tjaaltonare we frozen already?04:50
tjaaltonstill trying to get the verdict on mesa05:04
tjaaltonslangasek: ping?05:08
tjaaltoninfinity, cjwatson: can either of you take a look at mesa? the new version has seen a lot of testing during the past few weeks (and months before that on a smaller scale) as pointed out on the ffe bug06:18
infinitytjaalton: I'll have a look.  Point me at the bug again?06:24
tjaaltoninfinity: thx, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mesa/+bug/116409306:24
ubot2Launchpad bug 1164093 in mesa (Ubuntu) "FFe: new upstream release 9.1.1" [Wishlist,Triaged]06:24
tjaaltonwhoa :)06:31
infinitytjaalton: I'd already gone over the source diff a few times in the last day or two.  Just needed to look at the testing trail on the bug to make a decision.06:31
infinitytjaalton: So, thanks for being verbose.06:32
infinitytjaalton: And please do watch very closely for regressions in the next few days.06:32
tjaaltoninfinity: sure thing, we'll (ab)use the awesome balloons again in the future for point-releases too :)06:32
tjaaltonand yeah, mesa is top-priority now06:33
tjaaltonthere's 9.1.2 in the works, so the stable branch might have cherry-pickable stuff until we sru the point-release06:33
infinityOh bah.  And this pulls llvm-3.2-dev into main.06:34
tjaaltonit wasn't already? :/06:35
infinityNah, 3.1 is.  Not that I'm against moving to 3.206:36
tjaaltonif it wasn't so late I'd push glamor-egl (new) for newer radeons too06:36
infinityCurious if mesa is the only rdep of either.06:36
tjaaltonI think it is actually06:36
infinityYeah, it is.  So this is a simple flip.  No big deal.06:36
* infinity promotes 3.2 and lets the world sort itself.06:37
infinityActually, that brings mesa in line with llvm-defaults and clang.06:38
infinityMaybe we can start dropping old llvm versions.06:38
infinitytjaalton: ... was this not tested in a devirt PPA? :/07:04
infinitytjaalton: It's FTBFS on powerpc.07:04
infinity(A good reason to push this stuff to experimental too, it's good to get all-arch build test coverage)07:07
tjaaltonit was on two separate ppa's, but neither had powerpc07:08
tjaaltonthe debian-x folks are busy with getting wheezy out :/07:08
infinitySure, but one could still upload a mesa to experimental, surely.07:08
tjaaltonthere wasn't an upload of 9.0 either07:08
infinityAnyhow, no big deal.  Just need to fix it.07:08
infinityI can look at it in the morning.07:09
infinityOr give you a PPC machine to play with tonight.07:09
tjaaltoncould be one of the additional lib trickery patches by mlankhorst broke it, I'll let him have a look07:10
infinitytjaalton: Oh, I took your "gimme" at face value and was setting you up on a host here. :P07:12
tjaaltonheh, that's ok07:12
tjaaltonI guess this is something dead-simple anyway07:12
tjaaltonprobably building too much on ppc07:13
infinityGrr.  Why does this machine come up in 1930?07:13
infinityAnd, more importantly, why does dhclient flip out about that?07:13
infinity(Which leads to no IP, which leads to no ntpdate, which leads to...)07:14
cjwatsoninfinity: ghc's still stuck on llvm-3.0, I fear, though hopefully that'll be sorted out in the next mega-transition ...08:02
infinitycjwatson: Right, but I don't think anything wants 3.1 anymore.08:04
infinitycjwatson: So, maybe we can keep 3.0 and 3.2.08:04
cjwatsonerk, kapok dead in an RT-requiring way says #webops?08:05
cjwatsonnot that I can find the ticket08:05
* infinity taps his foot waiting for this mesa test build on leviathan to finish.08:06
infinitytjaalton: Looks good.  Want to double-check file lists at the end of the build log look sane and upload ASAP?08:10
tjaaltoninfinity: yep08:10
ogra_infinity, still awake ?08:54
infinityogra_: Not that I'm willing to admit to.08:54
ogra_so now thgat i slept (or rather didnt) sleep over it, i think packaging it is as insane as using a livefs builder ... we should have a dedicated android cross build machine i think08:55
infinityUsing the package builders is an effective re-use of resources.08:56
infinityA dedicated machine would be idle half the time.08:56
ogra_because it will eb really hard to automate and to just quickly shove 2G around08:56
ogra_more than half08:56
ogra_but we will also build a lot more images in the future on it08:57
infinityAnd if we're generating binaries that we're shipping to people, we need to be able to provide the matching source.08:57
ogra_thats on phablet.u.c already08:57
infinity(Sure, that can be done via other methods, but the archive works well for that)08:57
