smartboyhwSergioMeneses hmm I just saw a new upload of Testdruve00:02
SergioMenesesmmm...  something especial?00:03
smartboyhwSergioMeneses: Removal of python-testdrive causes Testdrive-GTK to crash.00:04
smartboyhwkirkland has put in a fix for that.00:04
smartboyhwDamn python-indicate00:05
smartboyhwnot python-testdrive:P00:06
SergioMenesesok, lets see what happen00:07
SergioMenesesI'm working on "how to separate loco teams"00:07
wxlit's a miracle: i submitted a result00:08
smartboyhwSergioMeneses: What do you mean? Isn't grouping them better!?00:08
smartboyhwwxl: \o/00:08
* smartboyhw says bye00:08
SergioMenesesI was having dinner :S00:19
SergioMeneseswxl, congrat00:19
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balloonsgood work SergioMenesesAFK and smartboyhw01:29
pittiGood morning03:44
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wxldoes alternate need a network connection?? i didn't think it did but after selecting do not set up network, it asks about a mirror03:50
wxlgonna listen in the car while i do a run03:54
wxloops wrong channel :)03:55
pittiwxl: alternates are supposed to work without network04:03
pittiwxl: but they still allow you to set up a proxy in case you are going to use one later04:03
wxlpitti: it's not asking about proxy. it's asking to pick a mirror. this is lubuntu raring-alternate-amd64 2013041605:10
pittiah, or that05:10
wxli can SWEAR i've done this before, even this cycle, without this problem05:12
pittiwxl: how is it a problem?05:21
wxlpitti: currently i only have wifi access. and a b43 chip to boot. i have linux-firmware-nonfree.deb on a flash drive but can dpkg -i it in busybox.05:22
pittioh, I thought you were talking about the mirror question05:23
wxlwell, yeah, if i tell it a mirror, it tries to check if its valid by trying to connect to it— even though i've told it not to configure the network05:24
wxlso it is a problem :)05:25
dholbachgood morning05:59
jibelgood morning07:02
pittibonjour jibel07:03
jibelbonjour pitti , ça va ?07:05
pittijibel: ça va bien ! mais NetworkManager est mauvais07:06
pittijibel: I fixed the failing NM autopkgtest in bzr, FYI07:08
jibelpitti, what's wrong with NM? NM itself or the tests ?07:09
pittijibel: ah, both; trying to figure out how to poke wpa secrets into it and connect successfully :)07:28
pittijibel: and I encountered various crashes and unintrospectability07:28
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smartboyhwballoons, ping me (don't PM) when you are awake:)11:55
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balloonssmartboyhw, lol.. I never see your pings14:03
balloonsit's hard to know if it was last night or this morning14:03
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smartboyhwballoons, LOL14:18
smartboyhwballoons, BTW SergioMenesesAFK's fix is in.14:18
smartboyhwnow REALLY write a blog post:P14:18
smartboyhwballoons, you ignored me;(15:03
balloonssmartboyhw, ? not ignoring15:03
smartboyhwballoons, you can't see my sentences above an hour ago?15:04
balloonsI updated to get his fix15:04
smartboyhwballoons, his = SergioMenesesAFK ?15:04
smartboyhwballoons, RC testing tmr.15:05
smartboyhwWhat do ya think?:p15:05
balloonsI want to hack on it too.. there's things that bug me (like not being able to make a bigger or smaller disk)15:06
smartboyhwballoons, I want to make a bigger one. Even 8GB is too small for Ubuntu Studio.15:07
balloonsyea.. I think we can edit the source to do so easy enough15:07
smartboyhwballoons, let us start hacking in S:p15:07
balloonsanyways, probably not in the cards for me for awhile15:07
smartboyhwballoons, why?15:07
smartboyhwA while = how long15:08
balloonstoo much other stuff :-) You know how end of cycle is15:08
smartboyhwballoons, :-)15:08
smartboyhwballoons, I mean we will start hacking in S cycle:P15:08
balloonsahh yes15:08
balloonsyou've already started!15:08
smartboyhwballoons, eh damn We = "The whole QA Team"15:09
balloonsindeed.. pretty good stuff15:09
balloonswe could use more/better/cooler/nicer tools15:09
smartboyhwballoons, please confirm if Testdrive actually has no "double-item" problem15:43
smartboyhwI mean now15:44
balloonsit no longer does indeed15:44
smartboyhwSince I still get it15:44
balloonsI'm staring at it15:44
balloonsIt showed both for a minute15:44
balloonsi updated again this morning and it looks good now15:44
smartboyhwballoons, a minute?!:O15:44
balloonslol.. sorry15:44
