InHisNameWhen the Boar gores you, just use bacon strips to patch you up for next time.01:16
InHisNameMr Bacon action  figure:   http://www.amazon.com/Accoutrements-Bacon-Bendable-Action-Figure/dp/B003IKYMPI/ref=pd_sim_t_301:18
rmg51knock yourself out ;-)01:35
teddy-dbearMorning peoples, dogs, turkeys and everything else12:05
* ChinnoDog yawns12:15
jedijfdrexel cs admins now at gmail :(12:43
jedijfGoogle Apps - Server error12:44
jedijfHelp|Sign out12:44
jedijfServer error12:44
jedijfWe are unable to process your request at this time, please try again later.12:44
jedijfphone works though - could be verizon...12:45
ChinnoDogI have bacon13:22
jedijfthe bacon did it - my gmail is now up!13:28
* jedijf writes that down13:28
ChinnoDogThat is the power of bacon14:32

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