ogra_i know that the archive works well08:57
ogra_but you still force someone to shovel 2.1G through the net for every build08:58
ogra_its not like it needs to be an overly expensive machine or anything08:58
ogra_http://phablet.ubuntu.com/export/ has snapshot tarballs now ...08:59
ogra_every new device will add to that and there will very likely be more over time08:59
infinityAlright, but that's not forcing any uploader to jam 2.1G across their link then, is it?08:59
ogra_so we might end up with 5G or so ... thats just crazy for moving it around08:59
infinityYou can build a source package remotely, and sign the .dsc and .changes locally.08:59
ogra_well, if you only rebuild when git changes it means you need the new upstream tarball for every build09:00
infinityYeah, it sucks if you want to test-build, but you can do that with a local git clone as an approximation.09:00
ogra_not talking about tests09:00
ogra_a standard change in git will force you ro a new upstream tarball09:01
infinityThat's not true, that depends on how you package it.09:01
ogra_unless yu want to pile up patches and merge them every now and then09:01
ogra_you need regular upstream pulls09:01
infinityYour orig could be an export based on the 4.2.1 tag (or whatever), and you could ship a git-updates.diff patch.09:01
infinity(eglibc is packaged this way)09:01
ogra_still, that stuff is not designed like being packaged, its a cross build tree and i would prefer to just have it cross built on a dedicated machine ...09:03
ogra_it ends up to be a hell of a package and even if you package it with multiple tarballs you will have to merge regulary09:03
ogra_even if you would do one tarball per git repo ... you will have to regulary upload the whole thing at times09:04
ogra_no matter how you twist it, its 2G+ of data09:05
ogra_(seems kapok took it swerious yesterday though .... its still not back)09:06
cjwatsonI think it's unlikely you'll get a dedicated machine; IS budget is very very very squeezed09:08
cjwatsonMy understanding is that for anything new it's canonistack or go home09:08
cjwatsonAnd Ricardo's numbers indicated more like 1G than 2.1G (that was for source, but it's rare that binaries come out significantly bigger than source)09:10
infinitycjwatson: http://phablet.ubuntu.com/export/ came out to 2Gish.09:10
infinity(Though xz instead of bz2 could potentially shrink that a fair bit)09:11
infinityThat might include some bits rsalveti was planning to cull, though.09:11
infinityIncluding prebuilt toolchains...09:12
infinityMan, this stuff is a mess.09:12
ogra_cjwatson, see the tarball09:13
ogra_its android ...09:13
ogra_we should simply treat it like that09:13
cjwatsonWell, OK; but you still don't need to transfer binary components across the network to the livefs builder for bits of the source you don't build.09:18
ogra_but they are massively smaller09:18
cjwatsonRicardo's numbers from last night don't really support "massively".  Somewhat, maybe.09:19
ogra_its all the armel files09:19
cjwatsonUnless you mean that the binary components we need to transfer around are massively smaller.09:19
cjwatsonRight.  So that's not really shovelling lots of data around all that often, then.09:19
ogra_i need the source first09:20
ogra_and i would prefer if that wouldnt have to leave the datacenter for building09:21
cjwatsonNo reason it should.09:22
* ogra_ is just downloading the tarball locally here for test builds ... 2h+09:23
infinityThis was why I suggested a pristine-tar/get-orig-source type thing.09:23
infinityLocally, you should just have a git clone.09:23
xnoxogra_: 12.3MB/s   in 2m 53s ;-)09:24
infinityAs for how much data is shoved around the DC for builds, surely a 2.1G orig beats a 15G git clone (which is the current method).09:24
ogra_xnox, :P09:24
ogra_oh, no doubt in that09:24
ogra_though i'm not sure it will just work without networking since you need to do a repo sync first to make the brunch tool happy09:26
ogra_(i'll see in 2h)09:26
xnoxone can totally rsync .repo off somewhere. it just works =)09:26
infinitySurely that can all be done as part of preparing the source before building the source package?09:26
ogra_(and indeed lillipily cant see phablet.u.c so that i could play in the DC)09:26
xnoximho one actually just needs .repo as that's where all the git repos are and one does a "repo checkout" to unfold a working forest of git trees.09:27
ogra_infinity, yes, my concern is what repo sync does ... i might end up with a 5G tarball in the end :)09:27
