pcarrierhey! do you have some up-to-date documentation about how the official AMIs are produced, or even better, how to tune the process to produce custom AMIs? I'm assuming lp:~ubuntu-on-ec2/vmbuilder/automated-ec2-builds is still used, but I'd like to be sure.00:44
sarnoldpcarrier: this looks related: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEC/Images#Building_Your_Own_Ubuntu_Cloud_Guest_images00:48
sarnoldpcarrier: (I started from http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/ and followed likely-looking links..)00:48
pcarriersarnold: ok, so you expect that to be up-to-date, thanks00:49
pcarrierI mean, everything but one sentence refers to 11.10 or older00:50
sarnoldpcarrier: I hope so :) it at least knows about precise..00:50
pcarriersarnold: well, it does indeed barely pass that criteria00:51
pcarriersarnold: but you see my point.00:51
pcarriersarnold: I'd rather hear "here's how we baked our latest batch of images, hoy hoy! enjoy while it's hot!"00:51
pcarriernot sure what I was going for with this quote.00:52
sarnoldpcarrier: hehe, it make sense anyway :)00:52
ia0001anyone know why im unable to view flash videos on ubuntu 12.04 LTS00:55
ia0001i updated all the flash stuff00:55
sarnoldia0001: servers don't typically have a graphical web browser installed, nor the flash player.. but if you've chosen to install those components, you'll also need to install the flashplugin-installer package00:56
ia0001ok i  installed that00:57
ia0001and its not working00:57
jgdovinhi all01:34
jgdovinso, while trying to fix my screen not being able to allocate ptys i screwed up /dev/pts perms01:35
jgdovinand now regular users get "must be connected to a terminal" when trying to run screen inside an ssh session thats already established01:35
jgdovinany help would be loved :)01:43
sarnoldjgdovin: here's hoping this is useful to you :) http://paste.ubuntu.com/5714797/01:46
sarnolddevpts on /dev/pts type devpts (rw,noexec,nosuid,gid=5,mode=0620)01:46
ai9371someone please help flash player is not working01:51
ai9371on ubuntu 12.04 LTS server01:51
ai9371could it because somewhting to do with 32bit system.. it works fine on my ubuntu 12.04 desktop01:51
billy_ran_awayUgh, can someone please tell how in the hell I start a RAID array in degraded mode?02:52
billy_ran_awayState : active, degraded, Not Started02:52
scjrHey I'm having some linux-general-pae depependancy problems (stemming from not having enough space to configure a new kernel I think) anyone know any easy fixes? - http://pastebin.com/1mdfP10j02:57
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patdk-lapdid you run, apt-get update?03:37
Shadow__Xhello I am running ubuntu 12.04.2 in a virtual machine on esxi. I have not been able to get cpu frequtils to work under ubuntu. this is what cpu freq lists http://pastebin.com/7nvmm0Wi also the cpu is an amd fx 832005:25
[LE]I'm trying to setup an openvpn server on a VPS running Ubuntu 12.10, and I'm able to connect to the server from my windows machines. But cant seem to figure out the routing part with iptables05:46
[LE]this is the only entry I have in the firewall: "iptables -A FORWARD -i tun0 -o venet0:0 -j ACCEPT05:48
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SyriaHello, I have a remote VPS, I usually create an ssh tunnel and browse internet using it with command "ssh -D 'port' user@host" my question is can I apply these settings system wide? I am talking about the socks proxy and port settings.08:31
Shadow__XSyria: you can put it in to your browser08:34
Shadow__XSyria: i know that OS X makes system wide proxys very easy but iirc windows wasnt as easy for system wide08:35
SyriaShadow__X: Some applications doesn't allow you to use any proxies.08:35
Shadow__Xthen you might want to try openvpn or another type of vpn08:36
SyriaShadow__X:  Someone told me that I can do it from the terminal, iptables thing!08:37
Shadow__Xprobably but i am not entirely sure how08:37
Shadow__Xa vpn would be a good idea though08:37
Shadow__Xthat would allow you to secure all of your traffic08:38
SyriaShadow__X:  Is it easy to configure my server and change it into a VPN server?08:38
Shadow__XSyria: this seems pretty complete https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenVPN08:39
SyriaShadow__X:  Thank you08:39
Shadow__XSyria: so it would depend on how comfortable you would be following that08:39
SyriaShadow__X:  I will read it now,08:39
Shadow__Xsince it is a vps i would take a snapshot before you do anyting08:40
Shadow__Xif you can take snapshots that is08:40