smartboyhwIt doesn't work for me here.15:44
balloonsit showed both when I tried last night15:44
balloonsbut the update has landed for me now and it works15:44
smartboyhwballoons, OK15:45
smartboyhwballoons, or rather: I'm still getting it for i386 (ONLY)15:45
balloonsohh.. why lookey there15:46
balloonsyour right!15:46
smartboyhwAnd I still see Ubuntu Studio amd64 duplicated.15:46
smartboyhwAlong with i386.15:46
balloonsmost of the other flavors are ok15:46
smartboyhwLubuntu too15:46
smartboyhwballoons, not for me15:46
balloonsbut everything you said is correct15:46
balloonsI can confirm15:46
smartboyhwballoons, get SergioMenesesAFK to fix it.:P15:46
smartboyhwOr, you fix:P15:47
balloonslol -- we could look at his patch15:47
smartboyhwWhere is the m.p.?15:47
balloonsjust for you smartboyhw -- let's have a look15:47
smartboyhwballoons, ....15:47
smartboyhwOK let's look at what happened15:48
smartboyhwIt is weird for 1. It doesn't work for i386 and 2. It doesn't work for Ubuntu Studio AND Lubuntu and Ubuntu (Server) for BOTH architectures15:48
balloonsright.. the issue is/was the proposed vs current changes on the server15:49
balloonsthat's the diff15:49
smartboyhwballoons, it should work.15:49
balloonsso for instance, running that I don't see the duplicates for studio15:50
smartboyhwballoons, :O15:50
balloonswget -q -O- http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/.manifest-daily | egrep '(amd64|i386)' | egrep '(current)'15:51
smartboyhwballoons, it does ONLY for Lubuntu and Ubuntu Studio15:51
smartboyhwballoons, doesn't at all make sense15:52
balloonssmartboyhw, lets look at what we're running now15:52
smartboyhwballoons, however can this be a problem with the Precise ISOs?15:52
smartboyhwballoons, latest ver. (3.20)15:52
balloonsI mean the code :-)15:52
smartboyhwballoons, LOL15:52
balloonsit's in there15:53
balloonsso.. we can play a little and see why things are coming up properly15:54
smartboyhwballoons, hmm... I need to sleep now:P15:54
balloonssmartboyhw, ahh.. Well, good night then15:54
balloonsyour right though.. it should work15:54
smartboyhwballoons, I will be idling on mobile for latest upadtes:P15:54
balloonssmartboyhw, :-)15:54
balloonsgood night15:54
smartboyhwballoons, I ran that command in terminal directly15:55
smartboyhwand it does work15:55
balloonsyep, exactly15:55
smartboyhwballoons, I am really starting to thank this is a Precise + Raring problem15:55
smartboyhwBut it can't be.15:56
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SergioMeneseshi everybody!17:03
SergioMeneseshow's everything?17:04
balloonshey SergioMeneses17:05
balloonsfor some reason testdrive is sitll showing some dupes in places17:05
SergioMenesesballoons, do you have the new testdrive version?17:07
SergioMenesesI dont know if the new features/changes are available now17:08
SergioMenesesand Andres is attending the openstack summit :S17:09
SergioMenesesmmm... balloons the version 3.20 was uploaded 17 hours ago17:16
balloonsSergioMeneses, yes confirmed your change is in my source :-)17:47
balloonswget -q -O- http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/.manifest-daily | egrep '(amd64|i386)' | egrep '(current)' returns the proper list too17:47
balloonsso something else is going on17:47
SergioMenesesballoons, mmm...17:49
SergioMenesesballoons, Cant not reply your issue18:13
SergioMenesesballoons, http://ubuntuone.com/1j9oy3mlAQzNZCzzljnYog18:15
SergioMenesesthere is only one entry per iso18:15
SergioMenesesrepository = cdimage.ubuntu.com18:15
SergioMenesesrelease = raring18:16
SergioMenesessomeone has the same issue? bug 116205718:17
ubot5bug 1162057 in testdrive (Ubuntu) "Testdrive has two entries per iso" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116205718:17
SergioMenesesballoons, you have to update you preferences or delete ~/.cache/testdrive/*.isos18:19
SergioMenesesit should work18:19
SergioMenesesubot5, ping18:19
SergioMenesesok, I'm not offline18:19
balloonsSergioMeneses, I'll try that in a min18:21
SergioMenesesballoons, ok! if you have another issue let me know :D18:22
balloonsok, I've got a moment, let me try now18:33
balloonsahh SergioMeneses the cdimage.isos and releases.isos files18:34
balloonshehe.. it's caches them18:35
SergioMenesesballoons, or update your preferences as well18:35
balloonsok so probably worth posting to the list18:35
