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Tm_Tjpds: awww (:05:00
bazhang<hillybilly> u no how u got apt-get on terminal there is also another one called  deb  which also allows u to download stuff but more17:44
* DJones sudo apt-get install's more17:53
Pici/bin/more is in util-linux17:57
Pici'most' has its own package though.17:57
bazhanghillybilly> im using ubuntu as my operating system for backtrack18:00
bazhangthats a  novel way of approaching it18:00
bazhang<hillybilly> we are anonymous18:13
bazhanghacking threats and a d c send18:13
bazhang<smallfoot-> timo allthonen broke mesa18:27
bazhangheavy charges, if true18:27
h00kwhere is this nonsense? was it in #u?18:37
bazhangwell the last bit was in PM. but he was asking ridiculous questions and making ever more strange suggestions about the "advanced stuff"18:38
bazhanghe's long since quit after threatening the anonymous, we are legion blahblahblah in PM18:39
bazhang* [Lets_Go_Mili] (~gost@94-157.199-178.cust.bluewin.ch): N/A19:30
bazhangreported as PM spamming the channel #ubuntu19:30
Piciis smallfoot- actually being sincere in +1?19:32
bazhangseems so19:33
bazhangjovan want s it live and persistent, but with NO changes to the live set up19:33
IdleOnePici: it is the polar opposite of his normal contribution to the channel so i would say yes he is19:34
bazhanglike thats going to work19:34
Myrttismallfoot- has been acting nice for quite a long time now19:35
bazhang<jovank> ok ty p0wn3d and OerHeks you are nice people bazhang is evil19:46
* genii-around blinks19:49
genii-aroundI don't even see anything in backscroll to make them think this anywhere19:50
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