xnoxadjust manifest for source-builds to exclude pre-build toolchain and et.al. as was suggested yesterday.09:27
ogra_which would make the whole effort moot09:28
cjwatsonogra_: http_proxy=http://squid.internal:3128/09:28
ogra_xnox, we cant exclude the toolchain ... which one would you use then (ubuntus doesnt work)09:28
cjwatsonor is this git protocol rather than http?09:28
ogra_cjwatson, !09:28
ogra_for the tarball its just http :)09:28
xnoxogra_: ah, ok right. I'd upload toolchain separately as a separate package, as I don't think it moves as fast as daily android builds.09:29
* xnox "don't think" as in "would not expect"09:29
cjwatsonHmm, doesn't seem to work through squid.internal either.  I think that's RT-worthy09:29
cjwatsonporter-amd64 gets a response through squid.internal but it's 40309:30
* xnox we could have https git repos.... with reasonable performance these days via smart git protocols09:31
ogra_lillypilly doesnt even seem to get a response09:36
ogra_Proxy request sent, awaiting response... 504 Gateway Time-out09:38
ogra_2013-04-17 09:36:40 ERROR 504: Gateway Time-out.09:38
ogra_there we go09:38
infinityRiddell: If you're going to make smokeqt build-dep on qwt5, were you planning on filing an MIR for the latter?09:41
ogra_hmm, same thing from nusakan ... i thought we had a resolved RT that allows it to see phablet.u.c09:44
ogra_but that was probably only kapok09:45
Riddellinfinity: oh, ug09:47
psivaacjwatson: xnox: not sure if you already know about amd64 raring server image: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-server/daily/pending/report.html09:47
cjwatsonpsivaa: the builder machine is dead09:47
ogra_psivaa, the livefs builder is dead ...09:47
ogra_webops is on it (at least i hope there was a proper handover to the next vanguard)09:47
infinityRiddell: Or you might just want to revert that upload, given that we're a day from final freeze.09:48
Riddellyes, I might09:49
psivaacjwatson: ogra_ ahh ok, thanks09:49
dokoinfinity, cjwatson: please review the icedtea-web upload, security related release09:52
* infinity was hoping to see " * SECURITY: Stop allowing Java to run in browser plugins."09:54
dokotjaalton, infinity: I don't know who did promote llvm-3.2. if the desktop teams wants to support 3.1 and 3.2, fine with me. but it won't be my task ...09:58
infinitydoko: I promoted it so mesa can build, once it migrates, 3.1 should be able to demote (or be removed).09:59
* ogra_ twiddles thumbs watching the 2G drip through his DSL10:33
xnoxogra_: $ du --si phablet-ubuntu-20130417.tar.xz10:36
xnoxthat's with -9 and extreme compression algo.10:36
ogra_still way to big imho10:37
ogra_but good to know we save 600M10:37
xnoxogra_: it would be nice to cut out some cull that was proposed yesterday, maybe we can get down <<1GB with xz then.10:37
ogra_cut out what exactly ?10:37
ogra_(we will rather add a few G over time ... )10:38
* xnox vaguelly remembers something mentioned last night. Maybe it was "cut out toolchain" when discussing some alternative plan.10:44
ogra_xnox, the toolchain is built during the process .(like everything else of teh OS) .. while it might be possible to cut it out it wont gain us much and just add maintenance overhead imho10:46
xnoxi see.10:47
ogra_we could re-introduce armel and package the whole :)  but that will take months i guess10:48
ogra_(the whole in proper abndroid packages)10:48
cjwatsonWe have an armel cross-compiler in the archive ...10:49
ogra_with bionic toolchain ? :)10:50
cjwatson... maybe not10:51
ogra_i know what we have and i know all that might be better to be done properly in lots of singel packages etc ... but getting the source to that point would cost us more time than we have10:51
ogra_and given how temporary all that stuff is yet i doubt it would be clever to invest much time into modifications today10:52
cjwatsonOn the other hand the attempt to do all this on kapok has apparently broken our ability to build amd64 images a week in advance of release ...10:55
cjwatsonWhich isn't exactly ideal either10:55
ogra_i honestly didnt expect that, sorry10:56
ogra_RT#60878 is opened ...10:56
ogra_yay, download done11:23
dokocjwatson, could you have a look at python2.7? brings all the changes from the last python3.3 upload, plus (hopefully) error free autopkg tests11:27
cjwatsonLooks fine, thanks11:30
ogra_wow, even unpacking on my fastest SSD takes 10min11:50
* ogra_ amusedly watches it building chromium libssl and busybox ...11:59
