dholbachgood morning05:59
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jonohey all17:58
jonoreload the page, folks18:00
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rickspencer3QUESTION: jono did you get my memo about the new cover sheets for the TSP reports?18:05
popeyQUESTION: jono. Why do the ubuntu.com website designers hate the community so much!?18:06
rickspencer3oops, type ... TPS reports18:06
olli_are they due?18:06
rstreeterQUESTION: Will Unity 7 be back ported to 12.04?18:06
popeyooh, good question18:06
icoopQUESTION: when do you think we will be able to use ubuntu touch as a daily driver on a Nexus phone?18:10
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MarkDude*Mark S*18:14
* MarkDude is known as Mark in FOSS18:14
checkinwill ubuntu phones be released in India18:17
FlyingPigQUESTION: How was Australia?18:18
vrubiumquestion: given that gnome is integrating more it's apps is it going to happen to those app on ubuntu?18:18
MarkDudeQUESTION: BBQpad, tell more. Will it be a Juju Charm?18:18
zebaszpQUESTION: when will the SDK itself reach 1.0?18:18
sebsebsebQUESTION: Will you play guitar for half an hour or so instead :d, if there aren't enough questions?18:18
MarlincQUESTION: Jono would you like to fill a little survey with about 10 questions when the session is over?18:18
MarkDude+1 guitar sebsebseb18:19
rstreeterQUESTION: When will MIR be implemented into Ubuntu?18:19
sebsebsebMarkDude: yep indeed :D18:19
sebsebsebQUESTION: Oh you went to Australlia how did you get there?  Hawaii first or ?18:20
vrubiumQUESTION: When should we expect the update thant changes ubuntu +1 to mir and unity next?18:20
checkin_thank you!18:21
UbuntuBhoyQUESTION As the 'launch event' for Ubuntu Touch was so successful in generating a buzz in the media, is it a tactic that you guys would consider using again for other areas ?18:23
rstreeterQUESTION: Why is the Severed Fifth website not working?18:23
zebaszpbbqs aren't boring...18:23
zebaszpQUESTION: who is that person behind you?18:23
* MarkDude thinks thats his reflection. Notice lack of hair :D18:24
number22QUESTION: Some amazing developers ported ubuntu touch on low end devices that doesnt even have minimum requriments, its really slow but it works, should we expect at least usable port at the end of the year18:24
zebaszpMarkDude, I'm just kidding, everyone always tell's him there's someone behind him18:25
sebsebsebzebaszp: oh I was about to do that :d18:25
sebsebsebzebaszp: heh heh18:25
sebsebsebwho's that behind him in the mirror :d18:25
leMeQUESTION: Would you like to be on Top Gear?18:25
MarkDudethats cool zebaszp - I like pointing out his lack of hair18:25
* MarkDude has similar thing happening to his own hairline18:26
MarkDude+ music18:26
number22+1 for music18:26
sebsebsebQUESTION: What do you think about Wubi in general, and also how it won't be in 13.04?18:27
MarkDudeWubi stuff is good question18:27
FlyingPigQUESTION: Are there any news on NVidia + MIR so I can test it?18:27
sebsebsebQUESTION: No I meant where did you have to land on the way to Australlia if anywhere?18:28
sebsebsebor on way back as well evne18:28
sebsebsebMarkDude: yep indeed18:28
MarkDudeJono says the word controversy awesomely.18:29
MarkDudeCan you also say the word Methane?18:30
MarkDudeUK folks say MEEE thane18:30
vrubiumQUESTION: After the transition to unity next and MIr in the desktop, will we be able to seemingly install apps developed for X?18:30
zebaszpbwahaha, we shall keep freaking you out!18:30
MarkDudeYou know you sound like Alanbell?18:30
FlyingPig+1 for Top Gear :D18:32
MarkDudePut Top Gear on the bucket list18:32
zebaszpQUESTION: how does Mir and Wayland adoption affect video game development?18:32
MarkDudeAlong with monocle and cravat...18:33
rstreeterQUESTION: Does the removal of i386 from the kernel mean Ubuntu is dropping 32 bit version?18:33