Syriasnapshot of what? Are you talking about a backup?08:40
Shadow__Xsnapshot of the server08:41
Shadow__Xand yes a backup08:41
SyriaShadow__X:  Thnx again, I will start working on it now.08:41
Shadow__XSyria: make a backup before you do anything08:42
Shadow__Xand if your vps gives you access to snapshots make one of those as well08:42
Kekke Hello everyone, I have an ubuntu server running LAMP, in apaches /var/www I have sub directories with users, i.e. /var/www/kekke/www/, this www folder is owned by the user Kekke with the group sftpuser, my group sftpuser gives the users access to the folder through sftp (their home dir is set to /var/www/user/www/). But when I install joomla to the www folder, I get all files/folders as unwritable, if I manually change them to 7708:48
Kekkeif I however change the user owning the /user/www folder to www-data I get the correct permissions, but that makes my user unable to sftp to their dir, what do I need to achieve correct permissions on every new user I add?08:48
shmoonhello friends09:07
shmoonin the chroot tutorial i read to do this /proc /var/chroot/hardy/proc none rbind 0 0 - is it really good to do this, is it safe? can affect environment outside chroot09:07
andolshmoon: Whatever that is a good idea really depends on the purpose of the chroot.09:09
shmoonandol: just want to execute few binaries, but still in general, if something wrong happens there it'll affect the /proc outside, so it shouldnt be a good thing to do09:10
shmoonthe tutorial also mentions to do a mount on /dev09:11
shmoonhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebootstrapChroot - i am a beginner trying to understand09:11
andolshmoon: Well, if you are worried about something being on purpose malicious I wouldn't mount /proc in the chroot. On the other hand, most regular userspace programs won't accidently fail in a fashion which will cause problems with procs.09:14
andolshmoon: Yet, to be on the safe side and not having to worry, how about instead going for a virtual test machine?09:14
catphishi notice that some libraries have moved from /usr/lib to /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu, is there a good way to determine the actual location of an installed library?09:14
shmoonandol: no idea how to set thyose up, chroot seemed easy09:17
catphishactually my question is unnecessary, libraries can always be specified by relative path09:23
Deleteyrselfshut up and listen some http://anonpt.caster.fm/11:44
vrturbowhats the best was to test hard disk perfomance from the cli12:44
patdk-wkvrturbo, define hard disk performance12:46
vrturboread , write speed12:46
patdk-wkwell, that was a given12:46
patdk-wkbandwidth or latency performance?12:47
vrturboi've got an ssd but I think Im hitting buffer issues12:47
patdk-wkbuffer issues? buffers are bad12:47
vrturbo838860800 bytes (839 MB) copied, 0.555752 s, 1.5 GB/s12:47
vrturbothat can't be right ?12:47
patdk-wkI can't see the command you used to produce that output12:48
vrturboif I test with 8gig I get a more believable output12:48
vrturbo8388608000 bytes (8.4 GB) copied, 29.5639 s, 284 MB/s12:48
patdk-wkyou should always test with 10x your ram, and/or use direct12:49
patdk-wkyou should also not use /dev/zero, but random12:49
vrturboI  have 24 gig on this server12:49
vrturbooh wait 8 gig on this one12:49
vrturbonever tested ssd before, it's a new server so hasn't been put to work yet12:50
patdk-wktesting an ssd is the same as testing a normal disk12:51
patdk-wkthe only difference I know of, is, they started adding compression into ssd's12:51
patdk-wkso using /dev/zero will give you higher than normal results12:51
patdk-wkI have no idea why they haven't done that with normal disks, but it might be half pointless maybe12:51
vrturbolets try 10 gig test and doing a sync this time12:52
vrturbo10485760000 bytes (10 GB) copied, 38.6364 s, 271 MB/s12:52
vrturbojust a single sata drive12:53
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CalebRipleyHello, i have trouble with samba since yesterday. All of my maschines are unable to loggin on my PDC. I know that it is unlikely but is it possible that the patch from yesterday caused that?14:34
imjustmatthew_CalebRipley: I applied the patch and didn't have nay problems so far, but I have a pretty simple setup (Samba as PDC against local users only, no OpenLDAP or MIT Kerbeos)14:36
CalebRipleyI am not quite sure, the patch cve-2013-0454.patch looked pretty harmless but all machines are unable to login since then.14:42