ogra_hmm, i wuld have put my bets on it being faster to build than to unpack ... but seems i would have lost12:00
ogra_... wpa_supplicant ...12:01
ogra_oh, openssl *again*12:01
=== cjohnston_ is now known as cjohnston
ogra_and there we go ... 12min for building ...12:05
ogra_(10 for unpacking)12:05
ogra_so now ... how do i add multiarch build deps to a package ?12:06
ogra_since it needs a lot of mixed i386/amd64 stuff12:06
xnoxogra_: not supported as far as I know =)12:07
ogra_oh, lovely ... so we can trash the idea or i hack around it by stacking chroots and scripted hacks12:08
xnoxwe don't have :native. I guess if you are building $ dpkg-buildpackage -ai386 on the amd64 machine, then "Build-dep: foo:any, foo" will give you i386 & amd64 versions...... but you cannot e.g. "Build-dep: foo:i386"12:09
xnoxogra_: pre-installing build-deps is the way to go =/12:09
xnoxi had to do it for libnih.12:10
ogra_preinstalling ?12:10
ogra_from an included script ?12:10
xnoxogra_: well in my case I had an sbuild chroot variant with a few things installed.12:20
ogra_well, my package needs to build on a std amd64 builder12:20
dokocjwatson, same please for python3.312:26
cjwatsondoko: done12:32
sergiusensogra_: xnox the toolchain used to build android is a linaro toolchain, prebuilt12:48
* sergiusens says sorry for eavesdropping12:49
ogra_sergiusens, ah12:49
ogra_sergiusens, it needs bionic support though, no12:49
xnoxsergiusens: hola =) it's the full bionic based?12:49
* ogra_ really wonders what all these mp4's in the android tree are and why we ship them12:50
ogra_thats easily 100M we could save12:52
sergiusensogra_: not really sure about the bionic stuff12:52
sergiusensogra_: I can strip those12:52
ogra_ /frameworks/base/media/tests/contents/media_api/videoeditor/ is full of them12:53
sergiusensogra_: we only ever had a git repo we could use in March, before that we had the full tree and applied patches ;-)12:53
ogra_/frameworks/base/data/videos/ too ... and there are even some in the docs12:53
ogra_sergiusens, not sure you got the news, but using the livefs builder doesnt work for building12:54
sergiusensogra_: good, now you hace a necessity for me to work on that, I'll get working on making the repo leaner12:54
sergiusensogra_: no I haven't12:54
ogra_my build attempt killed  the amd64 builder badly enough that it is still not back up again12:54
ogra_so suggestion is to actually roll a package12:54
ogra_from a daily export from http://phablet.ubuntu.com/export/12:55
ogra_(which ricardo set up last night)12:55
ogra_and have the package spit out the right binary images which we can then just pull into a live-build build12:55
dokosergiusens, ogra_: so why use yet another gcc?12:56
ogra_doko, android requires it12:56
ogra_it will likely not stay like it is today after all though12:56
dokoogra_, but it's the linaro one12:56
ogra_i dont think the toolchain has much effect in the tree ... size wise12:57
dokois this patches on top of gcc-linaro?12:57
ogra_that we cross build a whole OS with all its deps has though12:57
ogra_doko, no idea12:57
ogra_i'm sitting at the end of the chain here and just try to produce images before S opens12:57
ogra_from the giant tree i'm given :)12:58
ogra_that it is all armel and needs a mixed x86/amd64 build env doesnt help much either :)12:58
ogra_but well ... shrug ... android ...12:59
ogra_it is like it is13:00
ogra_(i would just prefer to just build it as intended by its creators though)13:02
Mirvhmm, how is haskell-platform missing from raring even though there is no mention it having been removed? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/haskell-platform/+publishinghistory13:09
xnoxMirv: did you check the binary publishing history as well? one can remove binaries without removing source package.13:11
xnoxMirv: see https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/amd64/haskell-platform13:12
xnoxclearly removed with a comment and bug reference.13:12
Mirvxnox: awesome, thanks.. I've always lived in a +source world in LP before this13:12
Mirvfunny. I need to bookmark that in order to remember that part of LP existing.13:13
xnoxMirv: it's a brave new world!13:13
* xnox usually fiddles with the urls.13:13
xnoxstarting from the: http://pad.lv/u/$srcpackage13:13
sergiusensogra_: sorry, internet crashed...13:14
sergiusensogra_: so why can't you build is as intended by _it's creators_?13:15
xnoxsergiusens: no place to do it securely.13:16
xnoxogra_: we do scp wubi from ev's machine & publish onto CDs =)))))13:16