sebsebseboh that's how he says it, I said diffenrtly18:33
zebaszprstreeter, no18:34
zebaszponly the old 386 processors were dropped18:34
zebaszpanything 486 and above is ok18:35
checkinapproach for ubuntu touch in enterprise18:36
MarkDudeTux the Penguin- how awesome is he?18:36
zebaszpQUESTION: how are you?18:36
FlyingPigQUESTION: HAve you seen Marks OpenStack presentation?18:36
sebsebsebQUESTION: What do you think of how more programs or at least GNOME ones anyway, are requireing the need for SystemD as well?18:36
MarkDudeJack likes metal18:36
vrubiumQuestion: I want to buy an ubuntu phone, when do you expect this to be possible?18:37
glombartQUESTION: when did you start losing your hair?18:37
camelinahatQUESTION: With the main Ubuntu distro going with Mir, and with GNOME supporting Wayland, do you think Ubuntu GNOME flavour be negatively impacted?18:37
MarkDudelol +1 hair question18:37
rstreeterQUESTION: What is the thing with the dash icon and its swirl direction?18:37
sebsebsebQUESTION:  Do you like everyone who asks you questions? heh heh18:37
number22QUESTION: why are you barefoot on severed fifth concerts18:38
zebaszpQUESTION: with logind, udev and all that jazz, how come systemd isn't in the blueprints?18:39
sebsebsebzebaszp: Ubuntu usees upstart instead18:39
dshimerQUESTION: Can you just talk about the next online UDS, plans, goals, topics, how does the new format relate to a release.18:39
camelinahatheh. BTW.. it's Camel in a hat.. ;)18:39
zebaszpI know, sebsebseb, that's the point18:39
zebaszpI think there were blueprints for logind alone, and udev was merged into systemd18:40
zebaszpYay! I'm loved!18:41
sebsebsebzebaszp: well liked18:41
MarkDude<group hug>18:41
zebaszpoh god, that photo!18:41
rstreeterQUESTION: What do you think of System 76?18:43
leMeQUESTION: Do you like Tim Minchin?18:43
zebaszpTim Minchin! \o/18:43
wompaQUESTION: can we expect a "desktop" ubuntu account login that syns everything to ubuntu one? something like chrome os.18:45
simon-plQUESTION: Hello Jono! Are you still working on Ubuntu accomplishments project ? or maybe you start working on secret QML app for ubuntu touch ?18:47
MarlincOoh that would be nice wompa18:47
UbuntuBhoyQUESTION  will work be done for desktop Unity to make it more touch friendly ?18:47
FlyingPigQUESTION: Would you eat me? :D18:49
zebaszpwhat the...?18:49
sebsebsebQUESTION: Do you think its time for the GNOME 2 distros to die, and for users to move on to something else?  This is what will happen to Fuduntu later this year,  a F edora based distro, because of GNOME requiering SystemD, but Fuduntu not doing so, and GTK 2  not really being supported as such anymore.18:49
* zebaszp gives jono some love18:50
rstreeterQUESTION: How is life as a father going?18:50
jarlathQUESTION: Hello Jono! :) I thought this event was calendared for 8pm?18:51
number22QUESTION: why @ubuntuonair tweeted "ono Bacon: Q&A starting in 15 minutes" 5 minutes ago, did we travel in time18:52
dshimerQUESTION: will UbuntuKylin be %100 complete in 13.04, or what will the status be for this release.18:52
linuxcode19do you think that unity in future will have the features like dock applerance, position in different place(bottom).18:53
jarlathAwesome :)18:53
FlyingPigvery coul18:54
zebaszpdouble session? that's gonna be like an hour of guitar...18:54
zebaszpI do like double the flavour...18:54
rstreeterWell work calls I will see ya next time, later all18:54
zebaszpQUESTION: can the babby join us in the session?18:55
simon-plQUESTION: Can we expect Ubuntu Touch to be as smouth as IOS is ? On what I've seen so far it looks promissing and fast ( home screen ) but when I go to application ( like contacts ) the scroling is not as smooth...18:55
zebaszpI didn't say "baby", I said "babby" :P18:56
* MarkDude used you as a reference for my application for being a Mozilla Rep. Along with Karsten. They do some cool stuff.18:56