phillwSergioMenesesI have a work-around for the KVM corrupt video using cirrus, and qxl shows no video at all, vmvga seems to be best for me at the moment, please feel free to check it out.18:35
balloonsupdating preferences didn't seem to work :-)18:35
balloonsrm ~/.cache/testdrive/cdimage.isos18:36
SergioMenesesphillw, I'm using as hypervisor KVM and it works well18:38
SergioMenesesusing thias args: "-usb -usbdevice tablet -net nic,model=virtio -net user -soundhw es1370 -vga cirrus"18:39
phillwSergioMenesesmost odd, as it is still an upstream bug!18:46
ubot5Freedesktop bug 58574 in Driver/cirrus "pixmap regression with cirrus graphics driver" [Normal,New]18:47
SergioMenesesballoons, smartboyhw hi!18:56
SergioMenesesI saw the previous conversation and I dont see problems with ubuntu-studio or Lubuntu18:58
balloonsSergioMeneses, yes everything works after clearing that cahce file18:58
balloonsI posted to the ml as well18:58
SergioMenesesphillw, :)  but they have to fix it, right? or here Ubuntu people may help18:59
balloonssmartboyhw will see it tomorrow :-) he had the issue to18:59
SergioMenesesballoons, perfect! :D I'm glad to hear that18:59
phillwSergioMeneses I'm not holding my breath. using vmvga does make grub screen 'vga' resolution, but then the actual VM when booted is back to  a decent size :)19:00
phillwqxl fails in my virt-manager edition, once I'm fully using 13.04 I will have a further look.19:01
balloonsSergioMeneses, phillw here's something that may interest you:
* SergioMeneses looks at balloons link with fear19:01
SergioMenesesballoons, omg!!!19:01
SergioMeneseswhere did you find those charts?19:02
balloonsIt's a sneak preview of what I've been working on19:02
balloonsI generated the charts.. it's showing off some of the team's work :-019:02
SergioMenesesballoons, it is awesome!!!19:03
balloons:-) There is more to do.. we can do a lot with generating some data to help drive what we do19:04
SergioMenesesballoons, sounds pretty clever! I was thinking on make a post about my testing activities on this cycle and another one about fixing bugs in Spanish19:08
balloonsSergioMeneses, excellent!19:08
SergioMenesesballoons, but next week or this weekend19:10
balloonsLetozaf_, hello :-)19:15
Letozaf_balloons, hello :D19:15
balloonsSergioMeneses, I've got posts to write too.. I know how it is :-)19:15
Letozaf_SergioMeneses, o/19:16
SergioMenesesLetozaf_, \o19:16
balloonsok smartboyhw can rest easy.. I posted about testdrive as I said :-)19:29
balloonsI am very excited and happy to see how you all have stepped out to learn and try something new. It's very encouraging for others -- and a hope a wonderful experience for all of you19:30
phillwballoons: well, from sunday, you will hopefully have some more testers on-board. If you can dig up stats of which flavors / areas need some extra help, let me know by Saturday evening (UTC). I'll pull a range of IOS's in to travel to Manchester with.19:32
balloonsphillw, did you see the page I shared?19:33
balloonsI would be curious what sort of detail you'd like to see19:33
balloonsI thought your talk was last saturday :-)19:33
phillwballoons: I've had a quick look, I'll be fully back in ~30 mins.19:33
balloonsmust be why I didn't hear back about what happened!19:33
phillwballoons: nope, it is this Sunday. I thought it was last sunday, also... Then double checked when I realised it was not RC week :D19:34
balloonsgotcha.. you fooled us all!19:35
phillwI'd have been disappointed to travel  for 2 hours to get there for the wrong week!19:36
zygahey is there any update on a friendly19:46
zygaI was experimenting with a new service19:46
zygafor storing hardware manifests on the web19:47
phillw(20:46:04) zyga: hey is there any update on a friendly ???20:03
zygaphillw, re20:04
zygaIRC on Android is a bit flaky20:04
zygathat we've been playing with a new service20:05
zygaservice to store hardware manifests in the cloud20:06
phillwzyga: I'm not familiar with android. But it may be possible to store them as a part of http://phillw.net/isos/20:07
phillwif you are looking for somewhere to store them.20:07
zygawhat I was thinking of20:10
zygais a service that would give you a hardware details20:11
zygabased on a unique arbitrary id20:11
zygathis data could be used to know which tests are compatible20:12
zygawithout asking the user20:12
zygahowever the same database could be maintained by community for them to friendly20:13
zygafor ubuntu friendly20:13
zygafor example the type of the touchpad20:15