xnoxwhich is like uber-secure =)13:16
sergiusensxnox: does that require /win 1513:20
sergiusensmeh, sorry13:20
xnoxsergiusens: one needs to become evalicious first =)13:21
ogra_well, i would just do it on lillypilly ... if i could actually get the source over somehow13:22
ogra_it isnt like the build is massively demanding or so13:22
ogra_its just the gigantic source tree thats disturbing13:23
cjwatsonPlease don't build stuff on lillypilly13:24
ogra_i would even do it in my home on nusakan ... but same issue there and beyond that i dont want to make cjwatson grumpy13:24
cjwatsonUse a porter box if you must13:24
cjwatsonYou can bounce files around within the DC with nc, even if there isn't a direct path13:25
ogra_is the porter box suitable for doing automated stuff (possibly several times a day)13:26
* ogra_ always thought it was only for one time things like porting stuff :)13:27
sergiusensogra_: can't we keep on using our ps-jenkins? Or does that not meet security requirements either?13:27
ogra_sergiusens, i'm close to propose that yeah ... (i actually did to infinity yesterday when he came up with all that)13:28
ogra_sergiusens, the point is that the cdimage team needs to be able to trigger it and that it needs to be chronnable once we build the rootfs in the cdimage infrastructure13:29
sergiusensogra_: well, the jenkins thing is the cron we use, but it can be anything13:31
ogra_and iit is currebntly a black box from cdimage POV13:31
sergiusensogra_: well we can change that :-)13:32
sergiusensogra_: so the limitation is not hardware, but more so networking in your DC?13:32
ogra_no, the limitation is actually hardware ... (imho)13:32
ogra_if i would have a choice we would just have a dedicated android build machine13:32
ogra_but that costs money which doesnt seem to be there13:33
sergiusensogra_: oh... that's too bad... well we should work on consolidating infrastructure13:34
ogra_so the alternatives are: package builders  (meaning someone has to regulary re-roll the source package with fresh tarballs) ... porter-box (same issue, and i dont think it is desired to use it for automation) or ... keep it at jenkins breaking the cdimage workflow and control13:34
cjwatsonogra_: the porter box is strictly less unsuitable than either lillypilly or nusakan :-)13:35
cjwatsonBut it's probably still basically unsuitable13:35
ogra_but its still not thoguht for doing daily image builds13:35
sergiusensogra_: does cdimage workflow mean that cdimage triggers the build, or does it imply more?13:40
ogra_it means that the cdimage team has control over the machines building as well as the code producing the builds13:40
evxnox: technically, there's nothing preventing you lot from doing wubi builds. You just have to update cdimage to look somewhere other than my public_html directory.13:57
cjwatsonYeah, but we do need to know we're doing them in a reproducibly similar way13:58
alecuhi everybody, any news on the FFe for this bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity-lens-music/+bug/116867414:00
ubot2Launchpad bug 1168674 in Music Lens "Purchased songs won't download when not logged to U1" [Critical,New]14:00
=== hggdh_ is now known as hggdh
Laneyalecu: Hey, looking14:15
Laneycan this go today?14:15
didrocksLaney: no, tomorrow, the datacenter is broken for running autopilot tests and it's currently being fixed14:16
Laneybefore Final Freeze then?14:16
didrocksLaney: hardware failureā€¦14:16
didrocksyeah, that's why I put pressure that it's done before FF ;)14:16
Laneystill a review to sort out on the unity branch anyway it seems14:17
didrocksLaney: right14:17
didrocksLaney: so you can give a conditional +1 if you want, then I think alecu needs to have merged it today, before 00 UTC14:17
didrocksthat's the condition, I was quite clear with him about it :)14:17
didrocksthanks Laney14:19
didrocksalecu: now get it fixed/reviewed/merged before 00 UTC ^ :)14:19
ogra_why 00 ? freezes are traditionally on thursdays at 21:0014:20
ogra_plenty of time :P14:20
didrocksogra_: you need to build the whole stack14:20
didrocksogra_: have tests running14:20
didrocksogra_: this is before the upload14:20
ogra_ah, long build, k14:20
Laneywell, if the hardware remains broken it'll be a manual upload14:20
Laneybut yes14:20
didrocksLaney: the hardware is the hardware to *test* it14:20
didrocksLaney: so no, if the hardware remains broken, we won't know the test status14:20
Laneyso it's rather no upload than upload with no tests?14:21