dshimerDouble the fun18:56
MarkDude-1 *double the flavour*18:56
zebaszpdouble the guitar!18:56
wompaQuestion: just play a song!18:57
MarkDude+1 guitar18:57
jarlathI can print some posters!18:57
MarkDudequestion: music WHERE is it?18:57
wompaQuestion: just sing18:57
peter_mQUESTION: What kind of drums do you have?18:57
FlyingPigQUESTION: Whats the weather like wherever you live?18:58
zebaszpa few minutes? we got like 62...18:58
jarlathQUESTION: When the baby is sleeping, would you consider ballet? If you're light enough on your feet the baby will never hear it.18:58
MarkDude+1 for paradise18:58
zebaszp+1 jarlath18:58
FlyingPigQUESTION: Have you seen Game of Thrones?18:59
xediQUESTION: I dreamed about talking to you concerning using a severed fifth song in a video project under CC, have you ever dreamed about me?18:59
* MarkDude sees photoedit of ballet coming18:59
zebaszpYES, BALLET18:59
MarkDudeALL Hail Tux the Penguin! (for belt)19:00
MarlincQUESTION: What do you think about applications that start developed closed-source and go open-source one's its ready19:01
number22QUESTION: where is JoseeAntonioR19:01
dshimerQUESTION: Have you ever considered having a guest join the QA? A Canonical celebrity, someone from one of the teams, etc.19:01
sebsebsebanyone else having video isues19:03
sebsebsebor just me ?19:03
MarkDudequestion: which folks on irc do you hear in their voice or accent?19:03
nadeemhow is your cooperation with Dell on OEM i am living in malaysia and dell sell ubuntu laptops with nvidia graphic cards that does not work at all19:03
nadeemthey ship it with optimus cards19:03
swaveckvideo is OK19:03
* MarkDude does this with Christopher Wickert (and other Germans)19:03
MarlincNo issues :p19:03
Bonsvideo is okj19:03
peter_mit's okay Jono19:03
number22everything is okay for me19:03
zebaszpeverything A-OK19:03
MarkDudeaudio is fine19:03
sebsebsebpictuer issue now uh let's re load gian19:03
peter_mi'm on youtube though19:03
jarlathA/V  10=1019:04
Bonsyes, sure :)19:05
FlyingPigPlease bring mark19:05
UbuntuBhoyQUESTION Is Ubuntu for Android effectively dead?19:05
jarlathSounds cool. Ten minutes is enough though :)19:05
jarlath+1 for Mark19:05
sebsebsebQUESTION: Maybe you should get some person who asks you questions on :d  what you think to that ?19:05
* MarkDude sounds like surfer19:05
peter_mQUESTION: Any thoughts on games running on ubuntu?19:06
FlyingPigQUESTIONS: Have you installed any Steam games?19:06
thisIsNotMyNickQUESTION: Any plans to deploy ubuntu with windows instead of just ubuntu?19:06
UbunoobQUESTION: can you tell me more about ubuntu for android?  Having a one device to rule them all approach appeals to me. Is Ubuntu touch pushing ubuntu for android back and will ubuntu touch have the dock for desktop mode?19:06
simon-plQUESTION: Submitting apps to USC is a bit pain... Can we expect kind of automated app reviewing system so it doesn’t take that long to get app in or update to USC ? At the moment its about 14days for commercial app and extremely long for free app. any plans on that ?19:07
sebsebsebQUESTION: NO I meant as the guest, maybe you should have someone on, who usauly asks you questions?19:07
seedymacwhen is the official release date of 13.04? sorry if it was talked about already.19:07
MarlincQUESTION: If there is Ubuntu Touch and Ubuntu for Android how would apps work. Would Ubuntu apps work on Ubuntu for Android. And will it have the same interface?19:08
jarlathQUESTION: Were the reported huge performance improvements in 13.04 intentional?19:08
thisIsNotMyNickQUESTION: I was meaning new computers. Ubuntu and windows by default.19:09
sebsebsebQUESTION:  Ok a differnet kind of question,  why did you become just jono on IRC instead of something more exciting?19:09
FlyingPigQUESTION: I haven't heard much about Ubuntu TV lately. Are there any news on that?19:09