phillwthe wiki area can do that, I'm not too sure what the in-line attachement size is, but I do know that a couple of ubuntu.pastes have just gone time expired which held details of computer equipment. so, it is best to try the wiki area first, if it is too big for them, you need somewhere that does not allow details to go time expired.20:15
balloonszyga, the hooks for hexr <-> friendly should done now..20:15
zygaedge scrolling vs two finger scrolling20:15
zygais the hexer data model sufficient for that?20:16
zygahow could I describe the type of a touchpad20:17
balloonszyga, you were there when it was discussed yes?20:17
phillwzyga: have a chat with the laptop-testing team, who also use friendly.20:17
phillwunless balloons can recall everything :)20:18
zygaballoons, yes u think so20:18
zygahow can I find that team?20:19
phillwzyga: laptop testing can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Laptop/Procedures20:20
zygasorry, anyone from that team that I can ping?20:21
phillwballoons: I don't have a team listing for laptop-team. Do you know if any are about?20:22
balloonsnot usually on irc20:23
balloons*they are not20:23
phillwzyga: join the team via https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-laptop-testing once joined, you can join the mailing list.20:24
phillwzyga: they do use this channel for discussions, but as with a lot of QA/Testing teams they do not have a lot of people on here at any one time (usually just for meet ups).20:26
phillwballoons: are you keeping up to date with Lance re: New upgrade test - via live image ?20:42
balloonsphillw, feel free to point those things out.. I've been digging through my mail today.. my filters are all messed up20:43
balloonsi can't follow the threads easily enough. I've missed several lance responses20:44
phillwballoons: http://pastebin.com/59gnaGXt20:48
phillwballoons: one the google mail servers was down today, so I've also had issues!20:49
balloonsahh.. ok, the upgrade thing20:49
phillwyup, I've got an issue with alternate. which is not too critical (it just doesn't work!).20:50
balloonsyes, what xnox wrote is correct.. and we had a conversation a bit ago about it20:51
phillwokies, thanks balloons :)20:53
phillwballoons: but, from that, 'can' we actually test before final release?20:54
xnoxphillw: imho the upgrade test was always based on previous release install. E.g. install ubuntu12.10, put in raring image, perform upgrade.20:59
xnox(using cd option)21:00
xnoxphillw: unless you refer to the upgrade section, which is esentially test upgrade-manager from quantal install into current dev.21:00
balloonsyes exactly. I'm trying to dig up the email for lance.. but upgrade was always intended to go from the previous release to the current (dev) release21:01
balloonswe also push out lts ->lts upgrade tests when that comes up21:01
balloonsthe fact you can 'upgrade' a current install using a cd will remain, but it's hardly something we want to test or support imho21:02
phillwxnox: Yeah, that's fine. I'm just sad that cdromupgrade from alternate wants to go and download from internet. but, hey, such is life.21:05
phillwis just a way to force lubuntu to drop alternate :(21:07
phillw*is this just*21:07
phillwballoons: that email is from wxl21:08
phillwballoons: http://pastebin.com/h0z4uHky21:08
wxlyeah that irks me.21:09
balloonsphillw, wxl lol.. did you report it?21:09
balloonsafaik, there's no intention to stop a non-network install21:09
wxloutside of reporting it to the list, no. i wanted to be sure it was not like a change in plans or something, balloons.21:10
balloonsahh.. not to my knowledge21:10
wxlthen i should file a bug against.....?21:10
balloonsahh found it21:11
balloonsfile a bug against debian-installer21:12
phillwwxl: can you bug report it. I've asked the likes of jonathan and unit193 to have a look at the script for cdromupgrade as lubuntu are the only ones now using it. I tried to update piglet using alternate and it wanted to download everything, even though the ISO was mounted and visisble,.21:12
wxlphillw: note i'm trying to install, not upgrade21:12
wxlballoons: i thought the alternate installer != ubiquity?21:13
phillwwxl: note that in either case, it is not reading the source iso (either cd / dvd /usb in your case, or on a loop mount as in mine).21:13
* wxl nods21:13
balloonswxl, sorry wrong link21:14
phillwwxl: can you try and install the corresponding server ISO21:14