didrocksnothing to do with daily release/manual uploads14:21
didrocksLaney: right14:21
Laneyeven though it's a "Critical" bug14:21
didrocksLaney: well, it's in quantal TBH, so I don't agree with the urgency definition14:21
didrocksbut that's another story ;)14:21
didrocks(and it's known for months by design)14:21
didrocksbut still good to have it fixed in raring14:22
Laneyyet only filed 4 days ago14:22
didrocksLaney: talk to design and their bugs handling :p14:22
Laneycould you lower it?14:23
seb128to be fair they hoped to have it fixed by the "buy in the dash" feature14:23
didrocksLaney: I think high will make more sense14:23
seb128which didn't land at the end14:23
LaneyI don't like severity inflation on release bugs - makes me feel like I'm being pressured into approving14:23
seb128Laney, johnlea will start arguing with you over the bug importance I'm sure ;-)14:24
didrocksLaney: High it is :)14:24
Laneythanks didrocks14:24
seb128Laney, the bug leads to have the money taken from users' bank account and not get the song they bough downloaded in exchange14:24
didrocksyw ;)14:24
seb128Laney, which you can argue over the importance, but would be good to be fixed ;-)14:25
ogra_pfft, whiners ... we'll send them a reciept for their tax declaration in return14:25
Laneyif we wouldn't upload out of process to fix it then I can't say that it's critical14:25
Laneymaybe it's a case for distro/upstream importance though14:25
* Laney moves on14:26
didrocksanyway, alecu will get it in a mergeable state, and we'll have the hardware replaced today :)14:26
didrocksso everything's fine14:26
Laneyoh, friends has the fix for notification spamming14:29
Laneypopey will be pleased!14:29
popeythere's only so many times I can see "Happy birthday Alan" from my cousins14:31
Laneyit seems slightly curious that it doesn't consider whether you've seen the notification before14:32
Laneyit just says "no notifications older than 5 days"14:32
Laneyrobru: ^? is that accurate?14:32
kenvandineLaney, it is accurate14:42
* Laney nods14:42
kenvandineLaney, friends doesn't keep track if notifications have been seen or not, so to prevent spamming the user he limited it to the past 5 days14:42
seb128kenvandine, so you will still get 5 days of backlog display every time?14:42
kenvandineit is just the first time the service starts14:42
LaneyI thought some people were complaining that they saw them at every startup14:43
kenvandineit only notifies for new content downloaded14:43
kenvandinethe every startup was fixed separately, i think14:43
kenvandineit caches what has been downloaded and doesn't download new content again14:44
kenvandineso shouldn't notify for that14:44
Laneyalright, well I never saw it myself anyway14:44
kenvandinebut on first run you would get notifications for private messages and mentions from long ago... maybe even years :)14:44
LaneyI think popey was affected, hence the ping earlier, so maybe he can say if it still happens14:44
kenvandineif i use it for twitter in a guest session i got notified for private messages from 3 years ago :)14:44
kenvandinenot useful :)14:45
kenvandinenext cycle we want to implement a queue of some sort14:45
* popey updates14:45
kenvandinesame for errors14:45
kenvandineso the UI can also present some of it14:45
kenvandineand ack them14:45
* Laney petitions for twitter "list" support14:46
xnoxLaney: yeah, upon first upgrade I got popups for every @ mention I ever had. Since I'm a very active twitter user the total amount of popups was 8 bubbles.15:02
xnoxbut I haven't seen anything since.....15:02
Laneythat's alright then - IIRC some people reported getting them again and again but if that's fixed then cool15:03
alecuLaney, didrocks: thanks!15:06
rsalvetiogra_: sergiusens: xnox: as I said yesterday, we can remove quite a few files there, like docs, video, kernel sources duplicates and such15:07
rsalvetithe work I did yesterday was just to dump the stuff at this point, we can work cleaning it up a bit at least15:08
ogra_rsalveti, right, i noticed that when unpacking here15:08
ogra_also xz would help a lot15:08
ogra_i guess we can melt it down to ~1G compressed15:08
rsalvetiogra_: yup, can easily change here15:09
rsalvetixnox: what compress options did you use?15:09
ogra_it builds just fine btw15:09
ogra_at least mako15:09
rsalvetiogra_: yeah, cool, built for mako and manta here15:09
ogra_didnt try others but i dont expect them to be different15:09
rsalvetiogra_: also, see that platform-api and hybris is not there by default15:09