icoopQUESTION: what do you think about the whole smart watch rumors and announcements? Do you think ubuntu will extend it's convergence to watches in future?19:09
nadeemQUESTION: what kind of cooperation on OEM , i live in malaysia and dell making ubuntu laptops with nonworking graphic cards (nvidia optimus)??19:11
firelinksQUESTION: HOw well does Ubuntu Phone OS work with JavaScript/HTML5 Frameworks and is there scope for more support?19:11
peter_mQUESTION: I work at a PC shop in Hungary - would it be okay for me to install ubuntu on OEM PC's? Do i need some kind of a permission?19:11
schauer97QUESTION: I hope i can ask this technical question.  Why can i not start a [Name].sh script in Ubuntu 13.04 with doubleklick? Is this a bug or a feature? I used the commmand: chmod +x to execute!19:11
techman246what are the plans for 14.04?19:12
sebsebsebQUESTION:  No I mean people stil ask qustions as normal, but  you also have this guest on, someone who would normaly ask you questions as wel?  In fact maybe thsi person would get asked some questions to.  I mean trying something differnet as a guest,  instead of someone from Canonical or whatever.19:12
sebsebseboh how text can be interrupted in diffenret ways at  times heh heh19:12
MunkyBoneBELT BUCKLE: Smoke my meat.19:13
jarlathBELT_BUCKLE: Download link for Ubuntu!19:14
techman246BELT BUCKLE humanity twords others19:14
zebaszpBELT BUCKLE: got root?19:14
peter_mBELT BUCKLE: Double the Belt Buckle19:15
FlyingPigBELT BUCKLE: No place like
FlyingPigQUESTION: What about Ubuntu on belt buckles?19:17
zebaszpQUESTION: what about ballet? https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-OLNRBjYpbjI/UW71LHhPOZI/AAAAAAAAAtk/ZGShOi3kJEg/w307-h428-p-o/jono+ballet.jpg19:17
zebaszpMarkDude, there you go19:18
jarlathQUESTION: Do you find it crazy that in 2013, a file manager takes longer than .0001 seconds to open on a desktop? I'm talking about Win/Lin/Mac. I've been expecting it to get faster since it first bothered me in 1997 but it hasn't happened!19:18
techman246how hard is it to get a job with cononical19:19
zebaszpQUESTION: let's bring Bryan Lunduke!19:19
thisIsNotMyNickQUESTION: how can ubuntu cooperate with projects like MER?19:19
ahayzenQUESTION: Are you going to a release party for raring?19:19
hip2dajiveBELT BUCKLE: Ubuntu... mmmmm Bacon19:20
MunkyBoneQUESTION: is there a character limit on the belt buckle?19:20
checkin_will ubuntu phone stream interfaces to docks like laptop, desktop, tablet, tv wirelessly19:21
zebaszpthat's 5 minutes of GIMP for you19:22
zebaszpoh god, I can't stop laughing...19:22
MarkDudeGimp rocks19:22
simon-plQUESTION: When can we expect Mir to be included in daily Ubuntu Touch images as default?19:23
peter_mBryan rocks!19:23
zebaszpoh god, really? I'd love to see that!19:23
thisIsNotMyNickQUESTION: http://merproject.org/19:24
MunkyBoneBELT BUCKLE: U-bacon-tu19:24
techman246what could i do to maybe get a job with canonical?19:24
FlyingPigtechman246: type QUESTION19:24
jarlathzebaszp: that was _very_ funny :)19:24
swaveckBELT BUCKLE: be my SUDO19:24
zebaszpI'm so gonna share that on the G+ community...19:25
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peter_mQUESTION: Do you listen to Meshuggah?19:26
MunkyBoneBELT BUCKLE: Why are you staring at my crotch?19:26
FlyingPigQUESTION: What shall I ask?19:27
swaveckQUESTION: what type of lcd screen are you using now ?19:28
MarlincQUESTION: This is not really a question but I send a email with the survey19:28
techman246what should i look forward to in 14.04?19:28
MarlincIt is about how you use the clipboard for a app some friends and me are working on19:28
zebaszpI'm still laughing at my picture...19:29
MarlincIf more people would fill it would be awesome :)19:29
Marlinchttp://goo.gl/vFW7U is the URL to it19:29