balloonsbut yes, debian-installer is where to file against :-)21:14
wxlphillw: yeah was going to work on that next21:14
wxlballoons: thanks that's what i needed. i couuld remember ubiquity but not debian-installer21:14
phillwif that fails, then it is a generic alternate fail, mine is for upgrade which is now lubuntu only. (server do not do upgrades from alternate ISO, which did come as a shock to me!)21:15
phillwballoons: does (should) the desktop 64 bit version of 13.04 work with UEFI across all flavours, or is it Ubuntu only?21:18
wxli'll get to reporting the bug later tonight21:18
balloonsphillw, ahh good question. the work was done at the low level, I don't see why it wouldn't work across flavors. I would wonder about the alternate installers tho21:21
balloonsThat said I don't have UEFI hardware21:21
balloonsi answered Lance hopefully that is helpful21:22
phillwI'm not worried about alternate. But one of the guys has provided a link to the OP21:22
SergioMenesesgreat post balloons http://www.theorangenotebook.com/2013/04/filling-gaps.html21:36
xnoxphillw: you are doing it wrong.21:36
xnoxballoons: phillw: the alternate-cd has complete apt-getable pool of package. To perform "offline" upgrade from cd using alternate, one is suppose to add the cd-rom as a package repositoy and simply do apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade and/or equivalent using any gui package managent.21:37
phillwxnox: so the idea of mounting the ISO was never feasible?21:38
xnoxballoons: phillw: if one boots the alternate-cd installer and tries to use "partman reuse recipe" (aka. what ubiquity calls upgrade) the insllation path is different - a snapshot of installed packages is taken, then more or less /usr is wiped clean, then normal installation happens (for ubiquity that is copy squashfs, for alternate it is debootstrap)21:39
xnoxand then later the apt-clone snapshot is restored to install any remaining packages that where there before.21:39
xnoxphillw: the problem with upgrading from alternate iso, is that it will inherently lack transitional packages needed to complete an upgrade from previous release and will totally failt to upgrade if there are external packages installed.21:40
phillwxnox: I do recall doing something "similar" to this a couple of releases ago.21:40
xnoxwhich is the reason for network-based upgrades.21:40
xnoxin the end of the day, we can only support network based upgrades with main&universe enabled, anything else has a lot of chances being incomplete and removing packages.21:41
phillwxnox: is that why you guys dropped alternate from everywhere? I'm quite okay if alternate can no longer 'do' an upgrade from 12.10 to 13.04, but I did want to see if it still could.21:43
phillwif it is something that needs changing in cdromupgrade script, and only lubuntu use it, then I see no harm in asking them to look into it?21:44
phillwxnox: One of the guys who wants to take a look at the problem has asked for 'where does the autobuild script live on so if it can be made to work for lubuntu?21:46
xnoxphillw: huh.... i am confused by that statement. there is no "you guys" i'm just trying to tell you what alternate cd can do or can't do. It applies for all ubuntu releases ever made and still applies for alternate cds generated today for lubuntu or ubuntu.21:46
xnoxubuntu project stopped generating alternate images for a few producs (ubuntu and some other flavours) but the code is still out there and one can generate an alternate cd by them self.21:46
phillwxnox: ubuntu server does not use alternate as a method to upgrade a server (which was a shock to me).21:46
phillwonly lubuntu now release alternate for desktop systems.21:47
xnoxphillw: if in 12.10 lubuntu had a default app "MegaAwesome", but 13.04 dropped it from the default install, "MegaAwesome" is not on the cd any more.21:47
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xnoxthus using lubuntu 13.04 alternate cd to upgrade without network connectivity can fail with cryptic errors of "broken pacakges", "unsatisfyable dependencies" and avalanche of package removals.21:48
phillwxnox: so, there is no longer any way, any one can upgrade any 12.10 to 13.04 unless they are hooked up to the internet?21:48
wxlpersonally i'd like to just INSTALL with alternate :)21:49
