylor: the debdiff doesn't look right.  d/changelog is adding a bunch of versions back that already exist in the changelog18:10
jtaylorits a debdiff on ubuntus version18:10
jtaylorso its not cluttered with upstream changes18:11
barryjtaylor: i'll try to do a udd merge and see if that makes sense18:13
barryjtaylor: i have a 1.7.1-1ubuntu1 that i bzr merged from the experimental branch into the raring branch.  afaict, it looks good, so unless you object or want to review it first, i'm going to upload it18:55
jtaylorbarry: is there a diff to my debdiff?18:56
barryjtaylor: against raring: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5716750/18:58
barryjtaylor: against experimental: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5716751/18:58
jtaylorbarry: I mean against my debdiff18:58
barryjtaylor: not so easy to generate18:58
jtaylorapt-get source python-nump; cd ....; patch -p1 <debdiff; debdiff *dsc ?18:59
* barry cries19:00
barryjtaylor: hang on19:00
jtaylorI can create a branch if thats what you want19:00
barryjtaylor: a branch against ubuntu:raring would be fantastic19:00
* jtaylor is a bit annoyed that I have to adapt my method for each sponsor19:01
jtaylorI expected doko to merge this time :/19:01
LaneyYeah, a debdiff on top of Debian is a pretty standard way to submit a merge ...19:06
barryjtaylor: yeah, we do that just to test you and keep you on your toes :)19:06
jtaylorbarry: lp:~jtaylor/ubuntu/raring/python-numpy/1.7.1-merge should be it19:10
* barry looks19:11
barryjtaylor: looks good, thanks.  i'll do a local build/test and if goes okay, i'll sponsor it for you19:14
barryjtaylor: oops, i just need to add LP: #1168652 to d/changelog19:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1168652 in python-numpy (Ubuntu) "merge python-numpy 1.7.1-1 from debian experimental" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116865219:16
jtaylorhm I'm not closing the merge bug in the changekog19:16
barryright, i'll fix that19:17
jtaylorhm I guess I should still update matplotlib too19:18
jtaylorwhy do the pyscience stack package always have to release a few weeks before ubuntu releases :(19:19
jtayloroO a new gdb upstream built with py3 a week before release? o_O19:30
jtayloris aarch64 that important?19:31
jtaylorI guess I should not fell so bad to add so late bugfix only software then19:33
barryjtaylor: uploaded19:35
jtaylorbarry: thx19:35
barrydaman rejected19:36
jtaylorbarry: judging by the time you did it you probably did not run the autopkgtests?19:48
barryjtaylor: correct.  i really need to get those integrated with my sbuild environment so they run automatically20:09
jtaylorbarry: I have a runner which prepares for pbuilder20:10
jtaylorshould also work with sbuild if it has a --execute equivalent20:10
barryjtaylor: nice.  i've seen something about autopkgtest + sbuild, but i haven't had time to try it out (can't remember where right now)20:11
jtaylorbarry: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5716940/ that would be mine, very ugly code but works quite ok20:14
jtaylortakes a dsc and a changes file as argument20:15
barryjtaylor: nice20:16
jtaylorwould probably simpler and faster to run each test in its own chroot instead of doing the dependency juggling, on the other hand that tends to find installation/removal bugs quite nicely :)20:18
jtaylorhm python3-pyparsing is an empty package in raring? oo20:28
jtaylorhm its main, main freezes tomorrow or?20:30
Laneyjtaylor: broke in the last upload20:36
jtayloryes reported a bug20:36
jtaylorbug 117010720:36
ubottubug 1170107 in pyparsing (Ubuntu) "python3-pyparsing is an empty package" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117010720:36
barryjtaylor, Laney ouch20:37
barryjtaylor: are you going to look at that?20:39
jtaylorhm I wanted to do matplotlib20:40
jtaylorbut as this is a deps I guess I must20:40
Laneymight want to subscribe zul so that he's made aware20:40
jtaylortoo many users with zul in the name in lp :(20:41
jtaylorfound it20:42
jtaylorI see why it could happen, the pyparsing rules file is weird20:50
jtaylorit deletes pyparsing in the clean target and after setup.py install, but it does not seem to be a generated file20:52
jtaylorI guess it works in debian because of binary uploads20:52
jtaylorthis thing needs a autopkgtest bad20:53
Laneyhow did it previously work in ubuntu?20:54
jtaylorgood question20:54
jtaylorit was generated in 1.5.620:54
jtaylorgenerated = mv pyparsing_py2.py pyparsing.py20:55
jtaylorIll fix the package, barry Laney willl you sponsor?20:55
barryjtaylor: yep, give me a branch and i will20:59
jtaylorhm it fails its own test21:00
jtaylorhm ok it seems to be more an example named test() instead of a test21:04
jtaylorok its a bit weirder21:21
jtaylorfrom what I can tell upstream intentionally dropped py3 support21:21
jtaylorwhile listing fixed bugs for python3 in the changelog21:21
jtaylorI'll just through 2to3 over it and see what happens with the examples, I don'T really have time for more :/21:22
jtaylorok 2to3 does not work21:35
jtaylorbarry: lp:~jtaylor/ubuntu/raring/pyparsing/fix-py3-package21:50
barryjtaylor: cool, looking21:51
jtaylorI'll forward my changes to debian tomorrow21:51
jtaylorback to what I actually wanted to do today ._.21:53
jtaylorffs ImportError: matplotlib requires pyparsing >= 2.0.0 on Python 321:54
jtaylor(git head that is, wanted to verify a test failure ...)21:54
jtaylorso probably the fixed package is not better than the empty one :/21:55
jtaylorhm the changes does not list anything special, so maybe its ok, it passes its examples22:00
barryjtaylor: how quickly can you get an ffe approved? ;)22:01
jtaylor2.0 version drops support for py222:01
jtaylormaybe it works with 2.7 though22:01
jtaylorI don't think its a good idea22:01
jtaylorthe changelog actualyl does not list any changes besides that22:01
barryno, agreed not at this late date22:01
jtaylorI'll check with matplotlib upstream why they need 2.0 and not 1.5.722:02
barryjtaylor: still seems worth getting a non-empty pyparsing in though, yeah?22:02
jtaylorthe examples run22:02
jtayloralso its mini testsuite22:02
barryjtaylor: re those seds in d/rules.  not now, but probably the right way to do those is with custom fixers22:03
barryjtaylor: pyparsing looks good me me, sponsoring22:09
jtayloractually the python-all addition does not do anything22:10
jtaylorbut it doesn'T matter for raring22:10
jtaylorI'll fix that when I forward it to debian22:10
jtaylor(forgotten the loops in debian/rules)22:10
jtaylorand the autopkgtest will remind us to fix it for raring+1,as there I added them ..22:12
jtaylorits to late, I probably should not upload matplotlib anymore :(22:12
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jtayloruh the multiarching  of tk subtly breaks matplotlib too :/22:19
jtaylorbug 752647 revisited22:20
ubottubug 752647 in matplotlib (Ubuntu Natty) ""import pylab" in a python console flags error "No module named _tkagg"" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75264722:20
jtaylorfunny enough probably one of the first bugs I ever worked on in ubuntu :)22:20
barrydig the retro 6 digit bug number!22:24

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