adomi've recently had this epiphany about phones and tablets... ill soon only buy android-based stuff from Google. i.e. my next phone will be the nexus 4 (assuming they dont upgrade to the "nexus 5" or something).17:08
marcoceppiadom: what was this epiphany?17:09
adomi have a GS3, which is one of if not the most popular Android phones out there, yet we still have to wait long periods of time before updates and upgrades are pushed to us.17:10
marcoceppiOh, You're going to just buy everything unlocked from Google, you mean?17:10
marcoceppiI mis-read17:10
adomyes. if you have a Google product, such as the Nexus line, you get updates immediately. also big projects such as Touch are geared toward Nexus products first because they are ground zero for Android development.17:11
marcoceppithat's why when I finally ditched my Palm Pre2/HP TouchPad, I decided to move to native Google17:12
adomand as an added bonus, they dont come preloaded with T-Mobile/AT&T/Verizon bloatware crap that you can't install17:12
adomthey're just pure Android17:12
* marcoceppi nods17:12
adomPalm to Google must've been a big switch17:12
adomanything you miss about Palm or hate about Google?17:13
marcoceppiit was drastic to say the least17:13
marcoceppiI love'd the WebOS workflow17:13
marcoceppiI still do, I just have to learn to adapt17:13
marcoceppiMulti-tasking, no java, UI, ease of app development17:14
adomi see17:15
adomi havent done any phone/tablet development [yet] so i dont know the constraints you have to deal with17:15
marcoceppiWell, I'm not a Java programmer so I'm really not going to write apps for Android17:15
marcoceppiI wrote apps for the WebOS platform because their app market place was severely lacking17:16
adomi'd like to a few simple ideas i have for android into app form in some way17:17
adombut its just one of those "if i have the spare time maybe i'll dabble" things that we never get around to17:17
ChinnoDogI had a Palm Pre. I loved it but their marketing department was full of fail. What a shame.18:01
ChinnoDogThey didn't even gracefully carry PalmOS apps forward.18:01

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