xnoxphillw: this has always been the case. We pretended that we can upgrade using a package pool from an iso, with a big note that you may require internet or pre-download of somewhere "all remaining package that no longer are present ont he cd, or manually installed"21:49
phillwwxl: if you have a seperate /home (which we're told we no longer in need of), you can :D21:50
phillwxnox: okies, I'm not having a row... I think I did it in something like 11.04 --> 11.10.21:50
xnoxwxl: alternate-cd, server-cd, mini-iso and pxe boot use "d-i install interface". The alternate-cd is not published, but you can totally use server-cd/mini-iso/pxe boot to do any flavour desktop installation using that d-i interface.21:50
xnoxbut big notice that it will fetch a lot of packages over the internet, so either have a local apt-proxy / mirror / fast-link.21:51
phillwxnox: AHH!!! that is what is was.... you need a local mirror of the repos to be changed.... sorry, it's been over 12 months since I did one in the classroom for a red-hat upgrade (6.2 --> 6.3). So, it could never be CD sized.21:53
SergioMenesesballoons, will we maintain test-drive?21:54
* SergioMeneses is reading old emails21:54
phillwalternate can only be used as install because the images generally have gotten far too large.21:55
wxlxnox: again, the alternate IS published. it's called lubuntu :)21:55
wxland i have used alternate lubuntu to install the system without a network, but somehow, quite recently, that changed21:55
wxli have never set up any sort of local mirror/proxy/etc21:55
phillwSergioMeneses it will be a team event, the guys working (almost alone, and un loved) now have some friends to enthuse them :)21:56
xnoxwxl: one can use d-i based images (lubuntu alternate, ubuntu server) or ubiquity based images to perform offline installation.21:57
phillwwxl: yeah, I saw that email, xnox did something change in debian-installer recently?21:57
xnoxwxl: but an upgrade using ubiquity images without network should not be possible.21:58
wxlxnox: not right now you can't. that's the problem. you say you don't want the network configured, and it asks for a mirror, which means it then checks to see if the mirror is up and since the network isn't configured, it fails. game over.21:58
wxlxnox: *I* am not talking about upgrades21:58
xnoxwxl: package pool update (aka mount alternate iso or server iso) should be possible offline.21:58
phillwxnox: http://pastebin.com/h0z4uHky21:58
wxlxnox: "should" be possible, yes. is possible now, no.21:59
xnoxwxl: d-i based upgrade (aka boot alternate iso or server iso & choose to upgrade) should _not_ be possible offline.21:59
phillwwxl: saves you digging up the email :)21:59
xnoxphillw: wxl: i don't read pastebins, I deal with bug reports, have you filed a bug report with log details?21:59
wxlxnox: i like to check to see if i didn't miss something before filing bug reports. i'll report one later.22:00
xnoxyes we do try to connect to a mirror, but that should timeout when offline and install should succeed just fine. that also has always been the case ("the attempt to talk to mirror bit")22:00
xnoxnot quite sure what you mean by "game over"22:00
wxlxnox: it goes back to asking about a mirror. can't proceed.22:00
phillwxnox: this is an install error, but it's only after a couple of days of discussion can we ensure the bug is filed in correct place. We don't want to file bugs in the wrong that place etc.22:01
phillwxnox: sorry that you have walked into the middle of this, we did catch balloons earlier about such issues and he did suggest where to file the bug. Just gone a bit crazy with other questions :(22:03
wxltrue nuff22:05
phillwwxl: can you raise the bug, as per balloons ' suggestion as to where. That way they can look into it.22:10
wxlas i said before, phillw, i will make sure to do it when i get home22:10
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phillwOhh, and one for everyone... My, and others, dedicated email systems powered by google were off line earlier... The best bit? They are now honest22:13
phillw(17:03:17) XXXX XXXX: I laughed when xxxx xxxx on the phone said "Even Google's big and bad servers need upgrades and a reboot now and then." -.-:;22:13
phillwMade my day :D22:13
balloonsSergioMeneses, I don't think we have to maintain testdrive so to speak to do patches to it :-)22:14
phillwooh, balloons has taken off his bullet proof vest :P22:15
SergioMenesesballoons, phillw ok :)22:21
smartboyhwSergioMeneses ah ah that's why.23:39

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