xnoxrsalveti: -9e, that is maximum extreme compression, but without my host CPU specific optimisations.15:10
sergiusensrsalveti: doing it as we speak...15:10
ogra_rsalveti, ow ... how do we handle that15:10
rsalvetiogra_: because they are from bzr15:10
rsalveticheck phablet-dev-bootstrap15:10
rsalvetiwe basically clone that after cloning the tree15:10
rsalvetiso you'd need to do something similar15:10
ogra_hmm, that would have to become part of building the source package then15:10
rsalvetisergiusens: cool, let's sync then after the call15:10
ogra_means the source packager needs to rebuild the tarball15:11
rsalvetiwell, that's not part of phablet.u.c15:11
sergiusensogra_: rsalveti you can get the debian source package for hybris and platform-api and dump them in the tree15:11
* ogra_ keeps that in mind then15:11
rsalvetiyeah, was thinking at something along that line15:11
ogra_oh, i could just build dep on it then+#15:11
rsalvetibut they are not yet incorporated at th archive15:11
ogra_and copy it from the host15:11
ogra_ah, crap15:12
ogra_so repackaging the tarball it is then15:12
ogra_rsalveti, i would still prefer just a dedicated builder even if we can shrink down the source15:14
ogra_instead of jumping through hoops to wrap it in a package15:14
sergiusensogra_: +115:16
rsalvetixnox: let me change for that then and see :-)15:17
rsalvetiogra_: sergiusens: also, I'm just generating the dump file if we actually changed something at the git trees15:18
ogra_yeah, saw that15:18
ogra_good move :)15:18
xnoxrsalveti: -9e takes ages to compress, -6 is relatively good speed & compression ratio. If you have multiple cores, you can use pxz -9e that will compress in parallel for a small tradeoff (3-6% compression penalty)15:20
rsalvetixnox: yeah, will check here, thanks!15:22
darkxstmy gnome-shell/mutter SRU (MRE) has been stuck in the queue for like 7 weeks now!15:23
ogra_my tegra video codec package has been stuck in the queue for 7 months now15:24
darkxstogra_, wow15:25
* xnox finds that whenever one complains about anything, somebody else can totally trump that =)15:29
barrybug 117000315:49
ubot2Launchpad bug 1170003 in python-virtualenv (Ubuntu) "[FFe] python-virtualenv 1.9.1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117000315:49
barrybug 116735115:49
ubot2Launchpad bug 1167351 in python-pip (Ubuntu) "[FFe] update python-pip to version 1.3.1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116735115:49
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robruLaney, twitter lists are implemented in the backend, it's just a matter of writing some Qml UI for it in lp:friends-app ;-)16:00
ogra_yay, kapok is back16:35
slangasekinfinity: llvm> right, it's in main exclusively for mesa's benefit; so provided we're satisfied that mesa's llvm driver passes regression-testing, no problems at all there16:40
infinityslangasek: *nod*16:54
infinityslangasek: I think doko just had a bit of a sad when llvm-3.2 was pre-promoted to satisfy the build-dep change.  Now that the dust has settled, 3.1 has gone to universe, and all should be well.16:54
infinitycjwatson: So, I was thinking, for things we can't fix in -proposed but don't want to remove (handbrake is a good example here, it's not actually "broken", it just needs a libav9 transition to work)...17:26
infinitycjwatson: After we IFP from raring to s-series, shall we just batch-copy raring-proposed/* to s-series-proposed/ and then empty raring-proposed and call it done?17:26
infinitycjwatson: (Cause removing and then reuploading with no changes seems silly)17:27
robruLaney, hey. I have a fix for https://errors.ubuntu.com/problem/e3327729f0945e5fb94001ecd9b54bc658a69c1e on it's way (pending review from Ken). sorry to be a bother at the last possible second, but it's the #3 error so I'm hoping it will be well-received ;-)17:46
cjwatsoninfinity: Yeah, I was thinking roughly that17:59
cjwatsoninfinity: We probably just want to keep careful note of what's been uploaded to -proposed as a 0-day SRU17:59
infinitycjwatson: Indeed.  Shouldn't be rocket surgery.18:00
* infinity decides to blindly handwave past ekg's obvious issue with building with -j24 for now.18:01
infinityLa la la.18:02
ogra_infinity, just FYI, we'll keep the builds on jenkins for now ...18:17
Laneyrobru: Do it. We can review in the queue.18:17
infinityogra_: Alright.  kapok thanks you.18:17
ogra_and instead of rushing we'll try to split it all into little pieces and cross build packages18:18