uvirtbotCalebRipley: The SMB2 implementation in Samba 3.6.x before 3.6.6, as used on the IBM Storwize V7000 Unified 1.3 before and 1.4 before and possibly other products, does not properly enforce CIFS share attributes, which allows remote authenticated users to (1) write to a read-only share; (2) trigger data-integrity problems related to the oplock, locking, coherency, or leases attribute; or (3) have an unspecified impact by lever14:42
CalebRipleyI am just using the default passwd backend14:45
feisarhi, I have a script which adds some routing rules, it works fine when run manually but not when called from /etc/rc.local (this is a clean 12.04 install) why might that be?14:57
greppyfeisar: are you giving the full path to the commands?15:04
feisargreppy: I'm giving the full path to a script which has the commands in (/usr/local/bin/routing)15:05
feisarah but that doesn't have the full paths to the commands in...15:05
feisarok I'm rebooting the machine...15:08
pdklwhy is my syslog empty?15:12
feisargreppy: yes, I think that's sorted it, thank you : )15:12
feisargreppy: (there was also somthing else wrong too when I checked the script so I'm not sure if I needed the full paths, but I'll leave them in)15:13
greppyfeisar: you either need the full paths, or you need to specify a PATH variable in the script.16:29
izanagisangood afternoon to all18:25
ThatOneRoadieLong time no see :{18:25
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keithzg_Hmphh, trying to do some OpenCL stuff on some remote machines, but even "sudo DISPLAY=:0 fglrxinfo" and I get "error: unable to open display (null)". And any opencl program I run at best segfaults :P19:17
keithzg_Hmm,  lspci -nnk | grep VGA -A3 seems to show that I'm using the "radeon" kernel module, even though /etc/modprobe.d/fglrx.conf is explicitly blacklisting it.19:24
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fluvvellare there any new "worthwhile" front ends for administering samba with ldap and the like? I'd like to give administration of usernames and passwords to a cabable staff member via a web interface if poss.20:29
Mark2Evening all. It's my first time installing ubuntu server onto an old pc for a home server and minecraft server for a few friends. I have a question - should I choose the 32 or 64 bit version of Ubuntu server? The pc has a pentium 4 2.4 Ghz CPU but I don't know if it has a "Prescott"core or whether it supports 64 bit processing. Any advice would be much appreciated!21:14
Mark2Anyone able to help?21:16
sarnoldMark2: 32 bit is likely to work everywhere, but 64 bit gives applications larger address spaces, which might be nice for minecraft, I thought I heard that thing sucks down whatever memory you give it..21:18
genii-aroundMark2: If you boot to a livecd, you can do : sudo lshw -C cpu  | grep width     and it will tell you there21:19
Mark2Thanks guys. sarnold, would it not matter running applications with larger address spaces if the CPU can't handle 64 bit?21:21
sarnoldMark2: well, if the cpu won't do it, then it just won't go. :)21:22
sarnoldMark2: (honestly, I've never tried, I do'nt know how far into boot you'd make it, but less than a second sounds right :)21:22
sarnoldMark2: my comments about the address space were about the relative problems you'd have running 32 bits on a cpu capable of 64 bits -- it's not -so- bad, especially if you've only got 4 gigs of ram or less anyway :)21:23
Mark2Well I'm planning to put 4gig of Ram in the machine. It currently has a paultry 1GB...21:24
genii-aroundIf it's a 32bit cpu, then you'll need the PAE kernel for it to see all 421:24
sarnolddo recent releases even have non-pae 32 bit kernels?21:25
genii-aroundsarnold: Lubuntu minimal does ;)21:25
sarnoldgenii-around: hunh :)21:25
Mark2I thought 32 bit systems could use up to 4GB natively.... I don't know lots about this as you can probably tell!21:25
sarnoldgenii-around: PAE page tables can't possibly add more than .. 16 bytes? .. to the pagetables in the kernels. that seems like an odd tradeoff to me.21:26
sarnoldyeah, I thought a non-pae kernel ought to do 4 gigs just fine, but that's a spec I've never personally tried. :)21:26
genii-aroundNon-PAE ends up seeing somewhere in the area of 3.2G21:27
sarnoldwow. I thoght that was just a windows problem. :)21:27
sarnoldI mean, you'd only ever be able to give an -application- around 3 gigs, but I thought the computer as a whole could use all four.21:27
Mark2Just another quick question - would the 64bit version of ubuntu just refuse to run on a 32 bit machine? Basically, can I screw things up by trying to install the 64 bit version?21:29
