rick_h_ok, this is kind of cool https://developers.google.com/glass/quickstart/python01:23
brouschIt's a GAE webapp01:25
rick_h_yea, cool selling point for GAE to be able to bootstrap your communication with he glass api01:26
brouschI think it's required01:27
rick_h_no, you just have to setup your oath2 and such yourself. You have to talk to the glass api, but you don't have to be on GAE01:27
brouschAnd the API console01:28
brouschSeems too locked-in to Google for me01:34
brouschNo ads. No charging for the apps01:36
rick_h_brousch: but you can charge for your service01:52
rick_h_to get the time news you have to pay for the times new01:52
rick_h_evernote, etc01:52
mathomastechCheck out my review of the aftershokz bone conducting headphones. They are really something awesome! https://plus.google.com/u/0/103260909450809151378/posts/TqnvXYzk8Ee02:34
rick_h_mathomastech: cool, I'll have to get a pair for biking this summer. Do hate the earbuds while biking and seems like a great way around it.02:50
rick_h_booo for them not being on amazon02:51
mathomastechrick_h_ They just became available on their website again. I think their lack of amazon support is more due to supply issues.02:56
rick_h_mathomastech: ah, good to know02:57
mathomastechrick_h_ I think amazon has their other models on sale. Makes sense they will get the bluez as well at some point02:58
rick_h_all good, I just ended up ordering a new google hangouts headset so should wait a bit anyway :)02:59
mathomastechGoogle Hangouts headset?02:59
rick_h_yea, I have daily google hangouts, multiple really02:59
rick_h_and want a portable headset when I'm at the coffee shop and such02:59
rick_h_at my desk I've got my podcast mic and such02:59
mathomastechIs it branded for hangouts, or just a headset to use for hangouts?03:00
rick_h_just for conference calls03:00
rick_h_the trouble with hangouts is that on mobile devices they won't work with BT headsets for some reason03:00
rick_h_so maybe I should say "wired conference headset"03:00
mathomastechYea I have noticed that. The Bluez dont work with mobile hangouts either :(03:00
rick_h_yea, my current BT headsets fail. Just something with hangouts that drives me bonkers03:01
mathomastechWell, I will bring my Bluez to CHC tomorrow. Your welcome to try them out if you'd like.03:03
rick_h_starbucks fail. Verizon signal here is too weak. Must be that cursed ATT store next door blocking my air waves :P14:25
brouschUse their wifi14:25
rick_h_yea, fail there as well. It's not good enough to hold my google hangout with work14:25
brouschTime to find a co-working facility14:26
snap-lrick_h_: that sucks14:30
snap-lWow, the Penguicon schedule is pretty littered with tech talks15:31
brouschsnap-l: did they ban the furries?15:34
snap-lbrousch: No, you're still welcome to come. ;)15:34
snap-li'd like to know what the big deal about watches is15:58
snap-lSeriously, it's like everyone decided to make their own buggy-whips15:58
snap-lSo you can... whip your car to work?15:59
nullspacesnap-l: it's better than years before17:09
snap-lSo this is a thing: https://github.com/Pylons/pyramid/pull/98418:03
snap-lI look forward to our eventual ☺ and ☹ truthiness.18:03
snap-lAnd also try, catch, and (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻18:03
snap-lI think that last one is the rick_h_ exception. ;)18:03
brouschwhat the18:04
brouschOh, using the checkmark unicode character?18:05
brouschSo what would be false?18:05
snap-lThe x character18:06
brouschx is already true18:07
brouschWell, 'x'18:07
rick_h_lol, asbool is a helper to turn any format of true/false to the bool value since ini doesn't support bool18:09
rick_h_crap, forgot CHC reminders18:12
rick_h_wonder who will show lol18:12
brouschReminders for weekly meetings get annoying18:13
brouschAnnoying to send18:13
nullspacethose who don't know what they are doing will likely shoot themselves in the foot18:28
greg-gI'll just leave these here for you to be amused by:18:28
rick_h_ok, w...t...f http://techcrunch.com/2013/04/17/google-announces-provo-utah-as-the-third-google-fiber-city-acquires-the-local-fiber-provider/20:34
rick_h_greg-g: what was the RH bashing he mentioned going on?20:35
rick_h_and for rebuttal http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/2219364/red-hat-says-customers-dont-care-about-open-source-software left for amusement as well :P20:37
greg-gjust read title, but at least their shit is FLOSS, no? Can't say that for landscape.20:41
greg-gbtw, to answer re RH:20:54
greg-g16:53 < Ryan_Lane> he never mentioned red hat by name20:54
greg-g16:53 < Ryan_Lane> but it was really obvious who he was talking about20:54
greg-g16:53 < Ryan_Lane> cost was one of those things20:54
greg-g16:54 <    greg-g> huh20:54
greg-g16:54 < Ryan_Lane> some things about commitment too20:54
greg-g16:54 < Ryan_Lane> which is funny because red hat was one of the largest contributors20:55
greg-g16:56 < Ryan_Lane> he somehow decided that ubuntu mobile was worth talking about too20:57
greg-goh mark20:57
greg-gto not selectively censor Ryan:20:59
greg-g16:58 < Ryan_Lane> it wasn't a really bad talk over all, and the red hat bashing was pretty non-direct, though20:59
greg-gok, done copy/pasting/bombing the channel20:59
jrwreni'm finally groking some python packaging :)21:06
derekvdo we have the room tonight?22:54
snap-lderekv: I believe so23:12
rick_h_in the room23:52

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