FlyingPigMarlinc: What language is that? Oo19:29
zebaszpI don't speak dutch :(19:29
dscassel_QUESTION: What are your thoughts on city-based LoCo teams?19:30
schauer97QUESTION: Do you know a good alternative for Wirecast, but under Linux? But no ffmpeg or Webcamstudio?19:30
MarlincWoops wrong one19:30
tetris4QUESTION: Where can someone interested in Community Management/Interction in FOSS start? Can you provide some general guidelines on studies, jobs, internships etc?19:30
ahayzenQUESTION: Will the Ubuntu SDK be extended to more programming languages?19:30
swaveckQUESTION: would it be possible to create official webpage with Canonical and Ubuntu history ? pictures from summits, etc ?19:30
MarlincThat is the link to it19:30
icoopResearch firm Gartner expects the market for wearable smart electronics to be a $10 billion industry by 201619:30
techman246how could you setup a loco team?19:30
FlyingPigQUESTION: Whats your opinion on Boston?19:31
zebaszpahayzen, I really doubt it19:32
jarlathQUESTION: What's you're favourite non-default application/lense/feature on Ubuntu?19:32
MarlincThere are some more specific clipboard questions in the survey jono. If you would like to answer it would be great if it would be through the form19:32
hip2dajiveQUESTION: Are there any plans to make the Ubuntu1 back-end server open-source?  - For most security minded people storing files unencrypted on American servers is a complete no-no.19:33
swaveckYES, YES YES19:33
jjedQUESTION: How do you think Red Hat and Canonical can patch things up? There seems to be a lot of barely concealed hostility.19:33
icoopQUESTION: Will we see WiFi Direct / Miracast in ubuntu touch?19:34
zebaszpYEAH, GO GEANY!19:36
zebaszpgeany is truly amazing19:37
simon-plUBUNTU HISTORY ( bare in mind its in polish + images ) http://www.ubuntu-pomoc.org/historia-ubuntu-w-obrazkach/19:37
orange_QUESTION: What do you think about autohide menu in Unity? Personally I dislike it19:37
schauer97Geany is awsome19:37
hip2dajiveExtra Note: US law states that the US government can access non-citizen's data freely and for no reason, check out the EFF website19:38
MarkDudeAnother Jono ballet pic19:39
finewill Ubuntu phone be able to stream wirelessly interfaces to docks like laptop, desktop, tablet, tv19:39
MarkDudeAlso Fedora has sucked since F1419:41
MarkDudeNote my Fedora cloak.19:41
FlyingPigQUESTION: Why is the video with Nelson Mandela no longer shipped with ubuntu?19:42
MarkDudeJono is telling the truth here,19:42
MarkDude+1 for Spatula19:42
MarkDudeNote: Jan is reasonable, minus how he judges Americans that visit Germany and *wear shorts*19:43
techman246will we be able to forward a mir session over network or internet like in X?19:45
zebaszpQUESTION: did you see MarkDude's pic? mine's better anyways...DOUBLE THE BALLET19:46
MarkDudeCourtney is here laughing too19:47
zebaszpthis shall become a meme19:47
zebaszpDOUBLE THE MEME19:47
FlyingPigquick! someone has to upload it to 9gag19:47
peter_mI'm thinking 13.04 default wallpaper19:47
MarkDude #jonoballet meme19:47
orange_QUESTION: Do you like cats?19:48
zebaszp#jonoballet YES19:48
jarlathThank you Jono.19:48
swaveck---> simon-pl:  that's exactly I'm referring to19:48
dscassel_Thanks, Jono.19:48
zebaszpyou're awesome, jono, thank you a lot19:48
jonothanks everyone!19:49
zebaszpthat was freaking hilarious19:49
ahayzenthanks, jono19:49
zebaszpyou do remember when jarlath suggested ballet because of the baby, right?19:49
zebaszpjust to put context into the whole joke, otherwise it's just weird19:50
zebaszpdon't hate me, jono D:19:51
* MarkDude had to explain context19:51
MarkDudeHe's cool with it19:51
jonozebaszp, never :-)19:51
zebaszpyay! :D19:51
zebaszpanyways, thanks a lot, I'll be leaving now19:51
zebaszphave a good one!19:52
ahoneybunHello Jono20:14
ahoneybunI can see you20:15
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