genii-aroundMark2: At any rate, I think the default 32bit kernel has PAE enabled by default now21:29
genii-aroundMark2: Yes, the 64 bit version would just chink out and not install21:29
Mark2genii - thanks for the advice!21:29
sarnoldMark2: the worst is you would waste a cd or dvd burning something that won't boo21:29
Patrickdkwhat is the usespace limit for 32bit? 1gig? 2gig or 3gig?21:30
Patrickdkforget what ubuntu compiles the kernel mode for that21:30
Patrickdkthat is always what I normally cared about21:30
Patrickdkwhy I would use 64bit even with 3gigs of ram21:30
sarnoldPatrickdk: afaik, 3204 M21:30
Patrickdkplus I have some systems that only let you use 2.4gigs of ram, when you have 4gigs cause of bios stuff21:30
* Patrickdk notes dell21:31
sarnoldPatrickdk: though with standard library and executable layout, it'd probably run out of malloc space around 2.5 to 2.7 gigs in21:31
Mark2I think I just got an answer to my question: "This kernel requires an x86-64 CPU, but only detected an i686 CPU. Unable to boot - please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU"21:36
genii-around32bit it is21:37
sarnoldhehe, there you go :) 32 bits.21:37
Mark2*sigh* time to re-download the OS in 32 bit...21:37
Mark2thanks again for your help! I'll keep an eye out for the PAE thing in case the memory isn't recognised too.21:38
sarnoldcool :) once it is installed, apt-cache search pae will hopefully make it more clear..21:39
Patrickdkmark2, normally pae works fine, but rarely, a pae kernel won't boot on 32bit cpu21:48
sarnoldPatrickdk: no kidding?21:49
PatrickdkI have one next to me :)21:49
Patrickdkit won't use more than 3gigs of ram, even if installed it won't see it21:49
sarnoldPatrickdk: is it labeled "iNTEL inside! 386/25 SX!" ? :)21:49
Patrickdkand it won't boot a pae kernel, or 64bit, even with a 64bit cpu21:49
* Patrickdk blames the bios/mb21:49
sarnoldthat seems likely21:51
sarnoldwhat is it? old pentium celeron or something?21:51
Patrickdkhas an intel d 940 in it21:51
sarnoldwow, dual core 4 megs cache 64 bit 3.2 ghz.. I'd expect that to be tolerable. go figure. :)21:52
Patrickdkno 64bit, no pae, it won't boot21:52
Patrickdkworks on normal 32bit kernel just fine21:52
Patrickdkbut only sees 3gigs of ram, doesn't even see the last gig in the bios to count21:53
sarnoldno vt-d though21:53
sarnoldhaha, awesome21:53
Patrickdkmsi 945 neo521:53
sarnoldit even has an execute disable bit! I would expect to even benefit from the pae kernels. man.21:53
Patrickdkalso has 6 bad caps21:54
Patrickdkbut it's been sitting on the shelf for a few years now21:54
sarnoldas a warning to the others?21:54
Patrickdkas a, I can't believe this crap, I will overcome it sometime21:54
genii-aroundSounds like a BIOS problem21:54
cukenIs ZFS on linux to a stable enough point to run as the main file system using samba as a nas solution off of ubuntu-server?21:57
blkperlcuken: they said the latest release is production ready22:01
blkperlcuken: have backups though22:01
cukenThanks blkperl, my google fu has been pretty hit or miss on the actual setup on a new server, do you know of any decent guides/resources for getting that running from scratch22:03
blkperlcuken: sorry nope. all you need to do though is add the PPA22:05
blkperlcuken: let me know your how it goes, I'm curious how other people are using it/bugs they've faced22:06
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cukeni will report back with failure reports22:15
izanagisanquick question: has anyone tried to install Ubuntu Server (12.04) in an IBM x3650 Server? Should I expect compatibility?22:47
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jonzobristizanagisan, I run Ubuntu 12.04 (and 10.04 LTS) on IBM x3550's (about 50 of them) and have never had any problems23:41
izanagisanjonzobrist: that's really nice to know23:44
jonzobristIBM has huge investments in Linux, and I would expect everything they make hardware wise to run Linux well23:45
izanagisanby the way, as a complete server and IBM noob, do you happen to know where can I find abundant and clear documentation on their servers?. I also have 1 x3650 M3 in which I want to set up RAID and install Ubuntu Server, but I've been really bad at finding instructions to set the system up23:45
sarnoldizanagisan: have you found this yet? nothing specific to your hardware, but hopefully useful nonetheless: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/23:46
izanagisansarnold: hadn't seen that guide. Seems quite conprehensive. Thank you very much23:48

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