ogra_infinity, well, i made it have a vacation day ... it should thank me in any case18:18
kengyuit will be very appreciated if one of the release team can review this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fwts/+bug/116661018:57
ubot2Launchpad bug 1166610 in fwts (Ubuntu) " [FFe] fwts 0.26.08" [Undecided,New]18:57
infinitykengyu: Go ahead and upload, I'll review it in the queue.18:59
kengyuinfinity, thanks.18:59
pgranerinfinity, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5716794/19:13
infinitypgraner: So, I'm curious what's pulling in indicator-applet on your upgrade.  Nothing here is, but I suspect that's your issue.19:32
pgranerinfinity, I don't know19:37
jpdspgraner: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -y -s # And see what drags it down?19:49
infinityThat could be a red herring anyway, since I can install that just fine here (though, it shouldn't be getting pulled in at all...)19:54
robruLaney, ok, two bugfixes just landed in lp:friends trunk, do I have to push those manually now? autolanding is disabled, right?20:10
Laneyrobru: No idea20:15
LaneyThe cron job is still enabled on lillypilly, at least20:16
xnoxrobru: is there lp:friends/13.04 branch?20:16
robruxnox, no, we have a trunk-next where we've done some S-stuff, and kept lp:friends as the "official" raring branch20:16
Laneyoh no, I see it in lp:cupstream2distro-config r21220:16
LaneySet raring to manual mode for Final Freeze.20:16
Laneyso I guess you have to kick a manual release, however in the world that happens20:17
Laneycyphermox can probably advise :-)20:17
robruLaney, crap, I guess it needs a manual upload (I don't have upload rights). Usually I let Ken do it but he's been busy today...20:17
LaneyI think there's a mechanism for doing that from the daily release machinery ... but I don't know what the proper way to do this is20:20
Laneyif it's urgent I can sponsor it normally though20:20
robruLaney, just heard from Ken, he's on it.20:22
robruLaney, but thanks.20:22
Laneykenvandine: For info/curiosity, what is the proper procedure? Is it https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DailyRelease/FAQ#Forcing_a_stack_publication ?20:25
kenvandineLaney, i am not sure20:29
kenvandinei think we just need to do a manual run20:29
kenvandineand force push on the stack20:29
kenvandineusing c2ud20:29
kenvandinei think it just isn't automatic anymore20:29
Laneyyeah, that's why I'm looking at that section of the FAQ ;-)20:32
* Laney leaves it to you20:32
kenvandinerobru, friends should be hitting the queue any moment :)21:01
robru*huge sigh of relief*21:02
kenvandinerobru, *should*21:02
robrukenvandine, the bugs we've fixed today I'm sure will stave off *hundreds* of duplicate bug reports to triage once raring is released ;-)21:03
* kenvandine hopes compiz hits :)21:03
robrukenvandine, oh me too! if not we pretty much need to SRU that immediately.21:03
robruLaney, ^^ :-D21:17
robruLaney, last hassle from me, promise ;-)21:18
Laneynever make promises like that :P21:19
robruLaney, no serious, that's all the time I have for Friends... rest of my day is shot working on didrocks' autolanding stuff.21:22
Laneyright - that's friends done for raring then I hope21:24
* Laney accepted21:24
Laneythanks robru21:24
robruLaney, thank you! all the major crashers are fixed, the only open bug reports I see here are wishlist features ;-)21:31
jdstrandis it ok to upload xorg-server with a small security fix?22:04
* xnox remebers a "security" fix in dbus that broke ubiquity installer for Kubuntu....... =)))))22:06
dokocjwatson, slangasek: final ( ;-P ) python2.7 and python3.3 uploads ...22:06
dokothe no-change uploads are independent of these22:07
jdstrandit is this patch for raring: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/137637827/xorg-server_2%3A1.13.0-0ubuntu6.1_2%3A1.13.0-0ubuntu6.2.diff.gz22:10
xnoxjdstrand:  looks harmless to me. but then again i'm no release team.22:12
infinityjdstrand: Go for it.22:13
=== hggdh_ is now known as hggdh
jdstrandyes, it is. I already published a USN for the stable releases :)22:13
jdstrandinfinity: thanks!22:13
cjwatsondoko: Ack, thanks22:23
cjwatsonOh, somebody did it already :)22:23
* cjwatson submits an LP branch to help make diff generation more responsive22:24
dokoso I think the python-numpy upload looks ok22:30
dokoand the gdb uploads are minor fixes, plus going back to python2.7 for the pretty printers22:31
dokoand that's all for today from me22:31

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